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I r i
H f
r r t I UU 1V 7 >
n1mats Leap frpm Bushes and
1 Attack Two Travellers In
I Wagon on Road at South
1 I Orange N J
Masked Robbers Then Attack
to the Two Men Who Are Beat
Ing the MastiffsOne Bandit
TI Stunned by Revolver Butt
p Pomes of armed men arc searchlni
the woods about South Orange for two
nuuked men who wo responsible for
numerous highway robberies which hare
I been committed In that vicinity of late
The methods employed by theo men
tre unique Not content with tho de
vices ordinarily employed by robber
they Jiave availed themselves ot tho ser
vices of two hugo savago dogs whIch
i 1 hv been trained to the work of way
I laying lonely travellers at night and
wjilah act In perfect accord with their
Persons who have seen these dog
I describe them na gigantic beasts force
Of aspect and fearless and quick In their
1 Spring Upon Victims
From their lurking places In tho dens
undergrowth which fringes tho high
i it ways they spring without warning upon
their victims and only tho strongest am
F t roost determined men con hope to beat
t them off
I The latest person < o encounter these
I strange thlffhiwaymon was Henry Lewis
t of the firm of Lewis Co of Newark
r wiho while on his way h mo lat night
I was suddenly set upon on the hilton
Flats and who escaped only by cool
coUriKa and tho exhibition of rare pre
j enco of mlnu
Lewis was accompanied by one of
ii his employsio and neither man had tho
c remotest Intimation of approaching
I danger when tho two hugo dogs leaped
J suddenly upon them from the road
side and sprang at tho throat of tho
The terrified animal roared and
plunged to one aide nearly hurling
tho occupants of the buggy to the
Tho quickness of the animals move
l ments savoj It from tho clutohes of
I the dogs that recovering themselves
S prepared for another attack
Drove Off Does ivltli Whip
In the meantime Lewis had recovered
from his first surprise and drawing hit
whip a heavy affair of whalebone he I
lashed out at the now Infuriated dogs
With all his strength ho showered
blow after 111 wupen them untflremart
ins with pain and thoroughly enraged
they turned upon him snarling and
I Elioivlnff their great white fangs whIch
learned cruelly through tho dusk of the
j Time after time the doss leaped at
1 tha two men evidently bent upon seiz
I ing them and dragging them from the
1 light vehicle but the blows combined
with the plunging of the frightened
I horse prevented them from carrylns out
their evident design
Mnnked Men Uimh Out
I uWhile the struggle was going on two
men with thin faces concealed by masks
stepped Iro the roadway and called
R1 upon LswiM and his companion to sur
With levelled revolver the leader
f sought to enforce his demands at the
r same time calling upon tho dogs to de
clst from their attacks
I Vt onco the animals obeyed but tho
f i nen In tho buggy were not so easily
J to be subducd
i Turning quickly Lewis struck the
highwaymen with the revolver a stun
nlns blpw across the face and turning
lashed his horse Into a run
b Tho startled nnlmal sprang forward FO
swiftly that the robbers were left stand
inglit the darkness While the vehicle
disappeared about a bend In tho road
Mr Lewis Is comldent that the men
ara tho same who have committed a
number oj robbcrle3 of Jute and who
have appeared at the most unexpected
time and places
Their plan Is to lay In wait In the
moat lonely places along tho highways
which wind through thlcli woods and
with tho old of their dogs to attack
144 tjeiatcd travellers
I t Thcze dogs are described as resemb
U ling mnsUrrs of unusual size and who
work in the strictest obedience to the
commands of their masters
S o No WnrnliiK 12vcr Given
V Those who have come In contact with
i them say that no warning Is ever given
I of their approach Tho dogs seem to lie
In absolute silence by the roadside and
i at a given signal spring upon their In
f > tended vlctkns without uttering around
If tho man to bo attacked la mounted
4 or in a vehicle tho horS Is tho object
or their ajMauH At times however one
1 animal willturn his attention to the
I man while tho other seeks to seize and
J hold the horse hy the throat
I A strong effort will bo made to run
t them down and clear the country which
oi Is already In a state of terror of their
V i in
Caused Connection of Traffic Dur
Int Brooklyn nnih to Alniilinltnii
I Thq derailment of a De halb avenue
car In front of th < j 1ootOnico at John
spn and Washington KtvoetH during tho
i Viiah hour cAuacil much delay nnd In
bahvcnlenoo to Brooklynltea on tticlr
Wax to Manhattan today Many lines
ot cars run over the Washington street
tracks on their way to the brIdge
f Thesa vftie dlvcrtejl to other routes ua
jnuch an possible and ninny passengers
were traijafcrroJ to tho bridge trains
As a result the sucfaco car crossing tho
r bridge as well aa the brldgq traIns were
t J packed to an unconifortablo degree
Tae bridge tralno w ru so Inuvlly
laden that platforms at tho itarJnltau
4lnd were choked and exit to the Street
9ru inj
At the point Whore tho car slid off the
1 tracks the street In being ropaved and
I jdlfilculty wuji oxpcrlencoj in ropliolng
It oo eh tnwtiu u a trench had been
aiijt between the rails Into which the
srulka tank
l < t > b j o
< I W >
1 t
The Noble Thanksgiving Birds
Voice Has Not Been Heard in
the Land As in Former Years i
Dinners Come High
FEAST 2000000 TO
Even at That There Will Not Be
Enough Turkey to Supply the I
Demand and Many Families i
Must Go Without
Turkey Is 80 centa a pound and
Thanksgiving but three days away Tha
makes the price of a tenpound gobbler
which everybody knows Is a light I
weight In turkeys 3 and brings tile
price of the most modest family dinner
to celebrate tho great national food
feat to W
Bcsldca the butchers and poultry
dealero claim that theres a turkey
famine and that this year the noble
bird will have to pick and choose the
families at whoso tables he will oonde
soond to appear heretofore he has
seen picked and chosen
What shall we have for our Thanks
giving dinner oaks the concerned
Turkey comes tho thundering re
ply chorussed by every masculine mem
ber of her household
And so turkey It must toe despite the
almost prohibitive price
Birds Held for Thur day
Housewives who wanted turkey for
todays dinner couldnt get It They
were told that every bird had to be
held for Thanksgiving orders The
market men have been In a orresrpond
enco with tho merchants In the chief
turkey marts and havo found It prac
tically Impossible to get orders filled
The Philadelphia and Chicago merchant
aro holding back on all orders with a
view to commanding better prices
There was the usual talk yesterday of
tho Beef Trust having cornered the
visible supply of turkeys but that ex
cuso for the shortage did not find crcd <
enco with dealers Tho high price of
corn last year Is said to be directly re
sponsible for the high prlco and scarcity
of turkeys this year Many poultry
farmers paid high prices for corn to fat
ten turkeys only to find that the
turkey supply was not so small as ex
pected They got such small profit that
they cut the number of gobblers this
Mot 100000 turkeys have been recelvd
In New York BO far according to esti
mates of commission men This time
last year more than 50000 turkeys had
been received and It was estimated
that nearly half n million gobblers wore
eaten here This year the number will
bo cut In half
Two Million for Dinner
Onomerchant who delights c in stAtl
llcj figured today that Now York
would spend nearly a million dollars
for turkeys despite the short supply
Altogether he figured out that New
York Thanksgiving dinners will cost
The poor man trill have a better
chance at his Thanksgiving dinner thin
the man of better circumstances In
the llrst place the poor man will be
content with Western turkeys Those
aro fairly plentiful nnd sell for from 21
to ili dents Then thu poor man Is sat
isled with goose If lie cant get turkey
Ha cannot afford to be particular
Other provlaJons have risen propor
tionately Butter Is higher Vegetables
mi dearer In many homes women
look at their flattened pockotbooks won I
tiering how they can possibly afford to
havo turkey dinner with turkey Rt 30 I
cents n pound and then at tho chilt
drvns easer faces when the groat
Thanksgiving festival Is mentioned
Last year turkey was hlRhorleed
bringing 23 cents a pound but the mar
ket was glutted with fat fowls from
Philadelphia and Rhode Island and any
Loily could have turkey for dinner who
lirnl the price This season however
ilmlnrs say that they have orders of
Iwo weeks on their books unllllert ow
ing to the scarcity of fowls at niw price
Commission merchants In New York
are holding turkeys for Tuesday owing
to tho expectation af higher orlcei and
irony of them believe that before
Tlmnksglvlnir Evo choIce birds will I
bring from 33 to 40 cents a pound I
Pumpkin and Mince the Thing
Many people are accustomed to have
n plum pudding on Thnntaglvlng Day
But the Dlum pudding belongs properly
to Christmas Pumpkin and mince plo
nro tho nwceto appropriate to the great
American festival and if you cut plum
pudding off the bill of fare you save at
least K for a Rood plum pudding with
sherry In It and brandy over It costs
at least t to prepare
A Kood ThankBStvIngr dinner for sir
porsons cat suesosted In the Kvonlns
World menu coats S 560 or less than U
a head This Includes oysters soup
roast turkey vegetables and the usual
relishes and sweets on the side
This estimate of 560 Is for the family
of moderate means Tho very poor
mans dinner will cost much less and
the very rich mans may cost anything
It pleases him to pay There Is no
limit In that direction
Not enough to Go Around
Hut the high pries of tunltey Is ao
nothing to tho fact that thero will not
be turKcys enough to go around even
for those who hare the prIce Produce
men have telegraphed wildly to Phila
delphia Provldenco and other well
recognized turkoy marts to ship every
turkey In sight at any price But many
ot them received replies Indicating that
the turkey supply Is exhausted or con
signments so much smaller than their
orders as practically to afford no relit
to the scarcity
Where are the totkmT Deal1IS
swear they dont know Some hint that
the Beef Trust Is responsible far the
famIne All the housewife cares to
mow however Is that the price Is JO
cents nnd that If she gets a turkey at
all her dealer will bq doing her a favor
Wife Murderer silently Await
Ills Doom In Kicctrlo Chair
Former Policeman William H Mo
Ennls who Is awaiting execution in the
deatu chamber at Sing Stag for the
murder of his wife Is believed to be
MeEmils killed his wife on Jan 14
Kif They had quarrelled and on com
nir homo drunk ono morning be shot her
anti tried lu kill his motherlnlitw Ho
was convicted of murder in the Crst do
gree and Is to be executed In twO week
IVr eighteen months he has said
hardly a word Be site day and nljrht
In ono position on his couch with his
knee drawn up to his chin and never
It was at firstthowht was sham
mine but Waiden Johnson has decided
to call Oov Odells attention to Mc I
2nnlss condTU rn If It should be found
he Is Iniitne he ivUl tranafOTred from
iingBlaic to the Asylum for Ihe Crtmlr
nil Insane tj
L 7V
csz QliAdcran ceJ O
Q4G1T CVtr
fYcML c
e =
Idfldq4W PE40
so cr9a
d 550
A24 TMfJ7dC 70
Bernard Martin Thrown Out of
Barroom Has Skull Frac
tured and Succumbs to In
juries 36 Hours Afterward
Bernard CMnrtln nbcty yeara old a
stonecutter ot No S13 Best CTfty ev
nth street died In thAI Presbyterian
Hospital today of a fractured kull re
ceived It Is alleged toy the police Sat
urday afternoon during an altercation
Nlcrioloa Servldo fortyfive y an old
of No 319 East Sixtieth street nnd
Tony Sarine seventeen yetta old of
No S20 Ea Jt Beventleth street have
been arrested charged with homicide
add were remanded today to the
Coroner by Magistrate hogan In the
Yorkrllle Court
Martin about 4 oclock Saturday after
saloon of HJeBiard
noon went Into the i
northeast corner
Lynch at the
BVtyBlnth tteet and Third avenue
In which
This lithe eolpori
IPalrka the cowvloted labor k pklng
deledate assaulted a laboring man I
Martin wijro was bitoxloatod it Is
aid was ejected by Servldo the porter
ajifl Sarlne the bootblack
An examination made by Dr Yocum
of Presbjnerlan HoaItal showed that
Jartuis akull was fractured There was
also evIdences of heavy drinking the
physician satd Dr Post the house sur
geon reported the death of Martin at
G44 oclock this morning
Detective SArcts Manndos and Mc
CMutlen of thAI Central Office and De
eotlvca Huainon and Uehfeld of the
Ea4t alstys venth street station were
atatled on the case and the two om
poy es of the eaJoon were arrested
They bad nothing to say In the York
ville Court
Picked Up by Police nt nn Earl
Hour Wn Half Clint
William Stephen a youth who says
tje Is eighteen years of age but who
looks mush younger was found raving
on the street at the corner of Varlck
and Canal streets this morning clad
only In a lltfht undershirt
patrolman Walsh of the Leonard
street station found him and sum
moned an ambulance from the Hudson
treetlloopltal Dr Warner who ar
Ivod with the ambulance said the
youth was on the verge of delirium
remtns He was taken to the hospl
ted and a policeman was cent to MO
67 Varlck atreet where he said he
lived to get a suit of clothes in which
conM appear In court
At TUha address no one knew him and
ono of the clothes belonging to the
policemen HJ the Leonard street sta
1Ion would tit him lie said he had
boon drinking a little for a day or
Fiddler HT Said to have Hord
e t Head In UUtrlct
Fiddler Neary III dead
This la the news that spread up and
down the Bowery today Neary was an
n l1l1hlllGoll who loved a light He oame
to this country In U72 Ho had the repu
atlon of having the toughest head on
the Bowery
For years he was one of the star nt
racttona at Owney Qeoghegans old
place an < L met all comers with the
krvta 1141 spent his summers at Coney
eland and Jih winters doing odd jobs
around the Bowery H Wall one of the
1ut of tho oldtime Bowery boy
He died at Beltevua from general
other Victim of rerrfllont Upset
at Port JervU Htlll Missing
Special to The Evening World
body of Miss Jimnia Gebhard one of the
victims of the drowning accident of
I Wednesday last ihas been recovered
the river a milD from the spot where she
rent down Miss Schumachers body is
still missing
A strange Incident connected with the
drowning that at the time of the great
flood Ill the Delaware ot Oat 10 tho
aobiianl and Schumacher girls wrote
their nomoa on a piece ot paper and put
them In separate bottles throwing thorn
In the river aeaO two bottles were
found Saturday ilde by side on a farm
near Mllford Pa eight miles below
I kw
11IM IiI 1111 t DW
Alexander Sauer SafeCracker
Is Brought Here as Result of
Detectives Following His
Love a r bin IIUe and children
brought ntxmt the arrest At Fhllndel
pnla of A1 ramilar Bauer who ma
brought to Brooklyn today to answer
a charge of txJralau on which he for
faked hlM fall In Brooklyn In 1900
Bauer wag raleaaed from the Tren
ton jail a itorr d53l qO and rent for
his wife and children who live In
BrooMyn to meet him In Phlladel
Pfll Dat8otlv followed the wife
from Brooklyn and found Bauer wait
ing for h1lr In the Broad street sta
tion He was placed under arrest tm
Sauer disappeared when under 300Q
Mil and the police lost all track of
hIm A few days ago they learned
that he had just been released from
the Trenton Jail Ills love for his
ifUe ana children was well known and
detectives were sot to watch the house
talnkln he would make some effort
to see them When Mrs Sauer start
ed for Philadelphia with the children
Deteotlve Sergeant Qloator travelled
on the same train
saur Is mid to be a safe breaker
of wide reputation Several years ago
ho Inent6jJ a pair of shears capable
of cutting Iron half an inch thick
His favorite method of robbing safes
Is said to havo been the cutting ol the
backs of irafei by the us < ot then
itany safes that have been robbed
around Philadelphia lately have been
opened In this way ana Sauer Is be
lIeved to bo tho man who did the work
Bauer Is variously known as PolLmh
Jake Sleepy John John Jlechln
sri and by other name
When he wits led away to Jail In
Philadelphia his children wept and
bogged tho police to let tholr papa
KO Just this onc They were allowed
to accompany him to the station
when he was brought to New York
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Want Roll
List of advertisements printed
in this mornings World Lots
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Imale 74
Situations Male303
If tip Female 3T4
houses nooemt
and Apartment 1IXJ
Boanleri 0
had Estate TO
For Sal CO
BualnfM Opa 33
Personal 51
wIUDat Itauite I
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CIM 11
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financial < j >
iienoI 40
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hones and Car
1tages t2
Miscellaneous 73
Total vtH2
Ii r1
City May Purchase 4000 Acres
on Staten Island as Crowning
Achievement of the Present
A four thousand acre lark or chain
of parks for Staten Island the proper
ty without improvement to cost nearly
32WOOOO II being considered by Par
Commlsiiloner Wlllcox and Mayor Low
as ft crownIng enterprise with which to
close the career of the present ad
The project not only meet with the
approval absolutely of the Iirl Com
missioner and the Mayor but all the
residents of Richmond Borough and Is
omclfiln The matter has already reached
tho Doard of Estimate and Apportion
ment and that body may tit Its next
meeting sanction tho purchase ot tho
Years will rlapse of course before
the parka will fco completed for tho use
of tho public but It In pointed out that
both Central Park and Riverside Part
In Manhattan were bought by the city
mnny years before the demands of nn
Increasing population ware felt The
property In view In Richmond has been I
long regarded as most doslrable for park
purposes and the matter has been called
to the attention of several Leirlauaturci
whore committees reported favorably
upon the schem but not further action
WAS taken
In April lost tho Staten Island Cham
ber of Commerce and the local hoard of
Public Improvements of Richmond act 1
Ing Jointly with President Cromwell
held several mectUiifii and decided to
ur e tho purchase of designated proper
ties on the lilmil for future park pur
poses Park Commissioner William R
Wihicox also bccnrr Interested In the
enterprise and made a personal inspec
tion tho proi crty iifcgeiitcil He In
spected over four thousand acres most I
or It natural park lan < on high rIdges
overlooking UK Narrows Upper and
huwer flay the ocean nnd Arthur Kills
and laid out bv nature Into a landscape I
Varied stud beautiful Many acres of the
Proposed park lands lope to tho very I
shores afforded Ixriuttful beaches with
safe and comfortable imrtxirs for pleas
urn craft nnd txithlnx places
Tho Interior of the iiiggoatod park
lands afrorilvncres and acres of a mag
nmcunt trough at forest and natural
freshwater lakes and brooks Beside
there are historic grounds and dwell
I use
IAIn addition It Is nniued hy the gentle
men Interested In this mammoth hark
project that ample accommodation can
bo afforded residents of other boroughs
for outdoor pastimes such as golf base
ball fuUm picnics and also play
ground for children not to be cnuiUlci
III hiuiiitv or extent In any other part
of tho city
Worth 5OO nn Acre Mow
In advocating the purchase of theso
acre of UetlriNu pnrit lands sLlI
Park Commlraloner Wlllcox ttMliiy It
do eo knowing that within a few years
when Now Vork Is sucking lar or park
lands the Richmond sites will have
greatly Increased In value At present
there lands can bo purchased at at
iiwrjgo of J500 an acre and In beauty
mill attractiveness and availability Enn
emily they cannot bo niuaUed by any
other lands within hundreds of miles
ot this city
With tbeje lands In the possession of
the city Richmond can bo made one or
the most attractive boroughs nnd a
health spot as well for our people Will
crenseil and Improved ferry faclll
ties Hlchmond iS destined tn become
the place of residence of hundred of
thousand nnd a regular resorting rtiei
OH well for millions annually
Tim miKiilllocnt opportunity now for
procuring these linds on Staten Islam
should not be Ignored Four thousand
acres of unrivalled park lands In the
possession of the city Is Indeed a tIe
slderatum If we have tho future of th
eft at Itoftrt With comparatlvrty small
exrK > n o the lands cm bo Improved year
by year until Now York will lave on or
tie flnot natural corks In the United
States It will he a Jewel In our crown
nf mnnlrlpnl pride
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At 2Sc a Yard from 35c Silver
blenched Bohemian broken dice Ta
blo Linen 54 In wide
At 40c a Yard from SOc Cream
Irish Table Linen 1 washes white
quickly 04 in wide Tho long
wcarltiR klod
Wt 6Sc a Yard from 80c Orass
bleached Gcrfium Table Linen 1 soft
clovelike finish Very handsome
pattern 02 In wide
At 75cla yard from 90c Same all
above 70 In wide
SI a yard from 125 Bleached
Scotch Double Damask 1 handsome
new ileslcns 1 70 In wide Our spe
cial SlS dumask
Napkins to snatch 20 In square
WIRO 22 In 50 24 in 3SO a
At S12S a yard from ilSO
Blenched Flemish Table Linen In
special Art Nouveau designs
At 5140 a yard from 5175
Mmleof Courtral Has 1 our reKular
175 kind No mntchlng napkins l
hence this Hpeclal offer
At 65c a dozen from 80c
Silverbleached Bohemian broken
dice pattern 18 in square
At Sc a dozen from JlilO
Cream German Napkins hemmed It
ready for use 10 in square
At 5145 a dozen from 5165
Qrussbleaclied German Nnpkns
softgloTellkeaulsh handsome put
terna Match table linen above nt
35c and 72c u yard
At 5150 a dozen from 5I85
German drill Xapklim partly bleach
ed dice pattern splendM weur
22 lu square
At 195 a dozen from 5225
Grassbleached German Napkins 1
soft iIovellke flnlah U3lnsfurrc ft
Match table linen abaTe at U5c and 1
73CAt e
At 5295 a dozen from 5325
Sumo us above full dinner size U I a
In square k4 i
TMnl Hoar i a
Formerly A T Stewart Co Broadway 4th Ave 9th 10th jUs
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