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F iii y MA N T REA I E 1 B Y i i
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f Wholesale Indictments May Follow Case
ioA W Nunn Who Fell fraT Rail
road I Platform and Despite Protestsf
Received Only Prayer Treatment
> v
Friciids Appealed in Vain DistrictAttorney
and Board of Health Now that It IsTop
I Late to Saye Him Rigid Investiga
tion Will Be Made
I I r An autopsy performed on the body of Alderman W Nunrii thcac
couniant who died under Christian Science treatment hist rllght at his
tiomeiN6 68 Putnam avenue Brooklyn showed that His death was caused
by starvation and lack of nourishment As a result of this revelation and
from the fact that Coroners Physician Hartung who perforrned the au
topsy declares tliat medical aid would have prolonged the rnaris llfei fan
inquest will be held next Wednesday looking toward the indictment of a
Lr number of Christian Science heajers t
Assistant DistrictAttorney Elder of Brooklyn said this afternoon
t thatijf he finds at the inquest that Mrs Nunn wasiJriduced by her assr j
datcsiln the Christian Science Church to refuse her husband dcalaid
I whbksaieindlctmentschargingcrlminal negligence will befound against
t I Bill ii those who aided in the faith cure treatment fc I
prooaurn auchfcaie3r sild Mr
Elder mUlt Juim rlltl > careful Wo
have been searching the authorities for
BomeitJmo o seejlt1 w < xjud > Intcrfero
to Ui riutmacase mH we foundno
statute ttml allowed Interference until
dfterrdeatlvrNow tho code provide
l hatanr undue ne leot Pf an Injured
or sick person which results fatally
ha crime but we Q avon power w
look Into It until after death
Coroner Flaherty will summon to the
Inquest all of ihe healers of the Chris
tl w Science church MM Nunn attended
i whnt we canlearn If weiflna
h to seo
to the
Influenced thovproan
r that they
Extent ot Inducing her to neglect her
husband danger Indictments will to
ty U wu learned today that the Cor
1 V1 oner the PlstrlotAttqrtiey ndti1o
Brooklyn Board of Health had been np
peaiedto by friendsof Mr Nunnbctorn
his death and thatan Investigation twd
been made with the risult that tho
authorities found they could noilnter
tore before death 1
rell from Railroad Platform
Mr Nunnwas badly injured several
weeko ago by falling from the Yflnder
bUt ivenuo fUtlon pf tho Long Island
littllroad He was taken to St Marys
Jlospltal where he was treated for two
weeks but finally persuaded by his wlfo 1
to return nome Mrs Nunn Is > Clwls
tlan SolonUst and she declared today
tblt her husband consented to undergo 1
tho treatment prescrlbcdjby her church
Friends of Mr Nunn called upon
c roner Flahcflty after the Injured I
man had been removed from the hos
pital to his homo TJiey Mkod for an
investlffatlon assorting that the man
would die If iho WM refused medical
nttentlbn Thereupon i Dr Phillips was
despatched to the hou oI1e vras met
Bt tliOdopr by Mrs Nunniand as soon
ube disclosed his mission It Is said
I he was Informed that he would not be
nllowed to see Mr Nunn unless he
promised not to prescribe modlclnb or
uggwt treatment that would Inter
ifere with Christian Science
I Told He Couldnt Intorforo
The physician gave his word that ho
would not Interfere am Waa allowed
to seo tho sick man Dr Ilillllpa re
port dto Coroner Flaherty that unless
t Sir Nunn received medical attention
he would Bunoly die The Coroner
thereujpbh took the matter Dis
trictAttorney Clarke andwas advised
that iho could not Interfere In tho mat
t ter until the man dledMr Clarke sug
o ecsUd that theBoard of Health be an
J i pealed to
lhoDonroof Health throuirti Dr
I FoRftrty replied by letter when Cor
oner Flaherty requested that the depart
ment Interfere and compel tho employ
I ment ot a physician that them wan
ritt rule or law that authorized the
Board of Health to bronlUlnto a house
I nndjprtscribo for a sick man np matter
what method ot treatment he was
I r undergoing
Mra Nunn a Believer
Mrs Nuun frankly admitted to on
Evening World reporter today that sho
had advised Christian Bclcnco trent
I r mont for her Injured huitlmnd
Y I am a Christum Scientist said Mrs
1 t linn to an KvcnliiR1 World reporter to
dr and believe In Its olllcloncy In
t r J purlne all Ills of the loa 11 and mind I
talked tom husband about our troat
VpTotnt nnd he cnnsentcil try It I nnd
Borne of my fellowworshlppora In tlio
Jlrst phrliitlart Sclenco Chiirch In tl1I8
I J irouiih ndmlnlslercrt tlio treatment
t iIt
l DTirr Jol tlrI aell IIf c DruUIIli
I m l S
M l afi i tao 1ob iii i
r J
Joseph Segall Loses His Life
While Trying t Board a trol
Jey Car at Dead Mans
Curve in Broadway
Joseph B Segali in wealthy xshtrt
manufacturer of No 36j West 6no
Hundred and Eighth street w a jkllltd
while endeayprlng to bpard a trolley
arat dead mans euif JPlfteerith
trcet and Broadway this afternoon
Two icars wero roimdlnit the curve
whbn Mr Segail started in their dl
reotlon One car was tta l edtothe
other asn trailer l
In grasping for the hand rail he
ppeij and fell directly between the
two oars while they were stlll n rapid
motion Before the motorman of the
flrqt car could reverse the power Mr
Segall was crushed death
lII rbOdYwM carried to the eub
etatlpn of the Traffic Squad at No1
East Twonty oventh streot In hls
pockets the police found 3 In money
a chejsk for 1000 > and a quantity of
diamond Jewelry ho was taking home
to his wife
His home address was found on a
card and his wife was sent for Shll
Identified the body and was over
whelmed with l1rletatthe sight A
physician hnd to bo summoned to at
tend her she became so frantic and
hysterical Mr Sfgall waa fortynye
years old Besides a widow h leaves
three children
CoiiilKlon Duo 1o a General llrenk
doTii and Old lreRullriu
Miule nrllllIdlerGimerRi
WABHINGTOff March IBaen Jo
aaphjR Haiwloy who retired < mtho
Senate on March 3 last after a service
of twentyfour years and who waa
made BrlgadlerrOeneral on the retired
list of the United States Army by Con
gress In recognition of his valiant > er
vices during tlio Ctvll Wl1rIBI lying at
his residence In this city extremely 111
Ills condition said to be critical
His condition Is duo to ago aud a Gen
eral breakdown
Apnitol irltli Furtynno Ir lloor
Fell In Ilslit frith Tarkn
SALONICA European Turkey March
16Tho report that Apostol tho no
tnrlous llnlBiirlati leader hH hcfii
kllld b conllwcd A sharp ODBIIKO
incut tnnU plnoo ycstonliiy Itctwitn TiOO
Tmlfloh Indintry ami cavnlry unil it
strong band qf HufgnrmiiH at tlio village
of Hmilii niflv Olicvjall
Tlio llnlRnrluna wore defeateil with
the Ions of fortyrtNvo hlllcdi Including
Apjstnl The Turks tot three mon
lilllcd and had eight woiiulcd
Eat Wh l1teno tor IreokMtt ana bd tron r
WhoelUl li mid of jvlnttr Wlaatjhaa
w1U it 11 iW WII l
Jl j
WHAT WOJ lN Di 8 i t8R S1j B INNEW Qii i 1
c J I J rk f t I
II Ww ww I kii1i 1 i IT1
Messengers Who Pake Beta eJB en K M J ib 1Y i Inl gs ana they May Be Kept frottftifc j f j
I M Jl < J Ii
MetoPR lt Jrl +
I J i Ji j 1
t I ford 1 r lo N
IDocNe7tontsWHdPitch Gives South
erners Their Only Run in Opening
Inning Experjt SangteeD
scribes tne Game 1
V >
i f < > f r
1 1JY tLl8NiS NGR E
toTTi Eyohlnr Worli
Highlanders ya Montgomery
ijwmeor vf 0 o OvO Vo O 03
JflKTlUixUra 02 1 0 1 91 0 i
MbNTGf Y Ii Mnselt 18 if
Pitcher Hogg and Dpc Newton who
received hit title by having mads a sot
of false tcqh for a cigar Jor Indian
a emptedt laattCrnoonto hlpllcftte
the work ot Cldrfcson and Whiiely The
sun WM road g hot the maonolla
blossoms were in full bloom ind 600
rooters made tlio second game with
Montgomery a ripping1 success
Tha people down hew are certainly
game for although they cannot hope
to win the home team is cheered to
th echo for every good play and one
cat get a bet on any reaaonofljlo propo
1oday onehalf the bojw went out to
HckettBprlnii > i to tave two hours
hard work at batting practice while
tho regular club t pitied Itself against
the locals
arimtli IdOes not lib to sceahy one
ilttlbg on the bench so torday every
Highlander was kept on the JUmj
Chester and Kceler will arrive Satur
day and Elberfeld tomorrow Uouffh
city Joins at New Orleans thus making
the full complement excepting Chase
who wll undoiibtedly be compelled to4
h ldto hli contract
Tlrat Inning
Motewonh sliigled neatly to rlghi
Aw1 dthrdwto first by Newton en
aiblc4 Molcatyorth to get nil the way
ground Shannon popped ty Ycager ft
good catch Schwartz stun a beaut to
centre for n sack Anothe wild throw
bv Newton put Schwartl on third
Brouthflra out on a flyto ileager Con
roy got Gardners boost WE RUN
Conroy out Brouthertj to Baker
Shannon nnd Hnker retlrljFulti Quick
work by Brouthers and IJa putYae
gerdown NO RUNS >
8Oond Inning
Gilbert lOuta Williams to Klelnow
Baker fanned OBrlwi filed out to
HolycroM NO RUNS
AVUIIamss bunt was fielded to Baker
by McDonald In time Anderson got
third on prouthorss wild throw
IClelnow doubled > scoring Anderson
Klelnow scored Holycrosas tingle
Holycross took second on the throwIn
Gilbert made a remarkable one hand
catch of McQulrcs fierce long ilrivo
Baker put out Newton TWO RUNS
Third Inning
McDonald floated to Fultz Mnlos
worth scooped to nKldnow
got Shannons dewdrop NO RUNS
Conroy boat out a slow Inllotcl
grounder and got third on BnkerB
miss of a throw by McDonald Kultn
walked Ycngers lick to Shannon
forpd Fultii out at second Conrny
scoring Williams struck nut Ander
son fouled out to Brouthers ONE RUN
Fourth Inning
S died Conroy to Klelnow
Fultz made a nplendld runnlHR grub of
c rTN gR9
Highlanders Ionlgomery
Conrpy b MOlcirwortll d
uIt t Bhalllll > n I
l lfOr IS SchfMts
WIIIILI1UI ib BroUttiers 3b
Ajiderson If Mdner1f
I < lolnow lbf aifbertTrf
IJolycross rf Jaker ib
McOulre c OBrhsn c
miroann p 4 MoDonald p
N wton p
UmplrerJIr Brandt
Prouthers810hglmalli NeIVten toded
out Gardner NO HU
Klelnow filed out McDonald ItolY1
6POSS dropped a 8d one Into right
Holycrosg and Mctu re doubled up
Shannon to Schwartz to BaJcerT NO
Fifth Inning
Ollbert fouled Klclnow Yedgeforid
Klelnow roHrod Baker Hogg wej > t Into
the box for Montgomery OBrien
popped up to McQulre NO RUNS
Newton singled to left Conroy did
the sam ltorJghtFuHI walked fllllrw
tho laisca Fult IindYesrei doubled
Schwartz to Bhannon < o Baker New
ton swrlny Wllllarna out HosKto
Sixth Inning
Puttmnn relived Newton In New
York box Hogg lined Into PiKtmans
mMi Moleariorth walkeJ Shannon
forced out ilolciworth t Conroy to Will
lams Shannon Was forced on Sohwartis
grounder Yea er to Wllllyms NO
Anderson out Sh mnontoBaker
Klclnow walknlv Holycrqss filed out to
Molefworth Gardner took MoQulreas
lonffly NO RUNS <
Seventh Inning
Broutlior out Conroy itb Klelnow
Yeager nnd Klelnow put out Gardner
Ortbert out Williams to Klelnow NO
Baker ran to first wlthpuHman
grounder Conroy fouled to Brouthers
OBrien and Baker turned back Fultz
Eighth Inning
Baker singled to left Baker and
OBrien were doubled up Conrcy to
Williams to IClelnow Hogg out Conroy
to Klclnow NO RUNS
Vanef DlliHlcd Sliunnon Schwartz
and Baker doubled up Yeager and Wlll
Inmn quick work Anderson outDrouth
ers to Balder NO RUNS
Ninth Inning
Molosworth fanned Shannon filed to
Wllllnms ScUwarts struck out NO
Forecast for the thirtysix hour
ending at 8 pMFrlday for New
York City and vicinity pair and
warmer tonight Friday partly
cloudy and warmer light to frcah
south to southwest winds
THE first 15 days this month the Morning and Sunday
Editions of THE WORLD published 41875 Want ad I
vertisements An increase df 5812 over same period i
last year A larger gain than any New York news
I paper printing paid advertisements I
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ju < iII
I 1 111I
fL i
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lij 1
Ir Jt r
j I U ffi
r > t < Stf JTO
< l I l ERf s
I 1
N Rrn nrymi Opposon Ai
Is toUs poilirffiHu M I
to ShUtOu trlV iv fq rii
gan COUfer If
i il5 1
° i 11
FIRST RM ra l f 1 o I
5 1 Uancaahlr I Laii 10too1r2 I
Nevada 3 V
SECOND ld8nvlr3t
11rFellxMozzel 8 to 12 Thea
plan 3
I v i
THIRD RACErExpreialriB 3 to
1 1 Chief Archibald 8 to 1 2 Hos
tility 3 i
FOURTH RACEProte il lon IB 1
to118hcShooter7 to12l n I
Mot 3
FIJ = THinAcELUII Noei 6 to 1
1 ROOM Smith 15 to 1 2 ACon
SIXTH RACE Br rfd New 8 to
8 VOra Viva J7 to 22orI eJ
Oto 1 Troflon 2ito 12 Arab
8 to 6 3
Special to Th fCvtnlnc World
NEW ORLEANS u March wit
wos positively announced by the Clfy
Park management that the meeting
would be continued n April IS de
spite tha rUmors that the opposition
would try to find some means of com
ptlllng he NW Orleans Jockey Club to
brins Its meeting at qty Firlc to a
There was aatory going around that
the Mayor wquld beu1odto 11I his
Influence to close the mc < rtlng but
political Influence haa been brought
bear to prevent a move orthls kind
ThoaddlWpn orLatonla to tho ranks
of the American Turf Association means
a decided addition to the latter body
and the loss of one of the ttrongest
propertlM that the VVfstern Jockey
Cluli had
TinST HACBDr Hollswortlt i to
U I IPttv IO to 1 2 Bnrsaparllla X
to13 TlmeCLW
SECOND BACECrown Prince 1 to
C Ji ThIMIedo CO to I 1 lole 20 to 1
8 TlmelM
THIRD BACEHuirah 8 to U 1
Waswlft to 1 J Grenade 7 to 108
FOUUTH HACEVannoss 5 to 2 1
JOB GOBI 7 to 1 2 Folllti Bergeres 6 to
J 8 Tlme114
FiFTH BACEEmorgency oven 1
Our 11I1010 to 1 2 Marco 310 1 3
Tlme113 58
ilnsr UACEaenn H ndlon even
1 Frank L l > roy I to 5 2 El Vcr
raeo 6 to 1 3
ftVXXlND BACKTliP Heprobate 310
1 1 Philanthropist 9to 1 2 Kings
Thorpe 6 to 1 3
THinb nACESearchllirht 7 to 11
May Holllday 9 to5 1 Fjora Bright
to S 3
> yht darcfhtallhertii dlYI whth
1lLr whtatonly Uicd Wbaatenltll
hu ilwan tMuvmad fro8uwlaUr < II1It
AJCnfit iN l i V
JII c c < d t
I rr 1
Ill tl dI
1 if 1
i J q rS
1 B 81 S OENI 0 M
ilI f i Ii
1 11 rl
rq if1ft H A1 JL f J
Ordinary Fleldii of S ing Pitt
iS fo a Prqio
grdrniiio < Extra u Dttci i i May
BeAI tt dTq DY
t t t > I
i <
J I Tit 1l J
Dritp 1 Vl ii 1
SECOND RACIid Irly 2 to
11 Hadrlihei4n ril2riI k
t < t u v n
J tt1 I i l ei tyaiJX1 V >
lt1W at toID 2Hnd 3i
j i
to jJ1j Eouicheon o12Tr
FIFTH RACEMotp lierllitoi2
1 The Huguenot 9 to 52 MI6
Hunion 3 <
8JXTH ACE plnl 1
Mon Amour 10 to 1 ZCllqwe 4 io
r IS PtdaU o Th Evnlng WorM
cheap card yrhleh was ntho nialif
nyide up otnmlel of cheap I tllng
horses brought together ordinary fleldi
iit the Crescent City Club track this
afternoon Thyracing condition how
overj were p rfecVi the wettther belnj
warm Hd the track fast The M
tsndiinoe wsJs g6od
It is understood that the ortseni
meeUng of the Louisiana Jockey Club
will bo continued through next week
Or at least these arlhe plans an
nounced by thu management and extra
dates will be asked of the Western
Jockey Club at Itt meeting Chicago
this afternoon
InaUluna Jocltey Clul fjrautotl
Eurn Mcrk I Wutllr
Tnrf ODd
CHICAGO March 16Wutern Jockey
Cub stowurds response to > a hurried
call met hero todayr No direct cuu e o
for tho call WIIB glyon outItwDseahl
thut some of the mtmbers of the Jockey
Club wished to continue the Crescent
City track mwilng
At the requcat of the new Louisiana
Jockey Club their meeting which wud
tu have ended March 18 was extended
to March Z3 Thtri1 was no opposition
to tho extension asked for
Permission was given to the Arkansas
Jotkey Club of Little Rock to conduct
tlwlr spring meeting March 20Zs In
elusive nt tho Otk Lawn track nt Hoi
Two seats on the NewYork Stock Ex
change at S3000 each the high record
figure were transferred today one to
Frnncl C Carloy theothcr to John D
Chapman A third purchaser at the
same price Is B Drexel Godfrey of
8rniN souTitnnN TOIIH
filxdny trip to Old Polof Comfort nieh I
mond an4 W Dltolln 1otarcb is y 1
PnnyIVanta nal tolld > aJ O1Juz
J1 > Lrr t
I i < iifJ I r nir
FI tI it
it I
5 jfIIPpBMiKp
V fitWT A JVrAiT frVft l wJtt5
f < > > vWf il
Ao Ing CaptainBurke accompanied by OetectivcSfritjeants
5l r Wi vi f imiiifariV <
4 VAViv jWMv yff mMmm WM
jtojjiiiiiikivl HVlxii > Mli VfilW Waaili 1iliji ilfLjlUiar Tl ff1 V
asTlT 1 fifcaW tO P Ji f P
p6y jittjef
tf + F < T7 rcr r orrfriSSf F M
vli v w i 4 MEH5W
I MS fe GniiiS1
votedisolidiy foriflieinmipoiiS
Tfe pa on s soluilon ii fd fra
Ltsder BurnUtn ipentyng today In
avo ot th Invfcpilgatlon isld that the
cnirceiithat had Hwn maiji ogalnit tho
CotisolldateJ a a li Company by The
Syehlnl World Grid other l papers made
t necessary for tlh leglilature1 to con
dttoV an InvesflMitlbn of the Truste
mllthci JLj > 111 I I
Thethree AisSmblymen who voted
against the r 0olulon arej Rllcy anil
Kavannigh if 1lnsl ijid Cook Hf
Albany QI pftnocrats
PIV the conApl te hat will conduct
themvtlcatlortwill probably bo Sn
utort Elkbenrla arid Koley of NW
Vorki inil Asiemblymen Anor Ag
new Prentice of New Xbrk and Met
Kedwn pf Kings
J1fh fill < ttKtof the reiolutlon Railing
fbr i leii atiyt idvitlgatlon of the
Oas Trust fsai follows
JVhrtaVi ThVfyIs gvhe l and wliiet
epreiid om taJhif In hocHyot New
Yprk t Ihq pricestimlntalped by the
gw and Mectrlclljjhtlnv compsnles1 op
eratlna therein ind ofOhP quality it
thei rylceanfli
WTiereiu the i smo price ro r elec
trjqililitlng IjJ lflh l borrtiisrhmid fat
Kaslghllnfr Wull Ihil borjiiciis oxc rl <
MIIIIIIL tAn iaiilvtHe Bfbnx havlnjt fri
agalnbld fprln li > t > ani th O CommiiMon
ot ttr6up ly941 nnd Klectrjclty
h llngnolwlh Ii WIif ar lor H tl1
i1 K n r Iotau rt till 4onstruUoi tli
bdid bid Werofttx rtaltant nid l shquld bil
e 1 d M KAil iKf U > M nctf With
I I < lee I l t
i i 1 J
ilII m 11
j tj I 1 HJ 1 t iI
lrt J ilJ
upi > vmeu constating ortpr jm Mfy
of the Benata undJodr member11
Aieembly whl h
gaiij uiiU exummo u oi
lighting ompaniea
Of the cnargwY
undVleleotrle llgr
fejIngMn lho dty of t
vices rendereJthe ltyond lUlnhk
tarttii vtlltt reference iti > thOcotofjc
service and tthecapltfti jjnetUalltfft
wlifch t o biinliiesst UaSqompan
conducted with tRftyencectpicon
tlon the qunllty bf the crvlceitS9j
otcumyiahces connectedwiy theina
tliulnn andtxosiitlon of the city
6 tho jjn and eleotrlo lllgitlnri buoft
He nH condiiotidin th tltOfiNeW
York ile mej ty the commit tee iwl iHim
i uto me iptirjio e ofMich invp
fjfty 2 9s JTwffia
Kurtlwr tv < 7uir uf M ni iiv p
commltteoibe nndIthereby M auth
zed and > mpawer d to > flulr i
enforce the attenaanco of f wttu
and tbe production pf iwoJt fii
1 Wnijii litehogfpliWi
i oth r flmployeei as may
thaBurpoKta1 MM ofjtho ln

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