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3 l l s yOi > n 4 r
IIoIr 1I 1
r rJ I J
Week of the Finals In The
flyiirilno World Tournament >
feiftiis ToNight and some
Oood Scores Are Looked For
Bay 1 dei
I third week of tho final In the
Worlds BowUnc Cbanndoruihlp
Stonlsht at Amann Thai alloy
i ut eeL and Third avenue
< TIeiBa7ad a Batman and yendomoa
BMet and the rooter may expect
i goasexaea and a htstx aoora or
tent week while not hlffh
S and ezdtlnaT and ail of the
aa rved nteftthr
Cn koitocke MtTOVO1thU I
i nd Westcheitee Wheelmen are
ior < flrrt svlaoa wlUi three iraine
lind On t The flrl uamc
I baa oot oX
° c
f M Pg ns UrwrorA
811 SOS
y1 TO IMJt
ii I S iS
a4 II T85
u l tsa
r I 33tf
er t o I
= Zi 61 z24G
Z B 1
= 1 i
ber i
4e = 5 M I
± 11 i
= i A I
peeto ± = a i 3
onai i Mi
CWc t a
= 1 g I I
Ita o i
I t tt
w l 25MILE1CE
I ll
ambridge Runner Covers Dl8
f tahce from Ashland Boston
f in 2 Hours and 41 Minutes
at to Tta BreatngWtM8
SOiarON oA1r11 20 John a IVorden
icj Cambrt 1se won the Marathon roe
tr mA5han j to Boston today cover
q1tM twenty Ye mn 8 In two hour
ortfone rnlnutea twntyeTm see
5fit4 Thla is one mlimte fortytax see
> > 44tazter than lute r8 time and I
ill 6out twelre minutes beUnd the
S anue1 A ICeller > Jr TonieraJ
ffNi iJllUllleoond
I Kjer won last year ratoe In two
r be iortyeen minutes Caff ray of
rTtort the record bolder droppe t
I tstNewto3 lower Falls
° < third man was Michael Bprhif of
bHliIP IUmeiAClNew York TlmtO
eui 8t mlnuteISI 16 second The
M wee P LOTS New Tom Tlmea
I M B mdnut 40 second I
t j l
pril 20The winners of the race ached
puled to be run here this afternoon were
JH follow
ViOInt Bace One tnlle Won by Mem
fjfclsn9 to 6 and 4 loB Ccome gte 1
liter1 place wa second Class Leader
> ilrd mel
Second nce Threequartern of a mile
Won by AMtumn Leaves 7 to 1 and
I 10 6 Golden Rule 1 to J for place wa
1 eo ed Skillful thin Time iH
1 Third Race Four and onehalf fur
1 iLWon by Mordella 2 to 5 and 1 to
UYlonai 7 toG for place was second
4 liEsherton third Tlme 0t8 1J
iNt OH Ariic ar LOUIS MO
1Aprp 31The race echeduled to be run
MPO thls afternoon resulted aa followsi
c j net Seven furlongs Won l > y
74ce J 2 to i and 4 to 6 Luna Minor
tol second Farnosiui third Time
r eoeia RateOne mile and oneslx
thWon by Aimless 4 to l and 8
> qharles D Z to 1 for place was
tdand Bank Street third Time
4 Ttace Threequarters of a mile
Tby Brush 7 to 6 and 1 to 2
I piIand I to 5 for place wa sec
lltlue Grass third Time 118H
N April UcFetredge went
In the siktti Inning In the
aBi giving a pan making a
jhrpw i pnrt letting Boston et a
in4 a double Other error by
i ana Wolverton let OJoston tie
Boaton won th game In them
naulnile by Abbutlcchlo ana
rrh Feature of the come wa
I Bf llAllman hard drive
N by 1u1up
OD0003dli4 I I
3oOo1Qoo t 5
end Memo Mt
ii cr Umpire ODay
ime r aull d In a vie
and an eveo brea
t jjis ep
J I nH E
If Lo4U 16 5
I i 54
sLk While
i A if
p 4f
jr 1 f
Continued from First Pose
two tome with theIr wives tome walk
Irnr ottieri alighting from fancy rigs
To the tans their face are wellknown
81 chronlo advertliemonU and each gets
applau that spouts from the heart
Tww on a day In April
t steed whan but a Ud
Outside be Polo fnoa
W4th Ueebmll Joy uoJU mad
I en the eller PID
I snowed them every ooe
U I could only cot Inside
7U7d never see DM ttxat
Tbere old Van tUUren for lbs field
ne played for I wis bom
McOtonltr the Iron man that nnde the Dreek
rroa mourn
There toe yoonc Baticj and Lander 0 im
UoOaea Zlretaahae rIKltJr
Good lord Id root wen I loaid MI1
Au GabrIel Mill item I
oe who H4 eel IntJde w ntprom
lied the worth of their money Every
roan In the two team mu feeling like
IIghUnc Us weight In wild cat
TVe can beat tbU Brooklyn team
fifteen ranrea out of twenty said
Johnny AloOraw ttbo tamest little fel
low that ever Mopped on a diamond
An furthermore I want to cay now
It the born kMP up to Satindayi trim
beyiwill come out at PUce Peak
llearttonetirt Talk
Before th r left their dnaalncroomi
McGraw and Nod Banton each rave
their men a curtain lecture toe OM to
bold his team up to their previous good
work tlhe other to beat It in that the
GManto wen easy If they CQt the teaaU
bit rattled Taylor the deo mute wu
exfceduled to to In the box be noelred
a salvo of wlnatlaj
Funnr about that cur saId the
Cherry HHI rooter Jlta heayln tubM ts
on stopped up but be kin ele Jilt an
well ma me or you
Ned Hardon bad booked Ahamm to
do the serving and fervently Hoped thee
be would make eo better ll saowkn than
did Roy Bran on Saturday wnen the
lanta touched him up for a home run
and two twobanera
In the try out the white and the croy
rnlny together friendly ai In the Smith
famIlY at their annual eathtrloc at AM
I burl Park The crowd leemed rather
dUappolnted that no guru were pulled
or reams drawn Abeam and Taylor
pitched slow one to Browne Btrantr
lood and Gilbert alike
Whafre they evj ohty awclable
ftxrr cried the man who away like I
to ee eom body elSe scrap But when I
Day c1ed time and the even as um sl
their Othtlriff faoe things wer differ
ent Byen the ladleej Ood bless em
oroaiched over dazed with delight Aa
M teama trotted out the face of ilierteg
wa mined and Johnny MoQraw an
nounced that the brilliant left Aelder
erpmtned his ankle In SaturdacTo come
ra badly that he cannot play for a weak
Bresnahan took his place Warner was
bck8tOii ond Mr ODay umpire
VTlrtrt JDnlne
I Twyterhad cot got ba pee aoCIv
Sunillnt 110 Minder 1 7 15 10
E cTrtunt W JenklnelllJ 10 SS 10
Atwood 113 tile 611 11 K 10
Thuodar Boy 101 Sha 110 IS 2i 10
Equity 107 Burns 131 13 7 53
Kings Oaks 101SI r < l snl4 14 14 SOto
Btart poor Won dtjrlot Tims 067 15
Mlmnon broke wlnttlns and raced
three lengths to the good before the
ether were ifalrly In motion Bruce
villa and nomblno ohased her Into
the stretch and In the run home the
pace told on the leader In the last
furlong Oomblno and nrucevllle both
massed Mlmnon and fighting it out Horn
limo won by a dead llrucovllle waa
two lengths In front of Mlmnon
nunn IUOE
For lhrty ardda and upward atlllngt aerrn
Slartera IMSS whls 8lIIItrin Fir 11
Animosity 105 II Callahan 7 7 1 > 20 S
TorchlUrtit 118 MlnJtr t 5 JH 30 16
Past 10 OtaoiU 6 4H 3 < > 72 7S
UIiU lav K nrunnar 4 lib 4 < 30 12
Louis niton 9711MlfblI 8 Cl M 10 4
Musldore 103 A llnnnsn t iti 8 ft 2
Cloch dOr M llsack I 13 T 15 I
Alpaca 1M McCanarty S 3H S toO
nalsdoallt 1M Rle 8 8 0 1JS 85
Ortsksr M J Jonal 10 9 10 CO 20
MIO 93 Wllktnog is 11 Ml 4 85
Ban And s 114 GleeII 10 11 12 I
VUlanl 103 rarls 1X12 18 100 40
stirs good Woadrlrlnt TI IlU JJ
ilualJora had the speed and with Ml
ladl lAve In attendance the pair raced
close order < o the stretch followed by
Alpaca and Torchlight In the run
home the leader die 3 away and Torch
light took the lead In the rut ilxteenth
Animosity came out ot the bunoh with
a rush end just got up In time to bUt
Torchlight a head on the poll Torch
light wag a length In front of Past
younf n luce
0 < nsr ls Claaai twNmoGl401 fttr an4 ens
fcslf layouts
tIoIrIII bli1 ioeL ttnalu 11
Glee 2 ii t a I
1 W i HlIY l 3iMI34 11
T if q
i I
Strang a free 115 Hetc1e second
but the bleacher hooted for be aj
pMmJ to be caught by ten feet Me
CNrodle singled to right and Browne
made a peach at a throw home holding
Strong at third Nobody out
whooped the Brooklyn eoachMII and
TViytor Mtd nothlnar iloChreedle went
to Booond may ShMloanl rot hit bean
on batts BUM lied illousoholfler
went to the bat to do or die He singled
to center Strati and MoOe dle
Bcorfd ehedoard was caught at third
on Van throw DoIe foule out to
Warner Oahlto died to Oxiuder Tiro
Brown bounced the tall to Jones and
was thrown out nt flnrt ShAokard baA
no troUble getting under Vans high
one XroOann rolled the toall to Flood
and iwc retired No run
Second Inning
Brown cantered under Flood fly
ToyJor was still wild and gave Ahearn
a base The way Jones swung hi bat re
minded ono of DeleluwiOy but e3 be dId
WU try to bunt a Del popped a fly jto
Wonwr Ty or was atwahe enough to
catch AJh um rmvplntr at first No run
DresmaAan hit a beauty put Btranai
tor one baa and atole eoond but wan
called out mid the Dilmeei ana hoot of
the multitude Ooyta stopped Balbb
grounder end ptiixd It to tone who
covered first Slwckard mSO a won
Ssarful rurmrnr catch of Lou < kia Ions
fly No rUM
Third Innlngr
Straa Uolced on the call of strike
and mUll JeweL McCre dle madie a Sec
ond hit In the annie dlrootlon aa before
Shepkard 2t to Gilbert and that was
McCrefdJe tmdolns at neoon J Sheok
ant tried to arteavl second the ball In
Taylor hands He wa an euy vic
tim No nrra
GIlbert was hit on the 1IT1at ICe ictote
eeconrt aided by AJueama wild throw
Mtarner Ot tttumped hard In the back
Taylor Insisted on bunMns and bunted
three Ifoul Gilbert by a trreaaed slide
readhed third Umpire Moran called to
McQraw for getting out of the oonah r
box Browne fitted the ball over Sheck
aitla head for two base and the hit
cant QHbert nome WhIle Dahlen was
throwing Van out at frnrt on hta bounder
mnarner donhed borne tlelror tb > core
XDcQann wto hft twice by the Brooklyn
pttrihor before Moron would let him
walk Breanahnai second hit In the
ffazne by Blrurllnf to centra and Browne
scored Aa Bretmaihan stole aracond Mc
Oann tried to steal home but Floods
mum caucht him at the plate Tlhrvo
Fourth Innlocr
Rouieholdir railed a pop fly and
lAuder eel It Doyle waited and walked
the spectators going fairly wild over the
umpires juOtrtment Warner good throw
caught Doyle at second Lauder stopped
Dahlena cannon ball rap on the line No
UaM > liner Over DnJhlena bead was
good for a boat McOHnnley oiwoke
echoes with his coaohlnar and bad to KO
way back HouneQioMw after a run got
Ladder fly Batb etole seocmd Gil
bert walked Wan < < a fly Balled Into
Householder hand DabS made a
foolish aUampt to go to thud and wee
CllUSlht No run
li ihl i i Coutteued trom First PactI
tip odtJerthatlht dope Hsure < < ro no ac
A test track U whateTrT one IllW ht
Honaai run to form In test roI = s and
the contests are keener It was a good
card that Secretary nehbenrer handed
out this afternoon but It wag a hard
one The fleMa were large the entries
well balanced and the chance were
that the complaining bookmaker would
win back < what money they hay lost
on the other day of the meeting
The make feature thi afternoon wa
the Canar le Stake for twoyearolds
and there were youngster from the
barns ot August Belmont James R
Keene Green B Morrt B W Walden
Frank Farrell and others The attend
ance was very large for a Monday but
the season Is young and every day will
be a good one until the novelty wear
Handicap for UneejeareM and jnterd six
I Betting
Starisac whta locke etHUTln Btr PI
Tiring DnUtesa 100 JOnder S Zl I1 5 2
Roral IK ONeil 4 3M JS 6 4S
Demurrer 1JO llaiok 1 1 l i 9 3
irrll lit ItoDertaon t 4H4 I 45
lmseir 118 Oaom I C o 12 6 I
Sun Shower tT TUdtern 4 B fl 16 81
Cantlrator 102 nice 777 20 1 r
New Tort 131 Cornier Lett IB II
Start poor Won ridden out Time 114 I
Demurrer went to the front at the I
tart and set a hot pace to the turn I
where Faying Buttress closed and took
the lead The latter then stalled oft a
rush by Royal through the atretch and
won cleverly by a length and a half In I
the fastest time of the meeting Royal
was bangup all the way and was rid
den out to beat Demurrer a length for
the place
Tor twor rol4a maldina slllnij fttar and
onshall ttrlona
StsrUrs wht leeks SlHlfrin SIT PI
nomhlno 58 rudiern 4 3 1 85 35
= iiI8itl MOOT S 2U 3t 4 7 f2
Minion 93 T noWnK a i nt 30 10
Mildred U U 99 fuller S IH 41 10 4
Evelyn ArnoM 102 ONM 1 4J 6J 2
Dill raradls W Hack 4 6 It 0 I
Brmphonr 102 McCatfertr 12 97 fOo
AlSeTn I0i Dart 10 8 8 20 I
Xnobbaaajton no ONU 4 p C > IS 8
Bronx 110 ruller Its IS C
Petinla I2L Odom 7 8 > 7 246
Interlude 110 Haaek tit K 8
ashy Cattle 110 J MartIn S S a 20 10
CtarH Hetier 110 Austin 10 10 10 12 6
BUrt poor Won JrlUKi Time OS5
Palm Bearer and Contentious raced
away head and heat followed by Mine
Pin and Nameokl They ran this way
tn the stretch whet Nnmeokl cloir l
on the lenders It then became a rea
hot drive to the finish where Palm
Hearer won by a head from Namnokl
who wn a length Iii front of Conten
For thrmwamold a and upward eelllni seieo
atartln hta lock lfirn fu Vl
Xhtaaaw 102 OKH 3 js 10 4 rlj
OeUwaba 110 J Martin 7 2 > I 4 1 S
Roaitawl 10 GuIana 2 8 3 f I
ten tL Deanuaa S KU 4 > 2fl a
J II Sloan 116 R > S
RobertaonK 7 51 1M 81
SqDIo MI roller 1 41 8 l ii g J
NooMo 107 Pallet S n 7 In 15
Ilmproi lis Wtrbiry S I II M 6
OMden 108 ToomanIO 10 D IiO 20
lInda Card PI OBrien 4 fIo 101M tt
leadun t8 ltandwsnii 13 11 39 in
Jars 101 ntddlmtton I 9 12 K 10
Mas 11J Cnamr
8 12 13 150 so
BUrt sood Won seIlr Ttaela
KlcUhaw raced to the front with a I
great bunt of speed and opened up a
gap of half a dozen lengths In the field
which wa headed by Oclawaha nSstarid
and Bride Card In the run home Ode
waha closed on the leader and looked as
If he might wear him down but Kick
shaw cam on and won easily at the end
by five length from Oclawah who wa
three length In front of Roitand
Special to rite Bnntnf Work
The entries for
tomorrow1 raoea are
as follow
rtnt itaceflThg clx turlo
Prtek r lf V St rShy U3
IMtl Jc ornrl93 PraIri Que ii1f
usitix azzm Pmt uQrirss
1flweiar octw 10 II L G > lrrnanlM
Psinq 110 Coljacy 1
hf71nkor 1011 11nILItC I
leirt lltetelo iI1
iti ele 100 2
5oomd flAcVbuz 1J14 entJf furIQei iii
Ing 1111 twarr oW
Ocean Tia IJ nrt > ort KM
ntxMisprlnc it < il03 Th lAd RbMIIOI
Adele ToblJI2 Termagit I 101
Hydrangea m Margaret o filers
Pickle 302 nIie R1rhria g
Jea11ir 1111 12 Aulrall iIO
IMI 107
Third RacPcotc Stake salllntjaernfvir
Ion a
CraneiTlll 101 hstennore 14
Right and True 101 BobbinI 9
CrrtUrraaemsnt ill Itowwatrr 101
Fourth Jtac Handicap on mil and manly
srdi r
Dthlca 112 Abaaada 107
bird Beds lot Numsral 14
The Rjint lit Uelatenlnger I
Silurian D AUnlroy 1
01 reua tS Kin mill W
rVlh flesil4g tor wovirolda Iou
and a belt furlong
Ion > > 4 Miss McKanns M
Echlnsta > 7 AJbtnola 10
ryiMloa 102 SUM Vncr ini
Bailor Ud 101 Bt Boch 22
61 Juransl ItO
Slith 1tecMeJfra MTO furlrajs
Boring Silk 01 IWtuB 10
Caplaln rt 113 LoN Tureo 4
vJ KtUtea 13 Krdnla 7 I n
hr Crest 03 Tarllatier lii
alDD l i narrofl U
CrDlulo 1 w rlflnc UTt v M
Pino POMfl It King rOt j M
ZoJik 1 6 1 Chiron 5
< > < a
Cruaohen I Oj
CmialHntloii In New Lundnn
NKV IXXNDON Conn April tOThe
loop yacht Conitltutlon arrived In Now
London harbor early today In tow of the
lug Aries due will haul out at the
Jllyerilde shipyard for repairs and clean
Ing of hull
Taei1erbIt Vlus n hate
PARIS April HW If Yandtrblir
lartold with Nmh Turner up won the
Ptlg Bloionltn worth about tMO at
the gi CIrses nsettngloday Mr
Van4sbIlie ea was fourth IB lbs r a
l e 3rlzy ug jn
Jt 1I
1 v
ollNAll NwJdL7 P1TCffEIG
He Started His Second Season with the Giants by Holding
the Brooklyns Down to One Hit Which
Was Made by Jack Doyle
Magistrate Dismisses Charges
Against Three Negroes Who Were
Taken In Raid at Olympia Field
In spun of the recent decision of
UairlKtrato Deue1 that the playing of
baseball on Bunday under certain condi
tions was legal Capt MoNally of the
East One Hundred and Twontyelxth
street utatlon yesterday made three nr
rest at Olympia Field One uHndrod
and Thirtyfifth street nnd Lenox ave
nue on charges erf violation of the Sun
day law
A bnsrtwll game was started at these
grounds between the Ansonloa and the
Lak < woods nesro team arid when the
first ball was pitched the rrUnaser and
the pitcher nnd catcher of the Arutonla
who wcro In the Held were arrested
They were resiwctlvely John Colsmwnd
No K West One Hundred and Thirty
fifth aired Theodore Smoot of No GG
Went One IUmilro1 and Thirtyfourth
street and Alonio Johnaon of No IB
IVest Ont Hundred and Thirtyfourth r
In court totlay before Magistrate
R Vitality
This great Vegetable Vilillzy the pre
jcrlptlon ofa furious French physlclin
will quickly cure lOLl of all nervous or
dUeatts ofthe gcnciMlve organs such as
Lost Vitality Insomnia Pains In the
Back Nervous Debility Pimples
Varlcoccle and Constipation CU
PJDBNH cleanses the Iher the kidneys
CUiMOENastrengthensandrestores The
reuon sulftrers are not cured by doctors
Is because 90 per cent are troubled with
Frostatltls CUPIDENB Is the only
known remedy to cure without an opera
tion 5000 testimonials written Run
antee Chennd money returned If six
boxes do not effect a permanent cure
S 100 a boxl sIx for 500 by null
Send for free circular and testimonials
San Francisco Cal
WALTER S KOCKEY I 34th it and 8th
ave Hew York
1tHtt J t iI tJ
hogan the detectives MId that no ad
mission was charged but contribution
wore accepted If offered The detective
aId they gave ten cents each Magis
trate hogan made no reference to
ataKlstratu Deuels decision but dis
charged the three prisoner without
BOSTON April tOBo lon and Phlla
d 1nhla Inaugurated the ball season to
day before limo largest morning crowd
ever assembled In this city there being
8376 spectators A bad fourth Inning by
Waddell gave the home team a lead
which the vIsitors could not overcome
Farrell made his debut with Boston and
threw to billie finely
Score by Inning
Daiton OOOS0111 9 2
21lIIidlplmIi 0 0 1 1 0 2 0 0 0t 47
lUilcrlfB Winter Olneen and Farrell
I Waddell and Schreck Umpired Con
nelly and Hutnett
Little Fellow Will Fight Before
Fort Erie Club on Memorial
Terry McQovern and Abe Attel the
Western wonder have been matched to
right May 30
The little fellows win battle before tile
frort lIne Club on the afternoon of
DecoratIon Day for BO per cent of the
gate money Tho winner will get 76
per cent and the loser 26
Sam Harris and Ike Bloom the lat
ter representing Attel met thl after
noon and tho match was quickly made
The boys will fight under etrnlgtit
Queenberrv rule
McOovern Is to be kept busy for the
n xt few month He win begin train
InK at once for the fight with Attel and
will keep In condition after that right
to take on all comers
His Big Machine Breaks Down
on Way to Garden City Auto
mobile Races
Harris 6 Harkness did not compete
In the trial automobile races at Garden
City this morning owing to a break down
In the machinery of We big new racer
I The new machine has been built on
I secret line 4 and Mr Harkness Is not
yet ready to expose It to public view He
started for Garden City from South
Brooklyn before daylight this morning
and with no lamps lit could not see
clearly and ran Into an obstruction that
damaged the water tank of tho machine
The committee will decide whether or
not Mr HnrknesaB entry will be re
ceived at a later date
I Designer Fife Says Cup Chal
lenger will Resume Trial Con
tests in About Three Weeks
WETMOUTH England April 20
At a conference between Mr Ward
At a conference between Mr Ward
Designer Kite and Capt Wrlnge of
Shamrock III It was decided that the
yacht can be made ready within three
weeks for racing again Designer Fife
ha condemned the boom gaff mast and
topsail spars of the yacht and they will
all be removed as will the lalls Work
nils already been begun on the yacht
flhe wrecked ipurs of the challenger
were lifted to the quay today It was
seen that the shell of the must Is of
extraordln thinness being 316Inch
nickel steel The length of the mat
was 155 feet and Its greatest diameter 22
Inches That the metal wan very tough
Is evidenced by the fact that It had bent
and reoent In various places without
> A cablegram was received by G A
Cormack secretary of the New York
Yacht Club yesterdu from Sir Thorna
Lipton In which he said the damage to
Shamrock HI will be righted In three
week and that there will be no
Tsp5nem U of the races for the
America Cup
Trainer Dan OBrien who became
famous because of a fuse trial over the
Kentucky Association course Isto be
reinstated as a trainer on May 4 when
the Western Jockey Club will meet and
grant OBrien a license
Tad Bloan write from Paris that he
will make application for license In
Fntnce England and America He says
he la In prime condition for donning the
color again and will land some lensa
lIonel mounts
Sidney C Lore the little colt of Dr
RIce and Constance Is by many good
judges thought to have an excellent
ohance for the American Derby
Semi Jredy
C The Semiready system of clothes for men appeals
to every man in the country because it succeeds both
II custommade and U readymade and all men have
worn either one or the other
< HSemiready appeals to the rich because it eliminates
all worry and waitingto the fastidious because it dupli
cates best customwork to the economical because it
costs no more than ordinary II readymades which lack
character and exclusiveness
A ifl C Trledon finishedtoorder and delivered
ered tame day
C Suits and Overcoat 18 to 860
I Q Eighteen Wardrobei in United State
a and Canada
4 Broadway and Eleventh Street
A j KaILv c OM r A NT
coMTaoIlLsas rois hfXWYO
The Evening World will print all challenges results of gtuaoa or I
other news concerning amateur baseball toama in Creator New York
and suburban towns In the Sporting Edition From time to time as
spoco permits pictures of the captains or star players of teams will bo
Address nil communications and pictures the Sporting Editor I j
The Evening World New York
The Alma Jr wnA like to book game with I
teams averaging 1214 Address Oaorg Stel >
nlgsr 131 K Third Street
Tb Bt Raphael altar boil hat organlng
for the coming aaason and would Ilk to book
genes with teams averaging from 13 to 15
run Allohureh team preferred Thsy line
up aa blow Daly rf Lawleaa ct Casey
lb I T Kally 1C 1 Barry SB I a Smith 4 J
Kelly 2t Connor e and Oentner p
Thy aro ready to accept lho challenge of ths
Holy lrtoary Junior for May 3 on their own
ground Addrets Michael lAwless No 4W
i Weal FortyUrn street
e S S
Th Oceanic D B C formerly tho mOIl F
r C ot Harlem would tike to book gamea with
acres averaging 14 to lb yeara old for a side
bet ot 13 or to Addreaa J Hutledge No US
Gael On Hundredth street
I e S
I The Unions ot ManMUan College would like
to arrange sin ll with uniformed teen averag
I Ing 11 to 12 yeara They line up aa follows II
Lee and J Gregory calabars and lettfielders
I William MiAvoy nnt 0 ee L Clarla second
bu H Ilemoe and F Qrejory hortato4 and
pltcheri V PaJmlerl third bu and pitcher M
Callaghaa centra Odd Addreea F P Oflord
manager Manhattan College
ma Itodna F C would like to hear from a
few good player Including catcher and pitcher
to play with a team averaging nineteen yean
Saturday Sunday and holiday game Arthur
R Oil No 104 East One Hundred and Twenty
fourth street
S 5 5
Th Bt Vincent A C will crosa beta with
th Viola F CI tomorrow on the farmer1
ground Coopere Park A good game la ex
peoted aa both team hare good iscordsext
Sunday at Cooper1 Park the BtVincents will
hare for their opponenta the Hoppo A C
at Petere A C would like to arrange game
with teems averaging fourteen years gaaea to
be played on our grounds half expense to
losing team Dates In June July and August
open Address John J Colllna No 73 Degraw
street Brooklyn N V
Th Bmurers Bastball Club reorganised for
the seaaon challenge any Item averaging fifteen
year of ago to pWr for 16 and the chamsloa
ship of Brooklyn Th team line up as bIbs
Con Haute pltohu M Doyle catcher R
om l Cm boa J Con second baaa Frank
Sullivan third bees Harold Conly shortstop
Qua Leohardt right field j Ctuuncey Cook center
field Marty Cult left Celd U Kearna and
Legs McUulre Addrras Capt Cuff No 136
Clueon avenue Brooklyn
The Reliance F C would like to book game
with teals averaging twelve to fourteen the
Oswegoa or teams of Ilka rtrtngth preferred
They tine up u follow Voaa second base
Semlg ahonatop McGinn pitcher and catcher
Schnabel catcher and pitcher Brooker Orel
base Brennen belt field Ixigue right field
Durlager centre tdI Ws1dron thin lase Ad
dresa O J 3bnabel No 433 Went Fiftyeighth
The Acne F C would lib to book game with
teem averaging thirteen to fifteen year uni
formed team preferred Addres E Olmherg
No 205 NInth avenue Long Island city
The Dover Juniors have reorganised and would
like to arrange games with uniformed team
averaging fourteen years Hare Saturday Dd
Sunday t open Sunday game for a aide
bet of 3 to 15 Addresa R A Scofleld Sill
Uadlaon avenue
The Brunswick B B C would like to hear
from a good pluer and two allaround players
who are fifteen or sixteen rear old having unl
fornta Addreea William Ross 737 Waahlngtoi
Street New York
IM crack Proepect A C would like to ar
range games with team averaging thirteen to
Sfteen years offering suitAble guaranteea They
ha April 20 n h y 2 S 16 JJ M Jon
J 13 2U 17 28 aid all Baturday IOd SunMya la
July and August Open Addma Jam A Lamb
No 63t Franklin avenue Brooklyn So T
A good playsr would like to Join uniformed
team averatlnc eighteen to nineteen years of egs
Address Brawn 223 But 6jtnthlgMh atreet I
Two good payrs would 11110 to Join a bueball
team avermtlnr ulxteen to seventeen istre A4
dies S ilcCanliy No 16 Thence street New
lork City
e e S
The WaTirley Junltrs eorad team will OPB I
tli aeaaon tomorrvw at Claremcnt with the tin t
coin Junior A C Th following player are re
queued to report at Claremoht Sunday C Teld
trn C Wallum U Elaler K Oroa C UoBn
ery It D uUch L G rten 11 Werner sad S
llemburger They would like to hear from a
OrstcMu battery must furnbtfi own uniform
tveraclng twelve to thlrteeo years gmea to be
played on our groanda for old bets The follow
lug teems are preferred Albambres Orezon Ju
Ulan Bufftle of lUrlirn Irving Btyelde A C
Elmonts Senat Elite Anon Pearl Juniors
Volunteer F C Crystal Junior and Chuwlnm
Additna S Hunburger No 65 St Maika plao i
Uetronomea would like to hear from uniformed
teams averaging fifteen rear for Sundays and
holldaya Address Andrew Wilson 157 But
ODe Hundred and Fourth street
De Sale of Ninetysixth street would Ilk
to arrange games wtth turn averaging four
teen to fifteen icE Tlgei Jrs Decatur die I
Raya of Catholic Protectory S Anna Acid
my and Mercury preferred Address J yolk
t g m
The Criterion 6 A C of Harlem would Ilk I
to her from all teams averaging sixteen year
The following players hire signed n Dtfrteo
B Newman D Schwarlimin J MorrIs P
Weiss Joe Cellar D Liopez 6 Emanuel 1C
Levy J MaJier And F Bymei Address O
Schwaruman 205 Eut One Hundred and Slxtk
Tomorrow the crack PhiladelphIa OlanU cot
tied of Philadelphia will line up against th
Rldxewoodi at Rldiewood a loUts Carter
the colored pitching wonder will be In the box
for the giants Fool the chlcsxo Union catcher
wit do the recelvlrs White first 0 aes JranU i
Mcond base fringe third base Monroe ahon i
stop Patietton left field Ouckner right field
Nelson centre field
The Mrcury F C will book genes witk
unUrmoJ team ieerrlen jenra old baeln5
ground will ply for aid b1 of from 3 t
15 1111 upen elptJ Addr 10hn
Item 691 IVeadoter nue Drx
The Lenox A C of Grcenpolnt would like
to book games with teams averting from thir
teen to fifteen year All dates open Item Ms
10th Sunday and Holldiys Addresa J Colgsn
ICi Inlla street
A church team average slstern would like to
hear from a good btttery Aldress CIr Store
621 First avenue
The Cluni nl Doklyn want rime with
unllrmd team airrigiug lxlnn to evanteau
all Citerdeen and holiday tlcpl dun 13 and
20 open 01w mock 848 Oreen scent hook f
tin r
The Red Star fl B c his > been tir nli3x
with the fallowing players bb Frankentttln
captain tlus Ilowsk right field C fchnable
centre field r ReIch shortnup c Hlrah I
pitcher J Slverman left Held A Sinflers
catcher O Sprlngmeyer first base F Lot sec
ond base S Cooper third bM V Joaephaan
manager We challenso all clubs between the
Mea of alchteen and twentyfive reara old Al
dresa 8 Kranktniteln 24 Ent One Hundred ant
Fourteenth street I
On May 30 afternoon the eea > prcfeulonalv Vi
MorrIs A C crofa bet with the Rrtrng Peatlmt
i > f rMount Varnonr nk mornl3 Kamael at2 L 7 I
open for any ftrMclasstftun nreun vctnoy l
whh offer a suitable Inducftmeatl itenll Kletay Jl
1204 Webster avenue X V Cltyf i j M Ji H
Horses Carriages c Horses Carraces c
4ld I
j m
Contractors Wagon
t I
This is nri ideal wagon for hautlng sand dirt stones etc and
we make it in several weights and sizes to meet every demand
The bottom of the bed is made of heavy slats qr poles each
about 4 in wide making dumping quick and easy f I
Studebaker heavy Twowheel Carts for city contractors and
the lighter ones for farm use3 in or 4 in tirearc particularly o
strong serviceable and convenient
Studebaker Buggies for contractors and superintendents are
big strong and heavy With or without tops Nothing likethem
forcomfort and good service I t
Studebaker Harness is designed and made with a purpose
We always furnish the harness to suit the vehicle Everything
for the horse and the stable is shown iiI our new Harness Store
Broadway and 7th ave at 48th street New York
Maker of Automobile
L 4
Sportsmens Goods
and aor ar compaUtorst Thr oaBUt buy
good at UU the prlcs I retail them lies on
1 do ItT Simply Iblsi I liar ajnla all ovr the
cousIn atlsnainf Bhnfff ant rteoalrara isle
sal snapping up Dartalna at Auctloa and buying
up mtlrs nocks Iron hanlup Ktailaclursn sad
J librs Monty talks every Hm
600 Bicycles Slaughtered
1 carload lust la Item Brracus N Y
Now read for the greet lauchttr Bal
Columblas CISTlsndi Spelling Creewnta
Ollva lMrxee Sliros n4rM Favorite
ClpplrL 0
II e3 b11Ol2 ° 11O 17 2O25
New abop a414 and see tlttU sited In
lpcttea isolisS
JUfr H W All kinds U kind II horn JOe klni
kind at I eo > I t tte at 6k I al Sc
> eoo rIb el Hart
JfJLk LSfSJ fads Ttliasr Cbae
uectKreprsec a tree M < it all at U trko
lfir > M rkeVMnr
Sporting S
QUEENS co mm mf
Racing Ewy Weak Day aU80 P Mjr f
AdmUalon to Grand Btajid IJOO llss ILM
RIM tralna lean B 34th at 1064 A U tilt
1ZW 110 120 130 140 lM P S natbuav r
av 10U A M 1240 1 ltO 145 ltf P alf 1
Ul do not know of anthIna
here or In your country t oj lj
touch h for Information says i
a gentleman In London speaking 1
ofihc 0
World Almaimc
the Bosk of R IWenc ThM X
raPM1iI Throuikvi a I
< Ww J
fi I
< i

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