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111 ri44 44 3 4 I Th r E v U ifl f4 o r V 4 H 0 fIt e M z I n e F r I d a 7 en I n j 1 fl
rj 1j r r
1 I fM > t L
t f
J I tfi
I j t I B1 ijh a If 1ItotJ
I i tij fr ij
tt it4 Jtli Zreu PuMUhJn Compwty No U to tt Park How New York
eit thPotOtflce tNw York Secondda Mat Matter
C < 11 tt1LiEIJ NO 1B8B8
j 11 9
I P5ID on the Side
I I l fl J
111 r i college for a business
k i Vt l1btbe finest nursery ot fin
i r il i da1 genlus according to
tit iP lfJa a drygoods store I
i J I tcmWhnhalUcces8thfe Is
C t i
ijItfor4ythIig esl1ystberet
I akar Witness George Pea
tlj b fu inI11IonIre philanthropist J
l X9tr Levi P Morton Marshall
I A J 4 Mr CICWB himself and a boat
l cercaptnIns ofIndustry all dry
gTaduates But again it Is n
bttbo nan behind the counter
1bc M IAlr S 0
t i d iTMfct that thmis a sphere of
iil M JMfor a vigilance eOlnnl Ute
13 r city which has the costllpst
p t1lee 4t parLnenL In the world must
Ttix lta t wonder of surviving San
L > > Jtnclicano bf the Argonaut days
tJL ldon needs none but Londons
t 7ara record of crimes of vIolence
li Midly expects that ola months
twlme In Manhattan find London Is
tlifk9 expctsetl to the depredations of
Hti anil railroad footpads and legls
1Jt tV holdups The Evening World
i tiiea noted the growth the vigil
g fUC0 committee Idea modg cIvic 01
1 j i mntaations a a Cbcckon spcclflc
p f The consolidation M these
i 1i hIdU committees ot safety Into
fri Ite l raX and powerful committee
s t I logical and natural developmentS
7 yPrl S
1i J fY mbop relates In hlsAu
biogmphy 1 that his mother when
F1tTtiuEdcrcd used to open the Bible
mw l
to the book ot Genesis and ry to the
Almighty Behold Lord Thou hast
created the world I destroy not Thy
S 0 S
Dancing In Its present form Is less
than a century old The waltz came
Into vogue In 1812 the quadrille in
1816 the polka In 1835 and the lan
ders In 1836
In tackling the Up evil the Rhode
Island Legislature has set Itself a
task from which even a legislative
body might be supposed to shrink
Among the Prpvidence lawmakers
there is budding talent hid under a
bushel which could find Its best field
for expression at Albany or In New
Yorks Aldermanic chamber
The election to the presidency of
Columbias law class of a student who
is working lila way through college Is
another suggestive Instance of tho
outcropping of democracy In college i
life The other day a negro was
elected a member ot a Harvard clnaj
rommlttee and a little while before a
studentwaiter there was chosen class
president Episodes of this nature
offset talcs of freshmen with fourin
hands There is an Impression that
the football fields of recent years
bays been the Orecye on which thu
arletocracy of student1 life has lost Its
SJt lWb1 1
WEft it Jfttlk v Higher Up II
KSH1 4 By Martin Green J
i ii I
ipj Rq nie is Sending the
i Panb1crB to iSipK
i r o r Some Dies
l Si tunco Further
I ij t f
ljtt HAT are the gamblers
F fIl plhfft do n6wMthat
J j
t 11111 li tKbyro all Int asked
theCigar St4ro Man
f1I C fTJieW ar oIug to work on tho
t eeIcnrs replied the Man Higher
i i t f ot thorn may be Coo old
j fIi9119r O the cars tbecauA they
Vi bitY5bfl sleeping 1m tho dnytlmo for
ii so yieare they will try to scare
ytj Dp i1t8 p1ibt watchmen Qh
ji J tb gamblers wlkI have to
> jijJ
JH 0 qrk non 1111 eromihIBr BO
ikE 1 1 XII aure If lied gone
rthegamblera 1i the war he said
tl when he was laBII check
WWay In oofB co hed know they
Ire woringaIl right He could go
I Ii any time and see
i iflaaVingUittieones out of big
j K V 3tlckipg Jirlstlcs Into wooden
t Jp iea Mr Jerome prom
Jt > dthh would send a proceasion
i Of gbkrato8Iflg Sing
fM j jjkecplngbis promise In a
J tvt y1 The big gamblers arc
t i t jrI ij8ingi but they are not
1 MCpplngovcr flibe jqterylewed by
t iailiClid3omo flUd gentelieidkoper
I Qnaughton The Closest they got
i tothkSiaig1s thetunnej outsWe tho
4twallthrotigh which the New
h 1W k nt aJtralnp nlncarrylni the
i iJ fJ Hot Springs where
l l ilingjs conslderod a legitimate
j MTIpeVLLilJ1O pastime
4 ijtQr tb I1 l this of sending for
gambler and asking him If he Is a
gambler When the DistrictAttorney
gets an admission from a man that
he Is a thief he Is locked up in the
Tombs even if he haa been robbing I
nothing but slot machines If a man
admlU that ho Is down and out they
rag him and he goca to the Island
Under the law a gambler la ft vng
Butly the Jerome rule the gam
bler gets his handed to him with
gloves All he has to do is plant a
lot of secondhand faro and roulette
layouts in a storage warehouse say
he owns them and get a ticket en
titling him to the good will of the
DlftrlctAttorney as long as he dont
put advertisements In the papers tell
ing people where they can get a game
fho1 DistrictAttorney could have <
put John Kelly Lou Ludlum Phil
Daly and the rest of them In the
booby hatch as easily as he lot them
to visit his office All he had to do
Mtooi at their employee exert
the Dowjing law and get tha evi
dence Mr Jerome Is using the
flowIng law as a medium to secure
fuel for the furnaces Inthe Criminal
Courts Building An extension of the
fichomo of letting gamblers off In
consideration of produ lngthqlr
tools might lead to > the release of I a
murderer ho would turn over an
automobile to the County of Now
York >
Its funny to me that the gamblers
got so willing to tallallat once
mimed the Cigar Store Man
There are more ways of playing
politics than by writlngiplatforms
holding conventions elucidated the
Man Higher Up Vrap4hnt upand 1
car y it ar und awhile
1 t m1 thilnd When to Tell It il
1 ivj1 < i
i i I k i B7 ixolDGreeleSinlth
itlr A 1 r f
1WDL accord
I THura Max3
n l Twain is rare
land precious and
I 8 should be cure
every day
i Such ban been the
c opinion of philoso
f phers from the be
ginning of time
I Aid yet jnr all ages
vii there have been
p oplO who deaplte
this dictum havo
I4tctP maintained a slight
3aifceJn > fVf ot U Indiscriminate
ia p ther wa revealed In tho
I ii1trnna of the news this week In the
k wn ot a yimg waman who denied
cinte IN l made by jer dying hover
COU oa ot stealing endeavored
AOprAvknn alibi by declaring that he
IiCfliuiiB on her at the time the
Wittfl l the ftctipn of the young woman
ti < l very UnusUal blaa toward truth
pjs iHer Specialty
y j treat bukIors
wnEitit 3
i trJevc It 13ioi Itnee de1I
oae dies
i U I
heroism of the most Spartan kind or
wak It simple unnecessary foolishness
The nriswer depends oil the Iolnt of
view and that of course Is largely n
matter of aRc
Yktor lliipd makes a very saintly
nun rtiosfl Ulywhliesoul hod never
been tarnished bj the smallest un
truth lie fo gave the huiited Jean Val
Jean from capture And as he poetically
tells uiIthe Angel of the Records
dropped a tear und the offense WHS
blotted out
On the strength of that one action
however he has sInce been turned Into
a regular
Mobe bv neople who look ud
anlaKe of his weakness to lie In the
merest of
the hlRher romance Are
tile women ot today nlore truthful
Judged by the action or the lady who
would not lie to save her dying lovers
reputation they are And yet the In
dlcatlon Is not no conclusive as It
might he since women never display
uch a partiality for the truth as when
here Is rIutelv no reason for tell i
Ing It Tho clrl who mlirht refuse to
tell one Its iiusuve a human llfii mUlu
vouolisufii a dozen in an attempt to
irnvel on an expired transfer and Hhe
whose conscientious scruples would I
won up Just In lime to lone her husband
a lawsuit mlKht wruiiRle for ten min
utes with a negro laundress In an at
tempt to bent her out of o nickel 1
Truth should be told at ull times
wlien It can du iiu harm hut lIla
modern coimclence goii rilly rwilUta
time arch su moat mul exalted n virtue
1ms Its limitations und that Its nseful
nem may iHxaslonnlly be quelone
Vhsnia yotintr nun shows you his
ttwicfea phowxriiph or a young woman
In lou with a andy Apollo ache you
If you dont think he hac the mont
glbrloiu hair In the woild you may
think you are beIng made u martyr to
ciuul r If you demur from their enthu
siasm but UA matter or fact you 1
arc a brut
The role of truthteller like any other I
kind of part can be overplayed aol
there are very few women who can fin
It U without liaylns one eyo on the gal
J4i d
i 11i li
CnThe ir 1 i r e
On THe Piblicvs Service
The JvenJJig World WJl Print Here EveryDaY a n
Editorial on Nattertof Popular Concern I
Our Chemicalized Food Supply
HERE isan old fable about the snake that went into a black
T smith shop when it was hungry and tried to eat a file The
I snake broke its fangs and died of chagrin I
I People do not try to eat files and they go for their food to a
grocery instead of a blacksmith shop But the snake in the fable
had one advantage It knew what it was trying to eat Its mistake
was its overestimate of its masticatory powers
G45 People know what they want to eat but they dp not always
know what they are eating If they always did know the adultera
tion of food would not be profitable
Borax makes an excellent wash for sore eyes and I a little of
it in the bath helps cleanse the skin
Formaldehyde destroys oat smut and tl1e germs of blight
on seed potatoes >
I Analine dyes are the cheapest known colors They are made from coal tar and
petroleum distillates
Salicylic and stflphurous acids are valuab1thitis ptics and useful in embalming fluids
But who wants his internal apparatus prematurely embalmed or dyed and digestive
fluids and stomach lining destroyed That is what happens when chemically adulterated food
istaken into theJsystem The chemicals pickle the stomach The fraud On the consumer is
twofold he is swindled out of his money and his health is injured besides
I The men who make arid sell adulterated food are growing rich by it They must be
liberal in the distributIon their riches for the Pufe Food bill has little prospect of passing
Congress and the State and local adulteration laws are not enforced
would be much better to sell the public canned files than arsenated peas salicylic
beer sulphurous wine analine jellies borax butter behzbic meat formaldehyde milk and
petroleum salad oil
4 > 4 t > > 4 M mW > < I eH44444 > j < S4 S +
> Little Tommy Rot and Miss artless Flirt e f
I 4 > Jo Tommys Gallantry Does Him Credit but His Hated Rival Profits by It f
r T l C i THZSIRv un s nnzr f
7 < N
1LL c1rl ee43
1y7JiLtp v
W1 < 1 < M1t 0 N4 1t1 > M4 <
46 Manhattans
N Item of Interest Is found In n
AX now historical work on New York
CHy entitled Manhtittnn In U2S
Korlyslx spellings of the name of the
Island now known as Manhattan are
compiled from early records
MannchnUia Manliitnns
Miinndfift Manhotas
Manailoe Mandate
Miinndoa AlanJiatens
Mannlinctas Miiihatcs
Mannlata If all ha thllllS
MnnuhatanH AFnnliatoes
Manahaius Mrnliatoo
I Maiialiatln Alnnhatna
MiuiahiUta MaiilMttan
lani hat II Manlmttans
I Mniiuuiiid MunhiUcii
Manute l an ha I lea
I Alaiutvns Maiilmltoe4
ManiiiiM MpiIiaiiins
I Alnniith Miinhatlix
Alamitlinns ilanhuwopa
I Manatliu M nnihaln
Jlaimthen Jliunntans
MiniUte Mcnaile
Minctto Mean
jMunhut Monhatins
I Maniiiwitn Jlimlm l > ns
It is ovldenl that the early snttlers of
New Vorli had no mtro cystem In their
arthoBraphv rthllllfoJOie of our modern
stalling rexormers
rll I
i g
Iffht lt IUi m1i L j
I i
I > O
1rir H
i I
1 I
4Ft 4 r
I 1 i
vy l f
4 1
< < < Ni 1 1 t t MxtA < A
A Chance for Fame
I i
The CaptainSay mister heres your chance 10 beconwfatnous Olve us each
dlmo an well nanio the nine utter yBjt an1 elect iyer an honorary member ceel
t 1 > 1oJ JI f > x1L > ItjIhA lIMJtic = Jlli Jci
Women Dont Kiss
1IfTr red button worn by some
A 300 women old nnd younir mnr
rlcd and Indifferent among the
lemlinj social Met of the City of Mex
ico marks a new departure or rather
a new step In progress This little
1 round red button signifies member
1 ship In what Is known as the Anti
lijslrK league Alcmhera of the league
take solemn pledges not to kiss each
other In public or private but put It
on the ttivjunil that hIssIng U con I t
tngloJi or m the r the means of con
vcvln IositiiBoiw illsKisvs from one
fair lip to allot her I r
Thffo U hilt hug visible to the naked
vc In tic uoiiKliliitlon of this Itmgun
affitliist k I cc lug other than members of F
11e fiiiiald pwniKiHlin anil In fact the >
iiiellte tuMe from tho nuppwcil dnni
jtor of Infection H ileolilcilly to the I
11I11e Sense not only dfplojnble but
unnccessaiy when one vntmin take I V
ivo or three mlnuton of lime In n
uircct car to Irics three or tour other
women before nhmhtlng from the cnr
he certainly violates the Oolden ntilc
hv milting all thne pnsscniierH wait
tow far this now league will conduct
Its orfcndvf und acrUlva cllmv111111
wrnulna to be seen I
t I
Mtht ffk i1JfJtJ
k tf
The T ot p lple S n eillv 1 I t
Letters from Evening World Beadferf l 1
A Mdulilmr 1inteNti
Toh Euitor of Thi Evening VprMt
I Wish to rnakft a prdfesVasnlnst the
extension of Holy Cross Cemetery In
thlltniynlnIIlWard Boroush of
Brooklyn laud b > her propertyowners
and taxt > aycni n that ward would
Hither hm the space they wish to have
the dead occupy occupied by live neigh
bors It will be much more beneficial
lo that park Brooklyn and the city at
large < to have Mat district tenanted by
HvlnffiUtliens tax ayers The ex
tension would be nn Injury to property
owners In that vicinity
No30 Livingston street Brooklyn
There Are Camel and Camel
Totlu Rlltoref The Evening World I
In regard to the editor In The Evening
World concerning Water Everywhere
but None for New York I would my
The camel can work eight days with
out drlnklnz But there are also cam
els wtilth can drink eight day without
working I Lo
Legal Aid Society 230 flPOadTfty
To the Editor oittie Evening World
Im working for a lady Ha a domestic
servant for the past six months and
have been unoble lo get any of my
wages and at she doesnt own any
property outside of hoc household fur
nlturuf fundthnt fhe has signed over
to Bometoody as protection from other
debts hew can I collect my wages
Vher 1sthe place where such cases
are taken care of C R
A Civil Service Query
To the Editor of The Kvwllmr World
The following problem propounded
at a recent civilservice examination I
would like to lee clever readers grapple
with It 9n Dec 11000 T It a com
mission merchant owed J Won ac
count PI3j5 Dee 3 W shipped H JW
pounds of pork which he sold at 12 cents
per pound charging 12 per cent com
mission Dec T II sold W to head of
cattle total weight 105WO poun f
J425 per 100 pounds D olf 111015 111E I
W 1800 bushels wheat at 75perl buII i t
rslngiilml per cent ommisIIonl
125 for ntornite Dec 26 Mi bougbtf jt
H iS600 feet lumber rClt 35 p1I 1 4J
feet Dec 27 It received front WtOt iU
forjl250 due lii sixty day JscW fY t I
paid a draft drawn on Wm by JtiWi
M60 Make nn Itemized statement ot r f 1
nbovu account as It should appear ta4iu J I
from the books of Wmake afropif t i
heading closlrR the account and tyrlQf i
down the balance as itvihould i pp 4rV
Jan 1901 IJ IJJ K I
fatal Ala Mocle pNo 239 IIrondsspP
To the Editor of The Kwnln World iJ Ililll
Where can ItlndL lawyer who taleN
wuie cases free r F Jl Ii i I
For Adoption < It j
10 the Editor of The Evnlnit WorHj t VI 1
Where may I obtain ataby for adoj 1 1
tloti 1 do not mean to par money of f
to take one for a period of two ycifjj 1 I
or go I wllnl to take one for my own
keep it train It and give It air 04 ed
ucatlonI have a comfortable country
house and am alone I would liks J a
very young child one of two mimthki
of age or less To what Institution
must I apply Where are they locAt
ed 1 I am a stranger here J I
Apply to Miss Virginia Walker roam
No 701 State Charities Building Twen
tysecond street and Fourth avenue
London I Lirgeit dr
To the Editor of The EvuUni World
Which larger New Yorker London
Including suburbs ri London th1
largest populated city In the world i i
In The World Almanac
To the Editor of The Erffiln Wbrlli
Where can r get Information abo 1
the Subway how much the 8ut w Y >
I cost how many mile long It is When
It was begun c1 l
I GRACE L ronk n N T
Mrs Nagg and Mr
S By Roy L Me Car dell ne
° rMkm
D togo to tho
BJiow tonIght Mr
t NAn I am just
worn out I wish I
were a man with
1 Indthlng to do but
runaround tending
tomy affairs goIng
to the office and
01 looking after thlnirsf
and then coming
AoL McCardellliome to find fault
v > wtli a poor foolIsh
wown whQ tolls and slaves to keep
ldnIeafld hnupthgether
iet AIS change the subject you II iy
Oh very well but pert nps anything
elstjipiay mention may here you and
roil rrox tk 11p to change the sub
HctnifajnjiyOUnre always aihlng tno
to change the subject that Is all you
cv er say Why dont you talk over
thinGs with me like that tovely Mr
Ladyfinger with his wife
Ho has the sweetest disposition Mr
Lndyflnger has lie paints on china and
cnn drape hangings beautiful Ith a
pleasure to licnr him tell his wife what
he would get for her If he had the
money and Die things he will buy for
her when her mother dies and
eaves her lier share of the estate
Mr Ladyflnger designs all his wifes
diysses and hats and when they have
chafing dish ircrty he cooks every
thing himself And yet you despise lOin
and I know It
You do desalse him you know you
do Look how you scowled at him the
day ho was KO nervous when tho mouso
rushed Into the room and made nn attack
tack on UK It burst nt Ladyflnger
In a ferocious manner And I always
believe you struck Itr Lndyflnger with
the poker on purpose and let the mouse
escape Mr Ladyfinger had nervous
ipells over It for weeks afterward and
ils wife had to borrow money from her
mother to take him to Palm Beach for
rest and recuperation
The sort of men you admire are
rouult brutes lIke Col Wilkinson who
sits and grills In the most nrovoklnc
way whenever lib hears lallles dli
nictlnK fashion or society He has an
artificial limb and I thliik It Is a judg
ment on him
Mrs Qrndleys flrst husband was a
aorfeot brute of the sam kind and his
From Statistics Compiled by Life
Insurance Actuaries
Drink stain
ers era
Hetween ages 20 and 017iS91 469M
Between ages M and W10801 6211
The last flfures ehow an exceaj of
74 per cent Between the ages oC 20
and 30 It was 11 per cent from SO
to W M percent from M to CO 42 per
cent and from CO to 70 19 per cent
The period from 40 to 50 Is regarded
by the Insurance men aa the prime j
of mite
people In WiIlamsburg always encotuL A
avoo him just as your people cnoburaiji > j
YOU and try to break UD our hoop
home AMy
My Deople never Interfere na j it J
my own mother has advdwd ttea
thousand1 times to mnke youirtve mo io
much a week so I could come over to
Brooklyn and live with her and It
would not cost me one penny over our
Joint expenses except buying her clothei 3 Ii
and supplying Brother Wllllei modest 1
wants until he foundremunerative orr It
bloyment at some llKht work tqi Mp l I
not very strong I
But I reot UedMr NSK I nm j
stood It to lngthst lean StCd lttD j
the end It will not be lonKMirNaftV
You have brokeTTmy tfltrlt Basin
TerwJIIffer who knew me u a girl la
Brooklyn sees how I am breakIng V
down She wMsitne so h e rJeJf I know J
s4ie only dora it out of pure mallcJiYo I
make me ftcj bad but It miuf be yu x
or she would not notice It
I know I hate grown 8twter j a I
that I may appear to lookibettet1 But y
IfI ever gave away to my felliTffi
that wouldibetha mdPr BmcrlcMYf i
I have the most wotlderful nititu >
Ion and thatOt mlbeautltul fit i I I
that keep me up but he thlokjjl
should be careful and ho looks UfUr
my health L I i t
It Is sad Indeed 21 r Nngr when 1
I outsiders notIce my unluppy state 041
you do not But never mind I jiU 1
hot complain I never have complain 1
and i vJJl not now 1 hen I tell people
all Isuffer they say to me How CM
you keep up the way you do Mrs
Nagg1 I only shake my head butX
do noUcomplnln f
Will I Roto the Automobile Show i
you usk You know I want to go every
body U coins but 1 know you really
do not want me along and I know you f t
are only pretending I
Ah Mr NnpfT 1 do not say a word
bit I have feelmgj You do not think
I have because I am always seemlntly
happy and smlilng YJ I will go but
I havent a thin < < to wear t J
Little Wlzzle Wisdom
Mn what Is Cousin Wills profes
sion 1
He Is a travelltnc salesman
nut I heard him say he nv r leaves
town he doesnt like It
He Is a travelling laleaman for that
very reason lit traveLs from job to j
Job I
The Fudge Idiotorial S
We Advise We are constantly asked to I
give advice about THE RACES
a Sporting Man The ONLY race we pretend to
know all about Is tho HUMAN fI il
Copyrot 1905 Planet Pub Co RACE
But we will do our best fon
friend We will call his attjb
Ion to ono VITAL FACT 1
In placing a bet be SURE to pick out tile horse that runsi A
Then you will ALWAYS win
you will ask perhaps HOW to pick out this particular horsft I
Vo will answer with equal fran kness j
Plenty orwlse folks VOLUNTEER this knowledge you
WE stick to our first tip
there Is no mistake about It being a STRAIGHT ONE
f 1 1i J
fIttoi v jJ I t l I I

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