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Blazein a Thirtyeighth Street
Flat Drives Tenants to Street
and Viola Allens Maid May
In a fire which completely destroyed a
fcuroiory flat building at No 237 West
Thirtyeighth street today a former
Alderman several actresses and dress
t makers and a number of men were res
I cued while overcome by smoke or heat
and thousands of people gathered and
watched the survivors shiver on the
I ktreets In their singed night robes
I Vloa Allens maid Is In Roosevelt Hoc
pltal and may die Mrs Walter Wll
F klng mother of Odette Tyler Is severely
burned about the face and hands Her
r husband Dr Wilkins Is also painfully
I burned
I Mrs Wilkins Wa lighting a gasoline
i stove In her apartment on the llrst floor
1 when the tank exploded scattering tho
I flaming oil over the room It was In at
l tempting to extinguish tho names that
r Dr Wllldns and his wife were burned
Realizing that they were unable to
check the fire they ran through the
housei alarming the other residents I
When they reached the street Mrs
Wllklns remembered that she had ailed
to save her two pet dogs and her Jewel
case Dr Wilkins attempted to return
for them but was driven out by flames
Ai he was retreating one of the dogs
Jumped from a balcony and saved Itself
a and after the fire was out tho other I
animal was found floating on an Im
provised raft In tho waterfilled cellar I
Mrs Wilkins was sent to Roosevelt I
Hospital but remained there only a I
short time
t Close Call for ExAIdermnii
Policemen lane and Ulmer knew that
exAlderman Vincent Goldlng was In a
room on the fourth floor which he has
been occupying while his house next
door Is being renovated It being Impos
sible to ce t to the top floor through
the fire the policemen went to tho roof
of Geldings house and then crossed to
the roof of the burning building de
scended through a hatchway and res
b cued the former Alderman who was
asleep In bed and partially overcome by
l smoke1 It was necessary to drag him
to the roof and from there Into his own
I home
Mr and Mrs Frank Oakes lloso on
the second floor were awakened by the
firemen and Bought the street In their
night robes Mrs Rose lost several
thousand dollars worth of Jewels To
get out It wo necessary for them to
pass through the flaming hall and both
weir burned and their garments par
tially destroyed Mr Rose Is manager
for Pains Fireworks Company
On the third floor Miss Clara Dunn a
music teacher was awakened by the
creams from the people on the street
below She found the rooms filled with
smoke and felt the heat In tho hall
With remarkable pluck and fortitude I
she awakened her mother Mrs A J
E Dunn and their guest Mrs Funda of
Rochester and led both of them down
stairs and through the emoko and
names All were slightly burned They
lost all of their possessions
Jack Raffell trio baritone climbed
from his thlrdstory window to the rear
lireescape after taking several
irord on a
eral women out of the building
hands were burned and his taco bile
Sophia Agard In charge of Viola
I Allens wardrobe sleeping on the top
j Continued on Second Page
Th Train for Chleaao
Is the r 1ID81 nn1a BvteUL cfe beers
en rocie IIm7 cemlO11 et hem
i1 F Mi1 r
Mayor Low Aroused by The Evening Worlds
Exposure of Plot Against the Fire Chief
Tells Commissioner the Testimony Does
Not Warrant Dismissal
A wide split In the reform adminis
tration promises to follow whatever no
tion Fire Commissioner Sturgis takes
with relation to the charges against
Chief Croker
If the Commissioner adheres to his
Intentions he will dismiss the Chief
from the force wthln a few days anil
In this event Mayor Low will ask him
to resign from the Commissionership
And If he does not dismiss or humll
late Chief Croker he will be compelled
to stand the onslaught of the Republi
can politicians who are behind the plot
to make the department a cog In the
local machine
Tho astonishing exposures In The
Evening World yesterday of tho real
motives underlying the persecution of
Chief Croker have aroused the city and
have evidently the effect of stiffen
ing the backbone of the Maypr whoso
Interest In the matter appears to have
been of recent birth Up to last Thurs
day night there was no outward oppo
sition on the part of the Administra
tion to the carrying out of the plan of
Commissioner Sturgis tn force Chlet
Croker out of the department
Meeting at Mayor Home
On that evening a conference was
called at the residence of Mayor Low
There were present the Mayor Commis
sioner Sturgis Corporation Counsel I
Georgei Rives and hU assistants Capt
Ar Cosby and C S Whitman who
represented the Law Department at the
trial of the Chief exFire Commission
er James It ShcflleUl who Is counsel
for the Pinkies the organization of
exForeman James D Clifford Chief
Crokers relentless foe and who Is
° slated to succeed Commissioner Stur
gis John C Clark the Mayors legal
adviser and William Leary Secretary
of the Fire Department
It developed at this conference upon
tho admission of Commissioner Sturgls
himself that the only charges ho could
possibly consider proved out of the
long line preferred against the Chief
were that ho failed to safeguard the
Park Avenue Hotel by enforcing the
fire laws that he managed the Park
Avenue Hotel and Sovontyflrst Regi
ment Armory Ores Improperly that he
allowed hose to go to the Polo Grounds
and a lumber yard In Newtown without
collectfng revenue for the same that hn
forced out ot the department or at
tempted to force rift certain members I
opposed to his policy and that he re
turned from his vacation when he learn
ed of the plot against him and Insisted
upon taking charge of the department
The Mayor had considered the evi
dence two nights before and was not
convinced that tho Commissioner had
made good even on these points He
advised that tho Commissioner drop the
matter as he did not believe that
enough proof had been adduced to war
rant even a reprimand for tho Chief
In this ho was backed up by Corpora
tlon Counsel Rives who does not rtd
the newDpaporr and Is consequently I
Ignorant of the unanimous disapproval
of Commissioner Oturelsa count on
the part ot the local prcw
Commissioner BtunaU Insisted upoa
x f
a Iw1 i
carrying out his original plan despite
the weighty opposition to IL
Left Conference In a huff
It Is reported upon good authority
that he left the conference at 10 oclock
or after ho had been battered with ar
guments for two houm and that ha
was glen to understand that If ho car
lied out his Crokor plans It would mean
the severance of his relations with tho
Fire Department Finding himself be
tween the devil and the deep sea the
Commissioner went homo to think It
ovti The others remained In confer
ence until 2 oclock In the morning
Although It li acknowledged by the
Mayors advisers that the charges
against the Chit have net been sus
tained liy the evidence there Is a bitter I
feeling toward him especially In tho
Citizens Union faction of the adminis I
tration These gentlemen cannot under
stand how a man bearing the name of
Croker can be honest They stand on
thll broad proposition and will not bo
pushed from It notwithstanding that a
thorough search of the Department rec
ords for fifteen years back have foiled
to bring to lIght a single Instance of I
dlshpnesty on the part of tho Chief from
tho day he first polished tho brass work
on qn engine until he was brought up
for trial
Lcnry In the Fight
In addition to the political aspect of
tho fight against the Chief there li the
opponltlon to him on the part of Secre
tary Ieary of the Fire Detriment who
has the backing of the Republican ma
chine It was tho belief of Mr Loary
nhey he took ofllce that he should bo
allowed to have something to say re
garding transfers The first batch he
took to the Chief was turned down
Ill make my own transfers said
the Chief I know the mr n ot this De
partment and what they can do
There Is no doubt In the minds of the
Mayor and Corporation Counsel that
tho Court of Appeals will reinstate
Chief Croker should ho be dropped
This outcome would be a black eye to
the reform administration from whlon
recovery would be extremely difficult
A perusal of the evidence by the Mayor
showedrilm that John J Delaney coun
sel for Chief Croker did not even exert
himself to put In evidence In defense of
some of the charges contenting him
self with protecting the legal Interests
of his client with a view of action by
the courts
Chief Croker and Mr Delaney believe
that Comniloiloiior Sturgis has gone
too far to allow himself to back down
The expect tile order making a va
cancy at the head of the Fire Depart
ment within a few hours and their pa
pars for an appeil to the courts are
I Foreeait for tha thirtysix
I hoar eiiillnir at 8 P M Suinlny
fur flow York City and vicinity i
I 1roboblr rain tonight Sunday
I partly cloudy and cooler In the I
I afternoon and nlich < freih
I oatherljr winds shifting to
nortliirent and becoming brisk
2O Ilcmrs > Ttrtzt Kavr York and
VU the rnBfrlrult tueM OOelil BUBO
rruphtrf feitons C4lMT UtUt IUd Block nport eN
Steamer Fast on a Reef in the
Philippines but It Is Believed
She Will Float Off
MANILA Nov Z2The United States
transport Ingalls with Gen Miles on
board struck on a reef while entering
the harbor of Lc Gaspl Province of
Albny Southeast Luzon today and In
still aground She Is not In any danger
The weather Is calm and t Is ex I
pected that the steamer will float at
the next high tide Communication
with the shore Is maintained It the
Irgalls does not float at high water re
Hcf will be despatched to her from this
Young Couple to Face Wild
Beasts at Bostocks and
There Be Joined in Marriage
Talk about bearding the lion In hIs
den It will be done at Bostocks AnI
mal Show on Monday evening next at
930 oclock precisely
The raison detre Is found In the fact
that soma days ago Mr Bostock offered
a bonus of 500 to any young couple who
would consent to be married In his fa
molts den of lions
The announcement brought responses
from half a dozen engaged couples and
all seemed serene for a sensational
riage amid the lions but the wily Afr
Bofltock forgot one Important particular
the officiating clergyman The various
couples were willing but the minister
was minus
Mr Bostock advertised
In the news
paper for a clergyman A wellknown
congregational minister of the city has
offered his services and the ceremony
will take place
lIe stipulated that his name shall not
bo made known until after Ms Sunday
services as his congregation might Hid
I The names of the couple however
I are known They are Harry Horn of
I One Hundred and Ninetieth street nnd
I the Bronx and Theresa Her of Rust
I Tlilruwnth street lIoth are Dane
I The reason for the selection IH wimple
I The various other young people who
I applied as candidate for the lions
I den wedding saw the lions perform and
I quit This couple was not ftiazcd
furry and Therese nlll no doubt have
a large audience on Monday evening
I and also an experience to hand down to
I their posterity tl J
Former Mayor Iiijnreil b > IlrnUen
G1rIruul Stitches Taken
Former Mayor William R aruco was
hurt In an automobile accident today In
front of Dreyfusss drug store No 6
Sixth avenue lie was going to his
olllco No 1 Hanover equate The
wheels of hli ailluliuiilk nuiiuled
th slippery pavement and tOe miichuiv
HIM Into an elevated railroad pillar
The dashboard of the automobile was
driven Into the window breaking the
class and showering the f < jrmor Mayor
Mr Grace wa < severely cut iil > oui the
face by a silver of the glads The worst
Injury was a cut on the right side of the
lace Just below the lower lip lie was
badly shaken up besides
lie Wall taken Into Mr Dreyfuss
apartment In the rear of the store anti
treated by Dr John fl Richardson of
Noua wochlmrton place The pnjntl
clan took four atltohos to does the cuts
The Injured man we then taken 4o his
home o31 SMt Beveatynlnth uot
1tII 0 ihit
I 1
At Watertown N YWatertown OOrangeAC 0
At Easton Pa = Lehigh 6 Lafayette 0 1
At Norfolk Vp Virginia I 65 Carlisle 5
At AnnArboft Mich Michigan 63 OberlijvOr
At Manchester HrDartmouthy12 BroWn 6
At AnnapolisSt JohrfVj 18 Western Maryland
Y J l s v
AtSwarthmore SWarthmore 227H verf rd 0
At Chicago Illinois 17 Northwestern 0
At University Heighfs First half NYUniversity12 UnionO
Fifth Rase little Boy 1Mr Farnum 2 Kilm6rie
Sixth Raceatchel 1 Aratoma 2r Rose of May 3
The cornerstone of the school building of the Society of
thical Culture at Central Park West and Sixtythird street
vas laid this afternoon Addresses were made by Julius J
rank Mayor Low and City Superintendent of Schools William
Maxwell a I to I
S f
Long Shots Take First and Second Events at
Ben n ings Race Track
FIRST RACR Dandy llrlle 1
Tribe Hill 2 Knclalre 3
IFcoxn HACK Stnr and Garter
I Ilosewater 2 lArd Advocate 3
TIIIIIU HACi Wooloathrrer 1
II of Gramland 2 Charles
OSInller 3
rotJIlTII ItACK Sncrharomrtrr I
Timran A rlnqtieinlll Ii
3KIPTII nACU Ilnnnlhrrl 1 Ini
Coktn 3 Srrlln n
1ZflfltCEOrnntu 1 Coon
Cireu n
r 1i1 to Fbi KTtnlni WartS
One ot the bolt cards of the mcotlng
Its on at the track this afternoon anti
11 Heemed as If nearly fie wnolo of the
city at Wvishlnzton had turmil out to
enjoy a good afternoons sport
The renewal of the hunters steeple
chase whIch furnished such a fine race
last Wirk was the feature that most
nterejted Washingtonians Jumping
airs lire very popular In this pail tC
the country
The race that appealed to the regulars
however was a dash of a mile and 100
yards which brought about a meeting
between Harry New The Huguenot
Cameron Syrlln Lux Casta and other
very fast mllers This promised a
cracking good contest There was also
another very good race at flx furlongs
a handicap for two arolds
The track wee In excellent condition
one mOM having received a thorough l
oiling and harrowing thi morning
The weather was a bit raw and
threatening hut pleasant enough never
thelessfor raclngpurppses
Settn rurlonci
1 ntttlns
Stirttra who Jockv t llilfFln ft riict
Dandy 1 > II 92 MM
bern 51 i > I s g
Drib Mill lOr j Mir
tin 8r hit i us I
KucUIr lie MlnJrr 2 2 3 23 8
Flar It McKdJn 11 8 th 15 rt
llmniwlrk 9S IinUtrn 1 3H 0 > 85 45
> unen r 103 Stile 3 7t 6 > 15 r
Lady Potntou lOO Otn
coin pUN is 6
Amcowin 9r Jonti S 44 S1 SO 2 0
rruvont 95 IViwuii 7 9 9 8 3
nirrtrcdt 98 p OCon
nor 11 11 10 100 41
Tear lai UonJrlr h2 < i 11 35 I
Tl < SlwrlM loKlnlIO 11 12 90 H
Anl n 112 rtlf 4 tO 13 0 S
101 < WLI ck SI McC f
ftrtr 611 14 50
Ctrt toot Won driving Tiznl27 45
Dandle hulk went to the front at the
start made all the running and won In
n hard drive by a head from Tribe1
11111 who wan a length anti i half In
front of Euclalre Ilrunswlck the fa
Continued on Second Page
RACE TJIACK 3tonla Nov 22
Following ore the rosulU of the races
run here to < li >
First ThroeqJirters of n mllo
Won liv Klcuron 7 tll 1 and 3 In 2 The
Light 6 to R for piece wn Heond ami
Garfla Gardner Mr4i TlmIZ
I Second IIice One mile anti onesix
tenth of a mile Won by Silk Cord
2 to I nd even Soortlj J to 1 foi1 plao
was firond Guide Pact third Time
Third nlThr Qlartelal of a mile
Won by Oleflant 3 to 1 and even 8t
Minor 8 to S for place was second Jack
Ratlin third Tlme1n
Fourth Race One mile and an eighth
Wpn by Fonioluc 1 < ol and 3 to B
lfrln8I1J111a to S for place was second
JVyolt tiilrJ llmeoa
1 >
Harvard Team Is Overwhelmed in a Sup r6
Football Game at New Haven bytlfe
BlueClad Warriors of Old Eli Led by
Capt Chadwick f
Yales Giant Guard Glass Tears Up Opposing
Line and at Times Drags Half of Crimson
Team Along with Him Metcaife Mak 1
e 3
75Yard Run for Touchdown =
I Sprlil to ma Ertalni World
Nor 3
The game began at 210 Harvard win
ning the ton and choosing the south
goal with a ten mile breeze In her
favor Bowman kicked off to the Crim
son 1yard line Putnam caught hp
bill but stumbled and only carried it
fifteen yards Putnam In two plunges
gained eight yards through Tales linen
Kernan punted to Harvards 40yard
Two attacks on Harvards line by the
Blues backs failed to gain A quarter
back kick and a fumble by Graydon lost
Harvard 10 yards Bowman 1118 carried
back on an attempted end run for lu
yards Yale gained 10 yards through
Harvards centre on a series of plunges
by the Blue backs carrying the bait to
the Crimsons 15yard line
Th game wa fast and furious In
a circular wedge play Kinney carried
the boll through Harvard to her 7
yard line The Crimson centre presents
little defense to the Blues attack
headed by Gins Three more centre
plunges and Chad 1ck carried the ball
over the line for a touchdown
Score Yale < l Harvard O
Bowman kicked the goal
The majority of Yales gains were
made between guard and tackle on both
ldes of the Cambridge players line
Carl Marshall kicked off to Shevlln on
Yules 25yard line when he was thrown
Powman punted to the centre of the
field Two lacUeback plays led by Put
nam gnlned five yards through the New
Haven line Gra > don on a magnificent i
plunge went through doss for five yards I
Qraydon continued his furious ham
mering at the Blue line until the ball
was advanced to Yales 40y rd line
when the Crimson forfeited the oval
for holding The Blue falling In two
attacks on the Crimson line kicked out
to Kernan on his 30yard line Oroydon
and Kernan then settled down to ham
mer at the Blue line but after gaining
live yards the Yale linesmen dug In
theJr toes and held for three downs
when Kernan kicked to Metcalf on liar
vards 10yard line
MrtrnUei Great Play
Then after one unsuccessful attempt
on the CrlTwon line one of the most
sensational plays In football history w
made when Clos opened up a holt
through Sh i and Barnard amt Met
cello shot through like a projectile and
dodging tho Cambridge backs carried
the ball W yards over the line
The entire Harvard team tried madly
after the Yale back but failed to gain
on him until ho had crowed the goal
line llorrmnn Kicked fool
Bowman then made < i fake kick pass
Ing the ball to Hogan who carried It
The second half began without any
changed In the Harvard lineup For I
Yalt Bowman went out and Vanderpool
took his place I
Kernin klckej off to Yales thirtyfive
tipi line In a mass play Chadwlck
went through the Crimsons left wing
for ten yard The giant Glass then
opened a hole for Klnney and he started
down the gridiron with a clear fleld
carrying the oval thlrtyrtv yards
wia45 fc MTM oauffbt and downed by
li > u
The LineUp 1 ec
HARVARD Political Tui f
nowdlleh nE v
KnowlUm nT Heitnt 6
A Utrthill RO Ckw
Suitrn cnlrt Hirt
Drnrl LQ GUts
Rhea UTi KlBiMr
Mill I Ei BiS tr
r Mirilxll qn Bockmir
Putnim RH M Ult
Ktrnin LJI CJudwIcC
Gr rdon FJJ BorauL
through the entire Cambridge team for
34 yards j
ScoreYale 12 Harvard 0
For the next few minutes Harvara
braced and with the ball on Yale Sp
yard line held the New Haven men tat
three downs Harvard continuing her
splendid stand got the ball and Gray
don and Kernan advanced U throngtj
the Blues left wing file yards Mpro
terrific plunging and a fiveyard bU d1e1
by Oraydon and the Harvard eleven
advanced the ball to Yales 18yard line
With the Bluesdefense weakening
Harvard backs plunged on to YajeBJ
8yard line Then Yale gripped the rid I
Iron with tenacious feet and cot the l
leather on her 7yard line
Harvard lain bat > FnmtileaJ
Bowman then tried a take kick its
was shoved back to Yales three fu clI
line Bowman then kicked to Marshall i
on Yales thirtyyard line Putnanw
went around the Blues right Trine for
eight yards Kernan tumbled and lejot
the ball on his opponents tw nQyan
line after gaining eight yards through
the Crimsons line Bowman kicked to
Harvards fortyfiveyard line On a
fumble by Kernan In a trick play the
Cambridge players were forced back
eight yard but kept the ball j
An attempt to turn the Blues l fttf t
wing lost the Crimson five more yards
Bpwman was hurt but after taJclnjjj
two minutes to recover returned to
play Kernan punted to Yales 40ynrdUi
line Metcalf broke through a boleaf4
the Crimsons left tackle and carrttdi
the ball fifteen yards jw1
Score First Half Yale 121 Hr
yard O Ii
From the time the whistle blew ft
the first half the play was electric ttie
plays being made In such rapid succe i
elon as to almost defy the eye to follo rl
thorn Though Kernan and Oraydoa
lIccfe < led In making successive gjne
through The New Haven line the Blue f
defense especially at centre and guard
was vastly superior to the Crimson >
The Yale team displayed much greater
incftl titan harvard In getting to the i
play and then followed up wltt con
certed energy As tor Harvard hiri i
teamwork wag deplorable moat all tKo J
gains being made by the brilliant work
of her backs Z
Bondltch and Mills the Crimson en Js
did tlneljv with the result that not4a
elntfe yard was gained around 1he
Cambridge wings In punUng thefo
elevens seemed very evenly matoh d
though Bowmans work was a shaded 4
better than the kicking of Kernan J
Putnam on Harvards twcntyflveyafru
line 1 i
More heroic work on the part ofJ
Yale fiuirus Mdvnhccd the tall to tlie4
Crimsons 15yard line Then Gla
made another rent In the tbombritta4
right wing and picking us Chadw1t i
who held the ball carried him bqdL
with halt the Crimson team clingi
to him to Harvard JjrrX line Will e
theball on her lraid lint thbat
tumwadedcsarat an4but <
CUIto it
rrrri p

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