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I Z 1
t + BUUtlCflOCKS
j Herr Director Alfred Hertz Is
I Greeted with Vociferous Ac
I claim as Are the Artists Who
Sincerity and CoOperation Predom
Inated and the Stage Management
i t Waf Exceptionally Competent
There Being but One Slight Hitch
I wnmetioay forgot to fumigate the Met
ropolitan OpcraHouso after tho French
Benevolertt Societys benefit performance
and thR bacilli of Gallic enthusiasm left
floating about the place Inoculated the
Wagnerites who flocked to hurt evenings
presentation of Die WWluire Bac
teriologists may not allow tho efficacy
of tho Gallic germ on Teutonic tissue
but eomo explanation must be vouch
safed for the vociferous acclaim awarded
Herr Director Alfred Hertz and the
artists who assisted in the presentation
of the first part of the Trilogy
Vtalkure has been presented with
greater Individual casts than that con
cerned In last nlghts production and
with less happ effect A spirit of en
tbuslasm which emanated from the
conductors desk Imbued singers and
orchestra There was no working at
cross purposes no overbalancing of ef
fects Sincerity and cooperation pre
dominated and thereto was n fine sense
of subordination to the master hand
wielding the baton And finally the
stage management was exceptionally
competent A slight hitch In the final
flight of the Valforlcs was the only
flaw In the succession of stage pic
Continuous Ovation
y The audience was not slow to realize
I who was responsible for the excellent
1 ensemble and Director Hertz enjoyed a
continuous ovation He beamed through
I his beard at the salvos of applause and
l forgot lilt about recent chophouse
i resignations
I 0 George Anthes was practically the only
new member of tho cast Ills Blesmund
Is perhaps the best thing ho has done
t star and yot It falls exceedingly short
ot Metropolitan standards Neither In
phi ilque nor pose does he embody the
hereto characteristics of tho Volsung
j f Ills Intonation was correct and his tone
production pleasing though nt times It
i lacked breadth
In the narration to Slegllnde
Hundlng he was direct but hardly dra
matic Still he was Impressive In
t voice and action In the reclaim
ing of the sword And thanks be to Herr
I Anthes for singing the Spring Song
y though the hidebound Vagneritej will
hardly forgive him for not declaiming it
Ii Tho lyric manner was strIkingly pre
Uomlnant In his work 10 much so that
j he more than once fractured sit Wag
t nerlan traditions by ringing to the gal
lery in the manner of the veriest
4 Nordlcaa New Cotame
Mme Nordica acquired a new Brunn
hilde costume during her sojourn
T abroad but no continental mannerisms
I i Her Interpretation ha its former pie
j r turesque tenderness her voice the
1 lovely quality so well remembered
to Traces of her recent indisposition still
remain for there was hardly the old
plentltude of tone In her Valkyries cry
1 and the brilliancy of her upper tones 11
still lacking
Mme Gadsltl an Ideal Stegllnde was
in exfiulalto voice and acted with her
accustomed spirit and Intelligence Mme
SchumannHelnks Frtcka and Herr
Van Rooys Wotan are too familiar to
call tor comment
I I The Valkyrio choir sang spiritedly
and In tune
r Mr Hertz and his orchestra contrib
tued much to the enjoyment of the
performance The effect of careful re
hearsing was evident In the clarity of
tone preclseness of shading and the
wing with which the director carried
his climaxes Mr hens did no vio
lence to the score in striving for color
His discretion was nobly artistic
j 1
Ileiiorls of Marital Difficulty Hx
1I Crown 1rlncesa Denounced
Ii 1 LONDON Jan 17Tie Timess Vien
I na correspondent ays In view ot
the scepticism still professed by many
I journals regarding the truth of the de
l aisle given to recent rumors of the
1 Impending separation of the Countess
ifli Lonyay and her husband I am re
r quested to state that all reports of con
I L ugal differences and financial difficulties
4 i I are devoid of all foundation
Stcos have already been taken to
bring the authors of the reports to JIU
h < ik tlee
Will Black Up for Charity and
Give a Show for Benefit of
Flushing Hospital but Wont
Reveal Names
Who are tho girls who are to nppear
In n minstrel performance for the aid
or the Flushing Hospital ATe they so
ciety belles or Just ordinary charitable
young women Will their identity be
revealed after thoy < Wash < the burnt cork
off their faces Why do they the girls
WIsh to keep their names from being
made public The above and similar
other questions are puzzling the minds
residents of Flushing LI who have
l oen informed that Jan 21 at 8 P M
there is to be a performance in the
League Building for the aid of the
Flushing Hospital and that the per
I formers will bo young girls nho make
their homes In the town
That the spacious hail in the League
Building iU bo filled to overflowing
when the performance begins there Is
no doubt but as to the Identity of those
who will appear in black fact acts not
even tho trustees of the Flushing Hos
pital and the charitable girls who are
getting up the show know now That
the secret of tho girls who will blacken
their faces for the sake of sweet char
ity will leak out prior to the perform I
ance a wk from next Tuesday evening
Is probable for bets are being made by
the young men of Flushing tq Jhat ef
fect There is ona man hi the town
wIn > knows about everything that In
TOlne on and he is Jacb Beotam Vice
Piesldont of the New York and Queen
County Railroad Company which oper
ates all the trolley lines In Flushing
but as yet ho has failed to learn tie
names of any of the girls Mr Beetam
however will furnish a special car as
the affair is gotten up for charitable
Inquiry In many at the leading homes
Fludhlng foiled to establish the Iden
tity o < any of the girls and from what
little that could be learned It was stated
that all are the daughter of wealthy
parents and that they will not reveal
their names either borer or after the
show boUt will permit the trlendll who
will witness the performance to try and
ponetrato their dlagnUes
If the girls adhere to tholr present
purpose they will not need the services
of a perez agent for the MOW will be
the social event ot itho eeaeon and el
though it Is useless to apply for the
position of press representative for the
unknown girls ono bold young man
nopUe to the trustees of the Flushing
Hospital ft > r the pjace offering his ser
vices for nothing Tho offer was de
dined as the girls do not propose to
take any one Into their sccre rropose
OverrrorUed Business Men I
rial Instant roncth tuS pnrntamt btneflt la
Oranftlat Poirdcn
i l
1 rjr1 ne eening W orIds greatest Six Months
i This Is the comp lson ol advertising for the
i or Jut all months of ach
of the pt 16 years showing that the Jut half of 1903 bat all previ TJ39 coll
I t OIlS record and exceeded the corrupondlnj tlx months of ISO by 111
f 1k TrAil or lDVlCItnlllXO NO or oou
4 1887 ClBuaO 11 I S 426 1805 250
t 1II6 189D 0 2370
1880 14134 1807 2953
1800 133434 1808
S S 2867
f 1801 13614 1800 3321
I 2050 I aflAJi
jl4 1000 36044
1809 27 t 7 1i 1001 3 t 32
I fl c 2388 123871
1 Above Sgmre uretertk XvMtfug XdtUoa ot TMe Wor1cl alo II
I r c I
Jack Munroe the Butte Miner Who
Stood Before Jeffries for Four Rounds
and Knocked Him Down Becomes an
Actor Monday Evening at the New
Jack Mumoc of Uutte an actor by grace of his ability to Btomd before
Jim Jeffries for four rounds without Jumping over the ropes underwent tho
ordeal of his life todojhls first rehearsal
Monroe to to perform at the New 9tnr Theatre next week in a pieco called
The Road to Ruin Tom Sharkoy GUll Ruhlln Terry McGovem Kilt
Broad and other talented actors havo performed In this play and roused the
galleries deliriums of applause Most of them had some experience before
taking up fe role of tile aavlor of beauty in distress but Monroe makes his
first appearance on Monday
This made his rehearsal strenuous It was a private rehearsal conducted
by an experienced and calloused stage manager Munroe Is about OB graceful
Poalmr before ho handle himself
as a steam roller on the stage a camera can
without uppeorlns to be handling n ton of coal but when he has to get right
out and face even an empty auditorium ne an actor be is all to the bad
What am I going to say he asked the stage manager after his part bad
been painfully explained to him
Bay anything you please roared the stage manager but whatever you
nay blanketyblank It Bay II loud
Im not a very loud talker explained Munroe deprecatingly On the level
Id rather not say anything at all
Tho stage manager explained to him that In this city he MUST say some
thing during the action of the play or he will not be allowed to spar What
ever ho sayo wlJl ho a surprise It Is a safe bet that he will not plolc up Jils cue
It Isa tar cry from obscurity in Butto to the centre of the ntage In the New
Star Theatre In Now York In a Now Btu Theatre play Muaro too never seen
one of the Theodore Kr n > er productions They never get as far west as Butts
The Road to Ruin WM written solely lor the purpose of Introducing pugilists
to the stage and It has a thrill in every line It makes little difference whether
or not Munroe speaks his line in a tone audible beyond the footlights Th
audience wonts to eee him and at some period of tho May he will be called upon
to make a speech
The prospect of nuking a speech appals him When the time comes the man
agers of the play and the theatr will have to lock the back doors or Munroa
will be doing a sprint for downtown
I never made a speech In ray 1K he explained today Ive seen mon
get up and main speeches In meeting and It knocked me silly the way they
could go about It If I han to make a speech Ill go spe chlisi
Somebody was telling rot a funny story about Terry last night continued
Munruenote bow quickly he bas learned to call MoOovern Torry It stems
that when Terry first started In to bs an actor there was a paco In the play
where he had to ga on the stage hro was a table on the stage and a bottle
of whiskey was on the table
They told Teiv to say THsta tho duff that sends many a good young
fellow to Ms grave T hormnhlng like that Terry started oat ill right but all
ho could say was that the stuff
That reminds me n the lint public speech Terry ever made tud srulher
In the party It was the day after he had licked Pedlar Palmer at Tuckahos In
jig time Terry atceu led n right up III Connecticut and they called on him tar a
speech He wav as white as a sheet and his Adams apple slid up and down In
hU throat BO fait that It almost set his collar on tire
0 Ladles and cents said Terry ther wasnt a woman with In a mile Tm
glad I won the ctrampionohlps I want to tell yoiuo that Im going to defend
tho championships and me backer back ma to the limit
Tom Bhark1lY rpeech down at tho Old Star was aa good said Charley
White They were putting on n show and Sharkey was In It Ha had just been
beaten by Fltzclmmons Ruhlln and Jeffrie The crowd called for a speech
Tom Mowed to the front of the stage and made a bow
Im glad to see you all here he said In his Btfbby Oaylor voice and I
hope that by this time next year Ill be the undisputed ohampeen of tho world
Out out the reminiscence said the sUtra manager and get buy
Munroo got busy Ha wished he was back In the mints As an actor he
makes more In a day titan ha could ever make In a month blasting out moun
tains In Butte but the Butte work calls him when he gets out on the Blue
Nevertheless there i s no reason to doubt that he will not make a hit for
everything he has to do is in the line of effort that appeals to the gallery
The first act of the play shows the Tenderloin In front of the old Tivoll
Mr Kremer has his principal characters on the spot and In comes the new
puglllit Jack Monroe Ha Is a country boy Jut arrived In New York and In
this scene he will certainly look the part Nobody knowa him
As is usual In Kremer plays of the character the stage Is crowded with
strongarm men Itadplpa swingers knockoutdrop administrators and other
wicked characters They the country boy and swoop down upon him like a
football ttara It looks bad for him tor a minute but ha Is rescued by iny
Cohen a country sport who Is In town to see the sights
The second act Is as uneventful as a Kramer second sot can be It takai all ot
this act to explain tbi plot The vlllsln Wank Kennedy Is determined to put the
hero and the heroin out of the way In this work he enlists the aid of Issy Cohen
who li good at heart If he Is a sport and enters Into the schemes of the villain
with the sole purpose of blocking them
In pursuance of this design lazy Introduces Jack Munroe to the vlllaJn who
Invites Jack Morton the hero and the heroin to dine with them He dnig 4narn
carries them out and pUcM them on a railroad track
Iliy Cohen knows of this but he II not strong enough to pull the two from the
track In desperation lie got after Jack Munroe who arrival just in lima to drag
the hero and heroine from la front of an express train
Foiled nines the villain
Strangely enough they do not arrest the villain but lea him to do Ms devil
lib work to the end of the piece He learns that Jack Munroe Is hla enemy and
hIre 110 professional prisefighter to do him up The fight comes off In the fourth
act and giro Jack Munro his ercune to appear as an actor Of course rha beats
the Imported prirefltfiUr half to death and get the decision amid whirlwind
of applause
The hero who has not a cent throughout the play up to the fight wins a for
tune on the result although the play wrWU falls to explain where 4ie got the money
to bet In the end the hero marries tba heroine and Jack Munroa Is lulled a i
their deliverer
Any rsd r ot WR t lir Mi dialogue that JMk Item U to u la ttte
° U9t lbs ty fewv aajr rH4f kieu Jwt mt MUM kcmt It M he 4 M
< X TT
Holds the Stable Against His
Millionaire Employer Who
Vainly Goes to Law to Get
Him Out
Millionaire though he Is William H
Alting a Jeweller of Newark binds
hlmsef powerless to get rid of a coach
man who refuses to Lo discharged The
stuUborn Jehu is Sandy Gordon and
events prove that he Is entitled to his
first n am
Band tins been driving the million
aires boric for four months Ho in
sists he was hired with the understand
ing that he could not be discharged
without a months notice
When Mr AJllng saw the coachman
fondling cold bullion in the stable on
Christmas Day lie concluded It might
be wall for Sandy to tear htmtelf
away without oven waiting to bed
down the horses
The rich may rule but the poor have
rights Bold Bandy end Im coin to
stay my month out Its not only me
but my wife sir as good and quiet a I
body as never did no narm to nobody I
And as to the bullion sir Its a private
matter of our own sir I
Whate the trouble Bandy dear
Inquired tho ooaoatuina wife ccmrit
from their quaitcri in the loft And
looking down it her huabind and the
Go back and stay there and don t
let no ono put you out ordered Ban
dy Remember Im entitled to my
months notice
Mrs Gordon went back to her abod
and hero ahft nnd Sandy remained
until today when Sundy WHS ar
raigned In tho First Criminal Ccurt for
refuting to be discharged trot service
When Judge Lambert heard the facts
In tho case ho told the millionaire com
plainant < n the case he could do noth
ing advising him that the case was a
civil instead of a criminal matter He
ouffseated however by way of frlondjy
advlco that Mr Allliur throw the ooaob
man and his wife out of the staMa
Th mllllonolra sized up Bandy
and concluded he would rather trust the
firing process to a writ of ejectment
Nanticoke Crushed by Ice Went
Down In Newark Bay and
Crew Taken Off by Rescuers
Who Risked Their Lives
BpxHtl to Tb Cr ant VorlS
NEUUi V J Jan ITTVlth her
beams parted and bow smashed in the
steamer Nanticok sank In Newark Bay
at the mouth of the Pasjslo River short
ly t > fora noon oday The venal was
laden with a general carco of merchen
dUe btlns conveyed to the Stephen and
Con lt Trona ortatlon and Forwarding
Company at Commercial Wharf this I
While the steamer was sinkinG four
men were rescued from the pilot house
with difficulty lUver men from both
bores of ltse tream who saw the boat
coins down put out in a small orwl
but were eonsl6orably delayed by the
Ice which had accumulated in great
floes In that vicinity
It wee the compact formation of the
ie that caused the accident and rent
the boat to the bottom pf the dyer
WhJlo the men tram the shores were
struggling almost hrlpleaaly to reach the
side of the steamer thu crow conltlnc
ot seven own was scramblne fiercely to
reach the pilot houno In doing so two
of them fell Into the water but by that
time two of the rrsoiirr had left their
bout 4110 at the risk of their own live
walked across the swirling masses of
Ice and urcvedrd in getting to the two
men hlthe water
W4 th gnat difficulty the rtacurfs
ptillrd them out fllld retraced their steps
on the Ice nor and attir placing them
ai moat axMiutlKl In the email rbOlltGn
other effort wa made to reach tba
11JoWtIa vseI tout the Ice had period
K y r < fB It
Capt Woodwards trained seals May
Durjca and John Kearney In The Im
poster and Billy Gould vocalist will
be features of the Keith bill
Kelly and Violet dancers Lee and
Kingston English comedy grotesques
Irene Franklin and James Richmond
Olenroy will be among the enttrtalnars
at Pastors
Proctors theatres Lend Me Your
Wife the play In which Roland Heed
was no successful will be produced at
tho Fifth Avenue Capt Webbs ner
forming seal and sea lions will be at
the Twentythird Street Theatre
Around the World In Eighty Days
will be the play at the Harlem Theatre
Laura Blgtrar recently acquitted of con
spiracy In the Bennett will case will
appear for the first time since In a
sketch entitled A Thief In the Night
at the 1ftetJhth street house The
nue ell Brothers will head the bill at
the Newark house
Lillian Burkliart and company In a
new ke hLow Bloom the funny
tramp and the great Powell maIclan
will figure In an excellent bill At Hurtig
Sc SeomonB
De Kolta the wizard will Introduce
new illusions at the Rden Muses
Zip or What Is IU will be the princi
pal attraction at Hubtrs
nuns nt leading theatres will be con
tinued by The Unforeseen Empire
The Girl with the Green Hlyes Savoy
Julia Marlowe In The Cavalier Cri
terion Elizabeth Tyree In Oretna
Green Madison Square Blanche Bates
in The Darling Of the Gods Btlaicos
Theatre The Bird in the Cage Bllou
Viola Allen In The Eternal City Vic
toria When Johnny Comes Marching
Home Now York The Silver Slip
per Broadway A Chinese Honey
moon Casino The Billionaire
Dalys TwlrlyWhlrly and rh >
Stickiness of Gelatin Vilmr k
Fleldss Mrs Fiske In Marv of Mik
ilala Manhattan The Sultan ol
Sulu WallacUn Jim Huirtjn your
teenth Street Theatre 1 hi Ninety and
Nine Academy of Musi
Mme Scmbrich will make her first np
near nce at the Sunday nlgbt Metrepoll
tan concerts tomorrow evening and will
be hoard In several favorite songs
Others who will participate are Mr
Dan Miss Carrie Bridewell nnd Mr
The customary Sunday night iaude
vllle concerts will be given at other
Oilier theatrical neTA and annul
Till be found on page 0 of thin
irnll of Gnnolrnr It Set hay on
Fire and JIo Will Die
Henry Lavery seten years old o
No 7 Tuers avenue Jersey City was
fatally Injured today by the explosion
or a battle of gasolene which ho wa
carrying in hIs pocket The boy went
Into the grocery of Kamon Brothers
Bergcn and Storm aCntlM to make a
purchase lIe already the gasoline
He stood bv the old < tuhlontd stove
wnltlmr for his order Jo be filled and
his Jacket caught fire Before he could
put out the blue the bottle exploded
IDs right side wall frightfully torn and
the clerks practically threw him into
the street a mass of name
Several poltoemen covered him with
I blankets torn from a team of horses
and put out the firer Then he was sent
I < o the City Hotpltal In a dying con
dition Th store did not catch fire
Mrs Rufus W Blake W M
Husband Died of steT
Wound to Marry Ardent Suit
or of Her Girlhood l
Her Fiance la a Wealthy Exporter
Hamburg Who Came Here te
Pecan His SuitWedding Will
a Quiet Affair
Mrs Rufus W Blake the widow 1
the millionaire plnno manufacture J
Derby Conn is soon to be marrlet IS
Paul Schabert n wealthy exporter
a member of a prominent taitx4y1W i
Gunburg Germany Sho will not Mea
don her American home but wilt
half of each year at her residence M
I Derby s s
The wedding will take place k at
Hotel Manhattan and will be a QuJ t
affair only the relatives of the bridi
to be present It Is the ending of m
romance that began when the brldtij
be rns studying In Hamburg ten year
ago Although only a girl ot sixteen the
daughter of Illchard Mock a resjtaarsv >
teur In West Fortysecond street ia
received the ardent attention of the Gr4 J
man suitor But In girlish fashion 1Iht
returned to Now York to make sWf
friends and forget Herr Schabert f
Her mai riago to illr Blake a mlUloa
sire caused a sensation tar he WIII 1
more than sixty years old whlls >
was little more than twenty In the
of 1901 he was shot through the aefl
by a revolver In his own hands Tfeej1
shooting was declared to be accidental h
Mr Blake had been suffering from meU
anrtiolla for some time before his dcaUu
Last summer Mrs Bloke west J
Europe and again met Herr Bchabart
His attentions were renewed In4 h3
soon followed her to America Tor tt
eral months ho has been stopping atths
VnldorfAttorla and the snnounCeeat g
of the wedding day is tM result o hte
persistency 1
His family is one of the mast prGa
nent In Hamburg and he is a man o f
ncillh Ho is engaged in exporting tll
China Japan and other Bootern coua
trIos After the wedding ho will takei
hs bride to Palm Biach Fla andth ai
to Hamburg and to China and Japan
Mrs Blake fortune U estimated kt
almost M000000 for her husband left hen
his entire estate She will not dispose
of her holdings In tho two piano fcc 4
lories in Derby but will live there s f j
part of each year
She Is an enthusiastic autolst ae4 J3
own next to the largest machine iff
America She often makes the trip tram
Derby to Nary York In her ejaWajMij
delights In motoring at wWHwla e
pace Her chauffeur was arresteiJfi
New York for speeding only a law
weeks ago n < f
The announcement of her engagermnf J
in Derby caused general surprise M It g
had been constantly rumored that
would marry Dr Royal TV Mnney k
Sunday World Wants
Work Monday Morning Wonder 1
I 3000
I FORFE1 Wt g j
wful of tile Vnlted
The bote will cheerfully be piU In lawful mooty
Plrcaa GOlden Medical
State by the underiUned proprietor of Dr
the origins trttaonUU
led DLcotery If they cannot bow
volunteering those published below
Icnaturei of the IndIvidual
and also of every testimonial among the thousands which thy are
curative properties of
oocUntly publLhtng tUting the superior
their wrersl medicines and thus proving tbs gennlntnee and
reliability of sll the multitude of testimonial volunteered by
grateful ppl 10 their behalf
u fll
Worlds Dispensary Medical Association rops > > UllilIU 1 I
medicine eaul to boetor Plrc
TIIIB unASOXTbr is no me equal
of the blood It tt
for th purifying
aUn Mdle1 Discovery
which centamlnate th lICe dull It laereuea
rIM oft the pe IOn
I lbs body aIL la
the flcllylt ot the bloodDIkla glands and gIves
blood It build up the
ereaaed supply puT
IOlInd healthy flesh Instead or flabby fit promotes the
body people
10 weak nervous
appeut teed the nn and so gives
lIalllY and vigor
people wonder how a medicine that can cur
Many mess
Tire II that pimples
blood diseases
altO cZr5
can of impure blood If we
dieaael all the direct result
and all skin
and ora4leato the poitOIl
find some way to purifY the blood
ran the disorder which shows oa the akin Tbe Dicov
we can Cure ltomachtbu lbs
of food In
the aseimtiitton
err takes UII from the stomach what It reqlllr to make good
blood At the
blood tbertb Iliereula tile rs bloodtflflluacl s
lain rich tips the liver is forced Into activity sad the pollOlI III the
body art thrown out
I am pleased to lull you that three bottles of Doctor Flrcs
aollea Medical Dl coYry have cured my husband of liver com
plaint and laeSllIolI write Mr 0 1111 of Novr OaUrlo
II ultrrt for a long tlm with pain lo bin rllht ilde and had to
leave off work siverel tlmn TrIed three d9cto nr but tbT
did not do any good abo trIM Ieral kind cl PUnt medicineS
but received no eaellt Then I wrote t > yen anti you advised Us
to try your Golden Mf4lel IHcovry We got a bottle I I pnce
sod before my buiband U4 Ukoa all of tbl one bottl b was
feellnt ever rn mueh better and able to work rln ne con
llnutd with the DtKOTrr until lie bH takq thee boula a1
is now ollnc better thai for 3W We both thank you and l
ou thick by publlatlag iU that it Fill bat ottir wBaraM
IOU ItS a t Utartr to 40 s Wi tw t MnnJ frt la W
j1 + l 1
your Golden Medical Dlicoruy for dltftrent mmpiabotss1If
aID plcued to say that It has never tailed We with you
auccs I
Thlt is to certify that I have uied DrZiercs Golden MediuM
Discovery and think Iti the Rrndeet medicine In U wfM
writes Mn V M Yours of Weir W Va I took down stele1
January lust six month ago end called la our physician set hi
gave see mcdliina but I grew worM Ha aid I bad dyspente I >
Its wont form 1 decided to try jour mcdlclna sod basaa to t
Proc I uird five bottles two of the Golden Medial Dtool8l7
and three of Vavorlte PrucrlpUon and pow m doing B > y
housework A number of my lady friend aljo are using be
Pierces medicine and tbey recommend it highly May 04 bk
and proper you In your grand work
r take pleasure In reeoiamndlDX Dr Pierces Oollta t fjMI
Discovery as a blood purlfler writs U J Smltbvtek
Acronntsnt ot Norfolk Va Fpr yara I wa 4 tutfenr fr
vary obstinate form of km disease commonly known a Ii Mttta
which being roaOaeJ to the palms of my hand and fltaar w f
vary tnnojlnc In cold weather the skin would become tuft tm
dry and would break or crack which was very painful t
lOr wroU to Dr Pierre sUIng lbs cue and reque tl8r his 1
H advised lee to try his Gold A Xedlcal Discovery ts
the blood after which ba thought Ilia kVlu troubl woi4olZ
appear and I am ratful to ay that sfter tna ourthMlls
wa no Urn of the disease left I tblnk Ir 3 l rces QeMaat
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