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f aif
I Mf
1 MfV
jtvorable Reports from Every
Direction Make Prices Better
> and Put the Shorts on tho
r Defensive i
Influential Banking Interest Sell
r Sterling Dllla Which Is Accepted
i as an Indication of Small Gold
r rj Exports
tTnfler tie etlmutus of favorable news
from every quarter todays stock mar
ketopenllic was active and strong No
complications appeared possible and the I
statement optimistic enough i
td satisfy market critics More public
buying was In evidence than Is usually
apparent on a Saturday half cession
T1ie Granger railroads took the InlUa
Live In today trading nnd led the
l tketlLltha best figures of the week
Bt Paul and Missouri Pacific Rook Isl
and and Aichlson were notably strong
with unusually heavy sales recorded
Reading which has been a menace
to the market because of the heavy
selling by disgusted minority holder
advanced today io the discomfiture of
thd shorts Morgan Interests advanced
the stock over a point
Chicago drcw Western T3 bonds
mado a new high record on heavy buy
ing orders from London an extreme
figure of 45 boln recorded Throughout
the entire market list the feeling was
better The volume of trading broad
ened and commission lioute buying was
large than or several days
The bank statement Iran known to
Abwhecfvy trains In caaft by tho banks
both from the interior and SubTrea
sHiry and the market for the week was
tdo dull to allow tor any considerable
Increase loam <
rwwnmovementa of money Indicated
a not gain by the banks of 110000000
sash and thlr reflected In a measure
by the booming market In London was
accountable for most Uf the early
Influential banking Interests were re
ported selling short sterling bills to
day which was regarded by tho specu
lative contingent as decidedly the most
favorable development for an upward
turn In the market
Th selling or short nlorllng bills If
Iv extensive enough II uI certain a bar
f to loss of sold through exports ns Wall
street Can devise Tno fact that bank
era are doing thin Indicates they are In
F sympathy with thallslng market
Over 16000000 in dividends was paid
this week practically completing tho
January lJ8Ountm ntH of UZ000uvO for
thee purpose and relieving the banks
from any further drain from this source
The bulk of thlt money will at once
be returned tc thn investment fold
and will be available for market pur
lion February dividend and Interest
r payments will not bo largo enough to
Ificauso any disturbance
S Conditions of tho foreign money mar
ket from all quarters appear highly lat
i Isiactory Discount rates at Berlin and
London are slightly firmer but them Is
OJ o tightening of the money market
j Paris has eased demands upon Lon
don for gold and consequently tho latter
city In not beckoning to New York for
a settlement of Its debit balance
This debit balance la rapidly decreas
L ing because ot the growing volume of
exports and four months hence Is rx
1 pooled to be a negligible factor In the
inoniiy market
Southern Railway stocks have tem
porarily Mnurprd tile pnnltlcm of market
leader ncld by Erin ror the list tour
days nnd were heuvlly dealt In hy Mor
gan brokers Activity was evidently In
spired by the favorable effect of the
bearing before the Interstate Commerce
TJieotrtclde market opened strong but
qulot Northern Securities led the list
Havana Tobacco irai strops Electrlo
Vehiclo common advanced to T 12 bid
The preferred 10111 uito 13 12
Quotations for the active mocks were
Did akd illJ Allltd
iorLh ellli 113H Vi Coal 36 3fi4
GMtn it t4 ti 78 nl
Can n 10 JleOI Tile li 24
CaP 48 491b MU Tile pt t ai
JUT rob C4 8 100 Vb 7H 74
lILT T pt ni 811 Kite Vch pf lili lii
01l1H 143
The Cotton 3InrUrt
The local cotton market opened un
changed today with prices 2 points
lower > l hcq yesterdays flnnl figures It
opened somewhat better than expected
In view of easier cables and estimates
for port receipts of 33000 bales today
ganst 23001 last year This was partly
accounted for however by the reports
that ICgyptlan speculators were buying
very hrcmly In Liverpool and that the
B yptlan cotton mill would vaj bis
dividends this year Local traders were
prepared < to een the market go lowrr on
outside liquidation following the dltap
pointing cables bUt the public bought
this morning on the strong week end
olatlstlca After the early deallncn buy
Inc was checked by the Indications of
lamer receipts
1 The opening prices were February
B6S to all March S7S to U8 i April
eU bid l Hay 879 to sM July 8SJ to
BS1 August 8U tp SM
The coring prices were January I7J
to K7J rebruary871 to 873 March J7
to S80 April 870 to 881 Jliy sU tn
8W June 882 to 8M July 881 to ggj
I August 83 to 551 September 874 to
a rIM 7tSun isis UlUoon rim iou
HIlKWitr Low Wets
AM rw A > ii PM
Hook 10 M 1100 415 441
E V I l1 ti I
I JoutbJraptol 11
s 11 p CapobaUD
I j 1IDI
C lMt181 TOOAT
I Bolltla Port iti rri et
Caws Ie JUII
llrta Ni wfaajIa4
TrloKil Birauii
IS Cit Oilrw
XAeui Olet
L ca5lsb kaW Qrlssra
HTslj AMIW Ala
A Recurrence of Last Years Mone Panic Feared Unless More
f Money Is Provided By National Legislation
Wall Btroet
ftnanciara agree
that the proatost jC
factor for future
disturbances In the
money market is
tho lack of ade
quate currency leg
islation It is also
agreed that unless
Congress shall at
tho present session
enact dome mea
nro to meet tho
emergency next
fall will see a re
new of the money
panto of last foil
Right now tho J
speculative post j
ettlon hinges upon 4
money and money
legislation It Is A
vital topic In Wall
Lynmn J Qago
former Secretary of the Treasury of the United States
and President of the United States Trust Company
is keenly alive to tho situation
In discussing changes in the banking system neces
sary to bring about needed reforms Mr Gage said
Tho banker makes credit available to the general
uses of society but while credit is made effective for
Samuel Spencer Morgans Able Railroad Assistant Is
Almost a Pigmy PhysicallyMorris K Jesup a
Warm Friend of the Birds Finest Ruby in the
World Said to Be Owned by John W Gates
SAMUEL SPBNCKR President of the
Southern nflw y and one of J Pier I
pont ilors ns sJblest lieutenants In the
marwBejnent ttf We great system of I
Southern railroaiLi Is jihysleally ono 9ot i
the rnnlleit man In Wall street Mr
Spencer Is less than five Ifet four Inches
tall but is cw straight OB on Indian Ho
I one of the busiest < men In the finan
cial district end counts his time oa al
most as valuable M that of bIn business
ohJof Mr sPetIOer Is a Southerner
with an the vim and pusfo of the North
Onms 1C JE3UP the nm > ncl r anti
President of the New York Chamber of
Comrrprco to a bird lover and member
of the AudTitoon Society bat now ho
I engaged In a vigorous effort to pro
tect from total destruction tho gulla
terns grebes snowbuntlng and others
whose plunugo to Illegally dealt In by
unscrupulous New Yorkers Mr Je up
I of the oplnlou that condign punish
ment vhould bo mated out to all offend
m caught violatlnt the lass Thu only
way to prevent u blrdleas era lu to en
torso cxlotine laws
COI W P CLOUGlf general counsel
for the JIOOOOOOOO Northern Securities
largo affairs and ia tho greater centre ot business the
facilities of the bankers credit do not in this country
exist in the form available for tho smaller uses of life
In outlying districts One of tho consequences Is to
deprive Industry of needed aid and to mako tho cost
of credit burdensome
i Banknote in convenient form and of proper de
nominations Issued upon tho credit of the bank will
meet such requirements
Credit currency la Issued by tho bank In exchange
for the satisfactory debt obligations of the borrower
The cost of issue is nothing Its burden falls on the
banker only when the notes aro redeemed by him In
In contrast with this economic system Is our pres
ent system by which of ore the banker can lend
his notes to the borrowing customer ho must Invest In
United Statoa bonds on amount of actual capital equal
to an amount about 15 per cent In oreess of tho notes
he proposes to Issue and lodges it with tho Treasurer
of tho United States as a pledge that ho will redeem
the notos If Issued and presented
This makes mwioy actual money too valuable to
the banker to comply with the present necessary con
ditions of note Issuing
Hence the fall movement of currency when cur
rency Is In especial demand Is restricted rigid and
begets no elasticity The relation of bank reserve to
bank liability Is suddenly disturbed
Liquidation to make good falling reserves is inau
gurated Prices of securities and commodities are
forced downward and tho alarming symptoms of panic
Company and clone personal friend ot
Jamui J 11111 who tins hid to remove
from St IaUI to New York to be ncr
his dutlfn has felt at home during the
rtrenuous weather of the last week On
the coldest clays lIe walks from Seventy
secOnd Direst to Grants Tomlb and back
along Illvursldo Boulevard the coldest
spot In Now York Every winters day
he walks from rE Io five miles and
says that If It would only get 1C below
zero It would fool like homo
C C 0
JOI1N W GATES who lisa been di
vorced by rumor from Wall lreel Is
laId to own the finest ruby In the world
H was Imported from Siam and Is re
puted to have coat the big simulator
0000 Wall street dollars Tho stone Is
of the purest pigeon blood variety awl
weighs 18 karats It In said Mr Gates
will use It for a scarf pin In the future
I In viiluo IK lust that of a seat ou the
Now York Stock Kuhans
From Texas comes a denial of the
story that Mr Gates has given a million
ta his mm Charles Mr Gates Is quoted
111 flaying
There IH no truth whatever In the
rumor and It Is iw much n surprise to
ma as to thu public lam at a loss to
undnrHtaml how tho report won utartoil
I nm III Port Arthur on a business anti
pleasure trip combined and will re
turn to New York Hhortly to attend to
m Interests there
IbaraI lit Jjtw Cits
100 All Cbilm 19 19 n
TiC Arul Cowor 84 6all CI
5900 Am Cir a Found 40f 40 40
100 An Cir A r ft ti V 00
100 Am iris Twin 271 I
100 Am Illdf t Uilli 31 Is
roo Am lu Co IHi 11 ii4
600 m e < Co i > f U 414 Uli
100 An tjtd IS 18 18
100 Am UnMf on rf 45 4 4
00 Lm IcCc5iC XI iT 10
100 Aa IMO pl U4 11t VIi
1100 Am iou a Rcl H 44 U
3901 Am > r lUlU In ltI lath
100 Aratr 11 A Til Co iPi lrti 1rliU
100 Anieoudt Mlnlni VIIi ptt 9ila
11WO etch TOP A 8 P t 8S 111
1000 Atrt Tcp t t r ft l00 I9 5C5
8400 Bill A Ohio 10 iOt ir4
1JOOO Drooklrn P T ai i C4h b it
Sloo Uuiurltk 3 ttiti
100 Untmnlclc UV 111 < II
600 clI4dl Curia iE l3i 111
i7h Cia Oblo 5 r4 MIl
11800 Ohic nt Wilt u Ci
4200 otii ct w t n 4t I fl1 4MI
3I Chic lid It lou j 71 73
4i ChtI It m r IwS 11 I
8C CM T a T pf n u 35
400 Cain 4k Alton UI i 31
iOOChle Alton rf 71 1
fnocau t NW isV CII 2I
4CO Col ruot A Iran 77S 7610 16
4W Cot otithtrn SOS M NI
tOO Col A Hock Vll 10 111 3 M
1M Cui s Hock VI gr 1s DS Cli
Joo Con Tob pf JJ1J 11 lilt
Ill Corn rn Co 3J
1 000 Corn Fred 2ji rt liha 814
ire Com Cibt 37th ti lfli 111
eat Dn 4 Ala O U 01 41
200 Cm C R n rt AS4 AAi 8
100 IHtroU Boutbwn 13 18 18
106 Pill S II It All 1 18 U
let Pal e 8 C All pi 21 1 3 7
i Wo m 414 40 4110
nOM Erit III pt ait al lI
7OOfyI 24 pf C4 Ui 31
10n Criai It T H W CV 61
100 OMntl Klrule 1MU ICi ltP
MO Orit Northfra pf 23A 1M 24
a IlItol CeDtrl 18 iu In
SO loser 1or 70 M 6t
100 law Colml tS U 15
tW Kta CIty StutDfrn 79 31 aA
104 KID City fioulh fi OOU C4 tM
100 Uk i415 A WMlrrn 81 tl C 1
t8M AwlaIII Nlllatlll4 ISV is A a
80 T Muliattn U4li III II5
HUlra ii nn unJ 1411 Iii
vi MM Ctatrll JCi CCh fa I
m Mo K 4 Ti 13 sec
Vi i 340 KI Tea pi U Cl 1 III
2Soii Wo PulSe Ills 1Ult 313
too Nit KU of M ilco 19S 19 IVII
m Nil ItS 01 Mu UK 97U lal SIs
IV I H J C Dttii 1U is4 ith t
ifft Nortilk A wutna 14s 4 Wi
I fX Oatirl C Wstra to JK ll H4
C 00 K T Ceded 155 I5j Id 2
MM Ftaiiirlxal 1W4 IM
1 5 K iC A 4 U fl 116 115 118
M Prsi4 eeI Mi S41 64
tea na004 itMl pt Jj Ill tI
3ai4 asahi 42I i i2l i
IC RlAc U rt 74 ntl Ii
I rip PtCl i2 t 21
0 R Cliii p1 1 5 fl
Tfr ° rir Ishssi COS It
Seek lilieS if 1 a t 1i
klMoo G004 3 11 11
IIt1 4 t q 0
1 I4 1 41 42 211
ew No II U
L 111 J oIArI MIt lot II
a4 at
31FM Illfll ITV doe
LOCK TOMI Ticin 411 4lj 41i
od rvieJo ny t itEiit si ra M
JM Tol St L i W 31 31 31
1W In Hit It Paper HUH
72151 Union 1idnc 103U lfti4 10 i
II lrlon 1teino it 01 91 VI
HO r K It 1i Co 1i ilt Jli
801 U 8 U I C Co r I 71 > > 71 71S
6IMJU 8 Huil 174 37U 11t
CrO I C stoel p1 a9t
bit Vlrnr ro CJinii Mtt 6314 C3H
liVW Wibnh 04 30 30U
2fk Whst pl 4b 451i 45
COt Y ttrn tnljn Tel PIta SI HI
V > J Wheel A Uke Kill 3i U < t X
400 Wli C nlul ITt MS 27 I
3lXI WI C < ntt l pf Wi L24 6IS
The total iilri 01 stock wer 2100 Ihrn
Qo1 of bonds f2C5000
CoimnUiliitnl Hirlinnur Snip
Open Hlh low Close
Amil Cnprir Mil 04H C3 < i 61
Am car t IVundrjr 40 40 40 4WI
Am Cotton Oil 41 4lt 4W 44U
Am lee O > II 1IU 11 11U
An UwomMlyi 30ti 20 3011 3DU
An Smell a Hit II 41 44 H
Am tutir 11li 13IS U1i 13IH
Alih Top II 5 > M4 ItS4 SSI HSU
Ath TOP a H r ft 311 V1 T 09 C3Ii
Hiii A ohio ios wi ¼ loji ion
Brooklyn Hip TrIO tli k usit 68 S
Cn4Iaii Ilclno 13Th 13 13N 13m
chic o WOOl lith 4 It 8 Z81
Chi MM a m Paul 115 lO liI < 179
CHlcno a Alton 36S 35H MH JSH
fol Soulhtrn 30lt UOH JOU 30U
Vii IV 411 40S 40H
Lull A Null nit IMS US 1H1
ilintiilln Ult 1J4S IWn lUS
Mitra Bl nit Jill J41U 141U 14IU
Mo KID AT m W MH 23
u ICII h Tn pf in tin 6111 611
Mo ncifl lilt 1131 IIII ItS
Vorfolk t Wilt 74 i 74W 1 H
X T Cult1 li3S US 152 252
Ontario AMill West ali 3410 311i 31
rrlnr Mill IO4 404 4flT 40
1DIIlfltnl 15511 1L5 1314 1514
rrso 81 64 i Slip 841 fill
17Hdioc h 6 m m
ItepubIli Ct41 flIt 2 Si 2I1
ltOll lilisi 5014 LAI4 P3 111
Voutbera PettCe 04 634 6514
rI Wi 1
Coetbra flihIwey 644 36 u4 514
Taos Vil A Iron di 214 e2 02
Ttiii f cMc 41S 414 411 UII
Union rirtV Ifji iah4 702 103
V S UiUitr lZ4 12 II 1i
u s Chest 1 an 3 3 14 3i
t L RIM 0 r U 11 i d CCI t
ibwh 014 3OI4 34 M4
iviliiih nl ii < i 45h 451 414 ii4
WI Ctnlntl 21 17 5 37
Tclll tiles of itorVi re t > fW lilNt
Steel Trnut Prrildeut nraclirs
blrlly In Illi Taoist
ALPIUIO Blelly Jw 17hsrlei
If echK b and party have arnold on
botrd flit steam yschV M f arlta
I fl1 I TkO Uvl1Ie62 wbo
er1 f
Americans Firm on Expectation
of Good Bank Statement
The London market today was dull
and entirely without feature
eral tone was Ieady throughout amd
Prices were little changed from the
final figures of yesterday South Afri
can mining securlHee Twro quiet and a
hade under lost nlrhfa closlnjr This
weakness was due to realizing tales Rio
Tlntoi sold at 43
in the demrtmont for American rail
wny ecur ties trading wi quiet with
tho general tone very fIrm There was
a rltdn tendency throughout the list on
the expectation of a good weekly bank
statement from Now York
Ann Arbir lit Ii Met Ft Ry 4i
ios Mli 1000 119
At T oi a r on 41 UM At Kr 6
aooo ion 21100119
rtoo lozt Ho Kin It f 4 >
2 KW 1D3K mo MU
1600 101 5 >
1000 10ZS eooo IOIK
Cjj 4i 4 1M
sow DK 10000 SIH
woo WK 10000 81
Daltlmort A Obi J4000 4U
8Wn JIT Bij 1000 all i
1000 8914 1000 R4H
Hold 4i 3000 B5
lk > J 102U MOil SUt
1000 1031 e1 55
1000 1014 Mo pane 6
mil air 3Vt coauo 11JOa 107
2000 S3 3tYeEialI A
Cad South lit P ta
1000 103i MOil OT
Cn t < Ua ceo 5t N T Bin W lor
1000 108V4 1000 115
Irt North 10 4 <
10dW SO UCXXI 103U
C n rae pit 3H Norfolk wt 4i
9000 57 0000 101U
din i Ohio Iii CUOO 101S
lomio 101 MOO lOHi
lrX iO64 rooo loiu
53K 944 UAi 101
l0th p414 Iuch c A 0 h
c it i A no 4 < COOO 92K
3000 JVl 4000 90
2000 Mi Pro Jl 5 H oon 4
1000 Wi l000Q10Ilo
lOOM Mi 1000 101U
CO48tbIm4s 6
1000 1WH 1000 1I7W
little lcd Oron lb Llo 4e
00 103 Of i1
10 Inz 2Iri0 91
1000 102H 40o 974
O K A I ron T ooo
4000 MH 3eG tI1l
Col Mldlind 4i SoUt 9na
250B 7 8e55 oon
Iwo TflU 1GIX IOu
Cut Sou < h 41 oo 10374
tIc 5444 rae j I
SJD 44 3Gl JOlt
Co Toteeco 4a a5 OO 81
12007 Cls 4 1
311110 p1 aooo 83
13000 1744 4lnI C Ia 4
1MOO 675 IQ 04
iOOO 6754 IOO 98
8888 81 6000 n
d0s 414 J 0 coil 4
lOrtfl rot lfteli mt ritU ran
IVkHl 574 WOO 120
MOO fi Bl ti I M if B 41
r H A II get tiM WS
unco SI Do OOi
1000 Mt st i t a r tit
Pt So 0 A B 4lr 4a 1000 81
2000 19 CitM Air Utt t
ItOOO 5 10000 81
DIM Co Cl A b South fieJO 4 t
iinoo w UOOO al4
E Ttnn Va 11 0 < b 80 0I
1000 UJV Gout lt 1M Go
trio ht I III Is 4 2oQ 1174
3047sn T rule lit
rD II G4 No It looo lIG
CeO N Vae
1000 58 1h1 101
lot r Ftftr ft mici IV rc 44
XCOT ito ooo ns
K a rt s A 34 u DBI ntiS he 4
55 2734 vol
rx jilt 11 1 1
75 III TJoU Piclte conr ii
Ku CIty CIo Is 1 oo lot
i 8 1 100 10414
lOu I 4954 11m
MQO ss dMfl JM
tcy sL 4110 MOli
L If WI lii 14e7 fs 156
t tit 341 i
SAC JQ A WNI a 3E02 t
L1Q rtJ 104
teoeUAlbACntlit 3441
WiO 1 < 1s6 itasb7st5e
Lest olio 3i1it3 4 UT
jf I +
Ccii tet lbs I 1 11
t If
i °
Lowc J4tY
c t114O
ZCoutOAI MOIr 1a
1 vEp
< 4
L oet 4s4 >
Qoadbr paid 3fr Gates and
The persons lie addressed
Were rated on the Street among
St ablest and best
For though a plunger be bad been
lie tlionsrlil ho bad enoiiirhF
With sixteen millions to the goad
Till was a trifle roUgh
> 0
While Loans Are Increased Weekly Statement
Reveals a Good Gain in Money from
the West and the Treasury I
Todays bank statement Is consid
ered In every way favorable Though
It shown a big Increase In loans this la
Offset by tile other large Increases in
reserve and specie The statem nt foX
Itiwt on ill a poI T S4MSi3
llrirrM on dcjoiln ottur titan Vnlttl
Bttes lot 5415J50
Lou inc 14412000
Spiel Inc 11692400 I
Mill Un4rr Inc 690000
10010111 Inc 27502200
ClrcuUtlon Dec 13SOOO
Tho surplus for this week Is 20 217125
which Is an Increase over lost week of
K1MJK6 The eurpluii a year nefo was
JWOTMM and two years ago It was
27211I600 I
10000 7fl SMOO 1811
111oo 1414 j7QQ 7fj1l
10000 714 WO 0or rr 4
21000 7hi 8000 nOli
tOOO 7SI 1000 110
7Z001 78 1000 11014
1O0 7811 2000 110H
JOOO 78U WI On is
WOOD 78S 10000 Jl
Tl total nice ot bond iriri 11831000
OoTernment Ilonds
fltiAskt niilArtea
U 8 tm rIOt 110 4i coup103 lion
r i 2a ciO 110 4i ii e13444 13M
Si rrr 1111 J01
307W 41 V n13G 138
is coup iOl4 OSlitU rsr 0102 103
24 a mIOO a roup 101 10H
4i eg Ioo 110WID C Si 0371234
The AVhent Market
The local wheat market opened steady
today In the face of somewhat dis
appointing English cables antS news that
the iBuenos Ayrors strIke had vmleil
Cah demand Northwestern receipts
and bullish cnUment generally coupled
with Increased support from outsiders
were the ohlef factors of strength In to
days early market In opposition to
cables Corn likewise opened steady at
about unchanged prices
New York opening prices were
What1tay 81 71 to 83 CornMfty
4311 July 48 12
Chicago opening prloell were Wheat
Ia3 7S 18 Ie 781 I JulY 14 J3 to
74 38 CornMay H 14 to 4t 18 JUly
48 38 to 43 14 to 013
New Yorks closing prices were
WheatOIarch SI 14 Slay offered
HM July j1J 12 bId CornJanuary
MS4 bid March offered Ml > i May
IJ1S bid July ii bid September 41 a 1
bio 1
Chicagos 11 oclock prices were i
What taY 18 M July 7M8 Janu
arT 7414 CornIay tel July a
January ta 34
To He Given Jfonflny nt Webster
Hall and Preceded by Vnuderllle
Excelsior Council No 16 Knights of
Columbus will hold Its annual liter
jilnmtnt and ball on Monday evenlnc
at Webster JteOl The foaturca will bo
contributed by lara of tht vaudeville
stirs under the supervision of tha
Actors Union of America
Tht IUOCCM of tha entertainment has
already been assured aa moro than one
thourand tickets have been sold
The Sufferers
from Colds
uClIibitI by Mllllonl ot nulId1ni
IM WlnlCr tlln lIr
ShtIhuiyiIurd by ouItI
lIImuflls I Imujf to uffcrlnic
AI Jt It is s tact is cpbI of ut
momirallllll All ausy rruilrm ln eoOlIlI1
Ih nt Aguc ctanlill P01llI II
O i Wi1 Vuq Carstils anti c14J Vliai
tISl57rlil Milifaits ping Ia
56 HoWe er Lu o
ww WLuflr C Wt JWJW7LW
Ou those Brood friend of other
Like for < < an and Jim ICeene
Philanthropists who work for
It seemed a trifle mean
Cold fret they cried Whats
left for usT
Bat Rates he only sullied
Ill nature Is so guileless too
Like that of any child
Curious Crowd Sees 65000
000 in Coin and Securities
Carried to Banks New Home
Crooks and people who were not
crooks gazed enviously today upon
leathercoverod money chestS and heaT
canvas bags laden with treasure BS they
Wall street
were carries through busy
Files of bank clerks and watchmen
ware the carriers and tha abut end
money trunks wore locked together by
a heavy Iron chain
I The treasure train cause Into Wall
I street at the corner of New streot tiled
down Wall to Nassau turn ft north to
Pine und at the southwest corner dis
appeared tn the big bank vaults ol the
Hanover National
In the curious crowd that watonsoena
movements of the treaauro carByanwere
In number of polIcemen unusually vigil
ant and alert
abort business
After the close of the
day In Wall street the Hanover National
Bank moved bag and baggago from tu
temporary Quarters No 7 Wall etreet
to Its fine neW twentystory skyscraper
at Nansna and Pine streets where on
Monday It will open for business
The change Involves the carrying
through three crowded block of the
nnanclat district JIB000000 In cash and
Jjfl000000 In negotiable securities
Under protection of Its own guards ana
n supplemental detail of five policemen
from the Old Blip station the removal
1 hitch
I was elfectcd without t bich
The bulk of the papers and naflnrltles
was removed last night but not until
the close of business today wa the
treasure ol th Institution touched
President Woodward said that the
bank now had a permanent hOle and I
would probably be a half century or
more before I carried 00000000 through
Wall street again or had another mov
ing day
Banking and Financial
Most Complete Slalisllcal Information
Accurate Market Advices
No expense Ii spared by tbis
Iloun In collecting for dUsamliia
lion union Its cllenU lUe best io
ouratn m iW InforuuUlon obtain
aisle wil the vie tn inoroslnv
their opporlanllle for profitable
culntlon Bpoolal letter Isaed
1culntop ifrao relative to sari
frost lime to limo r1tTo
005 properties mailed at socih
perIod u Trill enable their read
er to take itdvnntaB of ipaotsJ
market condition To lie one of
our clients Ii to be certain i to re
eelvn tlina irben Issned Om
VALUE Customer tllr pbleallr
advised of special market opfior
tnnttle as they occur OIOf
allltr for tl > 0 prompt trniuimlsslon
ol execution of order Core >
pnndeucB coltoltrd Facts oarofallK
wetbrd and fullr relta4pl
requests relative Io aPT unrltr
that Is dealt 11 upon the exeha
Yerr local brokerage ervlos
secure InTestsacat selected
coifl4cIl 3Ci
53 Erodwy4 NW Y rk
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Dselstei sac eM I
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1 s
flJt flFOflJUflL p
Bald bet IITO lived a peedr Hf
ADd now I Im Inclined
I cjvn endoir n Wall street Homo
For those of hindsight mind
For foresight brains are what
yon need
To get ahead of me
To uij advice no charge to you
Its chenp J IV G
Portraits of Mr and Mr Bryan
NOT n Jan ITWllllam
Leavltt of this city has been engaged
to paint the portraits of Mr and Il
William J Bryan
M 8 o ANADM TSrw
Wall Street Splits Its Sides Over
Trick tho Wily Western Jay
Played to the Tune of SI 6s
He Declared Ho Would Raise the
Dividend of L and NBuli tho J1
Stock and Then Unload on the
Open Market
Walt street Is laughing today O
George W Perkinss confession o how
John W Qaies bluffed the Arm o P
Morgan Co Into U2ring tho L
I vllle and NaohvlUs rood oft h hands
at the handsome profit > to the Chicago
plunger ot 116000000
Mr Perkins admitted that Gates
threatened to raise < the dividend b
the stock and then unload In the open
We were anxious Mr Perkins b
gan 8 to where the control of the
raid should finally land We knew I I
remained with Mr Gates no one could
tell what would happen The Gates
people < a told me their plan was t
pay a high dividend and then dispose
of tho road in the market We felt we
owed a great deal to the Interests of
the minority stockholders that the road
b been admirably managed in the
past and I continued in as good or
better hands the future interests of all
would be safeguarded Wo knew the
Southern Company In whldh we were
largely Interested could not take C
There were only two places for It t BO
the Atlantic Coast Lino or the S
boa We went first to Mr Walters I
and I a glad to say after lon neO V
atlon road Mr Waters company took the
roadWJiat about the rumor that Mr
Gates had secretly obtained the 3iae s fc
In the Interest of J P Morgan Cot
asked Mr Station
Not n word of truth Inl it replied
Mr Perkins emphatically IJ
You say that Mr Gates told you
Cot Young put In he Intended pawn
a large dividend and 5Q raising the
market value of the tok WouLlnot
that minority have been to th benefit of the
It might for a year or two replied
the witness bat vary disastrous af
terward J P Morgan Jo Co a not
commIte to a temporary policy r
M Perkins also admitted that M
Gates demanded cash for his stock
J P Morgan Co vrtio disposed ol
the road to the Atlantic Coast Line
road had to take as security for toe
cash they advanced the newly issued
< tey anc
bonds of the Atlantic Coast Line
To Sick Ones
I I Will Send You Help I
I Youll Ask It 1
Bond no money Just a postal BtatlnjrTrtilcn book i t
hal send
Simply wrlto meas thousands do every week
tell me that you need help
Then I will do thiI will mall you an order on
your druggist for six bottles Dr ShoopB Restorative Urn
may take It a month on trial I it succeeds the cost 1
550 I it falls I wU pay the druggist myself and I
will leave the decision to 70U
I do that to convince yonto prove my fulth in my i
self I have perfected 0 remdy so unusual so nearly I
certain that I want all who need It t have It I have
made my offer so fair that no doubt or prejudice can
datorany sick ono from accepting It
In the poet 12 years I have furnished my BestaraUva
to over half million patients on trial My records ehow 4 1
that 39 out c each 40 have paid for It gladly because S
they wero cured The rest hod the months test te I
My Restorative Is the result of a lifetimes work I 1
learning how t strengthen tho Intide nerves It I the
only remedy that can bring back the nero power which
operates tho vital organs
A weak organ means weak nerve power I simply
lacks the strength to do its duty I is like a weak engine k
that only needs more stm
With the old way we doctored the organ Itself and
tho results at best wero but temporary The results of
my Restorative are permanent and they are absolutely
certain save where some cause like cancer makes a eurO
Impossible With this remedy I have cured cases n difficult us
W1t remy and I have rarely found chronic
physicians over meet hve rrely I cronlo
case that could be really cured without It
My book will tell you why I you dont need It t
ono who docs I
plcaao tell me doc I I
nook No1 on D peptlsl J
Simply state which box li nol No a on tb Heart
atte Book No s on th Kidney I
wanted and address Dr nol No 4 tot Women o I
nol 1
Shoop Doc 740 Itaelnt Wl Book No S for Men sealed S J
Book No 6 on nbeumttUm I I 1 1
Unc1 cases not chronIc are ort tured by on or two btU I
Dr Bhoopa lieitontlre Is sold by sll drucitita 1 A
5 Banking and Financial Banking and Financlil
Payable November 1952
ia < bush sseslsd lartlipa ntMH In ths ttituut uniopt
C 40 WUI P4 IOd be 14 C4
a 111
nl 1 1lo llu r act l ott i orn I dtrolMli to annceMtlqt bUMm t I I rfJ
f T ltol MI Cir rd fablitlitii 1 Rtr HB fiw V JE
EDWARD M GROUT Co proller City ol New Ywk t t J t
J3f j lIwa6 NwYd t
I 4 ik

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