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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, August 03, 1904, Evening Edition, Image 2

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If US I N Mf
r S IN n N
iUse Troops Continue to Press Gen
t patkiti from South and East
K 4 d4 piar Received Alarming News
u t t1t th Situation in Manchuria
l fl
I 1
I t
CruiserKasUga Sunk by the
l i ns in A Terrific Battle in
A ylc the Jais Sought in Vain to
i aiJuieFort Arthdr
8 > f
q f
tJ ST PFHFSDURG Aujf3JTlie correspondent of the Associated
t fkl War tyat Emperor Nfcrwhrvhasjustreceived I Megram it Peter
IkifitatfJftirfc jrlarmingneaV ill h also reported that Viceroy AlexiefF
WI ad gone to Harbin onljls wa > to Vladivostok relumed to Liaoyani
Ay corierredwllh tl enritropatkiri regarding the situation
Wjitlriifr i g eneral njagenient isalready progrssjing around Liao
I bcfwTert the forces of Geii Kuropalkln and the three Japanisj armies
l iii rhayObeen moved against ihcm from the south and 3stthe di
d rv tbatfi bi the campaign lsregarded as certain if the Japenes ener
fflicilly follow up their preliminary succ sof the last three days
pkkM Ami xiboriv LIGHTING
AttaiKm pojnU tbelfiitps hjalicn At a duperlill nnd bloody chsr
A r tie tiiiii l ni ortcrln the mJal tttifiborn rrilitance Thn loins it
it It titekls notycll > HjUlihfdimuM ho heftvy im both ilde
iiwen iOOO and 800 mon Ie oip citlmilo given of the Russian loies
A iNstlmlea ire IlltU b ltrr linn luesRlork aa ytt anil poulbly tht
lJUltlM mAr be much lurser
fit ijwng icreen dravrnBrnurfl fjeii Kufopilklnf Interior posltloni
Mi I m drlrtQMti Rt ill points Hajcheng being pnctlcillx abandon I
Whofc blow The prewurf of the apanese numbers and the fallur td
hyld ifc itonhern poiltlonn prolublj r nderrd It uelus to try to hold nut i
M t t J I
The Rujjlui orcrA lait nl < htconl Ituted a compact chain In the form I
i lemldt le trnant IrtOIftDJ czlen InK from Anihanihin ball way be
t iAJl JJIi and LUoyinfc to Arpl g nhlch li only Ilrt n mlles fast
tJlj lft
fJjrjl lAebtiltt of linKilro tklrji army has tlready he < n withdrawn
Uf6t Lfieryani U In dIM ult to lee hew he could now do no wh tuch
ITMI nr taure th < Japanese belli aln oIl upon 111 miln Ilnev loaimuth
< 1 pAtWrfaMl our arnly corps wera cm sl dlh tht lighting ilp to tat night
4d helf cVtrps eftwptls lhtWqaa tent tjf the whole Ruiilin army It
iertnm tnat nothing r1Clpf ortlon of the itorea and munition I
jtm 41 > e rroraoYeil rrerthes t wellinformed military attaches
I th opinion tha flen Kurppatklt trill get away with the bulk of th4
I a rnl1 ffhc finJn tht chance afalfc at blnt
r JII flKMft the btit Pforraatlonobtalniblo aa to Gen Kuropstklni dUpo
luw u Mrcc u r e iACjod Ihlt nionlng at follown Gen Zaronhafa
r11 vcn Stakclbersa cori > i ormtd the right wing at Anihanihin The
J jV 8 iedaarlat4 On Kfller > nd tiie Tenth European COt ll > rr on
r h i flf JTfc rexentlr arflrel Sevent nth Corps jnrl the portion 6 t Ota 1
i i I cori injifjn It ddt at P6ri Arthur Wer at floojinA
tnte4etuxlety preralli In all cl clei All newspaper ipeclili from
11 Hnt a4 itianerided WHIdh U coiialdered omlnoua
< I i I I V
t LONDON Atis 1 Heports Horn two sources are to M eflttt
th t In Jn isiault on Par Mthur the Jipinssi armored cruIser Kasugi
t r riil1rgtrttrne crtii < r Rlvadivh vas sunk Whether the vessel
y J15s1 irf direct conflict wijfi the Russian fleet or shtICk a mine 15 not
frfe loss df life1 in the sin ing of tte Kasugi is reported to
f e reports taken in connictisn with others frpm Toklo Indicate
tll f tt Kdug went down In a ombinid land and sei atack on Port
ir on Juty 27
uI sat Chcoo say that tht Japan st lost 20000 mln on this
e n and that thi Russian loss was from 5000 to 6000 The Jap
irie after t general advance on all the land defenses were compelled to
ritlrtIK P G MI I G
CMMral Manager Smith of i
New York Central Brought
ttttt Case Against Village
Prisidtnt Through It
wmn muxfl x T AUC 1
ChilI Juit Plltt todiy opened th
rU 1ft tilt complaint made anlnit
j tin PreiMint et the ltlitl
ff WMtf Watai thit he atCiptid a
from tilt New Tork Central Rail
< rW Company In v < tltlon of ArtieU U
41 IU flat Conitttutlon
The complainant U Matthew H Moore
i V Udl hat toman Politki > laid tl
i A Whtad the chart Henry D Hen
ir pffiS Mr Moor I Prank Mill
f J avl 14 Harry nirrett for PreVdent
lld Chirlei C fiuldlnt for
i JMr IrHrII ctaipAfly i
if if9iMif thv he dric wl4 optaNi Mr I
lW4 tr efl taiUd for the company
lWr etrtllnln t the aamel of the hW
M HMa Mr Pauldlnr uM tMt
IH4 MI book In court but that
I Hitin ten thousand piiei had
ktttf 4 By till company
IjtatfertiMI loobrd nVer thi book
t6 616 pile nliilnr Mr
ftoi iiplUn tti abieate
M4 ri46 atked M A iut
1i14rlllIlUtlt of
GiJt 1M tub
tut Hr i tutlU
Henry Helen Connected with
the Fire Department Could
Not Go on a Vacation and
Ended His Life
Dondnt orer th Mi of MI
monthi jalary with hleh lit waj to
havo enjoyed Mi neatlon H4nty
Hlii fertytwo yWri lId a ftrimin
detallx at the Brooklyn Flu HiU
Qtiarteri commlttM autcldi today In
hli home at So R Cmut itrt In tbe
iliter borouith b > hiniint hlmaeif to
a hcdpoit
Tilt body of th fir em in wai found by
lilt twelveyearold dAujrhtr Vlilir
nha had been lift hnmi by hr m < MMr
when ihe went to vltlt a riind Ifelm
hid Men dud ieeri Mutt wnfn
Srrerat Teari ifo tai ftrenun lost hli
rUtit lIlt In III tonne nt MI dun i
wai equipped with a waoden lea and
obtained a toft berth at rir Hadquir
IITI On MAndiy be wai pall tnt th
month of July 11114 itirtM on hit va
For two diyi h hiR burl at them
track an l tut nliht nt cum nom n < t
inrouneM thit ill hi mpniy had bfin
lout AShen his wlfi went out thli room
Lift Htien went to hli room H taut
the dwr but did not lock It He uitd
tM liclnn by wkleh hli wooden U t
wai attached Is hli b > iy 10 itrinfli I
hlmulf wltii
KAU18 Au 1thi entanement la
anliottnied of Count OarUU > tc Icth
rare dAllMl it YJH Ruth ft llly It
f6 Ir
Roderick Stuart Probably Fa
tally Wounds Lewis Whom
He Accuses of Insulting Him
and Abusing His Wife
Fight Said to Be Culmination of
I Feud of Many Years Stand
ing Prisoner Declares Act
A blllir fiud that du n < iurJ4 be
ween iwo bmttvri fn < boyhood hM A
rifle ellnrnFlil nljht whin Trtderlck
Kmrt t iil imin At XaJST Aleim
er avenue the Drdni tAbh d Dr
ro rlt Stiurt a 4nllitandat trie lb
inen Hoipltal today It wia tild lint
> miri mly dl from ht wound All
mnt preented an oilrUlit murder w
th < i lntrr ntlon at thi Ued mother if
M two men and when a bolleemin ar
r ed it th hoiurtht lira unt wfre bat
lint over the aged woman1 hind M rid
r r Me al eovlred With tht blood that
1fd from her ion1 wuunqi 0
Iderl k Smart wai arraigned In the
loirlMiilt toiirt today arm hd on a
< iiort affidavit lolawilt th > reiult l Mi
Brother Injuries
notti men art mirrlfd but lepiratad
from their wlvii TheJ wlr well
Jrouiht up and fe lfw ifcllem Hu
Client Then iniverthli been any
fraleinil lov b < twunlhim however
4ri < 1 Frederick B uirf i o an BveDlni
World reporter rom h11 ell today
that they hid dltllltej ich other from
nfinyy I
Attar hlj domeitle troubffi hi alto
Unt la llvi wllh hit mojlier and her
I Hit hat brn a lad one from the ton
lint bickering b the bpthen Shi
IK don all In tier poww to rteonetli
him but her aiufnpli to pacify their
nirrwhen dlr 9tiA i alnlt ach othlr
Hit aUayi ac < rlrate4 > It Frederick
Stum lild today
Halhrr trtliV Mlu f I U T
liit nlihlj iili ttii tli9Air tdl <
fla his itory IK coan my brothir
mf h mi In in t frlmt of Mind
r rlf lit awa tint tnir wli folrtt
10 bi troubli between ui and rrtohir
uw It too and urtld mi to liar the
houi until L4wls cilrfiia dawn
I itood all of till ftroftil adult
but when hi brian tajiy jthlnn Iha
< ri untrui about my irif my blood
tfLfl to boll anit I law r < 4 Jfy wle
And I I may be i pa f afed but we are
taol frlindi ind I uilt htr frequenlly
tven my O1n brother uld not Iftun
tift Ihe way mine did add not proVokf
lilt to dmperatlon
lltonm h11 ll r with Blot
I Then wai knife lyln j on thl table
U e uiit ptnkntf Tlth a l rt
11114 and the bladi wai opin Ai Ji
continued hla itorm ot abun my y
1m upon thi knife Then 1 wu uUtd
lth a iu < d n madnui and tht room
tiimi < 1 t bi Ily with ktool
Jnmpln torn nr chair I look up th
Unite And ruihed uivn nn brother tI
prlnaf t him with a rotr ot rue nd
befor he could ward off tha blow 1
0luiif d Iht knife nA hit cheak li
trapplid with ml but I rial the knife
i1 inJ drove It Into Mi rieck 1l1e
lhI 01 hi blood uttiAed 10 ntittri
ni further but bifora I could tnniet
cfltlier wound our mother wai b
nren UA ami nllli both her hAndi
trltped my IiAM hit held the knife
tried to fliraM off and ritfurdl my I
attack but tut an I could make Another
move 1 pollcemftn hAd anlered thi room
ron my brother hit filHn to th < floor
all Stir Ik rihf
I Policeman fVndtwr of lIt Alexinfler
ivinua ititlon wu pstroilfcir hit bAt
elr the houia whin ha ttmtA the
rOam of i wrtmart tha ahidi w i
6p in tho Mom In which thl bwihiri
lifT nihtinr aad rmtrt alf tin
rither nmp In betien ihern
IM ran In ttva bUll aiyl iot there Jn
In lime to tei tha dtxlor fall to tha
ftxsr HI callM < imbUUt i from ih
Lttanon Hoe ltil unit the wounded
man wil temOT4 ther Hi took
rredlrlck Atiiart A prlaonir ta the
Aletandir irenui Italian
Mr Mary Htuart th mothir wH n
teen by an Evanlnt World reporwr at
htr itiu hlerlTiUwi homa on gut
Ona Hundred and ThlrtMourth trt
Mid that them h4 bein bad bln d bf
twltn hir Mm dne they wire boy
I fR M f Olf
Thomas Carty a New Yorker
Was Paralyzed and Nearly
Drowned as Result of Swim
mlng Accident at Sayvllle
ATV1LUC X tl Au J Ti9m I
CAiiy of Manhittiit will It ipeiHtlnc
the lurtmif her wii bitMnt In t i
by todiy when h tonk dlv from
a r4ft Hi mrttek1 bnttoTM wlm MI btdrl
ind did nit rli 44 tilt nirfa e When
he filled tn e m tip hti fell wbth n
b tm antlnui and liberal dUM aft < r
him IIA Iria broutnt up and tikert
hitr + whin It VAI lou d thit hA wai
luffednc from pxrilyili uuiej b > an
Injury ta the irlne It t hid tn ID
I nr under wAler that h wai neuly
wneil and hi li In a crltlell < ildr
twn Two dixtnn are In attenatnce
It U feared hit hli neck li ulio nJlrtct
Tblrteenritrold Anili CipAtliA hti
dUipjvMriJ fron Ihe Rime M her i I
mothir Iht UtVr it X Dearaw
tNl1 Brooklyn
Annie who 1 v ry dirk I feet till
thin and hi I jck curly hair lift nr
Mmf full Ttijiliy mofnlnr tllllnr
ler mrner IH t Ml wai 11 III look
f vr w fi Ma trice o hir nu Men
foUml ihc kioufft her nln4 br tllra
a 1 liir ami twJ couim hiv ear
r I inveitirated 111 iMlfhUrhaod
A W4rl a drill of i > ld od brut lnts
I a bCae L IrhMJ 1111 rd
r i and taaii Itadklufi A4 ll < 4
Th Erinlm WorU1 ekirti an Indexed turn ant re at
t ilRIT I EMM adJJ Mlllitt ISf lorOI411 ftu II a ur lIr
11 IIloIIt o 1Iu rlajen e ut Tlmi101 wiantr II r 1ft41 Tr Jl
= =
alill tn r t 1 rL la CIo1III
Mil T1II10r ft Mtrrl rdo 2 I 1 I I I 32 4
4j 1I lft rxKnin 101 A I 1t1I 4
nw r H Calllhin 104 1 214 j t I
Win 111 rn n II II J I Ill IS
4 i1 Je Wlnehur l If rtlli VI tt I I 7 A 1 l 3CI U M I
1 Itor ln J SUrtln 1m ro r T rot I I
J hlr1IIIId rrtmfniti r A 2 I C
1 1 t > llr II 01 t tll I So 1
t I TriP Iu I I I In
t htr lIuloa II I It 10 1 I 1M aoo 119 SI
fr tch RM n < > nihj Ike H Mr 0 Ilur I alnlll < trrant racili Our
w hItI4 fer li OllpU I lirMn 3 11 Tu 2 1Ine U1rr I Trt MI4r
Of 1 1110 OJlIItl Tut 9r I pI
5 7 1I S rfrr = roo7j riit I i r rrYr rJ
ib < rt evurit Itart OcI Woo frllftl tlmt II al 11 ft n b by
Jt lrrti n iniiiiln OIIr7TJIIII
ln < l i llori7 J kU wt ft I 1 n ODMI Cl Ir p BX
1 tiM4 rna pf y v Kir IM 4 at l l in l > t 32 3 I
111 10 In i 3J
W lUUtr i1I ju 41 jn i to 4 I J
417 Manlllan iKillr lit t Hi 21 I jl jn Jn 1 I 4 1 >
Mi n1i fhrnir Gllt h r HI 1 It J A t lN 110
41 Mum Water fclHt 11 i r 4 I 1 11 til M in J
Amur 4 iUri 144 I 3 < Veil t > a l > I M
craieht nitrk 0 u Ui and Niponii iliwl tnd rJnly U hut rMJtn all
l THIID AfB pAalr HutM Jr flTllti twoV Tfl 111d7 tu lu i3 i t J
an < l 1 f furron i tart jiood Wn lIt IrltItIOf > J
IMnntr ch
t r JIr = J nlp OntrII A1HL
t41 T t OT 0 ri 4ht itj l t 1 1 11 i fJIJ
IhiUmUl i Ktrtlrrn I4 1 t F A l I I
T I llndi Ml III < V ill 1ft 2 in inn Jrt i
f h > INarli b < ilr4 ONXII trn II ftt I I 41 ft ft r lf IU t ll
414 n11IY f L H PMIIIM M t 1 e fI 11 TII
Coll l4 In itrttfM Uttlni onlr
j n Tlnra rIYt Jhlr bUn in tni war h ulII ele Ilr p LlJlda Li rCIOt a
7 r CMIf A1 edllInl Ih it u iJ i
l l
eOOl WO 1ft nItO 11 nllfr tho c by nCllltAurtlla I
nr 1 JkA
th If iOlWIL14 OfL Li
IMI F1II tI J 1111 14 2
d I t
18 JI rltr L tm 1011 II 2 2 1 e tln
Mill Olr IAlhlflo IIlth t t 12
MT T n o noCnn r M It
1 tll
Uralt I4l1lmJ III A
1 JJiJ uM t in tl inIrJ rJI I la fl 1
llllt I 1111011 ITOI IlJj FIlI U II bHf 11t 1I
r rn
at r rt ltAh h
0 rlTTIACITOO d Watiwiiht hn lIP for = lh I 1 ui7
rurlont Stan rv > Won rt41 n out TlmIU IbrHrur t Hi
t > lMtfhCunu lIft i > n rJ K Irjifrt I bY
1i4la oruj J < xV > i Wt fit KJ4 I P4 CI < JI III
JI3 Clottn Won r1 114 t 14 I I I I 2ft 0
r11 1tl ir1 VRt4fir II t 4 2 2 24 4
IIMl Jlonte Iarlo E Will O 14 U 2 I tt
lllli l onH llirri IK 2 I I I 11 I fI
nIAI Ship J Mirtln HI S ft ftl III S Ia It
roOt Monirv > n n rmlilM ill f t SI ft II A Iii a 11
2 4
14 11IJ O T T T t 11 IQ
lI ralthldY Am lI MI1 I f orlnr Tht1llttr fIolorMoj fi
I In 2 oorln eloltll ImDrort4 taf nrt hal no eicuu
furl I0t 1 > lri < T
76 xT t d = urf s taPir jdf aJ u r Fii7
I ln tlthtn Slirt awl Von ojny In Tlnlll31 11 Wlnntr tho 1
Mirth fulXtnl > Htrkntn ll r1t 111l I I t by
fn tl llerna t JocEfyi Itlt i I rfnOcn pIO PI ii
ful Shtw IM Ia II I I lAi ft
111u1Itrr lit 1 I 2
411 Aull rf nurn 2 1I 1 12
n 1M t II fIt
4 1lmbgt 10T t 4 4 1 4
1rath llhl1 or
1JU1 t Ih rIll 011 ItAu rftU I
= lJJlIJd nJu 11 t tmJ I ilhr
IIAATO I nC TnAeJ f T nt t rI klll w
AUI j1 entrleii for timorrtw fYIC Olt M j 1 i a I1
1A1tntl t AIIII 110
fr n r I r
1 fIRn n l m rIIrrUr 1 I Mn rwrtn IUrllthr lltera rarVlllln
IU Ilx 11II n 1WfAjIUt Dl mil all a urlonr
1111111lnIln 2 HI MlntOa 114 2A tlol It 1T1U lOne I I
1 Ilk irBira191 t9J 5J 1 lnl W HiMlerath 10 Ml DH iit II
Illn I nl It rijn M 11 J Ylluln lIltlllA tII
a t1I lit vm ir Am iiti iritth Race For rniUeit toUrot
Win nil iB sen1 si i irt no I flti sIonhalt fi
j vi4 1M Shwn fflonr 11 Ilk d 11
j imumi Hue 8teipliehiii for mtldfni n 11 801 oLdt
bur JUM old aa4no elwrl couri Jt7itnlit r 112 BgrnP TlVl II
M4 lrlMf rd I 1 M7 Sumeril III I III nni Loii r III MM 100
MH v ia IM nockflltf 111 HldUII II 1 1 lIuuU161
S4V rlI i lilt 411 SMtull f r Mi HinliSftrr 111 tIll Bulwlrk IM
1 nmm irr 141 mirl Ttrrl I JJI7II jrv Ml Jlrlliht 115
IIi Irfllr llt IM b1 Tmlln SC9 lh c UJ Mllllil ufj 0t
Thirl llietror tviyiarolli ullin i 0s tron IJIJ
fvi < gl i Mir furlonn 4 lilh nicefdr IhrMjfirdHi Ini up
4111 net R > ninlll Icillnt llrt hlnjHdo milt
VlO Uruih lpIO HI Bir r nr IM Iii pluimln III l > r IHM > 13I
V < U hn vT ilUnxh 110 JZ1 air tynnnsnjA 01 3Ut Viltnilnt104
Blo Rubrl IM Jnitian Snr UO Molllt DrantinJ
K lijMI S
New Amsterdam Officials Inves
I I tigate Books of Deceiving
Toller Mysteriously Shot in
Central Park
I h N w mat rtam Natlontl Bink
I examlnlnc thl 4M5UHH of Bimtlel TJ
Dtrti lti fotffl r rlpilvlna1 tiller WftO
dhnl htmielf ar whll wai lot lIn Friday I
tut In Centml Park Thli Met divil
oped thli fterio n diirinj ftn latnvliw
with an official of the InXlttnon Th
tneer fiM thff lo far all the y unf
man apeourttl Kid oon found eormt
to a cent but that th lnr itlf0J
hid nat been eomplited by inr meani
That th bank 1 conducting an In
ulry Into Dahaa Aftalri comes It a
irtftt lurprltt In Id tlf tb aiurtlM
mide at th tlni of tile iheotlnr lut
week l akth yount an had bn dli
ehariid and of th itatiraent 1111 i
whleh ipe lal imii wti UM that Ml
boijn weri all right It eiuld not be
amrtalned when the Irtriitljiatlon of
tilt tilliri Iceounti wa btun
Didnt Know Teller A481
A oth r itrant phu of Dinil
eannectlon with thi Kiw Araltertim
National Dank wu hli wlthholtllftf
from lilt emrlAyifi Mi ditJrui Thi
I t iM6r and every tnt he theri whi
6f rlfht ouht to hill Vniwrt the lo
cation of tho rounje mini aNxie n rer
knew until tlll pall two ar thr dart
that he evr M4 114 4ns where Kite
than In till tounc Jleni ChrtitUa
While Attorney TVIIUaw H Cum
mlnf whi lara h li ictlni for Dam
inrti thit h t net hi yount client
la Me bank th 6ffldali then ur they
da not know Cummlnn They niter
tItre iwtr that IMn urtilr ere of
I h miffnltitd u to r < iulrl the ir
I of an attorney
Till ititfttn1 Cnmmlni ha drik >
loom U i lumber onV4 on the filth
ftmr of No Hi Rroiiway Hi de
lined tsdiy lo iay h tons hi 111
knoiirt Dam or hat hi hid mil him
H did iar however thlt hli builndi
eonilitid l f 4ty ot cftllictinr and thit
Ke adxertlied hli Ul l aolllty Ie thll
Xn AllII PmitlBf aayi Ijiftytr
Vnu may tiki II itralfht w i
CunimlAlii erpHll rt when tikM
abwt Iho ijlt Dana aralnit DIM
at ntrhorfui L I that ther li no
lull ptndjix
Hi woxiM not aay wH ther th ault
wai IPII huiband aj lruc Mrl Dana
i or tic ver i 1 report from Attorniy
Cirmin ef Piteaokue uji that thi
PPtU In la iu hart been returned
to CUlllttlln
Carman It < ild to have admitted that
th4 ault wai in the Dim of th winld >
be lulcMe or UtI tKHm ot another1
bullet lutlnf Jin Beatrice Cnirati
J nj Ai to the natnre or the action hi
tdttre d all Inqulrlm to Atloraty
1 0
Wives and Sweethearts of Tarn
II manyitesBrinjup thi Rear
and Loudly Cheer Departing
Braves I
I HuJ by Tammany Iy id r Nkh
4laa 1 Hayei LUlU Tim Sullivan Al
derman John T KcCall MMfrl AD
L7 th nvemberiMp of the eritlrt
Tarmaatnr offtrd a < km of th Tttlrty
third AlMmbJy Wltrlel mirohia
Itirouin MI Astfiet today and then
Wu t J1 Ie ttMm tt for ColUi <
Point Jt foU the annual outlft of
t foiaiMt dirt 6f tha dlitrkf and
fully JMdof th faithful were In IInJ
fin bund an drurrlmeri and flrei
arM mirHal aJrt and bHntUr up tli
r ar ot th jtaraderi waa a troop of 104
Womin wive aM w efI uti df thi
Aim lint deore ihi b nt waa
riaeh4 At worn in brek rank ant m
buiy plnrvlnr boutonlers An the lijMIicf
the marefitrt A ip okt taluti wta thin
flred Irt borror tt the iwnntin who
olt ired thi dtpirtlnv hot
A lold and diamond Mdit I wai m
enld v > Fir Commlnhner H y i
Wb4n Wltila Ortve lit Collf Point
ml riiched then folloilM Ute fimii I
and rdrry1M klnr I
ConHrJulortCT Hay l hir mont hit i
tUfl U Cantrar tnr M1i rir n wh I
built afVenl puble ihroi and thi fln
new Xa > nl Relers Arm ry In rVmtH
Brooklyn A lattt riumbr lit fsy of
ncUli were al o pre nt ai 11 M
thi Waier UtiM flm t t Ilnl
he laid to lielp Ihe Commliilonir n
lert l > V
Th abtwce of Hrem n itt the atitlnf
wai notlcMble Commljnl4n r Hit
M h had reeelied mtrnber of re
IJU U trr rrkU rrom m Ii rft 6t th
orce but d llntJ them hi tn around
thl It would Got 2 lo eitamuh a
Plrtctnt In the rt Mrirnent 9hl
Il1llht wrmtt < iiyrf hniMlrj mm
b f > of the fores Nine anay from their
M ll < n At the arM tlm
Tie r turn tt th Tmml r YU
IIInlthl will b cl bIAttd lIh S lIr
I dbrlA
l ntAiOrrll In4 All i
Themai Tn art dhilrrn ln nt the
> incvntle National Committee au
thiritsd Iii inniuAeemint Udaythat
William r ftMhan et icy Tork
Will bi Chairman of th Vntlonal Ex
Kuth Cammltlw
Mr Thrift laid It waf not urUM
wn 4thr i w uU b abta i fMbne4
th ether member of tOU1H
Employers Give Men Until Friday to
Return to Work on Subway and
Trinity Building and Failing to Re
I spond Negotiations Will Be Cut Off
The Boird of Ooern n of the Build
Ing Tride Kmpltyeri AnocUtlon lifti
lint A notlci M the union on itrlke In
lh Trinity Rulldlnr ind l flubnay
that unleM they return la work on or i
btfor next VrlAiy mornlnx a lockout
aIII bt declirvd af lnit them i
fhli action na liken at a meeting
h M lilt nlrht Originally a general
lockout iralnlt all tha union Identified
with the Oulldlnt Tradei Alllancl wm
John C MG Reel Relates in
Court How Two Men Rob
bed Him in His Home at
John C MiOee Rteia e ltiy re
ttr4 builrten rptn whoflvei at No
Ht TTut lftyieenth ytreet told a
I rimirkabl itpri 6f a mldnlrat hold I
up In hi 6wn hane t o aJury In Oen
hal Seulnnj b fori Judice Xewbun
13day durlnf the trlil e Rlhard
Pirk rwho adsordlnt to hle psllee li
A walllcnoim < ro k
Mr IMI iiM that on he nlcM of
Jjly two men cam to hli house After
il had Mtlred and rartr his doorbell
He d kt theln 1tom < n ups r window
what tile > wanted vdtrey riplled
tHat thy wer meiiinfer irrd had an
ImpArUht communlciatloa tot him
If trlnt dsnutilnivnd opened Ihl I
dflor hi iiyi and qne of the men I
tnruil a r voret In hl fie msd him j
lad them tohh own room and theri
1M y bound Wm hand and foot and
pltced a Ifar In hli moth Then they
hilped themelYM to WO rth of J
Ib Mr Reel IU3nd lift Without
releaalnt htm
auijlit rann VlrHm Walrh I
Ifr tteei reported It cue tn hf 1
police and two da > i Uter flamnrtOidy
> v n L1 Well Thirtysixth treet WI
v rr1d In fleAenllt arerlue ptwnihop I
Vhlle trjln to lit rM of Mt Rte
tram whit If told Diteitlvei Pea
body and Cajrl thiy luipected Pirker
wlo IIH i Iii iUI1I6 lf r 4 be
flln tX4 other mirt In the ewe and
they Airiited him 111 leer nee M
irreit lU I bain IdinllfUd In the
Tonib ua man who entered the flat
M Mn Annli Stniuii at X o 103 Mnlh
axenii on Jim 17 4nd afdr admln
titerini a dru to the woman tobbad
th Dlac
rarlir allied ti tn b Wm
teJ th Hid Irl hli Bcfenia todiy
thit on Ihe nlfht efJuly I he URt
Cftn y IIand Ha added that Detoctire
Peabodr hid totd htm thit If lie would
< tlfAb hli part In Ih < robbtry of Mr
RV and plena thit M M It white
luhrfer1 th anfluBr of e Kalnv lie I
WouM fe thft h4 Int out all rl tl
Pwllea i J rtrlt CrnoU
I rafuid to do thll HI4 Tarter
to th Jury IKXUM all Peabidy
wanfM via to rnaka a record for him
ill f at my tXptnt
Mr itf i po ltUily Mlntlded Parker
at the nun who hild thi plitfll to hli
Ii a4 on th nliht of th robberj ard
XMitant DUtri tAttorn y Kott
hawed br tha rtcordi that Parker
wi i willknown ernoV wh wli alto
known II Pat Dilr and wai tried
recently or earrylni Blaekaek
TH em HI a to th jury tomor
row Gcdr who will bf trlfl next ti
uld to bt tM IOQ ot a rich IM An
nil rain and th randin ft a
former Mayor of 81 Lout
wd flfftn wire1 croMoly fstally
Ipjored lad a third mm aertauily ta
diy whlli remorlnc L dlrrlek from the
Minbattart ptir r thl niw Blackwill t
liland brldd leroit tbt tau Rlvir
John Hoey and Tarty llaeci lli die
Tftey wira burl i dlitinct of forty
< 44t ifoey went Intrt the rlvtr fMrrt
hleh hi KII relu4d In in u con
11 condition and with mm of hli
bend broken John Orel iuttiln 0
brullei trtd potiibl Inlinul Injurln
What It called thi Jim milt of IM
derrick wai cirrlid any unexpectedly
It aa a p 4ci of tprtice Din neni In
dlimeler and broke Ina mannir ilml
llr to that In which a derrick of tru
am ciui mapped a ftw fih ago
M the lV3f of lilt old TlfflU Oulldlna
In Park now Th mm wen dl
iruntllna It prtpifitnry to removlna
It to another pirt of the city It un
ulneii on the brlda havlnf b 4n flit
Thl hiary limber mapped wllh the
teptrrt of a tun N > warning pr cediO
in briak llC4yi form itrtlek a pro I
Jee1fon on th pllr which ildt It Into
th river
A tiicii finr wi forfflH at 01le4
amenc thi filhwworkaira or th trin
Hot y wai taunt aut ot tnf water only
after friat dMMuliy ptiyilclani war
1Jlftt1Itrd 0 adiUtoi UII rt
IIOVII of liS Mt t 1IplUI
I 10 elttU It
tcs t1I4
i 0 rj
tonlempUtfd The new rlin Is to lock
put onl the linloni ncm on flrlke In
jtvicrdinca Kllh the urder Iiiued MOII
A rreetlnn of the Bulldlnc Ifradei Al
tiltnce ni held Ihl nftrriioon In nrf
jJIrl Ilk II rrttdent AVelnsclmer pro
JliW The ultimatum of the bones nai
conJdered and It li prbhable that an
agreement will bi reached before 1rMiy
18 OI BAKm
But He Scares the Neighborhood
Into Fits ftnd Moves His Wife
to Do a Hasty Drop for
Hail Auisuit Slegel a baker nf No
IVO 8 0114 uenuf been inythlnv ot a
maiktmAn he nunld luv been ar
rllined In the VorkUlle Court tdi >
on a pinch more serious charge Ihm
that ot dborderly conduct As It na
h fumlshrt his nelghborliooJ tlth a
aeries uf thrllli ami fatally noumleU
two cils who neri rercgrlnatlng upon
hit buck fence
Augult It marrlMl and hill three ohll
dren Ills wife Mn lllnnlc 3li > Kel lays
that her husband not on strike tno
drJln tbe week lenlnc tha norlc uf
cirlnt for the bakery to her while he
jives an Imitation of nip Van Winkle
In hli wAklnx miimenti
Tile baker knocked oft yesterday an1
urore a pathft to the saloon on thr
I corner of Setentyiecund itreet lie re
ttiraeJ hone at 11 oclocfc and exhlolteJ
lo hit wife a box of cartridge
I Mrv Iroaut lur Minnie
Jflnnle he fll1d I buy incie for
you nnd If > ou dont hUt up before you
ay i WON 1 nuka > ju lue my floui
wilt doiMi by the uun
MIL Hlf < el lud to tiie refuge of a
I neljhujr i njme ana htr pniic aUK to
I Af tli bakery hn < to b > up ncd1t i
r oclocK In tne mornmK Irf aiegei II
t hcniiieil tu MAUD her Irrliid 1I110JIIII
nh iucc UM after nn nuin J neruio
effort and AURUII It > eiiuaiK < l tj H
b low and m < ike huckltoorry pin
hnd not tccn nitre ung wn > n nt 11111
up htrln n cijfe uf nucKiebeiric
lie wnUpirctJ to lilt lIt that Ihe
huckltbemii were buwltcncd I put
dem lu a pie Aireat h > < IJ na
tney jump uut ritdit < iulck ytt i ium
I lion t nmke an > UJkinga taiU
So the baiter Unt OMI to uaueri on
tht corner tJ > the lime tna luiunwr
hood wdn fully an axe It w J enter 1
twined by leemt Mr SleiM make t
quick exit frum me Mioun with Biu > r i
toot iklKully ernplo > cd a Utlnr him
Aiuutt went hume sKurel in h of
Jirtrldcei and hla revolrr ind 11111 t
hind IM counter hlr hli wlt1 u
rrairlnir bread
1 im golnit tn kill you Mlnnli Im
Mid ciieerfull Tou are tired of life
1 < uet
I dont believe Its InadtO nld M r
Sifff I and she c < iilrtc Into the muzzle
of thft tun
Jlayb you think in pretlv non
ild Aututt And M Menl Into lie lich
en and Ml beilde hl 4rnll
difuthter who via prchM In a Mill
Cheer HU ClilM
EHIe he ejnrtded to the child I
cUeis yaur mother dnnt lUe any
Iwfer and he fired off th4 re oher
Mr Slicel didnt have to duck tnr the
bnllft urent out 114 biek ivindow And
partly rtemoll hed II bUck cut The
tiMt few mlnutPH hulletn new alt over
the batkyard and another cit wai ilowi i
an > l out
Tollceman Mfyen w U pAuln Hie1
h uie it the time and ruihed Into the
btkr I IIlua tilih to kill 1 pillc n1An I
was In baker crstlnf and aiilntli
neapon nnt off the bullet rlpplnt off
the crown nt Mr Slet l bt U hit
Mw hlx rnhet
rlIecm1n Mrr
i1f1 n Aupmt crAtvleil umler 4
oJ He itii pulid out md taken to I
tho East flxttjevventh itrM ntntlon
Whtr A4 I when th nhoitlnt nt
fin ont queried Mr Slenel In an
wer tn an Kr nlne Wnrl4 iepirter4
nuesthn 1 Jut Mill down the trap
door by lilt flwr Into the cellu but I
didnt hellM It Hid londcd till It
Wl11t off Anyhow lm Auitiit put
1nder bind ti be peaetful I
iro the remit of poor thin blood and
bid circulation jey occur more
ripeclally during the warm weither
E 1d
D ffys Pure Malt W I Key
taakei rich red blood and ttrdng clr
culallon U alda dlgeatlon icothts
pcrrt hardeni rauaclei strength
eiu the hearts action niakei the
brain clear and alert the ee bright
Iitep elaitlc and fills one with health
tlior and uobltlon Viedetclmlrely
tor orer half a century by leading
doctors and boipltali nhenever a
pure ten tie Inrlgoratlng tonic
aUmulaBft b tailed tor Absolutely
pumod contalB no fuMl oil
DnijwlaH and groceri ordirect SI
ptrbettl M 3dlealb kletree Duffr
Malt JnIKe7 C41 k N T
o + it
Who Was Deaf for 25
Years I
Has Hearing Rcstorei
I UVitl utfAi lur III
V UI a r
n u J 10 i cuulJ hn uuly by uim
I i vdlntr tut ni uuurx thli blI I
ihin njlttlnt but It KMM ill ir > J lt f
tu me u hale to hfur pwpli thout miotht f
horn tin I uai tUI lecoiuiric t ro clui Inl l >
kpt wer Iruui iny fellow men and 1110
eiv U tHTtutt It nat to dluirnAblt n nil
ill in th i > ti carry on runverittlon nl
> nini r knon 10 my acquilnuncet 01 OJD
tAli the Ira dln iloctori In tU SiuthUlll
trrjuM no 1 I cured and tli dvtna n
SOW Oilnni nhirli II my liin > r < priltir
1 1 roll u but could nit cum ni Jit
hrlfimai tint I cum ui > I N > w lf 01
Mi ln jj iind ifnt to i Ifillni tar lie
1 11 ofJItl lInv
dalitl ulio toll Inf that Itit ITar Ihfnf
that inltht ntlii mt nan Otflllttlon Itrtl
mint in4 tho 1otl on < t ti h1lt wai Pr
tmnft er i nlfr h lartnA I mt H
MM me piitr f hn but rouM try Tn
r ht ri
ffki of oflc treitnrenf h < ln4d ni l < wi
I link ti oclllAltr om ttfi I Ivjini < nN
HrlMM I M ih owlltiio t lild trJ monl
v ry liv JHI bKin to en l > ttrr im r
t rt 13 rnJ r
tlr t I cnt t I N > > VTk Jalti n < m <
ttTt 1t yr more office trratnirnt from Or
fiirdrtr MiKh h tt r fttr thli 101 lhr
uut niy M InK tuti ri < t c uld h < ar If
r Hit lot elm ami > ikf i < ij T Win
hn 1M lOMInuJ hTiit irfiim fi tty thi
n111 1 nf Iar I rnul1 hoa r i wntch fleV
an I clock tlrlke Urnt l c < ta N t > YiV
11 tih if Jul iil IwiV offc UMtrMlt
ml tiiM > I cirt1 hijr orllnwy t1nlrIllon
< < hfir tht Nfl l > r In iiirVhurM tn1 etlt
nur I n lVl 1 I nl they dont
fill m tllt DKAR any mjrc 1
I ar IJli 1 tn Inrn V r rjt luntll
I a 1 inr 00 who wlh rnierlfr ilili
omtnt ron writ t ne l in W t
1 > 1 r VniOi TtVltTTt
III > vv i t f 0 r XIM
rullall n ntiit Xftny Ktnmlna
llnii ritCH
U > nu punnnl cull nrli for r
port lil nk >
Office435 5th Ave NY City
llrtnreii tttli itud tOil 1411
Hours 9 A Jl 18 < P M < ndf 10 18 11
5r t Ms JJ tiffin
800 to JOOO 400 to 1509
0 ttllM Wl Otl M CCOOJf
OPCV rvirvftoi TJII ocijcir
trrnch Penuut Oratncl In 104 t
Ulnplr Cream Vnlitnta lb lfi tl
Churotiite Pec mi ItonttaaUilli toe
tliocolale repperulnl It 10
IlL m LiS Lt
31i E gl
A 11141 CIIJCO
that W L Dougln hJu 0
ihots an the belt In ft I
worm o v 11 l wJUW J I
lonK errrsTOUBj
401 IIrA Of 110
ard dt 133 UroaJ fl LUI
In tit UIV iinu < t f vur
l h Vil4W I laUr
Iltnh 4111 III rJ to1 A
SiSS I UH tt A y 1
Cut UIlIlt i 2 1
lh 8t 3UI 111
i Av lIi NI u 11
till SI caruqg F1I1ty TotTlft
IJlfl tllr T Jmt n t Bo1
IY cor III 1ft Ay 421 rullt 81
rI I itA vJLIMFT tITT iY J r f
ull Y Pw AnK 1 JT
u l tj I
JlOTCTIOtf all ft IUIITlfU11Olf I
When a Man f
uses poor soap his face re I
bels becomes sore and ir
ritated Soothe It with
Wlllllmi Smlnr gtlcki ill iui
Tellt Waieri Talearo Tairdir ml Itnv
Cream Toilet aoap
arrstun tt4
drOd 1 1IlWIoo I k b II
4 1 a MoJodI r
brua19ft tII 7
uMair frx a ond
x r arlIlo4r r
tieL orw
wllIIIIIIII taliI J a
asoIimtJOCCltiOG 1ItCnacw
ANTED lp nto < N eptrl4u tt
n4 t Mom ma iitiM lpI La
aat ralitn u BrSoklyn I
roLViI1I UlMrltllcd all oat tllt
tllr on manI lhtU1 It
Wut tll4l ft
XUT tltx tint I
elWC f
t 4

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