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i II Circulation Books Open to All v f It Circulation Books Open to AIL I
J It
N The Two Syndicates Organized by the
f Financier and His Friends to Pro
lr mote Company and Convert Its Bonds
Obtained a Profit of 68oooooo
ifjA UT UP ONLY 45000000 o
Threats of Stockholders to Sue the Syn
dicate Believed to Have Caused a Discontinuance
continuance of the Bond Conversion
J Scheme of Steel Trust
tt 4
f Profit on 110388500 tOCk converted by Morgan Co 12142735
O Commission on 20000000 of stock bought for each 800000
tho remaining 150000000 ot
Four per cent commission on
jk tock 6000000
j Total 18942735
f Paper loss to syndicate on the 20000000 cash purchase 6000000
Net profit on bond conversion scheme on an actual outlay
of 20000000 12042735
Profit to promoting syndicate on 25000000 cash advanced 56000000
1 s c < oa1roflt on tho 46000000 cash advanced 68842735
I y I Wallstreet is talking today about what a good thing the United
I i States Steel Corporation has been for J P Morgan and his friends no
matter what it has been for the 94000 stockholders
j The two steel syndicates the first formed to promote the company
1 and the second to convert the stock into bonds put up 45000000 in
tash On that investment they cleared 68942735 or about 155 per
Cent on the actual cash advanced
1 Tho threats to suo J P Morgan Co for tho rcturp ot the profits
l t = lIdo out ot the bond conversion plan by dissatisfied stockholders Is be
JIovcd to havo caused the discontinuance ot tho conversion plan
I That tho conversion plan is legal has been decided threo times by the
courts Tho ground ot attack upon the conversion syndicate was that
R7hllo a member of the firm of J P Morgan Co George W Perkins who
I twaS also Chairman of the Finance Committee of the corporation used hIs
Influence to cause the signing of tho contract that enabled his firm to make
I those immense profits That is ho contracted with himself to tho tlotrl
neat of tho interests of tho corporation and to the loss of tho stockholders
cto tako money from tho company in the way of foes and commissions
that by rights and In equity belonged to tho corporation
The general opinion on tho street was that with the ending of the
Jilorgan contract with tho corporation ended all danger ot a suit to recover
tho profit made by the syndicate
Tho profits made by tho first syndicate amounted to 56000000 In round
Cumbers The syndicate agreed to furnish tho steel corporation 200000000
but was called upon for only 23000000 so that the profit upon the actual
investment in that case was 200 per cent
The operations of the second syndicate will result in the Steel corpora
j tion increasing its cash surplus by 13200000 when it was expected that
Jho result would bo 50000000 In cash This Is but a little more than tho
profit tha tho Morgan syndicate has made out of the conversion
I The syndicate has converted 110388500 upon which an average profit
of eleven points was made which amounted to 12143735 On the 20000
000 bought for cash tho syndicate received 800000 in comml stons and on
tho remaining 150000000 they received a commission of 6000000 This
made a profit of 18012735 On the 20000OX bought for cash tho syndicate
lost about 6000000 so that tho not profits amounted to 12942735
All these facts were freely discussed and there was a difference of opin
1 ion as to the position of tho syndicate In the eyes ot the law
Confirmation of tho report published in Tho Evening World yesterday
s that the warring factions in tho United States Shipbuilding Company aro
L preparing to get together was had today in the announcement that repre
I sentatives of both sides have bad several conferences with James B Dill
I 1 thoigreat corporation lawyer
Neither Mr Untormycr representing the protesting bondholders nor
tho lawyers representing the Sheldon reorganization juan have been to see
Mr Dill personally but they have sent emissaries and it Is understood that
f an important conference waa held this afternoon
f Mr Dulls counsel for the Trust Company of the RepubllCWhl Olds
1 1000000 ot the securities of the Shipbuilding concern With hla aid It Is
I I I believed that a reorganization plan that will satisfy all parties concerned
I will bo worked out There is a general opinion that under competent care
lUlL management tho Shipbuilding Trust can be made a paying venture
t ST PETErtSnURGNov aThe of
nclals of the Foreign Office hero Bay
illuasla will doubtleaa rocngnlzo Panama
I li iliio limo and will welcome tho con
struolian of a neutral canal aa her
I eorcoMirof will share n the ucnoral
I t ncntcelv 4 therefrom
i l1
i i i
LONDON Nov 20U it understood
JSllnTsult of the conference be
tween Foreign Minister TJttonl and
ForeignSecretary Ln < downB a pertect
accord was renohod botwccn Irent
l3rltatn and ttaly on matters aIXect1li6
their toreJw OUclu
t t
AT 30 TO 1
Long Shot Gets the Money in
Second Event at Bennings
Conkling at 20 to 1 Follow
Him Home
TowRopes Field Galloping In
Fifteen Lengths to the Good
Judith Campbell Beats Big
Field in Opening Dash
FIRST RACE Judith Campbell
even 1 Red Damsel 7 to 1 2
Sam Craig 3
SECOND RACE faster Prim 30
to 1 1 Conkling 20 to 1 2 Belle
of Delle Mead 3
THIRD RACE Geldsby 40 to1
1 Draughtsman 8 to 5 2 Allene
Abbott 3
FOURTH RACEAlpaca 4 to 1
1 Drar Ptlst 6 to 1 2 Mono
graph 3
FIFTH RACEMerry England 4
to 5 1 Buttons 11 to 10 2 Only
two startirs
i SIXTH RACEPompano 7 to 1
1 Miss Melton 16 to 1 2 Yellow
Hamnir 3
I < SocUl to The Exenlmc World >
The programme at Bonnlngs this after
noon while not so classy as that of
yesterday was very Interesting There
was one raco irhlch promised meeting
between Buttons and High Chancellor
at Devon furlong with Toucan and
Foxy Kauo also carded ThH race alone
would bo worth going a long routo to
see for Buttons and High Chancellor
both have a world of speed
Tho attendance picked up a bit be
cause the weather moderated
The ranks of tho bookies are badly
decimated They have been slaughtered
since the meeting Jicgan an unprece
dented number of favorites winning
Tho track was In excellent condition I
vinsT RACE
SIx and a halt furlong Columbia cnurne
Rtartr ItIJnckeY 8tHlfFln fitr PI
Judith Camplirll 101
ONell n I HM 1 13
nod Pnmrel 112 Hums 2 2 7
Ham CralR ha llolcscn is u u til II
tilth hll4Ioinellllll 10 4 40 IB
Worn 107 CallAhan H 4 r Sim 01
Mlladl I pini Urunner i 1 5 n ID it
Hilarity lOlnclnhclmcrli 17 7 200 NI
Morokantu 111 Fletclifrl7 V H Ml 12
Our Nugget KM rtatnj 7 11 n 7 5
Man Worth 112 lllrkn 1 11 10 100 40
Mart Mullen UK AVnllila II II SI H
Irlnrrlct Mulhollainl n 8 12 1011 41
Hrlcniller 112 Hoar S 0 JS n 52
Irffontatlon 101 ntz
Inlrlfk 4 14 14 SOU 100
L Wrltwrk 107 Houtrt 14 IS 15 10D 40
lAbor 1117 114T1nC13 III 10 n i GO
1nul 71irrorrlttMlcli 12 17 SO b
Henry Clny Use ill
Shake 15 IR IS 210 60
Paulrt Vt U OConnor 10 in in ami i >
U Tar Kon TO rontwll a > 200 no 20
Start conl Won fBsllv TlmIJ
Judith Campbell raced to the front an
stayed there all tho way winning pisll
by a 10419111 and a half from Hcd Dam
< el who Willi second nil tho nay Sam
Craler was thlnd a head away
ho furlones Columbia courao
fetarter v laJck ii fit lllf rin Fir Il
111811 PrlniU Itoiudll 3 11 tt no 10
Conklln lor Pollnk 4 4 2M 20 11
nell of Delia Mead
109 MlrhIlOII li Si 3 7 53
Sneer 100 DInk 1 n 4 21 In
C htr loOnt 109 Treulxlll US MO
Cantaloupe Callahan II 7 0 lu 4
IT8J in
riI IlekwIrkUilgullInK H S 7 to t
Ancestor in I K walili 7 u 8 a
tohlcan 112 Hums 2 nt 0 A 2
Mr Alice 101 lloblwnlo 10 lu 11 jfl
1r m
lIgloh2 101 l
hlhcr Pijot 112 > llrkn 12 11 11 20 N
Cedar Iliiuliln 10911lire II 12 12 1 41
rBl k U I g 5 1rx1
Mien SliyWk W Mllcall 13 in IlK F1
7clller 109 Itulrxii 14 it 14 12 r
Kwrmnrf IOn Hour 1 > 11 Iii lijii 40
Half llollilaj112 Adom > 7 17 HI 100 40
Arthur 112 Ilnllmnn in 10 17 M 12
mart Bowl Won ilrlvlnc Time tu1
Master Prim ctiout tho running fol
lowixlx by Mohliil Uiher Ioaf alt
Uollo of Hello Monde They held this
order to tho stretch wflicro Coukllng
moved up Info second place Muster
PrIm held his lead oil the nay homo
and won driving by u length from ConU
ling who was half n length In front
ot Ocllo of Belle Meade
Sill and thrcemjartera over eeen flight
or iiurdicB
BUrter StaSoekes StHlfrin l fitr II f
lioMnby 140 ltoUlrk 7 4 ii 411 li
UroUKhlumKn 1411 Mara 4 jb i s 111 4r
MIMII AhhottHiiSiaton 1 in n 1 in 52
UJrlli 1
HnuW 141 Itntilmn B 2 4 n f
rim IllxaU IK < Omnrlly on 7 i
T U Owrni I III Johnson 2 B n 4 nn
LaW WooOlanls 140
Jackson 07 7 11 3
Start KCXHI Won driving Time 127
Gould and Draughtsman alternated In
thu lead to the far turn where Gould
dropped out of it Draughtsman then i
went to HIP front nnd showed the nay
in tho utretch where OoldHby closed
and In a hot drlvo Ooldnby won by II
Qlood from DrauKhtjmun who boar
Alina Abbott eight lenghts for tho
rounm RACE
One milt Columbia count
StartenwKlaJceltfsa EtHlfKln sfrp
loaca US < tlnhetin r a co 1 4 f
Dramatlit l > 3 Gland 44 2 > < i 2
Monorath 101 HInder n 3b a e 10 II
icortlo 101 lVllaon 3 n 4 c n 11
lnIIJI Brunncr H 7 B a 41
lemurrer tot Colllm 1 Ha u
Eminence II OS W
Mulhnllaml r n 7 20 7
Cornwall 1OO F Owen 7 8 H 1 3
CcJrJI poor lIon driving Timsi42 S3
Demurrer and Alpaca raced In clone
order totha stretch where Demurrer
quit Alpaca then took up the running
tend just luted long enough to beat
< L i Vii
Felix Henderson was killed by the third rail of the Fifth ave
nue L road Brooklyn late this afternoon He was repairing
a wire near Atlantic avenue when he fell across the third rail
and was roasted to death
Hendrickson was thirtyfive years old and lived at No 53
Third street Brooklyn
CHICAGO Nov 20lt was stated unofficially late this
atternoon that the streetcar tieup had been settled and that
the men would return to work tomorrow The settlement had
been left with Clarence Darrow reprenting the strikers ana
Col Bliss for the railway company The men it was stated
had reached an agreement which was indorsed by both sides
The Post later in an extra says it has been settled that the
street railway strikers will return work tomorrow
it I 0
Fifth Race Princess Lucille 1 Eccentric 2 Vallarambla 3
Sixth mf eLubin 1 > Drummond 2rKilmorie 3
+ p
After Three Hours Deliberation the Jury De
cfdesthat His AccusationsAgainst His
Wife Were Founded on Fact I
Tho Jury otter being out three hours
Into this afternoon found a vonHot In
favor of cxSherlff James OBrien an
swcrlnp yes to the charge naming
Paul Bulth nnd George Powers and
no to all tho charges against OBrien
The exSheriff will sonic his dlorc >
from another Justice In a later action
The testimony by fortythnM wit
nesses lolling tho lat eleven day was
all given In tho divorce nnd counter
Dramatist a head tho latter beating
ilonograph by a head
hmrn furlonci Columbia court
InrterswrtsJrnkeA St lllf Fin SIr ri
Merry KnKl ndmlurni I I > l 4lk
lulUins Km AdHin 2 2 2 1110
tart poor Won easIly Tlmp 120
3Icrry England and Buttons ran head
nnd head tii thn stretch where Buttons
then on
ran out Merry Hngland cnme
and won easily by tlirM Iciisth
Ono mile and sucnty yard old course
RUrtfrB Bt inekere PtMlfrin sir ri
l ° I t id htint1J 1 7 r
idle Mflinn 8i K Wnl h 1 9 2 15 5
YcrwItemmfrW rn 3 BJ V 85 3B
IVIMlc h7 Krlcllt fi 14 12 n
MelVorte 112 AoIllmI 7 B mzo
ItAriftiilcr vi Bchofn II in H 20 s
HernIa 10 lUlnhelmrr 4 r T 12 4
llnnx W llouhre 24 S 211 8
lnn iiurW Drunnfr 7 n 0 n I
Jfluf Nvlfl 107Mllb h K in rui 10
Kan nom < l > Ofonnrlo 1111 mo
Start gOod Won Miflli Tlmltl 5
Untrlr for ToMorrnnr on loCI 2
Special to The Rrrnlntr World
scheduled to be
cov OTho races
rlln hero this afternoon resulted aa tot
rirst Race Ono mile Won by Choice
10 to 1 and 4 to Barney Burke 4 to 1
for place was second Moor was third
Tlme144 14
Second Jlace Five and a half fur
longsWon by Jim FerrIn 10 to I and
4 to 1 Trovator S to 0 for place was
second Rhyme and Reason was third
Third Race Seveneighth of a mile
Won by Jigger 0 to 10 and 1 to10
Ono More 8 to 5 for place was second
Evai Darling was third Tlmo l3Q 12
Fourth llaco Short Course Won by
Qalba 0 to S and 3 to 6 Volantlne
to 1 for place waa second Faraday
Jr was third lime 303
WellKnown Hlnicer niiil Writer
Ioniiil Lifeless In Bed
PiniADni > PHIA Nov ro113rt P
flanks a musical composer of national
repute nnd formerly a noted singer
wan found dead In bed In his boarding
house here lie wan seventynine years
old Mr flanks was born In Xew
Haven He began the study of muslo
at an early age and was tho composer
of many ol itlmopopular songs In
cluding Dont lie Angry With Me
Darling and Silver Threads Among
the Oold
lie also wrote much church music and
won at varous tIme connected run dl
rector or toss sololit with vromlnent
churai In iNnw YbrU Brooklyn Chi
cago and Clov landL
ITr John JJedlolno Cures Conaump
Uoo A tlira and Uronchltli auaruit es
I oiIi JlkHIi
divorce trial of exBnerlff Jamec OBrien
and Abby Ella Cook OBrien and to
day waa given up to speeches by the
lawyer for husband and wife and the
lawyers for each of three or four of the
ExJudge W M K Olcott for
OBrien Robert L Turk for Mrs
OVBrlen were unlimited In Urre but
the lawyers for the corespondents
were allowed only ton minutes each In
which to earn their retainers
Socialists Against UI nrRIecllon
bT the Labor Federation
JIO8TON Nov aJt was announced
informally this afternoon that the Ro
clolMt delegates to tho American Fed
eration of Labor Convention had haJ1 a
caucus and had decided to oppose tho
reelection of President Bnmucl Oom
pars utaclng a comolete ticket before
the convention with Ernst ICroft of
the Philadelphia Control lAbor Union
a the candidate for President Tho
ccnventlon will hold a session this even
Ing so that adjournment may be reached
tomorrow Jf possible
The rocommcndatlon of the committee
on executIve council that all matters
not settled by the convention In which
jurisdiction dlnputei have ocaurrcd be
left In abeyance for one year In order
that the question may bo more calmly
considered was adopted
Wright ilnia lie nod Inhaled Gila
Then Ho Died
Frederick Wright mty years old went
to tho Hudson Street Hosspttal today
and told the clerk in attendance that
he had Inhaled gas from a gas stove
at his home He wo admitted but died
shortly after entering that Institution
The outlook for a good bank state
ment this week U good The banks
have made a net loss of JCnOOO All
against 114197600 lost last week Tho
movement between the Interior and
New York showed a gain of J114EOO
proving that the tide has turned and
that from now on the flow of cash will
be toward New York This moans easier
money and craatrr stock market ac
tivity Further receipts ot goTd during
the week will make the statement lOb ow
a gull In cash Just what the deposit
account and the loan account will bow
U Is almost Impossible to forecast
Compelled to remain In their homes
under throat of being shot residents of
the village of Green Mountain ten j
miles north of here heard three oxplo i
dons before daylight today The ex
oloslons wrecked the Green Mountain
Bank Building Three robbers rita
through the streets warning the people I
to keen Indoors and shooting wherever
n light appeared The robbers secured
11030 and escaped on a handcar
TaJui Vitom Cur for Consumption
Ifwlircur your coucti A1drlttI S3o
i i
Noted Wyoming Desperado In
dian Scout and Cattle Detec
tive Is Executed Despite
friends Threat of Rescue
He Finally Broke Down Pro
fessed Religion and Went to
His Doom Without a Tremor
No Attempt to Free Him
CKETBNVn Wyo Nov WWlth
prayer on his lip end his boot on
Tom Horn was hanged today and tho I
lout of the bad men of the present
generation U no more
Outside tim jail yard In which Horn
was hanged Blood the militia of the
State In a cordon Inside tho Jail yard
were more member of the guard with
their rifles ready to prevent any at
tempt to rrtetie Horn I
About the town wore a hundred men
friends of Horn trtlllnj to take any
chance to prevent tim hanging but who
saw the ImposslblHty of a reacou under
tho conditions that prevailed
Horn did not turn to religion unlit
the very last It was only after a choir
had aims for him and tho Itev Mr
Wation of St Marks Church hntl la
bored with him that Horn MM ho rw
things dirtcrcntly and knelt down and
Despite tho fact that Horn had more
murdoni to his credit thun any mnn III
Wyoming too Jiad fiends by the hun I
10 was chief of scouts In two cam
paigns with i Gen Milcsoncc when
titles went after Oeronlmo and Kot him
and again when Miles went to Porto
Rico Horn was a hired nlijer and
moit of hIs murders were In tOte line ot
what he conceived to be Ills duty M a
special officer hived to exterminate cat
tie rustlers
Tom Honi was born In Missouri U1
father wan a trail blazer from Ken
tucky The old man was a cattlo thief
A train robber and a > > Missouri bad man
of the Jomih stripe He turned tip his
toes soon after the war leaving the
boy to grow up alit drift west
Tom Horn started iu a cowboy when
the cattle thieves were plentiful and
lights wore frequent Ho has said ho
did not kill any one until ho was twen
tjslr years old or about fifteen yearn
agoKin first man was a lieutenant In the
Mnxlcan Army killed at a dance across
the line from 13 Paso Horn did the
ahootlnff and swam the Illo Qratulo to
get away The fight was about a wom
an There Rni a price on ihU hood for I
awMle and Uion the affair was forgot
He then turned tip In Arizona
Horn Ilrlpcd Grit lIlies
Ho had lived along tho old troll of tho
Santa Fe road Ho had been In tho
Inalifor which Oeronlmo started when
ALtlea decided ho had to bo taken Horn
went along or rather In advance an
chief of scouts He followed tho old
Indian night and day and finally at
the yrunii wIndup Gcronlmo was taken
Milts knew Horn was a bad man but
ho llkod the ttnv he worked
Horn then turned up In Wyoming at
the head of a Rani oc men to atoll the
rustlers who had ooen running oft cat
tle They did They WITH so lclous
about It Unit finally the RUng was taken
out of the Territory muter an escort of
TCilngs wore quiet and Horn took n
turn at drlvlns tim Overland stage He
wan held up a couplo of timed and it
was his boat that tim worst ho ever sot
from any rood agent VHH tho loss of two
leaders An an express driver he was
HliiaMe lie killed a couple of road
agents anl trailed a couple of more and
killed them tho company having put a
price on their heads
It nut while he was waiting to kill
old man NIckcll for having been the
head of a band of cattle thlovee that lie
commute Ins crlmo for which ho was
hanged Mday Ho had located old man
Mrkcll and wan planted whore he could
coinnruid a view of the door of the old
cattlo thats house when WIIHo Nick
el a lad of clrliictn found him Horn
WUH mad at having been beaten out of
hli nhc1 at tho old man and shot the
° ConteMCil HU Crime
In a bnrst of contldonce ho old the
story to some United States marshals
and ho wall arrested triod and con
victed Horn did not attempt to cia
prove the charge against him Ho said
It was all In the lino of builness and
killing was his business
Tho cattlemen of Wyoming who from
tlmn to time paid Horn money to tight
cattle thleviB and who neer asked
him what became of tho men who
had bert with Horn and others banded
together to try and rescue him The
threat that he would never hang
reached the Governor and the mlllUa
wee placnt about the jail tu prevent
hid helm rescued
Horn was n dead shot could hit a
humming bird on tho wing with a ro
olver and never drew a sun except
to use It How many men Horn killed
never will bo known Ho got jwto for
killing two at one time and KIOO for
killing three and wounding nve at un
other time The express company pld
him for n couple more and In the cam
mlgn against tim cattle thieves a few
ears atco a dozen men were killed bv
Horn and his crowd Horn did liLt
hnro III this round up I
Forecast for tho thlrtyx hours
ending at 8 P M Saturday for
New York City and vicinity Fair
tonight Saturday partly cloudy
and slightly warmer fresh to
light westerly winds becoming
P j
Civil Justice Roesch Visits McClusky
and Convinces Him that Father Cir
ringiones Story Is True in Every
DetailMore Detectives on Case
It Had Been Announced that He Would Jj
Preach on Sunday and Tell Congre
gation of Plot Against Him but
Doctors Say He Is Too Nervous 1t
Civil Justice Roisch turned over to the police this afternoon anOlli ° r1
supposed Mafia letter received by tIe father of Father Cirringione f
kidnapped priest
The letter was addressed to Antonio Cirringione of No 300 West
Seventeenth street The envelope was addressed in that manner but the 1
letter read v
Father Cirringione No more explanations No more You
lo your life Same as this mailed Judge Roeach Savcfyottr
life Will be against An Cf i
The handwriting was the same as that of the letter addressed to
Justice Roeich It was also in Italian i
For two ours Justice Roesch conferred with Chief Inspector De
tectives McClusky an after tne interview McCluskys scepticism of the
priests stcry of kidnappers dianged tc one of ardent belief
He at once ordered additional detectives to go to work on the case
He took charge of the first letter which the Justice received and which a
few hours before he had said he did not want
Evidently the opinion the police held on the case changed with tfid
visit of Justice Roesch to Headquarters The second letter to the Justice
is simply one more of the many developments which have gone to sub
stantiate Father Cirringiones remarkable story of the kidnapping his
imprisonment and release No facts have been presented to refute ii
story Although It was announced that Father CIrrlngoIno would leave St
Vincents Hospital today anti would celebrate mass at his church on
Sunday the doctors Into this afternoon decided not to release him
Ho Is too nervous JLO go away today said Dr Rourke He ma >
ne be ablo to leave tomorrow tho next day Ho Is not well by anj
° Is he ratlona t
I cannot discuss his case further i f t M
Archbishop Farley had Instructed the hospital officials to releaaa ths
priest If ho was mentally and physically sound t I
The first letter was received by Justice Roesch last night This letter
like those received by tho priest and others In the Bronx bears thllmJ8Y
torlous signature A B C 2
Tho letter was not a threat against tho life of Roesch bufrwaa Intended <
is a warning for Father Cirringione It read as follows Jj1l Pp
Sir Tell to Father Giuseppe that ho shall not sPeak Ir
any more for his life shall answer A BC s t
have saved his life Now Jam against him ABC 4
It will be remembered that when Father Cirringione first told the storr l
ot his capture ho said on Italian In the gang ot kidnappers had pleadedv i If
for him when It was proponed by other members of the gang that ho be
tiled This Italian procured whiskey and got tho one member the ptii
who argued for the death of the priest drunk r <
The wording of the letter received by Justice Roeach would lndlcts r
that the author ot the missive Is this Italian t L
The letter was written in Italian and according to an expertwhoJilM I
translate It Is In the Sicilian dialect J
It was at first construed as a threat against the life of lioeaeli tt
and detectives guarded his homo during tho night Tho letter waa writ
ten on cheap ruled paper and was similar In many respects including t I
writing to those that have been received by others In the Bronx 4
Frank J Holahan who lives In Wllllamsbrldge told Justice Roesch
that an Italian boy named Popollzlo had told his son that ho had itl
Father Joseph walking with two men on the night ho disappeared and M
said Good evening Father to him Ho had also seen a bakers wagon with
two horses standing In front of Mr Lambs house In Fourth avenue I
I Young Popollzlo also told the Holahan boy that the police had aeon Wm itt
and had tried to make him deny the story which was true The Olf1
found young Popollzlo Tuesday but said that ho had denied to tbera te
Iho had seen tho priest or the wagon IYI Jr i
Tho police aro now seeking an Italian named Corrcnti who fr 1L
to hnvo sent threatening letters to a number persons lnthe Brow < x
The friends ot tho priest arol bitter expression of thelr t
for the work of the police One of them speaking of the affair Mid
Tho police have tried to discredit the priest and his story frwji r
first To cover up their own Inefficiency they have tried to cstaap I
upon the character of Father Joseph who is loved by all Who o1utiW i
When given clues to work on as In the case ot the boy who BMC MHPPJ
Josephthat night they have tried to throw theaadows TkeytrM fo asa E
Contldeacoaaaah kij
r y

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