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i More Than Fifty Passengers on
Pennsylvania Boat New Jer
sey in Panic After Accident at
Jersey City Slip
i I
Men andWomen Crowded ForWard
ward on Upper Deck Fell in
i Heap as Current Swept the
rt oat Out of Her Course
l o Pennsylvania Railroad ferryboat
N Jersey of tho Desbrosscs street
llr on an early westward trip today
w caught by the lido and carried I
1 O net the fcndr piling which juts
flu from her slip at Jersey City nnd
fo a moment more ilion fifty pissen
gc on her upper dock bcllcnlng they
w going to be thrown Into the river
iv panic stricken
the scramblo to escape Mrs nilza
I ke of New Orleans was knocked
I do and had her scalp rind forehead
cu severely and her left foot pilnfully I
hr scd Claude IV Gllson of No 320
r3 ulway liail hla rislrt hand and wrist
pu They wero tnken to St PnincMs
it lI pltal nt Jcrsoy City as H < KIn as n
t I Ing could txi made
10 forry was being driven Into her
eli at full speC < In order to overcome
th force of the tide when tlio collision
i to place No other cause can be ns
al cd than that tho man at trine wheel
l cr d in his judgment of the distance
tho set of the tide Ho Htarted to
bflr t hh engines when It was too late
I IIho steamer with all the weight
of for great bulk wont smashing up
I n test the fender weir
I the passengers were gathered all
ia forward as they could got In nntlcl
pail tA of being shore In another min
e utF TtTio < lcck went canting under their
re and men wumen and children fell
JII leaps There was a crunching of
pi t as the tide kept the ferry Blinding
IC np dust tho obstruction and many
th i ight that the steamer wii doomed
a b l4 her guards saved her from Injury
c trgci Amilnxt Ilrlmcr Dnncim
r t
lot IrcnnFil
iirlitrato oniiorton In Flushing
Y w C j rt dismissed today charge of
a hi m and perjury against HclmiT Iuii
P cat wt ut was ncTCtii of tJio Parsons
1 uti Ih A Co greenhouse In Flushing
I D icon wltp ii a Yalu graduate and
3t pj o orlai favorite in rluahltiK was I
fP a sledun Nov L
U was iiccueftl of opening the sna I
tll illlcc < if Ills employers abstlieiiK
i vi able pipeK and si ttlng lire to them
4 In j inter to covci up n shortage In his
S Ij f 1101 util
acre wij no representative of the
D rlctAttornej nnd no representative
I J All tt 1Jifons concern In court when
if 1J i1 case iwis galled
C iirlcli Wlltnii Vlfnlrcnlilrnl of
Ct HnUHO > iiltli Inlnn Ilijn 91O
Ilarlea Wilton thlrl > nlno years old
of o 4J West TwcntyVtirth street the
V President of tho Now York house
f1 ths Union was fined 10 in the York
vi Court by Magistrate Hogan today
a fo carrying concealed weipuiK
the meeting of the new orgnnlza
tt l last night In tho Teittonla Assem
bl Roomo fourteen men who hail ere
at 1 n disturbance were ejected Alter
tli meeting the trouble tint had started
U7 tabs was continued In n cafe Glass
rtfKero thrown and there was n general
i melee In which a shot was fired It Is
alleged that Wilton who had a revolver
fired tho shot
Four Anarchists Suspected of
Trying to Derail Train in
Which Victor Emmanuel and
His Queen Travelled Held
Stones Heaped on the Railway
Tracks Were Discovered Just
as the Royal Special Was Due
at Cherbourg
PA1US Jov 24The Patrlo averts
that four secret arrests have been made
at Mnrallles of Anarchists suspected
of plotting against toe King and Queen
of Italy when the royal train recently
passed through JIarsc411 and apparent
ly confirms the report that another at
tempt on the lives of he Italian sov
ereign occurred at Cherbourg where a
soldier is said to have placed rocks on
the rails
The attempt to derail the train In whlrh
the KInz and Queen with their suite
were travelling was discovered by Cher
bourg railway guards jut In time to
prevent a tmgMy
Five large stones were found or the
track it lew minutes before sin train
Ins due to past
A soldier believed to bo In league with
the Anarchists who have been particu
larly active In Italy of late has bn
arrested Ho was one of the guard de
tailed to patrol tho railway line and It
hat been lenrned that ho placed tho
stones on the track
lie linn refiliexl to mako any explana
tion It U believed ho N merely the
tool of men higher In Anarchistic ell
ours and It Is expected lie will he In
duce to reveal tlm names of his con
federates before long
The King of Italy made light of the
matter when he was Informed of the
attempt on his life and requested that
all Information regarding It be kept from
the Queen
The Queen however learned of the
attempt by accident some time later and
Is muoh worried fearing other attempts
on tho life ot tho King will bo made
Special detectives have been sent from
Homo to Investigate and all the well
known Italian anarchists now In France
are being closely watched
mCJILIN Nov 1Tho Uimalan For
elfin Olllcc according to Infonnntlon
from an nuthorltathn sours Is confi
dently expecting oltlelal notification of
the Turkish aceptiuicn ftlto latest
HiixwAustrlAii Macedonian reform pro
posals no later than Thursday next
Brooklyn Man Made Well by Father
Johns Medicine
You may odd my name to the list nf
cure hArtir nlg tn t lcl nf
those cured h > Father John Medicine I
ham taken It lor n very bail couch and
bronchitis As a hoilyhiillder Father Johns
Medlclno Inn no equnl SlKncd Jog A
nattier Ifi Marcy ae nronklyn N Y
otw n patent medicine no poisonous drugs
orr wenkenlnK itlmulantr
Brooklyn Family Cured by Father
Johns edlclne
I hAVe used several bottle of the Medt
elne and and Unit It In the most ncncflclal
medicine 1 hara ever med for throat
trouble and Indigestion Mv wlfo has hart
better bruit ever since using It I will
cheerfully recommend It to my friends and
others Sinned Jnmes Kerdnn 18IA Hull
street Brooklyn N Y Not a patent
medicine fifty years In use Cure all
throat and lung troubles
F t phere are men who
i buy shoes sim
ply for servicethey
want long solid
wearevery hour of wear
3s they can get for their money
l I They dont care for style but
i t dont object to it
We are looking for these
men King Calf shoes are
fr what they need King Calf is
1 a leather which we ccntrol absolutelyit is a leather that
n arlynever wears out It is as tough as iron and pretty
n jarly as flexible as kid It is practically waterproof
We put a King Calf upper on a double sole of oaktanned
o le leather and make absolutely the most durable shoe
1 1 ii the world And the style is there too And it fits It
j j4 s the comfort of an old shoe The price 350only
a o price for
7C bfi TQ4 PG 3MCg
rr LCG
i Cortlandt
< d Bl
Saawutlt bet Ann and Beelunan S3T Fulton St opp Muntavue hi
1 Broadway cor HeuJu tit 111 llroadway near DeiUorJ Ave
r cor loliu8tut lOUt Un > ati uy lot Dltman tit and Wit
bet 2 < > th and 80th Bti loughby Ay
av l opp Herald Dulldlnc 460 nith Ave
l Eighth Ave bet 33th and SQth eta JERSEY CITY
fr s ith btheOV1jh Ave 00 Newark Av
it ThlydAve fIW cor 124th tit NEWARK N J
M f Sixth Ave a E cone 2a0 HI Brad St opp Central It n of N J
1 treat 123th Bt 1830 roadway opp Herald SqUIre
a way cornet 10that DM Sixth Ave cor Zlt 8t
e d
Big healthy men fancy that because of their
great strength they are proof against diseases
that play havoc with their less sturdy brothers
This is an error Hit muscles require a big
supply of blood Without it they quickly waste
away IAn
disease which attacks the mucous membrane
Any >
causes the urteres to contract and so shuts ofT the rA Ie
I Catarrh does this
tor this reason strong men yield to this disease
I quite is quickly as do those of average build and x
I strength a r
I The ordinary cold Is the commonest form of II
I A cold neglected quickly develops Into catarrh of
the throat then of the bronchial tubes and dually
consumption Others suITer from catarrh of the
I stomach or of the intestines or of the kidneys liver
or bladder and among womenof the pelvic organs i
I Catarrh is a disease of the mucous membranes the
mucous cells nerve centres and of the blood
It is an established fact that local treatment cannot cure this dis i
ease It merely drives it In deeper
Is the new cure for catarrh It works through the
blood vessels is carried by them direct to the imico
cells which have become packed with poisonous secre
tions and sets them throbbing and pulsating As a 11
result the poisonous matter Is quickly expelled the
niiico cells take up their duties the Inflammation i
subsides the unhealthy discharge is stopped and the
sufferer finds himself on the road to robust health >
We guarantee Rejtall AlucuToiie to cure not only
mine but nrr catarrh In every form whether of
the head throat stomach kidneys bladder or pelvic
organs or we will give you back your money
i Large Bottle 89 Cents Only at our store or
our agents Mall orders filled
6th Av and 2Jd St <
IIEOr IAN A co is corporation too IJrolulw8Y 2113 nroadwsy I
1211h ot mslor rn IIY end 15lh 01 140tht et nrlll I ay 20U
IcintAN4 IJllun fTOnm ltth ett and Rill n ells alb IIV i
J JlNOMAN Druggist 1tr0 ld av 470 Columbus nv I
Mens Suits
A Thanksgiving opportunity which we
honestly believe has never been equalled
Four hundred of our regular 12 ft and 1 S Suits are now
offered in our unequalled line at Ten Dollars It enables us to fully and
completely meet every mans wish Would
you like a Black Suit We have it in
various fabrics and all sizes Blue Suits
Mixed Suits same way Dark medium
and light colorings strong handsome de I0
signs rich subdued mixtures Not a taste
notl size that isnt precisely provided for
Sale price
Here also a Thanksgiving offering that
we believe to be unexampled
Mens Warm Winter Overcoats in Black Blue Oxford and
other mixtures Meltons Kerseys Vicunas Friezes cut large with loose
back and broad shapely shoulders some
extreme effects some conservative i all 1
smart and very dressy garments about five
hundred to choose from including many
from our own 1250 and SIS lines ALL
SIZES and certainly a bargain that it will
pay any one to come a hundred miles to se
cure at this sale price
etWOOD 0
Just south 01 Astor Place
Shirt Waist Dept
1000 highgrade Waists beautifully trimmed and
tailored in Peau de Sole Pcau dc Cygne French
Taffetas Crepe de Chine Scotch Plaids fine
Vestings and Velvets black and color
They were marked to sell for
750 875 JQOO I50 12 ° ° and 1350
SPECIAL 5 00 and 675
Aax < fe
Broadway and 13th St
J 4fd 1 tt 11fI
rt iLx
Broadway A Broadway t
dampattg i
33d to 34th Street J 33d to 34th Street
Costumes for Women
Most every foreign master has contributed
to our collection of garments for occasions to
say nothing of the creations of our own design
ers which in cleverness of elaboration often
rival the more costly imported models For the
restaurant theatre and formal functions we have
costumes of Crepe de Chine Louisienne Lib
erty Silk Spangled Net Chiffon de Soie Velvet
Spotted Chantilly and Novelty Fabrics in mauve
champagne turquoise pink absinthe biscuit
white and black many of which are original
Parisian models as well as adaptations and
modifications them at 7200 8200 9200
12500 15000 to 25000
In harmony with these gowns we have superb
Hats of velvet fur maline and lace which
exhaust the ingenuity and cleverness of the
Parisian master milliners
La Premiere and W B Corsets
At Extremely Reduced Prices
La Premiere Corsets of imported materials in Pin
Stripe Moire Silk Embroidered or Satin Striped
Batiste in a generous variety of fancy colors and
models including short long and extended hip
effects suitable for all manner of figures
Formerly up to 1650 Specjalat690
Formerly up to 1800 Special at 975
W B Extended Hip Corsets of imported Broche
in pink blue or white daintily trimmed with laces
and ribbons Value 550 Special at 265
Silk Undergarments for Women
At dd for Wednesday
Dainty and luxurious garments richly elaborated
with laces and ribbons
Nigh Gowns in pink blue white or black
Value up to 750 Special at 495
Value up to 1050 Special at 590
Chemises trimmed skirt in blue pink or white
Value up to 575 Special at 395
Drawers in pink blue or white
Value up to 395 Special at 295
Value up to 550 Special at 395
Corset Covers in blue pink white or black
Value 295 Special at J5
Value 395 Special JU 295
Value 475 Special at 395
The above garments may be had complete
matchsets from 1185 upward
Silk Petticoats in black or fancy colors accor
deon plaited flounce with tucked ruffle
Value 750 Special at 465
NYPffiSP3 Pajamas of various fabrics
Value up to 198 Special at 98c
Value up to 775 Special at 298
Bed Comfortables
At Special Prices for Wednesday
Snkpljne Covered Comfortables laminated cotton
filled Value iIOO Special aj 79c
Twilled Satin Covered Comfprtables laminated
cotton filled fancy stitched
Value 150 175 Special atJJ9
Silkoline or Satjn Covered Comfqrtabjes with or
without inlaid Border tufted and fancy stitched
Value 200 Bi 225 Special at 159
ftA Ift
Fulton 5t t1m lace toyt jt
3 Worth of tamps f tt Wednesday
COUPON Upon presenting this coupon at
A I Namms Store Wednesday
C Nov 25 and making purchases
amounting to 100 or more we
will give three dollars worth of
Blue Trading Stamps Free In
Sc addition to those you receive on
your purchase
Good Wednesday Nov 23 E W
R ft I Jtamm t A I N rnrn4
fJ I 1r J
Apparel for Girls and Misses
True enough our garments for the young miss
borrow much from the imported models but with
amendments and adaptations which make the
garment specifically for her service so thoroughly
defined in character and individuality are they
Ciirla JU ° ng CpfilS of Velvet Zibcline or Broadcloth y
prettily trimmed with Capes of same material with A
fine Lace Collar and edged with velvet or fur satin t
lined sizes 4 to 14 years At 850 to 4500
Misses FJne Coajg Short ThreeQuarter or Full 1 J
Length suitable for street or evening wear of Kersey I
Broadcloth or imported Zibclincs in nil shades of
Black Blue Tan Brown White or Cream satin
lined sizes 14 16 and 18 years At 2500 to 9800
Girls QnS or Two Gnrment party and Evening Dresses I jIJ
of Etamine Voile Cashmere or Silk Mull in all light
shades including Pale Blue Green Tan Mode White
and Cream trimmed with fine Lace Chiffon or Rib O
bon sizes 6 to 16 years At 1500 to 5000
Mige I + Press Suijs of Zibeline Broadcloth Velvet or co r
Fancy Mixtures in black blue brown and green N p
copies from imported models in a variety of styles all
silk lined and beautifully trimmed sizes 14 16 and 18 <
years At 3750 to 8500
Suits and Coats for Boys
The most faithful monitor of a boys conduct is
his pride Nothing is a greater factor in its de I
velopment than his apparel Saks apparel which
has distinctiveness of form and exclusiveness of
fabric that even a boy will appreciate espe i
cially at a Thanksgiving gathering of his kin i >
Bo s Russian Overcoats i
RY iD rfR sizes 2 to 8 years
of Vicuna Montagnac Cheviot Melton Kersey or j I
Frieze with braid frogs and fancy buttons also
sobs Box Overcoats of Kersey in Tan Castor
Navy Blue Royal or Brown with Velvet or Self
Collar or fur collar of Otter Sable or Persian Lamb
At 375 to 2250
Boys Tourist or Chesterfield Overcoats
sizes 8 to 16 years of fancy mixed Cheviot or Frieze i
in broken plaids checks stripes or plain colors extra I
length broad shoulders At 5CO to 2200 >
JRY s Tourist Overcoats of Oxford or Cambridge ti a
bridge Frieze exlra long full belted back i
stitched edges velvet collar J
Value 850 Special at 650 s
j A
Ribbons T
At Special Prices for Wednesday
Satin Taffeta Ribbpn 5 inches wide in pink blue f
violet maize nile cardinal black white or cream i
Value 35c Special at 19c r
Double Faced Liberty Satin Ribbon 5 inches wide i J
in pink blue violet maize old rose white t
cream or black Value 3c Special at 23c
Satin Taffeta Ribbon 6 inches wide in all the i
desirable shades as well as black and white
Value 38c Special at 23c
Stationery Engraving 1 1
No matter bow simple or elaborate you may
want them we are in a position to execute en t
graved wedding and reception invitations at 1
home visiting and business cards monograms
crests and address dies at modest prices Work
undertaken will be delivered within a time
One hundred best quality cards printed from t
your plate Value 90c Special at 60c f
Of desk requisites and sets we have clever ideas expressed in
Ink stands paper cutters and weights desk pads and kindred
things in bronze silver nickel or mounted polished brass f
many of which are imported
Original and effective though quite inexpensive designs of I 10
dinner favors menu and place cards tally cards souvenir pos
tal cords many of which are for Thanksgiving correspondence
have found a place in our department in no mean numbers j
Thanksgiving Favors Miniature China Plate and
Napkin with chamois skin Penwiper At 25c j
Wants in this mornings
World Read World Wants
every day Theres advantage
in them all Heres todays list
Female 124
Hale 203
Ulp Female 430
nelp1Ial 704
Houses Rooms b
Apartment 203
Doardtr B4
Real Estate 04
For Salt ta
buiUiu Op B7
Personals 21
Dean 18
Loit and Found IT
yy lryr hkw t
Wanted to Par
chUG 12
Bummer Resort B
Auction Bale 0
Amusement 50
Financial 4T
Piano 42
Instruction 21
Medical 20
Rote and Car
liace 12
Mlc llan ou 101
Total 2457
Office v °
Boy Xf3ulififep2WeWee I i
A A5 oi Adtilitee I t
f Jte is aJyou cart pfaijll
Jce J
rlrfyM dJ any lad i
J1noffieq Aoy rs I
Willi 1tui j
lritte botleutu itH f
dr frptaej I
I He Jot Aisjwltwrx I
ou and fir
f Zhrbrfh1a little 1
WoJtl i1Afrsto
s Sunday World i Yt
d Wants bring t
their own suc
cess Look over
the ails In next
Sundays World
f and soo tho
J thousands of
i people who to
o of using thcnvQp j
rr advantage then
ask youraolf why you arc not rtol e i
io tan t
J r
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