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I i rL i
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i T
fHcad Coach Farley Bars His
Assistant from Witnessing
I Secret Practice I I
CAMUninCJC MMR Nov OA s lst
ant Coach Mason has been barred from
the secret practice of the Harvard team
and fda all sorts ot rumors ore aflmt
as to the probable causn No reason win
t t asulRnixl for the action which was
taken bv Head Coach Fnrley I
The outbreak asalnst the assistant oc
curred yesterday afternoon when the
cloven lined up for final practice before
the ramp with Yale
t When the men came ut on the field
Fancy made a kick against Mason belnc
allowed to stay In the Inclosure and he
was backed up by Capt Kernan
After a long talk between the three
teen Mason left Soldiers Field accom
V iV nea b y another of the under coach
I kra
j Farley wniia only ray that he had
fcoad reason for doing as he did and
Sllason nnd the other men would not
TU uss the matter at nil It I said that
15 falnscn had used hit knowledge of liar
Sar1 tactics to heln Dartmouth In Ian
1 Viturduys tame and that the head
7 inch and the cnntaln had fully InC
1t1tIlUd the matter f
i Long Shots May Not Win So
l Frequently Hereafter on the
f Improved Washington Course
Special to The EYenlnn World
i VASHINC1TOV Nov OThe traii
et nrnnln eslerday was nt Its writ
It nns derj nnd bnjrRy Just as every
one predicted It would lie when the rain
1 it CM lied It but It was sftfp Not a hor
notwllhstandlnj the fields wc
exceptionally hravy The rain did the
track a world of Rood however for Ih I
i racing over It cut It up well und wlun j
the harrows arc put on It there will
a nice top soil over a tuft and fan i
track i
As was to be expected on such a
track favorites were beaten and loig
dhoti came tUmbling home In profusion
Red Damsel tat 15 to 1 Lulu Marr at li
4th to 1 Ioon Daisy at 8 to I were a fe v I
ample Only one favorite won That
was G Whlttler at I to I This was I
really a remarkable occurrence fur i
reasons scarcely worth while explali
i The Vestal stake went to Moon Dally
Comment Is unnecessary When a
tailJvi of the calibre of Moon D l y
In win a stake race the less said the I
bctti The Dennlnga Sporlal on the
I It CSicr hand was a real good race I
IJiro Andy Williams and Huntres I
l Ijst It rib heels and head to the
t lar sixteenth where H bad Mumble
put Iluntrcjsj out of It The other twi
fTJht It out Andy Williams ttlnnliis
by a nose
O Whittier the only favorite to WM
hal some trouble stalling of Trump
V The latter horte was a very ecey gee
i rirJ beating oft Contend Knlrht of the
Garter and liar Le Due Trump has to
have a track made to ordor It mint
be dtcp and hoMIno The fleepor it l <
c the better he Ur It He would be nn
Waal hose for New Orleans during the
rainy spell In the Crescent City The
C probabilities are that Tiump mutt nso
bal somithlnR dcc because he showed
I more speed vpnteidav than he ha for
d long time
Other Lnjeri on HlncUlUl
Ootslp also siya ihH several big Jay
ers arc nlso on the blacklist anl will
be warned away next icason No najru1
are mentioned for the reason that Ron
i dip Is not always true and It Is very
difficult to prove stories of this sort
Thc raclrrg of the past season has been
10 remarkably bad that It seems very
I f possible that tho Jockey Club may have
conducted a secret Investigation which
< will result In the rulings that Dame
Rumor la handing out
Tho entries for tomorrows races are as
I Pint Ilace Selling for threeyear olda and up
all furlonKi
S Unitary n nlanktt 100
t Ace ot Spadea S3 ihe iucaoo Jug
lick McOmn 17 jCw nn I
Prank Kenny M Stella W Si
FatronyVte IH Hrandy amain II
Gaeaiwork n edition M
mioto 1V3 vrrtherOne Ifj
I I tea M lit Alpaca n
Ocneaeo sjnCui4 te 81 Meaetna neti D vu
1 An4raU S > ookto 7
IIlaran w KcboJaie iw
8eoo nace Belllnr for oyearolca m i
IoIrIoll I
lit Hope 107 Ouiky Secret 101
e Otteaa 107 Turnpike 107 I
irri Prank Potter 91 Sweet Martorl 101 j
Cttddr Dender 102 PnAttble S >
Mois Harding 10t Iulu Marr 101
S lAu Oraaa Girl 10t Lafobe 107
IJIorna 107 Mayor Graham 107
rr ngw 01 107 Reemnto
> Michaelmai JOT nathbrUe OI
U11 1 Tm t101 Menmnnm IOT
PoIok 101 ftar and Darter 1 i >
lfauaklt 10 < Haileta Itt LS
TIrl Race Per twoywroldai en en fur our S
Watkins Orcnon 110 Tat oolde Sf
Stickle ii7 tlarkeEaaca 107 llli
ai of warwltk IO Oanemn 1M
Vtllhtl < 11 > 7 Wille Oartl I
4 r florbae Quien 107 Trplt VI
ricing 418 110 Athelror im
e oil tnJ07 Csarmil iot
ci Vourta RacIIitng tat tbreejearoHa alt
e v5 nil on C onealitefnth
> > irb r JTrtttclile vi srtnket 0 >
I tuna 02 Caliban 19
> jMra pjpper ilW Ia4 Radnor II
a tttut Otae4ev WJr MWLtw > tUtIsA5i
I Wlllap 102 xillor Cadmui loll
Ii gaia Ih1 fl IHieon Top iui
r J cnqtIt8IIli H WtlU O l tit
S I t vi lieatliuto iuj
UU 103 hlrot i 7
OS 0ac h Id TIM D Zr II08
v 10J Lair Teaile 10S
a ivi nitmai 103
I eli late iMm AlSioia hoi
HI IT Pair UnttV tlH
1I W KnlrtV Templar Jj
itaaull105 nrtlam 102
Ih ltac4lin6kip for thratr arol4 aoi
rI J mil oC a Zoning
Iary t ntUlra Uo
1 Jortenay 108
tjftfi 118 Cofawell JUII
o mm Clrl0I < 1 I n f
< j
S f
J i
2JjF L jr
I 5
1lir t5 f c24v aaEm
4s I
I Manager and Player in Syracuse Make Direct
I Charge Against Yale GuardHe Denies It
STJIACUSK N V Nov 20 Accord
Ing ro statement made today by Dan
McElllgott and II C llhttctii Ixilh of
this city IMnnrd T ilac the Klant
Yalff guard hii ncieplid monry for
1lahllC footliall
1 knew line a mid MrKlllKott and
us I palj the iniiniv tn lit playcru my
self I positively knnjr thnt Ol m re
celled hit Chile which nniountrd lo
somethlna like t MoKlllROtt ttli
formerly a resident of densbiirK but
Is now making Syrleellef hl hum
The Syracuse LIIIOraIty foutbiill tam
played u game with Osdinftiurr A C
football team nn Ocl n 1WX flat 3d
mils playing li this Kimc but denies
liuliif ulai J wlllt the unlvtvslu 1slfll
ai Ihe Uriinnc A C In tin Thinks
ICliliiS Us > game Mpilllot ws nltn
AKIT of the Offdennburg team diirlnx
both nf theie rames and he says that
Glare played jpiard on both Kpnlon
In the first frame said McRlllRott
the monry was paW to 1M ftyra < Juso
InHerMty football team mnn glmtl1t
but In the second rnmc the money was
paid to the players personally
11 C Illotrher played right end for
the Danforth A C a professional toot
bull rnni of this city which wIle In
cXlHtrwn from 1S93 to 1S9o Dlotcher In I
a statinnent today MIll that Olacs tho
present True guard played guard on
this tim In ISM 1S9I fInd 1893 Blotch
era itHtement relative to tile foothill
Kamcs playd by tho Danforlh A C is
u follows
The Dunforth A C on which both
Glace nnd I puiyeit was a purey pro
fessional team We received compen
fntlon In every Kama In which we
participated the umount varying ac
cording to the gate receipts A SI
Ender wa manager of the Haldwjn
vlllo football lenin when the Danforth
A C playej In thnt town In October
1S9I and onld the money to the players
Ulaf recrlird his hare of the re
ceipts the same an the ret of us
Game were also nlnyed In loll In
Jordan Home and other places In the
lcnlty of Bjracuse for which all of
the pla > ers received money fines woo
guard on the team during this tlnifc
Although no played under the name nf
the Danforth A C It was no organ
ized club but represented a ciontl
of fellows Joined together lo play foot
hall for the money there was In It
Joe Glass a brother of the Yale guard
said his brother Edgar football record
was as follows
In 1803 W and 95 he played with the
Danfortli A C football team In 1805
and n with the Syracuse high School
faqthull team In lion and 99 with Syri
cutfe tnlverxlty In MOO with Mercers
burg Acmiemy at Mercersburg 1a
which I a preparatory sahool for i
Princeton fnlvcrnlty Hnd In 1801 he
ntored Yale an1 5Iayfd football allot
IMOUnted bv harvard
Jot floes wall a member of the Dill
forth A l and Iuyed guard oppoilte
lila brother lie denies that he or his
hrntlier reiIvid money for playing
NKW IIAVnN ConnX Nov 20 When
Khonn a dcpatoh saying that Manager
Mclllllrotl of tho Otrdensburg Football
Hluven uald C T Ulad > tho Yale
KUaid f 20 for playing football Thank
giving Day laps on a team known as
the Orange A C Glass mid
VMr McEIllgott has made a mistake
The game mentioned In the game about
wlikh there has been so much talk In
the nnwFiap The team which went
up litre was partly made up of Syra
cuse University pliyeru I wanted to
go I admit that but my parents kept
mo at horn My name wu on the
sore card and Mr nicKUIgott evidently
thought that I was ther
1 played In Oedensbunr that same
full two or three Week before the so
colid Orange eleven wont there I
went there ns n member of tho Syra
ruse nlversltj eleven and of course
none of the plajew recelvcd any money
for that game I may have met Mr i
McEllljfott at that ame I do not re I
I nm certainly not worried at all
about this newspaper talk about taking I
money I know that I didnt take and
have not taker any I have H ccar
iciisilence IT the mattel and there
Int anything tot lOS to worry about I
FIeld Coach Swan of Yale said that
the Yale foothjil eleven has fourteen
UlldtvUs that Glass did not play nt
ORdnnsburg on the < lav that < Mr Mc
KIHcott names I
CtMUKIUdh Mass Nov 2OA CCI
esnm reoPlveil here today from Syra
ivtt N Y offered proof that Glass
thu Yilc football LURrtl hilt received
I nv tJr pIuyliiR football In Hyracue
The jelfRrain Indicated two men whO
could posltiipiv assort that Secretary
Hinforth nf the Syrtcuco Athletic
l lul had paid Oboe money for playing
fouttall In Oct IfW The despatch wm
itt once placed before the Harvard
Allilitlt Committee
Continued from First lDgt I
which he held to the end winning by a
length from Gould who was three
lengths In front of Victor
Six 2url6nti
starter whte Jotve ItlIIlnn 8IrIla
rotten 115 Undry I 1 1 8 si
Maiden Ill Hurley 4 3 > J > toJ 8 i
Melileralnier IH O Cnr 10 61 3H J i
i Rarkelmore 8S Ifndren 3 4 4 > I 3
Uord Advocate K 48H
Martin J 8H 5k JOT 10
tight ant Tru 101
nedfern T 7 6 95 710
Tranilt Ilmaili lit
MlnlP 9 2 4 71 li Si
Oat 00 11 floasor S S 8 tnn 03
prlnrbrook 521tn0Pn 11 10 0 I 12 5
rnl Ker Hi JJUK 13 11 in 701 qo
The Dinrtr 103 Onlfin 5 1 11 01 20 I
line LOUIs ill Mloi C a 13 03 20
f uHs 15 1
oiinr Ill Corhran 12 13 11 IS e
tart liOn Win handily Tlml17
Tnsran went to the hunt us Si n in
th irate went Up and made nil the
runnlnE winning handily by IWO liimths
from Mnldrn who hent MIctf iiru r n
brad for the Dlncc Itrandy Smash WM
second for half thC distune hut dISil 1
o n walk at the d I
TlllrI lAE
Seren furionkk j
Cue tttn =
Btsrr oh Ik KI n it nn Sir Plnr j
Kl cf VU R Chn 1 1 I 8 31
lJ am I h n 107 SOrt 3 2 2 72 75
Blr PJUII 110 Tndrl C 4 30 7 82
llirVtntirV 110 I
RbIP 6 4 1 5
Oilre K > 7 tlulhol ml 5 D 0 15 5
lily iJh lot It lr > 7 I h 2 I I
tlarrlinn 110 OCuiu r 2 f 72 75
IU 17 rotl iV 81 V 12
PnlltiacV 107 MorrO 1 > 1 101 3Q
Clint bid Won drlttng Tlnn131
The cate went up to a very lad start
Ihe Veld belnir strung out over n six
teenth of n mllf Knlptit nf Gold had
the most need nnd ho went rlrht to tho
front holding a good advantage to the
stretch wh re FloHinm Queen closed
ICnlirht of Gold swerved COil knocked
her out of her stride but she came on
again and Knight of Gold beat her a
head Florlmm Queen WOO two lengttit
In front Sir Faust
rountti HACB
Ilte ant 4 silt farlonga
Starters wbti lickv ltHirnn BtrlUce
oiofetsi jjji awtr t ao LaI t S0
t S0I
fLjt I
lC > 4
Iynun Stay 110 OCnr 1 3 a1 35 I
Illjrli 10V Mllf 2 2 > 3H 10 ft2
SICniIromter 100
liiflnn 4 1 4 115 4S
Sun tool iun drlTinc TIml10 It
Illjrla allIS Sncchurometrc raced head
ml hracl to the stutch where hyman
I lay zlooe and took the lead lie
looked all over the winner to the aat
sixteenlb where Glorlosa came with a
rush and won a Rood race by a length
nml a halt from Iymin Slay who
Illyrlt 0 i length and a hAlf In front of I
Mile in4 t ilttetnlh I
ulell wnie jock BtHlfnn fllr lime
n k lick lulOCunnnr 13 7 1 3 5 I
llrnrkarl Ill indrrly I 3 2 i tt
Muinr 10 Illlr 3 6 BH u < i
Wit rton Ill It > umllll 4b CO
1Mhrei 93 Mlouru t t ok s J
V i Wn lOltlDlonr 11 t If W I
llrik n llcnuia 2 24T f 21
C ui 13 Sons 0 8 tt CO 20
Vtl1etts3 II ulllran 7 to s 10 I
llsrnIi4i TO Nile 10 B 10 icn 4 I
iIhtIiite t1lJohnoon I I1 II 100 1
llf > ir ul MnOT 4 U 12 100M u
151C 1itattll 101 100M
ltIUrn IJ IS M s I
uH IM Uu 12 14 14 1 t Ml
n1 W n rMr Tmel 1i
Nlgiilinsnle Inlt the early pacemaker
tun h MIKI Lia V raY to lack Dlok
who made al Ibn running and won ea < l
ly by two II nKh from ncnckhirt who
vvns six oiutliB In hunt of Amlnte
Yen fjrloojt
lift tlnit
SliTter lOts lICk > sirIlic
0tkttsk W Krtflrn
710 ut
lllmiiir IIM Woudtrly 62 36
Ntttrmor Jl J MartIn 4 t
Aholi 81 H OilUlm 40 6
Sparkle Cihr 87 SSe 10 J
Diackstock won
hImself was second
Nevermore was third
Tlmi 121
Won by half i length A hud bl
turen second and third
OConnor kM tx Impctltol to make 1111 nt I I
m Douro sat tbl cow hint lho pies II
movtd ap from un 1115cc Svt lntlu bbtnd
lbe lodtr to hr udll lrthel tbs sbtt
JM lit t Tapioca ttt tbt tiabtzmS
Ii I ih
i ff
I I i rI
f <
QB VY2S SCUi n071jaer
Louisville Fighter Cut Up by Philadelphians
Jabs Made a Spurt In Fifth Round
and Had OBrien Almost Out
I If the Philadelphia legislators had
made seven rounds the limit for boxing
contests In that city Jack OBrien to
day would bo a shattered pugilistic Idol
i The fact that the Quaker law permits
cnnntests of only six rounds duration
saved him from a knockout by Marvin
Hart of Louisville last night
Hart battered and cut up until hla
face resembled the Inside of a ripe to
mato went through four of the six
rounds like a human punchlngbag but
In the llfth round he took a decided
brae and the tactics of the fighter
nrilnst the boxlrur ability of OBrien
began to tell Ho was no longer held
off by fantastic punches but bore In
with heavy swings which the now tired
OUrUn invariably stopped with his face
or some portion of his anatomy
OBrien was weary to nlmoet a quit
Champion Earned Many Sup
porters While Training for I
Bout with Bothner
John Plenlnar the Butcher DOT who
Is to meet George Dothner the light
weight champion catohascntchcan
wrestler at the Grand Central Palace
tomorrow night will arrive from Hunt I
ingdon L I tonight accompanied liy
Charley Smith and Henry Kopp on
whose farm the GraecoIloman cham
I pion trained for the handicap match In
which he has agreed to gain four de
I clalvc tall from the clever catch ns
i catchcan wrestling Instructor In one
A big delegation of sporting men from
Cold Spring Harbor Northport Green I
lawn Oyster Hay Centreport and the
surrounding towns will also be on hand
to witness the struggle for supremacy I
And to back the chnmplon Plenlng made
n host of friends on Long Island han
truvtlltd both the norti uml south
i shores with his tralnert twice a dy for
the tintS ten days conditioning himself
for the task his manager Johnny Dunn
has mapped out for him
The hip advance sale of seats yeller I
day at the box olllce of thi bU nmphl
jllicatri wlcrc thf contcM will take pine
Is taken a 5 evidence that the nmth has j
aroused extraordinary local Inter sl
Th races run hcie this afternoon reo I
suited as follows
rirst Hace Thrr < iUnrters of 1 mle
Won by Andes I to 2 nnd out Pre
torlouf S to u for nuiie mis srciind anj
Inspector Shea third Time 118 15 J
Bvcoml Waco One mile Won by l
Oragen 11 to 10 and 2 to Si Chickadee
1 to 2 for place was second Ida V i
third Time 148
Third Race Seveneighths of a mile
= 1Won by Gregor K 7 to 2 and 6 to 5
The Conqueror fiVen for place was
Second and Ialrbury third Time
131 45
Fourth Race One and tineeighth of a
enile Won by Mac Gyle 10 to 1 and Si
to 1 Hoodwink 2 to 5 for place 81
second 4W W ana Scarlet Letter third Tlmo
io 1tb
ting point when the firth round ended
The minutes rest did not bring the re
quired recuperation and at the begin
ning of the loot period the clever boxer
was apparuntly mastered by the lighter
Hart An uppercut to the Jaw dropped
Him to the Moor an almost beaten man
He was close tu his opponent wnun
the blow was delivered and with about
the only scnae ivnijInliiK In his make
up tuobvU wildly lor Hurt but did
not imvu tile minniCKi to nold on and
nml ubwn the luicib bony us onu
VVOUlU llOWU U rLUdiU pole cJtnllIg to
liiu IwXb lui u > ui lilt
Hclciee Ciuivnuim loosened tha grip
01 me dazed lighter and hu rolluj oval
Hut on lola moiiULn out fm the mull It
iumoil With duo dilioeiailon the
Idle begun to toll oK the count At
live Ulinen awakPiiwJ opened his i
eyes and beard the crowd yvlllni He I
was bewildered until he san Hun
Then he mado tho sUn 01 the cross and
with all snort diew hlmsult
up on unu
kneo There hn wnlivd until nIne
was recorded when ne siovly arose Ills
only thought then wac t < > lam to the
bell and he did mainly through lucky
ducking and clinching
Hart H nnxlrty to put In Ihe llnlshlnff
Mow made his delivery Inaccurate
in the preliminary bouts HddU Mo
han of this city bested Jimmy iH
wards Vounp Mississippi of rk
lyn defeated STarry Hiihlln of Phila
delphia In two rounds ami Dave lo
colored knocked out Jim Havwjru
colored of this city In one rOllnj
FolowjnK are the results of the races
run here today
First Race Scvenclghths of a mile
Won by Hose of May 7 to 1 and 5 to 2
Satchel I to 2 for pi nee wan second and
Ruby Ray third Time lM
Second Race One mile Won b > Daw
soil 7 10 1 and 5 lo 2 Welch Girl 10 to
1 for place was second The Commoner
third TI0IeUII2
Third Race Tin Dequartern of a
nllo Won by Orpheum 7 to 1 nnd 2 to
I Hank SI root 10 to 1 for place woo I
second and BOl > ttunier tnlnl Time j
p 120itounih I
Fourth Uicf Una mile and a quarter
Won by Iroeadero 5 to 2 and eon
ast Night 8 to o for pnee wis neond
and SAIIU Teresa third Time 218
That Is 25000 More Than Was Spent in
Building Any Previous Defender
BRISTOL Nov 20 When the new cup
defender Is completed It will have been
built for 25003 more than was any pre
vious jncht sailed to defend Americas
Cup Altogether It Is estimated that
tho cost of building the boat will be
After a conference between Designer
Herreshoff Manager Iselln and Capt
Charlie Harr It was decided to cast toe
lead keel of the yacht JURt one month
enillcr than that made for the Canstltu
tinii two years ago
I Mr helm IH taking n more active
part In the prelmlmrv arrangements
List of Riders Signed by Ken
nedy in Europe a Long and
Splendid One
As n tin whistle concert coropany
playing dates agnlntt Sousas band so
will nil the other sixday bicycle riccR
be to the one here next month At
least en the press agent of the coming
meet has described lIe situation and
he ought to know
There la little doubt that the coming
six dOA Rrlml will be the most suc
cessful ever held In New York The
talent signed O pedal away for the
week Is the most brilliant ever brought
together and In addition many features I
have been addol that will In themselves
make up a splendid weeks sport
First of all will come the special
match race on Saturday nIght pr
e < llng the long grind between Jimmy
Michael and Harry Elkes This should
be n rattling contest from thu start
as It Is to determine for all time the
championship among the Indoor pace
followers These two speed merchants
are now on their way here from France
where they have been burnIng up tho
foreign tracks Kenned who signed
these men for the local meet Is also
on his way back to America He sail
ed yesterday on the Kaiser Vllhclm
In Europe Mr Kenned tinned nil
the crack lotiRdlstancn men and all of
thorn will soon be hero to get In final
shape for the long weeks ride Dikes
will also ride In the slx < Iny event and
will have for hU partner EJdlo Bald
the famous lllson CitY rider who has
recovered nil his oldttmo speed and
staying powers This team will be the
star couplo of the American division
The entry Hut Is larger than ever be
fore and the men arc speedier than
those who have ever competed In Ii
longdlsiancc event and It Is expected
that nil records from tho one hour up
to the sixday mark will bo easily
81 119 tJt l joj Are in many respects like other ulcers
EiL C LR < j or sores and this resemblance often proves
fatal Valuable time is lost in fruitless
efforts to heal the sore with washes and salves because the genus of Can
cer that arc multiplying in the blood and the new Cancer cells which are I
constantly developing keep up the irritation and discharge and nt last
sharp shooting pains announce the approach of the eating and slough
ing stage and a hideous sick
ening cancerous sore begins its In February 1000 I noticed a email
ues t roc t 1 e work lump on my lower lip The doctor cau
torfzod It but another camo and broko
No ulcer or sore can exist
out into an open Dora I began to tnlto
without sonic predisposing inter D S S I
and after I had taken seven bot I I
nat cause that has poisoned the ties the pUoo healed ontlroly and no
blood nnd the open discharging signs ot the dtseaso have boon Doon
since w P Brown
nicer or f he festenng sore on the S 0
lip cheek or other part of the body will continue to spread and eat
deeper into the flesh unless the blood is purified and the Cancer genus
or morbid matter eliminated from the rirnnlntion
S S S cleanses the blood of all decaying effete matter It has
great antidotal and purifying properties that soon destroy the genus and
poisons and restore the blood to its natural condition And when pure
blood is carried to the ulcer or sore the healing
process begins the discharge ceases and the
place heals over and new skin forma S S S ia
I a strictly vegetable blood purifier containing
no mercury or minerals of any description
I you have an ulcer or chronic sore of any kind write us about it
tS abut i
medical advice will cost you nothing Books on Cancer and other
diseases of the blood w111 be cent free ot I
fc L 1 tESI6PECU1DCOAt1 Q u1
h J 4i 1 Pi T r
of the construction of the craft than
I ever tefore HJ la waking the bileest
kind of a stir about the place nl he
does not content himself as In ton
yeari with sitting about the model a nd
draughting rooms of the establishment
When he arrived at the works Mr Iiv
Hn went at once to ths south shop ami I
took 1 look at the new keel mould which
1 > rtler cheaper and more pointed lit I
Its Interior than that of the Columbia t
or the Constitution I Is also Bald that
the mould provider for more lead abow
and less astern than any fin keel yet I
mode here
Thats the Promise of Magnate
Kilfoyle Who Says Details
Will Soon Be Announced
J P Kilfoyle one of the American
I casue magnates Is still In this city
He say the American League will
surely break Into Ntew York next year
He states that option on three grounds
have been secured and that the accept
ance of one will bo mouSe In two weeks
when Uan Johnson aixl J C Somers
will return to thin city and make public
all the work they have clone regarding
the placing of 1 team hen
The grounds will not Us located on
Manhattan Island but In tIe Dronx In
stead The property at Oce Hundred
and Fortysecond street And Lenox
avenue was the only available spot In
old New York that tho leaguers could
sec and tho Plncltney estate which
owns I refused to sell or leuse thu
property So It wax that the Alxnierlcan
nkucrs had to go Into the Broyx
we have made out contracts nor the
building of the stands and all the play
ers for the team have been signed said
Mr Kllfojle nnd only when Mr A > lin
son returns to the city will tho Spilt be
made known to the public °
3 < u u j wUUil lu UUkAu lit mwu UnJtr
UK UHINDLEH ic nUHc IrMUntnl blisS aol
kin dUeaiea plo In the bonts rM tpou 01
tOnsil sad mouth ulctrl ptlntul Unl >
kldntjr and bladd complaint scalding InfUm
matlgo crartl Ac al psdiig cured ImpKll
edt r < moT l Suttmri da not witli UEJ
slitting loss skilful pbyilcIanL ntmtmbir DR
oniNOlC ha > A iVcord Zen marr < lloui circa
Ornctf omiMI YEARS it 11 Wit5B5 ci
t twsiO < rti andTth STNU Aarlce f Hrtl
clii u 01 I to 8 OaaluI A 1
> 1 tJ < r
Hayes Valley A C of Frisco
Likely to Get Contest Be
tween McGovern and Corbett
Terry MeGovern and Young Corbett
will very likely fight their championship
battle In San Francisco despite tho big
offer of the Penn Art A C of Philadel
phia The fighters do not think th
bout could be held successfully In the
Quaker City and all that Is wanting
now to assure Its going to the Coast Is
a J5000 check from tho Hayes Valley
A C as evidence of Us ability to hold
the bout
When the bids for the fight wer i
opened It was found that only two clubs
hnd led offers One wan the hayes
Valley clubs and the other the Penn
Art A Cs offer of SO per cent of the
gross receipts The former bid 60 per i
gros receipt and that seemed
gsofnrh 1 I
to meet the favor of the two little
lighten Although It was not formally I
accented the time for bids wns ex
tended to next Tuesday night when all
offers must be accompanied by a J3WO
certlllcd check The lighters themselvs
will post 12500 etch to guarantee their
appearances I
McCoy Mil lIe DecantIng
Kid McCoy II either doing a lot of
dreaming or he means business for fol
lowing the claim of Jeffries that he will
fight any man In the world who will
provide the beat business Inducements
McCoy has wired the champion that re
will accept any proposition he names
In doing that lie pays he will split thin < I
11 ns Jeffrie likes let him flume
purse let
the referee and waive the right to wear
wrist bandages He says ho will post a
forfeit ot 3000 that he means business
In a diy or tm or ooner If Jeffries
says so All McCoy will ask for Is four
months In which to train
New Club In Detroit
Dllly Consldlne who has opened a
new boxing club Jn Detroit evidently
Intends Jo hold lome very supsror
In the near future for In a letter
fghts that the nneiilpf
to this citY he says that III
of the club will be held nxt
how Wednesday night nnd that Otto Solicit
either meet Tom Coughlg or lUrtln
will Dully For the month of December
Consldlne has arranged 1 bout between
Forbes and Johnny naJan
the bantamwtlght championship of thee
world Terry MrOovcrn has beuii M
cured for n bout with some good buv In
The new clubhouse will hold
ChancY White will ron
kOOO people Whie wl
ably 1 be sclectfd ns nftlclal referee of the
according to Consldlne
e > lb k
Liliiiss Illhi Ilrokeu
jtat SImrai th Akron I1s6tw f > t aSh not
mi Tim Kearna In a boat at Chleajo tollllht
for Blmira boil two ot his ribs brokan Smug
a CC potting bout with Out Itunlln In preparing
rot ih i tent a bla homo Otto Sillolt will llktlr
rr tl Immaa place KHrni and Sallott mat II
214w lork about lour yearn no and Otto ass
arnr a bird flEt
McWIinters ant Wnleott
Ilucb MeWlnttra tha colored llfhtwilgM
luc sIC Waloott who fought a draw vita
Martin HUbirtr on Tutadaf nlctt baia bees
matched t i mOl In a Dtlwnround bout brr
ills Linox A C of Doaton on Nor 21 BoOt
boners r isiS to have begun training ten ttalr
bout j
a S S
Jim Crt la nldentlr afraid lit wont let
the chance fa cb Jim Jtttrtei nut Mar forths i
champlonahlp ot the world Ite la repeatadlr
aendlnc letuua to llarrr Corbelt his bfe
urging him In aei Jettrlta and set the tatters
consent to o < hc him Ever sIne Corbett Issued ji
a challenge to Dht Jell Drother Itarrr taa
been communlca > log with Jeffrlea on the aubject
but the champlo baa not aajd definitely whether
Jim he will a will not accommodate yonolecue
a S
Chicago Jack Deli the llghtwtliht ftitlter I
who haa not onjjit In son time has flnillj
been ancceaiful In getting o A matc He his
levied articles to itbt Young Olbba the colored
IlitXwelght of Cleiuland who lias been doing
crest work In Calla slats he want thero over
a year ago Thejr whIt box a tw ntrro < nd bout
before the Olympic A C of Seattle Waaa oa
or about Dec 3 BoOt will hare to ro pretty
list to beat GibbSS
S C 5 a
Another match which Dug ha arranced la one
ot twenty rounds mitt oran WillIams tho
Denver wellerwetiht ifho san Young Teter
Jackson such a hard battle at Oakland Cat a
Sew months ago Day and Wllllama will bate
twenty rounds at a boxing ahow to be broucht
off at Victor Col on Tlvnkiglrlni Day after
noon They will club at catchwelshta for S
pun of 0 After thIs bout Daly will ro < 1
the coict where he will plIo ahape for Ha
flout with Olbba
Men Come to Me an 1 want ipeclsl a social every dlnasa chat man or with that condition me U > suffering and to I come will from andS 1 V
pla t you a system of treatment whlob I
have originated and developed after my aybol lifes experience In treating dla
as s peculiar t men It I a treatment tlVU Is based on scientific knowledc I
have no free proposition no trial or ample treatments to offer you My education
lion my experience my consclenro my reputation condemn all such quackery
ton will call and see ino I wilt live you tt of charge a thorough persons
exsmlnittlnc tomther with an honest and sc itlHc uilnlon of your case panoa
I nod your case Is Inrinble I will honestly tel you so I on the other bud I
nod your case Is curivMe I will Insure you of a permanent cure Inasmuch u I
will give you a written guarantee to cur you or refund to a every cent you
have paid In car I full t effect a permanent our ot your condition I male 7U
Charge for medicines w they are always Included In the nominal fee naked I
attribute what I promise my success to promising nothing but whttil can do and sjwaye doles
p rtnn ntl7 enrod wiUrtmt aol loss that sap the
petting or Urtar optnrttao err Hfo from u sad
No plo or lees ot time Itr led t Couspit aa
ULCERS or all ponrn atoppM M
lalDte once b mr vratem of uws
aut ud thronlo br mr
syta of iritmnl Ce ECZEMA
dried u a one C
enritpelaa o tar rantlT
or Uie skIn pern
cured tlthotit dlMtlgtor nentlr cured b me
cutting No pain HYDROCELE
DISCHARGES or any twelllnta or tender
101 o tod
stopped completely t new or Impedimenta cured
without a cutting
BLOOD POISON ctlo operation
permanently onrvd without In all Ite forma la pOs
the UH ot mercury o newiy cured by my System
potash ot lr mot
by my ayitem of treatment la permanent DITIONS
caret IrretfeotlT ot lie time you bar bar by my sTain ot treatment ahow alma of Im 1
aBlcteJ provement a once
Write If you cannot cull All correspondence strictly confidential and ill l
replies tentln plain envelopes Inclovj r7oc < nt stamp to Injure reply al J
OFFICE UOtmSt A M to STO P M Sundays 10 A M t 4 1 M
Medical and Surftical Office
1 1
ltxpCfl enclallal for lemaln Irregularities
cured ctot es reasonable no humbug lira
Angerhaucr ItI East Hd at
A TIP lh way to reach tht
homca of N w York IB through tho
newspaper thOt the honso ui t
reach their bVhP
0 a

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