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tr 161N6eC by the PINII PubMhtag Company No W to 13
Park How New Tork Entered at the PoatOfflotj
at New Tork u 9eoondChan Moil ifatttr
Jif cVOLUME 43 NO 10124
j f
If theta woro any guarantee that tho tax rate would
Remain fixed at 145 OB proposed thoro would bo no occa
rl icon for apprehension over the fullvaluo assessment of
teal estate At this rate tho tax bllla for most property
AI holders would be smaller than at tho present rato of 227
cat ton tho old valuation
example where Mr Depow paid taxes of J1920CO
1 last year on his rosldonco at an assessed valuation of
P S5000 his tax bill for tho current year on an assessment
J oJ 120004 would bo only 1740 Mrs Henry C Potters
t would be reduced from 624260 to 5800 and other house
rat holders would faro equally well In proportion They
could also Indulge the pleasing but deluslvo belief that a
stroke of tho tax assessors pen had added to tho value
of their property
But aa addition o this rato as slight as onesixth of
ono per cent would make Mr Dcpowe bill larger than it
u was last year That la to say airato of J1G3 would maka
e htst1111936 < and < tho > 0ld rnto of 227 would incroaso It
to 42724
It la the possibility not to eay tho high probability of
such on addition that creates apprehension Tho now
measure la admittedly not designed to enable tho city to
economize It Is for the purposo of giving It opportunity
and legal permission by extending the dot limit to
spend moro money We know how this kind of thing
works with an individual and wo know how it will work
With an incorporated community of Individuals So far
from there being any cuarantco that tiht tax rate will re
main low thero is every likelihood that it will gradually
return to the old figure Whore there Is tho desire to
spend thoro is tho means for the gratification of It and
tho doslro Is always present with the executive ofllaitUs
ot this city for extravagance
ti Already as by this mornings news we have the
Mayor planning for a hugo public building and an ad
ministration echom0 to use the 140000000 added to tho
debt limit With the money in Bight thoro Li to be no
delay in making preparations to spend it
Does tho rentpayer realize how ho will eventually be
called on to benT tho burden of an Increased rato When
the landlords taxes grow heavier be will look for higher
rents from his tenants Tho appreciation of Tents from
j other causes within tho past decade has been all out of
proportion to the increase of property values The pros
jiqct of any addition may well bo viewed with alarm by
tho tenant Has Ills salary or Income Increased to oorrc
The formation of a Commlttco of One Hundred on the
west side to take on active interest in the present aglta =
+ ton for improved car service is Important because this
association of clt > ena is to all intents and purposes us
much a vlgllancn committee as that which kept order in
lawless San Francisco half a century ago It Is formed
to safeguard tho travelling public from imposition at tho
hands of a traction company and tho wonder Is that ita
existence should be necessary in a highly civilised com
rr f munity Yet remermbcrlniT that thoro would now ho four
fear tracks on crowded Amsterdam avenue but for the pro
vcntlvo efforts of a clmllar committee two years ago we
t know that there is plenty of work cut out for it
a The formation of such committees is made necessary
IIY the traction managers theory that no concussions are
to bo made to patrons except in response to urgent popu
lar demand It Is a mistaken theory Was not the Im
proved service on tho west side lines of tho elevated as
I y feasible before public pressure was brought to bear as
r after Where the comfort or convenience of a roods
patrons points tho way for Improvement tho Improvement
is bound to come the sooner tho road yields to tho In
ovltablo the better for Its standing with tho public
Thero is an abundance of traction reforms for this
committee to put its hand to Tho service on tho Broad
1 voy and Seventh avenue line is sadly inadequate No
provision Is made for the theatregoing crowd in tho early
evening or for church passengers on Sunday mornings
there is not even ctandlng room In tho cars at such times
i and they arc run at infrequent intervals
The service of the Eightysixth street crosstown line
also is audh as few villages have to put up with Old
foulumolllng cars lighted dimly by oil lamps arc an I
i anachronism in Now York Mr Vreeland has said that
i within a month after right of way is secured from one
block of Eightysixth street property owners ho will have
a crosstown electric line through this street from river
Ito river In exchange for that remote luxury a long
1 Buttering public will bo willing to accept a slight present
i improvement
These and numerous other changes for tho better the
west side commltteo can affect by force of agitation and
pnWlclty and The Evening World wishes them well of
R i their endeavors
no >
Dr Led loR discovery of tho wholesale substitution
of acetanllld for phenacotlno by druggists Is an alarming
thing Boos it not go far to explain oarno of tho numor
IOUS cases of sudden death from tho use of headache
powders of which phenacetlno is an important in
Whatever la to be said of tho very general hnblt of Now
Yorkers of Booking relief from headache by Immediate
recourse to drugs they should at least bo enabled to know
s that the drugs they buy pro pure Given a congestion of
fll the head causing pain the medical method ot removing
it Is to reduce tho hearts action If In placo of phenaco
> tine the sufferer owullows a drug which is a much
jf stronger heart depressant tho heart Is suro to bo Injurl
t ously affected An extra dose or a dose taken before the
j effect of the preceding ono has worn off might result
1 fMally
1 With phenacetlne at 1 an ounce and ocotanllld at 2tf
tj V bo temptation to eultrtltuto might easily overcome
i tiuf cruples of an unprincipled druggist It would prob
l tiy be exceedingly difficult to prove malicious intent
f + thft pkenacetlno la simply adulterated it may have
A t through varlous hands between the factory III
411fflaanY and the patient in Now York Dut to provo a i
i > I 1 GC substitution need not b4I difficult and once proved
example should bo made of tho offender ea well for
J of to Publlc M tor the vindication of reputable
why not throw the headache mixture out of the
het oaths puroT Seventyflve per coot of
aA1yg oorat from a disordered stomach which a
atUnUoa to diet will rectify Of the remaining 25
t will yield to a day off For the others
uuloouDt hie tie a better Investment than
P r u IW W tt patent jwMllclae
bilinit t I Mf jM Ni OHf JH
r 1
t c 1 11 JU
= = =
U m
Aim Arrtvoa in New York front In
diana lint Write Her Sweet
heart She Does Not Tlilnk Shell
0 Mr Reuben Durcnberry Smith
TO rlllc In 3
My Danllng Reub My darling
sneethcort 1 reached Iferw York Just
at mindown Aunt Mary and Uncle
Henry were at the ctatlon to meet me
when I cot off the team cars And
they took mo homo with them to a
plnoo Aunt Mary called Brooklyn but
Uncle Henry said It wn Greater New
York I could not tro to bed without
writing to you
I traa tenilile tired l1IJpJt to Aunt
Harjra hone but ehs had a good bat
upper for me And Ill tell you It tasted
good after two days on the cars eating
cold tried dhlclren and the pie and bls
oults mother p rt W for tns In the
paatoboard box I did hoar tall that you
could get meals on the train But they
oharced a dollar apIece for them Ac
ually a dollar apiece I know you
wont believe It but it Is true WhY
you know Cousin Brad Raster who
coops the American Hotel In Bmlth
llle only charges twontyOvo cents for
a square meal and everybody eaya that
no living matter can beat his wife try
lag atcalc
A noj then I was that ears and cramped
Icoplnjr In them pesky car aeats I was
oU that you could deep 1n the train
but they charge you U for e bed Jest
think of that UI Seem to me that
theres nothing but millionaires travel
on them Steam core
A drummer with the loveliest mustache
now dont you get Jealous Reirb was
awful kind to me Ho bought me a lot
ot candy and picture books and told
me how much money he made nnd how
nuoh goods ho sold Car hits house and
10 had a bIg roll ot money and tho fln
est diamonds Ho tried to get fresh
oomlner through a tunnel but I told him
Id slap his fact and that I was en
gaged It made him powerful angry
For pretty soon ho got up and went to
another car wIth hln carpet bag There
wasnt no valise JUS big and black and
shiny as the one I had which father
bought to go to the Legislature down at
Indianapolis when he was elected on
the Prohibition ticket fifteen jean ago
Aunt Mary wants to adopt mo and
wants me stay hero with her Of courae
Ill have to Stay a week It I can stand
it that long But H ub my heart Is
reaklng for you 1 bad a good cry
when I got up < o my room There vise
K lovely bookcase tn my room hut no
bed but after a while Aunt Maiy como
up and Just touched tho bookcase and
It turned Into the loveliest bed you ever
saw Now Roub If you flirt with any
of tho girls or buy any toe cream for
that nasty doggie Hammond or bring
jlEEle Allen or Gertie Jones home from
prayer mootlntr all will be over be
wren tts I solid you a hundred kisses
I wont forget how to turn out the ear
for you lemombcr how father came near
expiring In Indianapolis because ho
blew the gas out basIlica burning his
whiskers which raved Ids life because
his face umarted and tie couldnt get
to sleep and got up and hollered to tho
landlord of the hotel on account of the
awful smell In Ms room
Dear Iteub I dont think I can stay
here a week I want to see you Dont
you go to any parties or tattypulling
while I am away because I Icnow that
hateful IJztlo Allen will ohoose you In
tho kiss games Well ft Is awful late
away past 10 oclock and 1 am tired
Please write all soon as you got this
and remember what I eay I will soon I
With love and
be back again with you
fond affection your own sweetheart
P SYoun know what these mean
x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
x x x x x x It X It X X X It xl
jix of the 6est
Jokes of hQ Day
Yuan lie Angelina remarked
xjimB Sir Bottlelgh to my daughter the
other evening I believe that any Cel
lOll no matter how otiu > d and homely
can find somebody to marry him
Why dont > mi provo It Mr Soft
leigh suited Angelina wwcctly That
girls genius is carraLnly Inherited
Pltthurg Dtapatch
Ills wife Insists on lots of dough
To pknao her every whim
hat lie tears wealth to burn and 110
Shes Utt the match for Wm
PhlladoUiCila ivess
So you were a guest ot tha chauf
tour said the Mood Did 3il ma
chine ito wIT
lixstl echoed Major Bourbon Why
by the time you could pull out your
nark you would be In a ProWMUoo
Mate and by the time you put it back
you would be out ogaln Ohloaro Dally
Look at taro oiowd of women going
Into Mrs Gabbles bouse Wtiato the
attraction T
Detraction Tlhe sewing clrde meets
thore totay1Jlna 3eU3a Preen
WlfQDld you over notice that a loud
talker Is usually an Ignorant person
JluuVand Vell yon neednt talk 10
loud Im not flea f Oricaico Newt
Ia to aJrwetldnfcmaa4d moat
Ibs 14 asst Wow Mla te44 is R I
Wet w ras4ktt + SwMwWiYet
c Yi ltj
Artist Powerss Idea of Broadway and the Theatrical Competition inthe Near Future
I ° M ava
EI pOygNS Ev rt
> r hlhrilllbf 0 n ° ee
O 0 C C ILYS pootEYS on
r1IpERS Mp Q D Q IDunnS n t
0 Q iLTE sc
C a wwlH r
S fi B N H fl I
7kutaEd A BROf 7kEA7flE 7 EAr RE rkurnt llscatarc rtaar
d CIRW texts lheanme +
geAras + ra
1 echo OPo
A R fiaa +
> r aIWH7AHY
a 1Nttwmt A
e I Ji11ARr c
I I JOOOAwttlt
n cwp r
NAN mo tzAc NcM 00 0 A cTs
f mw dffRxYou t S
Jma > R16Nrkl7f 4
i Jlosr dNS9Ll D REAI ThNK
Vfto Jrimll pLyy f
t e 0 ooel OuC l Wl MaW
QNIAtt + 04
I il
l I IiI
I Y If i J M
1 < t
Z < 0 Jniw ii i
4 I GoribSfii NEREIh
0 I 1
0ffi G I IIIII I I
4Q lI t
nin i
+ ti 4IVE ul A
FRd s0411 X
> rWAMMEltllvrl 1
M wA7t yFS anvrew 7 MARKIO
< > > E1sdw y Tn I3CEtiTS
t a rOIJERt
s N MGC C 8CC N < S 4 > Cr0 s fivr OOa aC0 h OyL OC cA S4xx CJ S > < JOC CM0 3 < s > < > < OL JGyC 0E0 bCO WvW
I A Sweethearts Strategy that Falls jf I By William H Osborne
c j > rriiht uooa br nail story rub Co
JIAnmVICKB eat on he iota as
itnVIC1U eethoart as It was
possible to got The lump burned
low It wax late fi tho evening and
won nearing HnrdwloUon usual hour ot
departure Tho girls head rested upon
his shoulder Bho remarked casually
that she would like to rest there fnreviir
Ot course tIlls was mnrely figurative
for Ilanlwlcko would have a good tlmo
going to business and up nnd down
I3rodway with a young womans head
nfllxed to hla shoulder Oval and above
that lust aa like aa not It would cnuio
sonu comment Hut noverthiJlcss ho ns
sonlud and fajd Romownat unorlglnally
that ho too would IlUe It always to reeL
there nnd nnwhere else From tho tenor
of those remarks and also from the fact
hat these were the only audluu re
marks for an hour at least It Is aay
parent that both Hardwlcke and the
girt woro pretty hart hit
nut Hnrdnlcke had been restless all
the ovonlnj ns roatleaj as he was on
the night that lie projrascxl nod that U
F < rlpB a good deal Tho girl rondo up
liar mind that he had nomathlng on his
tniiid so she removed her mind from his
shoulder and tnklng him by the lapels
and looking him squarely In the duce
TiAndcd of him what It was He
hemmed and hawed and hesitated tor a
time declared It was nothingami
rallY blurted out the truth
Well now he began youll think
Im a beast and all that but Iwcll
here now It I tell you the exact trot
will you believe all that I oayall
She eald came would Now Ant then
went on HardwJck Do you believe
wUh all your heart that I love you with
all mr heart that I never loved any
body else and that If I cant marry you
wont marry anybody f Its all true
Do you believe ItT
The Ctrl nice little Girl the woe too
leaned down and put her arm around
hie neck be wna ilttlng at tier feet and
tUiw d him
Of course 1 do she replied yf you
say too
I did say co returned lie
Well aay MI again she suggested
tie obeyed
Rory lie wot Mi can Ill lrau he
rat 1tHt a11NR dael0atisatMrr
tllltl Mk r 4 r yuar
3 i
r t r
lL I
than you are Ida engaged toto
The girl grove a sort or smothered
shriek tier mother upstairs must have
heard It for there wan a rap from the
celling albbva which Indicated that It
was time to adjourn the session of the
lower house
Well went on ttlardwloke II
couldnt really help It It happened last
summer She was B girl with with
anoney and she seemed to llko me and
Isufpoee I was nattered by It And
though shes not ouj1gftholl six
months older than I am and though
shtfo not pretty > not at all like you
why ono night the moon must have
struck her face Just right or the band
must have been playing sentimental
pieces or something but iIa kissed her
and then I proposed to her And she
didnt seem so bad until I met you II
didnt know there was anybody like you
In the whole wide world before and
when 1 met you 11 fell In love for the
only time In my life and I knew then
that I didnt love Uie other girl And
then he proceeded miserably I pro
posed to you and you accepted me and
I havent had a chance to break with
tho other girl andand T dont know
how and here I am engaged to two
girls And what out 3 to dot
Now It mustnt nuppoted that Hard
wicke proceeded IUI sot forth hove Ills
confession wa Interlarded with ejcola
madoni sighs team groan kisses
caresses and so forth u Ms mood or the
mood of his listener tatted And after
he had finished Hardwlcke found that It
hadnt been so hard to toll It after
all And the little elrlwell aha waa I
such a matter of fact little personage
and so very much Infatuated with Hard
wick ando determined not to clue
him up that she didnt lose a minutes
time In aolvlnu the problem
Do die replied lightly why break
your engagement with her Thats
Yea but howT protested HirdTrleke
shetioo 110 sensitive and live never
done anything to hurt her except that
I dont pay her mush attention but ante
keep right on loving me anc1And Im
la devH of ptt 1ItII
ere Uht 1 4 tat tie
1 i
g r I
laetelb tWiit i
Whats her name she finally In
Charlotte Durnett promptly re
sponded tho youth shes old Burnetts
daughter the steam pipe main
And shea sensitive Is he7 went on
the girl
Awfully responded Hardwlcke
Well then Ill tell you what con
tinued she let her break the engage
Shol exclaimed Jlardwlcke nut
she wouldnt
Oh ye she would confidently re
plied the young lady You say shes
rich and ehea sensitive Suppose the
thought you wanted her only for her
money suppose you make her think that
youre only a fortune hunter what
then How about that
By Oeoreet Declaimed tho young
man thats BO I didnt think of that
But how can I make her think that with
The little girl arose look him by tho
coat collar In a coy sort of way amt
sat him down In front of a deck
Take a pen and a piece of paper
she commanded He obeyed
Now she continued who are your
tailors r
Wwhat that go to do with Itr
asked Hardwlcke
Never mind she xepUed who are
theyr He told her
Very well now you write and Ill
dictate Now put down just what I
Mesar Lord A Lord
GcntlolllOnI received your very ur
gent letter requesting immediate pay
ment ot my account which aa you
say has been running so long
nut I dont owe em a cent he pro
HOO on she commanded
In that connection I want to say to
you that It you sue oa you threaten to
you wlU have your trouble foe your
pain as 1 have nothing nut on tho
other hand I am able to state to you
confidentially that 1 am about to marry
Miss Chrlatt Burnett daughter of
the wealthy steam plpe man mho If
you can hold off for awhile I shall hays
plenty of money front that source and
bMldea afterward I can throw a good
deal of buslaAM in your way In tact
I 94 46 Mil MM to burry W the w4
dfa 1 eNtrw + ad stra9A r
via rfiit JivwJ j J
tva1 It J iIj 1
L G y
numerous creditors Think It over
Very truly
Wow address an envelopo Just ui I
tell you
Miss Charlotte Burnett
131 Parker Ave City
and mall It and there you are
Dutbutt gasped the young man
am I to send that to her Of course
you are she replied dont you see
that the will think that you have mixed
up two letters and sent your tailor
to her and hers to your tailors And
when she gets ItmTI wont she be
Hardwlcke was radiant The Idea was
euperli lie was proud of It and proud
of the acute little intellect that con
cocted It it was only after the thir
teenth repetition of the knock from
above that he wall able to tear himself
Next day he ascended the steps of
No 231 Parker avenue with a palpi
tating heart He was admitted The
parlor was empty He was Just taking
a good big brace upon his spirits when
m heard a ruaUo ot skirts and Miss
Charlotte Burnett wan upon him She
carried u square bit of paper in her
hand She literally sailed up to him
clasped her arms around his neck and
showered him with kisses You poor
dear boy she exclaimed Then she
pulled his letter out and explained to
him his own mistake He accepted the
explanation meekly And to think
you poor thing she went on that
you have been in financial stralU all
this time and bore up bravely as you
have My dear dear boy dont let It
worry you Ive sent to Lord lord
for the amount of your bill which I
Intend to pay and Iheno will Just
hurry up that wedding and you can use
all of my money that you like youll
have a right to then my dear dear
Yes maam replied Hardwlcke in
the exuberance of hit spirits he didnt
know Just what else to say
Hardwlcke and Mil Burnett were
married In Docembera winter bride
and bridegroom It was a rather frosty
dator Hurdwlcko
And the lUtle glrloh she bas an
other sweetheart and b jut as happy
a sa ever been There are always
spe ol Mi wtomlng aree4wsye
i > i
a f n
y f II
l H 1
t iIL
TT must havo boon hard for John W Gates to I
IT take that 10000000 away from J Plerpont Mor i
gan said the CigarStore Man y
For anybody else replied the Man Higher Up ttu
would havo been like extracting the teeth from a ben
For Gates it was like taking flowers from a grave II
Gates bs made a lot of easy money In his time but I
this fall he took out ofBolmont and Morgan for 100001
000 and a aide bet of a couple of million more was simply i
an exhibition bout Ho couldnt do it again If ho trained
tor five yearn >
Not that Gates Isnt as wise now as ho was wtiea
ho pulled off his assault on die Morgan bankroll but
thero ago no more opportunities as juicy as tho ono that
he picked up that time Thero isnt anything left that
Morgan doesnt own
Gates got In on the L N the way a wise second
tory man gets into a plant The eecond story man
goes in while the family Is at dinner Gates went In
while Morgan was at tho hot baths in Germany
Morgan went to Europe to get boiled out He took
the mud baths and the soda water baths and the Ink
batha and the other tortures they put to a man over
there When he wasnt doing this he was getting the I
Xrays flashed onto himself Delmont was keeping cases
on the race track and enJoylngMiImself on his yacht
Gatea looked over the field took off his coat rolled
down his suspenders spat on hIs hands 4nd got busy
not course Morgan had his men here to look out for
his bit Theso men had Instructions to keep their lamps
on the business graft and cable him when they thought i
somebody was going to turn a trick The Morgan look
outs thought they had tho board covered but they
didnt know that John W Gates had bought a stack and
declared himself in
They let his modest pile of chips set and paid no at
tontlon them As a matter of fact they thought Gates
was a comoon and they were simply waiting for him
to lose his pile and get out of the game Gates had an
Advantage there Nobody took him seriously in the Wall I
street gambling business 11
He had stung them a few times but they thought t
it was luCk They couldnt understand his waye and
figured that when ho went outJJ fter anything bo would
go with a brass band a calliope a siren whistle end a
steam printing office to Issue bulletins every hour in
Wall street they think that every man who cornea lust
of the West works on a pressure Of 95 per cent wind And >
G per cent brains iI
Right there Is where John W Ohloagood them Ha
put on his gum shoos loaded up his electric dark l
and started out through tho back alleys In tho > mean r
time he left Ids son Charley and tatspartner Drake to
stand down in Wall street and holler an loud aa the
could every day from 9 to 3
The stall worked The wise young men in Morgans
office looked out the window and saw Charley Gates and
Drake hollering until they rworoblue In the face Then l
tho wise young men lit fresh cigarettes and remarkod I 1
haw utterly ridiculous those Western fell aft s Brfldontl
you know ohQ 1
About the time Oharley and Drake were beginning
to think of the oxygen treatment for lost breath John
W came back and ho had the L and N in his bag bel
next day he put on his store clothes walked over to
Morgans office and spread the swag out on the table v
Im a merciful man said John W I dontwant
your socks If I havo got tho rest of your clothes What 1
rOWard and no questions asked
It Mont Poise had exploded that day the world
would never have known about It The explosion ot
J P Morgan would have buried the sound All Morgan
could do was produce >
Do you think Morgan will ever get back at Gates
asked the Cigar Store Man
Not unless Gates submits to the administration of
anaesthetic responded The Man Higher Up
The representatives of the principal Australian papers wore
taken out to pea about fifty miles from Brisbane In the pilot
boat to meet tIme lloJba on Sept 18 say the Sydney Tele
gram She was travelling from Canada to Australia bytha
mat steamship Mlowora While the pilotboat was waiting
for the Qllowera the ships company had a m1UJiobIO and
probably unprecedented experience A great gray oUtrk
about twelve feet In length was hooked on a clinapp rUa jl
which broke second time the big fish got on the sohnappw m
line and escaped Then a large shark hook with a chain waa
thrown out and Ute ravenous bruto grabbed It and
caught All hand pilots cook and pressmen tugged thec
shark to the vessels Hide A hugo hook on the anchor taoIIIo
was put through his Jaw and one eye and tho fish was then
hauled out of the water One of the crew ripped the jaonitej1 I
open from the head to tho tall The pttaforga iand entrallah
were thrown overboard and then both Jaws wero lucked out
for the sake of securing tho teeth Nothing but the shell ot
the fish remained and the shark wall lowered overboard A
rflih was mad to the side to see him sink but the company
was astounded to nan the fish make off First he swam abouf
rlfty yard away returned to tho steamer then went off on
another tack for about thirty yards camo back to Ute vesio
and swam astern and was Htlll swimming when he eras lot 1
sight of That the fish could swim away with the wholaot I
his interior from head to tall and the Jaw and one eye BOM
Imply raised tilt hair at the pilots and craw wboh dnewae
eeen nor heard of the like before
L > rLr w >
Have you ever heard of a class of people celled red
bones They ere the most pjcullar people In tin United
Btatei No one living absolutely know the race from wddep
they tfftns or wlunce the original settlers cam aMty tied
very nearly on the boundary line between South dnViMgi sad
Georgia In the northwestern part of the first naJMtTCtot
They are very clannish mix ycry little with peoj4fct paL o
their race and In a manner ore fiultt thrifty
In slavery times they owned slaves visited the gpyera
summer resorts of the Southern mountains and In a watt
put on quite a little style While I hmo nothing but suggse
Ittlon to guide mr I am of pw ophlnii that they are deaoead
ant of the lUlijues of Southern France thy do cot hale
courage for a company of them served JIaroptona t sjisi3
during tll 1 late civil war and bore thcnmatre bravely sit iUI4
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