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The evening world. [volume] (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, February 10, 1905, Evening Edition, Image 14

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y tio < itbU Pirk How New
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f 1 IfJL YY1 3 h YMW > u > j > > NO < p87QL
t4 1iyl us t J9 ipih A Burr Baking before the Brooklyn1 Bar Associa
i1 UJm utte fed a warning against tthe danger from the 3CCU muJation of
tlJl 1i O1 V w alt lnthe alldsoftheJew1J
t wiG6rprjrat iJbweii said tlie Judge tan be curbed by law with the ale
1t ef 1fa liExccutlrcandaMnip6teAtpro < iculngolticer But he asked
ri t9rI ltho it suggesting a remedy for the accumulation of enormous
j < l lttiIUlei l1dsofanlndlvJduaIY A combination of such men and
FIJ i w Jrtva ngthefl ld ofpolitics and seeking control of tfte poyerp
tlt ntilqmtsJ baslsof plutocracy which is Ieqf wealth
i Jl J3 irrsuggesedthatif fthereJsa remedy tsjn the hands of
y 9Nhebar With due deferenc eft9t opinion we should
1AP1tMQaw trs rejh main dependence oftiepjutpcrats
U Wb Mwould John D Rockefeller hiS Billion Dollars be but for
st of the corps of astute legal genUftrjftrt iyho have enabled
I Y 1f Jhe laWsof tQ breakvthem with impunity Whobut tlie
I tr i Pf J1 t tn bled the organizers and wreckers of the Ship
1 f IIJ1 tt hold on to their millions and k ep out of jail Whom
irff cJ9 Jndiyfdu membersiof the Bet Trust with their many rnHHons
i fjJ 1 qed weaithi rely upon to protect them from punishment for their j
t f tp YYlolition6f theiaw a dthe ordersofthe urt Whom but the
JItlH l I
r ft entlbnj is better than cure for the eyjl and danger mentioned by
Ie Biirr Repeal the duties that fost monopoly enforce the civil
h I nal1aYsiagalnsttrustsandcombmesaQd provide fbra iStiff tax
Nt i large Incbmesrthus mayspntething be done toillmlt the danger But
M vytn who are Engaged fighting plutocracy are scarceas icicles
l eJnfemattecnonsl
It l
i P
W4 I1tc natC Gpmmlttee on Taxation has resolved it Is said to op
ii1 P I p alol the tax on savings banks Why should we throw
i lwt YnYi 1 900 of reverot lIt one o the members asks
ho ldb re aled use
JijmY gi1 tJS tax o the savings of thepoor
t Ii tBQ partes In theIr pjatfo ls plIcltly promls Its epeal
1 ij V iHlg nS pledged hlinself In his l tter of ptancea d In
lll lto f yr the repe andrecomrnended it in hts message
M trsonilpropertyodherlch atmostw olly e pes tax t1on
iJJfjQt a 9utr g t injustice ipiax the sayingsxiftn poor
1fiJJiN J <
f i tr 3Ii t raJe f 09 25 per centitoiTpe birihs isin awjful
i Jt J aJ1or v u lnJ t the t t r mqstnwnerous amop
ti rorn ipreV llab use Dr DarUngt I1ftr d ntl pft e
J 0itj i Hea1th < rbutes the h hilnf ntdeath t to tqt niJlk wldt
Ii ti W Iheteni l lJ elwhoiarep i QhMb Jh L 9usaQd
ii f rroe hd prod themilkarCre ivIngisu llwp cesJthalt
itlt ra fl t e l gthclrJh qs r gQJngQ tofibuSJn i W1iIte
w dIi g j J h asJ 0 eidnFt injffie rc IKt Pt Mann i biclt
f J dj tH outhly jn Ingptthe MiiKE hang is a dJl wef
t Jt JaDe nLI J 8
i r iii f rtner t C IVJ g l navtrage of2 4 nt 9J artfQl hl
IJ f h I lr a 1Str rtliithemUkJor mIl cerit Jartmak
lj iIJawg t 1 tf3 J fr n i 0 uliiiji 9ss bf t Jpure rP1 Uk
1 j J1f r in TWsibtherftc whlclilthe p O i P Y for old nd
Inreservt v e meuru6 wII Iem bat mell an
1 r1 1 1 0 J t
iftdd tlOlMndofchifllrerib f mbalin ngtheirl1 tle stomachS I
G l tit ih11bieJ iit af F y w nthd o feWr n
jl Jj 1 1 t I il f nj k 101 r 1
r J
lttMf aYt t T f 7
Mt M rH 114 >
l 1W PfT w sl < H Lf S > < iW 1 JV i
i mIiN riD itu
i TOjipi S t1vvt I ND i
KWitlgwifjf MJtjt jij jjjjt aii f i i
C jifig tfilT > UI rV i u I T1 t 1 nJe ur Old 1 S to
M f v YI f14 ili fI ifw Sob t theb fi f tS fa ea K nt
iftfHir t1itP Jo diessenY J es for a fewdlys1 ThreV
ir f y i PP W y w v i T FtiWjJCO v w w
Ihl b llieJlmtr1X d lhtJicdcrtlseinentl1 line QfappUcants ad
Iwh i i drs9 jfif nrtt w aHritQtt i treetlt e insurance agents
II 1A nfl tiat rt per7Ctii t11 PPt Ca cvertso f
u l 1ft
1 WI ru fil j oW1rigt e reaSrt bien sof hee tli
rJ 2t 1 fi i15000ft 1if ntm P l J edilntlie clt yo It
I 4jjf ObIeni t lh4r s rces of the d tv O V etnmcnb nl1iof
plliiillh j mWJlf 1 w 4e i f9lof th 1Y9f u
i iili Y i i I9tribyf through the usual channels employments
iWy fiJt M uJkiAluii4ihnri11ietiii1f jir 1 iArMA 4i v oAttt4i < t1ti
an isl1
lSO QW merely asa matterof public
1tQ iSkMonsxfJiumarilty
oJt W Ii
t1i j tJJ1XI I NI
r g BPY Yl 9 W QQijRED
I t t r n avenue from ite Columiila University group
j l ftl tulk a on ln t h I h e ld bt ween th e t ee th
rIW cli l si Yih swa refiaShc walktd nd uffedOther I
B1 iU jajnrjvfp hSd1 e4IP V
i t 3lCU These too
1 thfty BalkedVere they notako fsmoklng like men
XW 5t JaTpjpe althdilgfilt is 1 1 ne saY a jprofitless yet is honest
r gar etherVJs no utob claimed This Is why the
H IWttlj the I tr tes Ver i m pre foo11s toadegre thantl1e one
Uit 1ei
ifeal hbweverithatlt mu t b th waste iiand harmful hablls
frowiipsthatthe schoolbbofthe daythinksit manly to copy
fe Fptjnenwjipdo not rnridr klhgninu nso t or misery a Milk
jJWs f ltli I lpip on New York should offer great opportunities until
l l f JI fiWYork con encewakes pi r
< J
i i J jr 1
JJ Hedley promisesThe Evening Vprld moretrains forThird
f iit IHsWis ittt preparethepeople 1ortoo great a joy when the
J Jf Q dsha1con1 doyn
< IW
j d I from Evening WC Readers
It i te tIClcknISht this torture of delay and over
j ri IJW 1 or O Th JQnln World crowding Is ladled out unstintedly
pLIswpuldillko to know nhylt Is they Y A Sprlngflcld Mass
lti1 It ftjj I arly every big street in lite Not nuIiolalvd Cane
I tWtiuti negitct Houston street one TOthf
Edt6r of T1loJ1fnlnlt Worldl
t th I udcit eiti of Broadway and a J am paylnfffor steamheated apart
s n thorounhfare C A ment with a gas range In kitchen Half
1 v Ssf Rnn4Oel the time we have no steam and all
fe 41 last week no gas to cook
Kfe or teo by 1
IjUfjIMM y ° Nw 111 heartfelt lIInll World thank for have spoken to agent and janitor till
Jbasaa r I am tired Nfbtablt of notice Is taken
A111 ir IOf thiuedlIbUIjIaYI giJC Water last week poured down all Our
1W com nr n or
my kitchen for two
If ou days spoiling
14I tJtmIt jllttll ill T > ww delicate everything Vet they never came to lee
aa e ot what damage was ilonq Tgday U Is
iNituw Wwb pourm down agaM What redress have
iJ I cr fc reA4lrl T AU
kL 1
ti I
7 j li
ylfI r I I I
UI n j
I im j c Tr C
I C tt J 171
i 1 I
Sa Lotk
t I
the Side
TtHE typical ciidel cn e aI
I Maftlitrate rretlhne itr
bejlnnhtg t tf diinec hAll ItII
lnterin Jtte slaje In a flalnei Ifti
hotel ndltsctd In a dlsrfputnble to
t It Is K0 rolUe lali < < ut by tho
liwJslatlvfl hypocrisy which has conrt
luted lAenalnes hotel ii iiafWn > jou
on the road to Wn iFoMjcp McCarty
deflnoa rtaineilaw hotel11 asubiwa
Whose i terminus Is lieil date A fop
rewniatlvo hotcr of this character tfi
Arsenal h tf six moivu rsford
toit dcatlisofi mystery CT VulfrMti It
s a shameful rwcrd
i f
Aphorsm for Mr Hcdleys consider
UorifA train lit the Bridge Is worth
two at Worthsreot
i V
VlenneJM man of science says < tha
womens brains move raorcquiclily Iflai
men > Loft for tHe mlsc Yri lttOIIIi
that larg lodlcs mov slowtst >
> r v
You have perhaps notW that aph4l
h Mplaxtd the fi > ul Uroktn > ton
roadbed lit Subwtiy 8tqU6ns a
promised ome months age
Kw > cioty abandons brtje for skat
Is predicted the worli which amuies
Itself iwlth card wlU be li > dbj 1io the
Gormnna fcr lanothec pwufluir cam
Tbo TaUh rlond UiU3 oireidy riven us
euohre and Dlnochle Cribbace trldit
and wihlst oame from Ertgawid Poitir
as now played U a native product
1 Do yftttitan iotay to VdonJ
flat any trouble in keeping joiir
tiife dreiied in the height of
Ttiattwhat j tatd tiy inutile
coma vihtn I dont keep her
drened tllanal Chicago
It1 seems Wit a elk Jiat does not
oomfir Immunity from arrest on ttJe
pitteir TOediauncUononce claimed or
the rtlk hit a a bulge ot reopeotabillt y
departed seme yeoiB offo
Norfolk engraver who hu Inscribed
the alphabet on aplnhsad might turn
his Siiitd to rcportlrijf ltortht
Ho brefuGOII tp VlWt Wdows
Club > Limit totheiaudactyof v n
a Bluebeard1
Qnetter New Tork consumes lSSJOM
quarts of milk dally Number of
pou dloq formaJdehydiswallOTCod with
It hot reponI
i I t ti
Subwa ekprew runs f romt Ninety
alrth street to toe tiridge In eleven
minute tnro iteeond Miwt liave out
Worth atreet out of tts ch due
JPexMj t fottxwi IVnneis lntaaJri
buchelort Kansaii stwrted this pro
teotlveIefdslatlon from Intereeted mo
iMvps but lthaji i be n underelood In tha
North > th alSou thero lrkw ieiWt In
rt tf1 ilOt
1 1
Jiarl of Durttam < iu bc ntel ngI
I ml m ir Dlrhalnlb1l Btyrle of blnfUi
Wllediln airbygolf tJolIlr1Utt be token
wlU ajgraln of salt vCustomary over
iWe tOiUl th n witha high ball
Ida Her comet Chollv Callow l v l j
r 1 1Iijre r u CZl i
i Indeed WnA fi 01
L o 4 wiflW loJ j
i 7 1d p l ew r J i
iChlcagxi thugknocked out a tlotlra
with aloat Of brxs d ConflnnaUonf
the61d adg iat Ua the wockman
nnainot ti Jtoo whichi count 4
p I x
r dintingof a nearo Janitor nave been
mng on < he line at th Chicago Art
InsUtute Notd color IIM either
tboreU4i tenement home I
wtw may f e l gted tbat 1to y wronot tJia
royal baths of Italy The Italian
q n tI = t1 no Is
afflicted wltha fh oryV which Iheill
putting iwto practice Her Idea is that
cddldrehi fcom f e very drat mootos ot
tiitli existence must be hardened a
pnocewwhlc6lther Idilao O1letotHeI
three ditldren seem to thHvo nJer It
p bwtitwlllevldentily be cure wltto
them tnifmcanirtillo hoy tire supreme
y uncomfortable TJio Pruicestes Yo
landa and jUiifalda rep tlvely thrc <
and two yeni of age beclnthe day by
tdng their cw Inn room atU
d rMsi They ore token from their
warm feeds and plunged into cold waitrj
than Wiey are drcesed In flannel tut not
mu iotit and wjtihi bare legs Tho
palace Is unny but unhMitedi BO that
Uiey muil moVe to keep waqn They
are slkm d to go bajxiheadcd tato the
5 Xien eyeii < In thts ArotlflweBtheT Wielr
little blue legs tirlnkllng nJbout In the
moat frUky way Even when driving
Hie little calves are ejcposed but they
both suffer dreiAfully from chllbttlnB
BartlI think I Icmlcffea
poem on tht Baltic Fleet Do
you think Itwouldtakef
Friend No it iiiure tobt re
turned Chicago Jietct
Words fall from trace There Is
jvllnJnwhlch carao from the re
xpeotable pedigree of villa But can
not cadet bo rescued frym the mire
Into which u hal undeservedly been
wist Why not shlmsha tho ex
prciglve hiss ot contempt with which
casti tide mothers designate the moit
ilrsplcubte of men 7
Athletic trainer says that people
who take up walking as nn athletic
exercise and not merely as a ready
made means of Ipcomatldn may have
the satisfaction of knowing thnt this
tamo walking Is really iccognlzcd as
the best general exercise In practically
every lilnd of special training Your
champion boxer or jumper or football
player founds his schema of training
upon walking llie modern champion
may be said not to run but to walk
Into form
Unprecedented demand nt thii Chica
go Automobile Show for automobiles
for farmers anJ ranchmen Tho lace
curtain and piano stage of prosperity
seema tohan been left In the sporJtrj
H W S1 + I IIi fi1BJ 11 > 11 lli11 T r I w jiji J i 0
1 < jS 1 Ir l W itI r 1 h tw I irI M h MM l I IJu n 1 1 jii I h I It t I u r <
Iitfi I 1 l 1h 1tr Ji If > II tVXi tlk e Jt f
J 1i I j l 111 IJrW > JilWli J i it i > V
e Ivs tl1
y 1iry t qfj ptl t1
1 IV 1 Slip Is Abo a flreatHelp id tu p Votf Can S ehl This Instf nJ
F > J A i j
t I
I A advJces ttcm
tho ITI t
W9r1d A Phtladel
phfaowm a n has
tuwj hw hu bia
oriiivprce Bheder
i ttiat l yOO
e uf tbe Pjrlta
shY waa kept In
fomwof W moe
mn t c1Ww beU1
or or not h
w COnJIIIC O1lonteIfor
I inlpcler ltnotlWbf
not and IJ so when
bo Button ittoe coffee
bnVwouIdjkhinktihatthh art enough
> lschiefm k i Qf human orlglnrwlth
ot falling ttie plrlt world into play
But perhap the Philadelphia wife has
lit UPI ia good ecdtemt for making
tho plrlta l fut to ot rthanthe
mediums1 who exploit them for a llvng
plrlU must CQtp6nIf09d < l cheaper1
inn4p ectlve arid If thecourlcJe
cldet admit their Ustlmoiiy cffln
t ioni from thovMty deep may become
rec9grilied of future divorce
lu Indeed tI Y may ultimately
wiiy with lawyers and Hetty qreen
lay live Ho we her dearest nmblUon
At any rate it ougit < o be possible
to save balJ iho expense incidental to
ecurlnar a divorce at the present time
l > r meJIitna are opowerful oiid eplr
H 5 00 iitrAciabto that the name Little
irlght Eyes might interpret the tes
111I1Iony01I wxxre of eplrit wltMsses I
noth sldMi Still Vat fact of taking
1 fee on tx Vv sides sufficient to dl
> arca lawyec and maybe If Little
Iright F or any other alleged
control exercised in oourt the athai
I nvr ver iWlity the displays aa eeance
rvd appeared aHwnitely for plaintiff
al derfendtnt she might Become slm
I Tty InvxAved
The Philadelphia woman1 testimony
ua to the sound practical advice fur
Ished her by the spirits Is the best
dyerUsement Spiritualism has had In
0 long time Kxperlence with the in
habitAnts of itho spirit world who com
114h KO AR EKWI 01
the s News Dete jv 5p titsMr N gg > tr Ue 4M
BTNlxoJaGre le1Smlth By PLnv LM rCPipd n e
munJcate throng medlujiu generaHy
leodj one to bellove that they con ne
theJr counsel to vague unpraclcal gen
crallUw or tho lngJo recommtndattoiv
to iiell all your ponitislons andgive
tbe proceed to < hs cau MTt1 t they
con nctuaJly be made to tell whon > to
Put tha coffee < pn ii rVd Uon which
may furnish unpunctuaj huibanda with
a newexcuse but it n 7erthelM of
er at pfncttcaJ wdy to the hou Wtlo
And even the mart fllrntioai huabnd
wilt think twrlce befprs Induljing hU
tend ncy to lentlment oUtlldothlI
ownIjqmlt h reiieiB thttthem b
alwaykii detective iptrtton hU traiL
Little Willies
Guide to New York
nesesiltynore no law and maby tnotii
why Borne foke think tharea no neses
slty for the > dlstrik aterneys offl thl
dlstrlk alterney oml a plaice wei
stokked with pljjenhpales and a stool
pdjjen In each thV Jenlleman cutting
slsgret coopoM with auh mlst r
Jerrome In oilden dalae the dlstilkat
erneys offls was Jwunduqkted on a low
bayids bul poppasal mlsterj nome bat
chalnged the lokayhun and now kon
duckta It on a Wuf mister Jerrorae als
theiaxis miller than the sord of Justls
and pittonts are pending for Jerrome
proof doors and ad vane orders i hav been
eekured from um pcple nalmed kan
feeld and eclju wlicn mteter Jerromes
5001 of Justl begglia to cltzcl he puts
a stop to gammbllng and every gamm
bllng Joynt In town Is purmenently
klftawd untlll the kBpper1 hawl In the
nexst aukker th dJstrlskt attorneys of
fis kontiaiies um of the finest footbol
and gort plaleri in ammerlka goff Ua
nranmy paaatlme and Is sumthlng like
dlstrik atternylng you hilt the haul ana
the man that ttnda it GUM the salm
day wins the galm ApTEr JNI
1 Wa8 t in the Picture I
I A I iLe
l Farmer A few mora whn r1 Great cornstalk f J 1
youre a aoner Mr Coon
t 6
ftoo AY
I FovNc J >
40 NI S
you aro
Everybody sees how
you neglect me and
110 jryou nefleet
your home It < w
rny iattrnoOD and I
hd some perfectly
lovely people here
Mr ADd xr Lady
Iktwre her
1 Ntd iaTeUI1
OYI rtr b IDfOJr
caitalllh hu 1Ii14rb anCloneol
thoie ew f h4onbl r din otM She
Justwanted ito nah i Wofman4
Juld before everybody < DMtin how
well that Orwi of your wear I wlh
I had gotten one whoa you diarut j
an njTway I set tired of a thing If It
wears too well1 Mr Sbntg wu1 r
too He and Mr I adyflngcr htve be
com recftncllftd th y have no much of
Wiifual Interest beJ both oolloftt
b i1 itI sna frJ ydnxtr Hid
adilgjhtuIfrlen a Mr Clarence Mar
m08 i they VaJktd o their old blfh
echool dayn for tour and gave their
college r ain Ohd arvrhel Oh dear
hiel Amoui Jaa terrfrl llthlnl to Hel
F dire and fury I Oat two thresh
Thdr basketball team defeated the ter
rte Vanarlllrlotpv Mr Jlartno
Ntt recited Exc rpt fromLuclle and
ahqwed Mr Ladyflnjer the new em
broidery stitch They both have lace
loom and are going to exhibit at the
L dee Itandloroft Exhibition the
Waldorf Of courtI know that noth
Ins reflned ejpalitd you butMr Mar
motett eat for the celebrated painting
Mamma Boy and he wIIthe martyr
A Matter of Space
H 711UtlirJTJAA LlJff
Ht oSAIDMJM Yo 1iAV1N7 tiOf
A lI 1V1JrlAIlrt mOWH
Dncheller fll itii tedlirHuh Youre
to he married I hear
OMhamYes to JIlu Playne
Ha holepPoor chump I thought you
knew better
OldhAm BoIdo but none of them
would bv mePWtodeJpMa Frtu
of Cherry Hill being mobbed there
whenonly vent en forventuring oh
tl pilbllo playground Seventh ave
nue < nd Thirtyseventh lUeet In a
Fftuhtlcroy costume
Brother Willis came in for a little
whIH He WM In great tplriU having
nltJoundll lot oflead pipe joroewhera
In Harlem In a deserted house He
took thetgreateat Intereit In Clarence
MarmoeeU who Ijut about ht own
age acd waj very anxious i tbathe and
Url dynngec ihould come with him
to thJoUyPaUbeannCub rooms
om night But Mr Mannooett cald
bIWM afraid tby might be trough
wlf htm you knowh bw the prettleat
IHtls Hipbut on Brother Wille ict
cl11npromlelltbat1they wouldnt do a
thing to him h promliedao come If
tM i Jolly Pallbwaew would wnd e cab
for him Brother Willie laid iev tnl
member of the JoJly Pallbearer1 had
cabs Now you ee there are rich
young lrien bdongno lam nure thy
arh not nlffhttiawk cabnienBo there
will Wollyjilmw atth club know
Ah v uaeillrNauID cpWe ox your
example Drotier Willie la fond ofre
flMd Mmpany Ha could hardly keep
hi haiida off young Mr Marmosstt
and wan especially ttruck with the fact
that Mr I dyflngera favorite flower
waathe lsllUid Mr BmlgV wo Illy
ofth valley
Mrs Tjmlyflnger quarrelled again
with her husband nbout what WM ihli
i aaoh fnrtilonable shade and ehe got
BOanRry thai riho said ihe would top
his ependlnsr money oMO cent j s wt k
nrid thflwouldnt renew his suhscrlptlon
to tho Toung I ulle Home Journal He
orJ d ptWully buttrhedldnt stem to
care How would you like to have a
iteUk that Mr Nan how would
you like to have iwlft like that Oh
dont IPOIk 10 me You are a brute
and take I1 lnitcre > t in nice people
rNllfr1r 1
1 r f1I rs i tg
N 0 es 0 i L r
r1CEI tl1 1
By Henry Tytretiit 4
i Hi c6nlribute1diliwthirpoiUoijWi E i J
mor NIhtwtlu recent i V
emy Exhibition J wasaccostedby ilit I
tentl111 bU o lp i UD
ealng L
Do you know it 1 I > altvoatt
of mine to easociateth n n Y i
f painter feUatiti w < h cm I
11 3 of your retpectlye y 6rkii
or PIIC t of fQId N rI
ample Chase always U IO
n raihbpwan Ideal whiah bI il
C ch eJupwfthlJ Alden W I =
something wpird about WniK
UlIaam Is awayward child I
ii mi SehreyypgeJ Iml kof r
ken Will 111 name recall thlltifOllli
tide willow I or th > wllV Wp
which hepaints BOpacefultyi WW 1
the dewy mnwhee ot If0 J i
Tilridj TooUlOwthotII1r 1
thaws and 8vyrn Mre ms lii
has oopyrlffhtcvl fflniJ lo eM1A
i tM catalogue But Ih yenty toM <
the slgninmnce Wiyour > wri omjwUI v
peculiar paironymlc w pearth
li > Ve1t trtri iuiw nu d tbq pstrt
with a dreamy abatraoted lookiji tdJf
eyes from my point > f TUf
cftvtoua au tIn of dcartb otioIdIii
> V Iii
iA Thi > day Evoalr fa thf Wl
dcirfAstorla hi InllrJo tAtt
Jtopday WM tho iliOto Musksalj Mocof
ling on occasipn MIIlltdtUaJ
Walker ottbe MolrojiolUan er
sang half a dozen delicious ni er
w3 > ilc Sir Plcnro HcorMt onei < f WJ <
Innumerable violin virtuosi with whioH
tlie town this season Is lnfeted dl4
some dlfflciiltbut unfortunately no
tenpoaiSble bowteg dwWeaWpjaat
iltunteMrDtillbY1slbaised thl
smartes and rltheit femJnlne clfenteC
In New York for these quart Jop l
leven levees In the grand ballroom of
tl hyphenated hostelry AlUli hand
painted chairs and golden loges art
Invariably occupied by the fio tr ol
fashion and artistic priitocracyt pa
the embowered stage under the shadel
of the sheltering palm lurta trI
dore Luckstone at theM ptano to ac
company the prctiy prim donnallri th
picture half It U more r jn thta
Par talQnd o convenient for
dainty UttJe midday I Junchtcai nie
ward Last Monday was the final
morning muslcale of the present series
butMr Bagby hw arranged for on J
evwlr concert oi Tbumday I
at 9 oclock The tic t4war tG11I4
the boxes from PI to WObut be cari
fui about purchasing them of iMewiuML
speculators 1
g t l t
UATS thai the band Ii pll f
WHATS asked old pIId Cone J
ton who Wal niertalnl g
two Japanese merchant prince at
Cavallerla RuaUcana aniwerAd tlM <
maltr dhotel
W ll you nem for me o li
out the nuiatlcana and Wy om
thing JnponeM J
UNK1 rfATflukrs We rot
Bumno arm and armoriit tb A
American Aft aalUrles brings tbv
spirit ofth J Barrural horns o us la
comewhai dramatlo ruhloril llihy ot
theae antique swords dagttrs tdlraetai
and breastplates extiuliit ejcamples WB
loving artistic crafunianchltv ttrtt
cured by Bunklo direct from noW
dalmyo famtlte wtio wouli rwvir hiir
varied with them but for the exlgeedpr
of I thepfMewtwar Jhcr e are > Y oty
battle tint which the anclent Ja
commanderued to carry on UM fl 14
quite In the mannerof Q h Or nti
hlstorio cigar JIeThJ turnlnji M
heirloom weapoju nto cfl h forttiVwmf
chtll BS hwok In ltsiw x MweHto
wonli Into plouehahirca1 tv
1l TOW ire know why owt plotur t
are bad U Is thaUllfe U t
short for the artlsU to accow
plbh things In nMla bIte Mm critic
really learn to appreciate a cldenil
good work they are dead Here Is what
the late EuJward BurneJoneii all1i bO
the matter according io the Illuimliti I
live biOgraphy recerttly given out by ill
flidow It akes on artlit fifty react
to learn to do anything and1 fifty t
learn what not to do and fifty to I tft
end find what he limply diilres to do
and SOO years to do Itaad when Urt
done neither e ven nor earth rnuci
need or herds It Well Ill peg away
1 can do nothing elsa and wouldnt UX
v lOHTNINO struck AnttmMawri to
L1qIITNINO Kauftman sale whMI
one of that fintimtntal Dutch
mans sheepandlandsoape canvaiea
brought < 0000 Since then It Is sur
prising what a lot of Mauvesptll fln
nd characteristic too we tturnlng < up
In the rfiops and auction rooms Th
trouble wibh this business though U
that llghtntflg never strike twicitattHi
eame place
The Fudge Idiotorial
WeDo Not Wantporsons who have bsen cornpui
to BeMaybr 11g the cubic contents of our
pocketbook suggest that WB
Copyrot 1905 planet Pub Co These young persons have
made a WRONG GUESS if t
they had used the Xfay they
would have learned that WE HAVE NOT YET PAfD FOR OUR
1 We WOULD NOT CARE to become Mayor UNLESS w
should be ELECTED
We have NEVER met Chairman Odell Wo would be GLAD
to If he would LET us
If our little Mayor can have his GASHOUSE CHARLIE
we ought to be allowed to have our ICEHOUSE BEN Tho
two things go together In politics
If wo tver DO become Mayor THE COMMON PEOPLE can
be assured that they will get FREE GAS We will GENERATE
We will a so put MORE SALT ON PRETZELS
Meanwhile the young persons do not NEED to become qulta a l
iJ fi
I j

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