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1J 1
lraAT c1 < < r IItat < < TI1 t l I I
8 S EBAltf1t NIGHT
II Circulation R ok Oven to AIl II CIrculatIOn Books Open to All n
I Tnr SAfE
igSteel Box Dangling in
c the Air Crashes Down
1 from a Second Story
When a Jack Breaks and
Two Men Seated on
Skids Are Mortally In
Safe Hits thc ISkids on Which
They Sat and They Are
Pitched with Such Force that
Nearly All of Their Bones Are
Broken Big Hole Knocked in
t Pavement
A fiveton safe which was being moved
from thIs second to the fourth floor of
the Mercantile National Bank Building
at Broadway and D y street broke
loose this afternoon and mortally in
jured two men
As it swung between floori tie lift
ing jack broke and It fell on the wooden
sk tt reaching out from the second story
window on which the safo Jiad rested
before It started on its upward Journey
f Two men Inside the bulldlngr jyho were
alttlng on the skids were burled into
the air try the rebound of the skids
One of them was pitched through the
window Intothe street and the other
wu burled against the oelUnrot the
room Both were frightfully Injured
Their names are John Boralsen ofNo
JS9 Prospect treet Brooklyn and Janjea
Meehttnof No 315 Eait One Hundred
a Thlrtyeljthth street
Mochan died two hours after t ens
tacen to the hospital
A tromejidoua crowd gathered ottho
steeha of the accldenti attracted there
by the crashing of the safe as It bounced
off the skids and fell to the street In
ten minutes there were B 000 men and
wdmen flghtlng to find out what hud
happened an the reserves Iron the
Church street Btatlon had to be called
out to clear a way for traffic
XQTT the Sklili Were Hied
The work of moving the safe was In
charge of the Atlas SafeMoving Com
pany Alfred TV Reynolds of No C30
E t One Hundred and Tliirly ntth
atreet was the foreman lioMls > m and
Ileehnn wero his helpers The skids
weN tun out of one of Uo tccmd
BtJry windows and when Ihey had befn
properly braced thj safe was lifted up
and shoved out
Bops and tackle WeN then rigged
around the safe and attached to the
jack on the fourth floor lowly the
jack was turned nn dthe big steel box
began to move upward As always a I
crowd to3d at a safe distance and
gaped at tho work Occaslonally somc
venturesome chap disregarded the
danger sign and ran under the great
lr > n mass which swung above
Boralscn and Meehan not being need
ed on the fourth floor had remained on
the second Their work was practically
done They sat on tho Inner end of
the skids resting for a moment when
th Jack broke and down came the ttafe
Neither of the men probably realized
what had happened It was all so sud
de4 All ho safe snick the outer end
er the skldu the wooden supcflds bent
Jttoanu tnen inn inner Sd gave
way The tw9 men IIhot up as though
board trom the ep 1 ot a powerful IIprmtr
Boraleen who sat nearest the win
dow snot through It like a ball from a
catapult and landed far out In ihS
trt t Meehan stnrek the celllnK with
frlgntful force and fell Dack o tho
floor ashspeless mass
< tote Orailieil Dutrn
The safe crashed Its way through Ihe
kJ3 Ialll thouan iney wee pipe iiem
and knocked a neaL hole In the side
walk Haveral persoim had Just paused
tinder It but no one was hurt The
crashing of the Immense weight as It
rtound the stone pavement Into
whluh der and landed the flylifbody of BoMlsen
halfwny ncroaa tho
street railed a cry of horror trom the
cnrwd A rdoren mti rusn tu
fcpdy It was Jn terrible shaps A DO
UcDinan sent a call to the Hudson Ulre t
Hospital The doctor who responded
aid that almost every bono in tho
mna bod Willi broken and that he
would al1felY die
v It ume IItUlltime beore it wa
known that Meehan wa alao hurt lie
was found with four ribs fracfurod his
kull mushed and WUH unconscious The
v doctor also said he could not live Jloth
I men > w re taken to the liopliul lIull ttl
police after clearing away the crowd
o that the street about the biliailnr
wore paable fot to workHIlocatu the
rcapolI bllltY i
ReYlloldol Ilid rf porler or Tho
1 lI velnlr World tllq no une 0wraaTIt0
blame as it win Imiiosdbjo to foresee
that tha Jack vrould break It wig ilia
kind urdlnarlly tilled In such work and
was t made 10 vtand tbu utraln pu Un1
Th police finally arrested Iteynblds
Walttr 8 Bdworda of No 4J itinwiex
Brooklyn und Julian Caro of
Hreet IJroa way Wllllamsburg ani
ok them la the Centra Street Court
Carp was paroled until Friday for
xitn ntton The other two were held
caefc In IW bail pn n charge of criminal
I1UIf ce
A l1r au
= TooIa
1 > ur
f fj II
1 l
k r
5AnEr O UF
Deserted by Broker Who
Reconciled with Wife
Refused to Keep Promise
to Wed Her When He
Secured Divorce She
Drank Carbolic Acid in
His Presence
Last Statement of Blackmur
Dashing Wall Street Man Is
that He Had No Intention of I
Living with His Wife This
Twentyfour Hours After Di
vorce Suit Was Dropped
Horace Blacknlur the younc broker
for whose sake Ida Morrison attempted
to commit sulcldo in their apartment
at No 3SS Ilalsey sttoot Brooklyn last
nlght has flopped again
The girl took carbolic acid because
Blackmur told her that he bildba
come reconciled with his wife who
was suing hlm for divorce naming
Miss Morrison as corespondent Al
though the case was withdrawn yes
terday by mutual consent Blackmur
now says that he had no intention of
llvlnsr with his wife and that If Miss
Morrison recovers he will resume his
relations with ijer J
I have neverllvea with mywife slnc
the day > we were marrl d saidBlack
rnur to Cast Buchanan of tha dates
av nuo police station aridl never will
live with her I hayo visited her arid
contributed to her nupport but we have
never been closer than friends since
our marriasfoV i
Girl In Critical Condition
Miss Morrison IB In a critical con
ditlon at St Marys Hosplttl Blackmur
Insists that she took the poison Hoel
dentally bcllevlnp It fo bo peppermint
The stuff was mixed with whiskey and
but for this fact the girl would probably
have died Immediately
In her petition for divorce Mrs Blaok
mur had said that since her husband
left her he had given her only ti a
week for the support of herself and
her child and that she had been com
pelled to Una work aa a saleswoman In
a store at 5 a week
When her divorce caae was called In
court yesterday an attorney announced
that Mrs Blackmurs petition had been
withdrawn and that jv reconciliation
had been effected Blackmur who is a
member of the Unon IvCagua Club and
the Tivonlythird Regiment failed to
reach the apartments he bad occupied
with illfs Morrbon until nearly 8
oclock last night She had felt un
oasy Ho had always been there soon
utter 6 oclock She ate dinner alone
When ho did come he was not the same
Horace Blackmur she had known Ho
was cold and distant It was all biul
neBS and very formal at that
Ifielcd and Fell at Ills Kect
A lump rose In tho young womans
throat She aiked Blackmur to excuse
her while sha took few
a drops of pep
permint essence and went to the inedl
cine cabinet Before Blackmur know
what sue was doing she had swal
lowed tile content otfl twoounce bot
tie of carbolic uold AS ana east the
feTlX WeeS tile IloDr IIho reeled and
tell at his teet
Blackmur ran downstairs telephoned
for doctors and then returned to AlUa
Morrison When Dr iarker of No
02 McDonough street came he saw
that the young woman wan In a critical
condition and sent her at onc to fit
Marys Hospital notifying the uollo
of the Incident
Wife Ready fnrOId Life
lira Blackmur who lives at No 1145
Bedtord uvuiiuti refused today to lila
cum tio latcet development in her lira
drama Bho has given up her position
In u department score ana said she way
propurliiK to ugaln become the real
wife of Tier husband
At St Marys Hoipltal today Ur luU
laid that Ml a Morrisons condition waa
very low that ulia might die at any
moment Tho sister who answered the
telephone said thaI although tha valine
woman was aurfering Iueat pain there
wa a smllo contentment on her
la Attorney Frederick lj d Keating nl
No M Iirk How who rausecl Mrs Black
mafn nitt for divorce to tm dtamlwoU
iictcd on belmlf of both husband umi
wife They rallnVon him nd nccom
IIJB to Keating the woman said mie
illiiiit wunt to divorce her husband bnf
wanted to Know If there WfUI not some
way to prevent the action solng tur
trier Her attorney sue naid had tow
her thnt the milt must goon r Kent
In7 lilt hnugh not an Attorney or rec
ord In tlm disiy tliniiflit that If < hft
rounle wanted tn live to etlier again
It WttA thMr liUHlneaa and hit told worn
the way tll sop thn proceeding
Ueaorllinil n IllciirtDrrbtcnr
At iNo Cfl Wall street where Black
mar has his oCII lIthe youuc man
projcnt trouble had been expected for
mouth Mils Morrl on Will a frequent
vltor and her Infatuation for him wa
a subject of comment among the oci I
cupsnts of the building Mrs lII k
mar WM seldom seen
Affw Ihft Itfn rl1phet liot No 0
1 Itd 1Ilckmilr tlu t e rfPlttn
tJ ln of rlnll a htart breallcer bill
lIha a dctnL Drt of ell 011
1t III SIl 11 IIn awful Y CUIOchlll
I 0111 of tlte t It tPlr aII
rq r f
c 1i r Hf o
If Wee Willie Keller nt tha Hat
New York American Pitcher
Lets Washington Players
Fill the Bases in First
Inning and Then Assists
in Making Three < Outs
with No Runs
Washington New York
KoMnson as < jDavls If I
Selbach = IKfeler rf
Del ehan ty1f KulU cf
JJyan cf V l WtUlamlf
Carey Ib OanKllbl
Coughlln 8b Longi BI
Demontrovllle Conroy 3b
Clarke OConnor c
Orth p Chesbro p
Umpire Mr Carru ers
INGTON April aClark Qrlfflth and
his band of New York Americans re
splendent In their new uniforms made
Hhclr debut here this afternoon
They lined up against the Washington
confident of victory and looking1 Ilka
pennant winners
hlngtonlans have the baseball
fever The cool weather which pre
vailed this afternoon didnt lower their
terrperatures When the team which
will represent New York In fhe Ameri
can League helrcd the local aggregation
to open the seacon at these grounds this
afternoon tho enthusiasm was Intense
Jicvr Yorker Cheered
New Yorkers can cheer and root sure
enough So can Washingtonians With
the came vehemence that a tie natoI or
Congressman talks for the passage ot
a bill did the rooters root today The
only difference was that the noise was
SOOO or 90UU times greater
The cheers and shouts were not con
fined to tha ball grounds Two hours
before the game there was a street m
rade Along Pennsylvania avenue and
jither streets leading to the irrounds
Clark Orlfflthss Now York boys and
Tom Loft ss local players rode m car
I riages and ahead of them was a band
No funeral marches rttitthe air Lively
tunes were tho order The music of the
band was indistinct at times People
lined the stretts and cheered Every
man In the carriages feft Ike a new Pres
ident must on Inauguration day It was
a triumphal march all right If It did
nothing else It marked the
spr ad of
baseball fever
Griffiths Men Look Well
Clark arimthss men looked Just like
they said tley feltflne Thrlr stay
under Wio Minnx aouthorn skies had left
Its mark ana every man was turned 16
a bronze hue Little Willie Heeler looked
smaller than ever His vest hung over
tils abJomeh Ilka an awning over a win
dow Still ho was as hard aa a full Ueg
of naiU That was Just the condition
of every one of the New Yorkers ex
< ptn JlminX William Jl u tho
heavyweight of the team
We are riot making any pennant
winning claims WAS Clark Qrimth
comment Wo will be In the nkiu oh
the WRY though Any mun who woul
lay a claim to a pennant at this season
of the year pught to be muMloil
I do not know or a weak snot In
tin team The JnHeld laa vSWubtt
none IVIIIINo club In the country Ims
anything on us In pitchers In catchora
we are well off Bevllle Is a new ono III
fast company but liall make good As
to the outnrld a look at the names Is
all Huts necessary No toinment Is
reqiilred <
Atfr drlvlnit 81 around Washlnjton
accepting the smiles of pretty girl and
th derlilve che rs of the nwll boy
th arimthMiilans finally reached the
grounds at 30 oolock an hour before
hft Jam 1 The Inovitabe illlliday
wade of the playtrs was In Irrlr
Dliloinala stood on hflr feet with the
Inning snvll boy and welcomd the
nuiciilnr cea The iband vlayed a
march and the foot beats of the thou
sand In the stanl kopt the structure
rocking The players company front
wnK just the ttirgtp dllgueit an army
pfflcer It dlonl todaf ihough
M ny bj theM ocpupitd stats and
i Mt ltu N
t J < 1
NEW YORK lOO oo 3 3 o 07
BROOKLYN 0 00 000 0022
Continued from Tenth Page 1
Sixth Inning Babb fanned Lander and Gilbert bothsin
gled Warners triple scored Lauder and Gilbert Warner 1
scored on McGinnitys out at first Evans threw Doyle out
Three runs I
McManus Evans and Strang flied out No runs
Seventh inning Van Haltren andMcGann out atfirst Bres
nahair singled Babb was hit Lauder singled scoring Bres
nahan Gilberts single scored Laud r and Babb Warnr
flied out Three runs J
At Boston Philadelphia iBosfon2
At Chicago End sixth inning Cincinnati y 3 Chicago 1
At Princeton Fordham li < Princetont4v i
rf w
NEW YORK 100010 0
Continued from Tenths Page
Conroy flied out Orth singled UCbnnonand Chsbrovout
at first No runs t
Third Inning Orth put at first WilliamsijuggledRobinsons
nit but Rob died stealing Selback flied toConroytNotriins
Davis fanned Keeler and Fultzfliedout > Norunsj
At Philadelphia Boston 1 Philadelphia 6
At StLouis Etidsixth inninp Cfiioagpi11 iStfLouis2
Ij I
0 1 < L I
fet J wVUSrfSft
Sixth RacerJulia M I S yi Db2 prjrig3 i J t
fourth Race Major Teriny 1v Huzzah2HarryjNewi3V IriJt
Fifh Race Molinos V Ed Terney > 2 i I Jeli I
t liA QNt
Fourth RaoeEmshee1Kaffir2 GlenWater3
MuchTouted California Wonder Yellow Tail
Badly Beaten by Grand Opera
at Aqueduct I
pttlll to Thirnnlm World
April 2one of the most Interesting
cards of the meeting attracted a larx
crowd to the course this afternoon In
addition to the Ozone Stakes for two
yearolds there was a handicap at alx
furlongs to settle a muchdebated ques
tion liver since Yellow Tall came on
fr6m California there has been a great
deal of discussion as to jut how good
he cculd be He had a great reputation
on the coast II a sprinter but every
time he has started hire rain has fallen
or e se tie has hod poor horses so that
there never haa been a good opportunity
to Judge his merit This afternoon
however In meeting Grand Opera Fly
ng Buttress Homestead and others he
had a chance to make good or else go
own Into fctstoryas a foupfluther In
tha Oxone Stakes Mr Keene good colt
Ialmbearer was meeting Mr Del
mont Nlnfpln and other good young
sters i
The rest of the card was only fair In
quality but Interesting because of the
alia ot the fields The weather clouded
In the afternoon making the day a bit
raw but the track was fast and other
conditions satisfactory The attendance
was large
IRIT luce
For Urt r rol i 4vp JlIIIcep ela
Clifltli wfeu l kt stlllfrtft IkrPk
Or Ope 111 till 1 II 15 110
yllow T5tllU < VlfbrT I I I4 UtVll
New Vrt 110 R41ro 2 t lit 1ft 1
KSlM I fl414 T j
lIomlo Ios nI Ii 61 L 0 C
arl V CallahaV 6 < It 4
tuirt oc4 WM r14 a out TIIIIJlI tS
Uranff Opera trailed the color of the
muchvaunted Yrllow Tall In thll dual
It was Grand Opera first at every pol
alid first at tna nnlih by a length nd a
FIRST RACE fl furlona QrantJ
Opera Sta 8 11 Yellow Tall11
to 5 21 New York 8 Time
1ia 25
SECOND RAGS Seven furlopo
Klngralno 2 to if 1Lord Advo
ctte 10 to 12 Northbrook 8 Time
THIRD RACE Flva and a half
furlongs R IDTlnt 7 to 1 1
Sweet Alice 15 to 1 2 Futurlia 3
Time 107 45
FOURTH RAcTloxono Stakes
four and onehalf furlongs Agne
Brennan 8 to 8 1 Nlnepln 3to 1
2 Orlxa 8 TlmedPBB 25
FJFTH RAOErSiven furlongt
Lord Tureo 710 1 1 Polite 7 to 1
2 Albany Qlrl 8 Time 131 45
half Yellow Tall old his best but was
iitver any bltr hart saponff Mulshing
four Itntfhf In front of New York
T las til u PI MUCI MMI fur
Slon wtI4 RHifn lll t
Klnral mwiii II
LttS Aaree 10 HI Bonn Is K III
Jirtbbr ok 169 O a
Clortta IM 04con 1 III I
loin lit MIcbMli 2 I
trawl Putin JM rullwL f f C
TII Oold 104 Cofbr OIj I
Clwhi Ott6 J it I J
Ipoce 101 Ncalonr I JO
Clotlwl lif H Ut < W m II to
KU Bmaii US nf i th ii II
VIS t06 H 1511J 18 C
1 > 0 MU 111I01
KIoaI 1At cut out th running JUt
Aavoeati a14 CJoriU in eoW bIN
= r tb r fat
IN o
c o I
1 Ij
Jack OConnor f Mot Yet Down o
IVkGraw Takes His Aggre
gation of JS1CW Yorkers
totKe Otlier ide of thp
ijM O < IAfr Uf h
EffbH id v Wrest Another
Game from the Dodgers
> =
irookirn New York
fltranr ib Brownerf
UcCreedta rf Van Haltren cf
Sbeckrd If McGann Ib
isebolder cf Bresnahan If
Ie tb Babb ss
Ion a Lauder 3b
DOd Zb Gilbert ib
feYanuw c Warner c
Brani p MoQlnnlty p
Ump Mr Moran
T April 21 Tha only game labelled
USI on again here this afternoon
with bleachers listing to starboard
and port and grand stands loaded to
tlw gimales with a cargo of as well
seaioned fans as aver smote the welkin
with root hoot or murderous threats
For the fifth time In this wellheraldec
banner year Brooklyn and New York
crossed r wagon tongue foils In ihe
early struggles of what bid fair to be
one of the greatest contests In the his
too ot > he national sport
Despite the crisp dampness In the air
and the lowering skies the turnstiles
began to turn with a merry click two
hours before Umpire Moran announce d
the opposing batteries after the last
clans of the start nir gong Old Jem
my tIe hoiryheaded ataman
beamed rosily through his gatherlni
wrinkles as he began to check off the
record of the turnstiles
Tlsllka tha old days In good sooth
chuckled the old man with tingling en
thusjlastn to see the e oldtimers back
aPltvagaln Why yeaterday and today
I have sun old familiar faces that han
not smiled or scowled from bleacher or
r n4 Viand In a decade or more Speik
to them of bdsaball In the past few
y r arsahd their face would turn mo
la Jo vinegar But now the know
thlLhycan see ball that Is ball good
clean snippy electric pUy and the only
way you can keep them away Is to
ahickta them to their Hearthsides with
ball and chain Ah but the fan will
hav their fling these days coming by
Jerry as sure as Father Time tinged
thrsa gray hairs
Th same faces that walled the huge
semicircle though with not quite the
fuilQuoia of the opsolng day watched
today with keenedged expectation for
th appearance of their old friend Me
dlnnlty the Iron Man scheduled as bal
toner tor McQraws Uolhamltes Iin < S I
when he stepped to the box to warm
ua he was greeted with plaudits that
rang over the housetops The fair fans
wer especially vocli rous In their
greetings for there Is something pe
culiarly appealing to the feminine mind
In this stalwart twirler with his well
Continued on Tenth Irgo
P r teast for be tlilrlr > l
honrs etiaiu at 8 I > l Tliurc
anr for > fu York City nuJ yl
ctulOl Pnrllr cloudy lonltftit
iul TUor du IrotU nortbcrly
To 81 Lo l lu 118 Hours
t > l Limlul tjuin Weil Ml ItrHt
A Ml imkw CW tall
t <
The Prisoners Arraigned First by the Assit
ant District Attorney Then Discharged an
Then Held Under Bail by Coroner Scholer
They Are Now in the House of Detenv t
lion Pending the Inquest
r i
Giuseppe Marello Is First Discharged and 1
Then Put on the Stand but He Avoid 1
Trap Set for Him Big Crowd Around the
Criminal Courts Building and Policemen
AreLeft Carefully on Guard v f
Coroner Scholer this afternoon held all the suspects In theM 1 barrel
rnurdaV mystery without ball on a charge of murder and tie will proce ei
at once to hold an inquest In the case at which all the evidence obtalB 4
I JIl pr t d
TlioEJTBnlUB vTorid JoiraBd toil afternoon that Inspector MCClt
bui dUcnriJcd > the hou eatlfo22 Elizabeth streetNo 16 Stanton l
and No 8 Prince street and fixed ona house In Delancey afreet UHT J
scene of thecrime The number of the house hasnot been revealed but R Y
will be shortly <
Tho evidence in connection with this house which has not hither
been mentioned in the case Implicates iwo other Italians whom the polio
areconstantly shadowing They could be arrested at any moment but It
has been Inspector McCluskys plan to let them remain at libertyin uie
hope thatthey would take some action which would Implicate them mora
deeply than they are already 1
In the hope that they might fancy they had thrown aside suspicion F
the detectives have seemed to disregard these two unarrested suspects II
this Ms one of the reasons why It is said the nctlgn of Assistant District
Attorney Oarvan in dismissing the proceeding in Police Court and having
the Coroner prefer charges of murder against all the suspeCts w s takes >
When the hearing was resumed before Magistrate Barlow tils after
nooh Assistant DistrictAttorney Garvan muved for the discharge of all 3
the prisoners Th Magistrate at once granted the request I
There was tremendous excitement among the men In the whole court
room for none understood the move 2 < 1
The prisoners began an excited chattering among themselves and broJeiL
into glad smiles The significance of the move became apparent In a
moment when Coroner Scboler appeared and ordered them all under arrest
for murder >
This order Included Fenaro and Lubado who had been charged with
perjury and Marello who had been discharged at the morning Bsloa i
and used ns a witness by Mr Garvan agalnct the others The atunipt ti
draw from him anything that wouldxincrlmlnate his companlonSyWM J
distinct failureand probably caused the change tin tactics exhibitedby tfci
DlBtrlctAttorncy this afternoon i
When the news of tho action taken by the Coroner was noised aboat
the Criminal Courts Building there was tremendous excitement A gremt
crowd was gathered about the building and policemen stood atevel14o Sj
way and on every corner to keep back the curious many of them Italian
A patrol wagon which contained the barrel In which the dead matt
was found was almost mobbed as it drew up to one of the entrancee M
anxious was the crowd to see the gruesome exhibit There was no n eeoi ef
it however as the action ot the Coroner stopped proceedings tk4t oeurt
Shrewd and catlike Giuseppe Manila suspected of having some tawiiflp ff
edge of the murder sat in the witness chair in1 the Centre Street Court t
day and parried thrust after thrust on tho part of Assistant DstrlctAtt s i
ney Qarvan who was trying to trap him f
He hid behind hie alleged Ignorance of English although he has b
In the United Btatcs eleven years He shifted and shaded the meaning j
his replica He forgot when necessary and ho didnt need the aid of i
attorneys to tell him such mental lapses were necessary A J
The calling of Marello to tho stand was a aurprlie As soon as the em J
pects were arraigned In court Mr Qarvan moved the discharge of MareWtfn
Salvatore Baglinbcno stepson of the murdered roan darkskinned and low < ii
crlng almost sprang clear of his chair when he understood purport l
the ordsl1Is black eyes gleamed with anger and the look of fear l t
ueeraed always in them when he Is near the Sicilian suspects left hlat i
altogether i
Magistrate Barlow granted Mr Damns motion and without hOI it
the former prisoner was called to the stand The courtroom wajj r
and the other prisoners turned white faces on their former fellow M <
moved up and took the oath If
In what case and to what purpose Is this man cilledt lnqulr 4 M
La Barbler of counsel for the prisoners i1 t
In the case against ail theso suspects said Mr Carvan TW J i
preliminary hearing I can call anyone al a witness Till P
longer a prisoner He Is my witness 1 J
Mr I Barbler called Marollo aside whispered to him throw
terpreter and then turned him over for examination f
Marello took off bis overcoat He is lender harpJko14 i
In mapnor and appearance t
Wita Marello was callediho sid he kept a barbr
14 bttfl1f1r fI and 1rt1
l i >
I 1R t
11 > j
T 11

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