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RACING I SPORTS I Circulation Books Open to All l I II Circulation Books Open to A1ll i 1
j > AII Day They March Past the
j Body as It Lies in State
t While Italian Government
1 Troops Guard Against Acci
i dents
Thousands of Persons Had Re
I mained on the Vatican Plaza
Throughout the Hot Night to
Gain Places Near the Head
of the Line
HOME July 23For the flrit time
flrice the troops of Victor Emmanuel
poured through the breach In the walls
of Rome Italian soldiery under arms
entered the precincts of the Vatican to
I day This time their mission wu friendly
for fearing accidents might result from
the crush when the doora of St Peters
were thrown open to admit the populace
to view the body of Pope Leo Cardinal
Oreglla accepted tho Governments otter
to relieve the Swiss Guard and furnish
troops for the preservation of order
The thousands thronging the Immense
equare within the colonnade were thun
derstruck at 6 oclock this morning
when at the flrst boom of the Treat
bell two regiments of Italian Gren
adiers marched smartly across the
piazza Wflth a clang of arms tho
troops were halted at the loggia and
distributed about to preserve order
Three hundred were stationed along the
portico and 1200 along the colonnade
The Grenadiers wore long blue service
COif sndpeakei1 Caps They stood In
double columns at parade rest the line
extending from the threshold of the
church throuafh a narrow gateway In a
temporary fence of wood erected acres
the colonnade to prevent the people from
crowding about the church doors
i I I PApnl Guard an Duty
Within the edifice the crowd was
I handled by the members of the Swiss
I and Palatine Guards of which members
of the Papal Noble Guard were on duty
beside the catafalque
With the opening otthe Basilica to
permit the populace to view the re
I mains of the Pontiff thousands of per
I sons from tho ordinary walks of life
filed past to pay their last tributes
of lovo and veneration Many remained
mained on the piazza throughout
hot night In order to gain a place at the
bead of the line
I Elaborate preparations had been mado
A to guard against accidents In the crush
All converging streets were cleared of
vehicles leaving them free for foot
passengers while six nmbulancl sta
tions had been erected Including one
at the entrance to the piazza and an
other beside the door of St Peters
The Jam at the narrow entrance
soon became terrific threatening
serious results to the struggling mass of
halffainting women and children Tho
steady movement Into the funnel
like enclosure made the pressure
torrlfle Many women had their
dresses or veils torn off and some were
lifted exhausted over the wooden In
closure and out of the crush For
tunate there were no serious accidents
and the ambulances were not summoned
Within the church temporary railings
had been erected to keep the people In i
a tralght line leading directly to the
bierThe crowd pushed against the Iron
trellis which separated the chapel
from thu main portion of thu church
but those who expected to kin the slip
J pered feel were disappointed as tho of
t ficials had adopted precautionary meas
ures so that the lower extremities of
the body were halt a yard back of tile
Iron grating
BOSTON July 23Thll afternoon a
pronounced slump in poppers Inthe
Boston market weakened the entire
list Thousands of shares ot Amalgai
mated c me out on the tape the stock
which sold ex dividend dropping to
I 3912 at the close The opening was
around 44
i i Copper range fell from 47 to 43 Other
J rn tal shares were weak
Aside from the copper situation Domi
nion Iron dropped from 14to U on the
unfavorable reports from Canada but
partially recovered and United Frlilt
sold down from 101 to 97
t Forernut for the llilrtylx
hoar cndlncr at 8 P 31 Frldn I
y far New York City and vloliiltyi
Fp ILl iiittlKlit nod Friday Unlit
to eNh northwest to trnt
i winds I J
i P
Factional War Brings on Sensa
tional Slump Here After Amal
gamated Collapsed in Boston
and Price Dropped 6 Points
on Lively Selling
Shares in Blocks of 1000 Un
Loaded While the General
Dealings Are Weakened and
Standard Issues Crumble
Report of a Strike
Amalgamated Copper SOU
Tennessee Coal Iron 3D1
Baldwin locomotive 17A
Rock Island 3H
U S Realty common 9
U 8 Realty preferred < 8
General Electric 159
American Ice common 34
American Ice preferred 20 ¼
Amalgamated Copper took a sensa
tional plunge In the stock market this
afternoon dropping 6 points In a violent
bear attack that unsettled the market
and started selling at a lively rate The
list which had previously sagged oft
from a promlsng level dropped away
under the new Impetus and losses were
shown aU around the slump being from
1 to 4 points Amalgamated mached a
new low record In the raid and the
stock was sold In blocks running aa hfgh
as 1000 shares at times
Die Interests Sell
The sharp break In Copper was pre
cipitated by the collapse of the stock In
Boston where the market was flood vl
with offerings various reasons for the
liquidation being given Fully 15000
shares of Amalgamated representing
tho holdings of three different Interests
were offered for sale here
It was freely stated on Wall street
that the bean were after a certain
operator who had been singed pretty
badly and would fare worse in todays
This individual It was said was in a
deal of his own supported by two
other Interests and the campaign
against him had been well planned
The calling of loans against this trio
It was also said had a bearing on the
wjivy decline The weakness of the
m tal market gave ground for reports
concerning various companies and the
market price of copper
11st FnlU Away
In the copper slump standard railroad
stocks sold generally 1 to 134 below
yesterday the nondividend railroads
snd specialties suffering more acutely
Realty preferred dropped 5 Lackawanna
134 General Electric 4 12 New Jersey
Central and Colorado Fuel 4 Erie sec
ond preferred SlossSheffleld Steel and
Brooklyn Union Gas 3 to 812 and a
number of Inconspicuous stocks between
2 and 3
A sudden rally of a point in Amal
gamated checked the rush to sell and
lealty preferred and General Electric
ralllled 2
A sudden drop of 212 In Southern Pa
sine followed by violent fluctuates
agaIn unsettled the market
The loss of Amalgamated on the day
was 0 full points It being hammered
down to 3934 but closina at 40
The market closing was feverish and
The total sales of stocks were 695700
shares and of bonds 23M0
Further exhaustion of margins and
the Inability of various operators to
make new loans or renew existing ones
were the controlling faotors that made
for the late decline
The Increased weakness of copper ex
cited Borne apprehension
Tho Southern Iron market Is very dull
at reduced prices but todnyn Helling of
Industrial proved to be in largo pirt
from Insiders who have been carrying
largo blocks in view of the great bust
lesxdjne by Indtnistrlal corjonulon
The public however ha M not been
ernpte to tiko these Mares on tho
mbltcathvi of good reports nnd the v
suit iris been that individuals and pooN
lava been obliged to unload at the nnir
ket to take care of loans In which these
stocks hive been placed us collateral
i This explanation of most of the duyu I
lolling was confirmed by ofllclala of the
banks Identified with the Stock Ex
change brokerage business A number
at pool and Individual loans were called
on the collateral sacrificed cn tho Ex
change These bankers stated that
such liquidation usually marked the end
> f a long movement In prices and con
sidered It one cf the best features of the
Perhaps to quiet sentiment In regard
to bulkllnx trade conditions and for the
urpcee of allowing that tin situation In
this city In that line of business is gen
> mlly satisfactory the United Stales
Really Company Issued a ntatemcnt to
day showing tile condition of its tlnanciM
wherein It asserts that it hAil in
bank J33KiJ01 But this statement ap
parently did not have much effect on
the stock market
To dar > quotations are printed
on pairol ofthls1 edition t
Good Thing from the West Well
Ridden by Redfern Gets
Home in Front in Hard Drive
with Eugenia Burch the 2 to
5 Favorite Third
Thistle Heather Wins the First
and Is Run Up 1000 Tom
Cod Beats Ned Moore and
Flower in the Third Event on
the Programme
FIRST RACEThistle Heather 15
to 1 1 Agnes Brennan 8 to 6 2
Contentious 3 Time 108
SECOND RACES t a m pin g
Ground 13 to 5 1 Athelroy 8 to 1
2 Water Tower 3 Time 146 45
THIRD RACETom Cod 16 to 6
1 Ned Moore 10 to 1 2 Flower 3
Time 114 35
FOliRTrURACE Birch Broom 8
to if 1 Graving 5 to 1 2 Eugenia
Burch 3 Time 145 25
FIFTH RACEMasterman 11 ttj
5 1 Lux Casta 5 to 1 2 Mackey
Dwyer 3 Time 153
SIXTH RACE Nevermore 8 to 1
1 Klngralne 5 to 1 2 Courtmald
3 Time 14825
Specie to The Bv nlnr World
at Brighton this afternoon was dull
There was nothing particularly interest
Ing on the card and even the Brlgl ton
Oaks which was the only stake did not
arouse any enthusiasm Eugenia Burch I
was a redhot favorite as every one
thought she would be and Mrs Curtis
decided to put up Odom notwithstand
ing the tact that the fllly had to carry
file pounds overweight She was thouuht
gooj enough to concede this weight and
win But tho weight stopped her She
ran a very bad race Tiey made a slow
pe Sjr aw nm half with BOroh I
Broom in front and Ttrtstosse second I
Cdom toeing in a pocket with Eugeala
Near the far turn Odom saw an open
ins and rusied his mount through
Birch Broom went right on however
and holding her lead to the end won
cleverly oy a length and a half Birch
Broom was ought on especially from
St Louts to win this race and the nice
price of 5 to 1 was laid against her
Tie opening cent went to Sydney
Pagets Thistle Heather beating a warm
favorite In Agnes Brennan Stamping
Ground the favorite in the socond won
and Tom Cod a longdelayed good
thing got away with the third
me and a hal furlong
Dettlnc I
btjrtrm MI locks HlfFIn str Il I
TSIitle heather 101 noln 9 7 Ib 5 I
Aged Ilrnntn 100 lliick 2 11 < 85 05
Corifntlom itO CUnnon 1 2b M 72 65 I
Ilopelul MIlO 107 lleatern 3 4 4 16 6
Funny SMf tU Uomwll 7 6 5 IS 6
Minion lOi Fuller 4 8 iti 8 31
Iloyilton VI McVaSerlr 897 200 601
Kid Min 9 I OBrlin 6 S 8 100 30 I
St Horn tti Larson10 10 9 25 SI
lonltor 101 Cochran 51 10 100 201
Stalt good Won drltlnf Time 108
ARIICS Brennan raced to the front fol
lowed by Contentious Hopeful Miss
lImon and Monitor otidi apart They
held tIlls order to the turn where Con
tention tool necnnd place On the turn
Thistle Heather moved up very fast on
the outside and Joined iras Brennan I
In the stretch In the run name Thlstlo
Centner outcameil Agnes llreiman and I
won by a head Contentious was third j
three lengths away
On and oneiUt nth mile
Starter Mi Jocks StlIlfFn strIM
gtimilnn around lot
Cochran 3 4 1 115 910
Athelror 107 Uinnon 4 3b 1 8 1
Winr Tver 115 lllcl 5 7 34 J 2
Lord AJloclt 107 tullr1 2 < 4 6 2
Datr 112 Hedfern 7 b 5 4 8
Ard n JIG llullmin I lk 6 8 J
April Chour Ill lIar 6 5 7 15 5
Start c ° od Won tull Time 140 45
Lord Advocatu made the running
round tha llrat tiun whoro Arden
showed In front Stamping Ground then
raced up on the outside and took the
lead She staying In front until the
end winning easy by three lengths
Arden and Lord Advocate died away
on tho turn and Atlielroy took second
place holding It to the end beating
Water Tower two lengths
Thistle Heather was bid up and
iII t <
t1iiMWi i tt
NEW YORK u 100011002 5
PHILADELPHIA 000000001 1
k iL Ot >
Continued from sixth column
Fifth InningGilbert singled Warner flied to Gleason Mil
er doubled to right Browne got a pass Van flied out Gilbert
coring McGann forced Brownffie One run
Browne caught Douglasss long fly Gilbert took Hulswltts
rounder Babb threw Dooin out at first No runs
Sixth Inning Merles lifted one clear over Broad street for
i home run Babb grounded to Gleason Lauder popped to
I ooin Hul wilt throw Gilbert out One run
Mitchell bounced to Miller Gilbert threw both Thomas and
lason out orr pretty stops No runs
Seventh Inning Warner flied to short Miller grounded to
I Uulswitt Browne flied out No runs
Babbtfirew both Wolverton and Keister out He fumbled
arrys swat Douglass grounded to McGann No runs
Eighth InningVan singled McGann sacrificed Mertes
lined to Hulswitt and Van was doubled No runs
Hulswitt Dooin and Mitchell flied out No runs
Ninth Inning Babb singled Lauder popped to Doom Gil
bert singled Warners rap to centre scored Babb Miller
fanned Browne singled scoring Gilbert Van flied Two runs
At ChicagoEnd of fifth Cincinnati 0 Chicago 4
ft > J I1
BOSTON 010000001 2
INVADERS 00000103 4 I
ifs Ig
1 Jt Jl
ii <
BOSTON 0000011046
INVADERS 00 0010000 1
At hingtonEnd fourth inning Phila 8 Washington 0
At ClevelandEnd of third inning St Louis OJ Cleveland 1
At Detroit End of sixth inning Chicago OJDetroit5
Third RaceHobart 1 Montana Peeress 2 Tioga 3
Fourth Race Mag Noliri L CheckMorgan 2 Mafalda 3
Fourth RaceHarmencia 1 Leflare 2 John McGurk3 J Ii
bought by Albert Simons tor 2500 She
was entered to be sold for OttO
six furious
Btuttri whu Jock Hlfrin Sir PI
Tom Cod 97 Redfrn I Z 1UKC 1
Nd Moore nln 652 10 a
loww M UcOfftrtr 463 1SS 69
Uiliwood 112 Fuller 6 4 4 I 61
PlorlMl 109 Uullmin 2 1k 6 15 5
Fat Order 97 8prlni 3 3 > 6 100 IS
Start poor Won ill out Tim114 J5
Flcrlzel cut out the running closely
attended by Tom Cod Pair Order and
Hazel wood They iheld this order to the
turn where Ned Moore raced up on the
outside and joined the bunch In the
run to the stretch Tom Cod took the I
lead and Ned Moore took second pace
lie could never reach Tom Cod who I
won by two and a halt lengths from
Ned Moore who was four lengths In
front of Flower The latter was Inter
fered with several times during the
Mil tnl itTtntr tanli
stirtsri WhIL Jock stHlfrin Sir Il
Birch Broom 106 fttdrtrn 1 > 11 5 11
Ortvlni lM Uocbrin 4 4 2k 5 41
Ktnl Ourch HI Odom 3 X 3 Z3 17
Trlittitt 111 Otnnon 2 20 4 25 I
Start goal Won driving Tlml1S 24
Birch Broom made the running fol I
lowed by Trlstcsse Eugenia Buroti and
Gravlnn The pace wan slow and Eu I
genia Burch was In a perfect pocket for
half a mile Then rhe shot through on
Ihe rail and joined the leaders For a
few sirldes tiey raced head and head
but Birch Broom so > n forged to the
front and stayln gthere won cleverly
ay a length and a half from Oravlna
which was a scant length In front or
EugenIa Burch I
On milt tad cii cltblti
Starter chic Jorkt JI Illf nn J tr IIjt
Miiurm0 126 Bullmin 1 3 is 116 j
IU CuI 1S3 Onnon S ZH 2i II 1
ilttkejr Dwjr 103 nurni 8 7 3li II 3
lllTnilf J3 Odom 1 5 I 5
St Sirrr 32 nedwu it
tJ 4 5 40 t
lord lltdit 111 Fuller 2 lb g R f it I
rtlcuUt 118 LMOO S a 1 4 2
frrptntriH III J Jon 4 6 8 GOO 200
Kurt poor Won 1uIT Tlmclw
ilnslerman was he Hrst to show hut I
Bullman was content to let Lord Badxe
make the running to the back stretch
where Uux Canta took second place In
the run to the far turn Mittermin
squeezed through the rail and joined
the lenders Iux Casta and Slinler
man then raced head and bead to tho
stretch where iMasterm drew away
nnd won cleverly bv threequnrterii of n
length from Iux Casts wlto was two
lengths In front of Msckey Dwytr
Ilrovrncil Mans Uodx Fonnd
The body of an unidentified man wan
fouml at the drawbridge In Jamaica
Day tnday and taken to the Morgue at
Far Itocknway The man wasabout
forty years old with dark hair and mu
tuohe slightly Kray He weighed about
2601 pounds and was dressed in black
with a striped outing shirt In the
pockets were found 121 and a tong I
Island Railroad tlckfet Issued on July U I
r fI
I ii
Ph I nnnr IAf7rft
While They and Her Husband
Bathed from Beach Mrs Da
vidson of Jersey City Rowed
Out Into Shrewsbury
ptelal to The ErinlDK World
RED BANK N J July 23frs
Davidson of No 240 Whlton street Jer
sey City was drowned In the Shrews
bury River today while her husband
and children looked on unible to nlu
The family who are stopping at the
Hillside Cottage took a boat and rowed
across the river to a point oar the
Red Jbny Yacht Clubhouse to have a
bath While her husband and children were
bathing from the ibeach Mrs Davidson
took the boat and rowed out Into the
river Fastening a pair of lifepreservers
on her she jumped Into the water to
have a swim
The llfrpreterv slipped off and as
she was unable to swim a stroke she
SlInk after a short struggle and neonlr
Inc cries for holy to her family The
body has been recovered
Writer WIlD Married Daughter of
Joseph Jefferson Ruptures Blood
Vesselat Homo In Englind
LONDON JllIY3D I FarJeon the
novelist died suddenly today from the
rupture of a blood vend at his resi
dence In Hampjtead
Mr Karjeon married In 1S7T Margaret
daughter of Joseph Jefferson tho
American actor
Llnilemnn Acntnul Inilgre
The Brooklyn National league team
wilt ploy the Hoboken team at the > St
Ueor Cricket Ground In Iloboken
on Sunday This will bo the first time
in over a year Chat Ned Hnnlons ag
Kreeatlon have engaged In < K4me with
the Jerteymen Undeman will plth for
Hoboken S
McGraw Makes a Hard Fight to
Take a Game from Quakers
in Philadelphia as a Loss
Means Drop Into Third Place
for His Team
Only Small Number of Quaker
City Fans Turns Out to See
the Game as Every One In
that Town Is Pulling Hard for
the American League Team
Philadelphia New York
Thomas cf Browne rf
Oleason 2b Van Haltren el
Wolverton Jb MoOann lb
Keister rt Mertes It
Barry If Bbb ss
Douglas lb Lauder lb
Hulswitt as Gilbert 2b
Roth c Bowerman 0
Fraser p Miller p
Sptcltl to Tb gemini WellS
23The Giants had high hopes of break
Ing series ot defeats In their game
with the Phlladelphlas this afternoon
Philadelphia Is heart and soul for the
American LcaguaT People here barely
icnoyrthe famous players who In New
York are on tongues tips The pipers
today referred to Jack Taylor In
stead of Luther Taylor Bowermans
tight with Fred Clarke was never heard
of and even the great ilathewson Is al
haled to as a comer
The crowd as yesterday was disap
pointing Tier after tierof benches
gaped and yawned with nothing doing
Like mourners at a funeral the gate
men cat at their pouts with heads bowed
down waking up every now and then to
view with surprise a guilty face
Theve enouffh people In town how
ever ufioieOtfe ambition Is to live In
New York to nake a respectable at
tendance Whey is Giants appear And
thus President otter was able todlg
up tBOO most of whom were anxious
to see New York win
First Inning
The Giants went to bat first as usual
and got a pretty good start as Brouiie
drew a pars Matty took the coaching
line and split the air so vlgorouily that
Mitchell threw wild to first giving
Browne another bag Van couW not let
paat Glrason but ha advanced Browne
to third and McGann was sent In tp
bring George home After spoiling
about one dozen jood balls McGonn
finally walked Mertcs tried to clear thj
bases but ho lined to Barry Browne
sooninsr McGann was caught a mile
stealing second Ono run
Miller began with poor control shoot
Ing In four wide ones to Thomas Oloa
son bunted a orooked one that Miller
handled nicely Thomas moving a peg
Wolverton could not manage a hit pop
ping high to Miller who was just now
very much In the game Lauder was
there with A fanoy stop and throw from
Kelsters rap No runs
Second Inning
Babb stood lashed to the mast while
Mitchell put three nice ones over Vol
vorton butted on in a rap from Lauder
that belonged to Hulsnltt making Lau
der safe Gleisoii fielded Gilbert to Sec
ond retiring Lander Gilbert stole On
Mitchells partial assist Hula witt threw
WArner at first No runs
Babb threw badly from Barrys clip
but McGann made a handsome catch
Douglas got the first hit off Miller a
hard sap to right By brilliant and
snappy work Babb picked up Hula
wltts hot one chucked to Gilbert who
doubled with McGann No run
Third Inning
Three strikes In suoc Mslon settlrd
Millers hash Catcher Dooin wan so
riled at Knmlles decIsion on Blvlner
Brown < a past that he hurled his mask
away In disgust die WAS so aunt that
he threw wild on Brownon steal Van
popped to flirt McGann perished on a
hoIst tt > Thomas No runs
Lauder pulled McGann off the big
from Dootns crooked grounder Lauder
made a brilliant stop from Mitchell and
retlrM Doom at necoml by a beauty
throw MllVersi fast fielding nut Thom
as out of bURln < 5 nt nrl Miller also
handled Gleaonf bounce No runs
Fourth InnlliK
If Mrtos had run hike nn Ice wagPn
he had beat a nm that Oleswiii took
after It glancfsl from Mitchell flubS
jtnnpM a curve with his ribs Ito was
caught by twenty foot HtMllni GleasOn
ilircwUvoiKlor out No rums
Gilbert dive Volerton 4uis Quletll
MertM nearly
with a grab Anti throw
mhMd n hue rlvo from 111111 liar
ys hoist was pie for Browne No runs
CoDtlnmllon ot dim In Cilitm 4 lid 5
lien Attnln llnapllnl IliillilliiBi
Three mechanics Urns were filed today
against the new Mount 31ml Hospital
building at Fifth nvcnue iMatllnon eve
rrue Ono Hundrnlth anil One hundred
und First lreeui of which onro s
ro < and Norcron Bro Co are
named na contrnctora The liens are In
favor of Edwin Pluttleworth 3SJ3
Juttlo Roofing Company HG3 and It
1ii JaJrrSJ Company for 0600
Cross from Hoboken by Chris
topher Street Ferry but Not
Permitted to Parade Through
Broadway as Was Planned
They Follow Sidewalks
The Old Lady Made a Gallant
Fight for Permission for Her I
Cherished Parade Appealing
In Vain to Mayor Low from
Major Ebstein
Mother Joness army Is encamped In
New York Thirtyseven strong moving
silently with furled banners and the
band carrying their Instruments but not I
playing them the army landed from the
ferryboat Seciucus at Christopher
street this afternoon
There the army was met by < Fleld
Marshal Bwetney who In the absence
of Mother Jones took charge and
telling hIs followers to keep on the side
walk and present no formation that
could be conrtdered U a parade led the
In this manner the army passe
through Christopher and Eighth street
to Broadway down which thoroughfar
It straggled while half a dozen police
men watched to see that nothing was
done to tranagreaathe law At Fourth
street It turned east and proceeded to
the headquarterspicked out for It at
01117 Ono Woman
No women accompanied the array ex
cept Field Marshal Sweeneys WileOn
her broast phe wore a badge which read
Mother Joness Crusaders Author
Ired Collector
It Is said the other members of the
army which will bring the number
up to sixtyfour will arrive singly and
In pairs and that a1I will be in camp
by the time the talk of Mother Jones
Is heard tonight In Madison square
Mother Jones passed a strenuous
morning endeavoring to obtain perm Is
aba for her followers to enter the ctti
with banners flying and band playing
When she Uft Police Headquarter to
day after Acting Commissioner Eb
stein bad reiterated his refusal other
request for permission to parade
through the streets of the city the In
domitable old lady proceeded at once
to the City Hall and laid her case boo
tore Mayor Low
The Mayor received her very cordially
and after a long talk telephoned for
Major Bbstoln to come to the City Halt
When Major Ebstein arrived at the
Mayors office It was learned that
Mother Jones had no permit for her
proposed meeting this evening in Mail
son Square
Mother Jones communicated with
the Park Commissioners office by tele
phone from the Mayors omce and Sec
retary Terry In Park Commissioner
WIIlcozs absence told her he could not
grant a permit for a meeting In
Madison Square tonlght as there is to
he a band concert held there It how
ever she would care to hold her meet
Ing In Washington Square bet would
grant the permit
Mother Jones accepted the offer and
said she would call on Secretary Terry
this afternoon
Why Major Ebstein Objected
Before responding to the Mayor
summon Major Ebstein reconsidered
his refufal to state his reason for re
using the desired permission He said
he was afraid she would collect too
large a crowd by marching through the
streets of the east side
If the Socialist Democratic party
aM he Jeslres to give a parade there
I < nothing to stop them and If Mother
Jones wishes to parade along with them
as a part of their parade all right she
may do so
Wants Music Hall Manager Enjoined
Because He Uses Posters
of Her
Florence Burns was In Magistrate
Connorton court In Long IslandCity
today seeking the arrest of a music
mil proprietor at llockaway Beach
OutslJo the music hall was a largo pos
ter with her name In smaller type was
Impersonated by Pauline Brown
The Burns girl meanwhile was play
InK at Morrisons Theatre in the same
resort She Insisted that her character
lad been damaged socially and pro
cjslonally by tho poster at tho music
hall Magistrate Connorton told her to get
an Injunction and an application will
be nvaJe to Justice Gaynor to prevent
her name being plastered aver the musIc
i 1
Woman Who Sued Williani i
Gould Brokaw for 500000
Accuses Him of Disorderly I
Conduct and Annoying Her I
by Telephone and Letters
I i
Appears in Court and Declares
It is All a Dreadful Mistaklit
Mrs Poillon Hasa Burst < t
Hysterics and Mrs Orwltz
Weeps Too r I
On a charge disorderly conduct wltl
annoying her writing letters and threat <
ening her Mrs Katherine Poillon the
woman who recently sued William
Gould Brokarw for fSWAxfo for alleged
breach of promise and Blander teat
airs AnnIe Orwltz of 0109 m lIt One
Hundred and Twentythlrd street ar
rested today
Mrs Poillon Insisted that airs Or
wits had threatened her life and ls4 4
called her up on the telephone to eilf
her sho would not live long and had tit
made life unbearable oil because of thai
suit against rokaw i
Mrs Poillon obtained a warrant and
It nns served on Mrs OrwIU Thenthe v i
unexpected happened Into the case
clad in a white vest and patent leailt
ers with his mustache waxed and hl
blonde hair neatly combed as though
Ira tuld stepped from thiS banhat
chair came Suspender ilcGee at J
policeman ex r > ugh rider exhusband i
of a woman jrho had him arrested for
falling to pay alimony
While persons in court were waltlnSto
hear what was the trouble and to learn
why the woman under arrest in the pen
with the other prisoners had annoyed
IMre Poillon and what the case UaU
about Mrs Poillon had a soell of cry
Ing bordering on hysterics in the civil
courtroom where she was with bersIs
terLottie and a lawyer At the same V
tlne Mrs Orwltz who1U also a good <
looking woman was weepjng and 111In R
the pen In the curt r min the 1
railing waa Suspender Jack A
Uts all a dreadful mistake eald he
TSlfl IBrokaw suit Isnt in It Mrs Or
3ta la a friend of mine and I know i
ilro Poillon
Meanwhile I Magistrate Hogan was j
waitllnz to have things quiet down 4n i
the building thxt > e ml ht get some In
eight into the whole affair 1 Mrs Fail II
loo was etlll in tears Mrs OrwiU waa
in the prison pen and Suspender Jdc
was endeavoring to look unconcerned j
Mrs Orwits who Is s little wonwn S
said before the case was called that she I Ii
had annoyed Mrs Poillon but sie I
wanted her to know that she knew some
things She said she ld met Ursi
jPoIllon at the Anon ball lJhesa14 aM t
knew Suspender Jack
Mrs Pom n says she > was at the Artos V
ball but she has no recollection ot meet
Ing Mrs Orwits there although Shr j
might have Mrs Poillon said she did i
not know Jack MOGee The cue wO i
adjourned s ii
In answer to questions of tMasrtttrtto > M
iHogan as to why the woman ahoalA 11
threaten her Men Poillon said S
She Is being paid for this This If
but one in a thousand Instances t1I1
have been annoyed since I began mr
suit for breach of promise against Mr
This woman first wrote me letters
anonymously threatening to destroy
beauty then she wrote me under her
name or what I believe to be bee nma J
She has been hanging around here dsy
and night until I am afraid to visit iny 1
lawyers At 1 oclock this morn she s j
telephoned me that she would kill ni
Inside of twentyfour hours I want >
punished 1 J
TnoYearOId Wanders from Home
and b Lost
Twoyearold Angelina Lapolo is miss 51
ing from her home No 430 West Flrl
sixth street since S oclock yesterday J
morning and her griefstricken pari
tats believe that she has either 9ea < i
kidnapped or drowned
The little one had born In the habit
ot wandering to the piers along the
North River and the police think shi
fell overboard They do not believe thjU
she has been kidnapped Todar a lth
oral alarm wa t sent out from Potc j
Headquarters but though a vlgorou
search was made no trace of the child t 1
vas found >
inn Saul to lie Connected rIt J
Sivliiillc Canfflii In PhitIadelphiI I
A de p tch received this aftornoqn
flounced that Lawrence BummerfieW hitf l < VU
t m JhlhadehIaattbo g <
been arrested n phlnd ti1f rf
tueat of the Now York Police Depart t
ntnt f
At Police Headquarters 1 was
that he w xronted lere1 ooniMO m o
rtth the Hors iM
windle for which iliq5
anJng termsof tw n4 0 4
T i p sf > y
1 li

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