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J iJ Jii
M i h + i H Y f
r S
1 Mrs Selzcr Sizzles with Rage
i When She Denies Mrs Engel
T hardts Charge that She
I Would Exchange
1 r
Declares that She Doesnt Wish
11 to Part with Her ManTells
c f Her Story to the Magistral
I Neighbors Greatly Excited
r Plcklevlllo doesnt appear olTlclally on
I he Brooklyn map but every resident of
1ffltj tho Grecnpolnt section knows It be
caujo of the queer things that happen
I there T9day persons living In Grattan
street And Morgan avenue crowded Into
I tho Ijwen Street Court 4o coo th out
come of the trouble between Mrs Bertha
I Beltzer nnd Mrs Mamie Ungelhardt
Mrs Seltzer accuses Mr Engelhardt of
I trying to 4nduco her to swap husbands
While tho notrlibori of PJcklovlllo wcro
walling for he two women to oppear In
court there was H hot time between the
two women each of whom declared the
other to bo a troublemaker
Finally as neighbor nfter neighbor
L 1 went to Mrs Seltzer and told her what
was MrzEnglehardts latest opinion of
1 her the former took a leather strap two
1 feet lonir with a buckle on tho end
I doubled It up nod went looking for Mrs
Englehnrdt But 3Irs Knglehardt had
J C gon to the Kwen Street Court to deny
1f 10 Maglatmto OHcllly that she had
i 1L led Mrs Seltzer to trade husbands
I with her
f Mm KiiRcllmrilt Krrim Him
j Mrs IvDsclhardt lives It No 16 JXr
J can avenue and Mrs Seltzer at No 48
1 Urattun street two Wocks away Mrs
i4 edUers Siuii6and works for a brewery
liIi Knsclhardt Is a hackman His wife
cocs out washlnc
I b f used to be an undertakers assist
i ant silo said today but my man
dont want mo to bo out day and night
p v nnd to I only goes out washing
I l All these awful lies Mrs Sellxvr tolls
1 areOhl they are awful yet I dont
I I 1 t hear most uf them because I am drif
L iJ 1 Ttat Is why I dont go io court yester
1 L day when the police tell me to I 4iave
II 1 i to have my sister to listen to the Judge
I and then tell mo what he nays yet 1
e know Mrs Seltzer nil my life She
1ni 1 cimo hen r last Thursday night when
Iv naY husband was away I hear iier
I lit knock and nock but 1 keep the wooden
bolt on and Just puU it out a little no
I can ectf Mrs Englehard she sayc I
i need money I aint sot a cent
I I give her 51OJ I work twice for her
J washing and thc dont pay me nothing
A Go tell her that I aint eccn her hue
1 1 hand 1 never ticked her to trade hus
ilV bands well maybe I did In a joke
lAnyway Site owes mo JJKJ and two
I days washing pay 1 go by tho Judge
nnj tell hhn nJl
Akk the XclKliliorn She Sit n
i She says che Is twentyone years old
t She is only twenty years old That
1 KhcAvs Klio aint telling lino truth Ask
f the neighbors If I made love to her hus
ΒΌ Yj band
IJ Mrs ISngelhardt Is a pretty woman
H I twentythree years old She lives In the
I I rear of the liouyo anti has it good repu
i tation among the neighbors She never
1r lacks for a subject of conversation Her
I 11 husband Is older thun aho In They
fcuvcnt any children
tI 1 Mrs Seltzer has one child a llttlo boy
fr I She stood at the kitchen stove todayand
t us each neighbor came with fresh news
of the baylnga ot Mrs Englehardt abe
I got inure and more anxious to get at
Mrs idiglehurdt with cither the poker
Jtl nrtho heavy strap that she had handy
i f That woman she said wants me
to trade husbands with her Bhe told
mc go by her own mouth All I want is
fbl her to keep away from my husband
tjic HtQiiji blm from his work I seen
1 q tier by my own eyes talk to him on the
street Then she comes to me and says
fl like your husband better than mine
I trade you I says No My man he
J t Bultb me You go by your own husband
4 1 and 1 go by mine
ii Irs Ijngclhurdt says you owe her
V UK omv of the neighbors Bald
4 Oh Gui Oh Mrs Seltzer cried with
1 the poker in one hand and the strap
a 1 In the other
1 4n7 Sho como here and says Why
I ll i dont you get your husbands dinner
I and I says I get him no dinner
II Awl then she says You ought to get
I e If down by your kneej to bo forgived and
I Q lH 0 1 says Jve must get down by his knees
45 first
I1jl I firstGive Her the Irlce of n Loaf
I L >
L d Sh < i aaks fotnoney and I have J2
I c because 1 dMa yet pay thn insurance
c j and I give tier thor price of a loaf of
I Ih bread
1 e Her husband dont want her lie
raid by his own mouth that If ho could
I And a man to take her Jia would give
II tier 15 Yes sir JJ I Any wonder she
I C lIke to trade husbands
J v At this Juncture Mrs Seltrcr slipped
on n wrap and with tho big strap
doubled up started out to look for Mrs
r ICnulchurdt but the latter had gone to
c court
ldont go to court Mrs Seltzer
n L1i aid until they send for me
tL Mrs Seltzer wae in court vosterday
r l n Juds said Mrs Seltzer that
L I I Mary ttngelhardt all the time wants to I
r tJ wap liuaftanda by ole and I am watts
I fled yet with tho one I h ave I want
l you to stop her asking me all the time
I J to trado1
5 t Judffe Onelllr fVoUen Up
ti i WSiafs thla 7 asked Judge OReilly
Swap husbands Who even heard of
l such a UhlneT
I ludgc I Jiav heard of nothing else
i yet for many many weeks I am nil
if ilif time pestered by this woman und
I she says ft I dont swap she will take
I my naT any way
rMy husband works by the brewery
yet nnd She nil the lime Is malUne
for him when he comes nlonr home
I Come oy election time she comes to
J mo cud eays my she If I dont swnp
tho will take my husband from me
i yes 1 thought It wan Joking she < was but i
It alnU alrcuay and 1 want my hm
i bond to myself1 v
iV ell what docs your husband say
txLity naked the judgo
I J I10h my husband Js a quiet man nnd
i he sjys we women mujt settle this
i t thing between im yet All ho wants
I I 1 l to be quiet by his homo and let
Jf ftlonp 0
On the strength of Mr Seltzers
story Magistrate O Ttellly Issued the
summons for aim Kngelhaixlt hut when
iMrs BeitMr Jld not appear this morn
V 5g ha Adjourned thp cites until Friday
Vicious Youth Enters Mrs Gor
dons Apartment and Seizes
Her by the ThroatPursued
He Falls Into Arms of Police
A holder niece of crookedness has not
toon tried In many months by a burg
ar than tli attempted robbery of the
horns of acc < l Mrs Gordon of No 235
Monroe street by Abraham Simpson
an cshtcenycarold Philadelphia who
reached here on Monday last to start
upon a caroer of crime
Simpson was in the hallway of the
tnnrt c street house when Mrs Gordon
ci II pd him to Ret to her apartment
which Is on the second floor She had
one half the distance up the stairs
> hen ho rtuRht her by the neck of her
drs and told her to keen her mouth
still or he would brain her Too scared
Cur the moment to call for help Mrs
Gordon permitted herself to he dragged
to the door t her kitchen At that
point her setfDOjseaslon was refrained
me Rho began to cry Fire fire1
This alarm brought nil tho other oe
cipants of the tenement out of their
laces Into lIe hallway but Simpson
told tlh vn that they had elter not In
terfere and none of them did While
ihoy looked on amazed at the scene I
Simpson pushed open Mrs Gordons
kitchen door and roccro d to BO
through the house He had reached tho
bedroom but tried to lee when some
one shouted for the police He was
caught by Mrs Gordon and held He
took Jicr by the throat with one hand
and with the other hit her full In tho
face knocking her down Then he
made a dash for the Hlalii and the
street with a small army of Mrs Gor
dons uelWborfl at his heels crying
Simpson got A block away when he
ran Into the arms of Probation Olflcor
Graves of Special Sessions and today
lie was arraigned in that court Mrs
Gordon though brjilaijil and exceeding
ly nervous ns tiro result of her exrjpr
unco was able to appear nsulnsfTicr
When Simpson was arrested more
than 100 kcloton keys were found on
him besJSes a jimmy and a paIr of pin
cers Ho sold ho had come hero to go
Into the burjfUn business but got
pinched on his flrst Job J
GOT For < iUer Clerk Returning to
Ohio n Mlllonalre
CINCINNATI Nov 23S nator For
aker has Just received an Invitation to
a banquet at which the other guests
expected constitute tho entlro popula
tion men women and children of a
FJftcen or twenty years ago when
Foroker was Governor of Ohio George
A Beaton was a clerk In tho Governors
office Mi Columbus Beatons home then
was In Athens O Since then Deatoii I
haa removed to New York and become a
rJlllonaire He Intends to rqturn to his
old home next June In the week of the
commencement exercises of the Ohio
UnIversIty MId ha will celebrate his
homecoming with a mammoth banquet
All persons living within the citys
limits aro to bo his jrucsts and ho want
his former chief to bo one of the party
Cool Toot Too Much DIllklurry
lirnnd mid 1m Arrested
My pledge was suspended by my
priest and spiritual adviser was the
excuse offered by Thomas Rogers a
cook thirtylive years old of Astoria
10 Magistrate Flammcr In the Tpntbs
Court today when lin was arraigned
charged with Intoxication
Rogers was nrrcstoJ late yesterday In
in apparently Intoxicated condition lit
Irnndwny and Vwfojr street by Patrol
man Connor ot the Church street sin
IonHe told tho Magistrate he had taken
some blackberry brandy for stomach
How much did you taltoT asked the
ell t may have taken four five
or six and maybe more Any way 1vq
broken pledge 1
11091r5 was dismissed from custody
3000 IN BANK
Money Is in Name of Mrs Cath
erine Bolands Husbahd Who
Disappeared After Being Ar
rested for Perjury
With moro than J3000 In the Immi
grant Industrial Savings Bank In the
name of her husband Mrs Catherine
Boland of No 371 West One Hundred
and Twentysixth street and her four
children are sufferlne all the pangs of
poverty In Judge Cowlngs court to 1
day Part I General Sessions the wom
an told Ier story and bogged for relief
bfcforc she and tier children should be
forced to appeal to the county for sup
rurlnc the month of May of the pres
ent year Mrs Catherine Bolands hus
baud was arrested on a chargo of per
jury Ho deposited JlOOO ball and was
released At tho time when he should
have appeared for examination he was I
not to be found and his bond was for I
feited Since that time nothing has been
ueen or heard of him friends or fam
Herman Stelssel Assistant Corpora
tion Coimtcl made the annllcatlon for
tin woman today He asked Judge
Cowing to turn over tho money In the
beak to the Commissioner nf Charities
to hold and provide for the living of
Mrs Behind and family There ore
two accounts In the bank In the hus
bands name one for 3306 and the other I
fftr J1054
Mrs Ooland declared In her affidavit
that she was entirely without means
that the support ot herself has been
thrown upon friends and that she and
her children were suffering great want
on account or tier Inability to get at tho
funds which her husband had left when
he disappeared All the children are
under leven years
Judge Cowing took the matter undcV
Judge Leventritt Says He Can
not Push Ahead Case of Man
Who Is Suing Railroad for
Damages in Wreck
I would grant exJud Sleekier
motion hut for lack of power said
JuMlce VMitrltt of the Supreme
Court as ihe reluctantly Indorsed his
denial of the application of Alfred nnd
Charles BMcklor to place on the pre
ferred calendar for Immediate trial the
case nf Alfred IN Newton aRairtrt the
New York Central amt Now York New I
Haven and Hartford railway companies
for J23000 damages for making Wm a
complete physical wreck likely to die
at any moment and leave his wife and
four children penniless
The extreme of tho
law Is tho ex
treme of Injustice Is an ancient ax
Iota and In this cone Iftho physicians
are correct III their opinion the unfor
tunute victim will be In his grave Ions
licforo his null begun a yiir ago can
reach hit Ills widow will tini IKI
obliged to sue and n wait of two or
three sears for u trial will follow
But Jimllce I ventrltt Is forced to say
that under the law ho is powerless to
come to the relief of this family whnnn
icad a fiOOIaycar man is nitlctitl
I with a surely fatal heart trouble nail
n norvoui wreck OH the result of tim
roir enU collision In the Park nvcnui
lunncl Jan s 9oc anil over whom
the sword of fate lions br but a clcn
dcr thread
J h >
11I1 ItiIJ
1000000 FOR
Alfred G Vanderbilt Celebrates
His Childs Second Birthday
by Giving Him a Notable
Present I
XEWPOHT Nov 23The traditional
golden ppoon of the wealthy born Is dis
counted by VllIlani H Vanderbilt wh
today reaches tho mature age of two
years Ills father Alfred O Vanderbilt
will commemorate the event It Is saul
by placing JlCWCOO to the credit of his
The yotin millionaires birthday will
bo celebrated at Oakland Farm South
Portsmouth L I by Jtr and Mr Al
fred Vnhdorbllt and a party of friends
who havo been Invited to form a house
party for the occasion
Although ho Is too young to appreciate
the honor William II Vanderbilt will
bo touted by all the tenants and eer1
van in on Oakland Farm toda and a1
general feast will be participated In In
his honor by all the Vanderbilt de
liven should fIO unlikely a catastrophe
as tho loss of this fathers entire 1011
tune occur young William 11 Vander
hlltwlll have nooccasion to worry over
the direction from which lila meals will
come ns by the time he twentyone
the million which ho receive today will
have grown to the comfortable sum of
lWSlWf fvni at tho low rate of In
terest of4 nor cent i
air and Mrs Jloglnald Vanderbilt have
arrived hero and will participate In the
anniversary festivities They will also
entertain a house party at Sandy Point
Farm South Portsmouth
Hath the Alfred and Ileglnald Vinder
bltts will attend the wpddln of Mr
Arthur T Kemp and Hollls Hunn well
Saturday Mrs Hemp Is a sister of Mrs
Reginald C Vanderbilt
Mrs Anita DaesonYof Brooklyn
Tells How Her Mother Was
Crushed to Death Beneath the
Wheels of a Car
Residents on Street Declare
that Cars Are Rim at Ex
traordinary Speed Constantly
Menacing Lives
The story of the killing of Mrs Cath
erine DArnorl fortyright years old by
a trolley car at Third avenue and
Nineteenth street Brooklyn was told
today by her daughter Mrs Anita
UanBort of Xo ltd Nineteenth street
whose home she hn < left A few mo
ment before the accident occurred
Mother la Infirm anJ BlotvfootcJ
aid the dauclitcr to an Evening World
reporter she has been upending her
winters of late in Italy and the recent
cold weather crippled her greatly
With my twelveyearold brother
SalvAtorc she left tIm house at 7 ocloc
last nlgl Mother rd I married broth
ers which accounts for the sameucs
of our family name
For months I have noticed that th
trolley cars have been raced along
Third avenue toward the Hamilton aye
I nue ferry mid I warned mother to
watch out In crossing the tracks to
where the took the car for her home
I No 402 Van Brunt street
Joseph Pollens a painter walked
I down tho street with the two but left
them at Fourth avenue Salvatoro did
not fee the oar approaching along Third
avcnuu at lightning speed and mother
wan struck and knocked down before
he could pull her out of Its path
I Whlla there was a fender on the car
my poor mother wan dragged for sixty
I feet before the mntorman hut off the
electric current She was killed almo
I Instantly an the car was crowded with
passengers bound for the ferry and
therefore heavy and uncontrollable
The ceding of cars along Third ave
nue Is a common practIce according to
renldewiH along that thoroughfare
There have been numerous accidents as
a result mostly children and the real
dents of the vicinity look upon the
trolleys with almost superstitious
dread The excuse of the company hoi
been that the patrons of the line de
mand tirompt ferry connections
It Is stated by passengers on the car
which Killed Mrs Daanonl that the mo
torman Gtorgo Ward In his excite
ment turned on the current to a great
er apeed Instead of shutting It off The
wheels of the car passed completely
over the body of tile ned woman Tile
motormun was irrcitej hut release
on ball A searching investigation Will
be made at the Ipnuest tomorrow
I Shall Die ToMorrow Said
Frank Winter to Friends
Went Home and Ended Life
with Carbolic Acid
My friend I shall die tomorrow
said Frank Winter seventynine years
old ot SUtl street Gntitcnbur at a
feast In lochrlngfl saloon last night
Winter wits round dead In bed today
lie made lilt prediction good by swailow
IIR onouRli carbolic actd to kill a tam I
Winters friends laiiKh at the Idea
if sudden death as lie wall In no danger
IIf Immediate dlujolutlon although he
hud been III HI health for sonic time
Winter left his old cronies without fare
writs unit utcmrcl In goad splrltta tIe
spltu his fixing the time for tho rcainrr I
to appear nnO cut him off
When Jacob McCoy the landlord of
I ir
I the house In which Winter lived left
his roam today he was aroused by the
walllne ot a dog The noise cam from
Winters room where the dog lay guard
Ing the body of Ills master frightfully
burned from carbollo acid
Since the death of his wife a ew
years ago Winter had been despondent
Vo work and HI health followed and
rather than reach the stage where he
would become dependent upon friends
nnd public charity Je killed himself
llnrlem Police Send Out a General
Alnrni for Jams Iloblilna
The police of tho West One Hundred
and fitlysecond attest rtutlcji sent out
n ireneralalarm today for Janios Hob
tins sixty years old whn disappeared
suddenly from his homo last night He
Is dercrlbed ftn being about 5 feet 5
litchM In hcltvlu wei liInK 13i pountlH
nnd has smooth face und jr y hair lie
wore > i gray tuick coat dare trousers
atd peak cap Ills hOme Is itt Ogden
nvmue and union street
Mil 11 AKriniillnc Sulrlilr n Irlauiipr
IH HoupKnl
rihonus Mullen sixtyfour year bid
I lit No SIS Kost On HundrrJ mid Thlr
IvsIxMi street cttiKnpted ullde todAy
bytaili r ollot hemlocK lie was taken
to Lincoln Hospital a prisoner
+ J
I Thousands Have Weak Kidneys and Dont Even Suspect LtA rjj
1 itai a oonnlant sufferer for a numbCr 11
ran will darkache and ftequent desire is
urinate day nnrt night and ometlm with
martlnit and hiirnlnic urnMitlon but after
mink Dr Kllmrrn Hnampnoot I am entirelr
cured and cheerfully recommend It to any
who vuffrr fmni then common complaint
Mnit tour your
W C HA1IY 2J IJeut of Police
Columbu Oa
1 A
I piwbr r II
Wenk and unhealthy kidneys arc responsible
more sickness anti suffering than any other disease
Therefore when through neglect or other causoa kidney
trouble Is permitted to continue fatal rttultt are tare
to follow
We often see a relative a friend or an acquaintance
apparently well but In a few days we may be grieved
SPECIAL NOTICnewampRoot has been tested In so many ways and has proven successful In cve
case that a specIal arrangement haa been made by which all renders of Tho World who have not already tried
It may have a xaiiiple bottle sent absolutely free by mall Also a book telllnK all about SwnmpRqot and conth1na
Ing many of the thousands upon thousands of testimonial letters received from men and women who owe their
good health in fret their very Ilvee to the wond rufl ouratlve properties of SwampHoot in writing Dr
Kilmer Co Binghamton N Y be euro and mention that you read this generous offer in the New Yorkrlf
Evening World < V
SwampRoot in pleasant to take and Is for sale at all drugatoree1niottles of two sizes and two prices rffty 4 v
cents and one dollar Dont make any mistake but remember the name SwamRoot Dr Kilmers SwamJl F
Root and the address BInghamton NYonevery bottle u
Policeman Strasser in Burning
Tenement Carries Children to
the Roof Where Firemen
Take Care of Them
Four bablrs were laved from a tire In
the tenementhouse at No 63 Molt street
early today by Policeman Stratser of
the Elizabeth street station Rushing
through narrow halls filled with smoke
he sought out the Infants the parent
had forgotten In their panlc trlcken
haste to get out of the building lie car
ried oil to the roof where they were
cared for by tho flrwnen
Tho building Is a flvestorv structure
the first floor being occupied by Morris
Gildbcrg He had a wall paper store In
fmilt and living rooms for himself and
lila three children In the rear HU old
est child a boy of eleven was awakened
by the smell of smoke He gave the
alarm to the others
About the same time Policeman Steal
ser saw smoke coming from the building
and ran into the hall awaking the ten
ants Men and women rushed from the
rooms They wanted to haw their roods
and ao many trunks were carried Into
the halls that the stairways were chok
ed and many were forced to gt out
by way of the fireescapes or to take
refuge on the roof
An Italian woman com to the police 1
men and told him her baby had been
forgotten In tho hurry ot the family
escape The child was In bed on the
fourth floor she said Stranser ran Into
the building and found tho baby but
upon coming out Into the hall again
he saw that the jam of trunks had cut
off means of escape by the stairs lie
ran to the roof with the baby In hi
Iremcn called to him that two more
children wero Imprisoned In a room on
JIB third floor lie made his way to the
room and found thorn almost overcome
with smoke IVicy wero carried to the
rooj They were placed in the arms of
Irnmen who carried them to the street
to bo revived in the homes of neighbor
Again an anxious mother begged the
policeman to find dec child wino bad
not come with the others from their
rooms on thc top floor The policeman
again made his way Into tbe tINcture
end brought out the fourth child
VmlnB lira Myrtle Weed lOad bite
x with Morplilne
While nuns surrounded her bed pray
ing that her life might be pared Mm
Myrtle Weed twentyseven years old
diNt at her homo in the House of Mercy
No U < West Ono Hundred and Sixth
street from the effects of morphine
1 which abs had swallowed
Mrs Weed was HMUratoJ from her
i husband about a year ago She was
employed lit private secretary in a man
II utHcturlng house In this city Her only
Mld dlua about the Umo aha separated
torn her buaeAld
f i tj
I About a tttr are I was lufftrlnK from
what I uppo M wa4 rhtnmatlam I b cam I
f bad that I could hardly get on my fet
from a attune cooltltm I int In wrlnhi
from one hundred and ninrtyflva to onn
i hundred and fnnyflve poumli I tried dir I
I ffrtnl kind of nlfdMn hut rMttvfd lit
tie or ntelgf I had no idM mr kline
wrtf aff rl d However t Ihuuxht I wntild
try Dr Kllmtr 8wampnmt and s whet
ih rr ct nould M I Ij rt aroortlng ti I I
the Olivttonti and In n CuV days I > felt
that It IVM helping me I iha Or more I
lantt nottlr and they havn completely I
Cured mi lloil tfntrrfr Your
1cc w iravtn Addijon Co Vt
e e
I itdeki M 1 V I I
lavte a i oe
I have u td Swam noot the famoua kid
Wlt liver and bisdderuemdy In mr family
with the molt favorable results and can
rhrrrfullr recommend It to the public m a
nllabl medicine
Respectfully amine
a c ramrFOnD
Poltcrman Dothan Ala
I har U4 Dr Kllmr SwamoHnot for
kidney trouble with vtry gratifying rtaultii I
heartily recommend It to all people aufferlnK
from anf drenlm lIt of the kIdney liver
and bladder Truly your
yourn K rrnnv
Kencirt of roller Columbus Oa
Dr Kllmfr1 BwampHoot inJ1 great kid
ney liver end bladdtr remnlr liaa bcri
uMd br my family and iher have found It
to be a Brtat mtdlcln We lellcvt It will
do all It Is recpmmend a to dd and cheer
tulle recommend It to any on afrrctrd with
kIdney or Bladder trouble J Trulrvourf
lit Sergeant of Police Columbus Oa
I to learn of theIr severe Illness or sudden death caused f 1
by that fatal typo of kidney troubleBrIghts Disease f
The mild and extraordinary effect of tho worldfamoaa
kidney liver and bladder remedy Dr Kilmers Swampe f
Root Is soon realized It stands the highest for ltsi
wonderful cures of the most distressing cases A trials
will convince any one Nn t
Samuel Dykstra of Paterson
Succumbs to Effect of Wound
of the Infuriated Animal at
Which He Had Fired
PATERSON X J Nor t Sinue1
Dykstra was burled today from his
home at No 119 Franklin ctreet and the
body was Interred In Folrlawn Ceme
Air Dykstra some days ago shot a cat
In his yard The feline had been bother
lag for some Imf He nred a shot from
a rUle nt the cut and the animal lay as
If dead To mako sure however he
walked over to It and gave It a kick
He was astounded to see It jump up
and thon bury tlr teeth In the flesh
part of his leg Another charge from
the rifle however ended Its existence
lie applied home remedies to the
wound Sunday he became 111 and ha
< wns taken to the hospital He died I n
the hospital Monday night
lie was thirtyfour years old and
leaves a widow and four children
Aithru Bronchltii
It matter not bow the
scroll win absorbed Into
lbs iyptemby the luSra
1 or br the atomach th
fact remalni the urn
that the rerms must be
destroyed In the lunn br
Inhalation and by Internal medication the
tern o ar destroyed that circulate In the
blood and Infct every part of the body
they row and roultinlr very fast It Is
only bv radical thorough treatment Ilk
that l Aven at 110 Wet S2d t that the germs
are eradicated from the lptIm When de
troveJ the dliew I checked and the t >
de dou
tlent recover Fresh air and cbaniro of cli
mate are rood for every one but they will
not kill the germs of disease that are In your
ritem They food on the catarrh In the
throat and tube of the iunrL when the
catarrh la cured then remain no food fir
the rernu
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I could not bnatb throuxh It I toot cold
fo easily that I was afraid of It Solar to
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throat was Irritated n1ca un a mat Dirt
of the time Now I can breathe freelr
and feel well with no colds > ara Wtlbet
1ieon Jersey nty N l
KOC1IOIKNK cures Catarrh Deafness
ftnmach and Kidney Troubles ExamInatIon
trrr II in T < 1uIv svptayf It I Cu t at
2d rt between Oth and 7th avi next to
hrlcli > ton N T Call writ or tele
Dhrnln 12SiCth
251 exaU25C
6th Ave tt 23d St
UEGElIANA CO IA cornorutlonl Sou
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8th ave u 001 titha rc
1 flflOMN Viittztsi 1030 sJ 159
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I cheerfully recommend and Inter the
Preat Remedy Dr KiImere SwaxnoEoot foyt
kIdney trouble and bad uric i havC Ul H
and derIved meat bentt from it I tsltyIt I
It ha cured me ntireIr of kidney acid ILVet
trouble Zroiq which I suffered terribly
Idled rruuteriiIy yours
A IIETNOLDIi ChIef ot niie
Columbus da
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e day should not pass wltlt
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IS your attention
I lour The Worldyjfitt m I
Columns > t tic
c there are more advertisers T
f or making their wants known ffx
u U than all other New York >
mediums combined j l
r had better give Vorldr i
WAH Wants a trial You will f
1 UU surely use no other hre
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Q Paid Help WantsJnJf 1
8 2n mornings World a
OXQ Paid Help Waati In the tSif
ODO other NY papers combine I
Addressers 4 Janltnue 4 I
Agents 1 Kltchrawgrk VliJjl
ArtIst i 1 Ladies TaUar 3vj
Bakers 0 Laundrtsae VV b
Barber 1 Manacer ui
Bartender l
Blackiralth 1
Bookbinder I
Bookkeeper II
Dor 80
limn Worker 3
Buthelrara 11
Uuteher It
Buttonhole makers 2
Canvassers 10
Carpenter 0
Cashier 4
Chambermaid 7
rlerk 10
Coachman 1
Cent Baker 1
Collector I 1
Compositors 11
Cook 13
Cuttei T
Dentists 4
Dedxnir 1
Dlshwajhrs S
Drauffhtsman 1
Dressmaker j 8
Driver 11
Drug Clerk 12
Electrician 3
Elevator nunren 2
embroiderer 3
Emp Agencies 4
Engineers t R
Sncrevtra 3
Examiner I
Farm lisa 1
FVeden III
Figure I
rlnUtiert S
Flremrsi 01
Folders 3
F 1utdi 1
Filrrmnn 1
Chi I < 1
Crocvrv Cltlli to 4
Itt n titcllfra s
Uouaowork s at
inprovm 2
roaern Fi 3
JlI1tora IS
Manicure G
Ken lt
NfjXwear < 4t
Nurses iI U i
Operator A t
lIektn 4
Patntcn JOJ 2sJ
npothanfir Sj 4
Thotoraplen w S 4
I Piano Hindi H l
llumbr ii 14 uIr
Pocketbook MUcetiTTl 4 i
Polishers V B 1 S
Porters 6lj
Presser > i
IVeunen r 8
Roofers 6t
Slel4dlu 1I i4
Salesmen 10 t
SeamitrtaM 4r J4 t
Shirt hands Bl
Shcwmalr tr ij j z
silversmiths i if
Skirt Hands S
ij 1
Sleera Ifwid 1 T vj W
Steamfltttr iv Jri ji >
8tnoirvhera 4 3
Tailors Ul i
Trimmer1 IL
Tinsmiths t
Tucker k C
Trpewrltw 4
Umbrella lisad 1
Useful SIeno d
Varnljher M li 42
Wo on IliwuJiw te iBJS
Waist IIands
Waiters t q c
WoJtriiMS I
Watchnakcsa ii
Wlndcl Glaaers i C1
nrewcrk r l
WooJirorktr itt
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