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hit h II
It Ji
F Irooker Telegraphs
l 1 RspuMican Executive
jf Cernnilttee that Connecticut
l rt Mtode Island Are In Doubt
0 I +
rWiNWci Put on the Lips of
y Prone to Be Loquacious
iiit < by trw Personal Representa
thfiof President flooseveft
t > U 4b T
P i
e i s H Rrablcn National Executive
1l Cc > MlttM 1Ild a meeting at Eaatern
Y ibals1Msrs lath Metropolitan Life
rir = 4No IWadlton avenue today
wc th campaign
f Ak I meeting had progreMed a
1 tllterti w y It partook p < the charaoter
t ft U4 panic became ot deipatche
I Mi to Individual member by Charle
p t rV Breaker the Ene utlv Committee
I Utaaber from Connecticut Mr Brook
a r wa u > p4 to be at the meeting
> t mt word tht It Wit potlv lyun
rL iJ A ills for him to leave Connecticut or
J Mt U tilaod at thli time u the
4 j > eS rfrtle tntment there had grown
1 < jt M alarming exteat
aTfce ptfiilng job of keeping OonnectI
i itra Hhod liland In thi lUpubll
IS h 111 ebumn hal bn aiMgned to Mr
ii r Democratic National Commit
1V atCu9iming announced at the
art HOII meeting Iut week that
Ji t ttoMtW9 Bfalei would surely go Demo
4 epi tlqU4 that Democrat need have
14 Yifhntitm Hr Brooker read thli
> fwtewent It li cud and decided to gt
I r and huitle H li hustling i a hard
ri aCh doeint feel able to leave the
It Jl mlnut between now and eke
f 1 d
ft I La iw York Alone
I TIi eirbtri of the commlttie de
f 1 Vi4 to leave the management of the
a Htat tampaUn irUrtly In the hand
fl tt Uorf Odeli Oov Ode who waa
eWWtt the Fifth Annui Hotel merely
I UnmtM when toldthll and declined to
ifJ ay anything
to t I V 1 Mr Cortelyou announced to the re
f ytrtiri that he had decided to iy
A MthJaf for publication from now to
5J M W eee me quoted anywhere he
tl tM dont believe It fcr I am oinK
L t < sukr > thli tn Ironcua rut for th
l JI J1ior scott WII principally Inter
Mied today i what Senator Kalrbsnk
I se i U going 16 do about reilgnlng hic of
I It
g j 11 dont Think Jut becatie Judge
> Wker resigned he acid that Jlr
r Fairbanks ought to feel It Incumbent
t9 t n him todo the dime thing I bellevn
If v Mought to hold on The situation dot
itf I net warrant htl reilgnlng
The meeting nf the Executive Com
i Kiltie lod y woe the rtrit In Ihe new
f Barter They were preient Chair
Jt an Oortelyou Qor Odell Oov Jlur
1k py of New Jeney Senator Nathan
I K frsbtt ot Weat Virginia Cornellu
K Situ and William U1 Ward Na
tlonal Cotimltleemin from New York
P n the Hunt for Job
t jha long hall upon which all the
l e whteen room In the lull occupied by
the National Committee open hi been
f < nlmec Tlulocrat Row It wsi
hroBged from early morning until late
hernia t6diy with men who were
tt4 reverie of plutocrati In appearance
I Th > were looking for job at lerki
j i f lblfideri cuitodlani of money or
t t eiaythlr ehe Many were armed with
In t MHr el recommendation from men
fJ 1 ll iAtieparty but all were turned
I t Iet The eUrlcal force Mr Cortelyou
I HltVha been engaged and It II too
S f iarlyto engage ipellblnderi
Vn tor Bcott of Wet Virginia who
WM active Incampalfrni wh > n Mr Cor
telau wi a ichoolboy la one of thoin
t to whom the no talk rule appllei Sen
ator gftotl early In th day whllea away
the tin giving reporter an Interview
i kouf Veit Virginia lAter In the day
wkeo other reporter aiked him about
b t1 JH Virginia he nlch
tetitl reen I am lorry but I mutt
i6ppolnt Mr Corteljou think It II
t for non of Ui to do any talking
Hit nbw A little later on thr mayS
he 0m thlng to lay
I Jf4 InUrvUw U to be Cortelyoui rule
r w I aw not to be quoted Ite Informed
1 S tat nawipaper men at the outlet
qj JTH bay to ask Jlr Cortelyou about
I t tat a halfdoten callers with cam
v I HUfnPlM1 were Informed by Mr Cot
t Hlyoul aides who ara accustomed h
II I 4 eMlng thing for themselves
k 1 Cot of Crou
Th eMlt of the coronation nf Klnt
t S Edward VII establishes a record for
rf raoiMrn times It wu eonildered until
reeirtly a lordly and magnificent thing
t far the ubjct ot deorge IV to spent
I MVOM William IV and Queen Art 1
aide were content with a modest I2VXOOQL
I Itis rot eaiy to understand In what
a Vltim Edward I I17KOCQ was unknol
easy at leaSt M In the cue Of
Jr Vruerge tVa lumptuoui record Of
MeoroQatlon proved too cottly to
1 i Tb part which did appeir con
p F t ns4 ivntythre colored drnwlngi
j pif l Ilk enamels on velvet and
3 1 t Mta Each portrait con KM
J 1L
I r I
Y l 11 Indications c
j J I 1 J Results
t Xln Vofld office alone Ibm
Tw re 6690J answers to World
w I > J Win4t received last month an
us rteMeas of16717 ovtf cot
t 7Xt 1n month hit year
I replies were mponscs
i In every known bail
54 octupitton and
pt WorW WiflU ff
I WiiU
I bl
Lr1 1
V r
t tWw tHatNlI + NfH < < t + HJ > > w + > > + > + > > + m Wi
f LUcEs I
1 H 1 ISth SW PEO 1 t
i I
I All 1L tL f
4j J
p4f II
b r4
1 IF I If I 1
S a
i s
I I S Lp 2 0 4 4 4 e i
4 I
d F V
A o
V I 1
I I I liZ
S 1 fIr
O uGI4
< t =
4 444444 + 444144444441
Headquarters for Conducting
the t Campaign IMp in thfl
Shadow of the Waldorf and
Close to Fifth Avenue
In the shadow of the WaldorfAitorltt
the Natlontl Democratic Executive
Committee will conduct the coming
Prtildentlal campaign The lite Was
selected after considerable attention to
t 1I temperament of Wall street ai ap
plied to pre ent national political condi
tion In brief the National Commit
tee dtnlren not only to be elbow o el
bow with the moneyed element but to
le torn to the hetdguarten flo they
are located ai near u possible to Fifth
The Century Building opposite the
Waldorf hat beenacquired and until
election It li propond to conduct a
mot active campaign with the corn
don of the Waldorf a rtndeivoui tor
the managers When It comes to the
time for selecting u Wcitern heartquar
ten li It expected that the afUpll
Tom Taggarl will have the eayio
and can bt depended upon to flnd a
location on a par with the Eattcrn
plan of acthe work and direction I
Support of Gold Mem
It li the opinion of the Executive
Committee and It li well advIsed by
gold Democrat too that this II the
a ear for claiming the attention and
support of the corporatism and kJ
urtncei have been given that there
will be no lack of campaign money
from the financial dlitrlcti and tig
corporation who while milling four
years ago that the countryi welfare
demanded the election ot Preildtnt
McKinley declare today that the tlccr
lion of President llooievelt would b
an unsafe procedure
Today the tack of moving into the
now giltedged headquarter will begin
when AMitant Hrcretary Will I
Cherry will give orders to a large lur
nlture home for desk tableM chain
lounges carpets and mm to ailly
equip the two noon and humenlIf
cured In the Century lltilldlng for the
accommodation of the campaign work
Cr 1
Telephone and telegraph Instrument
a curpi of nllend mtr ttid cUrki every
man n oldler and few offlcerii will
take powoloii of the hrndquiirteri In
a foil day wh u the work of fiejcam
palgn will begin In reality It In the
ntrntlon of the committee to tart the
publicity bureau at work at one and
to spiced broadcast throughout the
Bait thf handinmepnmphlotii dodgers
and clrcul ri now ready for the printer
Ready for Eiopai Trip
At present all atttntlon U being de
voted to the preparation for the de
parture of the Not 11 calion Committee
0 Kiopui tomorrow Chairman
Champ Clark of the committee haa
written hit ipech of notification and
It will tx read today to the member
of the Notification Committee at a ape
clal meetlog
Chairman Taggart aid today
When we have properly notified Judge
Parker and that part of our work U
oft our hands ttee ball In the East will
be 11ft In motion with a whirl that will
not cease until election eve Weve ot
a great chance ta win this year and
every advantage of the situation j > be
Ing taken Nothing will be led undone
Wt have been assured of help from
Oircfi that supported Prtitdent Me
Klnler four yean ago and when ai II
well known hat support mean thou
land nf votes for the D ascrsat O
ticket DemocnU throughout the coon
trw can feel reasonably assUred of a
cm4yIctorv 4
> > t t M
theCommittee Alii
Sign the Engrossed Copy of
fjotlfioation Champ Clark
Will Hand Itt Judge
The member of lh Notification Com
mlttee whloh lito truvel to Enpui to
Vnorrow to offlrlally apprise Judge
larlur of the action of the Rt Loyli
Convention held n meeting at the Hoff
man Home today to make the final
arrangement for the trip
After the meeting bad been going tor
n hour the member from the ex
tremely remote part of the country 1
like Alaska Washington Oregon and
California got together and suggested
that It would be a god idea tohave an
engroned notification to which each
member could sign hl name The far
away fellowi thought that this would
be an appropriate thing and Incidental
ly might keptheir name before the
Judge In ease h1t eected
The committee voted to do this nnd
the notification linow being enrmtied
It will be preiepted to Judge Parker by
Champ Clark tomorrow Just before Mr
Clark make he formal rpeech of noti
fication After tItti wai over the Cam
mltlee got down to biilnen
The notification document were lone
over and Chairman Clark read bit
ip ech of notlAcatlon The arrange
menti for the departure to Eiopui to
morrow were considered carefully and
received the approval of the committee
It U on the prcgramme that two Urge
ilghtxelng automobiles will convey
the notlAcatlon committee frr > rn the
Hoffman Hometo the boat at the foot
of West Twentyiecond tNt
Each member of the committee will
wear a badge deilgnatlng hU oflVclal
connection with the committee and
unless there II a general handout of the
badges on the quiet none but the
memberi will bi privileged to rid In
thebig auto
In the mean Urn the several hun
dred guests livlted by the BUt Com
mlttee Including Tammany leader
Chart F Murphy and Tammany die
trlet leaden ai well ai prominent D ezn
Octal will be recelted aboard the
ateamboit which will item from the
pier at I oclock lt li expected that
fultr four hvlndrtJ Including the com
mute will be aboard the Bagnmor
for the trip to CJOT > U
nflan Itlek to Jade U Fight
with Apmhlylnnn Curry
All the regular Tammany captain ot
the Bevcnte nth Aiiembly District are
with Judge McMahon Jn the primary
light agilnit John Curry
VTben Curry announced his candidacy
he fondly hoped or rather expected that
fIr or six of tile captain would go out
with htm but when he went to look for
them he found all pledged to the Lit
tie Judg
JUiuliilSf la b4WHing lbs JiOUlcboM
word amonr the rotir of tIM dIstrict
now and the Curry ntlm nt whH
tMTtI > if tMif ot
I i
Kenneth F Sutherl nd Deserts
Fire Commissioner Doyle and
Tammany Leader Murphy in
Fight for Supremacy
Kenneth F Sutherland the political
boll of Cone blind announced today
that he would no longer aupport Flro
Commlnloner William A Dojle coil
ulei F Murphy In their fight
igalnit the leadership of Vatrlck II
WcCarren In Brooklyn I
The announcement maJea uniatlon
In the borough for two reasons In the
first place Sutherland It the absolute
tGJi of the Seventh Dlitrlct Uoylei
own district and practically carried It
for Doyle Agnln < t McCarreni man at
the lilt prlmart
The deiirtlcn of Doyle by Suther
land now preclude any poMlblllty of
flnle carr > lng the district at thIs
month prlmarle and It a heavy blow
at the Tammany movement to down I
McCsrrer Again It Ii well known In
Manhattan at well at In Brooklyn that I
Sutherland li the creature of Congm 1
man Timothy D Sullivan and that
politically he line up wier Sullivan I
telli him to
HeUtlon An Strained
Sutherland would not think ot making
inch a move u the one he mad to
day wtthoit fiulllvani full knowledge
and approbation That there have been
more or less rained relations betwem
Muiphy atid Sullivan hili been known
for some time but Sullivan Although
n frlend of ilcCueu hu not before
actually railed hU hand against Mur
SutliMUnd told tn Evening World re
porter at his office today thai ie ha
ven the lulIlIn careful thought and
that he could leo no ui eln stickIng to
Plo arty longer
I am convinced that It II to the beat
IntereiU of Brooklyn he said to
be Senator McCarrei tuprem In the
Democratic polltici of thll borough
UrooUlyn did iti duty at the bit elec
tion bu It has neyer cot any thank
for It Its commlilonen are mere ng
uret dMd vs are getting a brand
of autonomy tint II positively rldlcu
Iou Doyle will surely lose the feventh
DIstrIct at the primaries
nnyl 1ied > Fluareheod
Terionally I am fond of Doyle but
he has been nude a fool of He hu
been uieA 4i < a ngureheed In Murphy
raid on nmokljn nnd I am inllifl d
hit ifurphyi ole Idea II to make the
borough a Jl rtot the Tammany ma
chine 1 for one will not stand for
SatherUnd Is an exconvict and
bunt even a rote jet he wield rnor
modi povr In hi district which U
the largest In Dtooklyn lie was lent
to Jail for a year and a half for elec
tion fraud during the celebrated Me
Kino regime In the old town of arrive
111 detection li A heavr blow to
Deyle Bhvlln Coler and rcfjty aol
ootne at a very Inopportune tine u
thIs combination had mode all its plain
for tile oxsplet atHilhlUtlin of We
Cirw alibi prismiM > tW mea I
> W f > W < W
Capt OBrien Will Have Mount
ed Police at Entrance to Di
rect Vehicles 1o Follow His
Fishhook Plan
When mounted policemen art stationed
at the Park How ntrane to the Urook
In Urldra aU trucks and vehicle intending
ending to cros the itructure fflll AnsI
have to pnMaUinfrajk now uxl thin
turning a pedestal to bo erected be <
tween Krihkrort and Spruce studs
proceed In renultr forroitlon u the
bridge roadway ThIs plan has been do
clJed upon by cy Sterihen OBrien
and will Iiout Into operation just ai
noon ai the condition of Park Bow due
totre lubvriy topefartortrwlll permit
Capt OHrltn 1f < eritlr w as put In
charge ot tho trafflortiuUtlni bureau
of the Police Department Erplalntfli
hli plan which hecalli the Dihhook
today Cupt OBrien acid that acme
measure of relief will be obtained when
it llIn operation
All vehicle proceeding west along
ParU now entering the thoroughfare
from New Chamber and Centre tre ti
will hate to continue put the bride
roadway entrance to a point near the
llenjamln franklin statue laid the
Captain Mounted policemen will dI
rect the traffic Pairing lone the Oty
lull Park tide of Park now the tell
lies continue to the turning p tnt then
cronIn cfttr fall Into line behind the
vehicles approaching the bridge en
trance from Nutau street and the
louthernttetlon of the oily
By maintaining single line of rent
des all moving the Hume direction
towardthe bridge entrance to the road
way copfuilon will not be 10 great and
the hundred of truck and vehicles
can all be handled readily The truck
mfivioontwll get used to the Idea after
a few lessons under the tnitruotloo of
the mounted policemen
Weiteheiter Democrat at Odds ua
ire CunrcodoB
f5t > dl 10 Th Ertnlni World
Democratic county convention li called
to meet at White Plains tomorrow
and not single name has been mentioned
thus far for ay of the Ave ymca i to be
be fllled A DlttrictAttorney County
Clerk Register Superintendent of the
1oor and Coroner sretd be nominated
A bitter factional fight li on agalnit
KxMayor Mfke of Vlount Vernon
chairman of he Democrats County
Commute HU enmle a iett that the
Democracy cnnnot win 40 lonira he
the county leider and point to hi
crushing defeat lilt fall for th office
of Sherltt as evltepce to contraverl their
claim It In said that these condition
an deterring the substantial men ot lbs
party from comlnar to inMron t nnd
ifeklne a nomination If Flake it de >
feated for chairman It If claimed the
situation will change
In Liverpool
I The lueply ° f ttcrlHwJ hulk by the
I Llretpool Corporation has beeont quit
I jepular bulneeA As najHT M M
faralHe are now wvtfHtA UM Wr
ii seuaU9tlS1LbeISg l gUg
i r j4ti vr I I A t
jWXHfijtijffo ij tii
After One of Ttielr Number Is
Stwt Down They Attaek Hit
Assailant Who Is Saved by
the Police
Edward Enl thirty yns old of No
Ill Weat Sixtytint atreet a colored
man who It U believed last night shot
Robert Chryitle twentyeevea rear
Id a member of Company H of lbs
Twelfth Regiment wai arraigned In the
Wet Bide Court today And held by
Magistrate Pool without ball until to
morrow for elimination
Cbrjitle wai taken to Rooitvelt HO
pltal where It ii said his condition li
critical On the advice of couneel Cllli
refused to say anything In court todiy
The ihcotlng occuired Ina section o
he city where her have beep numer
OUt rtoU between white and black re
cently The aoldUra hays > token rio
part In theie lIghts but each night ep
clal policemen from the Wit Sixty
eighth street atatton are assigned to see
hat there li no trouble
According to the soldier they at <
ended a ip tlal drill at the armory In
C lumbue avenue Hit night After the
drill the soldIers ull Uiublnf and Jok <
ing ifartcd op the trt Verilona of
the Incident lending up to the ihootlng
differ but occcrdlng tho loldler they
were pAnlng the corner of BUtyflrit
street and Columbus avenue when
Ellin who ii a Wilt Indian negro
thought that thi laughter and Joke
were directed him
lay Negro Wa UimltUl
The loldleci lay that the negro mad
some Intuiting remark to them and th t
on of their companion reiented It
The soldier 10 It li alleged itepped
Irom the crowd and after 4 few
heated word with the negro dealt him
a vIolent blow In the face The negro
drew a revolver the soldIers ay and
attempted to hoot the man who truck
him The loldler stepped to one side
aI the negro pulled the trigger of bill
revolver and the bullet itruck Chryi
tie In the ihoulder
Chryitle fell to the pavement and the
soldiers made a combined attack on tho
negro The latter clung to his re
volver and one of the soldiers held his
finger under the trigger to thAt he
could not are again The negro wea
geaten down and after fallioghe wn
kicked Into partial lnte tbllty
That the negro would have been
lynched right there er beaten to death It
nlmoit certaIn had not Pollcinan
lon ut of the Weet 8itjetbth street
jtillon ran up The policeman attacked
the oidler with his nlghUOck but he
wa overpowered and hurled aside The
attack on the negro WM then renewed
Vaatedto Lynch tear
Ix > nKUt blew his wtlitl for help and
It wa aniwered by a number of police
men who with difficulty remnuneo tnt
angry soldier They were beaten back
with nlghtitlcki and fora ttm It I
loolfJ as though there would be a free
fight between the soldiers and the police I
With great difficulty the negro wa
taken to the Welt Sixtyeighth street
police station The soldIers followed till
police and there were cries of
Dncli him > KI11 the nlggert Bhoot
hIm down
The negro badly frightened and
beaten down and after falling he wa
station house It hi had done the hoot
lnNo didnt he said On of this
men tried to hoot me and 1 hit tile
Policeman LongutMld JIlt the negro
did not speak the truth He said that
when he found the negro lying on tfe
pavement he itlll held the volr
with which the shOoting had been done
In his hand and that he was trying
to use It a IIiold Urn
Tite ieeoAinia1 Affalr ot Tkl
popular rkrllU Orgalstlu
The lecond annual outing of he Alo
ha Club of the Thirtieth Assembly
District will take place next Sunday
Aug 14 by tallyho to Lohbiueri Park
Pelham Bay The tart will be mad
from the clubroomi 0 No ITS Est
Eightyninth utreet at IUO itopplna at
Klpi HoteiyPelham avenue for lunch
thence to the park where a programme
uf sports Will be carried out
Among thoM who have promised to
attend are exAlderman George Burren
ho U mailnf a atroiif bid for tao
leadership of the dtitrlcli Congressmen
Ruppert Larry Delinwir and a bbc
delevatlon from the HIt Demo
cratic Club
Went Earlhqiak thai Island Ha
Had Ia Yean
WHILXNOTOH rt z Aut imt
heaviest eartbqnak which Nw ra
land has xp rlened la many run cc
cMrrM at u or lockthU morning
Prrerat public building wextdcra
ag d The bock WA gtnwal m both
islands No Iou cttllf ha beta r
LISBON Aug PA light earth shock
wa fill here and In this vicinity at 11
oclock last nlgbt but no damag WM
The earthquak felt at Uibon wu
practically lmultanou with the hock
reported from New Zealand taking Into
aceountth difference In Urn
Woman Ie hJMet aa Ike h
Taker la Hoplta1
Llmle Hunter thirtyilx yecra old
of No 1M Chryitle trit wu Injured
by plaiter falling upon her from the
celling of Sch jurd restaurant No TM
Broadway today II the wa iltang at
alibis waiting to be served
She had Juit given her order to the
waiter when th4 ceiling cam down and
burled her under a mass of vlaater
When sIte wu dragged from under the
wreckage she WM unconscIous An am
bulance was rummoned from 81 Vln
cnt Hoipltal and It was found that
she had lutlered lever contuilon of the
head Bite < wai taken to the hospItal
It li saldelle wilt reeover
l3tgast Hop
Th4 tanteit coll of rope ever usa on
the Pacific coast WII a towline for a
big rat of piling towed recently from
Portland to Ban Francisco The huge
coil contained OM fathom of cable 4 M
Inch In dtomttw weighed a hit over
thTSS tOlls and coat la the ntighborhoaA
bftliCSl 1tnede4tote stout ae4
treat IMPdft to TM7MnM UM
rtltl1i inI1u4 UIIISiMSr Ies
eJiIhtf 1 tesIII
i I 3 I ir11 i
4ib Z ai
lWrLhL t
One of tIM Dead Mans Com
rat and a Hetel Keeptr Are
Simply Held as Witnesses
Deny Their Guilt
Two men are under arrest la con
neitlon with the murder of James T
Hamneti the loldler who wan tabbed
to death and whoio body wai found
floating tn a creek near Fort 9chuyler
when he wa ttatlcned
they are Arthur Fink and Christian
Acker Fink Is proprietor ot a hotel
near Fort Bohuyler and Acker is a
loMler at the lent
Tlnk Hotel It a roadhouse on Kenny
field road tie is married and ii the
father of five children Th clue that
led to his arrest WM the rinding of a
ult of his doth In A tree halfway be
tween his house and the tort
OetecxlvM fieauiter Md Kane learned
That Acker had smuggled a suit of iol
dler clothe out of the fort the night
before the murder and had met Fink
who took off his own clothea and put on
the uniform
Fink admitted this much when guts
tlon d by the Coroner and saId be and
Acker had gone to Jersey City on a
pr lie said that on the morning
after the murder they awoke In Welt
ohuter tillage Both men deny all
knowledge of the crime
He ado iald Haromett had owed him
money and alto said that he had been
Informed leveral ot the soldiers from
the ton had been paying marked atten
tion to his wife
Coroner OOorman laid today that
several day ago he received a thrjat
enlng letter from the fort warnIng
him that It kiMId not drop the Ham
melt case he would suffer
Six loldler from the fort will ap
pear before the Coroner today lie
will make another effort to force the
two prisoners to admit that they < now
something regarding Hammelti < leash
Hold Merely p Wltneite
No china has been made agtlnit the
men plased under arrest and they are
ilmiy held as witnesses pending the In
quest Both are confined In the Houie
of Detention
Coroner OOorman said today he had
learned that a bitter enmity eilited
between Hammett slid Fink The
Coroner aimted that he had a wit
neji who has sworn hI heard Kink iat
thai he would blow the soldiers head
oft lie enmlqed the hotel proprietor
I e1oae1t and elicited from him that he
could not account tot hIs whr bettt
on the night of the murder Fink said
that he wa too drunk to renumber
Where he was or what had happened
A man named McOrath who wu
once employed by Pink II a bajteadtr
hat made a sworn statement to till
Coroner that he lately had a quane Ii
with hit former employer Hi told
Kick that he wvuld glv Mm a good
beating whereupon Fink replied Mc
Grain allege
You have been a prize fighter sal
may be able to tick me but dont be tea
confident u I might stick you as r
stuck somebody else
The Coioner will hold hi In HIM t ta
two days Ho has assurances from tilt
polk that they will obtain for him ft
number of very1 Important wltniMe
S Sale of
Ladies and Children
Hosiery J
Sheer and fine gauge LIsi
Stockings with or with j
out spliced selvages All
with double hetls soles
and toes
350 per pair
Pure Thread Silk Stockings
Sheer and fine gauge with
double heels soles and
M5 Pr pair >
Value fl65
A large variety of Children
fancy Lisle Socks includ Jt
ing fancy embroidered designs V
signs and stripes I
350 per pair
Value 35C to JOC
Twentythird Street rl
Stern Brothers
Tomorrow Sale of
Domestic Rugs
Oriental Desln 11 70 simian 1575
Value 2450 Size 7 ft 6 x 10 ft 6 575
Alio the remainder of
f1ncy Furniture
p at of Actual Values
Bamboo Umbrella SUn4 ret Tables and 1 n
9 1
95c 150 225
nd C
Chain Xeducedtrom1T3t931fld32
Weathered Oak ChAirs leather Juts g 395 495
Reduced from 495 and 725
French Erumtl Rattan ChaIrs at 600 95O 1100 l
1 Reduced from 850 IJ75 and 1475
Womens Seasonable Hosiery
Floe Gauze Cotton Hose in New Shades of Tan c
FastBlack with double lolei Value JSc at t Y
Fine Cause Lisle Thread HOle in Plain Tans and
Black with Lace Ankles Value 45c at 29c
Gauze Lisle Thread Host in tans with Lace Ankles and > rc
Fast Black Embroidered in Colors Value 65c at J9C
Extra Fine Pure Thread Black Bright Silk Hose with
Double Soles Heels and Toel Regular price 150 at 1 io
French Pure Thread Silk Hoie Handsomely Embrd 2 nil
or with Lace Work Insteps Value 475 at t
1 I
West Twentythird Street
t g onOSI i
I >
S 1 Thi Bet Shoe for Women I tt I
200 per pair P
Dual price 350
Alarge number of theM shoes are In imiU
sizes or narrow widths 1
Models include
Boots Shoes and Slippers
Tan Kid and Russian Calf Boots and Oxford
Patent Leather Dress Shoes Enamelled
Leather Boots and Oxfords Dull Kid and
Patent Leather N wports Colonial TIe
PatentLeather Duchess One Strap San I I
dais and Kid Slippers with Beaded f
Vamps Jet Bows Ornaments etc
Fulton and Hoyt Streets
Preeklyn k4
> f

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