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swwIf I The EveningWorldonte I > MftgzJne Thurtdai7 Evonn Mrch 16 1905 I
S S t
T It v b ItfJt Rt d
It snw fey the PrM Publlahin Company No U to O Park ROWE If err Tort
Entered at the Fost0fflc at New York M QeooniClaca Mail Matter
t1 I
If iiIa
I f I 1UtrlB I 418 u NO 1B918
t Mayor McClelian Is quoted as saying in his testimony in the gas case
i5IOW before the Supreme Court In Brooklyn I am fully aware and
f lpdeed we all feel sure Out the price we are called upon to pay Is ex
iIcessive but there seems at present to be no alternative I
I jj Why is there no alternative The Consolidated GasCompany sa
t ffnibpc corporation operating under some very doubtful public franchises
J Jt Is entitled to a fair and reasonable price for the gas and electricity which
3 SA furnishes Ifthe Legislature were to try to fixia confiscatory price the
1 f1 its would prohibit it If the corporation seeks to fix an exorbitant
IPfi ceo ask did again in Its bids submitted yesterday the city has an equal
1rgt to Its legal remedy
rii No public corporation can arbitrarily fix prices or discontinue its
i i oe There Is a wide legal and moral distinction between a public
Incorporation and a private business In one case there is a public monop
piy I while in the other there is no public grant or franchise which carries
I cts duties and obligations as well as its privileges
llr > There Is a remedy in the Legislature If not in the dty government
ialnst the extortions of the Lighting Trust and only bribery at Albany
hI deny the people relief
i m t
itJ Again The Evening World reminds the officers of the Interborough
i Jnp nythatlitlsupto the Operatorsto operate
A The people of New York whose money built the Subway and who
have tolerated tbestraddtebugLnuisances for years from sheer
t I iiecessIty do not endure with patience the Interborough Companys policy
gf crippling the service on all the lines In orderthat It may punish the
t1i strking niotormen or take them back at lower wages
1 r The vdtys police and public sentiment helped potentially to break
ftheStiike The people have i a right to demand thai the bid schedules be
I ie ored without further delay I
f S
J l I f s
l f Nlne years 1 gos ptPieraoJ the Westchester Temporary Home
S i S iiltiste Children was proved guIKy of brutally treating his charges
p thd chains and shackles upon inmates he flogged boys with the cat
S 1iiiiitails Hewhipped girls while they lay nearly nakedln bed The
I mifeBoan pf Charities directed the Board Managers to forbid flog
l gingzothing morel 1
r tntnglIIore
5 t N iilIy Pierce Js now again under investigation INs claimedithat
i8 l r fslilfadministered that tadchildren are confined cramped
I for dayi that girl Inmates haveN become mothers of illegitimate
n enwhile In the home r
4 t rfP 1P gers of this institution persons of the highest standing
1 t J tt ifuosflenetl Intent One of them says
F r fl Orim isto iak d ttut < children make them lit I members of socltly
anfihethiomes t where they wjlj bfr property reared Ifweue nbh4g
i 1Itti W llq ltr kI
I 1tl l 1Q tstbJSiuicklis and i Jhe strapiqultthecage and the bread and
IH tjult trying todo a work of mercy by an agent who permits the
1 l a tsof cruelty and of immorality Send Flogger Pierce to join
f IrockVay1 Tills is what the managers should dothls is what
it iieBoird should compel them to do if they hesitate I
jf J iI U
hfill j I
t i gbjprofessors who advocate gambling as a legitimate diversion
1 EWel I beehgagedin better business Surely there are 1I social recre
tSjjMgIj Without encoijragihg the manifold games of chance that
I JjOnwny youths and corrupt public morals Gambling is too often
p W ctiW coti sefii college to need any encouragement
1 Mr danger is in the abuse not in t11ej usc says Prof Herbert
j Lord Butwhich Is the abuse and which the use 1 Which is the
tore I useful institution the busket shop the faro layout Ythe ponies 1
I JhiNb moral difference between fashionable bridge and vulgar
i errAnd < if the rich man who Used to prefer the exclusive quarters
Ipnliefds Is a worthy example because he plays In private and can
i > dhls losses why may not the newsboy who shoots craps on the
r jlewalk and i goes without his supper be sustained yal sense that he is
i Mlydotng nothing wrong in amusing himself at his ownexpense I
1 vrUrl S dimply Juggling with words and playing with fire to defend I
i jamming > onany ground The gambling habit corrodes character It
iges extravagance leads to shiftlessness and discourages the meth
S jhonest labor In the last analysis it means that the gambler be
Ji yeS that he Is entitledjo something fpr nothing no matter how he gets
i lelief that the common thief and cheat shares only the latter has
tf ourage tp run greater risks1 J
f14 A
J f 1
uHHendlers father had him arrested ont charge of Insanity
et evidence was that the young man was madly nvlove and Intent on
I 11i matrimony > The Magistrate held that this was no evidence of
I ty t a
I Certainly If was not On the contrary it was proof of a proper and
S t turalMemperament the lovemaking years of youth Instead of in
ihTty It Is evidence good judgment and sound reasoning NO man
pould marry unless he is in love not that love alone Is a sufficient reason
ffof matrimony but no other reasons are sufficient without It
Il If the girl was In love with Hendler and she said she was and Hend
r Is earning enough money to support a wife the Magistrate might have
gone > further than the discharge and imposed a sentence of immediate
tr ma1riinony I S tS I PEA
1 V rv Milesof the citys streets are still a disgrace to New York and to the
T f ftttt StreetConing Department Dirt diseases increasing Traf
fic j still Impeded Excuses are worn out Wake up Mr Mayor Gal
SI A4nlze your department Major Woodbury There Is an election judg
fnent day corning
I Jt CI double life as the news of nearly every day shows usually
lends In discovery disgrace and death
r I Wr Mnjesty ald tho Prime Mln
9aar leading the culprit forward this
jIthopage who haa been 10 loose In his
i btaha
ha I exclaimed the King hi must
to brouht to book
ehtu MgRlca the page a royal
l b boundCotljf Ho Standard
I V t
T dort see that I can do anything
for you said Uu Bbnator from tho
TV Weal tot hlscaUer I have
recollection of you Ua party worker
or u a man prominence in any way
You haventl1 exclaimed the applI
cant tor a position Indignantly Why
darn It Senator Ive been fluIn of
no more time than any man In the
8taUl < ail M Tribune
i J f i
1 tJJ
Sai fan I
the Side
OLICj put the responflbllltr for
POLICE d reMCapes up to the
tenement tn poetori who paw It
back to the police with their compll
merits Firemen are tuppoied to
warn tenants of tuoh violation of
the law but have no power to arrest
And 10 the comedy of errors and eva <
alone continues oa before the Attorney
itreei tragedy and ai It li likely
to continue after the Allen street flr <
deaths are forgotten Might make
landlords and Janitors responsible also
with the Justifiable expectation that
condition which could be no won
nlg < ht show some Improvement
Story of automoblllst who doublet hit
chauffeurs salary every month he gets
through without a mishap Something
like the Chinese plan of paying the doc
tor only while he keepi you will
S I e
Sinff tuotlfl 4f Oil r
Talking through bu bat
Evtrv one that hears Mm
Fceli like laying Seatr
Chicago Chronicle
ot much chance for Senator Bases
bill locating theatres on street comers
only Undoubtedly unconstitutional be
cause of Its discrimination against the
saloon Industry
Turkish officials reported to have ie4
from ConsUntlnopl became of were
police cabal A system there too
e Cii
Style change even In matrimonial
selections London professor note
thtut the Tezace tall man nowadays
efooU a tall wife and a short man a
short one The ordinary observer sec
iewer Instance of tiny wives mated
with sirfoot hiubands Same profesio
Bays also that In modem matrimonial
choice like attracts like not only In
height but even to the oolor of the
till the blueeyed being unconscious
ly drawn to the blueeyed and the
brown to the brown
Speaking of eyes observations l made
Among men In England show that out
of 1000 pr 9nf the dyw of H3 will be
blue and those ot 312 green while 121
will have hazel eye and tt brown
Enthutlatt lle made that rtolin
fairly tptak didnt M I
Dub at ArSYes but what awful
agony it was lIDelr Fret
Preti 1
I 5 e
General disruption tie Pennsylvania
University Archaeological Board threat
ened over the disputed quastlona to
whether there WM or wa not a library
In ancient Nippur Not the first time
that adeid Issue baa caused trouble
Ease with which Subrray guard now
open both car door with one push cut
Ksts that the musole acquired lnluld
lag plough through Conneotlcut and
upState stubble II finding a new useful
a ess
Author Robert Grant like Pastor
TVogner and MteVan Vowt now ap
preciate the advertising advantage ot
a White House reading notice
Cl C S
Nation youngest grandmother live
n Minneapolis and Ii only thirtyfour
Heroine of thi grandmother divorce I
suit tried before Judge Clarke wa II
fortyfive Twentieth century grand
mother Ii an example of youthtulneu
which would have been the marvel of
her own grandparent
More recommendation by the
HeAlth Department Advisory Commit
tee for greater cleanliness in the Sub
way Almost time now fora stronger
prescription f
Among nusslan losses mutt be men
tioned that of the syllable In gee
graphical name From Vladivostok
to Tie Pus what a decline and fall
WAil are iou tcralcMng all
thoie matches I
Oh 1 dropped match around
her some place and Inr looking
for it I Wo vie waiting it you
1molor Cleveland Leader
S S S fl
President Harper trip to Lakewood
as Mr Rock tell ri guest said to be
10 receive treatment by Xray Poi
slbly a raise also for his university
East side husband charged with deitrt
ng hil wife because she kept thirty
cats George Meredith recently advised
the sex to give up their feline traits I
Former Fire Chief Conner tell a
womane club of numerous New York
theatres of the older type of construe
Ion In whIch there ii no margin of
safety for the audience If there Is
o panic the audience may escape If
there II a panic they are lost Same
thing said by other critic otter the
Casino burned but as in this case with
no exact specifications of name and
location Why not name names and
naftle the public to discriminate between
tween the safe theatres and the Tea
cnably safe 1
It has rarely happened that a spring
nihlng season has opened with a
catch of such Importance nII that
made by the tramp who angled for a
30000 brooch with a line baited with a
cake of soap
Men writes Lady Violet Orevllle
are nUll as God made them women
are at the art ot the costumer and the
milliner has mudu them And Mm
PerkinsOilman said the other day that
man was the more beautiful of the
Mrs Qoodlev Do you really
main to av you are looking for
Weary Willie Itu lady I said
I was loofcln for emploimenf For
inetancc I could employ muielf
eatM Philadelphia Ledger
Schoolboy friend of Gladstone lays
that he wa not good at addition and
dlvrslon which may explain why the
Grand Old Man waa more of a states
man than a politician
Promise the newly formed Lobster
Trust that It will not raise prices may
have me truth In It Restaurant keep
erg have already attended to that by
xuxkin them up to U14top notch
Yf i 1 f W
I j r
A New J J All the Comforts of Home
Comic Series
By Gene Carr The Circus Is Great Fun for Hthe Boys Smiths Happy Fireside for Him
TOR fo
i AllfT YOU
0 I < D I
fjIhTiA 1LDW
j d 1 X
Batt Cakes and Divorce
By Nlxola GreeleySmith I
MM of
1 Banborn IL
wIre of a local phy
ildan Is suing her
iU9band for divorce
m the ground that
ie threw a carefully
jowrtruoted tatter
a3ce on the floor
tnd requested her
0 waitah It bounce
nher petition she
JVtn that the doo
or had previOuslY
a Jica
treated her batter
cakes with contempt levins made faces
at ttiom 1 and muttere4 and groaned
When they were brought to the table
AU this however she bore patiently
and It was only the bouncing Incident
Chat led her to seek a separation on the
ground cf extreme cruelty
Now ft seems to me that the only fair
way for a divorce suIt ot the kind to
be tried Would be to baYs the plaintiff
mix batch o < cakes In the presence of
judge and jury Juat AS the faindamiela
In the windows of cheap restaurants
doand abide by their decision The
doctor could attempt to bounce them
and If tie uoceeded win Ms point He
could then briar a counter suit 81
eglng extreme cruelty because for
man years he wa compelled to eat
Leaving thene particular batter cakes
however and considering the subject
ot batter cakes In general It may be
aid that It Is not proper to be angered
when the suggestion Is made that the
product of ones hands and batter will
bounce One hould rather smile sweaty
Iy and accept the remark as a tribute
to the universal accomplishment
However considering the subjeot more
s It must be admitted that
very woman ought to know how
to cook There Is nothing In the pos
esilon of tho most superior brain that
need Interfere with tho proper building
of batter cakes and no reason why a
The DogMjrl Im glad the Dog
Shows overt
The CatWhyf
The DogWhy Ive been hiding all
week for tear sonboAvd catch me and
exhibit me >
Hj J
wageearnlnc woman should not bfas
accomplished a cook as her more de
pendent sister who Is rarely seen be
low Twentythird street I
Every woman ought to be able to
make n living and every woman ought
to be able to make a home though she
innnot attempt do both at the same
timeon of tliono occupations Is not
suoorlor to the other though It may
be said that making home Is some
times about the hardest way ot making
a living
The working woman unskilled In
housework is just w helpless as the
housewife who couldnt make 10 cents
by the product of her brain and hand
hWhY hould I learn to cook asks
the woman whose brain his a maiket
value J I could earn enough to employ
I two In the time It would occupy
But people who value their own peace
ore learning more and more to dig
pence with aliens In their household
and for this reason every woman should i
be able to do so In an emergency
t1Rryou DOP
gplNO NOW rTiI
Mrs Nagg and Mr
C C C By Roy L McCardell d
44ITOW dont
el N come home
with a
long face and to
c S me your trouble
Mr Naggl I cannot >
not help If business
t I
s bad and it Is n
S use to try to blamV
I It on mo If you
had the spirit of n
k man you would no
t Bit around anJ
groan bothering
Roy L MFC rdellpe0pie with youi
lljtle worries theatre No I
Have I been to the
have not I wouldnt go you
when you asked meT
How did you ask me Mr Nail
You simply came home and slid Let
us go to the theatre
Ah when you took me away from
p 4
= =
In Chicago
Wlllle8ay ms wot makes em look co happy Just married
MammaNo Willie theyve just put In on application for divorce
Exit Womans Diaphragm
The Dressmakers Convention was told to discard the diaphragm Item
IS sold that clothes dont make The stonmch went long long ngo
tTIS the man Of waist theres but a sham
And to mnko better show
< > In spite of fancy trlmmln now a
But all Is not run on this plan Cut out the diaphragm
TIs corsets matte the women
And so dressmakers oer the land Oh better dead than out of style
Have listened to this slam And when In style nar dead
To which they all will lend a hand Dont mind tho body With a smile
Throw out the diaphragm For corsets live Instead
Dispense with this and that thing
Not like one would throw out the chest Weigh no superfluous gram
I But cut It comoletely Your turso train with lacing
Tf woman fair would look her best And duck the diaphragm
Dressed de rlijueur and neatly WALTER A 81NCIAIn
1i S l rl f4 j
my happy girlhood home In Brooklyn
hat I loved BO well you did not act
hat way then Of coursp I hated
rooklyn so that I would have married
ragman I do believe Out that la
either here nor there
You talk about your trouble But
ook at my father my poor dear papa
iho has frorD to his long nest Look at
he trouble he had
You are going to twit me with the
ict that my poor dear papa drank
> ell If he
did drink it was on account
t trouble
And hIs trouble
IlVaa whiskey you
ay I
I might have known Itl I mIght
have expected Itl You lure me on by
appealing to my tender sympathetic
nature by coming and telling mo you
are worried and when I am trying to
comfort you you turn on me with a
cruel and uncalledfor remark abou
my poor dear papa
IWhen J see brother W1111 doing so
nIcely ooklrwr for wotk and am feeling
happy becaue he moves In such a nice
set and Is a member of the Jolly Pall
bearers and goes out although he has
no steady 1O1t1011 doing what he caB
stiongarm work and on the dark
streets too
You do sneer At hinil Your every
action Is an Insult Dont deny ItSir
NaBftl Just the other night whon
Sneezle the Fish and Hobbli the road
called here you jumpod right up and
locked un vow watch and the money
you had been too late to tAe bank With
I could see brother Willie regarding
you with a hurt look You know that
he told you that Sneezle the Fish and
Hobble the Toad were
of them working on pockotbooki und
the other on transoms In the big hotel
Oh dont try to come around
with n smile You are a mean sui
plclous wretch and I know ItS
The Mail4V
Higher Up I 1
B7 Martin Green
xT SEE tald the Olgtr store I
I Man that Preeldent Root
volt views wlth alarm thl
rapid growth of cities
The President replied theft
Higher Up hates the city He hatM
the city BO fiercely that he otui el to
live anywhere else There was a time I
when he had a chance to becorat
ranchman He lived on a ranch long
enough to become addicted to the
slouchhat habit and then cam back
to New York 04
We all hate the cltyespeclally
attjut this time ot the year Thou
sands ot us are > thlnkln ot dewrting
comfortable flats and hotels and
hiking out tor the summer into rural >
peace and solitude BllgeyIUeoa the
Sound looks good to us when the
trees are budding and the snow on
the north side ot the buildings is
Just beginning to thaw What we
caro It thore is no plumbing in the
That scratching sound you near 1
these pleasant days is made by New
Yorkers signing lenses for summer
homes within reaching distance of
business Under the Influence ot a
picture ot a Newport villa and the
burning eloquence ot a real eatats
agent aNew Yorker of moderate
means can be persuaded to move
from an elevator apartment with
artificial refrigeration to a country
smokehouse with tho nearest let
depot six miles away
Now York Is tho coolest most
comfortable place around here In
summer Halt tho population emi
grates to the country or the seashore
thus making so much work forth
mosquitoes In those places that they
have no time to visit the city Tho i
roof gardens and beer gardens are
open mid nil the fresh air in the
world Is at the disposal ofa man who
has the price of a ride on a Broad i
way car By 10 oclock at night the
side streets arc deserted nod the cool
breeze wafts the window curtains to
and fro Sound sleep Is possible to
the city man In the early morning
hours when the country sojourner
wading through dust up to his anklM
to catch the commuters rattlerlt
may be a little hot In the < la > tme
hut It Is just as hot out whero the
sun has a chance to get in Its work
on the bare ground
Nonrthelcss remarked the Cigar
Star Man Im going to take my
family to Jersey this summer
Dont you do It warned the Man
Higher Up Come with me4 next
Sunday and look over a place I have
In mind up the Hudson
Little Willies
I Guide to New York
I Manhattan Seasons u I
when spring nits uva xounuy inc
krocussea and dsffydltls and Mar
thrt lnnd prlmroaies and mallayrlik
begin to show tMre blushing fakes
ubbove the brown crIb and vnul
ftloary tarts but when spring get to
nu rkthe oanly way rooait mm i
find out It Is heer la by getting the bill
for thaN wlfoj spring jute nu yoark
oanlv has 2 seezen and thoue Jar j
the sefzen when foka Crease and the
swren when tokes ilzrol last winter I I
we used to say we wood know whea
spring calm because by thAt Urn all
the snow wood be rone from thll
str Us but now thoose happy hoape
of cleen streats have been foalded up j
and lade away like the pants of earns
deer dod trend for we know that sprint
vllols will verbllm1e In thoase mow
banks altho thare Is plenty ot crib la
them for all the vlleta that eyver iiau
end but the oanlv flower that will Jrtirn j
In our streets this spring It the toddy
blossom and a few bookays of Scathe
grip Jerans the Kalender tays spring
Is In our midst at last but our mitel
duzzent bdety oil the hollender tara
good oald spring A P TflIflJNLI
I I I f
No Extract for Hum
Denttot Shall I extract your tooth
Parm TNaw I dont want any 01
that stuff on It Id rather take gas
The Fudge j Idiotorial f
The I i Is It better to be BIG than
Long and
I LITTLE Is It better be TALL
the Short of It I than SHORT We do NOT
Cqpyrot1005 Planet Pub Co Little men ore often BIG
1 MEN and big men often LIT i
TLE Andrew Carnegie Is a very little man In Inches but look at
the rest of his size
i MOST giants are In dime museums VERY FEW of them are
In business
1 It Is better to STRETCH than to STOOPI Napoleon was a
little man So Is Gen Funston President Roosevelt Is thick but
riot talll
I We once knew a VERYTALLMAN His wife made him hang r lf
out tho clothes She said It was ALL tie was good forl
Brooklyn people are growing taller all the time They HAVE
TO In order reach the straps In the trolley cars EC v
A littlo man can wear SHORTER PANTS than a big onoi h
uw 1 1J IM t > nU I111of of JI I
ijMJujjj fi

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