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M = r t7 irrTIE EVENIG WORtiys HoME rAG AZI E I
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< i i fit J BodO
mblUbed by the PrtBi Publishing Company No U to O
Park Row New York Entered at tho PostOde
1 at New York ai SecondClan Moll Matter
J VOIlUME44 NO 10081
I t 0
j Children to swap
JL V I For instance and for a vacation period only one
> r jfettle city boy or girl fonaJKtle country boy or girl of
k fve same age t
r Or one little boy or girl American for a little boy 01
girl English or French or German
t A curious idea Perhaps to you Mr New York
yFather or Mrs New York Mother Yet an idea which
t L j they carry out very practically in certain portions of
the world Thus
A v
> They have a family custom In some parts of EuropeIn
Denmark nnd Switzerland more particularly swapping
children for a while They think in Denmark that it Ic nut
i good for a child who Is soon to earn its own living to live all
1Pthe ibm at home
ci lThe Copenhagen grocer loth that his boy should be alto
tether city bred cerds him oft for a season to a good farmer
> whom he knows < 1 trusts and takes tho farmers boy Into
Tils own family In i s place
l Tho Brocers bo oets a good taste of country 11ft lejirns
I that potatoes do not grow en bushes nor cabbages on trees
and finds out thnt Copenhagen Isnt the whole world nd
that there era other Inclnsti < < besides the grocery bujlness
f Wpio farmers Imv lion Ills wits sharpened liy rubbing up
1 tcafnst a town Ho makeR hlrntelf useful In the grocer
1 shop learn to sell goods nod add up accounts nnd Is u
brighter man and a better man of business In consequence
And it may bo that tho grocers buy will develop so strong
to b taste for agriculture nn to turn farmer or tho formers
i boy show such an aptitude for trading thnt he will prefer to
ty follow that pursuit So tho Interchange helps In the Impor
1 f tant work ot suiting employment to taste and gettIng tha
V round pegs tnr the round hules and tho square peg In square
iii Also there is in the childrenswapping system the
itleaming of diverse languages
Germanspeaking northern Switzerland trades with
I Frenchspeaking southern Switzerland and the sons
> Daughters affected come out of the exchange with
two tongues at their disposal
1 I t I
1W Mr Edward S Martin from whose paper in Good
i Housekeeping the quoted paragraphs are taken has
o f many things to say about this business of child ex
I 1 changed I
f I wish he writes we could have here in our own
country somewhat more of this shuffling of the little
Beards in the worlds great pack If the East and the
1 West the North and the South in our big country
couldswap children as the Danes do it would be much
to the advantage of American cohesion
Mr Martin dares even to hope for a day which will
see Boston parents sending their boys to great West
> I ern in order that they may imbibe the feel
< ings that are to govern in this country and catch the
i 7 1r i j dominant Western point of view For to know the
West Iras come to be a mighty important branch of
t Eastern education And to know the South is an
ji important branch of Northern education and vice
tiTcrsa I
I < I oil t
Then if the intervisiting of the young is good for I I
i national cohesion is it not also excellent for world
i d solidarity To quote Mr Martin again
t During the recent visit to Paris of members of the Kng
lSh Parliament the question of sending French chlldun tn
8k torn time III England nnd of bringing English children
Ii to France WON ncveral times tuuehed upon
Something nt thnt sort IH nit roily being dine In com
< merce A CHttuIn great shop In Paris has free cuirses In
English for UK clerks nml thos that are tim most success
I ful In thee courses nro sent to London for six months and
I Placed In some shop there
French Industrial fIrms often exchange young clerks with
London houses In the same Hue of business A number of
excellent French school give free tuition to KnclWi pupils
on the solo condition thnt they spenk Hnsllfili with the
other pupils so many houi of the da > till sjntom is III
vogue In many English schools
As an instance of what a bit of foreign living may
i do in a special way there is pointed out the case of the
late Charles Francis Adams who learned to know
f V I English character by going to school in England When
> he was Minister to England during the cvil war that
t < knowledge stood him in good stead
It was too the Cecil Rhodes idea in founding Ameri
ican scholarships at Oxford that the students winning
I l emshouhl become useful lo both countries
V O rt > 11
k The kind of sectionalism which would stand in the
1 toO way of juvenile Americas free and joyful circulation
F f throughout the whole country passed long since away
i The kind of patriotism which looks askance at
1 o j American mingling with a foreign populace is happily
I It confined to obscure and negligible corners
> I It is generally agreed that one may be a very good
J > f 7 American and something of a cosmopolitan at the same
1 time He may study affairs of other peoples with the
l i Ii result of bringing new light to bear on the workings of
I t things in his own land
t24 1 II y And it is to be rememberet that in the kind of living
ejcchange with which Mr Martin deals the visitor from
L abroad must be learning over here a thing or two not
r without benefit to our cause and country
ft O 4 11 ft
i1A l A To narrow again the scope of the swap or the visit
k Il f let consider the shuffle of human cards as a curative
I f z JI t proposition Mr Martin to the point again
Ni jf1 It Is Rood fdr n child to mnlte visits even In Its own neigh
Lrji iNtw jat > 0rho0d
r114 C t Tho last time Jlcttlnn had n bad cold that would not
Il jtrtaH Up her crownup umnln Collie imc day nnd coined
jvlicr off to Spend a week Klin only went a inltn invij Sin
7fkec ijWtept on with her school mid nil hei tithu lessons Hut she
fh IzoL Into a now atmosphere where the indoors air was i
r1 1r1tl1 dKTprrnl uhete the touch if u now cook gave variety
irL lto the food where new topics pieuled In the talk ami
where there ia < no nlxter Katherlne w u felt qualified by
three years longer experience of life to nsiiip the authority
I 3 f pi an older pet sun and Irritate her by suggestions about her
I cndnct
jjjShq came bad cured of her cold and revived In her spirits
I JUS is the change cure as distinguished from treat
fltb faith Dettina was not exchanged but she has
I casinsJ aunts and parents who swap good things in
i I xjqwnon sense
e In1tpRl Day and the anniversary
I ldth
p ir
4 4L4 4f I j C
Whats the
Color of your
Soul Late
NixoIa GreclevJSmith
rAUSE happy
PAUSE hovering I
I helplessly 0 n I
the verge of matri
mony You Ed
win cease gazing
fondly Into thin yes i
of Angelina Their
splendor does not
matter whether It
be black or gray or
brown or blue It
Is the color of her
F I I soul thM count
Or i rt For aceordlng to
the latest cult Introduced toNew York
society by Mrs Margaret Gladstone
Stewart a greAtgrandnlece of Eng
lands grand old man every human
soul has > distinct color of ita own
For Instance A person In perfect
health and full of hope and ambition
will radiate pink
Tim maternal Instinct shows Itself In
lavender color
The gray and blue radiation Is more
negative both as regards physical and
mental qualities
And so on through the whole psychic
So If jour soul has ft pink aura you
must be careful to select n soul mate
with nn aura of contrasting shade It
Us tastes are quiet the pink soul will
take a white or gray or cafeaulnlt
mate It gaudy It will yearn for a vivid
green If Inclined to French combina
tion of color It will select a dull crimson
or a Htnrtllng scarlet for Its butter half
The only trouble about the whole
scheino U that the course of Instruction
through which one has to pasa before
being able to discover the color of onos
own or ones neighbors soul Is dls
cournclngly dlillcuU
One must according to tho high
priestess endeavor to improve his own
mental atmosphere to eliminate
thoughts and feelings of eolIlslmuHS
envy and hatred Outward and Inward
calmness must bo cultivated before the
student can hope to discern the aura
° Exercises In rhythmic breathing are
helpful as also ore living in the open
air and communion with nature
Tho aum student should be careful
to avoid much meat eating and all
forms of conrso food
Let all engaged couples therefore stop
billing and cooing In tho absurd fnsh
19n dear to commonplacu mortals For
until they have by fastltiKtnnd rhythmic
brcathlinr discovered that their nouli
do Indeed match they must regard
these manifestations of mutual esteem
as shockingly premature Fancy what
a Jolt to the eternal harmonica must be
given when the owner of a red soul all
Ignorant of Its hue embraces the un
conscious owner of a purplu one
And what iidvnntagu to weary law
lows antI Judges If tho plaintiff nnd de
fendant in divorce suits could bo mndo
to demonstrate the Incompatibility
claimed by projecting their psyihlo
auras through the courtroom and al
lowing Julio and Jury to decide hands
down whether thero Ije really occasion
for discord In their domestic relations
It would of course be essential to
have only such Judicial Oankls as nro
not color blind and it would have to
be demonstrated to the satisfaction of
opposing lawyers that tho Impanelled
Jury did not suffer from n similar de
Considering this and other Innumera
ble advantage which will suggest
themselves to every one had we not nil
better too eating moat and learn to
rhjthmlcaUy Hnd the colors of our
V farmer Irolilrm
To the KMIlor of The ionhiK WorM
Will readers kindly salvo thin follow
ing A who has HO ilucks wishes to sell
them Ho KIUO II 30 flint tliu rumnlnilor
to C to sell for what thev could It sold
MB for Jl u imir mid C his 3 for Jl 11
received J13 nnd C 10 making a total
of Jli At this rate they were sold lit
un average of r ducks for 2 Them
being V live In CO the 12 lots of live i
ducks each 80hl nt 2 n lot will bring
321 Where Is the missing Jl gone
O A T Woodbrldgv X J
Ilurcnu nr VIliil SlntUIICR
To din Editor of Tin Krnnx ri >
Whom can I get proof ot a persons
death The person died In some Now
York Institution A N
Apply to Bureau of Vital Statistics
riftytlfth street and Sixth aenuo
To the KJItor of The ifnlnir World
On what dnj did Juno 11 ISflT fall
To the CUter of The nlnc VorH
On what date did Sept H3 1W oecur
3trCnT Won In Srnind Ituuud
To the illtorof The ienln TorlJ
Who won the tight between McCoy
inj Ilnelo V T
Mlly to Your Contcrrmiiiiin
Totlir lilllorof The irnlnK orlJ
dm a private citizen proouie flower
seed UKitls from the Autl ulturnl IV
purlin nl Ie A
Thls lIIiJbtratlon shows how each of
1 tt J e4 7f
I The Great and Only Mr Peewee
I Mr Peewee Mingles for the Nonce in the Ashmans Set
I GEEWHAT EUYA fo gxuacg jT J5oAK iM
OUQ WARZco Huji ° I
PAqgc IrN
T 6 w = = 41
I h
t >
4 I As the Slimmer < tft I
Wilt Flslfr season approaches r1 1
r MSADQO I and It Is probably not sj
I amiss for US to say j
SHOOS A toAT tdlO 4 S How to Catch Them a few words on the j I
> subject of fishing I
j E4T5 A Cook by Our Fl a hy Editor I
7 I
CWJTO tlo kr Bit Pltiut Pvb Co Every man has I
I FISHED some time
4 LIL R I I during his We It Is with regret that we admit that l
1 1kt1I most men start out with the WRONG KIND OF BAIT j
+ ilL 1 ii They generally take a bottle with them How how can J J
4 oFF A U4t40 BoX u they catch fish with WHISKEY Fish hate LIQUOR I I
h Did yon ever hear of a DRUNKEN fish no Amino I I
i one else ever did
j a C PA r i i I I There are many ways CATCHING fish suckers I i
f I I 1 I arc the catlest caught SEBour CIRCULATION figures J
> S yoU I for our record
ic t Wild flsh are the BEST Try some Many people i
ci I I NEVER even heard of wild fish You can make any fish
edo wild The by teasing BEST way It to catch flsB Is to crawl underneath j I
the river and make noise LIKE pre of 1
+ L bait r r rJ rnD
O1VM Z tc
Todays 5 Prize Fudge Idiotorial Was Written by W Penn Smith 326 Fifth Avenue New York City
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I What Is the Telephone Number e s e t I
81JV n < Three Ate One John Now Guess This Yourself f
< >
0 < NN + ooM M M 1N0 < i < j > 3 < < S > < S > 3 > < HS > xSx
Mrs Nagg and Mr y ° y L McCardel1 I
Copyright 1301 by the Press Publishing Company The New York World
Another Display of Temper on His Part Simply Because the Poor Woman Asked Him to Give Her a
Moments Help When She Had All the Housework to Do and No Servant to AssistI That Man
Is Simply Unbearablel
t N I help tint you hive hit your
C thumb with a hammer It Is
I not brother Wllllns fault The
poor boy Is doing nil ho can to help you
hv looking on while > ou are laying tho
Carpet and of course 3011 are blaming
VOll are finding fault You are find
Ing fault with me You are finding
fault because I asked jon to lay the
carpet I sohnine and worry to save n
penny hero antI n penny there and
when I asked you to lay the carpet you
ask mi It I rant hire n mall
hire n man have I nnv money ti
hire a mnn it wouldnt cost any more
tlmn n dollar nnd jou would gladly
give that you say
VeJl whv dont ou glndly give mo
the nunov I hieiit hind mnn You
niftY be wasteful nnd oMrminint but
I am not Althnu I might us well bo
for till tho tlrnrU I net
Where did you get a dollar When
you paid thnt C O 1 > for m > new hat
this morning vou said It was all the
money you had
Hut you were deceiving mo In thnt
as you deceive mo In everything else
Why do you groan Mr Nagg Are
you not Rind thatl take an Interest in
my homo and buy a new carpet Do
you object to the expense
If you wera more pareful and tidy
tho other carpet woul lnot have been
kstrOyfd l l f < yI J j
1 1 Itwi ntyo rt i t t IUV s7i1 eit ed
1QU lu1
It was your fault I told vou at
the time I mndo It plnln to you for
in hour that it was jour fault Brother
Willie said it was your fault mamma
Mid It was jour fault You know it
was jour fault and nn one else
Didnt you carelessly lot > Qur japcr
fall on the floor when Willie dropped a
lighted match on It and it blazed up
and set fire to tho carpet I
Pcrlnps you want to blame It on
little brother Willie who Is only a child
He Is only a child This fall will bo
onl the second time ho has voted at
i a Presidential election
You should be ashamed of yourself
to carry on the way yogi do because my
little baby brother uses your razors
or UOUIKO his beard la stronger than
I i > urs and why should he sharpen
your razors for you He Is not jour
serf or alive
I know you aro not listening to a i
word I say to you Just because I
stand by and treat jour frowns with a
merry taco and say nothing when you
scowl nnd groan you treat me with
Ask Willie to stand off the carpet
Willie stand where you please You
arts net to be ordered around and bul
lied by him I
Oh Mr Nagg perhaps you would
want little Willie tIJj < got down v and
strain himself tugg tg atjthaU heavy
fle tVjTouk t hpoDrjliuid I
hwt tIaANV tvx
iii 1i 1llJVlJII
weights with it at his club
You do pot caN how ho Buffers
You are only thinking selfishly of your
self because owing to your own awk
wiixlness you smashed your thumb
with tho hammer
Although Willie nnd mamma and 1
kayo told you you were laying this
carpet wrong you would not listen to us
You did listen to us and thats the
reason the figure doesnt matoh you
Do you hear that mamma Hero I
nm without a girl doing all my houso
wnrk with only a woman coming In by
tho day and having to send all the
laundry out and you come around when
I am busy laying carpet nnd prevent
me from hiring a man for CO cents as
1 wanted to do and thM you spoil and
botch ie carpet nnd blame It on me
You did It nil on purpose You only
stayed homo because you wantnl to
pick a quarrel with me
There you have smashed your other
finger Why did you do that You
know It make me so nervous when
any one hurts themselves because I
I am so sensitive and kindhearted
Brother Willie stop laughing Mr
Kngg did not hit his thumb to amuse
jou He Is fooling you lie doesnt
I care whether you even have any fun
or not and if ho thought It d
Ir 11J 1 lth ll1mine
l1 hWo 1ot 1 1
t ltjtoIb
was upholding his people agaInst
mine You know you arc Mr No l
It Is no use to try to pick a quarrel
with mo now when you see I am busy
watching If you get tho carpet straight
Mother is wasting her time when she
should be reading watching you nnd
giving YOU ndvlccv Brother Willie the
poor boy should fcn taking his steata
and here you keep him awake by lay
Ing a carpetl
Dont bring It uo about your people
I know what you are after You want
to nil my house with your idling rela
tions but I wont stand It
How would you like It If I did any
thing like that You know mamma I
and brother Willie are only visiting ins
till Brother Willie Is strong enough to I
think about looking for work end so
you stay home and Insist on laying the I
carpet Just to have an excuse to bicker
and snarl
How dare you throw down the ham
mer How dare you tear your hair
Oh to think that I should have to
beM with such a man in sllencel
The Japanese said Mrt Henpeclc
acem td be a people of very few
Yea1 replied her husband a ho
men 4 itctlthi j townrdcthe do r aiId
bo they rZOJ 8 t1nt i
e J ttJel
ot Jlt M
f Ii
By Martin Green
Did Those Two Games of
Sunday Baseball Derange the Lid
ft T SEE SLId the Cigar Store Man thnt they pulle4
I off a couple of kanobnll games yesterday tIts
A Tho
Its all off replied the Man Higher Up
lid Is up In a couple of days youll be hearing a roar
that will shatter tho blue empyrean Into the serablanco A
that bull has been playing with
of a flannel shirt a pup
People you never heard ot before will spring Into pnbllo
prominence with speeches and Police Commissioner
of persona residing
by delegations
McAdoo will be run over
Westchester Connecticut another
siding In tho Oranges
other suburban points protesting against Sunday base I 1
ball In New York l
Nine times out of ten In this town those people malt
good They do not believe any amusements on Sunday
It they had their way the street cars would be stopped
on Sunday the parks would bo closed steamboats woulit
not be allowed to run and Coney Island would be so still
that you could hear the moaning ot the sad sea wave
as far back as the creek Ot course they cnjjt stop
everything but when they got after the baseball play
Jrs tho energy of a gong of detectives with a big reward I
staring them In the face running down a bank robbaa
looks like loafing In comparison Iir
It Is more than probable that a majority of the people r
In this town dont care whether baseball la played In
New York on Sunday or not There are probably 100000
men and boys who would give their right eye to see a
National or American League game on Sunday because
t Is tho only day they can throw toll Into the discard
and hike around to suit themselves It Is the only dnj
on which these thousands have a chance to see the play A
ctS who represent their town I and whom they read
about and admire
Opposed to them Is a comparatively small but er
tremely vigorous body of goodl citizens who are flrmlJl
convinced that It Is morally wrong to allow baseball to
be played upon what Is known as tho Sabbath They
have the courage of their convictions and when they go
In for what they think Is right you couldnt stop them
with the Chinese Wall The great apathetic body of citi
zens sit back and when their privilege of seeing a ball
game on Sunday Is snatched away from them simply
because they wont go after It theytake the condition as
It comes About the only way the average common New
Yorker can be aroused to defense Is to have his right to
lap up booze at any hour of the day or night on any
day of the week attacked Make his rum accosnlbla and I
he Is content
I should think suggested the Cigar Store Man that
the opponents of Sunday baseball would realize that It IB t
healthy for the people to get out In the open air and
Skiddoo said the Man Higher Up Sklddoo
r 0opcei In Rhyme
gy tile asserby J
The Tainted Soul
AT3 Mrs S A colored robe of lIght
SATS nlllje by day or nIght
Emitted by the Individual soul i
Declares Its dyo affinity and goal S
For so an aura by Its changeful hue
Reveals to others both your friend and you K
Is here
Ah what o traitorous verity
To paint our character In rays sincere
No longer now will fluent tonguo prevail
To gild the greedy or Illume the frail
With heroes colors or with pigment rare
Purple tho lineage of the millionaire I S
Tho heiress plain no longer need rehearse
Her lovescene with a drained but doting para
Brave parents Ire descend adventurous rope
And breathless with Lothario elope S
For while Ills Lordship kneeling htvs and hums
Weeping lest she suspect mere hoarded sums
Perchance may lend his love metallic oheen
Lo all nt onco a covetous cloud of green
Enshrouds his form the hapless heiress knows
Not for herself those seeming amorous vows
And he raising his moistened eye to look
Descries amazed the glance which he mistook
For love green like his own and sadder yet
here heart should beat an emerald coronet
And eo nlth all Yet lovers give Rood heedl
By this the wise may kind hearts also read
Should Carrie toss her head and bid you go S
Watch for the aura of her hearts true glow
And if she shows a nebulous gauze of blueS
The shade of constancy why sholl bo true
S trueI
S r
Russian Housekeeping
An Englishwoman residing In the Interior of Russia that I
describes her housekeeping experiences As moist augar la I
unobtainable on the steppes one Is obliged to break up ai
huge twopound or threepound lump Into pieces and crush
In a postlo and mortar I believe that churns may bo pro t
cured In big towns but they would be very expensive and
the English residents In country villages who do not corn
for the imokcllaovrcd Cossack butter make their own tr
ehaklng cream In a big bottle Tho Cossack tervnnts aVt
capital laundry women though their washlnic appliance
are somewhat primitive they use large 101 wooden
troughs to wash the clothes in and boll them in open
boilers The system of mangling Is rather curious first
they wrap the things carefully around a wooden roller
liken pastry pin then press It up and down a board scored J
with nicks loosely laid on tho table Consequently aj i
makes a clatter more deafening If less Irritating iij 3
the tuneless squeak ot the British mangle Although tho
summers are Intensely hot In Cossack land Vet thfjJBj
tress ot the household has less trouble to keep cfIKt
jthcr foods sweet there than In England for t fery hiths
abQVo the rank of cottage has Its Icehouse which Is reflll
the latter part of the winter with huge
during uge blocks oft
Ice brought perhaps many miles across thrj frozen steppe
from some distant lake or river in the bulfck carts
He Robbed Hlmsel IL
A story which recalM Thomas IngoMajyo Spectre ot
fapplngton cornea frt r the German to n of Tubingen
A certain Jeweller of the town complalftd to the police S
that his house wft burgled nearly even night and that
thvbe4betterdo comethlne about It A deteclve woTi set
o watchthejshopanattfewnlghK > Jattir hecaught tha
Al C3Vfto Tr fUMffiwe rliUMfUf Eh itas anoiifaja

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