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W f < 11lt f rn 9 t i1t X 11 M f4 I n f I1 Tf it 1 t 41i t j it j1 lk 1if i lrllf 1
I 111 l t1 1 rr W rJ 1R i tf it il i wlri < i fFill tt n T JW l Lir I i t rWI Jn I 3 t nil 3 J L ft 1001 ilil1 > tfi Wi400 p 1 If j I 1 I 1 0 I I
I i I tll It II 4 I
I J t I r
IN w t Fen Thousand in Five States Associa
ili if
t Ift tion Send a Bill to Albany Which
r iWiIl Enable Them to Control
i Their Own Product
J g
m J
Jilt J
I fir To Escape Criticism of Forming a Trust of
sft Their Own They Draft Measure to Encourage
J 1
r age Formation of Companies Under
L i Municipal Supervision 1
I Y To nnpe the milk trust which has become I very real to them I
i l 10000 farmers the Five States Mlllc Producers Association have had
I f theIr attorneys diaries W Stapleton ond James W Bennett draw up a
i bill to he Introduced at the present session of the State Legislature under
il the provisions wlilchJf paescd they will be able to organize their own
J I company to control tho milk business of New York
t The farmers have tried for seven years to organize such a company
i but have always lledi because the capitalists who have expressed will
i Ingnea to furnish the money for the enterprise hay bncked out ai tho
Ii i last moment explaining that they feared tho farmers organization would
rUJii come In conflict with tho State law against trusts
I 1 The report that the Horden Company is to Inciease Its capital to
u 120000000 and assume the proportions of a trust In earnest hll8sU red
1 1i < tho farmers to now efforts They appointed committee to confer with
jpe J U Attorney Stapleton and Bennett and the result was tho followIng bill i
I I t i i r Section 1AJiy company hereafter
tk fJ organized solely for the urpoae of
t ct supplying pastcyurlted or cla fied milk
1w iSi and cream and other pure dairy
jl products may contract with formers
i y II 4iJrymenand milk producers tor their
H kipply pf milk and inay establish ac
J i1iJ1 ijulra and hJRlntiln all necessary prop
if dIrty and facilities to oolleot pasteurize
1 n or clarify gelt and distribute caioh milk
1 6 f1 Cream and other pur dairy products
11 and the provisions ot Sections 1 and 2
Of Chapter G90 ofthe liiws of 1B9 and
iW 1 Of Section 7 of tho Stock Corporation
Law phall riot apply to any etch com
ifany provided euch company holl bot
tftr oMttnived anrt UntMnefl na provided In
1 j be following rectM S
Io Only In Single Cities
X i SecUofti 24ny company orghnl U
In wider 4hl act nhall confine lie oponv
11 A i tf tI Mhtho selling and dUtrlbutlbnof
1iiM pure dairy Prod uctStG U single city
W OT to n Unglo village
ri vSection 3No cwnpnpy organlicd
M H 1 under this act shall In any locality
J folio or advance the price of pasteur
jjl Ted or clarified milk or crtatn jsr other
m puro dairy products ot In any way dl
i lre etlyor Indirectly6htirjie J f demand
i tl WIS such pasteurlted or clarified milk
t rjJ weim or oilier punY Olilry iprodttt
iY l prices or wrpunta which upori the nver
i 1 iifl4e1 era InJ exceji of tho prices wW h
i prevailed for ills same kind of product
4 q l Jfeaspctlvily unpasteurlzcd or unclorl
fliii during tho year 1904 upon an liver
1A tI ige In the mine locality
4cection 4In any company organized
i Wider tlili set to opersfo In cities the
lf41 Mayor and ohlef medical ofllcor of the
ie1ty In which such company proposes
I 4 tp carry on business and the State
g ilitiV Commissioner of > Agriculture hall W
rp Md alwij remain lex officio director
Wl Iaad In i companies prgranlzed to operate
4i1nvIuae the proldent and chief met
> l 4cr Oificer of such vllano In which
frMich company proposes to carry on
q 1t Hlhesj and the State Commissioner of
r JUrculture shall bo and alway re
fl1 m ln ex oillclo directors
Mr tsts whOla a forme State
Bcnator tn explaining the plans of the
j finmers today said
1 trNottlJe Farmers Fetilt
jJ ktJfI lot the fault ot the farmew
I fiji r t Now York has Ivid BO much to
t jjtOiriplaln of In tho matter ot Impure
dlm Vftnd adulterated milk For ccven year
4 1 they have tried to free tho city from
II tbe bondage of piratical dealers but
f rther efforts have failed because their
j eponente have threatened thorn with
I prosecution under the ivrMtrust law
t c ItheycorrIM out their project ot
J otanlztng a company of their own to
d j bandic their entire product There are
V l JOQ90 fitrners In the Five Status Milk
I r roduoerl Association and their Idea
jtt1ltwu to Contract with compahy on
itJfit hle1t by themselves for all her
I Ifjjllki This would makn them JmJo
I tJPndenL of the dealers and Insure Jiving
i Wrl4 sJnaddltIOIi u would reiuit In
rrr4 advantage to the public
rl1 fAnybody who understands the way
tt Which milk U brought Into the city
i i khowa that the farmers are not to
ij I for adulteration orforlho alo
J 1i coc Impure milk the farmers get up
l early In the morning milk their owe
s jf tput the milk In cam and haul It to
t1r te nearest railroad station wlilsh Ii
I genwally from ono to three or lout
t JHlIej away It Is ooujrht at the uta
I jdipn r a dcaltr Some of the big
1 t 4ttlei maintain stations far theirown
1 i Jexcluilve use So you ccc the farmer
k uk no hanu In bringi R the milk Into
1n U tljtfro are urtiilumtlorw they
I MTt made by the d < < IICIN
ftt f At Mercy of Combination
U S iThcifarmcrslinvi always feuroJ that
I r AJ r wiud sK10 dJf be at the mom I
1 iY fi1 combination This fear Is In
I tii Qngor realization If they are not
7 flbletodo somethtnj for themselves
Jotor 1d that speedily
There Is In Jfew York n milk ex
d oSinn o whore tho price tu be paid the
jfarmrru and the price to be charged
I tf tlio corwunuT raro fixed by the nillli
I ttlJkiiqc
I Yrj1 result Is that lic Cornier nro
IM nllotfed little bettor thnn starvation
t pricfs for their milk Three cens a
l 1 flUfcrt l t llhlgh prjco for them to re
cslve altnoliRh the comumers arc
chargert S cents u quart leaving u
4preflt of cent n quart for the dealers
hut they do not ulwnys Ret 3 cents
tt junrt In the summer time when
i iuik plentiful the price sonctlnes
J 1 rC3ni low as iy cents a qinrt The
St If rct > i alrt by the consumer does not
jlway4 drop In pioporion
1 1 I fhtfnrmerJi in Nrw Vomit Now Jer
5 l ttY Conhtctlcut Mgmuchupcttn nnd
M pcnnsvlviinn who inLi their milk to
i Ahc city havn more luau Jjorooxi In S
i yetnetl In this < burners which brings I
tuon ic ncr returns I
h PV6 power of Attor el
f Zj ATcr suiTrrrv nt iw hulls of tip
CAr Awltrs for a lone time they at last gutS
S S I 1
I togetlw and decided to do something
They save power of attorney < o three
of their number to contract with any
company for the delivery of all their
milk at n price that was not to tall
under 2Vi cents n quart That was
oeven ywtrs ajro The men who were
Riven power pf attorney were J C
UUmcj of Tloga Centre N Y Ira L
filell ot K nwood end P D lkwi of
Trumarnburtr Every year since then
the farmers have renewed these powers
ot attorney In the hope that the com
EJSyM wtid v ituaUv be organised
nnd thAt they would nt last be paid ill
falrprleo for their milk
Each time that thelrpUns have been
very near completion however they
have teen confronted by the anti
2n M law nil the ry1 hllRbeen
ralted thnt they were bon upon orSIlI1
icing trut Lawyers have advised
themthatthelrproject would not corrie
in conflict with lUla tlltlJte8 but de
p tethIJltholnplttlllfttl w 1olilve
thought of Intwosiinir themselves ImthS
enterprise have bucked out throush
fear of rroflfcHtlon S
Bilk uffrust Idea I
lrnnnetilli T
I The farmrs l ° Pt to have their bill
I pal rd so us toremove from their proj
I cot nil 8cmblntco or n rust It ij true
thnt their Idea Is to control the milk
I upp y of the metropolU but they wih
their control underthe upervigion of
ctyuuid4uto authorities
iSffi ffl0 lo give eve tV dllrr b t
I nr RaViiot1c HlPd and ptiAteurli
milk i2Bt ndot the 4000 small dealM
wattor throughout the city in T mIf
or CM unsanUory quarters they would
wtnbjlsh their own depots at whToh n
high Irandad of cjoafflnew wou d > 0S
maintained thThT would forbl IItlttdle
things on the < < east side of Now YorJt
rhop1VIflOnlot the bIll to b 4
sented 10 the Legislature will pre trit
the rllrmtllI COllllln trom
mom rid tnr
prices nad wlll tlImlnllt the dtUllltl
rt an nlilondout tenet
S ttt1b Mil tW11GC l bttt2 Ilkto t
duccra tAiocatpn Jill3t itht j8tte
Leginlattire the nrmere cmpaniMn
make short work of any ffi + UtIli
or comtutiattons MUchttW nowS tt
Mlstcnre It dJltIJot matte how tch
such Jm tii may be lrtbeftul1i ltijdo
n t tvn1 Ihntn their Ilk fhtov r h1iHt
compete with heiJTOducerl coricr
S a
Int1 Jlo Bottle lotte Loin S Attairi
Gentteiuqnmp 8aiti 1 uEirtrat J
In Ueiirliiiniiillna IrUpn i
iI lit Court
Charlts Upidyke ot No 233 Eighth
street Jersey City manager of the
Lauter Maiufacturlnfe Company ttd
Edward Cole sal1ofDnlel Cole a
mtlllonalre ftirlst were rcDrlmahdcd
rodllylJyJtge It jrlns ln the First
Criminal QoJrt ot Jersey City for hav
mar lougtit on thplatrlj over woman
UltJ1O ssiiie > > ar iOta titUrs
gentlemen Mild the Judao iicn of
> our poalon In Booltty should not
iBH in the street If you niue t 1be
nwls let the court decide
UpdyKe itid Uco illowed their
fancies to fix ubon the Memo yoiuiu
woman one ot tne glriJ In tile piano
tanory After the luuu heatre pet I
fonmanc was finished they htct on the I
ureet Qolu uparuided Upjyke in I
round terms which ooud be heard half
a block away Ho dec1aredbhol girl
had aM Mr Ujulyke had InsUltcd I
her Mr Updyko sad It was no suoh I
Then whether Inadvertently or int
terJonallj Is act kfluwn Updylte put
Ms hand behind his back OB If to dtaw
ojmothlng from the ilantjcroua pocket
Tea1 that he got a bi > w baween the I
eyes from Mr Cole Uwc was a mixI
ui > In lie street the ehd of whlcli I
wasi the p3lM court scne o < lay The
Judge dltchnrged both men
To the People of
New York City
Open Letter from KILl Hearted
The following letter will be of treat In
terest t < > our readers It brdathcs the true I
pint 91 rtnrlty ot helping others May It I
o Ibu RCJ that Mr Carpenter hopes for I
To the People of New lark City
Although I miy bo unknown lo you yet I
1 MIo my expcneiico will carry Ue I
weight that p rnrtnr > mi alwnys xhouM I I
brllcvo In doing good to ray fellowmen I
and In m > vay calli help them better than
In pointing out tlxi road to health
Hyomcl lli treatment that cures ctar h I
without stomach totlug him done mo to
nuih Io i > d tJitl want everyboly to know
of 118 merits I had a very bad case of
catairli nod Hyoinol completely cured tne
I have recommended It tu 11I1 nnigbtors
and tIity ini hnvo been cured Now I
vnnt everyboiy In ull pant of the country
to know what Ilyumel hai done for me
Vincent Ohio
Hyoniel coutalna tlio healing Lalnimt that
are focniJ In the Hf upon tn mountanu I
where cntalih h unknown It Aearuyr all
ntnrrhRl cornu lu the Air pnnsages of tho
Iliad threat and lungs and makes com
ilote cuirc > I
A ronitiloto outflt Costa bat II while eitra
lioltlei cm be obtained for 60 cents Ask
Herman A o to eliot you the Uroni I
cunratiteo under which toey sell the treat
I mlllt
I Ueman ft Co Th Cnrporallon un
Itroailnny or nl ninrlir Mall order I
tilled prvuptl an receipt ot price
1 I
5 IIILtJlTh1
waia6 I r
5 f
I t j
c4 5i
C T 1s
4 I i
8 saoooO
fm i
fo JJ I
Ii 5TGta Vet
rt tylyooy
Naw YotR S
Inspector Brooks JestifJES that
AccusedPfllice Captain Par
son ally Participated on Nov
30 and Made Arrests
I Ite trial ofPolice0 ialf thrfjwt A
TIe formerly of the Mencar street
station charged with allowing pool
rooms arid other dlscrdTiy resort to
n jrlsI1trhls Twwlnct wM Towned
b fcpe Deputy lae Oommtaiianer He
Avoy tody Deputy Conunliulonor
LIriiile Again acted AJI prosecutor and
the two deputies gwt alpng very well
Before any wltnuses wer called
Jacob ftouM counsel for Copt Tlyhe
irot up and tM that the charge made
t > n A n w pnpi > r after e Int hearing of
the cue thlil the defense WAS In col
uslon with certain of the witnesses for
the prosecution i who have proved ob
stinate was absolutely untrue
Borough Inrpactor Nicholas Brook
was then called to the otnncl He laid
hat on liD 80 acting under Instruc
tions from Commissioner MeAdoo he
sent Policeman Marie to a poolroom
at No 127 Mncdouipl street and that
Mark made two S bets marking the
bllli with htm shield number
Ho then sent for Cnpt Tlshe told
ilm what he had done and accompanied
by Capt Tlghe and number of police
men raided the room making1 number
of arrests On one of the prisoners he
raid a good deal of mency was found
It was corceaid In the lining of hit
mt In the lining of his clothing nnd
In hli shoes In the lot was one of the
marked t5 bills he said
Asked If Oapt Tlshe had participated
to the actual raid the Inspector laid
that he had arid that ho had done
oversiMnar In his power to make It a
successful one
At the coiicluklin of Inspector BrookB
teatlmony Mr Llndslsy naked for nn ad
journment until Wednesday afternoon
next on the ground lh > 1t1t was useless
to proceed further until tho refusal of
Cio contumnclous wltnceea Thomui
Callahan and Theolore SaliwacUe to
testify hail been settled by the Supreme
Oxirt Argument In this matter is to
conic up In the Supreme Court on
Tuesday Mr McAvoy granted nn ad
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Drldg Sduvcnlrs will be given to Every
one present dont fall to attend
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fit guitrantced cut full seamed and
taped properly a genuine bargain
at 1 19c
Boys 29c Waists 19c
In neat new patterns of fine
mmlraa or outing flannel Russian
negligee or waist with buttons
sizes toll 1 19c
boys Suits 4c 195
I Boys fancy Overcoats prices
were up to 450 sizes 2 ½ to 6
I boys belted back Overcoats prices
wore up to 450 sizes 5 to 15 Eton
Russian or Sailor Suits white linen
collar sizes 3 to 10 large nergo
Sailor Suits were 400 and 450
sizes 3 to 8 black cheviot and
fancy mixed school Suits sizes 6 to
16 choice t s 195
Boys Pants SOc
Boys Pants In blue black or
fancy cheviot or strong corluroy
best Pants made at the price50e
139 Lace Collars 103
Lace Collars Point Vonlso In
cream and ecru 7 Inches deop
suitable for childrens dreS2sltO
Childrens 100 Shoes 85c
Childrens Shoes goil sprvlod
blp Shoes for tchocl box calf hca
spring heels filzos 834 to ll8oc
1 Money Saving for Every body 1
150 Table Damask 911e
Table Damask 72 Inches extra I
heavy full bleached Irish witln dam
ask four handsome iMittetns the
weave Is just right not too fine
but woven BO that when laundered
It will look like a J200 Damask
yard OSo
I 110 Napkins 79c
Napkins 200 dozen 18 Inch
I heavy all linen half bleached
broken check patterns a rare
J chance for the restaurant trade I
quantity limited1 dozen 7Dc
ppfl SSS pspep
29c Stationery I8c
Cabinets containing CO nheets fine
quality Paper plain or ruled nnd
GO Envelopes to match ISo
Scotch Kisses 9c Doz
A small price for thcna well
known Candles dozen 9c
Whipped Cream Chocolates 22c
One of the vcry popular Candles
sold now We have had n pedal
lot made oxDrossly for this cola I
and they are fresh and all right
lb 22o I
L e p 6 pee Sae4
f tIJt i >
j r

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