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JI = INO rtiilSp ORIS c
rT2riz4 NIGHT I
I = igCfrcga < on Books Open to All n 1 1 I Circulation Books Open to All n 1
I I He Is a Member of the
Metropolitan Club and
Miss Langer Says Prom
ised to Marry Her
I Promised Her 300 a Month
for Life When He Refused
to We Her but Has Now
Discontinued Payments
i nenutlful Julia Linger of the Monte
p video Apailments No f35 Scvcntlv
avenue uppcurJ In Part I V city
Court ioda before Judge Samuel Sea
bury In a suit for bioich or contiact
asilnst Warren 11 Smith a wealth re
tired business man of Yonkers a mem
ber of the Metropolitan Club with apirt
monts in the Itutland
I A ti Hummel of Hone k Hummel
appeared for the young plaintiff not
Carl It Norwood for the mlddlciiged de
Tho young woman clalmi tht Mr
imllli tool hir abroad with hm and
travelled all utr Europe Introduc
es her as his wife and with the dis
tinct uhdcrstanJIng tIt they were to
bo mnrrtd on their return to ths
coun y
When they got back to Now York In
January Id the plaintiff Ji nim Mr
t Smith rcfiiped to marry her inJ made
a written cnitrKt to pay her J00 a
month for io jilamo of her life Ha
1 paid 11800 she 5 > ys and they stopped
the payment TWs wjs two month
ago The suit whch Is a test case Is
for the jaw aliened to be due for the
last two months
11111 tilt AiijionrN
Miss Lange rrn In JUt early and
took a chair as near the Un k of tho
room as pofsble fie Is very pretty
was fashionably gowned and attracted
more attention than she had counted
upon A heavy brown Veil paitlally
erreened her face
Mr Smith nan also In court before the
Judge arrived He Is a man of stately
bearing and an Irongray military mus
I tache added to his distinguished appear
once He chewed the end of this ner
vously In court and mopped the beads
t of moisture from his forehead The
room was not warm
Hn denies the pldtntlffs claims de
claring tint that there was no contract
and iccord that If there was the
ydUng woman broke her part lie also
eta forth that her name Is not Julia
4 Langer but Julia Reel
Miss Langer took the stand and said
Ge was Introduced to Mr Smith In a
restaurant Shanleys or Hectors she
did not remember which and on his In
IdUftlon accompanied him abroad She
tetlfled at length concerning their
European wanderings
I How lie Proposed
Q How were you registered at the
Hotel Savoy In London A As Mr and
Mr Smith maid and valet
Q Where did you go from tho Savoy
A To Paris
Q Did he propose to you In the Savoy
A Yea Ho said Howl you like to bo
my wife I said I was delighted to
accept He said All right well get
married as coon as we get back to
Q How were you accosted In Paris
and Monte Carlo A Always as his
wife an Mrs Smith
Q When you sailed from Genoa on
the Fuerst Blsmark what did he ask
you A How 1 wanted to travel un
der what name I told him It made no
difference but as he was going to marry
me I supposed as Mrs Smith So we
were registered and known as Mr and
Mrs Smith
Q On your return to New York where
did you go A To his apartment In
the Ilutland and stayed a week Then
I went to see my mother
Q What did you ask him then A I
Lr asked him when he was going to marry
mo He said ho was not solni to marry
a me at all I nsked him what I had done
He said Nothing 1 said Why do
you throw me over nnd told him I
would consult on attorney He said
No dont do that Il glvo you J300 a I
month is long as you live If you dont
lIellr Hummel then put In evidence thn
following letter received by the plaintiff
at the Hotel Savoy the following day
The PromUorjr Note
SBW YORK Sunday afternoon
My Dear Little Julie
ft Is very seldom that I break a prom
ise hut I am going t < > break the prom
I ise that I made to dine with you this
evening In the first place I think It
better that we should not bo together
this evening and In the second place I
want to go to tho country I think It
would be wipe for you to at once find
aomo sioro economical uloco to live In
than the Savoy I shall tend you n
oheck for JKB on the tat of February
and WM on tho 1st of each month after
While I wish I could afford to bo
moro generous It will at least keep you
from rant Knowing that you will he
aiutry at this note I think It would
ba better that we should not meet until
n little time may soften down any un
kind feelings you may harbor toward
When you are nettled I would esteem
it a favor If you would let me know
your address as should bo very un
< Continued on Second Pace
ICO Weed to Delay Uiulneu
stock rep rta ana n olllcJal stooolraPor
rUIa ° lh4tevrea at tha IfennnlnBl
I r j
752000 Tons Have Reached New York Since
Strike Is Over out Dealers Hold It Back
for a Cold Snap and Higher Prices
The unexpected cold snap has had the
effect of awakening patient longsuffer
ing New York to the fact that although
the anthracite strike has been settled
for more than a month and coal has
been coming to New York at the rate
of 30CCO tons a day the coal famine
Anthracite III sloe sizes sold today
throughout the city at from JT to 1710
a ton Denier quoted 16 50 a ton but It
was Impossible to buy coal at that price
1 White tun coal said the dealers to
I pel roil anxious to buy Is 6 50 a ton
but ic hivent cot nny However we
Invc red ash at J7SO a ton
In tile tenement districts the price of
coal continues ut 13 cents a pill or W
cents for a big containing 100 pounds
While the Indian summer weather was
on there was small demand for coal
among the tenements and the natural
supposition was that the dealers were
stocking up for the rush cure to result
from the llrst cold snap But when the
colt onap conic the Minis niro empty
ml shivering hundreds stand In lino
nailing fur a cnunce to buy I
Alone In IpilillliiK Coal I
I Te peJdlers who sell from warons at i
110 a ton ippcar to have no difficulty In
tiding coil They buy it In Hoboken I
t 00000000
English Barrister Morsehead
I Brings Suit to Recover That
J Amount from the Estate of
C P Huntington
I What will probably be the biggest law
suit ever brought In the courts of the
i United States from tho standoplnt of
I the amount of money involved has been
begun In an action brought by Walter
I Morsehead representing the minority
stockholders of the Central Pacific Rail
road to recover more than 100000000
from tho estate of Collls P HuntIngton
which enormous sum the plaintiffs de
clare the stockholders of the Central Va I
cln Railroad were defrauded of by tho
machnatlons of trollli P Huntington I I
Lelnnd Stanford Charles Crocker and
Mark Hopkins known In the gigantic I
railroad deal of years ago ns the big i
Through their counsel Robert Fulton
Outline tho plaintiffs In this suit have
secured from Justice Fitzgerald In the I
Supreme Court an order to show cause
why the cxecutois of the Huntington
estate should not > an Inventory of
the estate so that they may know how
many millions they may recover If the
suit Is successful as tho entire Hunt
ington estate would undoubtedly be
suits would
swallowed up whereupon
be begun against the heirs of Iceland
Stanford Charles Crocker anti Mark
How the Money Wn Taken
According to the complaint In tho suit
when Collls P Huntington and the other
numbers of the Big Four all of whom
are dead were officers and directors of
the Central Pacific Railroad Company
organized to build several thousand
miles of lines they gave the contracts
for the construction of the road to their
own companies and In that way put
I JIOUOOOOOO Into their own pockets more than
The complaint names the Pacific Im
provement Company the Contract and
Finance Company and tho Western De
elopment Company as the favored cor
pmatlont In the award of contracts for
the construction and Impiovoment of the
Central Pacific and states that these
companies were owned and controlled
by Huntlngtan and hla associated These
companies It Is alleged were paid ex
orbitant prices for the work that they
did namely 103000000 when the actual
cost of thu work was not moro than
The complaint In stating that 30000000
worth of bonds were Issued by tho Uni
ted States Government for the purpose
of aiding Intlio construction of the Con
titil Paclllc says
In yuru uojico of these fraudulent
arrangements the said Huntington and
his associates from tlmo to time de
livered to themselves through the In
strumentalities of the said companies
the whole or greater part of the 130000
000 worth of tile United States Govern
ment bonds given by the Government to
aid the construction of the Central Pa
cific and likewise tho whole or greater
part of tho bonds and capital stock of
the Central Pacific Railroad to the total
value as the plaintiff Is Informed and I
believes of upward of 16000000 which
bonds and stock were obtained In pre
tended payment to tho companies afore
said and the plaintiff Is Informed and
believes that the construction of the
roalroad and all Its lines did not ac
tually coat more than 00000000
Mr Cutting told an Evening World re
ConUnued on Ninth Pace
Letters liny De Dictated
l > UiOncUl 8ua frt lur on UI Puhulnala
tpicUl UL SOIuur lisle u CUoi s
i i
and so profitable Is the buslnets that
the Jersey dealers hue been compelled
to refuse many who have gone Into It
Up State and In many nearby cltlea an
thracite In coal sites Is selling at from
SUO to 640 a ton nut hero the dealers
have the situation so well In hand that
they se1 to whom they please and at I
what prices they choose to ask
Following Is a list of coal shipments
to this port today The coal people aay
that no large quantities will arrive any
day until after the close of navigation
IX I A w 9066
Ontario Western 30W
Jjle 9000
Heading s00 > >
Delaware Hudson 2 Go
Jersey Central ix <
PfnnnylvnnU 3001
LehIgh sOOC
Total 48000
Of thl amount about 1ROOO tons will
h < transferred to barges and shipped to
New England
CnoiiKli Coal Camilla to Town
New York should get on well with a
reasonable supply of coal for everybody
under present circumstances with ship
ments of SOOiX tons a day said a rep
resentative of the operators to Jaylt
we sent morn here the dealers could
not handle It
Since the settlement of th coal strike
about 910000 ton nf anthracite In coal I
Izps have been Milppj1 to this city i
that Is about 9IOOTO tons of stove size
anthracite have left the mines con
signed to New York How much of It
got here no man can tell To hear the
dealers talk about M per cent or 752000
Ion of It got lot on the way
i Head of Hoboken Force Retired
Against His Will and a Patrol
man Boosted to His Place in
Four Quick Jumps ToDay
Pollc Chief Donovan of Hoboken
who was at the head of the force In
that city for thlrty lx years wa 1 re
tired on half pay this afurnooa
against his will under circumstance
more or less sensational lie asserts
that he will carry the case to the
courts to secure reinstatement as he
Is a veteran and can prove that he Is
mentally and physically able to fulfil
tho dUties of the petition
The enforced retirement of Chief
Donovan by the Police Commissioner
wa no less sensational toils their
method of appointing a successor They
railroaded Patrolman Patrick Hayes
from a beat to the Chiefs onicc In less
than fifteen minutes
hayes Is thrtytwo
year of age a
sun of Capt Ha > es of Headquarters
and has been on the force only eleven
year Immediately after the retirement
of Chief Donovan the
promoted Hayes to the rank of rounds
man Then they made him successively
Sergeant then Captain nnd finally Chief
undoubtedly the swiftest piece of
motion work on record
When Capt Hayes heard that Chief
Donovan had been retired and that his
own son had been made Chief of Police
he too made application for retirement
His request was granted
Capt Donovan In one of the best
known Chiefs of Police In the United
States Ho has figured In many big
cases the most recent being the Anna
NelsonPulitzer murder mystery In
which he trolled down William Hooper
Young Inspoctor Bynea In his book
calls Chief Donovan one of the ablest
detective officers In the country
Xevr York Central First Mortgage
Exchangeable for New Isiue
J P Morgan Co announced today
that they are prepared to receive any
of the New York Central first mortgage
7 per cent bonds maturing Jan 1 next
and which are exchangeable for new
3 12 per cent 100year gold mortgage
bonds of 1997
The amount of 7 per cent bonds ma
turing Jan 1 Is J1S3WOOO and there are
5700000 of 6 per cent bonds which
will mature at the same time Both
Issues were floated In 1872 By their re
tirement the Central will dlipose of
practically all Its high Interest Indebt
j p Morgan Co who constitute
tho syndicate to pay off the Issue have
the new bonds ready for transfer
Woman Who Pound It at Horse
Show Mar Vet Own It
Mrs McCIoskey the woman who found
a diamond ring at the home Show while
cleaning a box supposed to have been
occupied by members of tho Vanderbilt
family was paroled on her own roeojrnl
zanca by Magistrate Klftmmer In Jeffer
son Market Court today
No one ban claimed the ring and If
the owner does not declare him or her
self by next Friday the ring will be
given to Mrs McCIoskey It is said to
be worth about 11600
4o Cure Cold la One Day I
Tk Lautl Dress Qotnln TtMrts All
< < rnnt u nfunft Ut DlODI 7 It It Mis to em
nw amis lUiitut U ca wca tax K J
i I
Broker Valentine Whose
I Wife Played Detective
Declares She Indulged a
DollarLimit Game
Confines Case to Evidence of
What Mrs Valentine AIQcs i
I She Saw When She Wa H int
ing Evidence Against I m
In answer to his wifes suit for di
vorce Broker Charles Carleton Vilin
tine complained that she played draw
poker wIth a iiuartei ante and a dollar
limit at their home No 127 West Nine j
tythlrd street I
The suit came up for trill todny In I
Part II of the Supreme Court It at
tracted a big crowd The plaintiff Mrs
Grace I Valentine was expected to toll
what the san In a houeo In Weit for
tyeighth street which she visited with
her sister antI two detectives In a hunt
for evidence against the broker It wall I
believed ala o that Dr Auntln Flint
Edward F Butler of the Produce Ex
change and other wellknown men
would testify In opposition to the In
sinuations contained In the affidavits
filed by tho husband
But the curious were doomed to dis
appointment so far as seeing well
known citizens on the witness rack
for Justice Clarke soundly denounced
the huxband for the Introduction of the
names of thee men Into the case In
which he made no direct charge nnd
whose names were mentioned with no
good purpose Justice Odorman or
dered that tho case be tried on tho
specific charges made by the wife
It Is the suit ot Mrs Grace I Valen I
tine against Charles Carleton Valentine
who has an Income of 10000 a year
from tho firm of Valentine Flagler
brokers at No J46 Broadway Jones ft
McCormick are her attorneys
IloiY She Got Evidence
Mm Valentine Is a small person with
dark hair and small dark eyes She
alleges that she and her sister Mrs
Ida S Watt accompanied by two d
teethrs followed her husband one night
a rear ago and surprised him In a house
In West Fortyeighth street She says
he tried to escape through tho bathroom
when she and her escort broke Into the
All Understood lie SIto
Mr Valentine whose offices are In
the New York Life Building answering
through David May his attorney nays
that he was permitted to be attentive
to other women hy his wife as an off
set to the attentions she receive from I
other men
In particular he specifies that she
often went to the theatre with other
men ana on no lens than twenty oc
casions left with Dr Austin Flint and
been entertained by him with dinners
suppers and other amusements and on
one occasion at Hubers road house In
Jerome avenue
The husband makes no charge of mis
behavior on the pirt of his wife but
says that his relations with other wom
en were as Innocent as hers with other
men Ho says George Wentworti often
took her out Edward F Butler of the
Produce Exchange Is also named as
one of Mrs Valentines friends
It Is the Insinuations contained In
these affidavits that are ruled out bv
the Court
Mrs Vulenllne says In her nmb vII
that the person to whom her husband
was annoyingly attentive was Miss
Grace Stowell a comely young person
of twentyfour who lived at the board
ItiKhouse In West Follyeighth street
Miss Stowell says In an affidavit that
Valentine hud merely called on tho
night Mrs Valentine mentions to meet
a friend named Williams
But Mrs Valentine declares that when
site and Sister Ida and the two detec
tives found Mr Valentino In her room
Miss Stovlll had on a diaphanous
clinging silk night robe
Wife Has Custody of Child
Th Valentines were marrloj at the
IJtUe Church Around the Corner by
the lato Dr Houghton In 1633 They
have one child little Harold Lo itoy
Valentine now five years old Mm
Valentine wu given the custody at
the child pending the suit but when
the father got a writ of habeas corpus
Justice Truax granted him leao to
take the child on Sunday cuoh neck
on his promise not to overfeed him
with candy
Mrs VVyatt Is the widow of Harry F
Watt who was the son of Sir Richard
Wyatt They all lived elegantly at
No 127 West Ninetythird street but
Mr Valentine complains that they fre
quently had poker parties there a quar i
ter ante and a dollar limit and that I
they Insisted on having many men ac
quaintances In the game and he Val
online playing In the game to kecp the
peAce couldnt afford the losses
Under the rule of the Court ilie qu < > s
Ions which the Jury arc to deildu are
Did Ctwvrtes Carleton Valentine give
his wife legal cause for divorce 4t the
louse of Annlo NVycr alias Illrdsill
No SOT West Fortyeighth street on
Oct I IM1 or on either of live other
occasions Grace Stowell Is the co
respondent named In each question
The poker games and theatres parties
drives and suppers are eliminated en
tlrpl The laklng of testimony will begin
IlUck A White Scotch Vhl Kr
Jteti lor rro tut but for jour aulia >
> 54 >
t i r1 1
ilL fii 1
5 1 i c C
J lt I
Collegian at 9 to 5 Takes the Long Race
Over Hurdles at Bennings Track
FinST HACK Cnllrfilnn 1 IllncU
smiths 2 Itasuril Cnrnller II
SKCOXIJ nCI < i1cniirl > 1
AVhllr Ciliol U llnrUrlmnro a
Tin ii I H VCT Ilirliinnlii c 1
naafl 2 Itetire 3
FOIIITII Ilicr Itny 1 Urnll
Hockey II
KIFIII It rrT > cii < 1 hot liflirrcn
Vullrv Furffp mill iiiiMA firk
MelntPMlMBPr I
ISIXTII El t CEhoist I lirr I II Ins
self i April Shtmrr a j
tpcal In Th Kvfilnx World
The talk of the a A track thin tIer
noon wa tlir HtfrnTt mule bj Harry
rorlirnnc father to tho effect that
John H Mel Icn put Cochran up on
h Ipq when h knew they were unfit
n nIl hid no rhnrro tn win
Mr Oochrnn avs he can prove all
hn stile and It 55 n > to ttin Jockey
Club tn she him a olMiire to do so Mr
Cochran nlil furl hI tndiy th i he In I
tnd 1 tn ippcir h fprp thu stewards
nnd Irnnnl t Knnv the reason p
1m vni ro t pormltteil on th ours
Ho sail that I he sets not permitted
nil tin trik he wiiiil mil allPw hid
boy tu ride I
Th wcathi WIN i iw aJ blustering
here tills afternoon but the unfavorable
imlltlon lid not dolor viral thousnnI
joplo from coming out to the course
There woiu no stakas on thu card hit
ihe events hid well mulched fields and
Knoil n rt was promise
S rhe thick win In excellent condlllon
Mile md tire U1rIn oltr seven bunt
ttrlrr whit Junk m Hit Pin sIr ttre
fntircUn 153 r rwn 1 2il > 93 35
li clnniili is Manohin 5 35 35 i 4 o
The ItMtftl Chttllltr hIS
ll 4 1 r 72 75
I liirtr 152 Tanner i P 4 20 0
llfrnlcj ns Slir 35 10 3
nrok down
Slut no4 Won mllr Tlme319 5
I The Ilngged Cavalier was the onrly
cnukor but at the end of halt n
j mile Collegian went to the front and
Btiyed there winning eully by two
lengths from Blacksmith who bent
flagged Cavalier thirty lengths for tho
i place
fl s furlinzs
t rlr ski < JA l qJUln Mr IU
rUnnrrl 12 VVondrrl > 1 Jj lk I TS
vvhlu flhist III Ofinm 7 S I lli I
lUrkImorr Ill II Mt I 1 I j 3 < JII 4
llrrniri 112 Hxlffrn 1 t4 I 1
llrkltM 112 Plcktrinit S 7V Ss hi R
Iurn ill < 1 I I1 a 12
vii KI CJ ill Ioctirin r f4 7t ls I
Kucjo ill nitonM R 41 S Oi 21
Morn Prort ill V4 11 II 9 If n In
lurky fur II floCt 12 in 111 W W
toed A1 > v lf I12vpn1 2 S 11 r 2
foinnur 112 rf inir to II 12 10 11
Jn < in Nrtln Ill ItlnI4n 11 12
flumi Slorf 112 fin IS r II 24 5
Mlri Ffr 112 Miles 13 It 15 2 > 10
Cur good Won lrl > lri Tintsi li
ll rnard and Glennevls nn l beast nnd
head to the itroltli with THOI antI
White fJhOl next In the run him
Qlfprovlp tank tho teal antI ftnvid
there vvlnnliiK ny a head from Whit
untlnurd nn Rlirhlh Incc1 I
Commissioner Partridge said late this afternoon that the
purpose in mobilizing the police from many precincts at the
Grand Central Palace was to show the efficiency of the two
as against the three platoon systems
The comparison was reached by the known results on Jan
27 last wher under the threeplatoon system 191 officers and
men icspunauJ Ic the tieroency call whei the explosion oc
curred in the subway at Fortysecond street as against 328
officers and men who responded to the call today
r1 The police of the West Thirtyseventh street station at 4
oclcck this afternoon raided an alleged womens poolroom at
No 238 West Thirtyseventh street Fifteen women were ar
William R Holbrook a broker seventynine years old of
92 Liberty sirtel fell through the elevator shaft at No 529
Broadwaythis afternoon He received a scalp wound and was
otherwise injured and was taken to St Vincents Hospital
i lj < r w i ii d o L c lii
It Was Being Tested When a
Slight Check Slackened the
Rope and Caused the Car to
I = =
Two men were killed In a Iltrane
elovator accident In Hearns rightstory
wnrehotm at Vi II Went Thirteenth
street thl afternoon They were em
ployed bj the McAdams Cartwrlgh
Company which had placed an eleva
I ton In the building and met their death
i while engaged in a test under the dl
lectlon of the foreman John Watson
i Watson had charge of the machinery
Fled Dedrndorf nn expert elevator
constructor was looking after the ca
I bles at the bottom of tho haft and
William Harris was runnlnt the ele
I vator The preliminary tests were BUC
evssfuil nnd Harris ran the car to thu
roof witi the Intention of romlns down
I luaiy in the > iinirnt
II Whle the car wn descending Fore
man Vntfon says JOIIH norkmin In
tho building opoied a door In the shaft
i at the fifth llnor ami placed a plank
aerii Xone of the olruito rnpl eei
i fa the plunk When tIle elevator nr
struck It theie wn a momentarj jiause
Infore hit plank broke
Thl allowed lhe flack on the hoist
Inc cable tn run nut A s the nr w 1S
rellsetl It fell ripldly until the en I nf
tan Hltiik sVuIS rpicli Tlon the ribli
HIIPIMMI 1111 no 11 fi > h to the iMttnm
I tin shut killing Diintur tnsnnt
l s ml s j ull luJurliiK Iliris that In
iliM litii
8 15111 was t rrs t > d II ni Ijkn In
InffuiHi Miirkn foiut II sa vs iliit
the iKvdnt was unajdible
I a
C Edgar Williams About to
Start with Wife for Florida
Expired in Newark Station
Newark N J 7jv 24C Edgu Vli
lam of the firm of J i William C
1ompaii nf Xo 51 Iiptnud atitot
New York who ive < In Verona dropped
dead In the Pennsjlvnnli ticket olllcc
at Market nnd llroid street it 120
cluck this nftrrnoon Mr Wllllnnit
was iccompiniel hy Mrs Williams
CJIve mo a ticket for nyaeif and wit i
for Montlcello Tin plciro ho said to
the ticketteller As he tuir1 to make
out the tlikit Mr Williams fell 01 the
finor anti died almost mmcdla
Dry row anti MclCenzIo wore culled
but fouil tin lunhhiK for him Mr
Ullllurs fainted nn I Is In a iricarloui I
oomlitlitn A area crowd oollctpl In
limit of It o leket ntlU as the boly I
lay on tilt Hour In full view toni the
street There was considerable delay I
In the arrival of the ambulance to con
ve tilt body ti > the morgue
Mr WIlllnniH na ueiy weiKhy nitil
unl made uirri oCelOt n is to cyond I hI
wlnl III Florida IK wn < Ktxll e
y al M old
MTPin P1I < S X Y Nov 24
nbcn Inle foimT Judge of the io irt
of Appeil who wan stiliXen nil i
paralynU ill hN apartments In L
RaInIer llouv in Hcrklmci Silurdn
oenlnp Is nun In a trltleol oumlltluii I
Little houe Is ciiturlalned of hits re
1 1 f
Four Policemen Wounded
Two Strikers Killed and
Many Wounded in Street
Fighting Near the Palace
Believed That AntiAnnexation
ists have Been Secretly at
Work to Stir lip Peeling
Against This Country Cuba
ConiiJu lOcc by the rrcu l1bllhlnc CCMNS
HAVANA Nov IThe strike culls
lon here Is viry grave today Titer
i v ere several oljmuH between the police
IIP troop anti the Kttlprs Pjilce Capt
IMKin anl thrpp policemen were wound
led inl three striker were killed Many
ithrro wee woundfd several of whom
ulll die
All the police In the city and the rural
guards as well as the military forces
confront the strikers
Machlnr guns are trained on the prin
cipal streets and If the trouble Is r s
nenod there will be dreadful loss ot life
All the cigar factories where the
strikes have beon In progress are under
guard Business 1s at A standstill In the
Every branch of labor in the city la
on strike The poor cannot get bread
or meat owing to famine prices and the
antlannexattonlsts are said to be stir
ring up the excited populace In orderla
provoke feeling against the UnUrtT
During the day an attempt was mad
to run the street cars but a bowline
mob filled the streets and refused to U6 <
them proceed s
In many Instances passengers wers
literally dragged from the platform
and were roughly handled by th
At one time It was believed that It
would be necessary to call upon the
United States Cavalry to aid In putting
down the rioters
Col Bliss who Is here as the special
representative of President Roosevelt
with Minister Squires will report to
Washington that the better class of
citizens and the property owners are
openly clamoring for the return of the
American flag and troops
The city U being strongly guarded to
prevent Incendiarism
The Mayor Is censured for eympathj
Ing with the rioters and not taking
proper steps to prevent the outbreak
lAte In the afternoon the striken Is
sued a manifesto asking the rioters lo
preerve order and the street cars were
Unwed to resume tramc
orders have been sent by President
Palma for tho Rural Guard to concert
n ate In this city and It Ispossible that
they may supplant the police tern
iwrarlli unless the latter can keep order
Tnls would amount to martial law
Gen Gomez called a meeting of vet
orals today to consider the proposition
01 proffering their services to the Gov <
KRUPP LEFT 150000000
lie Will lie Jlurled from IU
Father Old Home
IIEIIMN Nov 21Tho funeral ct
Iltrr ICrupp will take place from tha
little old house where his father llvel
poorly while striving to cast tho flrfv
btool gun The will of the decease i
ciinmaker according to a semiauthori
tative statement provides that the ivorki
shall not be turned into a joint sloe
ciimpany under tweniyflve years IV 4
the mean time the IcvoiiUrj of > iu who
prii < > m will so thi widow and after
hei death to tf t I daughter
The vatu of thL ite estimated
bankers vvlo w i 11 tea wilts Herr
Krupp Is J73tW 0 U t does not lu 4
titittu securltlii o j the decease
iiutsIJa of his i if ring piantt
which may pjaslby nmcunr to as mucn
Dlilnl Kniirk rnrlrhlilr
DlstnctAltorney Jerome denied Will
afternoon ever having nud oily stat j
went to the Jfttil that In Ms ncln
Ion TiniSloner 1artrldse should l > j
Mr Jiome slid tha he had crlt i
I eti Air 1arirl for removli f S
r uoJlcemt1 nhlli under IndUtment bl
that h understouJ that the Commt S
lonoi had actJ upon the advice of Uio
Coiyoration Counael
Pornnut fur hue IlilrlyaU
hour ciiilllili nt N I 11 Turn
lit > fur 5ork Ilty ned
slulnltil Orrniloiinl mills to oo 1
nluht Hint liirHilnj t Iniilcr rise f
ilnj nflrriiooii nr tUIIIIIoI rob j
niiullurlj ii Situ 1 Khllllna T
oil tu IIorhYo Id becouslug
i i

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