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ATnCnII 1ft fWrnIlT1tD VJT
p EDITION ii 7
TACINGSPORTS I I i Circulation Books Open to All 1 I Circulation Books Open to A111 II J
Or Louis Shaw One of the
V Wealthiest and Best Known
Dentists in the Heights Sec
J tion of Brooklyn Ends His Life I
i By Shooting
fie Had Been Despondent for
t Two Weeks but Despair
Came When the Firm of Tay
lor Company and W H
Stow Went to the Wall
T Carried down by the crash In Wall
Street his fortune hipped away by the
whirlpool o ruin that Is churning round
the house of Keene Dr Louis Shaw ol
No 162 Rcmsen street Brooklyn who
had one of the most fashionable and
lucrative dental practices ended his life
today with a bullet in the brain The
pulctdo occurred at hla home where he
tnalntalncd his palatial offices
MrBShaw did not permit the servants
to awaken her hjabaml today at hit
usual time of rising thinking that a
longar sleep than was his wont to take
would refresh him But as the hours
passed and no sound came from hit
room she became alarmed and knocked
lor admittance There was no answer
and the lockwas broken Dr Shaw lay
en his bed his face streaked with blood
IL hole In his right temple and a pistol
in one hand
No one In the house had heard the
rhot except Jennie W Spencer the of
flc attendant and she paid no attention
to U thinking It was In the atreet Sur
geons who were summoned laid that If
they had been called within a minute
After the shooting they could have done
nothing for Shaw I
Dr Shaw had known for two week
pot that ruin was ahead of him that
Only a miracle could save him from be
ing caught In the financial smash that
was then threatening
Mrs Charles B Cook Dr Shaws
jnottierlnlaw who lives In tho Remsen
tre t house with her husband was the
bnly member of the family who would
iOlscujs the suicide
We had known that the doctor had
teen worrying and dci mndent over loss
aa In Wall street said oho His de
spondency became alarming two weeks
Ago He was Ktrong and brave though
nd with our cheering we thought we
had gotten him to look on the bright side
ot things Two weeks ago the doctor
was In such a mental state that we
thought It better for him to leave New
York Ho went to Philadelphia on a
visit to his mother but came back more
depressed than when he went away
fThen we caused him to take an ocean
trip to the Maine coast but It Wa of
< fto use
It has not yet been learned along what
lines Dr Shaws speculations ran but
whatever they were they ate up every
cent that he had He was fifty year
jpf age and had no children
Although Feeling Indisposed He
Deemed It Hit Duty tc R ruin
Russell Huge who has been In very
poor health for several days appeared
at his Wall street office before the open
Ing of the market today deeming It hid
duty to be on hand In case of trouble
But the strain of the hot weather and
the financial conditions had told upon
the old financier and shortly after cet
sing downtown he was taken 111
Vertigo seized him and he was forced
to call for assistance lIe refused to
ed for a doctor saying that he would
pull through all right At his request a
glass of milk wa brought to Mm from
a restaurant To the Importunities of
his friends who begged him to go home
be replied that he felt all right and
Would remain until the close of the
A swarm of men with securities vis
Ited Mr Sages omce to borrow money
Host of them were turned down with
the Information that their requests
would be considered Monday This In
dicates that Mr Saga Is not entirely
nUsII d that the period of depressIon
Is over
t The rumor that Mr Sage was serious
ly III spread through too street but
caused little disturbance
When the Exchange closed Mr Sage
returned to his summer homo at Cedar
Mist AgnewFarley Loses Her Life
While Boating on the Lako
> at Royal
TOnONTO Ont July 25MIss Agnew
Farley of Brooklyn was drowned to
lay vMU boatlpe on fbe lake at aI
r Ji
closed In a Triple Casket and
After a Brief Ceremony It Is
Placed In the Sarcophagus
Over the Door of the Choir
Long Farewell Procession Ended
at Noon When Doors of the
Chanel of the Sacrament
Were Closed and Prepara
tions for Interment Begun I
HOME July 55 Pope Leos body was
Interred In Its temporary tomb this
evening The religious ceremony was
brief After the body had been Inclosed
In a triple casket the Inner of plain pine
wood an outer one of rosewood and
over all a metal shell It was lifted by
pulllcs to the sarcophagus over the door
of tho choir chapel where It will re
main until taken to Its last resting
place In the basilica of St John Lat
Tho body had been withdraXfT from
public view at noon and those who atlll
lingered at the gates of the Chapel of
tbs Sacrament In St Peters were or
dered to leave Two or three hundred
personS Including Cardinal Goossens
who arrived from Mechlin Just In time
passed slowly out of St Peters Into the
sunlit piazza and the worlds last fare
well to the great Pope was over Ten
minutes later Italian Infantry and gen
darmes poured out of the Basilica and
lined up on the steps In Imposing array
The outer gate were olosed and the
body of the late Pope was left to the
tender care of those who had watched
by Leo XIII In his lifetime Th prep
arations for the Interment this evening
were Immediately commenced
The most solemn and Imposing cere
mony today was the reception by the
Sacred College In the Hall of the Con
sistory of the whole diplomatic body
accredited to the Vatican All the diplomats
omats wore gorgeous uniforms and the
Cardinals bad on their magnificent vIo
let robes and were seated In huge arm
chairs according to right of precedence
The Portuguese Ambassador M Martins
dAntas Dean of the diplomatic corps
was at the head of the body He ad
vanced and delivered an address In
French expressing the sorrow of all
the powers at the death of Pope Leo
who had acquired the universal esteem
of the world
fling Strange Story
It has just been learned that when
the time came to take the Fisherman1
ring from Pope Leos linger another
wai fiund In Its place This did not
surprise any one uj generally the Pon
tiff does not wear It tho ring being less
of an ornament than an unused 8e l
At the first meeting of the congregation
of Cardinals after the Popes death
whe the famous ring should have been
broken the ceremony HAS omitted ind
It was put on record mat the ring for
the moment could not be found
In September 189 the late Pope Leo
was one day Insistently asked fur an
audience by an under servant and
yielding to curiosity he granted It
Thereupon the man entered and kneei
ng said
ioir Holiness I have to restore to
you what has been a loss not only to
you but to the world
After these words the man proffered
the Pope the Fishermans ring which
he had found Pope Leo looked at It In
surprise and then solemnly putting It
on his finger said
The thanks of theChur ch are due to
you my son J than see that you are
The ring has not been seen since AS
Pope ISo privately put It under seal
So far It has not been discovered but
the Vatican authorities say the ring
will undoubtedly bo found
ROME July 25MET Farabullnl the
famous Latin scholar being unable to
accept the task of writing the oratlo
arevls or Latin eulogy upon the late
pontiff to be burled with him the Con
gregation of Cardinals today selected
Father De Angclls a Jesuit to under
take that duty
Mayor Low on learning today that the
body of the late Pope Leo XIII would
be Interred this evening at Rome or
dered through Assistant Secretary
Moran that the flags on the City Hall
be displayed at haltmast about 1 oclock
which hour corresponds with the hour of
Interment In Rome
Morocco vs Cursors Tram
A good game Is expected to be played
at Equitable Park tomorrow between
the strong Morocco team and Kid
arscyd Metropolitan nine Owing to
the rivalry between tho two teams a
result side wager or oO has been made on 10f
Forecast for the thtrtjr lx
hours enillna mt 8 I M Hnnday
Cor Verr York City and vIclnKxi
irnlrniid continued warm to
itlBht uiul umlnri Unlit to freeSt
ncalerly winds becoming van
< A
v =
Evening Worlds Selections in
the First Four Races Win In
Easy Fashion and Form Play
ers Are in Great Luck on Get
away Day at the Seaside
FIRST RACETopic 3 to 1 1
Petunia 10 to 1 2 Hazlewood 3
Time 108
SECOND RACELavator 5 to 2
1 Judge Phillips S to 2 2 Manlllan
3 Time 806 25
THIRD RACE Ormonde Right
9 to 10 1 Pentaur even 2 Mid
shipman 3 Tlme113
FOURTH RACE Chariot Elwood
2 to 1 1 Slave 5 to 1 2 Rlgadon
3 e205
FIFTH RACELady Potentate 7
to 2 1 Lux Casts 2 to 1 2 Sir
Vorhlcs 3 Time 15245
Special to TIle Ertnlnt Wend
greatest day In point of attendance
was this the getway day Not less
than 20000 people were packed Into the
course this In spIte of the fact that the
programme was very ordinary There
were two stakes the Montauk for two
yearolds and the Brishton JJerbyJ tor
lhre y earolds BoTh Were valuable
stake but the cliss of entries Was
TheiMbntauk went to Ormond Right
who was the favorite at odds on
OTNlll took his rlht to the front
stayed there and won hustling a Mt by
threequarters of a length The quality
of the lot behind this pair Is seen when
Midshipman was third fifteen lengths
away with Bouvier and Sir Carter
lengths away The stake wee Forth
K5310 to the winner
The Brighton Derby was an easy vie
tory for Charles Elwood oHJs speed car
ried him to the front and he stayed
there throughout winning 4n a great
big gallop by seven lengths from Slave
who beat the favorite Rlgodon a length
and a half for the place Rlgodon wa
brought down epecally from the Sara
toga but he was concedln gtoo much
weight and was beaten early The stake
wan worth 7550 which brought Mr
Uagglns total winnings up to nearly 3A
000 on the meeting diaries Elwoods
victory made ONellli third successive
Jitory He won oc topic In the opening
vent and or OimondeV night
riiur RACE
Plr furlonii
Btirur w lihth Jock St lllf Pin St Pile
Topic 101 ONHI 1 1 1 3 VS
Petunia 109 Ginnon 3 3t ft 10 4
UilwooO 112 Itfdtrn 4 4 b Jl 4 3
Dob lurphiI II Burnt 954 llo 45
Ned Moore 102 Stuck 87 5 115 45
IrJtll it Lirun lg S 6 200 SO
hiltr 101 Hlcki 10 10 T 6 ag
neil of Wiktfllldt9Won S 6 8 100 40
Hmmmt 99 Creimr T t 9 100 89
Slid Smile Di BolHrn 2 3t 10 30 10
lola Tip d1jgt McC irertrl2 11 11 60 M
li U U
Stead Ud lot CodJMnll 12 12 100 04
Start poor Won sanity TlmIOS
Topic raced to the front at the start
and Glad Smile went with him for half
the distance Topic then drew clear
and at the end won easily by two
lengths from Petunln who war three
lengths In front of Haslewood
StMpUcbiM about tm end a belt tnllu
starter vtlght jockey st HltFln St Plic
Orator 15 Hart 1 1 1 5Si rla4 i
Judge Phi III 11 1f2 Sleety 2 B JI 62 45
lUnllltn 130 Sort 11 3 P 3i CO U
rulmlnatt IM Kir Ii 44 9S 710
Eophon 17 1 OOrlti 4 3 S 6 I
Burl food Woa tullr TtmSOG 25
Lavator went to the front at the
start Ifd all the will and won In a big
gallop by eight lengths from judge
Phillips who was two lengths In front
> f Manllalan
Eli ruriiiif
GUrttr wight Joektr 81 HKnn St rite
OrroondtnitMlOTONlll 2 1 > 14 VIO
Ftnttur 112 Burns 1 2 < 1
Hldfhlprain 107 lUcks S B a 4J S
lourUr 101 Reduce 3 3 > 4 60 6
Sr drier 101 Ginnon f f 5 60 10
BUrt mod Won ridden out Time 113
Ormondes Rights rushed to the front
at the start made all the running and
won In a mild drive by threequarters
ot a length from Pentaur who was sec
nd all the way Douvlor was third to
he Ntretch where he Wfakennl and i
was beaten out bY Mldshlpmin who wa i
tlffcn lengths behind Pentaur
rotniTH RACE
Mile < nit a quirt
8lirl r nelilit Jorker St lllf Fin fit Place
1htrlM trrood1060N 2 141 2 41
IIIe lOG Cortren 41 Il qi A 85
ilmlon 12C linnon r 31 31 11ln 12
Wolytll n drrn 7 f 4 1310 12
Sliver Pint 12C lllrka IAS 12 4
Tantalus Cup IV 47 H 30 8
IllrrU 111 nulhMn 1 4 7 10 li
Start nod Won easily Tlm05
Charles Elwood made H runaway rare
of It He went to the front at the
dart mad all the running and won
In a big gallop by seven lengths The
others ran well bunched for half the
distance when slave took second place
and held It to the end beating Rt odo >
a length and a half for the place
flief eibtr tees MI Mrajna I 114 I
> >
tf j
NEW YORK 000120001 4
PHILADELPHIA uu uu 00001 1201 5
+ J
BROOKLYN uuu uu 0 1 2 1 13 0
BOSTON uu uuuu TIOt05 0 j
At ChicagoCincinnati 3 Chicago 6
Second GameEnd of second inning Cincinnati 0 Chicago 0
At Pittsburg StLouisl4Plttsburcj6
BOSTON u u u u u u 001014010 7
INVADERS u u u u 050000000 5
At Cleveland End of fourth inning St Louis 2 Clevelend
At DetroitEnd of sixth innin Chicago 3 Detroit 2
MGOVERN uuu uu 1 2 13 2 3O 1 013
CORBETT u u u u 035110 31Q17
Sixth RaceAscension 1 Osgood Isia 3
Third RaceLucien Appleby The Conqueror II Hargis
Fourth RaceAhola 1 LEtrenne 0 D Gibson 3
Third RaceJohn Yerkes Macbeth 2 Charles C 3
Fourth RaceBas dOr 1 Croix dOr 2 Deutschland 3
ift ldAtl l
Capt Burns of the Church street station with thirty plain
lothes men made a raid this afternoon on a pool room at No
D Dey street taking thirty prisoners This is the pool room
hat was conducted by Jttdge Levein in which Commissioner
If Public Works Maurice Holahan was captured in a raid dur
ing the Van Wyck Administration Mr Holahan said he was
looking for a wayward SQIlJ TKe Levein case growing out of
the first raid is in the courts a t
c V
The body of the woman found in theBronx a few days ago
was identified today as that of Cissie Clifford known in pri
vate life as Mrs Dempsey
Capt Murtha Caved Them In with
a Log and Axe and Cap
tured One Man
Police Captain Murtha of the Elisa
beth street station last night raided an
alleged poolroom at No S2 Centre
street arresting one of twelve men I
found In the place The prisoner Cor
nelius Murphy of No IS Hamilton
street was arraigned before Maglp
trate Ommen In the Centre Street Cur
today by Cant Murtha and held In ioo
tall for examination on Tuesday
The evidence against the place was
secured by Louis Johnson of No 323
Court street Brooklyn an attache of
the DistrictAttorney office Armed
with s John Do warrant Issued by
Magistrate Ommen the polio broke In
to the alleged poolroom by the use pt
UN and a log of wood used far batter
ing down doors
Tir lv men were found In the room
on the fourth floor Tliey IniUtej that
they had met for the purpose of csn
ptVn arrllnlement for a picnic for tn
atnlel club
hla vg Tile BrtalM World
cago July 2The races scheduled to
be run her thl ait noon resulted u
First RacFI and onehalf fut
longs Won by Sweetie 7 to t and >
to 5 MIa Crawford 2 to S for plaee
wan second Buccaneer was thld
Becond Rac Short course Wen by
Ceylon J to I and even Iidl I 8 to I
I for place was second arlu TIn
thlr Time IMI5
iCecl u TliA Fir wiriri
LOLlS July 14Folo i > g are tHe re
suit of the races scheduled to be run
here this afternoon
First rtuce Five and onehalf fur i
Mngs Won by Ocyrob 4 to t and S to I
5 Mnfalda i to C wag tecond Scalper I
was third Mm1Os
Second Threequarters of a mile
Won by Sid Silver 10to l and I fj 1
Dolly Gray Mp 1 fee pUe wa4i second
iilmo WM third Tlan LUt4 I I
C < t
i1 ii 1fi
No Compromise In Situation Effected
When ne Called Upon Sec
retary Eldlltz
No agreement or compromise was ef
fected this afternoon as has been nn
tlclp ted by Bam Park walking dele
gate of the Houseftmttha and Bridge
mens Unions and the Building Trades
Association A committee of four walk
ing delegates headed by Parks called
at the To nn send Bulldnx thlc after
noon In response to a letter asking that
5 delegation call upon Mr Eldlltx sec
rewuy of the association
Mr Park was met at me door by Mr
EidlUx They shook hands coralsly
Purtuj said he was there to roprment
the Houseamlthi Union whcreuron
Klrtllte said that be could not vnder my
circumstances discuss the ttouoe TIth
walking delegate Parks became very
Id like to know what member of
your association han bun lendaj out
them rrtlcles to the press derogatory
Uo tne I know yon wont tell me out
Ill make yoi people proe when the
right times romt of the very pleasant
things youve said about me and then
It will be J to you
That Is all ua hive to to ij saltl
Mr Bldllir todd day
The fov walking delegate with AI
sembljmin Dick Slitter went over
to the Pump
When Parka was seen after his Inter
view with Mr Eldllts ht laid taht the
Executive Committee at the Iron Leagu
arid asked the walking ftlirtttt to sign
the plan nf arbitration with the Em
ployers Assoclatlen and that the reply
of the union men was fn absolute re
Utdllu before the delegates arrived
was In doubt whether or not they would
be lecelvcd It was evident however
he wits in favor of rne rlnir then
hut theother mwnbes of tile aaua
tlon dd rot warn to see them at
Jim OToiile the oJ Giants catcher
aiI ft lirJfc Bot team of the foanect
I I s 111 lftt tms r ty
toinojiow ard elicaze Hit srong Mur
i i L ji Oiyinpia
fMi One Hundred iiitt Thirtyfifth
street unit Ienox avenue
The lirldgeports are an exceptionally
strong team and expect to have no dif
ficulty In winning regardless of the fact
that Degan nnd OXeil Wli bo tile
HarlemlteV battery Jm ORourke jr
the exYnle nlajtr Will flay third base
on his father team It will be the
first time In the history nf the game
that father and eon hate occupied poll I
tlons In the mm club t
i 1 J fa > l oV
jji s
McGraw Has Heart to Heart
Talk with His Team and Tells
Them They Simply Have to
Win the Last Game of the
Series from Philadelphia
Philadelphia New York
Thomas cf nrowne rt
aieJmon 2b V B1 Hallren cf
Wolvrton 3b MrOann lb
KeIster rf Mrrtea lf
Harry lf Habb BR
Douirlaii Lauder 3i
HuljTTltt sit Dllbert b
Roth c Warner c
Washburn p McGlnnlty p
2SThe Quaker team felt so much
elated today ns Young Corbett who put
Billy Maynard to sleep last night with
out a look In The National League
royalty here are delighted with the ffooJ
showing made against New York and
thla afternoon saw more enthusiasm In
Potter Field than has been witnessed
this season Many believe that Phila
delphia still has a chance to win the
pennant Ji she only had New York to
play from now till the end of September
they feel certain of It
Flrpt inning
About six thousand Quakers dared the
tropical heat and armed with fans and
parasols prepared to help the home
team and Fraser wa In the box the
same who made a home run against
MoQlnnlty and won the game last trip
Brown flnlnh came very rp edlly on A
bounceto Fraser and Van walked and
than rdhtad Dooln made a circus
c teh of McCtannn high foul and Dooln
ran under the baJ touched the Und
1th Ma left hand and reaching back
with his right grabbed the falling
sphere The crowd gave him an In
decent ovation Van retired by a bad
steal to iiecond No MIn
If the Quaker Intended batting III
brilliantly aa they > lded It ookeil had
for the londlodda belters Thomas how
ever only groundnl to McOann and
Gleason popfiled also to sturdy Dan
while Merten made a aiittful running
catch of Vtolvertona lov drive that
looked good for a double No runa
Second Inning
Mertesi chance came to start the mu
sic but Sam was too anxloux and pasted
a foul high as Washington Monument
which Doom made H handsome twitch
of nabb nlgnilled his flrt appearance
by striking out and Lander pushed a
godo hard one to Iluliwltt No runs
Gilbert was spry as ever In his ward
and nipped KeJatera bump Harry got
a nice hard one out of Gilbert reach
the first hit of the game As Douglass
fanned Barry stole nidb going to
sleep off second HulMVItt drove a low
Mner that Van was nalttag for and Mi
Judgment saved a tally No runs
Third InnIng
Gilbert beat out his rap to Qleason
but Email did not nee It Warners
Texas Leaguer fell to Harry Qleation
Invaded KelMrrs farm for McGlnnttyj
high poke No runs
Gilbert sounded a death note for
Dooln Frnier the slugging pitcher
smashed a grounder out of Dabbs reach
Thumas grounded to Gilbert who threw
Frazer out There was no time for a
double Lauder finished things by grab
bing Gleasons foul hoist No rinr
Fourth Innlnir
Browne nearly broke Wolvertona
finger wldi a rcdhot rap that put one
Slant on base anyway Van then came
up with a genuine ingle to centre
LIcGann sacrifice filled second and
third Mertes brought Browne home
with a clip to Olriion At last New
Fork < was touching the leather Babb
talked and U depended on Lauder to
lot Van home Babb stole second
lauder fouled to Doom leaving two on
base One run
Gilbert mad a lightning throw from
Wolvertons rinw one Kelstera fly In
right wa wife D bVs fumble from
Barry put Kelhter on teond Gilbert
nailed Douglatss swift rap but ths
Quakers were o third and second and
Flabb then edcemiM himself bv r Rood
throw to McOnnn from HuMwItfs
Hiroked lib No runs
Fifth Inning
Gilbert made a good start getting a
tree pans By the fastest sprinting as
liver did Warner beat a bunt ti Fraier I
tfoGlnnltys sacrifice advanced both of I
the runners Instead of smi > hln
Srowne bunted where no one could
each him scoring Gilbert Vans long
ly to right was good for Warner tally
Browns wn nailed on the ttsil Two
Dopln hob was p iC for Browne The
Iron Man got gny with his twists and
walked Fraser Lauder did a pretty
rick with TJiomas > sacrifice Gleason
then fe hl a drive clear to the right
t enae niorlng Krarer Wolverton
pOPDd to Babb Out run
Sixth Inning
Hulrwltts fast fielding ended McOann
Kelster cmahl MerteVs high one nt the
feTe Bubo parted n single to centre
louder flied to right No runs
The b1 for hoister was a bounce
4o MoOlnnltr Inuder could not linndl
Harry burner Hrownc had u chance
to distinguish himself on DnuglasVx
great drtvn but Mllvtl Douglass co
third Barry scored Habb thrrw huh
witt out holding Doug at thuS Dooln
popped to Gilbert One run
Seventh InnlniC
Gilbert oerlfhed on a foul to Dooln
Warner had no chance with his bounce
to Gleason MrQInnlty cracked out a
single to centre Oleiuon mnde a good
catch of Browns Texas Leaguer No
tOcatlaiiitlaa of ruu la columu I tal U
< e iii
Forced Liquidation Known to Have Involved
Brokerage Houses and Assignments Are
Looked For MondayBank Statement Re
sults in a Wildly Fluctuating Market in Clos
ing Hour Excess of Loans Being Shown
James R Keenes Loss by the Assignment of 7
Talbot J Taylor Co Is 1500000 and
Slump in Stocks Has Probably Brought i
Additional Drop of 3500000 in Values
Rumors of impending failures in Wall street circulated freely in the
two hours during which the market was open today but if there were
houses in difficulties they weathered the period Conditions were favor
able for weak houses as there was a market for almost any stock on the
list There is every indication that failures will be announced on Mon
day as it is known in the street that several brokerage firms have been
compelled to liquidate at prices that cannot allow of them continuing
Up to the lime the bank statement was issued at 1130 oclock the 1
tone of the market was one of hope Nearly all prices had reached the f
close of yesterday after a feverish fluctuation and rumors that the bank
statement would rrove to be favorable had the effect of steadying quola i I
The statement showed an ncrease of reserve on all deposits of 6636926 J
an Increase In loan of 884200 an Increase In spec of 5503700 an la
crease In legal tender of 95400 an Increase In deposits of 7168700 ana 1
a decrease In circulation of 89700
The showing In the Increase of loans was a disappointment that was not
offset by the large cash gains The market sold off at once and speculation
which had been brisk became dull The range of prices was so Irregular
that buyers and sellers were all at set and at the close there was general
feeling of depression
Sales of specialties In which It was suppoJcl that the houses which
failed yesterday were Interested bused violent declines Des Molnes Fort
Dodge sold down 20 points Evansville Tere Haute 9 12 points United
States Rubber preferred i4 points Rubber Goods preferred 12 points Vet
lughouse Electric 5 polnta and I ernatlonal Paper preferred 12 points
James R Keene was In his office early He reached Wall street at
tended by his soninlaw Talbot J Taylor They had a conference with
Receiver Unit and then went to work oh a complicated statement of the
affairs of the firm prepared during the night by the experts on the book 4
Mr Keene said that he had no statement to make i
There was an attendance of brokers at the opening of the Stock Ex
change most unusual for a Saturday In the middle of the summer but there
was nono of the tremendous excitement usual to a period of anxiety In the
street In fart It seemed as though the brokers were confident that the air 4
was fairly clear and that It would be well to rest until developments grow
Ing out of the failures might become apparent
Rumors of failures were found on every hand but they were faint
rumors and caused little excitement The fact that the Stock Exchange 1
session was to last but two hoursfrom 10 oclock to noonmade for
confidence It Is uot unlikely that more than one prominent firm will be
compelled to give up the ghost on Monday because the Keeno following
has been numerous and many have been as Mr Keeno himself says
Wealthy men owners of securities upon which they do not depend for
nn Income were buyers of Industrials today They believe that prices are t
as low as they can go and that the period of reaction Is at hand Never J J
theless the bank wero tight about lending money and nothing but Silt c
odged securities could command attention Securities of the sort supposed 4 i
to be held by the Taylor firm were not given any consideration i J 0
The consensus of opinion on the Street Is that Mr Keene anUgonlied
a coterie too powerful for him and that the downfall of his firm was due to
systematic knifing by this caterie They got hlmM the gamblers Bay
coming and going First they depreciated the value of his securities
and then mado It impossible for him to borrow money on thoma process
approXimating another gambling termplaylng both ends against tne 1 I
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i After an hour of trading the entire market showed Improvement Honors
bank statement had a steadying effect The toeltj W
of a favorable
most nors persistently hammered yesterday were the leaders In the rally 1
Tho financial rock on which Kecnn suffered his latest shipwreck was
he Southern Pacific poolthe largest and most disastrous ever formed la k
Vnll street lie had attained such prestige as a manipulator by his mar
keting of the United States Steel securities and his handling the dellcata
Northern Pacific situation for J P Morgan that when he suggested the i
ormation of a Southern Pacific pool many of the biggest Stock ExchaBf 1
banking Institutions subscribed The stock
houses and a number of outside
control and the deal was n tto B s
to be entirely In Mr l8nos
ms 15
closed out until the stock attained a certain price As matters deveiopd f
It was charged that Keene really desired to force the Southern PactlC 7 i
pie to declare a dividend or tako the stock off his hands at a kurl i M
would name Out of the 2000000 eharea of theto isjme of Soutfcera4
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