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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, April 18, 1904, 11 O'Clock Night Extra, Image 12

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H f n
I 1 I jRLDrMQNf T Brf rAPRFL 19 11Of I
1 I
ru1z i
I 1 4
i i i5O I Ladies Tailored Suits The accumulation vllues 2500 of i and teuons ooo buifncM 1 ouu
l ff I
t1 A CII
vJ U
l r Misses Suit Department
ii I f 1416 and 18 Years or 32 34 and 36 sizes
t L 1 i Misse < Tailored Walking Suits
fancy mixtures and blouse style
p lvalue 2250 1615
1 rtj It Misses Fancy Voile
i Tailored Suits
EIi entirely silklined value 3750 J 975
I P S3I Misses Covert Jackets
i I j 1000 1200 1500
Cloak Department
SILK BLOUSES 1375 1800
MENTS 1800 2500 3500
I value 2000 1200
1 1 tailored 1000 1500 2000
Suit Department
Ladies Taffeta Silk
Walking Suits
Stunning Models value 3550 2500
Ladies Walking Suits
of Panama Materials black blue
and brown Shepherd plaid ma
terials and fancy mixtures
value 4000 2500
Ladies SuitsLate Model
Canvas Voile Mesh Materials
Colorsblack blue brown tan
and gray entirely silk lined
very effective value 5500 3500
Ladies Shirt Waist Suits
Of Taffeta Silks and FoulardsIn
all colors
1000 1275 J800
New Taffeta Walking Suits
Pongee Brilliantine Panama and
Voilealso Fancy Materials in
exclusive styles
2500 3500 5000
111 Broadway and Fifth Avenue Corner 21st Street
L i
I 1
i r MADE100 ILL
Thousands Placed in Peril by
yi Break in Main of Westohes
k 1t1J r ter Company Are Rescued by
tf lfiil Police and Firemen
Zjj I
Ji 1 iTo the quick action ot Police Ser
1 K ant Walter Grant In nendlng In an
lIi alarm ot fire the hard work of the tela
I Q phohe girls In arouMnp 2000 subscribers
by violently ringing their tclerhoneif and
Wi e Inspection of every houso by fire
znen and police the UOOO people of
r tXount Vernon and the 5000 residents
n tount and North Pelham and
tr xeum Manor one their escape from
rJ9 Lb1e asphyxiation by gas fume
I hlci paced the towns In peril for I
4 f ours last night
7 1 According to the report from all the
I tpmcers received by Sergeant Devnugh
I at Police Headquarters today no one
i tra asphyxiated although the report
11here were man narrow escapeeS
S iviU valve cock on one of tho big mains
j at Eaitchester which supplies Mount
i jVernon with gas broke last night and
2 1the gas went out for a lew moments
l t f Then the emplojce of the Vcstchestcr
J Lighting Trust turned the deadly fumes
k s t 1 tloq again and the ileathdeallng fluid
Mpa sed through the open Jet Many
< r jgchlldren and elder people had retired
J jjcavlng the gas burning In the slecplng
iJiJOoml or else had gas loge and radl
1 r41tora bunlng to Keep warm In lieu of
61 1the furnace and the gas made more
r 4 iHhnn a hundred people deathly sick
I Two Escape > from heath
t > 1 The two most narrow escapes were
reported to the police before midnight
i y iUri William U Martens wit of a
F f1 trlch real estate broker of Chester Hill
1 < 1011d that her family had nearly been
S j Mrs AI Buckley the wife of a but
i > frcher on South FouQh avenue was found
I t ltu a semiconscious condition by her
ti l1uband and he carried her to the open
if < s rlIe also felt the effects of the gas
C h i f f Maor Brush was out almost all night
rf I and he had all the tire companies patrol
F ling the streets with the different ap
t fparatus Tire and church bell were
I t 0cept tolling the big compressed whistle
1 1 iOn the engine house on South Third I
o1 Vmvenue was kept sounding warnings at
4 o < P WXrequent Intervals and amid the din
j 1 jrausccl by the lire engine whistle and
J f l Jtile shouts of the firemen coniternotlon
tJ l 1 Iva5 created throughout the city
AM 1
1ii 1 l JLc by Trleiiliiinn AVhlch TnnKlr
S tJ t Lp the Wire
7 t A man who hid his Identity at the
Mj pposlte end of a telephone wire called
< c nip Tho Evening World this afternoon
lj 4 A and breathlessly announced
rl You know we have had heavy snow
rtl H lip tiq State
J ft i V re
b t J w tl all the murphies are snowed
ii rj Jtm4er hill
ItA j qj What T
6i1 4ii the murphies are snowed under
V t IIT J Murphies potatoes you know
T r kaj1 Cliats tire nickname for potatoes mur
VYr j hc And they are In the grourj or
w I Hilllus they sa > In the countrj
A4t 1 1I Yei
Cunt ouce1 Now listen ngaln
f 1 jknoired upState nnowed on top of
c tnurphleR under hill Tint rleir1
tiitt Veil there Is a comvntlon
I A1tIY today Isnt there And
C is n man nntned Murpny ami oie
A Hill YlKt > that got tn do
jwtatoe i Why Just this It th
I mind the potatoes or mur
ttin lllll l on top its a
J rt isnt It that David
tOJlln his fight with
t iMurphles snowed un >
WkO for pollUe
Ii i
PB pw fi I
4 i
i t
Stern Brothers
Tomorrow at Special Prices
3000 Dozen Muslin
Sheets Pow Bolster Cases
Sheets Plain Hemstd Pillow Cases Plain Hemstd
lJ42 > yds 47C 56c 42 x 36 in 13c 17c
Ix2 II 58 67 45 x 36 II 14 18
2 x 23i II 64 73 50x36 15 19
2x3 II 70 79 54x36 II 36 20
2 x2 I 71 80 Boster Cases
2 x 3 II 79 88 42 x 63 in 28 37
214x2 I 80 89 42x72 32 42
2 x3 II 86 95 45x76 II 37 46
special Bamboo Furiraiture values
with matting seats or tops
FANCY TABLES 100 155 195
TEA TABLES 225 295
SIDE CHAIRS 115 125 165
Also Large Assortments of
Womens Shoes
made on cmfully selected luta oi the moil approved shapes In all
tho mOlt fashionable leathers white canvas and badukm
WOMENS RIDING BOOTS In Black and Tin Calfskin
West Twentythilrd Street
Appellate Court Says Hackmen
Have No Right to Stand in I
Front of Private Premises to
Solicit Business
I i
The Appellate Division has Ju > t
hindrd down a decision reversing one
made by Justice Alfred Striklcr
In the Supreme Court who decided
tint thn city hail nulhorlt > to main
tnin i public hnck utand In froil o
private premises The tste was mule
btvrn the public cabmen wtio ire
P0iitirlv known as buckers and the
irHiiueirs of Rector Hotel and ree
taurant or Broadway
Rector sold the privilege transport
Ins his rueals to a private Uveryjnan
who obtained from the citya
Ucai to Rooter 35fe
t t i I Z 1 4
1 Ji fi L t
special license however expired heror
the trial of the action and hence the
only point dtermlned by the Appellate
Court was as to the right of an abut
ting owner to say who shall and who
shall not come In front or his premises
to solicit carriage business
The Appellate Court distinctly holds
that public cubbies have no right to
crowd In upon a street In front of
premiers conducted by private Individ
uals and corporations
It Is said that the decision II an 1m
portant one In the Interests of proper
regulation of street trarllc and wilt also
have an Important effect In preventing
the cruising of public bickmen who
frequently block the streets In front or
hotel nd place of Amusement In their
effort to pick up fares Tie Associa I
tion of Public Hackmen will It Is fold
appeal from the decision of the Ap
pellate Division
nlIh aluyinrlnr Hunt nnn Don
hr < lvnmt > r Sue unU with Crew
LONDON April 181h submarine
boat Al hlch was rui down by the
Donald iv rrle line steamer Herwlck
Castlv MarcA IS near the Nab Light
ship off t j Isle of lsht resulting In
the loss iKT her crew numbering eleven
pincers and men waj raised this morn
Do yon want to better yourself
flnanctallrt atoflr the Help Want
ed odrcriUementa lathe Snnda
werld T9job7 tkthi
J t
C i Jt f 1
Sale of
BricaBrac and Silverware
A very extensive stock of decorative Potteries
suitable for Wedding Giftsthe lateat
importations being some fine handpainted
Vienna and Dresden platesand various
ornaments vases jars candlesticks and
boxes of the artistic Rouen Ware
Imported Steins for use or decoration
25C to 1000
Deep blue English Porcelain Plagues
125 5 150 and 200
Jardinieres Rookwood finish
250 and 400 each
Quadruple plate
S light Candelabra bright finish7T600
French grey finish 650
Extra large 825
5 light Combination Vase and Candelabra
French grey finish 900
Single Candlestick bright finishnew shape
Crumb Setbright finish 225
Bread Tray French grey or bright finish 300
Twentythird Street
Ladies Suits
Covert Cloth Walking Suits
New Eton Model Homespun
Suits with pleated skirts
Suits made of Imported
fancy Voile Blue black
brown or grey Lined
with silk
Duplicates of Imported
model Walking Suits
made in Dressmaking
workrooms are now on
Twentythird Street
1000 Cabinet Boxes of Linen
Voile writing paper and
3 quires note and letter sizes
Gray ciel blue and white
Soc per box
Value 75c
Twentytbird Street
Brave Men in the Department
Selected for the Annual
Marks of Distinction Con
ferred for Daring Deeds
The award of the three police medals
for exceptional bravery was made to
day upon the report of a committee
composed 2f Former Deputy Commis
sioner Conan Deputy Commissioner
McAvoy Cilef Clerk Klpp and Inspec
tor CorWsit Commissioner McAdoo
I named the rammlttee to select the gal
lant policemen worthy of the highest
dl lnctlon for their heroism
Patrolman Michael J Cone was se
leoted to take the highest place on lIe
roll of honor and to receive the Rhine
Inn 1er medil for exceptional valor
On the night of Feh 27 Co > ne who
I was at Corlearc folk Park heard n
1 cry from the river front Running to
I the tea wall ho saw a man struggling
I In the Icefilled water about thirty feet
I from ahore
I Caught In Hirer Current
I Stripping oft his coat the policeman
Id1ve4 Into the water and iwun out to
LS drpvfftiur KUk SL 0 1
Muslin Underwear
2d Floor
Fine Lingerie for Summer
is now on exhibition
New modelsGowns Chem
ises Drawers Corset
Covers Petticoats Bridal
Sets and Dressing Jackets
made of sheer fabrics
trimmed with the latest
laces and embroideries
On Tuesday and Wednesday
April I9th and 20th
Sale of one hundred dozen
Dressing Sacquco
Soc to 175
Twentythird Street
Cotton Dress Goods
3500 yards Mercerized Mate
lasse Suitings
Colors red white sky
royal or cadet blue pink
green biscuit old rose and
28 inches wide
25c per yard
Value 4Oc
Twentythird Street
the coat collar but as he strove to
reach an adjoining pier the two men
were caught In the grip of the mid
stream current and whirled away from
For three hours the two men battlcd
for life In the Icy water Then the
man to save whom Co ne hud risked
hIs life became Unconscious Throuch
out his desperate struggle the bluccoat
had shouted for assistance His cries
were fInally heard by two policemen
on the Brooklyn shore In which dlrec
tion the tide hnd drawn the two men
When the rescuers reached them In A
boat Carne wns exh istnl md almost
frozen It was Iou i before the man
he had rescued was revived
HUkeit Life nder Cnr
The second patrolman chosen from the
force of 7000 for his heroism Is
Chrlstophen C OBrien of the East
One Hundred and Twcntvslxth street
station He will receive the Isaac Bell
medal for exceptional braver
OBrlene heroic feat was performed
on the nlsht of Jill > 4 lat An em
ployee of the Metropolitan Railway
Cemprtny had crawled under n car at
One Hundred and Tncntflftli street
and Third avenue to mend a defer the
feed rail shoe Somehow his Clothing
had caught lire and he became en
tangled beneath tho car
Seeing the man plight OBrien
crawled under the car after him
Sparks and flames of eloctrlc tiro wero
all about him but lie worked until he
reieoeel the burning man anti dragged
him to snfety The policeman was ter
lbiy burned and remained four weeks
In the hospital at one time his life
brine despaired of
Policeman Joseph M McNIerncy of
the East Sixtyseventh street station
wan selected hiS the third honor man
to receive the Peter F Mover medal
McNIerncM plunged Into the East River
at Sixtyfifth street without eren re
moving his hetmet on the afternoon of
May 33 last to ave a drowning boy
To boY WS going down for the last
Ka Z Lt4iJitNoI
r Rofhenberg
New Yorks Kosteit WEST I4TH S T Satisfaction Onnrnnleed or i
Growing Store Y V Jloncr Promptly neiandad
Tuesdays Greatest Offerings
Heres news of intense interest to Tuesdays shoppers 2
Weve planned another rattling big sale that will mean immense i
money savings to thousands of shoppers who buy at Rothen for
bergs Absolutely matchless offerings on every hand Besides I
the peerless merchandise values we will give Ii
Double Blue Stamps All Day ToMorrow I
Startling Sale of Womens Garments
Womens 1800 Spring Suits 998
In newest Eton or Jacket styles made from all wool pinne cheviot Panama cloth 1
broadcloth and light and medium all wool suitings Jacket beautifully Black9 9 8
and lined with taffeta silk or satin Skirts In various new pleated designs Black j
colors and fancy effects Former value 1600 to 18CO it
Womens Newest Spring Peau de Sole Coats for Women
0 Jackets Made from rich bright lustre all silk peau I
jttCKeu > de role > In the new broad shoulder effect <
Black broadcloth Etons with capes with epaulettes collarless trimmed with
handsomely trimmed with braid Also tailor stitching antique lace or wide silk
0 collarless Jackets In the new middy braid very full sleeve with reverse cuff In
style effectively trimmed with taffeta either loose or fitted back some are trimmed IA
6 silk All sizes while they o QO In all black others with cream o OQ I1
I last tomorrow at O 7O All sizes at 3 98
tJ The New Bertha Waist at a Bargain 0 r I
> Made from fine sheer white lawn full pleated front and back deep pointed
bertha over shoulders trimmed with 3 rows of Val lace Insertli and four lace
medallions lace trimmed stock tucked cuff full sleeve A correct copy of a 93 4
waist selling at four times this price great special tomorrow C 4fj
Misses10 14Suits598
An Absolutely Unmatchable Offering
In newest Eton blouse or coat styles made from allwool
Cheviot Venetians and Fancy suitings in military and
other effects Braid taffeta silk or combination trimmed
Taffeta silk satin or silk serge lined
Skirts In newest pleats flare and
trimmed styles Colorsjalue brown 5 9 8
castor and fancy suitings Sizes 12
to 18 Values fio00 to J 1400
on sale tomorrow at
Patent Medicines
And Toilet Article
No Mall Ordtrs
The values tNt we are constantly of
fering in these lines go to show our
leadership in ALL lines
Castorla Fletchers bottle 19c
Peruna the great tonic 59c
Browns Witch Hazel Salvc box 12c
Hays HairHealth 35c
Essence Peppermint bottle 9c
Phenamld Tablets for all forms
of headache and palm bottle I7c
Dlauds Iron Pills too In bottle 8c
LlBterlne antiseptic mouth wash 17c
Babeskln Talcum Powder can 7c
Matchless Millinery
8200Readylo Wear Readyto Trim Hats at 98c
The readytowears are the seasons latest Ideas In color
style and trimming The readytotrIm are all
handmade In the latest French wire frames 98
shown In black only value 200 at u
0 250 CJea yio Wear Hats at t > 49
A saving of almost onehalfl These hats are made of the
finest braids on the newest frames all In the
seasons latest creations and are shown in the 1 AQ
best colors 250 value at urts
350 Ostrich Flame Sale at t98
sell selling these feathers at a tremendous rate No w nderl
Other stores ask J350 for themwe ask 1921 Thats the
story hence the activity These feathers are 18
Inches long both In black and white with broad t QQ
flue and are of a glossy stock value 350 at
44inch Brilliantine 29c
Easily worth 45C per yard but we sell as we buy You get
the benetit of every advantage re gain by large purchases
This Is an exceptionally good high lustre
brllliantlne and Is shown in royal blue 29c
navy blue and black Usually sold at 45c C
per yard special price tomorrow
ound Chairs
A Great Special Value
LIe Illustration In solid golden oak
0 or mahogany finished high arm
constructed well suited for club rooms
ortces hotels or private use Avail
younelf of this SPlen
did oppqrtunlty by I 98
calling here early to
morrow J4 value at
Swimming to shore with the boy he iran
all the way taft ga pllw with I
him Had he waited for an ambulaace
the physicians declari the boy
not McAdoo have wilt been pin laved then medals on the
breast of the three heroes on May I I
when he will review the annual police I
n urn flu
Irish Patriot Who Married Maud
Gonne Hopes His Son Will Be
the First President of the
Irish Republic
Among those who arrived this morn
Ing on the French line steamship La
Uretasno from Havre was Major John
McBride who won distinction In the
Beer ranks and who for that reason
and because of hi opinions cannot visit
Ireland Major SJcBrlde married Miss
Maud Gnnnc the Irish Joan of Arc
It linn been acme years raid Major
McBrldi since T was In Ireland and
I believe they have promised to hang
me or do something of tho kind tho
next time I go back I dont think they
will I rnftv go back to Ireland but
alien I do it will be to fight England I
want to nnd out how my people In tho
United States feel on that nybjcct 1
Blmll make no direct appeal to them
While I cannot oto Ireland my
wife can and she Is over In Dublin
now having our little ion Heagan chris
I tened The nhme is pronounced Shaw
and I hope that he will be the
FrWldll totthIrtah Uh1 i2
Muslin Wear and Petticoats
Extra Slzo downs of sizes 44 to 504 Insertlngs
of embroidery clusters of tucks between 89C XQ
value at O7C
Petticoats In black and white stripes mercerized
materials graduated and Van Dyke shape flounce of
accordion plaiting ruche and ruffle finish 98c 69c m
value at O7C
Notion Specials
Lion Brand Linen Thread at
spool Z > 2C
Climax Sewing Silk black
spool 2c
Machine Oil bottle 3c
Linen Tape neasures 2c
Carpet Binding lancy pat 1 r
ternsroll > UC
Hat Pins six on card flc
English Pins 400 count paper 2Ac
Silk Chiffon Collars satin f V
bound r > UC
Flirt Hooks and Eyes crossBe
Darners highly polished 2c
A Big Lace Safe
Pt de Paris Torchon ndj Cluny
Locos and Insertions
matched sets special at per f
yard OC
Embroidered Galloons Inmedalllon
effects for trimming lawn and
dimity 19C values at per I I
yard b 2C
Collar and Cult Seta Fine Val
laces and Swiss Inserting also a full
line of Embroidered Sets
rferset pointed and straight effects 25c I
Basement Values
Hardwood Refrigerators kiln dried ash
galvanized shfves bronze
I trimmings metal lining re 498
I movable drip pipe regu
I ill larly 698
I I It Nlckelware Coffee Pots with
I I1 copper bottoms Mckelplated
Coffee Bin ins with cloth
i 1w bag 4pint size j 0
0 nickelplated
Tea Pots copper 49c <
bottom in 54 5 C
and 6 pint sizes
A special lot of copper bottom
ti Tea Kettle will
beoffered each tomorrow 59 C t tat
Specials in Domestics c I I
A Special Lot 01 Fine Corded Dress Lawns rj3 1
value 12YC at per yard 7Cj
Extra Heavy Pillow Cases 45x36 each ffr
Dress Ginghams stripes checks and plaids 614e
Full Size Crochet Bed Spreads each 6ge
These are new pliable linen
Cj 0 warp Jap
anese flattings shown in red green
blue oak with large and small figures I
Matting prices are bound to advarce
sharply in the near fu
ture because of the
I 0 war troubles In the far 5981
East value 975 per 1
40yard rolls at
20yard rolls at 299 at per yard JSc
I =
00 00 j 00
00 I 00
2 rr I
Isz it L f ISA
C1SJ i 2tI
00 rvr r If l X = t 00
cZI 1 vr 1 AZ
f1tJ h tJ
00 e 00 t
L 00
00 00
00 00
00 a
00 00
When Jones came home me other day he Chanced with rage to note i 00
The waterpipes had burst and all the kitchen was afloat
Said he Our happy home will be a reservoir ere summer 00 0
Ive hunted higlr and low and lol I cannot find a plumber i o
This Is the Missing Link that mars our households sweet accord rll
cti Dy Sunday World Want ads Ive heard are Missing Links resrsred1 eS1
A single ad procured for him a plumber skilled and true
Who stopped the leak and set things straight The kitchens good as new J
c Help Wanted Male12 Words 28c 14 Words OOc t1I
600 Advertising Agents and Branch Offices In Greater New York and 00
c Jersey City where advertisements for The World are received at Main 00
Office rates 0 00
Sunday World Wants Reach Over TwoMillion Readers 00
Hir P ftJ It Zi r n r
0 0 I

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