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Negro Woman Who Lives in Regal
Magnificence on Central Park West
1 Also Served Terms in oyamensing
Prison and on Blackwells Island
> f
v More SLEiI than fiction is the rise of the woman Hannah Elias who
1 has lately bee in the public eye through the stories told by Cornelius Will
4 iams the negro murderer From a barefooted octoroon in the streets of
pt Philadelphia to a mansion Central Park West surrounded by every hx
Sy in the world and waited upon like a princess is a long step Yet it
1 aall come to her in less than twenty years
c In 1884 the woman whoYrom the perfumed satin cushions that form
a window seat in the Central Park mansion now looks upon the throng
k of carriages that pass and repass in the park was a woman without a
4 tame about to become a mother and an applicant for charity in Phila
t 4 delphia She had been cast oil by her family had served a term in prison
r fcrllieft and come from the walls of Moyatncnsing to find the door of
TCr fathers house shut against her and only that of a resort for colored
women open to her
AVhat Hannah Ella now pays her Chinese cook or Japanese butler or
y petite i French maid for their months service would have kept her for many
V ontbs at that time
t The Ellas girl was born In Philadelphia at No 1820 Addison street
She yeas one ofnine children Her father was a npgro with Indian
< s blood 111 him Her mother waa ulmost white She was born In 1865 Sho
InbTeiiredthe white akin of her mother and the eyes of her father To her
> V eyes her friends ascribe her advancement In life As a girl he was prc
s < l l sSbo received the education of the common schools the same aa
that given to her brothers and sisters and It was not until her time came
to go out to service that any trouble was experienced with her That was
In 1884
Sho was then nineteen years old pretty for one of her race with n per
I i fect Usurp and a love of flnu clothes It was to gratify her desire to shine
2 that caused her first trouble
V Sbo had been placed In the service of n wealthy family and waa there
f Vi the lime her sister Hattie was married The wedding was ono to bo
T emotnbercd In tho history of the colored colony of Philadelphia Hannah
J desIred to ahlnoat the wedding and when It took plnce sho appeared Ina
i i taess that was n wonderful creation She was the bulloof the evening
i The rwas ono she had taken from tho wardrobe of her mistress It
4 had boon made for a special occasion The mistress learned of It Investi
I gated and charged Hannah with larceny She was prosecuted and her
LiZ sentence was three months In Moyamenslng
i Previous to her commitment sho had made the acquaintance of Frank
t jIJ < p Satterfleld py 4ungnegro porter In a drug store at Droad nnd
4 ICllsworth streeta Philadelphia He had met her at her homo and when
b ho heard that she had been released from prison ho went to neo her only
j ttO flnd that admission had been denied her and that sho had disappeared
I Satterfleld and Hannahs brother David Inaugurated a search for ho
I A They found her In the resort of Emelyn Truitt at No nil Minister street
Their combined pleadings Impelled her to leave tho place but she did not
Dicing rnRlnawa from tho life
The wages ot Satterfield were small and he had lodgings In nn alley off
r Tenth street between Vino and Callowhlll streets Philadelphia There ha
i installed Hannah Elms who Immediately had trouble with tho proprietress
ot the lodginghouse a negress The Elias woman had this negress arrested
i if and successfully prosecuted a case against her In tho Buttonwood Street
t Pollci Court
I As the time for her Illness approached Satterfleld became convinced
LI i1ffififho wouljl be unable to ntand the expense so he and the Elias woman
jappllfid to the charity authorities of Philadelphia She was given a ticket
jif admission to the Blockley Almshouse and there her first child n girl
I fWlurboln In December 1S8D
f Sbo did not keep this child As soon as she was able to leave the alms
I house she turned her offspring over to Travis Hudson of 1230 Wood street
The child was christened Clara Hudson adopted the child and reared her
I d asone of his own family She Is now seventeen years old nnd the picture
L oTlier mother at her age For this child the mother never has done any
vti Hannah Ellas resumed her old life In Philadelphia but did not MaD
Va date with negroes as much as she had formerly She appeared to exercise
Ipypeculiar Influence over white men In 18S7 her condition was again In
teresting and he determined to leave and came to New York
1 Through < he influence of R white man I
f iy had worked with him n Phlladel
hIA SJttsrneld obtained a position be
iiitid the soJnwater fountain of a drug
I < c Vtore at fourteenth Ireet and rifLi
avenue lie was Kept yosted us to the j
w movements of Mmimli rllus through
his brother Wright Hatterllolil of No
361160uth Sixteenth street Ihllnaclpiii
4 Young ns Hannah Kilns was her con
p tact with the world had sharpened her I
i t and vho trailed SHtrrl to this city
if I 1Atcor O inlet by anollur negro fhc
qt went to the plnf where he IU > ni
f iloVvd niid crouicd niich a scene thit
vr4 the pri l rletor gat u llcmaii in warn
iltbtt iwny Slia fqllowcrt PatirrflPld how
rVr when II left the lore and at hut
> hellnd her arrested I
oJr A UniiiiiKliie Allliliivlt
k iSjc WM takrn to the fiercer Direct I
nfitlon atiJ from then to Jpffcrx Mar
fset 1oJltc fouri wero she iteaertih
that Satterfleht wan the father of IIIM
R r lllill ind had dfiiortcd hp Hattcrnolil I
1 1 V V I t naked for an ndjfiiriment mj when the I
dl CC Was noxt calliil he auJnilUcil the
toliowiZ affidavit I
ft I i CitY nf pniladelnliln IC lrr onaly
1 iippearAt before mr Israel W Uunimm i
OYl JiHi jlstfati of Court Xu 0 of tliu iII
j j ttI Ailhur nail wh bet duly
7 V of t tug ti > law dot Ii ilepjHe unj
1 ar hsllIe lias own Hannah iln
tajK tel > jrar pant and known fter tu be
cecimmon woman and that IIP lun mM
ifitirsithohO14aOC ilr KTiclyu TrJltt
b T2atIrlRter PtCt
rdrnaiiI MibiicrlbcJ to bcfirc me oi
ilith luy tfSe > tcnt3er Ib7 Hrnrl
funhti1 ofllcc No 42 South Sixth
m f IfllJ thlTliIJiI UAUK
Vcuat iSillinnu Iortrr
lp 4e jIJ hljell the
bine Jullnxi5 porter run
ftIIIIeIp hl911i rel llni
4 suit lie be eai
1f t iM
Li f
1 +
ployed III that capacity at this time
Thu Magistrate after examining the
aimdjvlt and qucsllonlng ilainah Kllas
itntvncnl her lo crve thirty days ou
Ilacknelr Island Sattcrrtcld went to
Uarlum and got a jb In a drug tore
Today ho has a pUce of his own and
from the day Hnmiah Kllas wns aen
litireil until ihls lime he has not set
ere on her
After her release from BlackwcUs r I
and Hannah Kllus went to the Colored
Homo ant Hospital at the foot of Iut
Sixtyfifth ktrcet where her second
clilli wu born What became of this
rhllil I Idunvji to fnw save herse AB
Koon ns shn left till hnyjiltal she dropped
CHI of sight nf lho o who hnd known
her aftrr her arrival from thlladelpiU
lire Shi lrt Vltllnnm
In the roiirjo of n rw yearn she ap
ptared as the proprleirt1 of u lodslng
house In West Kiirtythlrd street She
wis man led tu a 1ullnian porter no ned
Uavls and wan known n tIell Mavis
H was there Unit she mot Cornellui
Kaklni In thr light of prosperity
Ilaniiaii Kllun and her husband moved
in llm bouse at No ISS tvet Klftythlnl
slieet which she linimlii While IVIIK
In thN lunve hpluLi troiule with her
hu bunil uinl illvorcDil him resu nibs
lur mnlcn name lly inw bit she nsi
tlnaiiMully Indvpendent uml inovwl u P
In the HlxtlCM n jliuiL distance from
Ccnjrnl Irk
IliMrlnntril li > Oulrnl Inrk
It appeaieil that Central Park exer
elseib u ru set net ton over Hannah Kllan
Krom her homo In the Olxtlcs abe roo
moved to n cross street further uptown
where the lived In a house purehased
for her by a white admirer Finally
throe years ago shonopvcd into tlio man
tlpn otv 0t6 Cenlral J arlt 1V est
Whlcli plnnds l In hernBrae iThera she
hall t r uch maid a Chinese cook a
job 1 j
Born in Philadelphia in 180G of mixed parentage
Received n common school education played barefooted in
the streets and went out to domeatto service in 18S4
Convicted of robbing her mistress and sent to Moyamenaitig
Prison for three months
Became a mother in the almshoaee in 1885
Came to New York and served thirty daia on Blaokwells
Island for annoying a negro
Started it lodginghouse for negroes in West Fiftythird
streetMarricdto a Pullman car porter whom she divorced
Became prosperous and moved into the Central Park man
sion three years ago
Has a French maid a Chinese cook Japanese butler and a
CQachutan in her retinue
Japanero butler a coachman and every
luxury tho heart of a voluptuary coukl
ileslre Her coaches and teams have
been the envy oj the neighborhood
In the summer oC 1901 she had a
uplendid cottage at Fax rtocknwny Her
equipages were taken to that resort and
sho created arit a bit of gossIp by
her lavish exBn < lltui s She made no
friend among tha summer residents of
the colony and was seldom tren unlms
heavily veiled The Kennrnl Impression
was that IIh4 was a Cuban widow
Known n Veiled Cnlmn
Bell was known thore as the veiled
Cuban She spent moro money than any
Mimnier resident of the nlacn had ever
been known to upend She rented the
hindftomest house doting the summer of
Wl and hung about herself a shroud of
MIl house In which Sirs Ellis spent
Julv and August or loot was rented
through A C Itaynes a roaiciitato
agent at Far Uockaway It was owned
by an estate ml for the two months cost
her 2600 The premises were rented
for Xlri Kiln bv Cain her Jiitiamwr
butler and Jack Cooper the nnytfcal
Instructor The two men went to
11IHH a lit rtprtmntnil Oiui th
wanted to rent the house for I most re
sponsible party und gave the name ot
I Then there 1 > one visitor a gray
bearded treble old man who walked
with 1 One and who was slid to have
rheumatism M badly that ho was In
constant pain This old man was dresied
In tho most fashionable way He never
spoke to the servants and thoiw who
saw him coming and going to the Ella
house wndered who he was Ho waa
nlways met at the station by Mrs
KlUss victoria an uptodnto ehlcla
commanded by s coachman and a X diOt
man both In livery This rig was
rented by the negreu at an extrnvagint
Sir Ella never went from her house
unveUed She Invariably wore el vefl
would be
In the early morning she
drsen In the victoria to the bathing
beach by Cato There she would sla i I
In tho water a brief time
An Idea of Mr Ellas9 extravagance
wajj zhown In her demands that men
tie parcels he cant to her houM dally to I
undo and wrap packages tent to her I
If these men failed to come one day they
were dismissed and others were em j
ployed toJako their places
Bnvlrl MIlan UoeU
Thert was also a hair dresser that
cam daily 0 Oo up the negress hair
lml 10
who attended
Then there was a masseur Il
tended her after iLlie had finished her
dally exercise with Jack Cooper Thin
daly exprcle Jptfllh Mrs Bljafht
make iter llKWe perfect U Is snub that
SA > wished to rival Lillian RUMH who
was a near neighbor Cooper had r
diieril Illllnu UtieseIls weight nf y
P014015woman trealod Mm Kilns taco
several times n ib v U Is all now that
the iiesreiw longed for whiter skin and
that < ho treatment was for the purpose
or chaining Its hue That niio took wme
treiutm nt to milk her iiaie Is admitted
bv those who were very close to her
foily the gardener hail an example
of Mrs Kllnss generosity when she
made n great iit of him She saw him
worklnir near her window one hot day
and site allied to him
hive Illni Cash and Vine
Como here man she said You
scent co faithful nnd hard worked 1
Is a nhrnn for anybody I work that
hnrO Come In ali have some wine I
She tool Cody Into her illnlngiTiom
fho save eOt quart nf cold clum
pan and aa he wan wing site
tiiYHned 1 X bill Into hi hand Kvery
day after that Coy raked under the
n > ure itH window mil every ilav the
money and wine wore forthcoming
To redncn her weight Mrs IWaH had
1 hundriall court built outside the
hlllall reit xiien c Here site
wits trained Jy Coopni for days hit
cite tliil of the hard work anil gave It
up ThU handball court wan tlu > rnoinn
ot the negnii liolmt slid Liter 7Vheli
the owners of the nMperty took pos
Tammany Chieftain Also Says He Is Not Con
sidering Applications Places Under
Mayor McClellans Administration
Charles F Murphy leader of Tammany Hall telegraphed to the Asso
ciated Press today the following statement from Hot Springs Va
The statement published Friday that 1 dinner Is being arranged In
my honor Is news to me I any such function Is planned I Is without
my knowledge nnd consent The story that I wired for leaders and ex
pect them here for a political consultation Is absolutely untrue I came
hero for a rest solely and Ill not consider political matters
Tho statement that I am considering any applications for office Is
equal untrue All applications must be mado to Mayorelect McClcllan
lUrctrlFlnn Disturb n flestanrant I
Iurtr 1j TnmltllnK Into Fooil
While axing the wires of nn electric
cliinilellcr Hi Pat I s restaurant In One
IKiMlrcil niiJ r i tyflfth street Wal I
ter IJarne an Iectrlclan tel and reo
calved Injurle which will keep him in I
J 1 II Wrglit hospital for a wee < cr
ru loptal I
llm1 C h P worklmc on a mal scat
folu ivy test above tho main Moor
Dlrecty nth tho scaffold was A
table at wbicft tour persons wets hiving
1 late breakfait There w 1 a creAk
Ins of planks abOTnnd before he
persons at tho iiabla had a chance to
do more than lean tack Darnel lade
iI b
one of the most reliable department
stores In Now York aa reference
Upon Invalidation It waa learned at
the department ftere that Mrs Ellas
hnd at that time jewelry to tho amount
of J00X1 In the stores safes that sho
had an account that varied from 130000
II 123000 yearly and that her credit waif
unlimited The agtnt who waa lnves >
Hunting the woman then went to te
hniiRo of Mrs Ella at 5o 236 Central
Pnrk West where he was admitted by
te French maid
Inlil 1000 In Cash
Mrs Ella Is 111 ho was told 10ou
Cato must do oil yous buciaeia through
CntoWhatever Cato does will be nil
right wn called In a woman volco
down the Malrs
At this tli vjij neaa tpoft UWln bills
from ono of nrspaicti ftM cave It to
tho scent i
This will close the bargain ho salj I
iftob want ttpe full mount or rent for
the summer I will gIve It to you now
Thn agent left with the money and
July 1 following f Ella moved Ijito
thl bqutci luc extravagance a she
then practised was tIle talk of Fir
Rocliawpy for months She was nur
rounded with servants Thert was Cato
tile Jat > aiiPf i the Chinese cook tho
French maid Cody n gardener and I
niimcrnuii otCiir menials orrfi of whom I
her made wants 1iiv vlilM from town to attend to
cession They brought suit for J5SO
itrs Kllas lot her cue and the lull
amount was paid
While In For Itockaway Mrs Elite
on several occasions Is said to hav had
illsagreon > nu with the Japanese Cats
He Is raid to have quit her service
Tfton oho would Aln Cody 4he gardener
after him and he would return to her
Jack Cooper the physical Instru
r tor eftlttody that ha had ben Mr
KllaVs phydcU Instruotor to lghC
months sal that In all that time ha
jiever rich Cuba nnspecleU c Qnce tit she wo not a
I had no Idea she was a n gren
sail Cooper until ono day down at
i Fur nockaway the truth was told nw
I threw up my contract with her at
once She wore 1 wig that didnt cost
S cent less than JUW and under no
circumstances did ahl ever appear with
out it I dont believe even Cato the
Jap oyr siw her without I
When Mrs Ellas left Far Rockaway
every cnt she owed to tradesmen was
paid 1 Is claimed she paid every bill
I In cash end CaIn acted as her cBhlr
When she let every one believed that
I she was f Cuban with untold wealth
Inn she had represented she wuj when
I she took the hOI for the summer
A Third Child Horn
Leaving Far Jlockaway after the sea
son was over Mrs Ellas returned to
her Central Park mannlon It was In
the fall of the next Vear that her third
mUd was born This wan Gwendolyn
WhiR who died last spring and over
Whose lichly an 1S00 > maivaoleum uf
I white marble Is being erected
There In talk of nctlon by the Bureau
of Vital Statistics brcauiHi of the differ
ence in thu records mndr of the birth
Hnd death nf this child At Its birth this I
child wail recorded ns a white oWld At I
Its death the record was that it wai
cnl le Ihllnilrlphla tho rico fit Hannah
KlliiN has often been remarked t hits
also ben usvrte that white the wom
an wits FpondlnK I nnall fortune to
keep allv the memory of her last born
the brautlfiil girl who Is I picture of
her mother has never received one
Denny from liar The girl In being
rearer by Travors Hudion and his ram
ily and Is considered ono of the most
beautiful young women In her set In
Sisters Writ Educated
Tho iili honiojteul Is still standing
In Philadelphia It Is occupied by Ellii
hell Suits a maiden sister of Hannah
and n drefumaker The mother died
fxo year ago The father Is living
The sisters haw all been educated many
of them In music nnd imlntlnR
Hannnli was one of < fireo lOtS of twins
Emma und hattie > MagHle nnd Bim und
llnnnali and David In addition to the
twins them were IUzlc Mary and Hu
listlne viiimgrr than Humiali
The fiimlly ii fairly won ta do For
years IJiinnuh hay lieen estranged from
them with the exception of her twin
ruther Uavhl who found her as Besulw
Hivls In Wnst Fiftythird attest Hn
If now In New York nnd has vlxltttl
at various times
her lt lme
In a heap on the breakfast table I
HP wait picked up with a dislocated
shoulder and minor bruises and suffer
bug from kneriral Injuries I
I nm sorry gentlemen mid his
waiter another nn table lie spread a new 101 on
I know we didnt order hlIJ I
one o the breakfast party
Hrnntfi AlprOyea Treaty
Committee o Foreign Relations today
authorised A favorable report on the
hill procity giving treaty effect to the Cuban rt
Is only one of the atrlklng feature o
Kveryodyji Magaalne for C cembr
Every page II alive with live subjects
Just out ten cents V
t h
Senate Committee Hears that
Army Officer Knew Character
of Jai Ala 01 Havana and
Suppressed Its ByLaws
Newspaper Correspondent Corrobo
rates Major Rathbone and Quote
Proofof His Statement Inquiry
May Last a Month
Bpeela to The Kvenlnx World
WASHINGTON NOV 21 when the
Senate Military Affairs Committee re
sumed Its executive session today In
the hearing of tho protest against the I
presidents promotion of Gen Leonard
Wood If J nroirno a newspaper man
who ipeot considerable time In Cuba
during Gn Woods administration
there was put on the stand to testify
against the General
Mr Hrowno told the committee that
b ha btalnedtti omdavlts made by
shareholders of the Jal Alai Company
which had been filed foy Major Rathbone
111 tho affidavits the shareholders de
clared their stock had bean assessed tor
t e purpose of paying tho cost of area
enti which warn gIven by the ablni
MtabUshment t Gen and Mrs Wood
Members of the cammlttca Hook great In
terest In thcao charges and questioned
tho witness concerning the affidavits
Mr Browne was questioned also In re
gard to tho charge that Gen Wood
knew the character of th Jal Alai wen
be Irgue in favor of granting It a con
cession to operate
When rcferencd to this charg9 was
made by Mr Browne he was asKed by
Honator Cockrell to substantiate hi as
sertion Ha did BO by directing attention
to official publications In Havana news
lupera allowIng the nature uf the Jut
Ala establishment
Thts statement Included a copy uf
tIO company bylaws and It was do
cared ttiat these ha4 been suppressed
by Gen Wood In Ms statement to tho
Wat Department concerning lh estab
The ground gone over by Mr Brown
Is covered In tha general statement of
charges tiled lencrl ooramtteo by
WaV Rathboq It Is upeclod Mr
Umwri will again bo called bfrfo4jjtho
lilvejtlcaJldn 10 concluded
After Mr Browno left the committee
runni Vajor Rathbone resumed his state
TOCIH wlKrt 10 eft off yesterday He
wS Jniniil c > C in regard to his
charges that din Wood used coercion
and undue Inftu nce with the courts in
getting InstructlonH which were unfavor
able to Mijor nnVibone on his trial In
connection with the postal fraud cases
One member of the committee stated
< oday today that ho believed nearly a
month will be consumed I the Inquiry
Into the charges filed against Urn Wod
r j < l li and 1nrty Throrru
from 3fnclilae lint None Hurl
Issc Goodlielms automobile lilt an
ElgrhtH street car at Fifth avenue this
renoo and the five occupants had n
narrow escape from Injury
Mr Goodholms place of business Is at
No 4 Broadway With him besides
he chauffeur were his wife two women
friends and Miss E Striker his stenog
The automobile came down the ave
nue just ns the car was crossing The
motorman Ifleil to put on the brake
hard but failed TJio car crashed Into
the automobile and the occupants were
tlironn out
Chicago Mot Trie to Stop VIuonN
Carrying StreetCar Supplies
CHICAQO Nov IA riot In which
several thousand men omen and chil
dren took part occurred on Archer aye
flue today The mob which gathered
to Intercept a number of wagons under
escort convoying food to the car barns
charged the polfee and constables shout
tog and throwing stones
A constable was tuck o the head
and badly cut
The police drew their revolver and i
mude a stand about the wagon but i e
frulned tram shooting Tie rioters were
finally driven back and consoled them
selves by burning 0 wagon previously
I wrecked In the vicinity of the burns
Mirriirj Drop Uelcnr nt Some
Iolnlx unit Coin Itecurdu Urnclieil
ILVrraBUIlCJ N T Nov 1The
thermometer Blood nt zero ut different
points In the Adirondacks at daylight
today At some places It registered a
little above and at others It stood 1 or Z
below zero In this oity It wag 10
above with the air clear nnd still
UAhLSTON N Y Nov 21The
mercury registered 7 degrees above aero
early today The atmosphere Is clear
nnd serene Tills was the coldest No
vember morning according to local
records In slxtyono years
White Star Liner Hnltlc flllflm on
the IViiri
BELFAST Nov 31The largest
Ateamshlp In the world was launched
here today when the Whito Star liner
Baltic slid off the ways The launch
IQK took place In a gale I was a
The displacement of the Baltic will be
39800 tons or 600 tons moro than the
Crdrlc She will bo 720 feet long
Luranla Liverpool
Laurtntlan Olaow
Hnyv Celbtv
Mannhtlm Rotterdam
Maylanda I Kow y
mr Sesnsea
Peru Ballet O noa
Juita Iueknbach I Port Arthur
IrniKta n < ncva
Kaniaa a City Savannah
Ctla dl Kapoll IMhnmler San Juan
Gltraltar Alfanquln
narotM St Lucia Jicktonvlllt
leonttbelle nertnuda Bantlajro Santiago
Ulacomo P NapIeLATPfloe JacluonvllU
Umbrla IJvtrMWl i iiulla Curmcao
htsw 1 rt7t Coaino 1ortp o
Southampton Alleihsny Jamaica
KroanUnd Antwtiy Mexico havana
IlohtniolUm Naplta Vrlu WJIltm IV
Htkl Copnbs4Ifl Hayll
XUnntapon > London Bolivia InL
enniy1mnia Ldon llvle
DJ htsjnburgtIlmo aininsaicic
Psitoris Irnuds Copoho OalvPon
fireUoinUI ILNeW been
No 011
irUI1U1 wu erfon f Nd I
Detectives of Two Agencies Employed By
Members of the Family to Aid in Locat
ing theMiasIng Olubman I
Anxious to clear u the mystery of
the disappearance of Henry Uarter
Klngsley a wealthy clubman of Jlut
land Vt who has bee mining from
this city for the last week relative
have called In two private detective cbn >
cern Today every available man of
the Pinkerton and Mooney 4 Ualincl
Agencies have been told to keep a < ookr
out for him while dozens ot men have
been assigned specially to the case A I
description of the missing man ha teen
wired to Iho agents of both concerns
and the police have sent out Iho usual
circular and description
Ono of the theories upon which the
detectives are working II thgt 3r
Klngalev has been kidnapped Just why
they entertain tats theory Is not ex
plained except they are working alone
all Unej and In the handling of tn < bari
tho possibility that he has been kid
rapped must not be overlqokei
Thus far the men on the case have
bo en Un latglld tit Sir Klngal y
had any acqualntaiicoa that rpera not
known y fa Vyt < r nd
They hkp Ctit4jtathing tt lead them
to beilcyo thAClMireyer drahkand the
suggestion TUSi p4fliipj H3 ifiid met a
few friends and had been celebrating
some college victory has been brushed
aside >
Tho dotectlv for coals reason br
11vl that when thq mystery Is cleared
I will be found that Mr Klnlw 1ln
Canada or started for there
Tho last trace of him Is thought loW
I n the signature of a mm who regiS
tered In a hotel neatthe Grand Central
station on Saturday last as H B King
Canvui Trainmen
In the belief that fcTnRBlar may hovo
let town ton the Grand Central Sta
tion a canvass ot all the tralnjnen aiut
tona 41
conductors entering and departing from
International Association Secre
tary Announces It Is Now
Agreed Upon and Will Reach
All Iron League Members
With the delivery of the ultimatum ot
the Iron League to LocalNo 2 bftht
International Association of Bridge and
Structural flteil Worker denying salt
further conferences end o the ne <
eotlatlons for a settlement of axtstlnj
dinicultlea has come
At the meeting of Iqcal No 3 last
night annpuiicetn > nt was made by John
W Houston ecretaryTrexsuror of the
International Association tlat a general
strike had becen ret upon aimed not
only to reach all members ot the Iroa
League but also their subcontractors
throughout the country
As to the extent of this general
Htrlkc It may be said that I Is only a
continuation of the old tight against the
Iron League
U his been said that thIs last move
bias the acjroval of President tVllk
J no ha nan Jut a he left tho city last
nIght beforo ihe action ot the local
nlrhl aton o
union was taken It must have rove
his approval earlier In the day
Members of the Committee of Five of
the local body who have had charge of
nil the settlement negotiations bald to
Uv that no strike had been ordered nor
In their opinion would there ba one or
dered on account of The day being Sat
urday a halfday
So Drldee Follceotan Watched and
Saved Him from Death
While crowds were walking acrojc the
Brooklyn Bridge this afternoon Ifta
Usl a young Italian walked past Po
iceman Dlgney
That man nrely has the gulctde stare
said tho policeman natlng the expres
sion of Vain and horror on the mans
fjcol think I will let a watch on
that young fellow
Half Ounl across the bridge IJsi sild
down a post to the e4evated tracks and
then qU Pstto climbed into th driveway
Just a LIst 0 mod to take the
plunge he ws seued t > y the policeman
and drawn back from certain death
I want to die yelled the Italian
What right have you to mao me live
when I am tired of life
The policeman had to fight lied to
overcome the man Other policemen
oerom pUmen
came to Dlgnejrs assistance and List
was placed underarrest At th pollen
station he said that he lived atNo a
Jane street Manhattan with his par
And Built Him < Up
A lady of Dog MoInes Iowa who
recently adopted a baby boy had an
experience In feeding the youngster
that may prove interesting
She says Three months 801
took a twin baby He was ab weak
and puny at the time that I believes
I would never be able to raise him
I found that the only food he could
keep on his stomach was GrapeNuts
and when I began to feed this regu
larly to him ho began to thrive In
two weeks he showed jaarked Im
provement and he Isqow a fat
healthy boy and has at last caught
up with his twin sinter who wtl < air
ways ruddy and healthy He Is certainly
tainly a flue little fellow thanks to t
fine pure and scientific food Nome
given b Postum Co Battle Creek
Grae Nut contains all the constit
uents of a complete food and the
whole la predIcated b a purely
mechanical process so the very
weakest Btoraachjvlll digest It U Is
the most sclentlflo food In tho world
suited to nil aae S ttia lp
book In each package I
IoocInqdch peckge for a copy ot
the famous lJttle bO okhe Rod tu
yellvtilc sl 1 y
1 i 4 r g
i the depot Is being made
1 Tha suising mans cousin Iluih Bax
ter Is one of tho bet known clubmtn
In the city and heha enlisted nil his I
friend InU cubs In the search
Scores of them are actually at work
Itl ho ctlt Henry will be I
tound said Mr Baxter But the i
outlook I dark He has been con I
edered 8 trifle eccentrto for years At
first I believed It possible that he might
nave headed rO California for ho was
with me there last winter but he did I
not have the money 11 make the trip
Or late I nave noticed that his was seem
Ingly depressed I
POt t Fear Suicide
I dont mean by that that he was
thinking of suicide for > he was not that
kind of a nun
Harvey Baxter said that the quin
Uty of hair as ehown by the picture I
was apt to be misleading
My brother he declared has ono
lonG lock of hair growing 0J one side
of his head rind brushes It no as to
1Sbly conceal his baldness In really
the top of his head la entirely bald
HeIs very nearsighted The glasses
hef wear constantly aro heavy
While Henry Klhgstoy weighs only
IVf pounds hea rather Moutlybuilt
Ht Is only one Inch over lIve feet ip
height He Is noticeably broad shoul
dered taking ia height Into considera
Mnjor Clnura Sellout
fBrxcial to The Evenlnc WorM
Miyo Brusih owlrig td the appearance
of a number of cases of diphtheria In
School o 7 this city has Issued orders
that thb ch < wr be cloted One little tr
named mulch has died from tho dls
ease which Is said tQ bo a virulent
form The Mayor who Is physician
ts well aa a politician ha taken charge
of the matter In person a4id lays he I
hopes to prev tl becoming epidemic
Several Bruised and Shocked I
When New Jersey Central Ac t I
commodation Ran Into Stalled I
Coal Carsat Elizabeth
Special to The Evening World
ellen passenger train on the New Jer
sey Central Railroad while crosilnff
Cherry atro t here early today crashed
Into a standing coal train which It Is I
said displayed no lights I
The thrown from
passengers were
their seats and several bruised and J
shocked but all escaped serious Injury
Engineer Peter Harsell of Elizabeth
was slightly hurl In tho crash a he
with Ills fireman jumped
Conductor Ualscy Brant ofth coal r
train and his crew saved their lives by i
jumping when they saw the passenger
train comlnjr
The passenger engine was heaped up
on the wreckage of th coal train and
the caboosa together with J gondola I
caught fire and both wore destroyed
Tram wan delayed some hours and
commuters bound for New York had
to take 1 roundabout routo to reach
Jersey City
Victim Evidently Killed 7 Train
nm Hotly Despoiled by Tramp
IBMd1 to The World
man about fifty years old 5 feet 5 Inches I
In height and weighing about 123 pound
was found near Menlo Park along the t j
Pennsylvania Railroad tracks today He
Had been ntruck and tilled bye train
and tramps a evidently found tha
body and gone through the pockets 0
dead for empty I
the man they were
ThA body 13 alongside the tracks with
the arms at tho sides and the hat placed
over tha fare I the side of the body
lay an empty pocketbook There bd
clue to the Identity of the man The J
quality was of blue serge and of cool
Six Books For The Sick
What I Learned After 30 Years
Which Book i o DyipepsU
Wc Book the Hurt
e cc a on
sitau Book 3 on the Kidney
I BookMfon Women
s j BookS for Men sealed
SCnQf Book Rheunutlsm
No mprtey 1 wante4 S
Simply select the book you ned
It I my experiencf as apecUlit of JQyears II boptriell
hqw at last 1 found a way to reach difficult deepsnted diseases
Thirty years of earnest ardent toll In hospitals tnd at bedsides made
It possible for me to write these books Ij
The books tell how I perfected my prescription Shoops Re
storative How by scientific experiment 1 traced out the causes that
bring on chronic diseases
I found invariably where there was a weakness that the Inside
nerves were weak
Where there was a lack of vitality that the vital nerves lacked
power J
powerWhere weak organswere found I always found weak nerves
Hot the nerves commonly thoughtof butthe vital organs nerve t
The InsldeMhe Invisible nerves s l
This was a revelation
Then my real success bep v
Then I combined Ingredients that would strengthen thatwould t I
vitillze these nerves
vialie ten nes i
That prescription I called a restorative I is kpown the vorJJ
over now a Dr Snoops Restorative After that 1 did not fill to cure
one cue In each hundred In the extremely difficult cases my failures h < J
for five years were one In each forty treated I found cancer in r d
curable Cancer I for surgery not medicine
Then how to get this prescription to the sick ones verywherewu i
my thought
1 must announce I In the public press nut thought I wjll toy < X J
realize the real truth of my discovery The real power of Dr Shoop1
Restorative Then a way came to melike a revelation i
I will offer It to the sick on trial said I Then tlw > Vlll J
know I am sincere 1
1 wroteto a reliable druggist in each city andTillage InAmerlok i t
I got their consent to cooperate with 1e
Now to any sick one I
Dr Shoops Restorative t
i I Can be Taken on Trial 1
For a full month I will let yotse It entirely at my risk M r
send no money Just writeme for the book you need WhenI > t I
send I I will tell you of a druggist new you Who will permit the f
months tril
montls t
Use the Restorative a month Then decide I you say t the
druggist It did not help me that will relieve you of any expense >
whatever He will bill the cost to me
This Is my way of clearing your mind of all doubt ato whaMir f
Shoopa Restorative can do
No matter low prejudiced you cannot dispute this absolute se
curity offer I jtV
You cannot resist an offer like this If you are at all sick i P j
If you have a weakness write me
I you cant do things like you used to do them tell me about iA
Write In confidence As a physician Will tel you a way to help c
Get my book now today 0 j
Address Dr Shoop Box 1651 Racine Wls Hv
LA f
UU4 eaju not chronic a often cund bjr rat or two botUai All Oranliti I t 1 E
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CUNNBT the beloved husband ofLlll
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