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I 1 f c
f < r l t
f I
I Jion eiDeimnstration of the
P Amerloan Brotherhood of
Carpenters in Which Every
Man Carried a Small Flag
t Mr1
Parade Organized to Show appeal
tlon to Its Rival the Amalgamated
v J Association of Cnrpentere an Off
W t spring of the Qritiah Society
Hey Bill why dont you get out ana
r jaIk7
Thafii what I Intend doing as eoon as
Vl ret you lined up boys yelled William
t X Gould to his fellowcraftsmen as he
I stood In a carriage In Washington Square
I y OMlay and watched the formation of the
tile parade of members of the American
Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners
fIt was a parade In which every one
of the eleven thousand or more partici
pants walked There were no citizens
In carriages and the bright rays of the
springtime sun were not reflected from a
single Ilk hat
< Were not here to put on style were
here to show our opposition to the Amat
gamated Association of Carpenters an
i offspring of the British Society explain
done of the men The men were highly
elated at the success of their parade
i 1 considering that It was not suggested
until three dnys ago
The dempnstrotlon was proposed at a
t meeting pf the Executive Board on
Thursday flight and next morning Will
k j lam J Gould an officer of the assocla
j tlon started on a red hot hustle to get
r the men to turn out
1 Every Mnn Had a Vina
Sixtyone unions were represented
Every man carried and waved a email
l American flag and the patriotic
i char
acter of the organization was further I
manifested by banners bearing the In
s 1 ncriptlon American Labor for Ameri
J can atlrens
lJ As the marchers passed beneath
rt Washington Arch Sir Bould and other
I officers who stood In the reviewing
carriage chled
w Welt win the strike tomorrow
I 1 lJ u MBYI answered the men
d f r > JSnthusiastlo cheering and waving of
fl ag continuedas the parade led by a
tall sjjare totter dressed as Uncle Bam
moved tjp iFJfth avenue lri step with
Mnsplrlri marches played by several
I bands r
Jiri empty carriage stood tn Wash
insiqii Square The officers who had
Used it simply as a point of vantage
t leaped nimbly to the ground when
tJf Vine boya got going well and took
M their places in line Even the tar
a t ta1 qen i Secretary Frank Duffy
t vpflndl napqlls hoofed It
T Attracted Bluch Attention
t t s The para ers attracted much atten
Uon and caused considerable specula
1 i tion as they went swinging up Fifth
+ avenue
Who can they bar remarked an
a I arlstlCTatlo looking brentleman ntop
yrng at the curb and adjusting his
Were the men who build homes for
+ youproudly answered a sinewy ar
t4san who Was marching close to the
t sidewalk
Tie oarpenter removed his slouch hat
H end licit turning bowed
i The gentlctchn raised his glossy tile
l and r tUrne l tilecourtesy
JThelntmtrllng Incident caused afresh
leer togs > up and rattle tho windows
ihthi WaldorfAstoria
High spdrlta marked the marchers all
the wiiy toSbventythlrd street into
which theyturned and proceeded to Do
ttemlan HaIl where a massmeeting was
lId to Hunt for Food
01 The rrten reached OWl hall exactly an
bout from the time they left Washing
ton Square The lone march had given
them a keen appetite and they Imme
diately began to scour Uio neighborhood
for aomethlnir to eat The restaurants
In that part of the city had not prepared
V5 fpal 11000 hungry men and the de
moMawaa consequently much greater
than the supply There wa however
conoroua disposition on the part of the
m a to Mhare with lea fortunito com
paolons whatever they were successful
f Ja Aacurlnsr Thero was hardly any
drinking and not a single case of Intozl
At the ball peaches urging the men
to continue the strike were made by
t ffVtnU Duffy P I Sullivan and other
offlcftraof the Executive Board
fi j Term 1
He DlacuMei Termi of Strike Settle
1 went with the Americans
if Official
Frank Buchanan President I of the
International lAeaoclatlon of Bridge and
j I Structural Iron Workers called at the
offices ot the American Bridge Com
pany No 100 Broadway today to con
fer with the officials of the company
regarding details of the settlement of
the strike no agreed to on Saturday
President Buchanan refused to make
any statement or to My what propo
altlonji would Lo considered at tho con
i 11sy UeUrCotnpletlm of Illolunouil
I Hcl Bnullurluu for CUIIilren
About fifty carpenter member of
the Anulgarriated
lprrinted Urotfiorhooc em
ployed erecting several new building
Richmond Beacli for Charle M
fichwd > t the tee magnate failed to
report for tluty thU mornlni and 11
jrss learned that they had gone on
lrlka In sympathy with mierkors of
t be Brotherhood Manhattan apd deer
r a Air Schwab lias contracted to have
ellJC84 oVtral buildings at Richmond
t Tiepch lo be Used p 11 summer sail
T jW hrf6rfo6rolhlldr ri In Manhattan
I the butlcings we a trf have been com
the Ian ioR lit next ktpHlh
t shy url Inks may tell
A y wee W
II 1 1 1 t
j 9 0
< y n1
fM L d
polrcnAdvancA Guard
Reading Lehigh Valley and Sus
quehanna Coal Companies
Clash with Their Men Over
NineHour Ruling
Special to The EnnlBg World
Thirty thousand mlno workers were I
locked out today in the Schuylklill re
gion by the Philadelphia and Reading
Lehigh Valley Susquehanna Coal
Companies District leaders of the mln
workers who are gathored hero for a
conference with President Mitchell rela
tive to the illfferentea arising over the
Strike Commissions report received the
news with a chow of fnOlgnatton
They claim that It Is a concerted
movement on tho part of the operators
The lockout lathe direct resultot the
action of tho men on Saturday In slop
ping work after eight hours Instead of
working the u11n1no hour day They
claim that the Commission held Jtiat
except In cases wherQ concessions were
granted the working conditions should
be the same as In 1900 and that then
the Schuylklll region miners worked
only eight hours on Saturday
The operators declare that the Strike
Commission report provides for a
ninehour day for every day worked
and that the mine workers are violet
InK the agreement when they refuse to
work the full time elated
Accordingly today the mine owners
ordered the collieries shut down and
When the men reported for work they
found themselves locked out
Over since the Strike Commissions
report has been received the mine
workers and operators have been at
odds over the ninehour clause The
miners claim the Commission decreed
that the nine hours begin when they
enter the mine the operators from the
time they reach their working place As
It frequently takes half an hour to
get from the mouth of the mine to
the workings there has been a con
tinued clash
Employees of the Roads Ballot on the
Compromise Terms Offered by
the Company
Union cmplpyces of the Manhattan
L are voting today on a proposition
presented to them Saturday by the
Company through General Superintend
ent Frank Itodler The first ballot was
cast at 11 oclock and indications are
that the men will accept the terms of
the company 11
The voting Is being done H Colonial
HaIl One Hundred and First street and
Columbus avenue International Presi
dent Mahon and Local President Pep
per were on hand to explain fully the
details of the new concessions The men
appeared to feel satisfied that they had
won a substantial victory
By the terms of tho agreement All
platform men are given one day oft In
every thirty with pay There are about
SOD platform men Slight Increases In
salary are granted to guards and em
ployees of other classes The Increases
will coat the compaW about 200000 a
year i
Street HnlMvnx Men Ulll Present
OeuiiiudH After 1ulr Dcaicntlun
ST MJUIB April SOIt Is slated that I
unless tho SI Louie Transit Company
grants the demands of the Amalgamated
Association of Street Hallway Employees
ees which hays been formulated and ore
ready for submission Immediately after
the WOrld Fair dedicatory exercises
a strike will l > e ordered rho transit
company controls ull the car1 linn In tit
Ixniln except hose of the Urban system
A W Morrison orgunlier of the Amal
gamated Union Is authority for the
statement that there will be no strike
to Interfere with I ha dedicatory exerciser
J r
llolUnil Kr e in L liur Guard
THIS HAGUE lAprll 1The wJth
drawal of the military guard pn Jh
railroadJi j bfeq be lI iin In the North
errf and itutbvro proW no but the
IwarM will ba raa talnwtt n be ppex
t 21 CuNr Y hwklaca w + µ I
u 0
jt f
I r i I t I
Aros VeritzgJ
SomeOne Hurled a Flaming
Gasoline Stove from a Win
dow Among Children at Play
in the Street Below
Little Mina Coella Is dying In the Long
Island Collcge Hospital from burns re
ceived In a peculiar accident as she was
playing hear her home at No 372 liond
I street Brooklyn A blazing gasoline
I stove wns thrown from the upper floor
of the building near the childs home
The blazing oil set lire to her clothing
and before she could be rescued she was
fatally burned
The police have tried In vain to find out
from which apartment the stove was
thrown They were convinced from the
stories of other children the street that
It came from tho rooms o occupied by Mrs
nose Salvia Mrs Salvia Insists that I
she knows nothing of tha accident and
woe not In the house when It occurred I
Tho little girl and several playmates
were at their games on the sidewalk UC
a sudden ono of the children gave a
startled scream and fled The others
tried to follow but Mina Is only three
years pld and her small less could not
travel as fast ns tho others
Persons In the street were horrified to
see a gasoline stove shoot out ot tho win
dow and send blazing oil In every direc
tion It struck the pavement within a
few feet of the child nnd In an instant
her clothing was ablaze
Two men In the street ran to the child
and tore the burning clothes from her
body but not before the flames had
Binged off her brown hair and burned
the flesh of her arms and legs A po
liceman Bent for an ambulance and
the child wan hurried to the hospital
Ultra policemen were sent from the
stntlonhouto to solve the case They
visited every apartment In the build
Ins under the direction of tho children
who had been llttlo Mlnas playmates
They were so frightened however
tluu they could tell little of what they
hall seen
A neighbor pointed out the window
from which she wax ponltlyo she had
seen the move thrown Sun said that
n woman siidcnly threw open tlio win
dow and that Homo one Il esllo could
not tell whether u man or woman
had thrown out the blazing stove
Mr Salvia ucuplrd that room Wire
tho police wont to her the Ululated that
she knew nothing of tho accident
Uayard Hume Lust HlBulnur and
Hail Hold Flooded
NBV LONDON Conn April toThe
fourmauled jchponer Jlayard lUrne
nf New Haven Cat C Jl Croucher
has arrived from Newport New VA
with coal after an eventful experience
The Barnes encountered the heavy gales
of lam week and lost her fornall mill
zenguff and tinea Jib The coach
home on the robin was ripped off At
onu limo there was five fret of water
InOio hold
The gale left the Barnes on Friday
battered and worn and the crew tired
out with constant tattlingvrtth tho ale
menu Cnpt Cruuolier reports that on
Tlmraday April 10 when ten miles
south of Cajw 101 open he thaw half
jotavessel With purl of her bulwark
exposed On Friday the 17th when
twentyfour ndlf r east by north oridt
half north of Ida rne iH Uie UarnM
pa 44 Jhpw tHe l otrt a 1lsabote
water r > >
Superintendent of the Freak
Building Robbed and Beaten
in the Street by Four High
Frank Cavanach Superintendent of
the Flatiron Building was held up
ateni and robbed by four men early
today Two of the men William Thus
soy of No 403 East Thirteenth street
and William Qcrdi of Xo 3o2 East
Twelfth street were caught by Police
men Sander and Lang and held In J3000
ball each In Yortcrllle Polce Court to
Mr Cavanagh lives In the Flatiron
Building He was on his way from the
east side to take a Broadway car when
four men accosted him In Thirteenth
street between Third and Fourth ave
nues and asked him to take a drink
Hd refused to drink with the men
and was going about his business when
one of them struck him over the head
with a blackjack BeJnr a husky citi
zen Cavanagh was not knocked out
but iha was no match for the four who
succeeded throwing him down and
Jumping on him
The yells of Cavanatfh brought the
two policemen to the pot but they
got around too late to gavo a gold
watch and a bank roll of 107 The
thieve who escaped had the booty
Cnvanagh was badly battered up
when he appeared In the police cout
today to testify against his assailants
The men had no defense to make They
rowused to give the names of their
two companions
< I
Five Thousand Now Enrolled Will
Affect All the Trade
It Is reported among many big city
contractors that a movement is on foot
on the part of Italian laborers to organ
Ize for better wages and hours The
movement started among the 17000 who
have found employment on the subway
and has since spread through the build
ing trades
W J Rodgers son of the contractor
and a partner said last night that he
had heard of such a movement but
know few details
I understand that about COOO of these
laborers have organized now and that
before another month Is passed they et
icct to get all their ifellowworkers In
the organization with them
Tuesday Wednday
April 2 ist wand
Shoe Dept
Exceptional Values
Kid Patent Leather Vamp
and Tan
Oxford Ties
welted and handturned soles
value 4 450
Patent Leather
Oxford Ties
hand welted soles Cuban
heels newest models
regular r ric = 5
Finc Kid boxed D ul1 Kid Top
Button < f Lace Boots
also <
Patent Leather Button Boots
value 450
Lord Taylor
Woman with Fractured Skull Walked
to Hospital and Described
Dr OlIanlon Coroners Physician
performed an autopsy today on the
body of Eliza Scoff Lhlrt two years
old of No 148 Illvlngtnn street The
woman had an epileptic fit at Four
teenth street and Sixth avenue yester
day and she fed to tie street fractur
ing her skull Tho fall caused a sec
ondary hemorrhage but the woman re
trained consciousness and wnlkrd to thn
New York Hospital Hero she gave her
name ndilrejs and nnteccndentH In a
rational manner but son became Irra
tional and later unconscious nnd tiled
eight ihours afterward Dr OHanlon
Bald It was remarkable that the woman
ritealned consclousncM at all as either
Injury the fracturo or the hemorrhage
was sufficient to cause death
charred remains of Reuben Brown
colored were found today In the ruins
of a small house where ho lived In the
woods off the Hartford road on tho
outskirts of thIs village
It Is believed that ho was murdered
and the hut set on fire to conceal the
Unless Demands of Union Work
men Are Granted 18000 Are
Likely to Walk Out on May 1
and Tie Up Operations
Business Agents Report to the Cen
tral Federated Union that There
la General Dissatisfaction on Ac
count of Wage Schedule
Unless the demands of several classes
of union laborers for Increased pay are
met by Way 1 a strike of 18000 men Is
threatened which may seriously retard
the progress of subway work Business
agents of > the boilermakers rockmen
excavators and ppo calkers and tap
pers reported to tho Central Federated
Union their demands for Increased pay
and received assurance of the support
of the organization
For the International Brotherhood of I
Boilermakers and Iron Shipbuilders
Frank McKay reported that 7000 men
working In the subway and the local
shipyards would strike unless their now
wage schedule was accepted He Bald
that the bosses had persistently refused
to give the men any answer to their
Constantly Laudadlo of the Rockmen
and Excavators Union said that unless
tho rockmen cot 2EO a day and tho
excavators K the 10000 men In his or
ganization would Milk out on May 1
He said the contractors association had
persistently Ignored their communica
tions Over half the members Of the
organization arc employed In subway
Agent Quinlan of the pipecalkers
and tappers reported that the 1000 men
in Mi union would walk out unless their
demand for I2W a day was granted
Most of the men are subway employees
Tho MallTube Workers Union report
ed that the New York Mall Tube Com
pany had reduced wages from JlOO to
11 TO a day and had discharged several
employees who refused to accept the
cut A committee was appointed to
confer with the board of directors of
the company
Hesolutlons urging Mayor Low to
withdraw opposition to the Elsberg
bill were passed by the federatotn
0 =
Letters io Sail for Home
LONDON April 2OThe White Star
line steamer Oceanic which Is to sail
from Liverpool April S for New York
will have among her passengers Mr
and Airs O W C Drexel Mr and
Mrs W A Hazard and Mrs Levi Z
Loiter and Miss Letter
f i
r 1 4
L I J <
Ii t i 1 S
l 4 if i wt
t l
Tuesday April 2ist in Our
Domestic Deptaytents 1 > ti
Special Sale of f k
1000 dozens Fine Sheets Pillow e 3
of a superior quality beautifully made and finished at
prices less than cost of material
Mail Orders Solicited
54x93 3 inches Soc each
72x99 65c
8IX99 73c
90x99 It Soc t
90x108 II 86c II
Pillow Cases
i i
42x38 inches 150 each
45X385s 4 i i7c h r
50X3814 II i9c i
54x40 s 22C
In addition R
A Special lot Cherokee Mills Sheets
for 4foot beds 21gx2I4 yds 53C each value 750
and 700 dozen Fine Pillow Slips
suitable for Hotels and Country Houses size 45x36 indites
IO 3 CtS each value ISc t
Two Special Items For Tuesday < 1
Crochet and Satin Damask Bed Spreads
prices respectively 95C 8l I75
Spring Importation Steamer Shawls i
all the Scottish Clans beautiful specimens t
at 750 950 1250 1450 upwards I
One Special Lot at 398 v f
Opening of Summer Blankets 1 I
Lining Do nl ft
A Large PurchM e e
Fine Light Weight Moire Petcalijiest i
in black and white value 25C on Sale Tuesday
at I2 a cts yard
All SilkWaistLining58cyd All Silk SkirtLining4ocyd
Lord Taylor 3 x 1 1
Broadway and 2oth Street
i r
r K
q < fa
c i
4 i N ay
I 1r f l
j J a w 14
r t Budwei 8 er c tf m
r 5b competitor of >
i Imported Champagnes i 1
t The Proof + I
Sales of Budweiser during year 1902 A3 1
83790300 Bottles rJ
Averaging 25C per bottle 20 4757S 11
Importations of all champagnes
l for 1902 according to United fi
States Custom House records
4 l f 360708 cases equal to 12 bot r
I miiii ties each 4328496 bottles If
Fe4h sold at 4 per bottle 17313984 I
or Budweisers Lead 633i50
4 t +
L The sale of Budweiser exceeds that M
472 1 of all other bottled beers combined
and it is therefore justly entitled
iI lhi to the term
ubG resin 0 1
King of Bottled Beers t
i I The National Beverage < r tVfes
i1 S i
uir v i >
l P t e i ii iJ rr r

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