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IT iTiiw WW W
r 4 m
> a
Sip Steamship Carries PKsen
l ara to Coney Island After
i United States Inspectors De
clare She Must Not Be Run
fi Collector Asked to Enforce the
t Penalty She Is Alleged to
I Have Incurred in Not Provid
ing for Safety
flrr M itttttipt to make a rdnrpw
fon ot the ttcvnbut Oranl Roublle
1 titter ship of the Oentral Sloeum Chief
1 In pector Roe sont a letter to Nevada
i BtrvnJhnil Collector of tin Port today
I aotlfrlnfr him that hi doe not con
sidtr the boat fully qurpp d with Itt
Mvlnr and ftr fl htlnf ifj > rtui The
lI U urn torwarded from t > < Collect
cri offlct to the Otpirtmtne of Com
regret and Labor In Wuhlnrton To
that Department It IntnittM th duty
of proMMxirntr tftlnst the owntn <
the Grand Republic for violation of the
Federal vbvtirtci concerning the runninf
of Btramboatf
TIA Oraxl Republic made two trip
from her pier at the foot ot We t One
Hotwired and Twenty nlntti street to
Corer Iiliuid today A cltlitn who
laW the bot tteamlnr down the river
I t o7toed to Polce Headquarters but
L vtA toll that the pe have so Juris
k iictios ov r itexraboaU li AS apt1
su4 pubUi wliy Csrparitor Giur
f Ml Deltny hoMi Out the polio have
power to Interfere with the crew of a I
I Uamboit lefl It li rUIn tat the I
iJnltcd Stat 1 tucutei tse benr ViO
L The boat IM under charter from the
r Kslck rbock r Stfiabott CorPLW by
I eorpeition that csstrss Dri I
I at Coy UUr < i = d s tsjisM I r CAT
I i rylnr paiiencert from this city to the I
Dreamland pier iltrtlni from One Hun
dred and Twentyninth meet and atop
P pine at Vet Twentyiecond Itreet and
the flattery
Apparal i IB Dd Condition
A partial Inspection ot the boat made
I lait Monday revealed that of the life
preservers examined more than 30 per
I cent were worthless Chat the lifeboats
were not properly equipped that the
lite rafts could not be rellid upon that
such a thlnj as a fire drill wns un
known and that not more than halt a
pound presiure could In forced Into the
bOil on the hurricane deck
The Inspection covered about halt the
boat but the findings ot the experts
who made the examination were u h
at to warrant Hupenlilnj Inipectnr
r Ilodle In lending a notice to the Dream
I land corporation that operation of the
t boat In her present condition makes her j
open to penalties for violation ot th
r I Steamboat laws No reply hat been I
received to this communication
I Women nnd Children Aboard
I The drand Hepublla wm adverllJil
I to litvi the One Hundred and Twenty
i I ninth street pier at 11 oclock today
J 1 Bhsw at the pier will steam up
l on time and was boardfd by about
M oMr hundred women and children
I L bound for Coney Island Captain Car
nvin was In command lie was for
merly a pilot on the boat and tucceedi
Captain Petti who wts captalnuf the
Knickerbocker Steamboat Companyt
fiett at the Ume of the Slocum disaster
ii and It now under Indictment
J This boat It all right announced
Captain Carmen to an Evening World
reporter The newtptpert are pounding
IB Just to show how careful wt are
we have reduoec1 the capacity of the
beat from 4MO persons to 1700 but we
eLm have 4000 llfeprestrvers or more
How about the KO and odd life pre
tervers that were found worthless by
I tbt Government hispectortt asked the
kt reporter
r WTiatt JOO llfeprr ervers that are
1 no good among 4000 queried the cap
tain Wt throw thou condemned life
preservers away and got new ones
T Have the lifeboats and life rafti
I bun put In a seaworthy shape the
r reporter asked
Doe lie Depend en Inckf
i They were always In seworthy
thape replied the captain In re
t porting that there wee anything the
I matter with the lifeboats or the life
tJ rafts the Inspectors were mistaken
A Y Why say Ive been on this boat for
f tJ eighteen years and shes the luckiest
p t boat In this harbor She never has
kt bad a serious accident SItS at life
u a church
i Capt Carmen taM that he had not
I been nqtlfled hat the Government had
I ordered the boat tied up nor had he
ll heard that Inspector Hodle had writ
t i ten to the Dreamland people saying
I that the craft was dangeroiu Prompt
ly at 11 O 01k he steamed away from
th4 Pier bound down the river i
Harry hollAnd purser of the OrAiH
Republic hfis btdl notlflrd twice that
the Government Inspectors want to c vn
tlete thrir examination of the bolt The
first noilftcnllon reached him yfitcr1i
about noon at Ihe One Hundred nnd
I Twentyninth street pier through Her
r bert ODowd agent of the Albany Pay
> ne Mr OUo d had been asked by
Inspector llodl oer the telephone to
tell the steamboat people to send n sep
I resentallve to the Inspectors office
Furser HolUnd paid no attention to the
requet nor did ha heed another sent to
I him today He ttld his orders were to
I run the boat and he was going to run
I her Inspectors to the contrary notwlih
I j landing t I
rJ I DCHOSIIM lh e Inspector
It Senator Reynolds head of the Dream
1 land corporation announced last night
thathi did not propose to ban the
I II O TWniatnt IAlplCtora put bit concern
I I tiaaylesak foroteflthV GrAnd
I eqbHeoote1 cosBwtselOTi Jtm tA
b lilt ti I lsa trs us saaiihz
N AtuIdkt1 pyH
r1 0n0Ia4 1
HiTnoldt WM passed by the Qovim
mint inspector on May JO and they
tall she was all right The llftprt
lervert were Inspected arid paued at
that time Wi chartered the bat on
the strength of the report of that In
ipectlon mad by the Government In
tp ctort
Ttit Oen Slocum was lnsp ctfd and
pissed at the lam time The Injec
tors retorted that she wee seaworthy
and fully equipped with apparatus for
flfhtini fin and for tavlnr lite Lees
than two months after the date of In
tctctlon the OKl Slocum caught nrt
and mon than one thcutid excursion
tsta lost tkelr lives t fre cr S r
Ir teuujs her Jrhfi tsd It
iavt apparatus 711 adouats
Queer Inspection Iaw
The peculiar laws regulating the In
apectlor of steamboat make It necea
say for the owners of a esicl to apply
for an Inspection after their boat hat
been pasted The Government Inrpectora
Expert Swimmers Caught In the
Undertow Near Fire Island
and Sank Before Aid Could
Reach Them
RptcUt la TII Er ilnir WorM
HARVLON I I Auc JA terrlfla
undertow wai responsible for the drain
of J D Ashby a medical student of
Pomrro Wash and Miss Ada Outend
a trained nuroi of Toronto Canada
while bathing In the surf nt Oak Island
Ileach last evening loth wore expert
swimmers and made a courageous fight
for thrlr lives but the twirling under
current rraaKed th cn underand tour
bodlt wee recovered with great dim I
cully I
Miss Oatend wee employed In a sani I
tarium on Munieyt Island three ulles
froe nanylon and Athby was employed I
nt a bathing mulm on the beach dur
ing hlsvacatlon She was twentyseven
yearn old and he wai thirty
Ashby Miss Outend and a Miss Dee
bw alto a trained nurse started from
the beach to enter the surf together
The waves were running very high
and the water bad a dangerou look be
yond the line of brtftkni
Wntned lot to YcntiM
Although the Is a ttrortg swimmer
flu Deeber turned back when h
AW he angry condition of the water
At the tame time she urged ther com
panions not to venture In the turf
Dotfi Ashby and Mill Outend laughed
at her fears and plunged Into the water I
They struck right out beyond the break 1
ers and begin swimming a line with I
the shore They had not tone a hun
dred erie when Miss Uteb taw that
her fellow nurse woe In tiouble The
mrdlcal student alto noticed that she
was halng great difficulty In making
any Ittadway and tried to get to her
They were both caught In an Irresltt
Ible undertow however and before Ulss
Dcebrr could clvr the alarm were fielng
carried out to sea They fought des
perately for fully ten minutes finally
to sink under a great wave
Dunes Body Wnthed Ashore
The medical student disappeared al
together bit Miss Outend rote ono to
the ilirfice aol then sank with a de
tpilrlnir cry
There was no cne else on the beach
nj tub time nrl Us Octer hurreil to
the sanitarium for help A ndmver of
meniltd bv Or Munsey proprietor of
the sanitarium went V the beach and
launched boils In th turf For an
hour they hunted In v4fl for the bodies
of the tud < nt and n rltt when Mils
11thr rtuiS C l III th inur saw
the bod of her frleiid wiuhed ashore
Thduih the boor W bffhl under
weir in hour effort were made to
resuscitate the woman through artificial
respiration After working two hours
hevr the task wet abandoned All
night bug a search wall made for young
Aslihys ivvly hut It T1 n not recovered
imill early todiy
Ao Avalanche
or i
DURING the monte of July thm
WI > were 66W I replies to
World Winti rtalrtd U
The World Office iloni w In
cruse of11671 over tiioor
i responding ro + eth bMjyiir
1TheH rpoes
tvtrl bon ta
I I ulllUOf1 Ji Jt
J 111MZl1HbI of
I intSatfHtMtocoeth4jwot I
Wia t
t Of J
In other words cannot to aboard a boat
to make a reinrpction unless a de
round It made by the owners of the I
After she Slncum < Jai t4r StiptrMtlri
Inspector Roil cuncalved that It mlrht
hi a food lisa tn relnpct the Orinl
Republic He made three demands upon
the Knickerbocker Company to apply
lur reinfection and each demand was
lnorl This he testified to ynleniay
before the Federal Commission
Finally he forced a partial relnspeo
lion lie went to Coney bland on Mon
day boarded the boat and ordered a
rre drill This II what he tells about
the fire IrllJ on board the sister snip of
the Usa Siceun waljs AJJ Ueslo ni
b no
Te cjipula iii ast kaw wttt I
r Js ta 6Ve Ssr ed Sre fin 1 Mi w
tell him to ring his tell and bU9w hU
whittle The crew never having had a
nre drill was slow In responding It
took lIve nlnutej to eel water
Viva minutes after rte rtrc etarttd on
tho Oen Slocum MO people were dud
or dying
orrve only hoe that stood the pre
e I
To Save Her Mother from Brutal
eating Little Girl Runs Be
tween Parents and Is Badly
Siryearold Catherine Gibbons of Ko
U7 Eatt Seventythird street was taken
dying to the Presbyterian Hoipltal to
day M the result of a kick from her
father which he received on Saturday
firM when the ran In front of her
mother who was being beaten by her
John Olbboni a Itborer hm betn ar
rested and taken to Torkrtlle Court
where he will be held to awaJt the re
sult of hte daughters injuries I
Gibbon who It rix feet tall I and
timvlty bulk came home on Saturday
night Intoxicated Ids wife upbraided
Mm for hit condition and for spending
part of hki wages This enraged the
man and he began beating hit wife un
Little Catherine wee In the room and
endeavored to drag her mother away
from her father White the wat pull
log at her mothers skirt her father
aimed a brutal kick at hit wife the
Mttta girl jumped in between her
parents and reoetved the full fore of
the kick hi the stomach
For the pal few day the child hau
been ulterinr a treat deal Her moth
er thought she onldtrecover and did
I not call In medical aid Today how
ever the child turferlntj Increased to
r that her parent became alarmed and
carried her to a neritjhborlnc drug
tbnrt The dtiupdltt adrleed her to i
get the ItttJe girl totlve hoepUaJ at
oon at poutblt and the eonvulled Pe
Icrmin flair ot the pst SUty evmh
street station I
flair summoned an ambulance from
the Presbyterian Hospital and Dr
Cook rei inied The amlmlanr sue
gem said the child was Internally In
jured and would die She was taken to
the hospital where the surgeon will
perform in operation In an attempt ho
tavt her life though little hope It held
out for her recovery
After string the child taft In the am
budance user went to the Consolidated
Out Comiunyt works jid arrested
Gibbons lie turned him over to Agent
Kelly of the Society for the Prevention
of Cruelly Children and Kelly took
him to the Torkvllle police Court
when he wq hflil to await the result
Of his daughters Injuries
William Odell Struck by Engine
While Trying to Cross Tracks
I at Hawthorne Station on Har
lem Railroad
vTTUlam OdeJI a wetjthr re dent of
Untonvtle near WhrU PWfit wu
kflld Instantly toitty by me PltU
field xwI4 on thiHartem Railroad
Mat north trl eM Kwthome ttatton
Mr Odin Who was tlxtyftve 7IVI
old apparently WM ateoiptlng to ertxt
e track b hot who wltnetved
stod1eM t y htytf r ia4 M
tto Mff tnmjt Wut
I te L t t Ir + J tNeII
by ss I t1Ifft1s
aMr I Ielrr 4 tI Wt
sum continued the witness wai the
nw hose
tlfcPrettrrtin CoBlenneel
Acother wttcMi about tnc Grind He
nubile yesterday wu Cipt James M
Jodd one of the inspectors who nude
me relnspectlon He said that out of
1113 lifepreservers m were condemned
You could oit4k crt thh corner of
these condemned lifepreserver like
vuu would break off the comen of a
Jllscull he said
cum I ot the life pr te rvcrt Capt Todd
tritlfled had marks showing that they
were manufactured in liTJ twenty
seven years ago Fifteen out of 131
new life preservers were tested with
twentyfour pounds weight and all sank
After being In toe water five minutes
they weighed nine pounds when they
should have weighed OM juid onehalf
Some of the Ilkboits were In bad con
dUios Oe o the te nta iad ro Mr
s A9tie rivets or the uto rafts
acre Jour4 ta te faso the pang aj the
a I i a 1 of ritd
Fire nrlll Bad
Wer these rlvett for ornament
arced Chairman Murray of the com
No er for fraud rtpllid the wit
xCapt Todd wound op by tetttfylng
Maurice James OGormans An
swer to Suit in Slpreme
Court for Separation Speaks
of Abusive Language
I That he was driven from hit home by
the conduct of his motherinlaw was
I Maurice James OGormtnt reply made
I today to the alterations of cruelty In
humanity and nonsuppport mad by hit
wife Jeanne Wiiytack 0Clormtn In hor
I application for alimony and counsel fee
pending the trial of her suit for a tp
aratlon from him before Justice Illsch
on In the Supieme Court OOormm I
SIAO assorted that If he had a bud tem I
per ts she ititrted her own tamper I
we fully eoilil In that rttpect ti > his
It not jrrf tff
She once bit my arm he says
once struck me with a hammer anti
nh 1 11 I
V Q VQ w
clothingI was obliged to wear dally
brckt the furniture with a hammer
smashed vatts and other ornaments
and destroyed my hats and shIrts and
broke my watch
In telling of hit alleged trouble with
bit motherinlaw OOorman says
My wlfei affidavit conceal the
real truth by tailing a partial truth
I admit the plaintiff it living with her
mol t bOt It It for this reason that
I do not contribute to her support
because the doe not tire with me
w inn living together for a con
ilderable time In the boute with her
mother and I became dUfutted and
tired with her middling and Interference
and abutlve langutge and felt that
1M caused my wlfa tu turn against
and lote atTention for me and there
fore on July I last I removed from the
house where my motherinlaw lived
and took an apartment at No IM Eagli
avenue saying to my wit 1m not
moving we are moving I cannot
breathe the tame atmospherics jour
mother breathe
Even after Mrt DOorman began her
action for a separation her husband
lAY hi offered to support her and their
child If the would leave her mother and
live vim Mm
Tit CaapU Eloped
George C le Lacy who appeared for
Mrt Gorman In ntklnx for allTOny
and counsel fee submitted arndarltt
showing that Mm Adolpnc J uu >
tack Mrt OGormani mother oppoied
hr daughters marriage to the defen
dant but they loped on Christmas
Day IKI and were married at St
J romet Roman Iatholu Church in
Alexander annuli by the K vi rather
Dnfltoy Cum Mr Wuytack forgave
the couple xni gave them the hnus4 at
No IT7 KMt lIne lluplffd nut Thirty
fererth street as a wedding prteit
Two week afterwaid the affldavlu
Nt I forth the maWtnixiUl IroMbU of
UIpMr broke iK
Mrt 0Oormkn tdtefta bw busbtuid
chanurUrlad br tamely at snide
folk and ntA IM had been gulM
Into the DWlIe Subsequently Un
OOonaui aMc a ° her hutband at
taulted bar tore her hair out by the
root and hUt 4 with llnchid teeth
Ton might M eVii die with IM llIe
further cayt be far 4tenrt her with a
bread kMfe and alto with a ruor
OOorman tayr that hUwtfe h gxed
and kissed a get collie and that he took
exception to neb fo llsfi and abeurd
conduct on her past aid ldTou
might at well put pints on the dog and
take him home iloitead of me
Dtasit Get a Mltllea
i OOorman who It a brother of Cor
Ones OOorman and > a ton of wUltam
OOorman a contractor who died
leaving a large estate siyt that hit
wife all4gaucm KIM hit father left
OTfT 110011 Det true am the Htate
II q ly worth II ot WIILcafIIII
11 4Vq h w
= The 4LM
sUHDYornb WANc
that the fin drill on the Onnd Rtpubllo I
was the wont ht tier taw and that
the hun on the hurricane dwlc would
not stand a pressure of over half a
pound Kl testimony vaj eorrobort
51 CaPE William B Nolan Assistant
Inip ctor of Boilers who want to the
bait to look over the boilers yettenU
tnd found steam up
Collector to Take AelUa
Upon reaching hit omce and learning
of the continued defiance of the tome
gen of the friend llrpubllc todty In
protor Undle sent a luttor to CollCtor
Htranahan narrating the facts It Is
expected that the Collector will take
action In the direction of IropoiInK
perlaltle tomorrow
It It cot In the power of any of the
Government omcers here to tie up the
hint or ever stay thot tie Orand
Uose rua after Mr ovra3 1c
hi Iarud t1 t r e s
daerouS ei II JJoe to I e Of t3i
ir octr Wdie II rxiou > 10 I > < t
the Grand n puhllc s hotlm hut hli
efforts trt do no have hCCn balked by
the people In control of the boat lie
he a ordtrrd a relnupcctlon of the Cipe
May and the Dreamland two other
teumboati tngjiixl In the excursion
traffic between Manhattan and Conty
Ministers and Temperance
Workers Score the Bishop for
His Part in Subway Tavern
Opening and Predict Failure
i A wave of protest U surging agalntt
Bishop Potter for saluting In tb
dedicating of the Subway Tavern
thn moral onloon opened at Bleecker
anti Mulberry sheet
Ministers and others who are opposed
to the use of alcoholic liquors art bit
ter In denouncing the placing of the
shop of respectability upon a re
t < Ctory which they say it nothing less
thw p rumthop
Leading lit the dmuncliUry move
ment II the W C to U while minis
ters all over the countryAH Voicing
their protects
Mrs Kiln C lloole who hatijutt com
pleted her liven earl u President of
the New York State W C T U and
who hnt been a promlnrnt ITIcUl for
the rut eighteen yean apoke forcibly
on the subject to an Evening WorM I
reporter today at tar homk No Ill
Wxth avenue Drooklyn
Very Near laerllece
1 contlder the tinging ofth Doz
doryat the dedication of a pace like
that little Ues than tacrlligi iad
Mrs fool I regret that UJabop Pot
ter hnt tried to put the u M of re
spectability upon a place where liquor
Is sold
Every attempt to prove liquor re
tpenubln will be a failure however
so tar at reaching any rolutlon of the
temperance problem Is concerned Are
sociable plac like this will be a con
stant Invitation to omen and women who
otherwise would not drink
Tetnperano people hare alwtyt
liup 9d to place obiucln In the way ol
ounS men Irulrad of opening up the
path to brink and ruin I do not oon
elder Chk establishing ot a rum shop
with the tanttfoo of a high church
IncIn1 u a blow at the W C T U
work but It Is just another attempt
to make liquor reap e tahlt
The effort may pirate moderate drink
en beMiue It tnakei It respectable but
U U a step In degeneration It will bl
the means of leading men and women
The flnt step may b taken In this
platt ana the next will be taken In a
wurt place
Pare Will Fall
It certainly will proe a failure to
far at regenerating the saloon One of
the moil meniiclng phasi of this Sub
way Tavern It the making of drinking
among women reipottblt Many an
tai aide girl will be able to trace he
downfall to thW pW
Ereo reootrolitnc the fact that the
ton who bar tiUbllihed this liquor
> rp niary an honest I can only say
that they are mistaken In their attempt
to mall the ulo4n tpotble for It
cannot be done
TIIr M DOs9lu fa for the liquor
problem but itopplnr Its use
Mrs Boole waS entbutlatllc la her
praise of BUhop Isaac Lee Nlcholion 1 r
1IauJcH who strongly dmoonced
lltobop roller action
The Btthop from Milwaukee declared
tbat the dedication of the saloon was II
bad business all the way through when
Mhaardoflt I
nom Columbul 0 P1 A1 Baker
Superlntendint of the National Anti
fUloon League Mad n prNt a < soon
at he heard of Bishop potter pirtlcl
patton In the affair Hev Lan nich
moflfl Babbitt rOtor of the Eplphtny
Brooklyn who ordain Dtttcp Pot
ter vetoed hl dlMnsV from the
PtteWt ttntMfanc rlrvtu Rbrt
Orahaa foinder aad tttnurr of tfte
CiViu Tiau TAiv ow ifw oi > ruts
tht riqutrrtl Inn fnd l Ut lines afon
saM tht mi pkn Viadxji eoTreJ 1
Utii b a qIH
Committee Apportions Fund of i
124088 and Declares that
Every Person Entitled to Aid
Has Been Assisted
Denial of Charge Made to Act
ing Mayor Fornes that Sec
retary of Executive Body Was
The SlomiTn flettet Cmimlttes ap
rented by ltjor McrJIelln met toJty
anti priltMlly noun4 up Its iffalj
making the foci dtlrrnutlan of the re
m jler of the fund amotmtlnti to M
In All tiilil tllA vs iillfrtcl the
tr iu < i > ii > r rvcorlvU del of tlil < amount
SAc ooivnltte today apportioned W
COO for funeral bilk and relief for tun
lel The total mount of the funeral
bills was greater thin that for relief
the firurej bay VICOO fa fcntMj t d
sotto for relef
There remain a Mnnf < cf Il
witch the committee retains for p
tle fipeniM although ttiete hare
been flcurtd at about WJOO o I per
cent of the total amount received
Herman Hitler presided at the meet
rrtf today wtiloh wat held Wi the bo
flue offloe of lh StaatiZeltung In
answer t criticism to the effect that
many deserving 4Zfl yet remained un
ntiewi by the tnmlttM Mr Itkldtr
z1d War Eve lrjf Wod rtpotert
1 e JM to any peo who
c pOe that isy 0 t > e aasey o = tie
fund went tn persnns aol entitled to It
lid lit nidder We have hid 1 great
deal of trouhlp In preventing Imposition
but a careful Investigation of each ease
hat alone been practicable In prevent
Ing Impostor from raining any ben i It
tm the furd rrorejn
Stortet to the ffet thtt there sttl
rilrel a runfetr of wtlut facles
hlch have rectrved ro bf aefit fros tie
fun are gnats OsgI of wigok rloth Ve
have aided every sufferer end propose
now to distribute the last of Ihe fund
among those who are worthy and IB
titled to additional assistance
We have made cirelul Invritlgntlin
Srtd hope now that our labors are con
cluded that wy deserving cue grow
Ing out of the locum catastrophe will
have been provided for
tunker Srfilrt treasurer of the fun
wit not present at the meeting but WI
ornuI complilnt against what they
term the arbitrary methods pursue by
Krnest Divine acting secretary of the
Executive Committee of the Relief Com
mlttee was made to Acting Mayor
Fornti today br three men all of
whom kit relatives In the SI < > cum dli
The delegatlnn wap composed of Jieoi
Velngart of No 40 Fifth street who
bet a daughter Charles Dlertch No 75
First avenue who lot A wife daufnrttr
nnd nl eand KrMfrlck W Moll Nn
ill fifth street who lost his wife and
daughter The members of the commit
tee acid that they did not pertiuiilly
I bare any grievance agalntl Ue Slocum
committee but they represented Ih r
aid many person who are In urgent
need nf auitancr which they are not
getting a promptly at other think the
Mr Dlirseh aid that he It the PretJ
dent ot an organliaUpn known at the
Association o the Utneral Slocum DII
aster Survivors which represents at hi
put I 1 Uaihs rprHnl vice
presIdent and Mr Wi In tart secretary
ITin rimrrmi ft Ihi I vlHmi havi
cot the organisation KtlU f ak I
Mr Mrteh Of ills th tiiv Hfll f
Commute hl paid IXinu and then
remains unpaid HJM U The City He
lief Commute hat pild Y3 undertakers
bills In full Ja In part and sixtysight I
remain unpaid Six win ltllrh
hv relative aol
an not tubmltl
I went on Monday to Secretary De
vInes offloe said Mr
oro tliS Wtlngart and
tried to get In to tee him but a young
woman declined Ie admit mi and Di
vine tent out word that he wa too
bUy to see mi I sent In a note asking
If he would not make an appointment
for Tuesday and he sent a reply that
he was III and would not rerly that
Tuesday I sent a friend apnund there
yesterday to ask If he was In thtr
young woman stld he was Then I
wrote him letter
a letr aching for an as
p lntm nt fur tod v
Secretary Divine when Iaeis hy an
Kvrnlng World reporter deiag
Worl reprlf irtd that
he had extended every courtesy to the
Committee slid Welnrart Dut hi
added I had reused the point In my
work wher It W Imprwtlbl for me
to give any more Interview or time to I
I wemgart ana at tne tame time do
lutttm tu the wcrk In hind I writi
Mr Welngtrt who had threatened to
to VMmher It he could nut see roe
that It was impossible for me to devou
ndlltlonil time to Mm and that dY
chose to go eltewhere he wai welcome
to da 19 f
Chairman Herman D Bohirmtn ol
the ubcommlit e uphnMs tne Action
n Secretary D vJne He said The
Committee approves of Mr D vlnis
course Hit work was purely v voluntary
and he hat devoted much of hit lime
and effort In behalf of th Committee
HA It a eourtexij hut determined mm
and has scted In a butlrletillk man
ner He received no compensation for
his work and I canard e how he to
ly can be blamed
Mrs Constance Phalen Who
Wore a BaH Dress Through
out Ocean Voyage Will Be
Sent Back to Europe
Brought Other Gowns Shea
Says but Felt It Would Be
Too Much Bother to Change
While Travelling
Mr rVm tnnr rhelan the my
tcrltm womvt In nviite who
rrftsd te Hhntlc on th Red tae
line strmhip Kro nlsnd In I baJIroom
rrntiime H n h ir1 bak to Europe
Satuntiir Thi iictlnn leddwl
nn lr v Ictinn wu
lli4in liiiliy In Ih < Irnmljrnlloti an
tliutlllct after I consultation with
physicIans who examined thi woman
Doctor Tappan and Parker certlfled tn
Surgeon Bton r that the woman li In
sane thouzh not dangerous
No further action will be taken In
the cut unless friends should come for
ward and ask for an appeal from the
decision to exclude her In the mean
time the oman will remain on board
and the steamship company will bt reo
spontlbl for her detention until the vcs
Ml lalli
Tin woman had brtaklVtt today
aboard ship In the
lbr same toilet now
soiled and fringed Shi ttlll persists In
laying that she cam to this rountry to
try the waters oj tome North Carolina
5 raSi
Si 4 vis tiilrr vth eroat gusto
1 ii pixiw c tfcip rwscw A = a
airs asd washing i down with gin
IOU gulps of coffee I hn money
coming to me I may b 1 Utile late
but when m annuity Is due
my I I thai
have enough to to to those prlntj I
I n North Carolina
She Like the Sprg
My asuty to l t3 a qBirttr but they
eiiMtd it ta 3 t quarter As the
ettttt which my grandmother left II
now In chancery I am unable to get
what belongs to me but In three years
I hal have my e rcilar at clock
work Once I kept a houte In London
but rents art too dear there and at I
like the iprlnfispas you knowI pr
rf to travel
Why I spent six month at the spa
some distance from Antwerp befort
leavlnf for America I Wit about two
neeki In Southampton In lodgings 1
paid ill my debt and then tailed 1
ras put on board the ship by nn aten
I of the led Star line 1 I had left 0
9 but lie nld that was sufflcUnt Int
Las I lulled thinking that I was foln
iiuijhl to North Carolina
iarltrt Trailed on Floor
Mrs haltn 01dod tho steamer In
what Is certalniy conslJerMl an evening
dress While tllpiwrs a pink bow In
her hair and a Jce shawl around her
shoulders completed the costume Hh
I conflnH tu her room on the Kroon
land the greater part of tin oyte
lint occnsljnalis ii > ieireil til broiiKlii
In the white dren At the tablt this
mornlnff her white silk rarlert will
landmine > ld hu kIn tiili < d on thJ
flour As It was n llttln chilly eli <
snipped a hun nriy blanket aUiu
hHWhy should people Interest them
Nine In mv clntnes1 asked Mrs Iht
len In Europe nil the girls weal r
white This Isnt an evening dress Itt
I while one At least It was whit
whets I started but a week at sea hs I
soiled I You cant keep clothes clean
it tea now can you I have three or
four trunks nf petty stuff on the dock
but t dont like to be bothered chant
Ing my clothes while I am travelllnr
Itt a treat annoyance trlelnr
ruts Irsdy U Her High
The ships surgeon said that Mrs
Fhaltn talked rationally all the lime 5
she was on board He admitted how
ever that she displayed some Kctn
trlctly and had rare mental moment I
when all the world seemed to centre
around springs or spas Mrs Phtta I
hat a hobby and It falls on watering
plaql To Improve nature wtrtnr
t pour a pony of brandy In her min
era water hath
Mrs Phtlen eihlMted a letter today
which she thin will bt her stlvtlo
I b ulvltln
and b the Instrument by which he
Identity will b uncovirtd It wa I
written to her by A W Hewett WA
or the White Star line In Dulilln and
advlttt her to call a the London offlc
ind secure her transportation to Nei r
lock and I 3 In boot He Inform
her that should die need any soon
uiOiiry to draw on that oflire
DoMnt this prove I a17 said the
woman Of count It does Now wh
should I leave America t AJnt 1 In
The woman In white lays le
It thirtyrht run old and It ig I
sj1i rhftritv tn hi her it ho wrrrj
I li about tht medium height and
hit quite a full figure Her iMan11
rather clear skin and quite blond hair
art the dltttniuJiMng features I
Belgium She says tht was sent her from
i i
Oeorir Corey thirty years old
hanged himself today Iri the boarding
Ixxilt o Mrs Helen Konow No JCJ
K iiJ Fifteenth street Losing hit position
lon of porter In a hotel and then learn
ing tot the death or n brother In Get
fliLId1 had made the man despondent
mr Icrndnl
lie Jebl iinJ a ckithMlrn uvl tin
baiftrwnt oendeB himself from a hook tn the
After 35 yeari I have succeeded in
perfecting i remedy for Rupture whose merit
ind smell cost mike ill other truists ind tmtminti
I waste of tIme ind money
While other trusses merely sup
port mine HOLDS when others slip minCSUys
In rlici whtn others irritate my light ind nittrproot
u jtt41 jppllince lemi you free and whIle other trusses tn
lirit the rupture the Cluthe Trust redact and CUREs
by kttplng the pasts properly held by my Automitlc
Acting Pad without the use of cutting legstrapI or bird steel sprints
Call this week or ntjrite for my valuable FREE
Book full of convindng noof inddescriptiveoithe luianteed
Cured in New York
Vu Olven Ue for Lost t jj
but Surpr e the Doctors
because my brother and i4t > r I
and several other members of my
f amlly bad dIe from consumption It
MS naturally very greatly alarm
when my own health began to talL I
fe eared that I had heredlUrr OM
fc umptlon and put off going t a ups
c lallst to tear I should b told tfisi
my lungs were affected and aotklic
ould be done for me
My cough became a constant s
g ravatton to me and I raised cot I
t Inualy I had chills fever and nIght
a wpirts I had difficulty In breatarmg
and my breath grew shorter am4 d
shorter My strength begin to fall r
with such a loss of appetite and ft i
apple 11e 1
hat I wu disheartened and thttfht jj
I wan doomed lo dlo of corunmptloa
a i my brother nnd sIster had s rtv >
c ently done t I
I tried five different doctor bo wJ
I went to Dr Anderson but their
medicine did not benefit me I grew
g radially worse from dry to day D
Anderson gave me the mos thorough
a nii complete examination I tad ever I
r rrolvpil anti atlor he had looked
l nto my IUIIKI wllli bin AnrtcrfOB X
LUht and taw what the condltta X
my lungs wu he told me that IMT Irt f
wore Mrloiwly tffccUd but ta t 2 j
cold yet be cured by his OerajaMU 111
Vapor Inbilatlon Jrtatnent I iii
o verjoyed It leemed too food bbs I
t rue I wu glad to try a tm
by InhaliTlnn for I wall tin X
t king stomach medicine
No one except persons ale
with a lung disease can undenUa
my joy and relief when I flnt a
t Ired an Improvement After b
given up all hop ot ever bttng wtHl
again the return of a new lift et
agin reurn 8
health comfort In fwdoa trMk
s ufferlng and pain mi a beaaOtiil
experience My only regret was that
I hid no know Dr Anderson Ida 1
meU0 Ut anC 11 Gsa i
tidal InbaJsUoa treateerst aooneff 4
Thla 1 the reason why 1 feet tit
I owe my testimonial to toe pl
so that other who may bo duKOW
aged and suffering u I WM tyc
know o my wonderful curt by ttf t
PFOCMS used by Cr Andtrwfl M ta
offleo 50 Wet Twentynecond rtrtMC
taw York It Is nor than two yrtm
sce I wts cued isd 1 is Is y4ft tt
tealth todiy Me
15 Id St Weehawken N Tt it L
All thoif whose tutcs at such thtt 4
they can apprecIate only the isIt
quality in a piano and yet wbes
financIal cipibllltlet may toiBtihite
prevent a free Indulgence o kott
tutu ire Invited to call this week at
the Winner Warerooms > >
Many of the prices herewith qwM4 4 3
could be doubled and still be S4 M E
fir and reasonable f Ls
J UnriIht very 1hl slid asi tt
Uprht nUtl style
prlght taken la trade nammed II ae
0 mtirr iorv raltM at Ills It
Ibt dtffz1vg slightly tress I
Iprlgh iatetdstgn was ISIS
IjPWt Suw grade IUa
r o iutiI7 like hew 1 I
Upright Ukn t uhu In trtJt at 1s
llnt M
UpflfiDl i901 bright tO1
QnniM butiful n iao
CljUin Ought to bust l 30
SflOlfJ eseelIettt mixeMH ilte JJ
Tc1epIone2O74 Gmt
Wissner Wareroom
25 East 14th St I VJ
Bro kto W4r ro > mi USStO rultoo fc I I
Pimples Blickhudi EnIMged Psisi 1 J
rtl noee tanr ITM I
C ITS fist iii1 vita I
klt diet rlroltt =
IN eyes Screw ty
nckj nJ ftiM > r Mrti
ryun > li < t out aa itt
tin r n1 T j mm
Nsg rrtmr aad
Qlhul br Dr KIMJ
SINS no iu > mt4
< C
tk 0
o I Ih ell
nrctan II
t1 sit W mr
rt these dfwas
anJ 11 rnrr CsU or rue 4i
csemgnsitn FRII Nnktet oa wa
tlnll I nittJKi team eise
llcvin 0 5 M UTP34 9ut3 M 20i1 1 w
vj wsrr ntH m4 nW TI C r 3
0 Ot lunonllM
rant but
G M Collars
wea like the
higher priced and
look a swell
InsUi 01 I
1 Coliarsfor 25c
3 Demand ji
Q AM Braid
If > > ur IHW nnl up
ll 54s lrl IA eeea I
evrv f ut
Gocdmio a rudI
I r f I f It 6 s
t pry

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