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vi fi > C ji > j Ibff i JK
I James H Hobbin Treasurer of
f S Albans Pisappears After
Squabble Minister Believes
i He Is Demented
Trouble Arose Over Theological
i Student Who as Lay Reader
Was in Favor with Feminine
Party in Church
Notrace of Joseph H Itobbln the
ratislnz treasurer of 3t Albans Eplsco
s D3 Qurch High DrldeehlLlyet been
I lUnd and U U the opinion of the Rev
fli H Wevlll tho rector that be has
b4corifd demented a result of tho can
iitant > gocslpfng ot the women of the
rlsn Ho resigned as treasurer of the
church n ftiydays bafore ho disnji i
peared ondhls accbunts are In perfect
Condition it Is said i
ZFor zevera1weeks there hai been dls
Hnslon Jo the church because of the Ills 1
KUiwal nf Joseph Altcn n lay reader
the youni Tan Is ft student at the Gen
t irlll ThcolorHcal Senliiary and the rec
tpr says he tried to dictate In the affairs
jf tho church backcJ by several women
J qf the parish wiu wunteJ their own
rM mIster reae ted the Infflniremoht
on t1a powers and wrote a letter to
f Alton tellln him to come to the parish
t JtoUss and talk over the Ulillcuty TW
t women Who IIro friendly ao Alien say
the minister Is afraid Alton will bo cu
> l cted an rector litter he la ordulncil
t11r llobbln supported the minister
and It Is BHIU that his life wai matte
c miserable by the almost ondlc s dlMCUs
rflpm 110 was bothered from morning
until filclit By tao women of the church
S SMrs Hobblii says her hnsbnml nuffcr
S rij from insomnia for several weeks bo
re liu left home She can luulgii no
reason for his mental disturbance other
5 Uun the cnurch row
TiThey Just worried him to death
iBld the Ilcv Mr Vevlll Hn was
wrferlnc from nervousness rfcsultlna
S from business affairs of which I cat
S rpt poak and these gosstyerH simply
S TOsUo him worse Tlicri is doubtIn
S coy mind that Mr Hohblnii condition
varbfoujsht on by xoailplnC women 1
thlnkthat ho was demented
rrtqj11lnlnK nan left his borne Tnc
I dlv night after having placed nil his
money Ina drswer his bedroom Ha
Mid he was coins back to his pinto
but1 when he did not n > lear there two
Hours later the search for him ae i
beau S
K6rtliaveril days he Imd been eon I
S ntantly muttering tho Hentcnco Every
thing In this store mye Wevlll From
that It was concluded that hn had Oct
control of hte mental facirtlln lie
was sxty years old 5 feet fi InnhcB
In height and weighed 113 rnumli Ho
had gray hairand a gray mustaclfe
Senor Francisco Manotes Law
yer of Note Comes to Discuss
I with Our Government the Sit
uation in Panama
Franclaco de F Manatee the first Co
S lombian envoy to arrive In thJ city
tine the separation of Panama wits a
liaasenner bn the Atlas Line steamship 1
Adirondack which sot In this morning
tjioacomee here to act with other
oammlssloheia In un endeavor to have
this Government make omo other ict
tl jnent of tha Patma situation Jut
S isU potion would be tnlien Bchor
tttioltssnia ho did not know as his
S Initrqctipns had notiyet reached bm >
S irho > 6liorl Cpmmlssloners arqipon
S JJlqhUfd Jlrilenei Dr Pedro II Tcici
S and Dr Antonio It Blanco They are
now In the country having arrived
S from Colombia Iioew Orleans sam
days ago They are said to be in thlll
cliy and according to Eenor Manotes
they will meet hJm either today or to
jnoironv They hair tim eeaivd Initruc
tlons from the Government at liocota
IW Senor Mnnotes who IK a lawyer of
S nt llvlnp In Harran < iulIla said they
would arobably go to V chinit n with
S in a day or so Ho brandod ax fasfi
tlie rumor that Colombia wax now no
S deKpemte that she would rn v an
nexation to Panama and move tho
S capital to Panama
Such a story In rimplv rlrtlculouo
nnd without truth hei31d I heard
S i nuch a ttory from an KnBllshman but
there iiolliInK In It
Breaking of condltlonn In Colombia
S nnd the feeling down there when he
5 aaildk eleven dayS aio hn nM
I Colombia does not want to make war
I on Punarrm 81m wlphc to mel ir
l ranjement looking toward n tuttlctnciit
I She wishes to rejrnln Panama anJ it
ehq does not war Is probable Whether
C or not she win make war Is Ii Very hard
I question to answer
In realy to a question n to whether
5 shewlll make war ntt tlio United Stntrx
S l Idt at11 that that was not to bo consld
5 rriM
lie continued Tbe conduct of the
I United stntcs tius been a rurprlse to in I
e TVe aid not Imnirlnn that the United I
Ic Slates woull1 do what she has done I I
have not beanto Bosnia but wlwii I I
S I left colombia the feeling ngalnat the I
M UnWea Sinter wan not strong I do not I
think Illnlstcr rieaupro Is In nay dan I
v R If matter were left to us we would I
J have no troublo In nutting an end to It I
S tI > Touiay that the Panamnro have dn I
r4red that they could put 10009 men In
Jr S lj 1h i Hold Birilnst us Well that Is cer
t de I talnly HO The next day we could with
S4iif e ° It nnv trouble put 100000 men In the
b f Utasalniit them
1 etJor Mnnotes want to the Hotel
< 5 MUrD to 118 West Fourteenth street
Tiirca of tlfc irederlrU Pcierii
5 k TUrn On the Ga
tdtrick Tetfr who has seen forty
S 1i qhIfe determined he would hays
we pf It today Locking himself
> iinhl room at hU residence No 133
ourtteentb Street ho turned on
wAS not jsUcccsituI In his nt
lire lCiklnB Hd WM onlyhftir
jIeOV5rpj and a poiiceuoeai
rntI loki1 hiniupIrt tho
tit sir staUosi or o4
c 1
r vi
Murderer and Suicide Used Pis
tol in Home After Death of
Girl Acquaintance in Wash
TVASHINOTON > ov tnThree per
sons are tleadone of them a tuklde nx
ft result of the relation between Robert
S Hal ft compositor In the Govern
ment Printing Office mill Marejrot
Hale wto was employed there The jrl
was going Sh thou In the sanitarium
art44odiIIale killed his wife and then
took liii own life
Although natrelated to the young
woman Halo pa scxl M her cousin and
visited her
rye nHXikfl ago she anneared from
I where she
iCr loilrlilss without aylnc
wi s going She died In tho xatltarlum
of Dr Jaicnh C Ohlendorf nt llrqnt
wcod near thlardty and Dr Ohondorf
w > i arrested 1a13jit charged with
cntislnR her death
When Hale cot un today he saw In
n irornln newspiprr tin account of the
all lIt of Dr Olilondort lie road It
llnniTth and then bat down and wrot
IutcK to several friends telllnff them
Jhn ho Ito it concluded that hn could
not stnnd the dIsgrace that would ac
CIMM when the true story of the death
ti Mlflx HnKi fhnuld coir out
His wife wan Ktlll In bed He wont to
her room and killed her after which lie
nrr < l R bullet Into his own head Others
Iin the boise attracted by thn shooting
found him ileul aiul lying across < he
body of his wife
The hoaio of Miss Hale was In MArl
ettn Ohio Her Muter In that city net
the Investigation on foot that led to the
arreat of the doctor
Nicholas Buesenpck in Suit for
Divorce Declares His Wife
Lived with Adam Baker for
5 Ten Years
Adam lInker who hnsbecn dead for
nine months was named as the co I
respondent In a divorce suit In which
Justice Truax today reserved decision
In the Supremo Court The action In
which the dead man was named as co
respondent was brought by Nicholas
llucsenech against Jostphlne Buesenech
until after Uaker
and wiH not begun
had departed thin life
lluejenvch married the defendant In
February I83i Ho alleged that his wife
lived with him only a your after their
wedding According to Gillette Clam
Bueicncclis lawyers he iearched for
her during ten years At last ho heard
that nhij had been known an a Mrs
linker and had been running a board
Inghousn ut No UM Went Piftyntlh
aired lluoeenetfh > ursuvd his Invcitl
gallons only to find that ItaktT wan
dead lie cot vvlikMico to prove that
t iinnKKntih hud been known is
Mr Uaker nnil that It was phe who
had taken eharso of lickers
obseiiules nhd provided for his last rest
inK lIenJl place Franklin Turk teAtined nt
tho trial thnt hn hall known Mrs lluo
eiipch for thirty year nnd her hus
baud for ten years Mrs Buracnech
wax about thirtylive yean of age nt
the time of her marriage while Due
senech was much younger He said he
had frequently visited linkers house
within the dint llvo yeans and found
Mrs Kucscncch living with him as his
John McCarthy savo testimony along
thin lime lines
Roth Turk and McCarthy Identified
a phototrrnph of the dodd corespondent
as that of Adam naktr with whom
Mrs Uucsencch had resided
hanlldrf de Culin Havana
Adlixinduck f Port au Irlnoe
it5Ciio 1 Naplui
steals santo
Iiflona Calcutta
lllruio I Hantai
Ilo tirande Mobile
Uarcelono > > llambunr
CeOrlc vi e Urerixxjl
Ntekar Hr men El Valle New Orlfaii
Iivtoria Hamburicv
Princes Ann i i JA nr taD iUan
iroH nwnort Nnv El Albs OaiveaIpa
Orate Xurturetk3rmS
t tr 5
Aged Major McCluncj bought to
Protect Mrs Colt from Attack
of Discharged Business Agent
and Was Shot Defending Her
Jor J W McClunjf well knownon the
cost IS a broker and clubman Is be
lieved to he dyln today from a bullet
wound hn received from Alexander Oar
nett nhll < > ho wni deftndln Mr Mlltc
Hitchcock Colt from ftarnctts aisniilt
Thcshating occurred In airs Colts
apartments In the Palace Hotel and
caused the greatest excitement Mrs
Colt now aged Is prostrated because of
the encounter and It being attended by
physicians <
Mrs Colt Is famous as the only
woman ever actively connected with
the local Fire Department In pioneer
days 8M ran to fires with the flreinen
and was later elected a member of one
of tho companies
Oarnctt wajt her business agent hand
ling much of tier real ejtate She wax
also heavily Interested In slooks and
other securities A few days ago Mrs
Colt and Garrett disagreed and aba dis
charged him This made Jilm nney and
since then he han been drinking heavily
Major McClunff who Is tiged wile
visiting Mrs Colt having known her
for many yearn and while they were
talking In her rooms In the hotel Gar
neil tnlercd Apparently ho was very
drunk He had passed the bellboys nnd
elevator men nnd came to the apart
meats unannounced
Ito WAS hardly In the room when ho
produced It revolver and levelled It nt
Lira Colt Major McCJung sprang at I
the Infuriated man and In the struggle
Oarnett pulled the trigger lie believed
he wan aiming at Mrs Colt hut McClung I
was In front of him and got tho bullet
Aa Major McCIung dropped to the
floor probably mortally wounded Gar
net rAn from the rooms antI escaped
from the hotel before the hotel attnchm I
could reach the apartments Ho has not
been captured
Doth McClunff and Gornett served 1
through the Civil War In the Confed
erate Army Major MoClunj enjoyed
the distinction of having led a Federal
charge at Selma although ho was a
Confederate officer Ho was surprised
nt Sclma by the Federal cavalry who
were uftei Armstrong And beMuse ho
worn a federal cavalry hat they be
lleveit him otio of their own nnd he
lol the charge after Armstrong for two
miles until he eat n thence to Jump
from his horse Into the river nnd swim
cross to the Confederate ride under
a hail of bullets
George Peters Goes Through
Opening Made in Adjoining
House and Stumbles Over Un
conscious Woman
Cut off from escape by sheets of
flAma and smoke on the lower floor ot
her home No ItO Cortland avcnuo
Bronx Mrs George Peters was facing
death when Insensibility came to her
aryl hetell
When tho firemen arrived at the
Peters home Mr iPeter was In the
front trying to make his way through
the flames to one of the rooms on the
upper floor When the firemen hold him
back ha cried
My wife Is up there She will be
killed imltm I go to her
Seeing that entrance to the house
through tho lower floors was Impossible
tho firemen ran up to tho 4iou e at No
m Cortland avenue which If built
against the Peters house Thore wan
no connection between the bulldln
but the walls wr attacked with axes
and nn openlnjr quickly affected
Mr Peters half crated ran through
the opening Into the smokclllled room
and stumbled over the unconscious body
of his wife He lifted her In his arms
and pushed his way to the house next
door Mrs Peters wns carried to the
street below and after A time she re
gained con clou nes
The firemen then attacked the flames
They had gained greet headway while
Mrs Peters was belng rescued but gave
I way under many lines of hose
TV fire U minposed to have started
from an overheated oven In the base
m < iirt of the house
The annual tall tournament nt Lake
wood which always begin on Thanks
giving Day began thlj morning with
an all day 18ftole medal nlav nunilrvtmr
on 8
There were ninety starters and three
sets oC sixteen will qualify The first
set will qualify for the Country Club
of Lakewood cup the second sixteen
for tho Matedeconk cup and the third
sixteen for the Carujaljo cup
The early scores returned wore
Viltr J Travis 41 41 ToU
k jacSweeney ea l SZ
A t > COmpton I so a Is iS
K S Wheeler 48 ll III
Iaul Watfrman M 40 ii i
Iail K Ollleit I 4l io 111
It W Itunt
43 83 lit
k W Crook 40 M liT
It W Ilfdfletii 4U III u
K Worthington 44 ifta naTo
I Ic hftIer i 102
A W mlek 4T r1 lOll
litany L James i 48 12 100
he K D FoIt 110 10 100S
S To cer a Cola Io Ono ptty
This LUath Bromo Qulnlflf 4sblta Alt
dnJQhlarotan4 t111 monty If H falls to cur
fV1I1Talll wtunUoawcUbaiSo I
iUil tI
Seven Men Arrested After Fight
in Saloon Charged with
Breaking Open Strong Box of
Mott Street Grocer
On th4 charge of jblng atafe In a
whoB u11 xtnftry at No 161 Molt treet
detftctlxes from Police Headquarters to
day arraigned seven men In the Centre
Street fcourt nil of whom arcsaid to hs
incmbern ojthr notorlouo lnki East
man gang
The men were arrested after a fight
with Detective Sergeants GrsnvUi Gug
gan Klnsly and Oargan In whltth ft
number of shots were fired and two mon
escaped The men who eicaped nre be
lieved to have carried the money stolen
from the grocery cafe
The robbery of the grocery occurred
some time during tho night and was plan
ned and executed In the same bold way
that has marked the robbery of many
safes on the east side during the last
several weeks
Gaining un entrance Info the store the
robbers < ttho safe upside down
This irfus Have required the combined
strength of tcveril men Holes were
bored In the bottom of the ante and
the Iron nnd steel were beaten In with
a sledge hammer
Ionic Knitnmn 2uig Again
The ito robbery WIH reported to Po
kit IlMdquartcr bcforAiUylh The
four detectives were told that the rob
bery was the work of the Monk Ent
man gang and they went nt onco to tho
dlvea the men frequent In hid dark
Ilinmelllnir xalopn of Harry ndthsteln
at No CO Attorney street the detectives
came upon nine men Including Roth
ateln Quickly surrounding the place
tho detectlveq closed In upon the men
They attempted to escape hut pistols
wore drawn and threats of lath made I
to the first man who moved I
Two men sprang from the group and
started running Sots were fired at
I them and ono of tho detectives followed
but tho two men ran through dork hall
ways and etcaped
I The other seven men became threa ton
Ing Tho detectives with revolver
pointed held them at bay Police In
the precinct came and the men were ar
Carried Jimmies and Drill
They were taken to Police Headquar
ters and there recognized as Harry Rot
stein owner of the saloon David
Scblclcher of No 146 Essex street Sam I
Goodman of No 1C3 Suffolk street Abe
Bernstein of No 78 ihrystlo street Abe I
Lclberman of No 4d3 Delnnccy street
Joe Illchman of No ISO Itlvlngtpn
street nnd James Hichmnn of the same
addrexs 1
When the men were searched three
JhnmlM each three feet long and three
drills eighteen Inched long wore found
Arraigned before Magistrate Flanuner
the prlHoners were sullen and angry In
the courtroom were other member of
the notorious east aide gang to arrest
whom the police had not sufficient evi
I James Richman who said he was a
tailor and IJernsteln were both held
without ball tutpeeted ot the safe rob
bery The other live prlaonera thought
they were to be lot go when Detective
Granvllle said
Other rtrmnndrd Too
I wish you would remand these other
prisoners Vc have onhi evidence against
them of carrying tire Jimmies and drills
put In twentyour hours we will have
more evidence that will warrant a charge
of robbery being preferred
While ton detective talked dark looks
110 1leclve
I were turned upon him by the live men
Their manner wa threatening
I 1 will hold the without ball the
Magtrata xald I wII hold them as
suspicious persons
Scowling and cursing tho mel were led
to PnlUu Hisul < iuartor3 whuiu tnt > y will
be etiujected < u th severest sweating
processes U Is thought that the police
can prove that they have knowledge of
many robberies tin the cast side
James Hlclunan was the first of the
gang to be subjected to the third de
gree HP confessed to tho robbery the
police say and sid that the other men
I were guilty
Vo luly ho said and thats all
them Is tu It
I Detectives I Uugan and Klnsly have
been following thoso members of tho
Monk ISastman gang for tho past
two weeks Inspector McClusky has sus
cected that they wore the KoctSlila
safe robbers hut could not find suffi
cient evidence to nrrest thorn
Original Gate Coteries Dance
Winds Up in Row in Which
Four Beer Glasses Hit Walt
ers Head at Same Moment
The Grand Civic and Mask Ball of
the Original Gate Coterie In the New
Irving Hall No 214 Ilroome street end
ed In a grand uncivil and freeforttll
fljrht early today When tho engage
ment was over It took the ambulance
surtreonx half an hour to patch up the
wounded Ab Peters 1 waiter was
carried to the Qauvernour Hospital
Tho dance wa A peaceful affair until
about the time some of the guests b
gun to think of going home An argu
ment ended In blows and when George
Plnkncy he sergeantatarms tried to
stop the fight there was more trouble
Somebody hurled a beer glass and the
sergeantatarms wax down and out
This wn a sIgnal for 1 gjcnernl light
and for 1 time the nil was filled with
bottles glasses chars and other things
that do not feel good against the head
Peters got Into tho argument and out
let Iot
again In a hurry Rvidetitl ho had en
emies In tho hall for no sooner did he
reM at the point of trouble than four
beer classes were hitiried at him They
ktruck hlx liend almo niche same in
stant He collapsed the bloodstream
lag from four Inuhon th scalp
rollcemsn Iluckley heard hopomo
polcean th Direct und colled oqt
the ret fro tbO Kldrldgo street
station They rushed Into the hall and
stopped the riot but roado no arrests
At the same tmoa call was ar4 to
t1shQttl i
44 tf14
Insult Offered by Strange Man
in Street to Miss Levin
Caused the Bursting of Blood
The death of MiLl Gertrude Ievln
eighteen rears old In the home of her
Clint Mrs Samuel Aronion on tho
third floor at No W West Thirty
nth street was caused Indlroctly b
an Insult offered by a man on the street
MIss Levin who was engaged to be
mOIled In n toW weeks lived with Mr
ChArtes Oordon n aunt at No3
East Fiftysixth street She was on
her way from there to Mrs Aronsons
l < ome when she was accosted on Seventh
airnuo by 1 man s110 did not Know
Tho young woman greatly frightened
ran all the Way to tho Thirtyninth 1
street house up the steep stairs to the
third floor and as she burst Into the
parlor she dropped dead while crying
Irarlor auntie ho Is after me
Doctors who were crlled said that
Miss Levins death had been caused by
the bursting of n blood vessel near tho
heart This they added was duo to
intense excitement < perhaps fright
Immediately utter Miss Levin reached I
the liouce her uncle went to tho street
to see who was pursuing her but saw
no one In going up the stairs and
passing the woman occupying tho sec
ond Moor Mist Levin said that a man
hud Insulted her on the street and was
following her
On Seventh avenue near where the
young woman Is believed to have been
met by tho stranger there have been
many complaints of men Insulting wom I
en who pass In several Instances they
have followed th i women several block
hut the pollen have shown no Inclination i
to arrest ttrixii or drive them awaY
Miss L vns death wax reported to the
Coroner and he ordered an autopsy and i
made a report of I to the police While I
there Is little hope of finding the man
who accosted the young woman they
said they would place an extra number
of pollco In that neighborhood
Former Tammany Leader De
dares His Visit Was One o
Personal Compliment and
Had No Political Significance
LONDON Nov 2 Wlllam Jennings
Bryan continues to attract unusual at
tention here His most distinguished
caller today was Richard Crokor who
came from Wantage to pay his respects
to tho man ho tried to elect President
three years ago Mr Croker said his
visit was ono of personal compliment
and had no political significance
Great stress Is laid today by the press
on Mr Bryan tact and cleverness at
Ambassador Choatea dinner His place
at table was between Mr Dtlfour and
Mr UltcNe the exohancellor of the
Exchequer who mot for the first time
since the of the
disruption Cabinet
While both sank their political differ
ences to honor the American political
leader there was an air of formality
and reserve which ml hllhavo soolled
tho effect of the djnner but Mr Bryan si
wit and amusing otorlcd of American I
political Ufa broke up all reserve and
kept < his fellow diners In constant laugh
ter and had every ono on good terms
ft Bryan Is said to have made A
strong Impression on the group of noted
Englishmen who were Invited to meet
him and his conversational ability was
said to equal that of Mr Choate whom
Englishmen regard as the mot fasci
nating talker since Lowells day
Ambassador Choates guest > to meet
Mr Bryan were Prime Minister Dal
tour Lord Onslow Minister of Ajrrl
culthre Lord Denbigh Sir Robert Gif
fin the famous statistician C T
nitchle Leonard Courtney the famous
Liberal and Sir Clinton Dawkins Pre
vious to the dinner Mr Choate took
Mr Bryan to the Bank of England
Last night Mr Bryan went Into South
London 4o hear Lord Rosebery make a
political address He wan recognized toy
tho audience end enthusiastically
cfcecred >
dee 1
platlnaalkhed Company Been the
Author Wedded to English Girl
LONDON Nov 78Israel ZaneWilii
the author anal Edith Ayr ton daughter
pf AV E AyrtoPtIit pf IMeJiuitl
tltaof Electrical Eriglheera werorrikt
I Tied oulntly todcy at a r Utryo coln
t aaejtEnaot lr j
A numl rorwsUn nol novelists
a Ul J pcHat
Elisha B Gaddis Falls in Death
Faint at Table in His Home
and Expires as Two Doctors
Work Over Him
NEWARK N J Nov 25Ellsha B
Giddls head of tho whola lla e grocery
firm o WJUclnson CaddIe a trolley
magnate one of the directors of tIle
Pennsylvania RaJlrond nnd a multi
millionaire died suddenly at hlx home
at No lOla Broid street let tothy
Mr Gaddis was apparently in good
health and made no complaint when he
arose this morning Ho went down to
breakfast nn while eating Was seized
with an attack of li art failure Two
doctors were summoned but they failed
to revive him and hedledn a short
About I month ago Mr Gaddis was
seized with a1 slight attack of heart
selEe 1
failure and was confined to his bed for
several day
He was a widower Twp married
daughters Mm Mathlos Plum and ra
e Holler survive him
Sir Gaddis was fiftyseven years old
and ono ot the best known grain ex
perts In the United State He was
nromlncnt In public affairs and for a
number of Years 1 member of the com
mon Council
Ax one of the directors of the North
Jersey Street Railway Company he was
Indicted with others of the board In
connection with the deaths of a num
cnneeto death
her of school children In the Clifton
avenue grade crossing crash
Young Man Creates Consterna
tion Among Ellis Island Em
ployees Is Overpowered and
Taken to the Hospital j
By his apparently Insane actions a
welldresjcd and goodlodcm young
man whoso identity is not yet estab
lished caused 1 good deal of commo
tion today among the fow employees
on duty at Ellis Island I
Soon after the boat which leaves tho
Barge Office at 720 oclock A M reached
the Island he was noticed wandering
about the building He first appeared at
the Iron grating at the door of tho New
York detention rooms He pounded and
rattled the door until a watchman ap
peared and asked him whom he wanted
I am looking for my umbrella said
he The watchman questioned him fur
ther but could get no Intelligible nn
swore and finally told him to go to the
main office after his umbrela
Tho man drew off and dellvereda
imashlnc blow at the watchmans eye
knocking him down and then ran away
He continued his disturbance until sev
eral qf the attendants grabbed him and
after a struggle in Which he let marks
on all his captors ho was overcome Po
Ilc men Mury and Smith wet over from
tho Barge Office on the 9 oclock boat
and took him into custody
The young man refused to answer the
policemens questions and all he did say
HIS so Incoherent that nothing could be
made of I In Ms pocket was found a
email prayer and hymn book with the
title Childs Key to Heaven On
the flyleaf of this was written Robert
A nfleat No 120 Went One Hundred
and Fourteenth street Now Jul1drol
was taker to the hudson Street Hospi
tal I
talThe police went to the address written
In the prayer book and found Robert AI
Wynno at home but his brother John
twentythree years old was missing
twontthroelellt John had left tho
houso early In the morning to go to
church And that h had not yet returned
His brother said he had been troubled
with nervousness for several weeks be
cause of overwork
Col nonntrce Glared u Court and
Wa Sent to the Floor
Srwclal to Tho Evening World
ATLANTA Oa Nov 33While en
gaged In tho trial of a case before
Judge Newman In the United State
Court HckoSmllh Secretary of tho In
1 tenor under President Cleveland
knocked down Cal Don W Rountrce
1 tils opposing ClInE I
1 Smith In an argument made state
ments which caused Rountrte to rso
And sUre at him whereupon Smith hit
him and sent him to tho Moor In fall
ing Kountree ftruric a steam heater and
nounllO t
hlS mouth was badly cut Judge New
man prevented further trouble and
i prvenled
brought about a reconciliation Both
men must taco him on a contempt
I charge tomorrow
1 BALTIMORE Md Nov M William
HAJIIORJ who deeded
IW tho philanthropist
I man phlllnhropist
Homewood to Hopkins University
died today
John Bradley Twice Locked Up
in Connection with Alleged
WireTapping Scheme Now
Threatens Revelations
For being twice arrested ano locked
up In connection with an alleged wire
tapping scheme John Bradley a clerk
of No 145 West Nluetynlnth street
threatens to bring suit for damages
against u Wall street broker asIA to be
Robert CralRhcad of Flushing L I
Bradley In evening dress was on a
Columbiia avenue car last evening when
another man Inevening dress and a mar
who professed to be a detective told
him he was under arrest and took him
off the car When Policeman Fleming
came u Bradleys accuser who III
mow to the police only a nab i
said Bradley was wanted on a felonyl
charge The policeman took both t the I
Tenderloin station
There Bradley who had picked up i
Lawyer Louis Lowenstcln insisted ho
had been arrested the night previous
by one of tho DistrictAttorneys staff
and had been admitted to bal by Jus
lice Wyatt In the morning Inspector
Walsh who had entered and talked
with the man Bob ordered him locked
up Tire Inspector refused to give
out the name of the complainant Brad
ley was furious and pointing to the
complainant said I know this man
He Is 1 banker nnd before I get
through with him 1 will Involve him
In tho biggest scandal ever
Later Lowenstcln obtained Bradlcys
release on J 1000 bjill
yVsslotant DistrictAttorney Corrigan
cohflrmed Bmdleysstory of being twice
arrested and lid told tho police to re
port to the Magistrate that Bradlcys
second arrest was uncalled for Mr
Corrigan also refuted to give out the
name of the complanant
Tire raid referred to was made last
Friday on 1 house In West Thirtyninth
street on complaint of 1 Wall street
broker who told the DistrictAttorney
that ho had been swindled out of 48VU
by i scheme similar to the old wirctap
ping game Mr Jeromes detectives
gained access to the place and arrested
four men
When the caso qf Bradley was called
in Jefferson Market Court today
neither Bradley nor tns complainant
Cralghead appeared Magistrate Deuel
said that Inasmuch as Bradley already
had been arrested and given bond he
would dismiss the case
No 113 West iNlnetynlnth street the
addrefa given by Bradley Is a carriage
I 1
Crown Prince Represents the
German Ruler at Services I
Marking the Dedication of I
New Edifice in Berlin
BERLIN Nov 29The Crown Prince
Frederick William in behalf of Emperor
William took part today In the dedi
cation of the new American Church sit
ting between Ambassador Tower and
Mrs Tower He followed the service
attentively occasionally participating In
the responses
The Empress telegraphed to the pas
tor Rev Dr Dickie regretting that she
could not be present on account of her
husbands indisposition and sent the
Court Chamberlain Count von Muellnen
to represent her Chancellor von Duelow
was represented by Privy Councillor
rho services were conducted by Rev
Dr Van Slyko and Prdt Nt Drown
at New York Dr Dickie preached the i
I President Roosevelt wrote to the pa
tor as follows
1 am glad to learn that your church
building Is to be dedicated on Thanlu
giving Day I congratulate youon this
haopy result of the persistent and self
denying labors of yourself und your
lissocUUes find wiSh you all many I
happy years of enjoyment of the sanc
tuaryyou have thus secured
GIBRALTAR Nov 26Xh Columbia
I the salting bolt nineteen feet long
and of six feet beam In which C p
Ludwig Elservbrauri left Boston Aug
1 alone for Marseilles and which ar
rived at Gibraltar Nov M sailed from
here this afternoon for tier destination
L his possible to feel
a genuine enthusiasm
about a breakfast cereal when that cereal isHO
It makes a breakfast light but nourishing one
upon which you can build a day of workdrplay
A remarkable puzzle in every HQ package
buitdt train
I JfrO aflJ5raItt
< < I S S f Ziftf S tt
t M l 4
V >
The Perfect t
Cleanser I
Millers Pawerineis the best
cleanser wherevertheres
cc whereverteres spot
of dirt or stain or grease
Wherever theres stubborn
resistance to cleanliness and
sanitation it makes everything
I sweet pure and siglitly Mil
lers Powerine is pure soap and tl
k pure ammonia ground to a
I smooth powder that never cakes
or sticks in the package every 1
J bit of it i available for use
II Powerine i
withAmmonia 6 < 1
quickly cuts away grease from 4
dishca and cooking tools re l
moves stains from the skin 0
keeps the drains clear diem
S fcel everything Large pack
age for 5cnt all the grocers
Dont use Powerine to wash t
ctviiesget Millers Soap with
Naptha the halfhour soap the
friend of the cloth
f L tcrla
r j
> 1 iA II r
Coar4 4
Good Sense 4
Shoe S
Our Combination Shoe
Combnaton v
for Men and Womenv
The only shoe of its kind
The shoe which fits so
nugly up into the arch of
the foot and is still always
comfortably easy across the
toes because it is especially
made two sizes smaller oyer
the instep than any other
1 U SIii i c 1 5 1
he shoe whose shape al
ways gives perfect freedom
in walking on account of its
outofthe ordinary good ft
268274 renwich St nearWsrren SLNY
Mal Orders Filled
FE T s
Improved 6 PAIRS
price to close out 74 Pak place ruca I
COfEMANn Tuesday Nov 24 after a
bort illness at hit reildence 2 E out
firm of Mills Coleman and son of
t he Ut Mrs Mary J Mills and be
ovn brother of Julia Coleman and Mr I <
M OTtrlllv
Funeral eervlcra at 51 Patricks Ca
thedral Friday Nov 27 at 10 AM
ltolatlv and friend > Invited to attend
loved wife of John DawllnB mother ot
Anna A and John jr and litter ot >
Richard Corcoran end NHo PrendersaiU I
Funeral from late rcdence No 091
Bedford ave Brooigyt Friday Nor 2
MAHER On Wedne Nor 25 WILL
hAM MAHER eon of the late William
nil Mary Matt
Funeraj from the residence of his elii
ter Mrs Vm GeraKhty 37E S3d t
Friday IUJ 1 M
< <
Wants Holiday I
1366 v v <
r h 4
Take leisurely Iookattbtm
Find something you e
I aatons I
I Ffmali 3
gituationuMale 10
lbFmale IM
Jtlp MUa 23B
Iloiuei Roll
and AptiJ81
Boarder SO I
n Betel e
For Bale 47
Bustis i Ooao f40
PeTtobau 18
Oet and Found 1
TUiorti II
> r1t
yt c t
Wanted to
Piirfhaie 1
Auction 8le 4
Aumuiomtnti 4
Financial H 40
Piano 4C
Pao n I
Jnitruolln 1
MIdiebA i P4
liUorts l a
S i 5 J IO
UisceIitn1oua p
FoIst f
Ii f
i I J

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