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HS5 4 I
A c
I i
Long Campaign by the County
Medical Society Results in the
Arrest of FGray Blinn on
Serious Charge
Has Been in Trouble with the
Authorities Before but Has
Always Escaped Without Se
he arrest of Dr F Gray Blinn formed
a melodramatic climax to a campaign
I that had been conducted against him
JOT months by the County Medical So
Iany complaints had been lodge 1
nealnst I Dr Blinn by reputable prac
titioners At his place Xo IK West
ortyseventh street ho conducted n
r anltarhim circulars sent by him
to physicians throughout tho surround
ing country et forth his facilities for
perormli y operations that are forbid
w den by law
fln March 1802 Marie C Norrls IIr
Laio IVaramnuf died In Dr BlInnH
l eanltarlum Tho autopsy shorn oil that u
criminal operation had been pcrformoJ
Dr Blinn was arrested but tho Dip
1 trlctAttornoys ofllco could not prove
that he hal performed tho operation
and he was allowed to go
Trnp Set for Dr Illlnn
1 Charles S Andrews of Hill Sliirckn
a Andrews counsel for the County
j Medical Society together with District
L Attorney Jerome formulatoj tho plan
i by wfoleh Dr Bllnns arrest finally was
Hocompllshed He rented a lock box la
the Bayonne N J post < lfilce and bo
gari a correspondence with Dr Illlnh
un4er the name ot Dr J Sterling I
wI8He said he had a patient a
young unmarried woman who vain In
neefl oj Dr Bllnns services Dr Blinn
I cmawercd that ho was going to Kuropo
and suggested that the thliiK bo post
poned until after his return
Iff Dunn returned to Now York about I
r ks Sept 8 Ho wrote to Dr Lewis about
JL the caie and received a reply nuklnf
qf < If he allowed commissions to physicians
who sent him cases To this Dr Illlnn
replied that his charge for hIs services
rrould be SGOO and that he would allow
oinr Lewis a commlfslon of JIM
Ci Mr Jeromo aligned Deputy Amiit
frt nhts Corrl an and Lord to look after
s the case ami n young medical ttudont
t named Edwin Watkins was Induced to
I Impersonate Dr J Sterling Lewis
J 1
t ES4
Borough of Manhattan ri
tt 217 7lnt An cor 13th Su
r Tel 2133 Orchard
IIO rust ATI COt 20th St C
Tel 4547 ISth St C
C14 Second Ave cor 29th St
st 14 till Second ATC Cot 3jiS bt
S Tel 1230 MaJUcm Equtn
n K 7 Sccund Ate cjr 4btl St
t iou StcoaJ AT car win au
I xl43 tboud ATt cor Cytfi au
I U3 tWcouJ AV car 7UI J iu
JIM fcttuoJ Av cor IMU su
Ivitt 4vtxnd Avt cor bit tiu
Hi Ttitid Ave cor kJJ at
i m WIrA IlSl1tS
I Has Tiiltd Av > ucar j3th Su
I liD ThIU AID CAT but St
1 I Tal 23Ja70ih Si
TbrJ ft ir1
I 190S Third Ave cur 103U St
c 1 2003 Third Are cor 110th BU
I 222J Third Ate cor nisI St
230 3 Third Ar neir With 31
4 < Iol kiLO te bwr liSU bt
b f Tel call 93 lUtlcui
217i Film Ave cor 133d SU
2107 blhth Ave cut hitS 3U
TeL call W01J Mornlnulilo
2170 Ell > a Air cut llith ai
4 Tel call 15H > lornlni > lde I
Ji3 Klchth Ave COt U3J iiI
t jai Eljbtli cor 1SLI 3t
k I 17D KUhth Ate cor 1a1 St I
6H Lltnlli Ave or137111 lit
1 k Tel call 24UTJ MornlnKilde I
24U Klhtn At cur Lull it
Tel call S4SCJ Mornlncilde
c 2703 tljlita Aid cu 144u s
I 253 Mntb Ave cor 20th ci I
t TL call 478 31th Bt
US Ninth Ave cor 2Jth st I
4 702 NInUi Ave cur < ilti SL
i lia TenUi Are tor SOth St I
I 1 461 Tenth Ave cot 3oth SU
5 f CU TenUi Ave cor 41th 3U
tM Tenth Ave cor 47tU su
1 TM Tenth Art cor Slit SU
M9 Tenth Ate near Cti st
e I ZU Went lEtS St cor bt Nlchdlti Av
Ii I i 1U AIDa A2tid ccr COth St
I I i Tel Mil 2148 Columoui
I 71 Amiltrdut Ave CF flit St
L L ic lin Amtttrdtra An near U2U nu
5 T jrl Amiltrdam Ave near oCth su
f liS Amiterdtui Arc cur CSL1 BU
TeL call 2073 Columtiui
US Amiierdain Are cur bath SU
O TeL call 2772 ntverltat
4C2 Amtterdtm Als bcU Sl A Sit Su
6U AmsuriiM Ate eer SJth bt
Tel call 1645 lUvertlde
I LT CM AmiterJim Ave cor 021 SU
Tel call 279J Klverildi
1 1 774 Amiterdam Are cor sits SU
bs7 Amtttrdam Are Dear 1JJJ at
i 1640 AmMtrdam Ave cor hIlt SU
I 1795 Amttirdam Ass COT liLt SifT
fT Ittl Amaterdam Are cot Uirt SU
a 112 Aratttrdam Ave cor KSth SU
Ttl call 212 Illth Ilrldte
1 I 80 Calumbul Ait cor Out bt
f Z54 Colurabu Ave cor uytli St
Tel call 4073 Iltttrilde
1xti all Oolumcui Ave cor 106th SU
Tel call 1072 IllvtnUe
tt t 1 M lludion Ill near CtirUUur SU
4 Sac Bltfc er St car Comirtrce SU
Borough of Bronx
2W IVlllla Au cor lUUilt tit
5S Third AVI cor 14t > th at
3 002 bird Ave IIDf JiOU su
PF f f L 145L Melrtwu
U Third Ave near UGth St
c t2Ga tIoD Ave mar lr thSl
Tel call lID Urlrox
I MTremont Ate cor TlHthcaie Ave
KloUtrldje Road Fordhin Sqaara
Ttl Call SD Trenont
t oroughoQueem
JftUl1c0MS cor Oat 111 < > Ulch
I wr Wllloir BU Aitlt
TtL JOSA Aaurta
T4a Tatc0r1 AIJ au u I City
r t1f I
TCL r1 Sr QT n point
kisStFIsSlg V Tel 77II nuinn
t S fr
I jtr rj
while a young woman was produced by
Mr Andrews Sho was to Impersonate
tho patient
Together with Detectives Frltchman
nappoll and OTarrcll the puty re
alreil to a restaurant near the Grand
Circle Watkins tho young woman nnd
Detective rrltchmnn who posed as a
wealthy Uiyonncsaloonkeeper who was
auppocoil to ho particularly Interested In
ho young noman went to Dr Bllnns
sanitarium In a cab Tho others fol
lowed and altvd near the door
Olijrrteil tu IVltiiemirii
They wero Informed that Dr DUnn
viut busy and they would have to wait
While they were waiting a wolldresso1
vmiinn was helpe out of tho house
and Into n cab by another woman 1141
nedlately after Dr Ullnn mode his nIl
Ho objected to the presence of Dr
Lewis and Frltchmati on the ground
hat ha lIeVor allowed uny onii resen1
during an operation The yoUng woman
nslatod that they be allowoU to ronuUn
und he finally consented Dr IxiWIs
gave him live J100 bills that had boon
marked A nuniu was callal In and
hen Frltchman Informed Dr Blinn that
he was under arrest
Illlnn sprang tdwnnl his desk In
which ho kept n revolver and Triton
man drew his own revolver mid shoviVl
It under tho pnjulclana nose The
other three went called In l > y WatlUns
What are you golns to do with mel
nskeil Uhinhi
Ho was Informed that ho would learn I
nr Illlnn and the nurse who gavel
her name as Mary Miller wore taken I
III the West Fortifcoventh street sin I
hurt They were hulled out later by I
osenh Hand n Junk dealer of No M2
Vent F1ftHll street lilt put up iicioil
fur each of thoni Two other young I
oinnn wilio wore nurses gowns tieru
ound In tho house mid taken to thn
itotlon but wore afterward allowed
to depart They will be called betoro
the Grand Jury as witnesses
The woman who posed as the patient
disappeared during the arrest Nobody
seetneU to know her name
Illlnn Wont nUeu Cltarvceii
Frantic preparations were making In
Dr Blynns household today to removu
all the chattels und belong lng of tho
physicIan tr IJlynns negro servant
uncn II lid tlmt hn niNcr had Imiglncd
that oveln a cunbllnKhouso raid could
bo as strenuous as the descent on the I
pliyfllclnns home
Im Just gettln baric my color ho
said for Ive certainly boon white nil
nlKht from the scare t got Those mn
came In here armed to tho teeth Some
of them had dinky little pIstol an
some had guns R toot and a half long
One of them saoyed the barrel of his
gun Into the pit of my stomach til I
thought It surely was comln out of my
When the caan camotin In the Centre
Street Court todav Dr nilan wan repri
eented by exJmlRo < Wauhot Iynn
Assistant Dl trlctAtton oy Lord nuked
Unit the case gn over without formal
flrralgnmont until 10 olclock tomorrow
Mujlatrato Zcllcr complied with the re
It Is understood thatithe casewill ho
taken directly Iborore the Grand Jury
thereby obviating preliminary police
court proceed ngs BxJudga Lynn imid
In bihiJf of hla client after the post
voneme nt tlmt ho had reason to be
lieve the uerson alleged to have been
used M a IINa by the DistrictAttorney
was not a womnn but a mm rtJieiilMpii
as a woman Mr Lord characterlred
this Intimation as absurd nnd utterly
WASHINGTON Nov aIn the Hen
nt9 today Senator Allison presented II
resolution proldlllg for the Ilppolnt
mont or novo F J Prcuymnn tiC Ihlll
city a9 ellllpialn or the Senal for tho
present session rhe resolution wan
ngrecd to
Fifty Men and Women Flee in
Their Night Clothes from the
Hotel Boulevard on Lexing
ton Avenue
Fire In the Hotel Boulevard on tho I
corner of One Hundred and Twenty
fourth street and Lexington avenue
drove about llfty guests to the roof In
their night clothes at an oarly hour this
Tho fire was discovered In the linen I
room ot the hotel by Frank Kratzen I
berg the night clerk Ho pulled the I
special niacIn laox In the hotel and he
and Georto Blpp tried to Ilffht the
lltmes until tho engines could arrive
The alarm had not worked however
end It was not until Mrs Sipp ran to
the house of Truck Conll > any No 14 that
the department responded
In tile meantime the Names had
sproid and the hills were tilled with
smoke Slpp and u policeman ran
through the hotel and aroused tho
cucMfi corilitln mostly of married
couples and drove them up to the roof
The damage amounted to about S2WO
nnd thu bpJldlns wits not insure
Then Or Marmorek Who Is
Said to Have Cured Prince
Henry of Pless Was Threat
ened by Physicians in Paris
The claim just made In Pane by Dr
Alexander Marmorelc that he has dis
covered a serum for the cure of tuber
culosis la substantiated by Dr Rich
ard Ootthcll professor of Semetlc lan
guages at Columbia University his In
timate friend So opposed were prom
inent physicIans In Paris to the an
nouncement of the discovery Dr dot
thoU any that they even threatened
the young physician
Dr MarmorokB announcement was
not made without a thorough test of
the discovery Among those who have
been cured Is a no less notable per
sonage than Prince Henry of Plcss The
Prince was suffering from tuberculosis
but was restored to complete health by
Dr Alarmorek according to Dr Got
For tour years Dr Marmorek made
exhaustive experiments said Dr Gott
hell today Two years ago he be
came satisfied that he was In the
possession of the secret which had so
lone been hidden from scientists
One cure claimed by Dr Marmorok
Is that of a case In which tubercular
menIngitis had developed
Soon a most extraordinary situation
faced him Ills colleagues were eager to
sccuro his aid In the treatment of speci
fic cases but ho tells me they openly
expressed their dread of the conse
quences should the secret of the serum
become known You will take our
bread away they urged If you end
tubercular contagion Eighty per cent
of our clientele Is derived from such pa
tlontn Later these sentiments tooV
tho form he says of threats of serious
conseiicncqs should the young man
dare to announce his discoveries
Cow Cough Up Money
OXFORD Mass Nov 23 Charles H
BUIurd has a cow that coughed up two
sliver twentyttvecent pieces yesterday
110 will keep a close watch on the cow
In the hope that the output of silver
will continue
James F Boyle of Lowell Mass was
cured of chronic bronchitis ty Father iohni
lclrPf My ctlmIlY 1 he writes hl
used it VT Dtnce
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Thousands over any other paper
n h
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na C
Borough of Brooklyn
ua znig il nU Iroeijo oil 1
TI Call 4ma Siam l
IIO EmlUi St cur V cinc Su
TeU C1i 3S11 JUla
rc Imlti Bt cor Duuiltu St f
TI can 3MH Main
1S7 ColiuzitjU 61 cor DsgrsW It
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lr nIrt3r
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AtInlr call 2J2SB Bedford
MU Atlantic Art cor Pennirlvula
Tel call 79A Etal N T7
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Tel Call 21S3D TVIIIIamibn
273 Grand it car noebllnx it if
Ttl Oall 2S21I Wllllamtnurf
720 Manhattan Are near Uiitrole lira
Tel Call flOE Oreensolnt
93 Uanhettan Ave cor Huron SU t
Tel Call 8I7A Oreenoolnt
ISIh and T > n oi Aree tinfi Tteach
Tel MA Tlilt Tc > ich i
S Borough of Richmond
K Oitlcton Are car EUnbtla gu XJ
WOOl New Drlfhton TeL Call 22SO
Wilt DrlthloD
Jersey City
ttt Newuk Are near Orote It j
022 Newark Art DMT Colea Bt
Ud Newark Avt aiu Thy Corners
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439 Jaexion Avt car Korrttt St
i Tel Call SSOW nergen
in Control Ass Car Qrimn at I
157 Uontlctllo Ave cor Bilmont Art J
T l call 4nsit Bergen
US Ocean Art cor ruriall AT Oren
lf Tel Cnll in1I nn fn
Hoboken Union Hill Bayonne
Ellzabethport Yonkers and I
Mount Vernon i
iOT Berienllnt Aye Union 11111
TeL Call 103P Union
117 WaaUiDiton St btu First and 5e >
end Sta ilobokin
3S9 Anu 0 corner Andrew st Da r
8 W8815 yonnn jf J D Tat cor 180A 41st aJP t
vonn N J Tel r all 2IIF lians
13 Vim JfruSt N Folio J lad VrbltS
117 South rourta Art Mount Virn n
N r Tel Oall 1700 lit Vtnwm
I Slats 61 Vooiera N T
Til Call 721D Tonkert
I IJ j
4 r

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