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MfSpfOSl JENKINS retrieved Ms ohm
l j IL tonJihlp at Madison Square Oar
ax dn last night It was a good
i cjluktch1 In spot Qotch was slow and
t4tT1 in the flrst bout but Jenkini
fy fttIe4 him
r Jl p1h Westerner seemed entirely
luiiifOd In the second He went at
fyfraklni furiously Tom struggled tq
i f it iott the mat every time Gotch se
k eured a hold becauee Referee Tim
hK rlit according to the agreement
jjW9 ldordel tho wrestlers to return to
1Iltthe centre and start over Gotch got
two or three flying lethen pinned
trom down securely In six qnd a half
l tolnUtes Gotch handled Jenkins with
r iri iikbsurd ease I
j Another sudden change ottorm
jr p marked the third bout Jenkins took
tho aggressive and Gotch stayed tamely
tr nth8 defensive He managed to break
ilrfflW holds but Jenkins finally forced
L1 bli chbulders to the mat
Thcm vos no1 betting on the match
Z ROB HAK01WA the Jlu Jltsu
f > man challenged George Bathnec
j Incidentally his Japanese assistant
rf1 < < aveCharIle Harvey a paper to read
i the manner of announcement
Tbera wag something about Jlu jltsu I
0 tna ftfeia e1t to thd affect hat tho
ihad < boen brought down thousands
A 1 yeron the I Samurai tho ancient
obHltyot Japan Iwere much ac
J omVllshedlnJt
arvey translated freely announcing
Natthejl IJIJI was used a thousand
7 riTiEQby tho Good Samaritans
lr vi tJHLINb Just to
I F Ne York after jalonKrest In
fAkron cO Tho A O ° Giant Is
iorkIflrOIortlme drawing up articles
tori match with Jack OBrien of
1l a I phts OlJrlen has signified hje
Iillsg eiato accommodate GusUn two
tr three weeks
Am i W T d Murphy the boy ruan
JIX fiwrW11 who eloped with Battling
BtW1V i Nelsons bank roll has been de
fjai rt dtl > y Yanger Funny how ahv thesd
dbptehtArt are beconilng Onlyatew
fiM r Bfo managing a scrapper was
i utwjmush1 easier than picking pocket
i jthat MUtlt llwlili > VAAlf gent In the
foountry Jopked around for some unat
i ehe4 fistic rncnl ticket
tfJ oi
I r IAi1 1 GAMES
< It te c
fifth annual relay meet of tbe
CelImbt University Track Athletic
h H a tl9DtO b f held Saturday night
d tMtdUon Square Garden will no
Ivaoubt1 be the scene of some Interqot
fetftai eowpetlUona Among the large
nfciMbwol entrants arot1herilckol
IvVtIWycoUejie Athletic club National
J Vlhi rd uidi schoolboy athletes of this
Ii sectIon
t TheIikge relay races at one and
S t iro miles > wlll be the feature Teams
Tlifrwhf Yale Harvard Pennsylvania
H Columbia Brown Rutgers Fordhatr
to eleyan and New York University
tt feliwcbeen etiiered for these events
D WiW < NaUonal Guard relay rats has
Gttraete many entries among them
< fc Jng the Thirteenth and Twentysec
jVind regiments th New York A a
i tt rh American A C and str
f r f1olomA C
i Teanhu from St Pauls School Hill
f WIJ ohooI Mercenrlmrtf Academy Lav
< vUl e School Pratt Institute Dc
l fJSaU8 Dwight Fordham Prep Poly
Ltecbnic Prop Xavier Prep Seton Hall
jiii ndiCeaten ry Collegiate tltutewm
kk Amdtogether In the event for private
lIool The team of Erasmus Hall
WIth tS tool holders of the Public
Sko i Athletic League record of 3
lln seconds for the mile relay
pjfHiiUiiM t teams from Boys High of
k i terooltlyh and Just School ofrCom
feiweree In thn Public High School race
HWOreajmar schoolboys Ot New York and
< ti Brooklyn Will figure In a Imlfmllo re
LwftSs P BA L rules governing
i VfeKThe moat Important events to be de
i ld darolthel At A U championships
tlp at JCO yards and two miles Other open
of J eVeflta ol1tho programme also con
f Ulni a number of open eyentllall
hnIC84Ut except a hurdle rate at
dxtY yards over thlrtylnoh obstacles
llr y
1 lf Emerald Baseball ClubotUre
lf w York Cvtlwllc Protectory will
spcn the season at Its grounds Van
jfNt Sunday April 2 The celebrated
Catholic Protectory Band of eighty
rpieoeu which led the civic parade nt tho
t ti recent Inauguration of Frct Mont Rooso
iVtlti wll ba a feature OT tilt day B
p Y Mclaughlin who was tm first man
N rrer of the orlclnal Emeralds Jroni
lI5 to 18PJ will manage the tcnm this
r HUOn Only Alisomlprofcaxlnnil teams
i1IIIIbilOtnduled Mr McLaiiihllrii
MW Is Main street Westchestor
ronx i
h 1 =
Ii At 4 the Xavier Club No M5 West
j Lurteentl1 street Toaday evening tha
l avr AA basketlull cam will nlaj
1thn St Potors five In the lait gallic
> or tMo Clmrcb Athletic Lengue cliam
t < 1 ncnlp Saturday evening Mndlrnn
I nuaw Oanlcn the Xavier A A will
3 tith Columbia jTnlveitlty live
AN1AlOTIS Ul March 10P J Fin
KHttfn > wellknown track athlete nlr > it
naimtmbtr of Knickerbocker Athletic
ili o l Ktw York hal been enra led to
h the field and track team of tha MM
1 this uuonIn platl at lemudu j I
i Th i HlshipminWIIL hivs a duai
tpa 3Ls3u1 1 S
oi WllI i I d S
i ii
t t J I I t j I t a 1
ItLOC 1 In
lii = CWE G P rHe C4NW3
I 4 I
8t clal to The Evening World
MONTGOMERY Ala March 16r
When Griffiths team reached Highland
Park yesterday they found the big I
arena teeming with Boer veterans
Gen Cronje Gen Vlljoen and COotfcer
not to speak of Indian ponloi apurtsT
kopjes rands and block houses Like
the Arab warrIoritheee once famous
South African heroes had silently
stolen away from their last show place
to carop In Montgomery there to de
pict how a brave little nation was
blotted out forvrbY Great Britain
It the ball players wet itmaxed their
wonder was nothing to tfait ft the
Boers few of whom had ever seen
the American national game M It la
done up and sold over the home coun
ter Six old Takbaor commandants
chased the fintiballthtwu laced
Into their camp think to bag It Re
sult split lIngers and half a bushel of
Dutch lingo After that they had
more respect for the little horsehide
pellet than foran English naval gun
Brave Lad Foiled
One lid was hot to be conned how
ever He had a record of picking
oft four redcoat offlcus at Splon Kop
and thought it an easy matter to mike
a single Grift sent Dpc Newton In
the box and told 1hlm to shoot a wide
curve The Boer marksman stood his
ground about onetenth of second
ape1 back and then jumped In and
cwung about three feat from the ball
Gen Cronje nearly crooked his shins
fanning at a spit ball and said he
would rather beIn Paarttaburg Kraal
than stand bshlnrt the bat like Jim
ArobroM Puttmann whose Internal
machinery was reosntly dislocated by
a vicious Inahaot from the mal y of i
Pitcher Hogg Is Mill wtat bollplay I
ers call a candy xnanP that Is he
taker things easy walking the streets
thinking about this world end til Its
During the morning was tackled
by a onearmed Boor who could speak
little English The latter mistaking
Putt for a native asked for direc
tions to the Park Putt mistook
him fra hobo trying to ret North
and vary generously handed out a
nickel Two mounted policemen got
them untangled and Putt says now
that he wouldnt lift a hand to save
a sick child
All Honor 8t Patrick
Today the Boers and Highlanders
wli play opposition Between the two
every green ribbon In town has been
Spotol1 to The Evtnlnc World I I
Crescent City entries for tomorrow are I
as follows
FIRST RACE Seven furlonw sl1lng
Breiker 100
Day Orcen 100
Courtmald 105
Anchue tos
Eohlnnto im
flora lelY nx I
Calchnen um
VNtry in1
Prunmor H jai
TJis Laurol JIM
Albany Qlrl II A
BKCOVD IIACE Four furonitu CVjfar
o1dsEthel I
Ethel Ijymin im
IlnU 101
rcilavw luj
AiU hi lion j 101
Tenrtboni nil
Hilna < a 105
lIaM Hair iu
lIunlrf Mlra i 101
IcnlllulBI IC
TlllltD UACCSevefl urioniJ
Pharmacy pi
Monte j 103
Natador 10 >
Lody Mercury H1
Vie atUler IM
Intpeotor Halpln 107
VlnlUO lll li 1
Light Not 103
Ulj V ulO1 ill aril Vie Xleitlpi
WIIIIomo Co entry
FptmTH IUCCSI Pa1rlck Handicap
t tlOM add mile and A uu nth
Uht Not i oo
DIIk of Keodal 102
bought up and St Patrick should
look benignantly upon Montgomery
The rorjie yesterday was highly
satisfactory every way Clarkson
did not let out much speed as he has
a severe cold but at that the enemy
only touched him twice Off Whitely
they did not get a hit
Moro Important than the delivery
work however was the good batting
Lost year ilcQraw took a pitching
machine down South to 1vetbi boys
Practice He recognlzeda do oil man
agers that a ball player cannot get
enough stick practice Good ftelding
may keep down a scow but only bat
ting will win the game
That machine wa a failure and
Orimth decided the only thing to do
this season wan to take alonr a num
ber of young pitchers to duct the regu
lars His wladom already It apparent
Thirteen bits ene scratch was the wo
ord for yesterday and the boys were
upafjlnst two prettr good twlrlers
Paddy Duff whose Prin xi Albert long
suit Is hard hitting rapped a double
while Jimmy Williams counteredI three
times < and us M the same onla
dinky bunt The work of Joe Teager
particularly brilliant and thIs mod
est lad should be popular New York
He fields as fast OB Elbcrfeld and
throws with the ease and precision of
Different Methods
I notice that Griffith unlike Me
Orow gives little attention to the style
of batting He doe not Insist that a
inan hug the plate 1 but allows him to
shape his own destiny All he requires
Is that the ball be soaked In runnIng
bases there does not seem to be much
team work not so many signs In fact
American League managers are not so
keen on this end of thework I am told
that the Boston ohamplons pet along
with a minimum Altogether the meth
ods are quHe different and It will be
Interesting to watch the result
Speaking of this Orimth made reo
Joinder today to McGraw crltlcltrm
of the formers hard training Mao
says he doa not believe In running a
team eight miles a day and points out
that though Jim McQuiro can do It he
II slow on bases
Griffith SysfW
McGuire says Orlf U a pretty old
boy and has begun to be slow At to
the severity of our work I know that
lots of ballplayers ld it Is ruinous
but I do not My system Is to get a
man Qiard as nails down South If his
heart will not standIt he has no busi
ness playing ball Billy Muldoon takes
flabby dlsiipated youths and the first
day hammers them with a medicine
ball until they are nearly dead And
yet In three weeks they are In splendid
condition As for being slow on bases
that only comes from stiffness or muscle
binding After he gets North a ball
player has little opportunity to work
so that the better his legs and wind to
start With the better fitted hll It to
lost the season
Yesterday after a nineInning game
Griffith made his team walk home
I HtfAi Water 121
The Huguenot i i BT
hands Acron 101
Old Stonj H lOll
Care1uR to 01 C
Ilnc Troph 1 ins
1hll Finch 120
Cmn Stands froM and Rapid Water
Bnuilheni eivtn IVilnI nd and Old Hone
Gold r IMi onto
FIT nACEFIe turlonlli Itllinw
pity 100
I Ol 1UltmllU > lt1
I fi < 1 m Elstonv
Invasion 105
Alhelana 10S
Men I link
Fickle Saint 103
Wreath of Ivy 103
Allin h
Kneel Chirllv 03
SIXTH IUCEFh furlonr
OraasliouDcr 07
loMen linnet 117
Huilr Conk 101
MnrKarn p 101
Mte Creek 117
I Lnracor lot
tmttlra jo4
lloiuiflllhc JON
ladl 1nlrlrla Ill
Iiifrnn lot
Iuio Knvor M
Ml Miiiey ids
srVKNTH IlACBSelllnKj one mile
Klnllitht leo
St little I iia
Duncan tin
Ktilker I i7
Udy IWalr IIXI
Ilcjftl Alma ji2
1r Jitter 107
New AnWerJam 107
IJnrniun Hw
OUhwa 102
AnilTmst 107
Woodlyn 110
Apprtatlc allowanos
Tom Jenkins of Cleveland Is again
champion catch aIcabohcan wrestler of
America He regained his title from
Frank Qotch of Humtoldt In Mad
Ison Square Garden last night
Gotoh had woo The title from Jenkins
only a short time ago and a crowd that
numbered tully t 000 persons gathered
m the Garden to 8e hIm defend It
In what little foettlps there was on
the outcome of the match Gotch was a
slight favorite
Before the Wg men appeared there
were a number of preliminary struggles
Including anexhibition of Jlu jltsu
Urns nbout9 oclock when the big
men shook hands and began to wrestle
s ien the giants advanced from tMlr
corners Jenkins looked by far tile
heavier though his weight was an
nounced as 1W pounds to IWli for
Gotch But any man with an eye
could see that Jenkins was at leant
twelvV pounds heavier than the young
fellowHe was thicker through the
body broader at the shoulders and
heavier In the lets and arms a burly
blocky non of middleage Gotch la
G feet 11H Inches tall and twentysix
yean old a smoothshaven brown
eyed heavychinned longlimbed wit
An ven ready smile He It long and
loan looking more like a lighter than s
A they sprang toward each other
there wan little to choose between them
i Sptcltl teTbeEnlnl World
POTTflVILLE Pa March 16Two
fast wrestling contests were pulled off
last night before a large gathering of
ports from all parts ur Schuylklll
County Jolin Crown Reading de
fended his title as middleweight State
champion by defeating John Super of
this place Crown hod the first and
third falls Kid Devlin of Brooklyn
defeated Young Hharkey of Reading
In three straight falls
rhe annual pNn genIes of the Thirteenth
annua rlkln wu take jiace AIrl
2 Hillman Holjertiwm Werner Underwood
Finley Farrell Lonergon and other athlete
In the regiment aN iralnlpr bird fort hs
Optciai to + Eiln World
HOT SPRINGS Ark March 16The
entries for tomorrok are 1 tolloWr
riHHT RACBSIx rurlonlli sellIng
FtlT 1
Billy Moore
IIersnhurst 101
Dromlo lS
Mutual Henry Iyoni lenell 11
II Sheridan
Little Red 101B8
lAdy Montuie
melana HI
Nepenthe HIM
Bufircme t Si
Maan B
Malor Dunleli I
Wnl h
SECOND JIACE ThfttisliMM N mile
twuearolda purse
I tonita r 1 in
Iroktde n
Onto t6
Alnton 1 10
Xntneen Vs
Wm Maffll 132
Pretty lrl I
Mouataln lirl 11m
Idy Charlie 11
Carl Chare 114 112
Oklalvsna Doo II
Qalmrfa ST
Irentlas i li
Mary Mao I
puree THIRD IUCE Mlle and a sixteenth
IrMbln I II
Hill Curtl f
Takalon jot I
sciOTig FOURTH tCEIQuarer at I mile
IJ Jennie hugheS 107
insfolthrlft los
fitand IM lu1
Gav Uzette Hg
Fanny Knox KM
Black Cat Inl
Jlak Ca
oUt n 10
71ta1a 1111
Pa ncrPitli 07
f > xy OranAnu 11
Ital Hornet ilu
11 lornl
TlmtMnK 112
1 Kiw Ul
Hlr mnd II IW
FIFTH llACIilUlf a mile tvijcar
oldr eilnt
Maclnli 101
Arolo ins
1 11 Ills
clienla True ll
Ililmcrt 01
Walter SchlkTer M
Starllp lf >
Hairii 101
einr SIXTH HACEMlle and twenty Hel
elorlel rI NT
Oiiil Nrrnth lZ
llllU Ynlh 101
111 As k Mi 112
Inelil Jlioli I Ill
IVilrrnUii 10
lilinAfiAl HI
C Jmiu 8 <
ThiiN J
lltiin i f 10 >
lakl Wchcr KIT
Ilcj I 101
lau 103
I Doty j JJi JC ua
Gotcb was younger and quicker but
the greater bulk of Jenkins Indicate
greater strength I
Jenkins aathe aggressor but the
Iowa farmer boy warf eager to mix it
with him and soon they were down
on all tours on the mat their arms In
tertwined like writhing pythons rack
man bracing himself with legs onl frt
to prevent being taken by surprise ant
But the old athlete wpj persistent
After a quarter of an Ihouror tort he
got a half Nelson lock on Gotch that
looked like a winner but thb Iowa lad
squirmed and wriggled and at last
broke out of It by main strength The
crod yelled Jenkins was after hint
like 0 hawk pouncing on a fish Again
they writhed on all fours Jenkins got
Qotoh sprawling on hit side reached
under for his right wrist got It heaved
mightily and a last laid Qotch fat on
his back with a combination half Nel
son and bar bold
Time urn 34s
In the Eccond bout Goth 1 the ag
gressor from the start Ho flew at
Jenkins as If the Cleveland man owed
him money
Jenkins wallh I Every time Oolch
cot hold of him he dodged off the mat
or drugged Qotch off Twice Qotoh
picked Jenkins up as a child would
pick UD a doll and slammed him down
on the mat Then he rolled him over
Dwcltl to The Evening World
ALTOONA Pa March 1GU just
took four minutes tor Young Phen
ecle the whirlwind bantamHeight of i
Wlndber Pa to put Kla Ilrothe lo
Youngstown 0 In dreamland b
fore the Bellevue Club last night The
Ohio lad was hammered and banged
and camo violently in contact with the
mail several times In the first round
Uf went to his corner groggy and
came bad weak and tired and Phen
ode rushed him nard lie had him
down In ten seconds and the Ohio kid
arose only to nun Into a reartul clout
on the chin which sent him reeling
Phonecle quickly followed It up with a I
aucession et bald one to tlio head and
neck and Brothello was done for
At a mass muting of the Columbia stu
dents held yesterday K M 8peree liJvO
was elected manager rI next lemons hockey
team rf M T Appllngton 11 a iaium
it It i Van iierntuh 1100 and
Icpr A J Adn 1K4 wero chosen as graduate
Special Jo The Evenlrxr WorH
NEW ORLEANS La March 16The
tntrlm for the races tomorrow are Os
FIRST RACB Five and oiwhaJf furlon < r
8allr for threeyearold flllle
Ella Woewner IDJ
Hlste Durti si Its
SSodeliim 111
SI IU Alen lOT
StIL lot
I alr Enchantresi U
Melod us lOT
Knthrjn I < 10
HKCOND RACE Kour furlongs e lnll
t jr twoyearolds I
Temple 90
Onuinla 11
T1ch1mlnto 1101
Helen H < Ia
fllen I
Sieve Line lot
JurAl lit
Dick Ilronn 103
THIRD HACK Ssven furlonir pure to
Mr Uol 102
Omealca lOT
Jonn hyin 110
Awat llclJa Jill
Nat ral 1lT
Darius 10T
K01JHT1I ItAOnCne mile jUns for
touryenroldi and up
The Urown Monarch 07
Hirln Fox 112
HoolwInU lOS
Ultle < l > um 1U >
Ijwalip 101
IM hiwft Ill
TrcmJoiv lot
Saa Blmrk UK
Aral 102
Dcmirrer IM
FIFTH JtACE Mile and ft Mitecnth Ivn
fearold and up nelllni
luimii 101
GdJI tIlt
nilin IUT
Bt Taiiimariy 1IU
N inmn ami Xtt
Mlr nniast 1111
lllun MS
Hiwtlcr W I
Iiu Woods Hi
Irinco Illcharl lot
Ithard IU
Innto i
SIXTH RACn Pumj tlotcy00rotds1
Rod tu five furlongs I
Mln Deuto n I
1M Uow 11 I
Molroee US i
TlJl 1 1P I
Jutw J rJrftS3fl D3 1
FTonfcnuc HI
Lucy IIJ I I
Illuo Hlrl W
DlVKNlH ItICEFourYQIold > nd up
on milf
Aiifraimia 93
Jut a I
mlIallnic 101
AuInlijH 12
UlllH Ncwcomli 117
nXI11 111
llruni lci JIKI
5lIraue 101
Lenin Ilil
I I lit
i ppntc 1 I
with seeming ease both of Jenkinss
shoulders touching but as thee were
mere flying falls they did not count
Then Gotch got a crotch hold but
Jenkins bnke U as he also did a body
hold But Gotch was still alter him
fast as I the bout wore just beginning
and presently with a bar and neck
lock put Jenkins flat and held him
Time 6 minutes 4 seconds
The crowd went frlld over this for
the Iowa lad was the favorite I
looked as If In this bout he showed his
real form But what relied Ootcli when
he came out for the third bout Like
the man Goldsmith wrote about he
seemed remote unfriended melan
choly slow
No greater contrast could bo Imagined
than his manner now compared with
what it had been 1 few minutes ago
For perhaps two minutes he attacked
Jenkins but after that It atacked
of the light that failed
Jenkins took the lead now ind
slammed the hardy Qotoh on the mat
He tried to get a hammorlock on
Goth but tried In vain Get a der
rick Tom yelled a man In the gal
lery Eat him up and Break his
arm yelled other Jenkinss ndmlrorrt
Jenkins got a halt Nelson on Gotch
and after a terrific struggle that lasted
three nlnutes Ootch broke out of It by
sheer strength
JenkIns was lively now and Ootch
very sluggish The Cleveland man
dashed after Qotoh got a crotch hold
on him and upended him so that h
held him standing on head neck and
air shoulders his legs waving helplessly In
airTime 1 minutes 10 seconds
Neither man seemed eipecjally dis
tressed at the finish
ohnny D nn he champion Giants
greit utility player last year will not
be obeY of McGiuws
a mrmnber Johnny I
team this season Dunn will be the I
captain manu of the Providence i
team of tho Eastern League he having
signed a contract at the Hoffman House
last night to play with that club
niht tat cu
Dunn arrived In town early lost even
ing from Savannah Ga where U had
been practising with the Giants and
met Felix Wendelshaefer President
and owner of the Providence club
Mr Wendelsliaefcr offered Dunn
splendid terms to manage tho team and
Dunn without any hesitation affixed
hIs name t th papers According
to the contract Dunn Is to be man
agercaptain of the team for tW years
lie Is to receive 4000 each season and
besides has boujfht 1000 worth of stook
of the club Dunn will play third base
He will join thrt team on March 27
With such a capable player 2 the
head of the team the Provldenco club
should make a swat showing in the
Eastern LOJHIIO race this year Besides
being a wonderful ballplayer Dunn has
a splendid disposition which Is bound to
assist him In Rotting the but work
out of his eUng tte
A flue card has been arranged by
JjUlr Mcaulgnn matchmaker rr thu5
Notional Athletic Ci lib or PhlladdDhln
for Saturday nIght I will Ptlad Inler
city matei In which live New York
bovj will meat live Ihlladplphlan Tile
curd Is M follow
clrd Tommy Miirphv
folowl Tmm llrph v <
Hill LogIn HtiRhcy Mcaovcrn vs W ii i
III Cllbw Johnny Dwyer I s Kid
Stlngor Djnny Dunne v ECllr Hnnov
Vonnir otto vi Eddie McAvoy MK
bout and of the ticglttl evening will Icoj the star
By Bozeman C Bulger
Special to Th Evening World >
BIRMINGHAM Alaf March 16
Grtat roaring sandhills and Jumping
tarantulMl Me umpire another ball
game Well I guess not Do I look
like a suicide rdo you fourdinners
think I have reached Dr Oilers
chloroforming age and am ready for
tho dote
These rather auto comments were
pouted at a crowd of ball pliyers by
Jack Munroe the wrestlerfighter
when aske If bo would officiate again
liiumpire between the shines and reg
ulars today
It might help some to say right here
that Jock umpired the first Giant game
and with clothing very much mussed
up and a few lumps on his head
barely escaped with his life As an
umpire Jack hasnt a much chance
as be did In that memorable conies
Men Jeffrie put him out of the run
ning Inlea time than It takes on
office boy to spend his salary
Munroe Is here to meet Prof Dryer
In a wrejtUnn match before the Dlr
mliiBham Athletic Club tonight
Knowing many of the Giants and
needing advice from Trainer Tuthlll
he wandered out to the Park and on
account of hIs weight W immediate
ly singled out as an umpire What he
dont know about baseball would taSte
up the space of one of Mr
elts mesranes ftnd before two men
were out Jack was In
Severn times he started to the bench
refusing to stand the gibes of recal
citrant players but his stnylng quali
ties were questioned and he tried It
again only to get In worse The crowd
enjoyed his dilemma hugely but poor
Jack suffered As he boarded 1 car
ami waved a parting salute he mut
tered t the conductor that he would
rather take o Jeffries Sharkey Fltz
Corbett and a few other with a heavy
handicap thrown In than again put his
foot on a baseball diamond
The sun came down In true swelter
ing form Yet rda and McGraw had
his men hard at work by 10 ClOCk
Everybody felt In fine fettle aid for
an hour the armloosening setto went
merrily on As the perspiration began
to flow McGraw framed up two teams
called the Regular and the Shims
and assumed the position of captain of
18eUm himself He used Me
tho nowojmciu htn8elf le use
Glnnlty as his twirler and defeated
thn Olnntfl hI 1 score of 3 to 1
Giants felt a
the the
in afternoon tt
drubbing ano
little raw over their
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Illustrated Booklet Mailed Free A WNTBnilALDEH 2T8 10th > t Dklyn
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4 f
went at the Shines with blood In their
eyes Mathowson and McOlnnlty
pitched for the Regulars while Wlltno
started out for tho Shines The tall
southpaw twlrler was soon relieved
however by McGraw who thought be
still Ind a few curves up his sleeve
On the first ball pitched Mike DenIm I 1
shattered the managers dreams by ji
slamming it over rightfield to a J
hone run That practically broke up f
the game The Bhlnw were shut out J
by I score of 0 to 0
Tho team Li working on a skin dts 1
mend and the ball Is conaeoueitly V Ii
ered with what aro known as wing I
Those consist of little abrasions on
the surface of the bal which give
It a feathery appearance and make
It very difficult to throw The wing
balls today made several arms te
porarlly sore but McQVaw su haul
work I tho thins to work them ou
McOinnlty was In excellent shape dUI
to the fact that ho had been ylaylnf
for several weeks out 1 the Indian i
Terrlor He use h famous under
hand ball effectively and to him Is dUl
the credit of winning both gamca CM
for each
eah team
The players whose hands and I
fingers were very stiff several day
ago are now an right In that tlou i
lar Harry Tuthlll says it Is due t
the arrival of Dummy Taylor Sinc t
then the boys have had t work thcdr I
01 gels so much In talking to him Ctqt
they have worked away the stitfcne
feeling tto
Tho first game will be played Friday
between the GIants and Birmingham
The minor leaguers have been worklnir
for sometime and IxJIeve th v WI
tio iiilo to glvo MoOraw the bard
tussle ord
P1TTSBURO Pa March l Ha
ttngnor the slur of the PltWbur
National Ix asue team is still at his I I
home In Camcsle and does not know
when he will Join his companions at I
Hot Springs There 1 much > mystery
as to Wagners conduct He like all
other players In the
League receIved a I
good sized reduction
reucton in salary this I
year and thero sfcenu to be a question
as to whether he will icoept the terroi
orere him d I
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nHTl l mill liPMt hot nliiMY Iilgl
itvirnuv nf v1iincr KOc ilnlly II
mlil fll iiidiillily Tel 1 weekly
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luiwl moro quickly more ashy PNOlly
lor 0ly
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till dlsiins i rod 5115 ulcera ore throgt
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