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n si nia M W A W VWV 4 MA M >
PlNO MAllCHtO1905 >
I I j
I i ientMeinbersof New York Organ
J izationsTake Their Text from Address I
fi Given by Mrs Lucia Gale Barber
f j
in Mothers Convention
nt Meol real1 woman iiihtichoieeaierior hIn harmony with thebeautlfu
Mnj of earth her countenance It open and ttrtnt her etet cl rhtr voictfln
1 tnd itoeet ihwtql and movmtntt fret and light her drtii and appointment
I however simple decorative and tefltttng her itatlon and twrlt the radiate
1 htalth and t > lgor ana to good to look upon tie it an ornament
Interiorly the real womani mind ii furnished with palm judgment decision
Imagination and her toitl with love faith hops and a clear oontctoutnets of good
r Bhilmwet along the earth carrying help and healing in tht lynpathv and ten
ierntti ichich the pour out in vnttinted measure the Inoreaiettht jotf ofhwnai
I Kind by her own joy In living her clear courage putt itrengtn into the ditcour
IC get foul She it a light illuminating the wayt of her going UR8 LUCIA
I I The addreoa giv n by Mrs lAidadal
Barber of Boaton before the Mothers
I Convention Waehlngion haabroufh
1 forth a number of Interesting opinion
from promlnemt clubwomen Mrs Bar
11 b II apoke on The Real WOmen wh
IK the aaythe Ideal woman I
i1 Whcti asked by a reporter for Th
i Evening World her opinion of the
Soston womans definition of the Idei
Wcman Miss May Rlley Smith the
poefou and member of the ezolualv
Meridian Club Midi
The Ideal U the perfect so I ehonl
imythat the Ideal woman would be an
n i fool angel woman Bh I
n doea not exist She
Ideal Woman
may do so In tim
1 Would Bean WI
to come but our
an Angel Ideals are alway
t 0 ahead of us It II
ft different thing to dmcrtbe an Idea
woman for the very description would
As near aa he could be d < fcsorlb
from my standpoint would bel the har
linonknu bUndjn of the true wife tho
true mother the true daughter He
penwnallty muit necessarily be attrac
i Wv But it will be dl Mcult to hold to
thU statement tyr there are many
whose faults do not reflect their souls
I NrtMM external and Internal oharaoter
r sties Co not agree v
J At twenty it Is not the woman foul
If her faice doej not reflect an Ideal lit
forty K la because her character at that
Me should tufluse her countenance Tbi
t Ideal woman should be charming with
out and within Slio should be har
I rnonloua In nil her relations
Dr Anna Donoptiuo a prominent mm
feer or Uw Kcleotlo Out says I
t I agree with Mrs I I
Barbers definition
of ith idieal worn n
an though it Is a
> tyji j wo do not DevolIlI
meet 1 ain afraid
the description
makes her almost >
f mil possibility
u led rom her everyday experiences
Judged bar pohit In making th real and
thb Ideal one for an ideal woman must
be reoJlJho should be free from al
fftcUtlon and InslncorltyUckingi ii
I the great game of bluff
i I tihlnk of course sh should be
aWOlUan ot pleasing exterior he must
blow a good mind and keen Intelll
t smoci If she tiasithese dharacteristloi
r her mind will show In her face
i Health Is casentlal for an Idea
type for no woman can be really
beautiful In mind and body who is not
f Consideration for I others tempered
f j by judgment and a heart these are
lUlrltHitea of the Ideal woman would
I like to meet her
Miss Ellen Miles of the djrosls Club
iwho dllTers with Mrs Banbw eays
I dont n r with MM Darter al
I all Her inscription is very flat
Clothes or face have nothing to dc
irtth Ideality If Mrs Barbers Ideal H
ml where U she tcolng to nnd her
Ive seen Ideal women at the wash
J tub and their exteriors wer any
thing but aesthetic
the question IsWhat Is the Idea
of the ldeal7It is a subject almost
Impossible to dls
ousa It Is too nb
floutui Common Btraot What would
tie Ideal In one roo
Benie and spect would not tx
Intelligence In another We al
A ey our own moth
era ure our Meals
Wienwe talk alocmt the Ideal we talk
bout verfeotion W bATe had no Ideal
t >
A1iI were bestowlnjr < lfts upon s
i favored w nan I should irlv her ro
bust hesll But it Is not neceesar
I for the ideal Bhe should have good
Boy f Seventeen Struck Young
Spouse Who He Alleges Was
t Attacking Bride Skull May
Be Fractured
Because he protected his slater from
tha alleged abuse of her husband John
Howell a boy of seventeen who lives
nt No 603 East Sixteenth street was
mitfntd In Torkvllle Court today
charged with assault
Theassault Is said to hAve been com
Rider Haggalfld
Is Here
and says New York City Is ter
ribly overcrowded
or SHE
I ii i Is but you will hive no trouble
ri 1 finding suitable Furnished
Rooms Houses and Apart
ments If you consult the
Morning Worlds
f O Let Directory
l I 2372
t I I 4 r
sound common sense xlntillrnc a
great Wg motherly heart and truth
She should oondemn wrong Clean
ness of course should be a ahsrac
terlstlc The Idea soul slrould shin
through h r t8 no mattr what the
ace may be
Mrl ElllrLbdh B GllUlnII Prell
lent ofItho ChrlltlanLcqu tor the
promot on ot Purl
ty IaYI ro
There II lIot werls Jancc
much to cU l1l1 In c
the DOIItOl1 wom HtallhJ nd I
an dtlnlUon The
Idea woman I one Attractve
who II aclUted by t
thehlrhut and
deepest moral plritual and humatw
motives to serve Uioae Mtnul an <
deareat to her to whom she faa apeoTnc
Such women aa these serve theIr
feMows to arreatMt advantage The idea
woman Is one who can render themosi
substantial and healthful service
I consider that the faith of the true
Christian develop highest character In
As regards Mrs Barbers estimate ol
external Ideality I ay Flddlestlcksl
Borne women can be absolutely homely
and yet be fascinating I and goooV Th
Ideal woman sustains a wellbalanced
poise Every woman should try to ap
pear her best but it has nothing to do
with the ideal All thins being equal
I suppose a woman to reach the stand
ard of theldeal chouU however al
ways be of attractive presence should
be of high mental calibre coupled with
a Judtaoui heart power I dont mean
sentimental The heart should rule the
brain >
Qood health neosajary to the ideal
woman No human toebit can attain the
ideal without good health Th average
defective physique trtlr not permit a
woman to develop spiritually and Intel
lectually u tar as > ono in good health
False hair and Louis Qumze he li
take all tJbe sense to balance the body
The Ideal woman wears her clothes
knowing that they will never be criti
cised or noticed
1I1eh are so many different typtniol
LdOat omen that I thlrik It k focUsh tc
try to centralize them md oall the w re
sult a real woman
Rev Pho4b Hanaford President
the Woman Profa Club all
IS It d enda on
I Oharaoter what you mean
when you speak
Counts for of the Ideal woman
1 should
punrfkiiit an say
I ttvtrilthfit0 81leli a gogpei
5 t hope and will be
a gospel fulfilment when she cornea
Of course she is a good Christian
W11IIU1I do not use the word Chris
tian as denoting a secttout as mean
ing purely loving religion She lone
who has lived up to the teaching of
the gospel Bh has Intelligence rah
does good and her Ideality lies in her
A handsome ftpj > ea ranoei has nothtn
to do with Ideality Chamcter counts
for It all TM most Ideal woman ever
known wa physically daformed but
her 1 k01 womanhood mad you for
get It I
There are so many different kinds of
Ideal women that Itlt hard to merge
the Idoi Into one
UlM Allco Brown Secretory of the
Professional Women League says
My ideal wo
man Is my mother g
and I can ogre Utttt Be I
with nearly all1
Mrs Barber says TJnielflih 1
To be Ideal a
woman must bo and 11lIe
unselfish thought
I believe all wo
men are In spit of light remarks to
the contrary
External tkgns ar not necessary
your birth and environment interfere
hereilO does dress Ideality should not
be restricted by such things
I believe the Ideal woman should
oott III s well as possible
She I does not have to be InUlUc
tual but he must be Intelligent
Six Is healthy and wise The sub
lect II far too abstract to discuss
mttted on August rtlest a youth of
twenty who lives In the house with
Howell and who two months ago mar
ried Howelle slater
According to the statement made by
Howell to the police Priest went home
early today In a qarreksom mood and
XKan to abuse hi bride
You mustnt abuse my sister
Howell said he told Frltst
Frlest lh ji b6cama moro otjuilvD and
Howell declares that he hod to Inter
fere to prevent Frlwt attacking his
wife I
Then he turned on me1 said Howell
and to protect mysslf I hit him on
the head with a bottle He fell un
conscious and the col Ice arrested mo
Frlest wnj Ita ken to Bellevue Hos
pital It Is feared that Ms Jtull Is
The Delineator for April
April being on Important month In the
fashion world tlio April Delineator Is
primarily a fashion number containing
in elaborate porlrayal of tho aurmu
styles and the Intel tl1slllon nows In
the literary portion of tho magazine tho
Irst Instalment of a now serial story by
ALbert lllgelow 1alno lu nn Item of note
It Is called Tlio LuckyPlcCci a Story
of tho Mountains and promises well
rom thwo oaHy olmpters in The
lUshts of the UhlW a now serial tea
ure It Is nnnoiinceO Dr Qrace P Mur
ay will discussovoryphase of the caro
of chllilrcn Tho ilrst paper on 1111
omhiK of tho Child contains Informa
Ion that has nnvcr before been pte
en ted In popular form nnd will be of
Irmtt asslstunco to young inollicrs An
ther wrlea Little Sketclics cf Travel
opens with nil liulnuto donoilptloii of
thc children ot Olierammergau later to
bo known to fame as tho actors in the
Passion Play Amateur collectors wll I
lie ablo tu gain much useful Infomiatlon
rom nn article im lliatro wurc by N
Hudson Moore and uumnv Kobbe con
tributes a vpry intorostlng napqr strlk
nsly lltiutratcd on The Sfngo and the
iwond Keif Hhort storlM by Virginia
W Clomi andElmorsfn Peako are
other features Irfnddltlon tflpastlmes
and tales for children by L Frank
Jsiim Grace MncOowan ii anj
thors Tho domestic columns are of
p t qW t1Jqo abl oOIk4 ofV
iJ ltiii JtitM j rit
Sho 1der
1 Kangaroo
The New I
They Must Be Built Along Its I
Sinuous Lines if They Wpulc
Meet Conditions Enforced by
Miss Elizabeth White
6 Ii for shape the brandnew hap
ot 1008 which according to Mlaa Bllsa
> rth A C White President of the
Dressmakers Protectlvo Assoclutlon
now In sewlon at Masonic Temple musl
be built along the lines ot that slnuoui
Btartlnpf at the top the first curve ol
he S describes Bhe bust line the
econd curve what mlfht be called tthc
profile hii lint
If you have both of these you spell
he perfect shape If you havent them
Miss White has and this U t he Way she
IIld it as told to an EvenhiR World reo
porter while to an Evening World artist
nbl Illustrated the new figure
1ft I liave told tho drensmikersal
ready Bald Mlas White Hhe chief
anturn of the new fleure In the ellmlnn
ton of the diaphragm You remember
iiat year what a terrible diaphragm I
bll7 Well Its all gone For years we
ave been building up the dlaphratm
with the straightfront corset But ono
ouvc jrot It youve sot It forever
you see wo worked tho fat up from
he hips to tho diaphragm and now wa
work It oft the diaphragm That Rlvos
us th high bust effect which Is In
rcasod by the tlghtflttlni bodtCH which
has superseded tho blouse the only
blout now Is tho dlaphrniim Itfielf
jlt way to work tho fat off tlio
dlall1roJmllIl the neck is to sleep on
our stomnoh with your head back this
wiiho chest Is the most prominent
caturo of the new ilgurt 10u xto I
do everything with my chest 1 even
walk with It But dont throw back the
houlders Hold them In n natural ncial
onnml keep your linens stiff This
will mnko you seoni tailor and throw
your bust out
50 mill kotTi the knngnroo back but
FreilhiB tint Illrils
From the nost n Traiiecrlpt
A llttli llioolclliio Blrl ouch ycnr Ire
> ares n tree for the birds by utilizing a
ndsomo npruco treo that stniula ndja
cnt to her homo Tho boughs of tho
ree nro liuiur with pieces of toothsome
uot bread mnrrow bon s ami llttlo
wxes containing varieties of seeds with
hero nnl thcro ashlnlnir red npple to
give piquancy to the offering Tho true
I ifillbornlly pntronlted by the opprccln
th birds and Is nn object of much In
1 tr st tonalchbors and passersby Tho
example Is one that might well U emu
IAtt4 l aU 1r4Jo
W jii JJ ooiIiJtiif t tH4 Ii 1
the new figure must have the high bust
which is not really higher but made t
I diaphragm em so by taking the fat off the
I v Lr
Mm Nary WHso x OonlA Only Kb
cicraber Name and Street Address
I Aftei1 Tambllnf Down 8t ps
Mrs Mary Wilson whollvs In Sum
ner avenue Brooklyn taInted on the
Park Bow gallery ofth Brooklyn
Bridge today and berfor any oat
could reach her rolled down two nights
of stairs Policeman Schllp ticked hf
up and carried bet into tha women
dpesjslngrcxtm Where a doctor mid sh
was suffering from concussion of the
Upon opening her eyes hUf an hour
Inter Mm Wilson could rememtor only
her name and the street In whtdh sh
Uved thought her husband was
cooper but IIhe could not tell wher he
Mas employed nor th number ot her
house Bh was takn to tha Iludson
Street Hospital
I 1 r
Nevro Cook Heill W1tkoo Ball for
> tVnvlna Aw r lxteeBTar
Old Btssi Besvofa
joton Cooper th negro cook who nrd
Bessie Beach a young white girl away
from her home In Elisabeth K J1 wIth
promise to place berlna good whlt
ramlly here was held without bail for
requisition papers from New Jemy
when arraigned today in tbo Wilt Bid
Detective Murphy < of Elliabeth said
the girls aunt Mrs Mary Beaoh had
sworn that the girl was only sixteen
yars old in which cae Cooper liable
to conviction for kidnapping with a
aenalty of twenty years7 imprisonment
John J English Assistant Prosecutor
if union County was present for New
The Beach ftirl was luredto New York
ay Cooper who was formerly Mrs Mary
Beachs cook and who placedithe irlrl In
a house ot a Mrs Tompkins colored In
Fortysecond treeltIn spite of threats
to killher the girl escaped and had
Cooper arnsted at the Pennsylvania
MrsOrdman Fatally Injured on
Manhattan Avenue Motor
man and Conductor fM from
Mob but Are Arrested
Ura Oarolln Ordnum eigtotytwo
years aid of No JM West On Hundred
mnll SVnirtoenth rtiweti Was knodked
doton by a trolley car ii Manhattan
avenu and On Hundred and Thir
teenth street today and so badly In
jured fhe will die A crowd which
< fathered became threatening that
themotonrwm and conductor Jumped on
their oar and putting on tullpowor es
otpcdi althOAigh ohwed for two blocks
1114 oollo learned however that fhe
tnotoWHUi wma Michael Clock of No 168
Ws hid Svvenue and theeonduotor
Okorf Fe r tt No S16 West Forty
0rt rw bo Ib arr t 11
tho ental t1MCr
Mr Orttosvti h wry feble
walked rtttt in Croat of to oou Bhe
wail knocked Mmnl tet Mid when
pkci iup < h4 flracturadi Wp iuaA In
ternal tajartoi Aa th ennr4 gtm
usA lobe W nwn fled a cltlien m thi
nummtMr of thot oar wtofch he > ve to
the poUoeY
A a ui eon from the ff Rood Wrtgh
Hoatdtal Mid OwA Mn Qrntni Jh
Juries wtpe eGerthhM could not
rwover The wotam aabad to betaken
hOlM la < he MntouOaooe cad this was
CnrollneVaror s onpd
TnUlM i opli o tii Upper
Vest lid
Chanced WI a > pisstoi spurtou checka
UlMCaroliM Maa > t of ko 51Wect
Ninetysecond weetaa iutest d to
day at talloilac tt Jblt htnent at No
Ml Amsterdam avenue Just as ihhad
recelvtd bankK ohtuic onaobeek toif
135 She wu arraigned before MatrU
trait Oonull te th Wet flld Osurt
and held tor heading later I
Aacordlnf to Mr Mtrlon 8 Lyon a
rrrilllner ot No 6U Columbus aveniiey
H1U i Maroy ba4 ben duping many mil
liners and dreastnalMni OQ1tHt Upjea
wet aid passing spurloua oh cks wi4
getting expensive clotMg aim chance In
return Bhl sold Uie women reprewnt d
herself to b matron ot th Jeffron
Market prison wnldh post she Maid taf
motbnr held for itwtntyut tc1n7WII
Ura Lyon said ohe gve the < woman
sa ohaam on a JIB check which she
Hound iworthlec Dotactive MoMVinua
arrettsd Mia Manoy Juat as he was
laying down another check at the tai
loring etablt9imsnt on Amstardam
WilltaW W Tonms NonHesldcnt
Mast Pur Allmvar
Juello aark of thec8upreme Court
set up a new rule today applicable to
nonff Mnt members of th Alimony
It was In the separation suit of Anna
V Toung i of Brooklyn against William
W Younff the 119000 a year reprtenta
tlve of John W Masury A Sons th
point bcuse t
Because he la in Main Mr Hummel
asked for the appolntnient of a receiver
of any property he may have In this
State and an injunction forbidding him
to draw or John W Masury to pay his
lull salary his ordering that 115 be
held out for his wife each month
Justice Clarks decision Ii In favor of
Mrs Young John C Coleman was
appointed receiver r
t JvT 1lr tItNIJ
41I lNr JW I V rXHle
qlllIII1f m
4uaUf CIifNI
At IIi I
Ii JIlt Ald iii NIl NAtOJ
fIT M C CIiIrp
j HlaT i
lio 10 Ai41 YOtJII UL
efouTiruLSEuerr B
5uf IA IHI4f1 11
l 1 1 Jil CVI Nor
Sleep on your chin with your tootsle wootsies touching the dashboard of the bed Do not sleep in this
position too long or you will gel wrinkles in your neck Dont snore The vibration of your snore against
tlie footboard of the bed will tickle jour toes suid wake pu uo We have only a i vb WMldt l
1 I
> I tII oIl1itJJw 1 d1ij j tit V v I I
Bridegroom Hero of Hotel Clerk
Smashing Episode Central
Figure of Interesting Brook
lyn PoliceCourt Trial
Frank Wlliam Ptfjnro e tht > youn
man what marrlag prtcodd U aa
cldflntl death by KM ottff nwtt erln
law only s tow hours and wno nejieottd
to register his wlife at the Bt Oeonr
Hotel IJrooklyn where they went aMW
hours nftor ttielr marrhiKO lut Bun
day mnrolrwt was the centra Inure In
ith Adams Street Court today during
vplrttel legal argument Hew also
tho prisoner charged by aauaa quick
cUrk o fth flt Oeorg Hotl with as
Mr Quick had on Sunday morning
last called Mr Primroses attention to
th tact tht h 8had neglected to regis
ter his bride The bridegroom resented
Mr Quick interference And to Ule hti
own buifuace smashed the clerk In the
face Mr Quick resented thla and called
pollotmui The brWofrooraww ar
Myiterlci on the Cat
O OruwhiO appurect > before
MsglotrAta Furkxig j oounsal for die
ywinir m n luid etso us oouniel tor tiie
HBV Dr WC P Rhoidcs paator ot
th Marajr Avenua BaptUt Tempi who
niado Mill Pock Mn Primrom de
clared In count that there were my
teiriei the oaie tfut will neyer b
unveiled At toon am th lawyer made
this btaUmMit Mr Primrott ehlmed In
TM Your JlOMtWWVIotto put
the tOpe on thei vutturti i raeaomr
rrawtew wtJwy will tMIHis Into 4l1
llmttlsl with eltltnCl It
There w repres nt In Jourt Jtoda
bMldes Primose Manager TunbrlJroo
the St Qeorgei Hotel Clerk QuIoJc an
tOOl counici ri Jere W tnb nr Th
charge wan aiiault but both lawyer
announced that they had1 Mtreed to
opmpromUe on dlionAerly conduct
Want dOffthiJb 8
MiUtrate Furlonr ili nftile4 the
yountr man 110 Lawyer Oru MM he
wouldnt pay the flne a 1st had beei
agreed J that sentence should be ws
ponded and that the anault oharti
could never fee proven lAwr Wln P
lber < waa called back When he heart
that Oru said the aasaultooujd nvei
be proven fr exclaimed hotly
WAH well Just try ItiOUt now 1J14
The prisoner become < xelt od at thU
Junctur a Itd called out to 11jf lawyer
Let jat off tWi jo WUB piy
the tenl toucjja and g tttore r wU t
wo keep thli thin coin tbee vul
ture e will l arn verf < tlnllndc now
theyre ffot more than they have any
bum8 to know
Mr Prlmrone th n prrtductd a no bill
and paid the flno
Johanna Neobert Wanted 1 WH
br Jerome In Altered
Cadet Cn e
Johanna NeubNt seventeen years
old < ttarited by her fiJUier mid iftotliw
MraIl4MiJolm M Ncubert with
being a wayward glriwia held InlW
bondfl forwood behavior for on month
to day Injeffanon Market Court MAR
litrate Stelnert decided toOl J4 the tW
When he teamtd ibaths wa wanted
as a witneas by Jer
ome n an J 4la4atieH
Whon the flri announced that sihe had
friends who would urnlh bill for her
Maghtrate SteUiert Mid he would not
accept eourHy until the DUtrlotAttor
ney consented
Oln Nubertfclilth Ooijrtth iJo
hanno had been a bad child slneo she
was ten years old For piote than two
yctrs II he a4d the air refuse to sU
it home She wonted1 her daughter aent
to an Institution When ohJanne waa
wltcd by the Magistrate horw h man
ixcd to exist she rtipiled I
7lMy srtndOTother ivt me all the
< money I need Shed not want me
to go back home for ahe know how
badly they treat me here I would
father f1oto prison than go with tny
I mctber
New York
See if your Collar is4 PLf
Cured airuhe and tootlucU inituitly
OM MONUV ItErUNDKl Cures a f
In wiy form t
Hore Throj Hwoll n Ton ll i Bon
reruns or outh It Is n norld naiiR
lOc uid J3c toitle Orlttenton Uwrf
pun and ularmrtists i1
Yoans jj oraian1 JISP o 41i t l J
die LeMrned of Her IotUer
Marjfacob ri beatb tfentyrivesy6 roidi Fg i
< i mold employed jn the hoi lrhollf o r r JT lt
teon Altmsyer r a wealthy IrealMtato
dealer llvlnr atWjlS East1 Bigh < ytMrd
rtreot committed sujctdlt y f < 4 i
turning on thego Inh e tl rpomi Ai I
letter from Sweden yoaterdny i nnnounc v i J
Insr the death of theiwihi om 1j i I
mothiw i thought to haV birtn th j Jlt I
After reading th letter the 1rlll 1 i il t
came here from Bwerton six months ago 7 it
said she had nothing more to live for 1 j
Today the other servantsmissed p r M i il
land smelling gas forced thVidbor ct r i l
her room and found her dead In bed iii
HEM WOMEN u 1 Y h Jii 1Itl II
TsJceW rnerJBS f Ciirt > tlMQr rt > d
Klde y and LlverCwe 1 di I di J1 J
ReralM Ur HMltH jl 1
Many women iuffer tonurer thro < Ii
nervedebility caueed by disorders of l
Uddejrs which affect tblitIIIIIot s iJ
They drag along day br dsy ooMOflt I 11ti 1 4
growing won t i
Thermal dstk circles under taT fu 1 f 1
lots of sleep nervouineu logs ot ipprtllBK J
and flesh backscbe headache beariflff V S i
down sensation unl Irregularities of thO
periods are never falling signs that tt A
kidneys and liver are seriously nffecUd and N
utterly unable to do their work properly < jJ
When thekidneys and liver aroutofor4ek
all other organs feel tlhe street > Lljii fat Iii 31
Warners Safe Core
performs wonders tor tuBUlug women It
purifies the blood restores the kidneys
bladder and llrer to a bealthtul condition
and etuies the female organs to do their
work naturally It make the eyesbright
the complexion clear and tb step springy
Sale Cure has always don melOBUca
good especially for female ills Incident to
ohauge of life that I iannot recommendIt
enough I weighed only 80 pounds am nw
ft n hearty 1
perfKt ordor MK8 ALBERTANGLE
WelshRun Pa
rW iMvMbbUaandrofsuchletters te H
fylngto tb bellngipowersot8at Cqre
SafeOurels purely yecatablecontainsno
harmful drugs li free from wdlmentanil
pleniant to Jak i < ltUamot1vHuHle
eftectiva tofllosaMmiUntjtb digest
awakensthe torpiaillYfrirepBlrt the
SUM soothesflnflaMmsiionjandjlrrl
stimulate thereofMbl dT
tbea > It builds up
I juuu ma vwv < < w in m
n nt of th dlsesM la your syrt jr
laropl of youri una to tha Me
ment Warner Bat CureCo
ft Yi and our doctorswill aaalfMHf
undyou a report nrlAaairle 4l
oklet tree JJMWML
Wh mn
T f i
1 I
fMMCH ii I
Believers and Sceptlciii j I JtHJ t
Juflglne rom the rcmtrics
hewd all diy youjsurefy4 itjM
read my IlttleUlk pfy sfet
arid 1 hive noticed prei miwyjl
the sceptics siiake thejritie d
front of our windows indmurm
Ore t values but gerierallyiitM
ferent itory when you gej liii <
Either they have no sizes or they
to sell you something little m 1
priced theres thfTUl5 te ll > iu
a great deal of truth IntTlat m rl
mur but It Wi dlfferMrMnjI
here The Hope Company Isnot ortlyjl
winding up the Taylor stocksrr
spectlve of cost blit beyond tthat
Stilts I that are being sod Hoi i1
at > 7oo will cause don1slU
on the part of the buyers Now
morrow St Pitrlcks Dayj
will be a continuous series i l
All suits no matter > W1 IC
priced that are broken t 1 f
arrangedas followst r1fl
Coats nod Vests will be sold l1
at 50
TI Trousers will goar lIO
Of course this doe j not sound II
startling but youll be stirilfdW
the values If youll come downy here i
tomorrow J Ji
You see gentlemen this Hops m
Company willie the Presldentland
Secretary are young men stillthey
ire conservative and a sort of I busi =
ness farmers believes In ptoiytof
the ground rakliig It and pqttlngiln
seed They are willing andpfi
pared to wait for results until you
become acquainted with their imeth
ods Tht Taylor stocks that a
now clo lngoutdallyar beirii
used as the seeds and mighty good
seeds they will betoolb H
enough talk for today
If you can possibly sparetn
lime come and see us tomprrofv
md youll remember St Patricks
Day of 1905 asa day of great Inr
restrqent for yourself and fimlly

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