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L fil I fI R
0 J r t
JHa Butted Mrs Horton on Cen
tral Park Mall Without Anger
of Halicp Just Because It
Was His Nature To
fJWell That4 Another Matter and
j7Tibroll Be a Law Suit but the
Goat Obeyed Laws of Nature
That All
1 Tm a woman seventyeight years Did
tomtnlr ChrUbnac aald Mrs Mary
f Horton today and I never had trou
H We with a goat before In all my life
i 1 b ffoat Is a curtoua animal The Lord
r 11 made him Ilk everything else andl
feava nofault to find but that driver
V Well f1 driver la In for trouble lilt
Wee la Cy Htrcua and ha haa charge
fr ot the blue yagon hauled by two Boats
c tfca amble around in tbe Central Park
MalL The off aide coat la an old boy
i rtth whltkers and brown spots lie
rt baa hafl a good record ao far Today
N D M Kin disgrace
Mrs Horton la from Stamford Conn
lYoeamo down recently to lilt her
daughter Mra Kempton at No Ill
East Beventyilxth street The Kemp
tons Are welltodo and the Ignoring of
I a COM aaeault reals heavy upon them
heavy that papera will ba ImmedN
jarteJy flrarwh up by thelr lawyer with
i ew of getting damages trom Who
vtrIa responsible
1 JI Thought Mat Warn Safe
d 1 Teterday waa beautiful ex
jf i plained Mra Kempton that t proposed
to mother we take a walk In the park
The flrat place w I went was the Mall
J I thought that perfectly sate though
I there wai a tremendoua crowd
Wa atrojlcd along talking about
ff rbere < we would spend the summer
wfeencuddenlywithout warning mother
u was tumbled on tier face 1 dlcmi know
fes what tilt her neither did mother Due
there warn that goat lookln round Jim
J Un an old man lIe shook its whlskera
I J and kind o baabanil Fore you could
I eay Jack Robinson the wagon toad
> pitted over ma and aha waa lying there
ax wtmy
JIlerI screamed but abe dldnt
ay a word end 1 thought ehe wall
Wued r
fp Mind Y uput In rila Horton
iWlnclns with pain 1 dont blame thu
igatt lie waa comln along behind he
I If me and dreaaed1 In black aa I was
ft h naturally hit me beln tho neareni
P noai Ive sun goats and goat
v tsy hail alike The Lord made a Boat
r totutt and htd looneributt than eat
1 t It waa tho drIver fault resumed
lb Kempton The superintendent
said be was a new boy and not In
t j attracted 1eayth1 have a right to In
f P trict thorn driven Anyway why
1 eui4 tier aJlow goat wagons on the
0 at wefl been goln In front of the
Moat l d bad my suspicions aald Urn
S J2 i IHortoo Tm a pry woman for my
hCIri aM I could get out of the way of
5 I anzoat that ever lived But coming
t up behind that way
t TA1 the nerve ot the driver ex
claimed Mrs Kempton He said that
jh ducked three times to warn us but
i I halt a doien wltneeswa have given mo
CS I Iteirnamca and theyre ready to awear
that there waa co warning aU
i < I Aa IH7eontlnu6d Kr Horton
who wants to be perfectly fair I
j Itoave no aolmua against the coat Ita
S jltfji bustoea you might aar to aneak
lup behind and butt you Other anlmala
t are different tBut a goat waa Intended
I t rthatHe waaat angry at all aa the
mornlexpaper aaya He looked me In
I the face after waa down juat aa tneek
land mild aa could be
So Joke at All
VS The experience ot being prostrated In
I this way la Got pleaaant and with elz
1 lyoungaMrc IBtho wagon a wheel pass
Si ing over blllaeankli is apt to result
riouir MeL Horton will not ba nble
ito go back to Stamlord for a month on
account of her sprain
S For the Park ambulance doctor ahe
has however the kindest feeling
S It wajs wonderful nays Mrs Horton
the way that young man ripped off my
1hoec and atocklng bandaged anil tied
i and wasted a whole bottle of liniment
110 tIU very nice
The policeman too who shoed the
crowd away comes In for commenda
it 5 tion butCv Hlrcus the driver In
5 blamed bearllly and he nlll lie called
j to court to explain why hfi ulow d hi
t oft deioat rob 0 maltreat an unsus
pec ting peflMtrlnti
Dying from Poison SelfAdminister
cd Young Medical Student I
I flcaiiurcs Parents
5 While bla rather and mother ache
Handing over him Maurice Scalfln a
I medical student eighteen yeara old lay
t dying from the effeits of laudanum
jh The young man had taken the drug be
I cauae he thought he had made a failure
of life Ills father heard him groaning
c iti la bs room at their home Xo G2
r Water tmt and started to summon a
I j j doctor
Im all Hint aald the young man
S Tin Just a little faint Ill be welt in
the Morning
Let him rest aId Mrs Scalfln
S J He Jill tfeen working too hard Jf > ou
eWt a doctor be would only fill him full
f Medicine
I Two hour later the father aialn
VMteti his lUflil room unJ ound him
i 11 sclous He then uotlded the
1 tn young man removed
naur Hospital where heAled
bed waa found a note In
w be laid ha had decided to kill
I beMuse ha did not think the
SIP I anything In store for him
I craduateoT as e trained JnUrae
S MnIsrael Hospital and via
I B 41cln In apUlIarat4fY
po 1EulJrolallyl lit
a tier of farewell to his parents
ramn asked that It ba not
btl illter I oul e lest It should
chilcc of graduating s The
II la In the senior ctamioi
p l < Cpilsgo and nil graduate
p l OH Yt
r w Ils4IiabIilty 11 fi
rrit Kh tm1Ailer
air of ill pornmllt8l
111 tJ11 tile
41tt a
hsSt l
T iRii YEA riBii r
Little Three Y earOld Matilda
Hauck Chasing Her Dog Is
Struck by a Trolley Car and
S Instantly Killed
Threeyearold Matlldi Ilnack of Xo
i9g Graham street Brooklyn while
playing with n little yellow cur she
had adopted won struck by a De Knlb
avenue nnd Qralmm treet car this af
ternoon and crunheJ to death The lltte
doe which atopped on the opposite
track when tho child tell was killed
by another car
Claiion avenue about a block from
where thechlfU wan playing II the creat
of a hill on Graham street and when
the decline It reached tho cars shoot I
down with great Hpeed Just as car
No 682 In chance Of Motorman Bert
Dunn of No 1239 De Kalb avenue
came up over the hilltop the little girl
wa romping flhthe dog on the aide
walk JBInn had Just released tho
brake when the dog started to CraM the
itreet the child In hat pursuit Al
most before the motormin and the
few pedestrians In the atreet realized
what waa happening the child was
struck by the fender of the cnn Dunn
Immediately applied the reverse lever
but before the car camo to a stop the
little 81rllI body > wits cfu hea under
OiB motor box
Some of those who saw the accident
say that the motor box cleared the
childs body and that when the car
tarted baejc under the reverse lever
the little form became entangled In
thelron work beneath th car
Just a t this time another car was
coining rapidly up the hill and the little
dor Trtich had run only a abort dis
tance nfter his mistress fell wall
caught under the wheels of this cat
and Instantly killed The little gill
wan a daughter uf Gus HancJc a
Sunday World W nts Monday pUe
Thats a phrase you know
Just tryvTUo AYorld W nts and
5 9Un hd V
> Titrueresults will show
Miss Licblcr Nursed Invalid
Brother Back to Health then
Her Mind Gave Way and She
Cut Her Throat
Tired and worn from her lone watch
nt the bedflde of her brother Minn Vir
ginia C Ilpblcr a beautiful joune wom
an In a fashionable section of Hrooktyn
cuter throat f ho kitchen of her els
tera hdm tNo 121 Underhill avenue
this morning Another brother Is T A
JJeb > r tho theatrical manager Her
slater Is Mrs Albert Crollui whose hus
third Ii a cotton broker at No 33 Wall
street I
Sjie was found by member of her fam
ily the knife at her aIde The under
taker reported to the Coroner thit the
young woman hod died trornheettdfa
eaae It was not until Coroners puyal
clAn Hartuns called that the truth wa
Ilss UoblrV wua popular In BrooJcljn
society The home ot ttt slstor Is a
handsome thrre tory brownatone struc
turn nlth costly furnishing In the
came block Blanche Walsh now playing
In Rcsuirectlon recently owned a
houx A near neighbor Is Justice Dckey
ot the Supremo Court
Ntirnerl Sick I rot her
Mis IJcblfrs devotion to her brother
J Scott lleUer ha often been a mutter
of comment and since ho Wee suIoken
with typhtlil fevtr aerenteon weeks ago
she refused to kaTe his bedside Day
nnd night she watched over him sleep
Ing only when assured that he was rent
Ing aIy
lila condition grew more eerlous nnd
she did not sleep at all A trained nurse
i > nt in the house but Virginia
would not let her walt on her ack
brother Her solicitude was pitiful In
his delirium ha called for her and ahi
wus trended that she could not make
him know she was there
Stirs Crollus pleaded with her but In
vain Friends were asked to use their
influence but they could not lure her
from the bedside Night after night
when others had wearied and gone to
deep she watched his breathing and dil
igently attended to his needs
A few weejk ago ho reached the con
valescent stage and then It was realized
Accidents Will Happen
sometimes even to Brill
If anything wetIK jvrong
bring that suit back get
I another or cash
Snapshots of Our Tables
Sacks darkish worsteds 522
Sacks gray cisslmercs ft 8
New color schemes In cheviots
single and double breisted coats
rightfitting trousers f 10
Black cheviots and series S
op oatsat bottom prices
rot It 279 nroilmr V
rONVESIfcXT f Oortlindt 8t
STORES aiR and lt Oth ATI
lUlk Bt cot 34 AT
Will offer on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY
April 21st and 22d n number of
Imported Model downs
S at
In their DRgSSMAKINp and TAILoR
DEPARTMENT on Third Floor
< l H
J L f 1
r I < c
qf il
< J p pitman A 0
ore jjjiovvlng In their departments for
I Sitvcrsvzro
Lcaihor Goods and
S H f j tiV94 Ar QWocts
S 5 S
h the Willfulv nunS hau > broken
down iindiv strain
Drew iltuflo Acroai Tliront
Thli morning she eemed depressed
and mrlancholy She went to tile
kitchen and when she did not return
Immediately her fitter went to look
for her
They wore horrifIed to nnd her
iittetcheil across th kitchen floor
fiho had edict a aharp knife and I
drawn It with deadly effect acrou her
A telephone call was nciit to Dr
Charles II loodrlch the family physi
cian > who lles at No 280 Park place
UrcoUbn He was at the houio In a
few minutes but said that > iisz Lleb
ten death had been almost Initan
ten pout
When Coroners Physician llarlung ar
rived Miss IJgblrri body had been car
ried Into another room Dr Hartuns
waa surprised when hl saw the great
gash across her throat The undertaker
explained tint ha had not Inquired Into
the case fully find had understood that
heart illitaap wan the cause of death
Dr Hartuns determined that no au
topsy was neccitary
Hooks and Eyes
Original DC Longs regular price lOc
per card special h c
Hump Hooks and Lye good quali
ty regular price lOc per gross spe
cial at SC
Pure Shell 3flin strips J1A wide
and weighs full 2 Ibs to the gross
regular price 20c per strip special
price 12V5C
Per doz S14J per gross S1700
Pins and NeedleS
Kirby Beard Jet pins K oz boxes
regular price lOc per box special
at 7c
Kirby Beard pins sizes f 3Yo S C
M C regular price 12 and 14c per
I Per doz 115
Best quality dressmakers pins sizes
3 4 i tflb box regular price 34c
per box iptcUltV > 2fc
I Good pins 400 count regular price
per paper 4c special at
Heavy nickel safety pins all sizes
regular price per doz sc special
at 3c
Jet Hud Hat Fins regular price per
doz 10cj special at 3c
Assorted Darning Needles regular
price per paper Jc special at 2c
Corset and Shoe Laces
3 yd all linen corset laces regular
price each ic special 3c
i yd mohair corset laces regular
price each Be special at 5c
44 and 34 mohair tubular shoe
laces regular price per doz lOc 5c
54 and 64 heavy mohair tubular
shoe laces regular price per doz
lee special is lOc
Tomato and strawberry pin cushions
regular price each lOc special atSc
Ironing wax 3 cakes in box regular
price per box 8c specialat Sc
60inch tape measures brass tipped
regular price each 4c special at2c
> lnch nickel spring tape measures
regular price ch10c special atSc
Featherstitched braids 20 different
styles regular price per piece lOc
special Sc
Raven darning cotton per doz
regular price lOc special
Ferfortedcollar foundations straight
and pointed regular price each 7V
special at 4c
Allsilk chiffon collar foundations
straight and pointed regular price
each 2it special ISc
Dressmakers bust forms regular
price each 4Jc special at 29c
Silk Garter Elastic
Greatest value ever offered
in this city
000yds all tilk fancy frilled Trench
garter elastic all the popular shades
regular price per yard dOc to Me
special ato 2Pc
Keeps Papers In Suit Aflalnct Sena
tor Clark Decauia Mint McNalll
Never Paid Him
Uxerrlseil by the Berloug nlleifttons
mndc hy Mary McNellls In her motion
to compel then Sllllmnn F Kneelund I
hr former couimel to turn ov to her
oil the purer picture find letters upon
which line lied Hcnntor William A
Clnrko for 41o IOO dnmnften for breach
of promlAc nnd lout Oen Kneelnml nil
M cLean this at
cnrcd before Justice
lIe nioirnn nffldnvlt In which he ilc
tiled her charge mid nald lie was IUIIIK
Ing on to the piper 1iprnui she Jiiuf
never j > ilMilm for his work and heluJd
Il lien Oil them
11 woe Idles McNe11l8 Bald the Bet
ernl who minted a trial before a ret
eree tint he prosecuted her case Oltt
gently and with all his nkllt thin Mo I
never got u penny from oennlor ClarKe
and neer met him except III the nttlcc
of tile rtfrree nnd tlmt Miss AlcNellH
riKTecd with him tlmt It would lie n
nfte of time nod money to appeal tho
ONeill Co
A Remarkable Spring Sale of
Notions and Dressmakers Supplies
For Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday
Representing a Saving of from 33 < 4 to 50
In every instance the prices quoted are away below the
regulariin some cases onehalf and in no case less than
onethird what they sell forth year round
The quality of every article in the sale however has
been rigidly maintained No deterioration has been per
mitted Hence whether for present S or future needs in the line
of smallwares we recommend taking the fullest advantage
of this offering I
Sewing Cottons and Silks I
0 Cord best quality machine cotton
per pool 4c
Per dor 45c
300 yd basting cotton regular price
per spool Sc special at 3c
Per dOl 33c
Kerrs Lustre twist 400 yd spool
regular price per spool 13c special
at 9c
12 or spool best quality silk ma 1
chine twist rill price per spool 2Pc
special 1ge
1 or spool bestquality silk machine
twist regular price per spool Soc
special 38c
100 yd spoolgood sewing silk black
and white regular price per spool
PC special at Sc
j1tldoz S5c
U raPe 1 5 It
24 yd piece white twill tape regular
price each lOc special at 6c
3 yd pieces white twill tape regular
price per doz 16c special at12c
Assorted India bunch tape regular
price per bunch Jce special c
Beltings and Bindings
Glace belting P yd piece regular
price per piece lie special at 1 Ic
Double silk serge belting 10 yd
piece regular price per piece 110
special at 59c
Silk Prussian binding extra line
quality regularprice per piece 21c
special price per piece 15c
Per dor 170
All silk taffeta binding extra line
quit ity and width 10 yd pc reg
ular price
per piece IBc special price per
piece i I I le
Per doz 135
Good quality velveteen binding 4
yd pc regular price per piece lIe
special 12c
< S yd piece He
Dress Shields
Light weight nainsook covered sizes
3 and 4 regular price per pair 12c
special 8c
Per doz 90c
Pure Cum double covered nainsook
sizes 3 and 4 regular price per pair
20c special lOc
Per doz 110
Hose Supporters
Lisle Loom black and white sup
porters all sizes regular price per
pair lOc special 5c
fancy frilled supporters regular
price per pair lOc special it2c
One lot fancy tilk frilled supporters
including all the different style at
tachments exceptional value regular
price per pair 3Pc to SOc special
at 25C
I Special attention is directed to our
New Lining Department
We carry complete lines of all the Standard Makes
and the color assortments arc always complete
We specially recommend
and guarantee the following standard linings
Antlicrca Silk Lining Lxcelsior Tcrcalfncs
Yama Mai Silk Lining Chapman Pcrcalincs
Lustral Washable Lining Pcrcalincs
I YouYou Silk Sateen Sunshine Silk and Satin
Anderson Pcrcalinc Glcnora Sateen
Featherweight Sateen Cambodgian Silk Serge
English Moire Moreen Toulon Silk Fercaline
1 ntfloorRear
SixtLAvenp 20th to21jfrtretf
t fIt toi1 v n it II > ts Ji1IJW
tJ J iW J > > IH
I I < dIjI
ii Pi i I I
r w sip iEJfJp E tiSLGREAtER NEWLs 1 JLa > u G
2Doors i rI r East 23d St Wcifof3dAc 1m
WIf3d 155157 and 159 ast > t 2 0 t 1
Trustworthy V jMfs at RoCkBottom Prices
v Values bound to interest the thrilty Opportunities such as you wjll
not find in any other rMn fact prices are so low this week that the A J
selling is sure to exceed aU former efforts < V ji 1 4
Fibre RUsh SicsU Charguike
e it CJht In
golden o
preen fin
ish nuJs
of su >
and ex
ceedingly iomfort suitable blt
for country house the
actually worth JlSOO spe 40
cial this week
Steel and Brass Trimmed Bed
steads like cut brass rods brass
spindles extended foot rails actual
value JIOOO special this G 725
week 41
We have no branch Stores
All businesi now centrcivin our
23d st establishment
No > Mail Orders Filled for Special I
r > Soap 4
IIvory Felt Napth or
Fairy Soap choice 3 lOc
I cakes
Pearline 607 pkge 3 for lOc
Clonowcl Washing powder the best
luade4lbpkge I5c lb pkge 2c
5C 6oz pkge
Blue azure Jflb box 7c
Butlers Blue In squares 6 for JOc
Starch best laundry 3lb box He
Butlers Borax Soap asplen TC
did cleanser 7 cakes LJC
Coney Island Soap IS cakes 25c
Chunk Soap 10 cakes 25c
Clothespins hardwood too for oc
Borax powdered Jilb pkge 3C
Violet Ammonia bottle tOe
Concentrated ATnmonla llle JOc
Liberty Catsup choice quality C
per bottle loc ypl bjUe H
Mushroom ist cholx call 23c
Mushrooms French very fine 1 Q
19 c
quality can > 7C
Canada Cream Cheese rich of 0 I
and tasty package i C I
I r
1 1
I t
4 5 i Mahogany Finish Parlor Suits like Illustration piano polish < Ito
finish coverings of silk tapestry O satin damask firstclass uphols 4 ClC 7C t
lery best steel sprIngs Qrth at least 5000 very special 4h JD t
Golden Oak re
Mahogany r
Arm Rockers
i bbler leather
seals made extra
strong and cbm
fortlbfe actually U
tDrlIi45O pnj
to a customer
this week
i Large Tufted Leatherette
I Couches like cut heavy oak frames
finely upholstered best steel springs
masshe legs actual value 13 50
2500 very specxi at 41
openS turday Eyening t
r 10vort I
i t f
t I45
i 1
BUTTERlb25c if 1
r r
mostsuccessful Butter Sale ever held by us inaugurated onThursdayr 1
last The appreciation shawn by the public was manifested in the j immensity ofther 1
sales We have therefore decIded to continue the Sale during the forepart tof this I
week The butter offered is known in the trade as Creamery extras and isthe HTgh Z I t <
est grade produced There are six ther grades of creanieryrif you wish tOt besUre
of getting the best order yOlrQutter from any of our 114 stores f L
0 hA
I CLkeI t
Uneeda MllkBsc ultZ Zu
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0 t
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quality 3lh linen bigl 9 C
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floors best for dessert If
package It > UC
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excelled quality jars > s C
Peerless Sauce Worcestershire
equal tobest Imported pt bottle Bc
lJc apt bottle OC
Pearl Tapioca lb carton 8c
Cider or White WIno Vine 7
gar qtbottle M C
Oolden Drip Syrup qt bolle J2c
NeW Orleans Molasies tt2
bottle <
Lemon or Vanilla Exlr J aatl
Band boUle5C I Our OwnBrit1
bottte IOcNrleIlnnd 1
bottle i c
EVAporated Poaches fuicy OC
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Prunes fancy large California 5c
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1 v
Massive Round Topxtczi
sion Tables like cut elfsantly polished 1
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class workinznshlp actual C7 is s
alue 1200 special iff tlI
I I No Need for Ready Cash
I Buy on Our E y p y GI
mcnt System
r a L
Cereals t I f i 1
Cero Fruto Blue Ribbon Breikfajt tr1 f
food Malted Breakfast g
Food choice per packaye UC
Can Fancy Early June Peuj of n
Can Choice N Y State Strlnft ra
Beans 1 I C
Can Maryland Standard To ma a
toes 1 L
The Three Cans 2 5 CJ i
Pea Beans fancy N yStalei > r
lund picked3 qts Z3C
naraltalls Kippered Herring t
ring fancyScolch fishi can f OC f
Imported Sardines choice f I
quality can t O C
Imported Sardines superlor13
quality Can IIM ijC
Imported Sardines finest g r
quality can i 11 c
Lazenbys English Pickles r
Imported all kinds PJeklulf5 C l
Lcrnons large Meulnas dozen ta
Preserves finest trulttas an
sorted In stone crocks Sib O5C
Toilet Paper jest qualityIn iopi I
rolls or packages of poo sheet t
MClv rf i T Js i 1
Teas an4 I
Best No 1 Tea ill
klnde5Ibs S 11135 C
Jibs 100 jib
Choice Ni > f Tea MI ed it
Oolon rSlbs IOI C
3lb70c < j lb I
Beit MocllaalUl
Java co If
SIbs f1 111 5 a
Ibs10CII b
I 4 4OII t S 1 fl4 tD
I it4w4
i xwwrr
I ta HDCTlOHtlfS nDU TlSC ft
7 Jfr f < i > il < J i

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