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1M I iiiitIii t
F N A L t r I 4TION g PIN A L9
f RESUlTS E 0 IT I 0 N jjiCuiationBooisopcntojijI1 FuCfrcuJation flooksOpento AlL j RESULTS E 0 IT tONI
8 KrnnM
GentstQ ssei epnlses
AttaQ Ett rt Cost44
1 EpeJiijT o sand
f Mlkaaos Army Hurled Back
iltb Terrible Loss Mien
Effort Is Bade to
Storm forts
l J
Stie to DatellCikado 7 000
eLou to TOo1f1o
1L AdmllUOj Jap Offices
LONDON Nov tThe attempt of I
Oen Nogl of tM Third Japanese Army
to present Port Arthur td thelIk dod
AS a blrthdsypresent resulted In dls
astrous failure The Japaric wire e
f pulstd with hwler losses han they
had previously experienced In a single i
ati aul Kemthelesi Recording to
Japanese advice the attempt to reduce
the foftre continues
Th only reports concerning the birth
day assault come from Japanese
aourdes and all admit defeat The a 1
pat did not result In tht c Plure of
any f the tort held by the Jlum
t although the japans carried many
tflW5uLTk1ItThnI frhOWc M
tnanotftf pocltttn overlooklrig all 1411
preaches ta tht Important Iner torts
Mi twill these can be captured the
Jvtan can do little more than try to
take the besieged force exhiuv fie am
I Mufiltiolt The larger the lurtt the b
iters send Into 1M son fartlllery
fire from the forts the greater must be
their fosse
frIiI Lot at Life
Up < o the aAwult of xnterdiy the
attack Upon Port Ar hur Kid cost 73060
JM2t lives In t fll assault hut Au
ult Mtnulng four day the japan
I e killed numbered Hjooo These are
official Japanese flgurt
The determination Of the Japanese lo
reddc Port Arthur ill soon as possible
fi xpUlnd fn a measure by official
contlreiatUn Of the repm tbalXdinlrkl
Togo lot his flnat battleship the Ya
J 1 Ihtroa last ummr She struck a nus
t alan mini outtWe Palny and Went lo
the bottom TH news that the thin
haabeen sunk was tontnidlctttl nt the
timt by the Japanese Qureritment
Theilo of < Us Yashlma left the
Japane with only four Orslclsss bat
tlhlps The numlaas hove nve bat
tleships more or Us damaged In the
barber at Port Arjhyr AdmIral no
Jeatiensky wIth Ilia Daltlo fleet not
1 en mute to Port Arthur hss fir
UltUaWps JnbsHJ hlp strength
inj Huiilant putclU the Japanese
two to onebut Admiral Togo Is greatly
huperlqr In armored cruisers and In
skilled fighters oa the sea
r Eattcrn Fort Caplet
Toklo deapatche ay that the Japa
J oas have succeeded In capturing the
9 last fort hell by the Husilant on the
eJntera sIde of Port JLrttiurj that they
hart taken pouetlon of high hills to
the eeatwarl and that when the
prof P time comet they can drive the
besleeed back at will It his not been
C part q t the Japanese strategy to try
to Mall th > Ttt In the line of
advance They have rather endeavored
fo IK control of theoommtndlng pot l >
baa pitveu howitzers have beetl
placed In a location commsndjng the
tIownah4 harb ir
A correspondent of the Telegraph
cables from Chefoo that tie vlnlted Port
Arthur on Wednesday going close
enough In to distlngulih Ituttlan on
the southern fort lie ears that the
Importartt treat works of the Russians
L have been strengthened amazingly tines
1 Ian December and that LJaotliban
fwsa Vfgton Bay to Golden lllll re
nales In nuiaa h tulsv Th cor
riMiJ t nit 41I the Japanie
warshIps were far to the taitwart the
Jftpn Hrollln < fleet tcmlitln of a
a few cwUett 1I1Jmll and deitroytra
On hU rttOnf trij 40 htfotf he was
Held tip b2r a destrOyer and Til v i
Ml was searched The Japanese officer
of 119 deetrof laid that Fort Artuur
would fill In a few days
Pbles herd lo loIn
The this of Port rthur hi molred
Itself latb a problem I mlllury icltntt
nI JUIM Assert tha
f I hey can
4 nUla Iet ha av
rriuri j mtri se pj cu
31 prw M4 se e ots 3g ie
f 7411 I 1
1 Wl at a jj Happen itMhry Jane K7oJrrinj5 and Me Cat Are Let Jn < o tiso Gjme fiy fie Bowlers
i t
i AL i
I M Ii
II 3 9
1 > 17hrI
ity Q fL9w11Pryj9 at CQ1um
Tia1 of Wall Street Line in Tw But
Coolness of Passengers and Crews i
Prevents Loss of LifeAll Taken Off I
The Norwich line steamer City of Lowell ran down the Wall stre t
ferryboil Columbia In the East Rlyer about two hundred feet from the
Manhattan shore during the fog today and It was only by the quickest
kind of action that the 102 passengers three of whom were women were
got aboard the Lowell before the ferryboat went to the bottom
The Columbia which has been thirty years In the service crumbled
up like so much paper when the Lowell struck her and was cut almost
completely in two > only some planking on the port side holding her together
gethe It was so obvious that she would sink within a few minutes that
Capt Griffin ofthe Lowell not only kept the prow of his vessel Inihe
enormous gap it had cut in the erryboat but threw over eight havkrs
which were speedily made fast While the passengers scrambled aboard
the towel most of them climbing up the hawsers the steamer kept going I
ahead pushing the crippled ferryboat toward the Brooklyn shore I
Before she could be got to the shore the Columbia filled and the
hawsers were unable to stand the strain > Trfey parted and the old Coat I
sank in front of the outb ferry slip at the foot of Atlantic avenue
Nine hcirseswere on the boat and the last tnof them ttey were
making effohs to swim ashore It Is believed all were drowned All had
been cut loose from trucks
If the accident had happened an hour liter there would almost
surely have been great loss oflife At oclock the time when tha
Columbia left the Brooklyn sh6rctraffic over the Wall street ferry Is
not heavy as It Is on the other lines But at 8 there would probably
have been from 500 to i000 passengers on the Columbia and to save
them aH would have been impossible in the short time there was between
the crash and the sinking As It was the last of the 102 were scarcely
oft the Columbia when she went down
Too much credit cannot be given to the crew of the ferryboat
They acted with the greatest coolness and courage from the captain
William Coles to the bootblacks They helped the passengers aboard
the Lowell and not a man of them left the place assigned to him by
Cap Coles until the list passenger was safe on the steamer Capt
Coles was the last man to leave and as he came up the rope the folks
en the Lowell gave him a cheer
The morstacy wo handled with the greatwt xklll the lint excitement
bring quickly luvprotuej Two ot the three women toad calmly on deck
and watched tnt qperatlon nf making the Lowell fait as Indifferently M
though they were safe on chore When It came their turn to go aboard tho
Lowell they went without niaktos any tat abOut It The third woman
fainted An effon w II tnvJB tc carry her on the Lowell but It was Impos
Ibs so two men poured cold water In her race until ibo rejlred and then
the was helped up the ripe
The collision occurred during nn ofthe htavlwt rou In > eui It wa
Impowlble for lbo pllotrct ferryboaU to IM twenty Wet ahead of them
It wa dungciou inornjog for all manner of emit tut Hpedally danger
I CoaUau 4 on Second Pato
Telescope Winner of Last J ace Is I
Backed from 100 I to I Down jT to Stand I
Thousands of Dollars Afre Taken Out
oi the Ring f I
SpecIal to Th Krnln Work 1
4The biggest killing of the year If
not of many years was made here
this afternoon In the last race of tho I
day Telescope backed from 100 to 1
down to 5 to 1 at poet time won in a
hard drive from Thespian A foul
was claimed by the rider of the sec
ond horse and In an Instant tho
judgei sand was surrounded by a
crowd of anxious bettors The of
flclals refused to allow the claim ot
foul and tho books were forced to
pay UP
Teleicopo was a rnaljcn nrcyrarcld
from the ruble ot W 1L Kraft uid
hid ten epe clallr prepared f or this
I rate As soon aa the tint botUec Wal
etIta4l4 a4ks hss
mended by Mr Kraft and his frlerili
and the sharpshooters around the ring
I were not king In seeing that something
was doing Thousand of ilAlltn wrre
bet on the despised IOn of Horoscope
I Continued on Second Page
I I 1
FIRST RACE Diamond 18 to
20 1 Cairngorm 7 to 1 2 Blue
Coat 3 l
SECOND RACENew York 7 to
1 1 Coppetja 05 to 5 2 Cham
plain 3 4l
THIRD RACE Rose Ben 8 to B
Crown Prince even 2 Rob
I 1 TT
FOURTH RACE Coy Maid 4to
B 1 Niblick IS to 1 2 Ctaraphlne
t =
FIFTH RACECcnslderatlon
ta 1 1 Sir Shep JO to 1 2 Flam
rrtula t
SIXTH RACE Telescope 5 to 1
1 Thsiplan 12 to 1 2 Louis H 3
toe Evening World chart are Indfud frem Ural race at AOrdlaet
1 n 4U FIRST HACEJTO as4f Uedhsta for twoyeroldi flTt Mrlonb surtrooj
lUlC wan Orlvlnj WIn < h e br Iii5tlnnUoksr Drum OII E IL
Thuniu 8lni hUw rLTlnn < JM ij Vo > t j KJtl otraO jm
Induction Jotkijri JWtJt UtJU KLntI Open Clot p
lQ3 DImo11 nJton ld I li l II 214 1 T10 r
tvl OJn > r > nn W levI 114 i 1 J Jj il II 6 T H 2S
810 mu Cusi lIIlobrM lOt 3 I al I 314 p 0 I 2 111
81S BaDk T W I f 1 1 4ts 4i 444 4 4 HI
91LCloYflbmplun CrimmlM Vt a J o 8 SOIO Iq 12
IcbuFhllark Junuca sibi Myrrr Utk
Iamon4 had all hit nmdi WM tlrlm fait at the end Ctlmiom itwx a fen
rlr1 cloaf T ecy rut Ulut Co4l ran a laIr rue The tlm of hI net It a MW Il1Irk
= = = =
aECOND nAcarcr threarojd sal IIPI jiltIng allowinees 1100 hid 00
IU4 I tail Tlme4U iI CSf 111I 1tQ 8tut jol Won elfurlr WlnDtt
bbbT5ir lt1lt II = Pton IItI 1 = 2morU
IIIWIL llin < i JxxnVWU st l V H H tt Jin Op n Clet Mgn
1011 Ntw Tort sutiHil e JBJ 81 J > > < H IH i T 52 fls
40fl CeviM14 IIIMtbnnd 100 f 414 I I J t i > 195 TJ ui
10U ChunDUlii Trtwrt W 5 JJ 1JI Ij I I J S 110 t ia
lt lied IniihI JloIltrn 108 2 M i I 3 I J
1m liroetlynit H4riS 8 I 11 5 41 fcs Sir 4 1 10 4
1015 Uitni gprlthr i fc a14 ii I i 0 I llii
JM31 Itirlin lid 3 I > It 0 41 T T 5 I 80 M ri
IjralebNPuoUl C ntld rttlon aM hmUii oi r rljcntiHM hnirtji r
Uriviite I
Nti Tork ullr teitt htd pltntr lift tt I he end Cocwll wu ninolDg tltoni tt
httnd Ulitmoltln ran t hU ftrm ns KnlyMjU
mT u THIRD RACE Tor ihrterttrollii tea heap I TOO J h4i tlz furlong TIme
ItlOU 4U lJSSI rcmiMi tit 1W Wlonr 1 i br l < n Btromt hixt
wk Owp f lSb C John IIJIL aitrt 11 Vfoa dmlof
Io44Z lion JccUtTS Vt L 34 efc 4 c rl Opto Clot fl SH
AMTTTfoMb nrrT7rJ lurtirm I P iH II lt m a T Tij li
V4 Crown Prince dinMB I > > j j ILL J J i MO t U
JBoyJtoy jHIUetrtnj l S i 8 aS 10 s =
fleratchn Man I Con dir tloo and CIr th Ar ru I tun Koxl a Ions drlri
Cr n JrlnJC l il ttn > ii HobRor ainm J IIIwar
filiiT ITjlrlTH nACB The Dtllrote tlkn tnr lworMrHlTi llnn ddflT nvt
llnJL firloaV llmeAta r 3 Pttrt food won orirtnv Vlnoer t > r f ty
KlrsitpnDoniiJt Oil QeftrLI1et p t UtprJSn
todiz HerMtT jwkift Vfl ItU U JW H nOptoClI Wi
HXMfCor falrWdbnIl4 t J I IH IU1H IV 4 43 1 3
IWrt Niblick Trtmt M i S 4 In 211i S IJ 3 13
I Ct CMimuMiw W 11tll I J4 S JU U JH 9 llJ It 51
II I Car iuu t WnMfrlr lOi I IS 1 I 4 4 a t s Ji
8to > Yhltt lltn Coliint tvJ S S l I f j 100IOOR 10
BentthM Dt > U Pink Iltat rottC rrj Jonn C4lmnfM aim ThlnrI
Cor Utld WM ill oat aIlh ini Kttllck lad tronll throuidi Iht last furlon
CzareiEdnrnJer rice
Oi TlFT3iflACTSt0 Adoli tEiigt mm sad rldiueitr f tre oU 7nd j
lilt OMinflM IIIUlth Start oodWos 4rl > liit Win nt 11 r br Wtt r
er irPinit Own ril K Vinrut lIJ t4 i ftiM
Indti ul ttni Jockey t Wt ILJ1 ti l MB OpeD CI PI IlL
IMl OonTdrition lllldcBrtnd 11 4 31 31 V U 4 3 7C
Iloa Cit 8hP fwrllrn t 00 T f f Ii 1 23 M I 33
T4I KUmirult Crfmmlni 100 1t l4 I1 UH S 203 l y I ti
iio ti whit ahott hiiiinf y i C ii4 a 41 41 II J T 32
HOTS Tb llurutnot Hfll fm 107 C a II v K I 43 24
010 Auruntr Trttrr lul 4I4 44 41 II ii II M 63
Ptlrburr II Cochrtn W 3 I 1 2 l 40 to S
ma Ototii Knne Urf Un IVL I 3t 7 i i i mi an MQ
kr < Urhr < IUTTt U lly Ctttl Akeia Ulmrl Lori lIb < lume Obtctlo
IJrjLiion i
8 ilBdtrillon closet yerr tu tkrourt liet ititeealh Kir 8h r low to btIIn closet
IT oroni And would haYs won III tnolher stride V tmaiolt tired In tht last IInlll
Tht HiirjJnoi btd 1IOP4
> t ± = = = =
1053 IUTUYtAbWV man thTMyeircwlt ar upwIrit Ac 1i 1wrad1jJ
i lh I t = 4 SYii driving Mtrr h t by HOpera Co Osnrt
11 Krvt ToIIUI at 14U ill 0 CCI5 J 141 44 oll 40
IM tl 2j < JorlIL VIpC4rC nl9Pn rT Bh
nlcopt Thm > tOo iIt 3 i r r l 1 D to a 2 nj
IOUO ThrMin tKhliilnc I it ii 1 I I B 12 3 33
CII JXMU 11 If 1hllllpi I t J 3 f 114 13 23 iv 3
fISt mn CVxkttt v llgini n Is 14 ii 24 5 0 6 4 s
law KlUtrfnat < tVtlllnt 20 23 II Ii 0 4 t tol 100 v I
T > INonM II Cochnn Of C 5 41 3I 31 ft1 5 91 J
1 iui lltnlon HIMtbnivl 01 IS I 11 I J II II 14 S 10 i a
low Tom I wnn Truer ft 12 l I 111 AI 4 6 3 a
01 Alllnii A llrtnntn fl 8 5 II I I e4 3 I 40 13 11
huh Wind Untwn lfl I 4 4 a 10 II 6 33 11
HM Attlkrr II CtlUlvtn l 10 11 01 I 5 ii 3 4tJ U III
IMJI Mrrlat Bilk Crlminlnt IQ A 5 In 10 Ii 11 7 6 3 TI
i 10
UI After fp rllni 4 5 S I II ti 1 it a U
IW lkvter 1 Htrtln 101 11 II It 23 II Ii n 1 i t2
in1 Ar4Muiltn k Wtlih 0 1 11 ILu i 4 U 8
Ill llml CtnUln UeDnitB II IC II 33 Id 10 J4 In if a
RIll Won4tJ 10 14 ILJLLIT Jt fri n p II
HrrttehM tvilf Wtttl Roll Bluxht Rrrant Or n l hiThe iPUI T
TI a Ttumr ktd a wntll of spiel kit wit luptfta ai IM ttvl Thwritn rlAM ttroDg
Could have WM la oaoUer limp thn CTtektU na a g4 f1IC9 hem a U4 Stan
rar Aa ohot i trles lee Fs e II
Calvin Tompkins Asks Rapid
Transit Commission to Get
Commissioner MoAdoos Aid
to Remove Disfiguring Signs
tileecker treef Station Was
the Scene of Their Opera
tions and They Seemed In a
Hurry to Get Signs Up
Calvin Tnmklni President of the Ku
nlclpaJ Art Bodrty lent thl afternoon
to AMxand E Orr PresIdent of the
KM Trasttt Conitfdit a Mter In
wkteli tie etU
I bar just keen Iateise br e
rsparter tht a grg of men try at
work In t > H Stetcker Mn t subway
itMlon Cilnt slfns on the wall 1
lake the liberty of Immediately
Ins the matter to your attention In
view of the action taken by the
JlipM Transit Commission yesterday
afternoon Can you not communi
cate with the police authorities or
take such other measures II your
JutHroont may xurgtit lo Immedi
ately stop the desecration It it II
still pain oar Your respectfully
The letter Wb sent by special men
ftr to Mr Ora home In JJrooklyn
At the lllfecker Iteet Italian r down
men worked all the morning hingln
lbs sijni After
noun ony u men fro
Milned t8r on Mch tide on the ilpl
own stat oa all of the sIgn were nn
Jh l while on me dawnimn nation
half of them were hunt up
i there were iu oa half L10n tren re
I placlns detective tiling Vhererer a
I break was found In a tie eyn much
at a halrKne cnwk the tile was
knocked out and a new one nut in
This left one ans defacln Ui 11 ni
and the other repairing It
The men MIS that they had heard
nothing of interference and would con
tlnue at work until their work was
lAte this afternoon Mr Tompkins
called up CommissIoner JtrcAdoo on
the telephone and Hid him that men
were potting tip ndvertuinj lm In
I the Subwny itatons all liTer the city
find that at the tllreckMr ttrwt etalion
a number men were at Worltdetaefng
the wall
ThIs TandaKra Is clearly ft lolatlon
of the law said Mr Tompkins and
I Ilk you to send policemen to the
Jlltffker street station lo Hop II
CommissIoner McAdod replied that he
was not certain of hit right lo Inter
fete but would refer the matter to the
Corporation Counsel
Bad Air In the Subway
Dr August Stlbrft ot Ku IK Fait
Flttyierenth street ha discovered br
n Series of Itin that the air In thi
Hubwiy conUilne an lnsuRlcl nt per
centage of oxrxea lie says of the re
lull of iili analyali The odor aildt
from the trnce of paint very closely
reiembied thai of the air In a bedroom
toward morning where person htd
ben breathing for hour with all the
wlndsw cloieil The atmoiphere In
the Subway smelled like uiedup air
Wi rllltllllf en a seat III a kxal
tram bound sooth for ten minute my
respiration anounted to U per minute
Inttead of II In normal atrrxphtre I
found oiygen In sample 0r air taken
It the end of plttformt of itirterent
Hubwir stations between One JlunJrH
and Third itrecl and City Hall
ai y tests prove tnixt the ventilation
cf the flub way li Intiifflcleat There li
not enouch otygtn and the low per
ceatage It claimed by eiperlt to te
unnt and detrimental to health
3iud for clrealar and TCITI of
bestIfsi Uut Elmhurl M H uhlo Ocr
litntirt land O 1M Nuesu it K T
dive hit final ad rice to voters la nut
uadays World
L r
Odds on the Dmpcratic Nominee Are
16 to 7 and 10 to 6 but It Is Prp
dicted that They Will Be 2 to i To
Morrow 5
Complete Genial of the Governors S Stati j
I ment that the judge Ruled on Ship
Yard Trust While Acting aa
i Underwriter of Its Stock to
The desperation of Governor < Jhalrman Odell was well IllItrM6 1
day when he made the unfounded charge that Judge Parker was owtf si
underwriter of the rWpbulldlng Trust and when agents of the RepifcUssws
State Committee triedto Influence tin betting odds on the State eleettei
The axcusaUona ot the GovernorChairman were effectively expfeeVed sy
Samuel Unteraycr Attorney In the receivership proceedings wke tea
more about the Milpbulldlng Trust than any man In New York aM the
atUapt Influence the betting had the effect of forcing beta ef 19 ta w < tk Jt 1 I
Judge Herrlek irU be tlectfd Governor Up to todsof Rep bllea rJ rt
been willing to put up 7K on II chance ot winning lOW la the eesL f
the cloctloo of Frank Wiyland Higgins tI f
The OoveryorChalrBian In an Interview not only charged that JwAsss f
Parker waa flnancUlltr Intorested In the Shipbuilding Trwtat tM Uistr
Ij forwaUoB baj that be refidered a docWoa M Cfekt JHIeet MM CtJ a4J
ot Appoal1t4Ypcit to that malodorous piece ot financial hlWa4e7
His tatlJ9lMlt was reefed with aaaieraeflt br his political lii4eiaMs au
with Joy by the DeMoi tlc campaign mtiwrs for It U ssjfimt M U 7
OoTt CtalrHlaa tithef dreamedtie terr In the shadow et e W
baa been tllfQtM upon by t plausible fakir
The close of the campaign bringing out every timehonored eketfcts
expedient calculated loarouie Interest The nepubllcana of the Stoteswsj
on the defensive Knowing this the Democrats are determined to wjfft 1 i
whirlwind finish striking every blow with Ole Intention ortordsg1 tie
cray to put up hli guard 1 >
It WM rtcorted tM afurnow that
more than JS5W hAltXsn jnt on the
curb Th9 ohly bet nwd puwio WIiS
one ef IOOW to 7b3 on llrrrtck Ac
cordlnn to the Information riven out
Allen McOraw ft Co took the tone end
while A A Iiouinun A Co put up 1M
I7COO on Hiicgltn
Necdham Drbi ct No M Broad street
announce that they are autnorliM to
hot r > > 000 to I UtQ on Judie Hrrrlck
New York I
Odds on nooeeV ltc rryJni w
held at about I teU I Vall street runwr I
had It thai the Democrat had btt the
Iltpubllcam to a standiilll on thIs i
proposition after pmtlna up t20W > Bo
tar as couM be Irarntd there was not
a Ml of any consciutnce1 made during
the day that nooievelt will be eUct u
Odds on the Presidency result hold at
Expert for caters halley that Hr
rick twtton will hare to offrr 1 lol
tomorrow to fet their money placId
The energetic campaign of Judge Her
rick and Francis Durton Harrlion bn
alarmed the Republican mtchlne One
of the curb brokers who wsi talking
bet today could not tell the came of
the Republican candidate for Ueu
Fifteen Y earOld Sleuth Causes
Arrest of Man Who Stole
Camera from Him Magis
trate Compliments Lad
Brooklyn II turning out 8hrlock
holmes younittrts nonadiyt During
the put two months three or four crm
Inals hare been arrests by clner de
Ifctlre work of boy
Before Uialitrate Cornell la the
Ontre Street Court today Frederick I
DoiNilni flte n years old of No UJ
Park avinoe appeared aj compUlaant
against Frail JorJin twenty U II
Year oU who rare hIs addrta as
OrUveport Oonn
This man ttole a camtr valued at I
fiT from me last Tuesday young
Dowalntf told the UacUtrate I work
Abraham Cohen bet tlWO agej t US
rut up by I > 1tr RwahHa ihsfc K >
rick will be electe1 All refloat s
propositions are offer4 br the be4Ms t
toramloner Charts K XpjIah
offer ta bot WWO that Poosevet o
gel more than X electoral vptti t4
WOOO that he will carry Hint Tu k
Now Jemy Connecticut and Inliw
The campaign la this State Isipfte
llcally wound up JuJge IarkerwU41
close tomorrow at a reception nl r >
e1 him by the King County biwsa
racy Taaumny Hill will whoevjt t
all over Uanhattaa tomorros niif
and Hunjjjr tfitrnocn The Btal toat
mltte hetdqutners are deterged sat
the employee are letting toe ihrk
homes to Ole
Final lrtnicllons to the 9XOCO Detee
crult who will act as watcherslaH p
upState polling place were t W Ml
today by the State Commlttwi Ths
nipublnn practice formerly > rt >
ttai In remote polling place In Iibt Is
ttriar will be stopped tM jett f
The watchers have bien socially h
atructed to tee that they count every
Democratic vote alter the poll date
and that every ballot It preserved TM
law peclaes that tlx ballolseifl W
Contlntttd on M Fag 1st Coiaiii l
for a photographic supply star at > 4e
J1J Fulton street Brooklyiu and J h
fellow mU be wanted to purcMse a X
contra We didnt hare one Jn > toek >
andth bosllent DYer toWest TWMMJ
tysecoal street to buy one TM wit
came will me and when I rot U4
earners be all he woud carry It
At Twrotythlrd street hf pull J a
enrekvpa from his pocket aDd Mid tt <
was an order for six theatre ltlr
lie asked me If 1 would r > sod lit
them an4 meet him at Broadway sail
Chamber The order was no eoodaod
of courts tit wtint where lie prjmtitd
to meet me Since then I hare bun
looking for bun and yesterday DUll b m
In Brwm Ireet erd ustJ blsar
reel a
Iisgtstrtte Cornell held Jordaa rt
tOmJUlMllltd the boy for the gol de
trotlre work he bad dear
Forecast for the thirtysix hotiri
ending at 8 P M Saturday tot
New York City and vicinity
Cloudy t < M lBMi followed bj h
rains In the early mcrnlngtlt
urday rain northerly wlnefi k
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