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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, March 16, 1905, Evening Edition, Image 4

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f j ± THEW JILII Nft4G I
n r r
> Judge It Is Deli eve d Will
r Ng t L Show can t Mercy to
W Eloping Preacher
F Julia Bowne with Whom He
i twfce Ran Away Asserts She
L ff Will Remain Steadfast
Court Probably Will Impose a Four
m4 Year Sentence When He Gate
Cornea Up Saturday
i I I SpecW Th Bywttut WorId
l j r rmw flRUN6WICIT N S rtb
143uil JOwne 11111 nil probability
J jjj k a long w ttJrncftoVtr the I
tOJatr flev 3 Prank jCordova with
b Me looed on thrta occasions
jenfl wlio save up atlnnr wife three
children A living nnl I1feV caher
Vtbln5 Such u tcspeet anft dignIty In
c rder to be w tI her All New Brunsi
E4 tolck weecU Juage 8trollCto read out
Irig ff fcentehw ot lour Uri to Cordova
on Saturday th day set for tho fixing
i i of hit punishment dfjpendqjjt Upon tht
i iJ onvlctloft qti U > eharirei ov abandon
rWnt ana wuult
t Julia nan W will Vomaln steadfast
< tnthnii 119 mnttfe fhow lens ho w
> f jnaln lii jail Cordon with his hand
s n > UlMrt IM oaths > t allegiance
refnp3W4 Up lKiVtthsfho keep tout
v L >
i > inWl eVertore hMi h WiUbYa
1 t 0 tI r n C for botji 80 tat the
t ild hM bcenConeLaht botllk a4or the
i tehaitio mUsstil MI occasion
tt rii tat tow daj o hli trial
V Wwwrth worj the > ff but
horiIbutiC M
I ilj t hItCeot3op ie choir JPlrIpo
A te ftm > k i co with hknonce i to I
XIc t
t ttrn ncroaa the ctn
eelILNh1 rtlitM to irvoin fon
ijJttitwl no t < taucji WjIIhlnloft Jto
rk h urluI C rctufitltia eYtuCII I
ytn brcuiht aatnLb1 i1 i
1 1ie phM > r
I l Ikeutko lr tthqittie else 13
r iH tI tllll tiflb In he
1t jd ik
1J JlQi eeithnnahour
jViiWho WM perhapj the I
WaIItoI4 an Bv nln rWorid
r ICon alt ri tno vercJict WBII i
tad rI1uIt can jc439 trati at io
i lHa afirot K > > ooiifei meli feel b
1 St atjbt abaat 11s3 KUIU ot tho
it aaor Tho tmjquotlon argued WM
h thftfi orArtot n recownendaUon for
fsaoulflfMreutwea t I
41 1
I1JrI1 r jff imp br V CQrd 9Va If
rj e ttKJfnl11tht 6t tie pwtecutar
tanifin the earn ortais urolter itiia
Ui ai1a oo > jftwff < Ker ot hoin B 01
twyjiilRf jQfcmr talr daufftitersl wan
J I otnt i Mxizti WMEImc
tie tJItCIT te3 IKn w nothing ot
COh13flWi concetncfl rhe
ilJ lob olveilwa
r Wi04 hS tMIrtor the Jury brlllJl
I h bellorllUon of the condItion
< 1Jtefnnd ch 1 rO I The Jury
fUNe ihtltoii4l not 86 they
slIlotboaorcy to the Juda1t
I ilk iviiviaiaintufu In hit e 5
o thlt lproptrrliaprlsonment tor
iN I rI
i fenfl r j r hill former paitir
diiara BcalUBt a Strong public
jrtj 1 lnq ilwrt was little left him
wav ol urrumWit what i4 dS
c aUne r HlMmrr lie hpnsald
Jury on ptriunal around Ht
ta tlmei dorlftjr his arv
I lt I
have r hnd A case that ha io
Y ffeneral mnkeup
t tGenhIemest of the jury you tan never
r twheelt mar come home 10 one of
vsu ten you shall have shrewish
rJlid you > wII bti forced to throw s
rIIuiather Have K bare
1 tiencaJnj the public nrotpcuior with
I pfrreiraI ppeai He became IJIOL
Lii ii peoullar New Jeisey court
way His naia
Aiwifebtaaer lathe enemy of every
IaID V j i <
jJJWMt la the need of a trial when we
ijIMw < the case properly would you
Ou Aprleirnle Tom was one ot tlw
t JMrymedare RO home to your Wit
aay that you treed avwlfobenter
e yett know thit a shotgun would be
1 iffleacloui remedy for such men
Gin looked eonynced and UI rqwuQ
4ouir4 flttbmtjM children berore his
ft Pubjrc rl > rwrpu tor hid the ipeMa
¼ with him from tho first bench to tho
L Two men ononlth it hair at bow
kerl1 another with ions
I ckhushy chin artalriJ nodded every
Cordova wa culled ttio inteveii
leiof doC Sometimes they spoke
rjinpprobatlon aloud The court
euton xarnc In with them and ap
ete VWH frequent It was New
rttWjulck f 1184 by South Ilivcr
Rrnrln support of outiatfid cummutil
i Corrtova heard the handoinpplnB
knew rwt MIV11not the loved
1 Se 4W t flock
flw I
c I to G Sill 81E OrE D
I rr r
iv Hitter I lallhj Oefenti Cnpt
fe i tl CiLie1ravii Hor
I ifiJl OTTK la FJoitlns newt
UJorClIU prgtfhllI i been rreIctva
MidLii < cf thIs OH Ouard after
eor > uc iniifirfst fights Invth9 Ills
iF 4 nuf tha anlxatUii His opponent
fitf tiiCandee wtio received ttrty
i Votes ices than Major lirlgirs
ult forJamae an thrcatrned as
t pjMntcotoe of the circulation or iirlnt
i < > matt r attacking the supporters of
j B ivCnndce for major as well as
4 blngt jujiporteri of itajor UrUgs
I < dt1ffttCiI him Onp htindt il and
t f Ny wo otca Y wero ca3tp7 for Major
tfI sand W for Ospt Omdee rapt
1 flrfr w > i not rucDt b4tJMaJor
B sa
t tf I =
iiUessing Contests
tar attojethsr too uncertiin
1 o itUlrs when It carries to tuj
VI lnca I oo1 piano and nlicn
ypu have just to irucli money
i b i to jpenil for one
j 1 Blind Man
t S ee
1 Pi itt what he Is going to buy
q if f If some one will read to him
i7 the lirgaln offers printed
I I i it = Uy In Nie5PIos at Organa 1
1 I mnnof the
i ilW 4nngirM
si i
200 Girl Employees in Big Mil
linery Establishment Also
Make Hasty ExIt
Shoppers In Kochs millinery tore at
Pulton street and Kim laceVmklyn
were alarmed by amlke that lfed rto rn
the etiUronjt and eloValor shifts at
11 oclock today Many of them moved
toward the doors InR moment ra sr
camo down the main atilrtroy Scream
InK Fire s I
The wide dooM were thrown open and
the shoppers and clerk eJa d wtth >
out difficulty
Some 200 mpoye > of the upper floor
of the fourtory building mad the It
O + ali8 to the ground door bj way ot
the stairways The woraett showed I di
mlrtCblo control and 10 far M ii known <
not one of them fainted or itunAled I
Two alarms were turned ltn4tft H
few minute the streets In ti vJclnrt
weTs Jtjnmed iwlth nr lIfpar J fttrf
roundin Uie Koon establIshment ar
all the bin Brooklyn dipartfiwat ttowi
Udthe customers Hocked out In
In tho rear ot the millinery stor It
th extension of the bltr e tit lUhmMJ
of Frederick Loeser Co Plrewen
were stationed oa the root of Mho nx
tension jo prevent the bUxo from
spreading It
hojpe9In Ixjeiere Were not aware
o t the biota tqilij they heard tho on
tl y ttrrfvc tUy were assured by tike
dlfrka and floorwalker that there wai
no danitr but mo IIL ot tb preferred
tbfo outsM air
For n tijau It looked M though tnt
blozo woum ret away from the nremen
A dottn atreatni were concentrated on
the fourivhotr rUlt Koch BulMlnt
wh r r7uio 011 urltflnat on J the
raniea were literally flooded Bo were
t1ttOr and stock
r J
nectattlft Hnd BHtArtelawcnt for
hospital < o Be flre1 Bveni
Th r ull Curlm ball and entertain I
mew for Beth lured IIoiDltal to be
i IIat Brand Central Palace next
Tuesday night wit lt manager de
clare eclipse In quality and splendor
any Ilre lou function of the kind
iTW charity htti the tympnthy and
urtwrt ot the beat Jewish society who
will make the ealorUlnment finan
cial success K Handcll la Chairman
ot the committee In charge with Dr
U ii Udlnikl VlceCbalrman Dr
A E Tsaacs Gifiretarr wu David
Bloom Treasurer
inlri II
Onehalf Bottle of Roxall Mu
I ouLTone Puts Crtlld on I
Road to Roocysry
Relieves Mothers I
t Anxiety I
Rfkorn Drug Stora t
New York City N Y
Gentlemen I bought your Mucu
tono ror ray little boy four years
old who was Buffering from catarrh
of tho hcd and threat Ho had It
ulttro he wag two years old During
the pnst fall and winter he hid
wliooplng tough l and measles which
left him in n very bad condition lie
hnlla very bad discharge of the
hrntl and aa soon 09 ho would lie
down to Bleep tho muiua would run
dOW n Into Ills throat end fchoke him
so wn would have to situ until ho
would be able to catch Ills breath
lug lunge ohad A rattling to
them and he had ft wheezing In hh
throat Ills little heart was very
weak and we did not think wo
would be able to get anything to
help llmn ho Wlaln such bail
condition fl i
Fleeing Rexall MucuTono adver
tised wo concluded to feivelt trfal
and we are very thankful did so
as he has taken a little over halt it
bottle and Is fast on the road to re
covery ho discharge the head Is
shopped and his lungi do not rattle
any lucre Ho cats and Bleeps well
You tnuy be fiure woteelSH
though wo could not thank you
enough for the great gpod your med
icine baa done our utile boy
With heartfelt thanks I am slri
cercly Mrs George E Bailey Cur
Conn and Seavlow Ayes Bridge
port Conn
We have many mow testimonials
of the good work that Rexall Mucil
Tonn Is doing In our city sold Mr
A II Coodeit General Manager 9
nikers Drill Storea MucuTone
nets right in and absolutely drives
out the germs that jratme catarrh
Derides all that MucuTcne II
lit very name Implies tones up tle
mucous tissues that have been dl >
iTd by catarrh nnd fortifies your
system ngnlnst any subsequent tat
If you are troubled with catarrh
In any form Internal or external
whether catarrh of the head and
natal piBBflgA catarrh of tho stom
firh bladder kidneys or intcstlneB
or any Mtsrrhal condition of the on
tire system If you want to bo cured
of it and pro cut It from attacking
jou aattln then you must drive ab
solutely every trace of It out of Your
eyatfltn Rexall MuculVano will do
We have a large trial bottle at
fifty contd which we would be very
glad to have any one try on our per
sonal recommendation and It It
doeE benefit thorn We filwll bo very
glad to refund the money
Rlkern Drug Stores 6th avo and
23d St Hcgomtn ft Co 200 Broad
way and IU branches Jungmann I
1020 3d 8028 Columbus avoj
Klnimsn1 Drug Stores 125th st and
Sth aye 601 6th tye Euxene Hut j
Jtk Jersey City N Jf ott7 1
h rinac3 Nijrtrk N 3
rjUlrm Jf i
I Ii d ti w j 1 1
Tr i < f I L lifr J rr l u 17c for 35c vriting paper I t
Sale stylish corsets 105 I 1 p dr7 THE most stylish 35c stationery IS Berlin
XSthe 250 Augustine corseC made of I I I i I Olde Mill Bond s superior quality light and
I French oufllnew Spring model heavily strongsultedtcr foreign correspondence 225 I
bonedmedium high bust lone Uptrlng wilit line sheets to a poundat 17c Second Floor
medium and habit hips some for lender > and full 0 Crflwfordshlre linen paper
forms wellknown brands C Cabinet 50 sheets and So envelopes
torl1san also otherwelM nown domestic
Cabinet tOO sheets and 75 envelopes flOg
sires 18 to 30 1 fPT 1O5 rIr11IAV4 J9f1J1IJ2IlRlJTIiED i
Fridays tremendous sayipg advantages are rsely told on this page
while the store holds equally gIod bargains weve no room to mention
The new 25 ichechftd suits 1725
T hOSE much wanted 1d4 ceed 1g1Yt91able black and white checks
Theyatttt bsts2s suits i i the nurk t ytnan absolutely pure wool
cloth in abroken shepherd CheCk mM HaI nd when you realize that this par
tlcukyjabijc Is tf ore in demand than any other you can
I spprfttiata this t barpjn importance ThIrd Iiloor
I The quality of the checked fabric used
I In making these suits sells at42 per yard
n for1 these handme shep fi
> 17 5
I I check suitsthe coat Is aback P Ehemji
I 1 J blouse with deep plaits 6 f
back and frontcollarleS and ivjth a plaiting of gbnd on
I the edge all around Large sleeves to the elbowAfld a deep
cuff DCIOW sKirt Is the new kilt plaited effectw guarantee
that the price later ort will not be less than S Frlday wt
I I place on sale loo of them al f 1785 >
7 I Womens correct
I covprt coats 67
p J A betuty at the prIce and
1 worth allot the price usually
1T asked sO2U wool co
I Y satlhrnK i
I > plaited sleeve wide sHP
1 I front and bicktaUorX c t
1 la1heovert Inthseosts
is the grade and IJJr SUalr
S nse4 In iSooimenU tlDf1
I Sale of t muslin underwear for misses and children
T 211c for 45c gownlXtoXy I 48c for 7Sc gowns2 to > 14 years 12c for 23C drawers 1 to 16 years
1 M r 6f SOC gowns2 11 I3W5 BOc for 6Sc gowns2 to 16 years 19c for 28c drawersI to 16 years
I AAc for 7Jc ownfft > 16 years J 69c for 85c gowns2 1 to 16 years BBc for 35c drawers to 16 years
lI c for 386fWr 48c fpr 75c skirts 1 BBc for 75c skirts
I tsC68 ind BOc for waiststto Mj years I BOc for cooklne sets sizes 8 to 14 y6 us
75c taffeta silks 55cFriday
T HE85ct taffetfsilks at SSc will sell so fast that well not mention
them prownilntly but theres plenty of the 7Jc quality for several days
selling Of tqdrsethe beltseiCitio swIll tomorrow Main Floor
Th beautiful new Spring taffetas in plain and changeable ef
7 1t now In such demand for1 street and f ft
5 C tytnln < y > f > lithe newshades and I 5
piintyof Hickguaranteed 7Jc quality J
Q Your choice at55ca yard allsilk black satin messaline black
I allIik crepe de Chine rarely ever sold for less than rc I
A I Regular 75c crepe de Chine 55c
Y 1lI remarHabte Bargain regular quality fancy silks for shirt
walt suits great variety of patterns tomorrow at 68 c <
Embroidered Pariisrobes at 3750
llliRES a lot of English eyelet robes our Paris office picked up
S such phenorrttnal saving that wp offer them as the greatest Friday bargain
I jnNew Yfyk at tt iiii Floor
t A
S t 150101250 embroiderod > es
> 1 29O for 16i5O embroidered robes
169Ofor 24 O embroidered robes
1 Those beautiful white creations other stores
are1 showing at onethird more not all from P ris75 ex
di clusive stll Gall creations are also Included Theyre scarce
U1 even at higher prices dont miss this sale English eyelet
is the fad this season
Womens 35c ribbed vests at 19c
THEYRE made from pure lisle threadMhose elastic sriugfitting vests that give
T such good satisfaction and ypull say that theyre the best values youve ever seen for
I 9c Just about enough for Fridays selling iinin riooV
Just received direct from the manufacturer 460 dozen of the very best
domestic Swiss ribbed veils these vests are In every way the very finest pure
white lisle thread hiade full length low neck sleeveless
Silk tape at neck and arms Richelieu ribbed and plain ribs they are I C
termed run of the iiill1rtot quite up tothr standard in finishcon C
sequently yar t9c hute dof3c
I s S
Sale of women shoes 235
A NOTHER lot of these W 4 and J
shoes like the one that went so fast Monday
also about 200 pairs of the famous C S at
235ju tthe kind of shoes and ox I
fords women need at this time of Q
the yearafl widths and sizes
Twelve d I stirict c S
styles of welt boots Q u
35 complete size
2 schedule velour
S calf and glace kid
lice button and I
bluchers at 235
Hers another lot at the
same price five distinct styles
I Louis XV heel I
button or laceIn
patent kid bright
kidskln patent tip
a regular > 35o
and J4CO shoe widths A to Dabout 900 pairsyou can
select any of these shots at235
Another lot six distinct styles of Oxfords
sizes arc not absolutely cbmplete not a pair worth less
than W50 some 5 sh esodd lots taken from our own
stock vjcl kid I 3nd patent c Itat J235 sus rioor I
5 for 750 dress trunks
T HIS sales important you may not need a
trunk now but when you do the price may be 750
so youd better pick out one here tomorrow at a sivlnz
of i 50 Youll never nce j
another If youll buy one of
1 these strongest of S750
When you
read how this
S f 00
trunk Is made °
S youll know ItJ o =
J S thbtbitgaIn
5 InNew York
Strong canvascovered dress trunksprotected
by four hardwood slats 6n top and two frames around
bottom brassed cornersclamps and boltsIron bound
two iron centre bands angle Iron along edges top and
bottom stitched leather handlesfour slats on bottom
large dowels on hen side of brassed Excelsior lockone
tray with hat box and shirtwaist compartment32 34
and 36 Inches nanement ateeeoom
r Pc1Wina Shirts 550
Mdelled after s Jklrt that
5is it 112 > a fine wool
t inama with a woven cross
bar of the Same color cut
lit eleven gores each alter
nate gore with four kilt plaits
I from the knee headed with
a strap and button black
blue or browna most ex
traordinary value at the price
rst 1 c Ayroni > co = =
Best quality apr gingham 5 c yd
1 APRON gingham In staple checks brown or blue of the best qual
ity at v S lXo
Hne woven chambray in the
seasons best colorings light blue
tan green medium blue oxblood and
grayso much In demand for chit
drens wear value I2c
yd t 6C
Silklike7 novelties in those hand
some foulard designs In light medium
and dark colonIncudlng dots floral i
checks Dresden scroll and suiting ef
fects value aSc yd1I 12Uc
i Sale of 5
Spring reefers
J Sizes 6 to H years
v atG295
I a A
Special S This
Frtdy style
price made
for to
100 5 sell
I reefers
295 400
Tlilrl 5 Third
Floor Flour
Right up to the minute In styJei blue brown
and red paca cloth full box with belt at
bick blshftp sleeve hindembroidered em
blem just enough for a days selling 9205
Clothe your boy rightna 3 safe 4 I
MOT artother sujt heeded this Sunimer to play in if you buy on 1
of these Slmpon Crawford Cos special at 3 but you must come while f
this special purchase 1 onsate Suits and coats like these bought In the regular way
as most stores buy them sell for 5S ndS6Heres ypur selection
5 Size Norfolk SulU bloomer or plain pants floor o I
2 to 16 Doable Breasted Suits plain pint I
years Sailor Suit bloomer or plain pants P
RuMlnn Bfomo suIt Eton collar
I 00 throe piece suits for the larger boys
3 E Spring overcoats In flue covert coli
Reefersblue tan and fancy mixtures I
I i Bosblue serge and
cheviot suits at 395
i C We can fit any boy from 7 to 16 years u2
1U in one of these suits at 5uSU111y I
t 7SC newest styles of tI 95
j Norfolk doublebreasto
I ed and plain knlcker
I 1t bocker or plain trous
I ers special lot tomorrow at 315 I
5 S I J
Mens 18 clravenettes
rL 1 1050
y We dont wait till Saturday when we have a bargain lot I
y of mens apparel like these new Spring Cravenette coats and men
who come Friday will get these remarkable values Theyre made of
¼ fancy worsteds cheviots and plain black materlilrcut 52 Indies
t r longall hand made broad shoulders fit g V r 0
guaranteed rainproof awl a line m1 O S J
light overcoat for bright cool dayS a
ill sizes at
Main Flour
Scotch suitilg27 in widean
Ideal fabric for shirtwaist sullsIn
green tan light blue brown medium
blue and gray made to sell for 19c
ydat l24c
Finest Frehch voile in solid
shade and checks fine and sheer
looks like 100 French dress alleIn
all this seasons best shades value 39c
ydat 25C
1TiIo mammoth sales continuing tomorrow 1
Dressmakers v I Main Floor I Toilet articles
I Mall orders filled from original I
I notions J I lists published Wednesday and drugs 1 J
Boys 75c waists Friday 39c
Colored and white plaited laundered waists Rus
siin louse and negligee shirts broken slmvallies up
to JUX
Here is a great opportunity for mothers to buy
75c worth for 39ccollar ajUched and
negligee shirts suitable for present wear rt
no mother should allow this great sale to 3 L1C
pass by without securing some of either J
stylecant duplicate these qualities for less than 75c
295 for3C5 Japanescrjownsl
of Oriental design In blue red brown
and lavender effects silk border I
Sampltw iitslOO
fFEREtbef rstloton Mondayihe
0 aaY 1is i recordbreaker for this time of
year Bor your susns tomorrow
styles iftV1 irtlcularty pretty IS4 Ftoe
I yM fOr2 Waists
of lawn several
If styles HouseNront
of ullover embrold
Ntry and side pleats
Jncw sleeves rt1tb
trlmmrd cuffs nu
merois other styles
with Itctotem
broIdery Inscrilpns
ea tucks and side plaits
I 195 ror2951
eiaLrate I41n shirt
waists elaborate Insertions between Eng
lish embroidery lgn and side plaits tuckedN
back new slseve fancy stock maje of five
tucks And hemstitching
393 for 1S India silk waistsmade
with elaborate front o < Brutes lace and rows of
sCncli shirring
S 445fot 695 Habvual silk waists
15 for 95llovcr lace waists
Spring dress goods 49c
AN unusually large purchase brings this special Friday offering to you
tall 34ln English Slclllansa superior high sllkHlnlsh
double wVpjnd extra heavythe correct weight for shirtwaist 4nc
suitsbrown navy and blackImported to retail at 75cnow
49c for 75c strictly wool nuns veiling 1
75c for 100 storm serge double warp
S 98c for 125 Panama check suiting
69c for the S I quality Panama suitings that soft finished Eng
lish fabric second to none for style and beautyall the new shades In the
finest f I u lItYIIO limit to the number of yards at 69c tomorrow Main Floor
s S
Womens 35c hose 19c <
Womens extra fine quality black cotton hose
extra fine soft yarn with Sea Island crow feet guaranteed
absolutely fast color double heel and toealso colored
llsles and cottons regular SSc values at 19c
Women black and tan gauze hales lace Instep
also plain black gauze IIslese exceptionally good value at
25c special for this Friday sale I9c
Handsome 350 Kimono gowns at 125
JUST a small sample lot but the values are very unusual all exclusive styles comfortable and beautiful
125 for t75 kimono gowns or sacaues 185 for 225 Japanese kimono
of dainty fine lawns with square yoVes mice of fine saques Oriental designs trimmed with border of slllc
tucks emirs sacque or gown trimmed with threlnch around neck down front and sleeves Special at 185
border I Seton Floor
1 25 forU95 dotted crepe
kimono sacqucs pink red blue and
lavender large square collar J
200 for 295 long kimono
r gowns of novelty crepe cloth large
pointed square collar
Sale of groceries strictly fresh eggs 19c doz
NOT delivered I but the finest freshest eggs in New York State wortj oming miles
I S td secure every one guaranteed 19c a dozen packedln a strong irate sixth now
I Fresh butter Poyal Stuart extra
creamers thi nneetrtt and fresh I
I wt liiitttr obtainable I print do
80c vih rail
I Ihcrnl JOe
I lnii 1lb pall I
dlnK 1uro H > WIiit < M
pnllon HtlOOi nc of 1J
full quail 11 10011 85G
rU11 O
full quart bottle
cay fruit In rflHwl unnr
> rupj Ion 111I1 14c
3lb can
Hollil cold packed UJ
frultl cane 24 cam
Kl 151 iloz IIl1 9G
nlb can
Blmnion Crawford Bpe >
olal lllcnrt 2r lh in
rnffee drum snual 28G
4 lbS 8l00 Ib
it u a r I n t eed ah > olutely
pure Cream of fart r
2Vir can TOct 15
H72081 Hlb can V
S S pi
Ifnms Simpson Crawford spe
cial golden sugar cured small
pig hams Ib 1 24c
Cameron UaubloHtrentth
lpnivni pint botlls ARr
NV I ipl bottle J
Htunrtt llnc t hnni mpdp
three bottle ROni
pint bottle 100
v holt heart I Ib VRr
Tcl t IU w1
VUlt liii Pnuihcrn RIce
ImIJortllll > i all on I It Ii n
I Cr eg > regular 1 Oil 87 Q
IIMOW pit ciiK5rnncr
California o V a p o taut
IB Mlf 25c
fInest qUKllty fresh city
dreiitil DIDO lb 150
lilt Ib r i ww
1t t I A
Fresh baked bread AIt 5c va
I rletles per loaf 4 C
Crawford bent XXXX
equal to the nnUIJ271
milled libbl 8 CIU OJ
all our regular Soc MV
S rlctlei ll > nHoi I UK
9 Ibs In tia caddy
IWOIIJt1 aotl lIJE
of the Kitchen scours
and clean perfectly
r bar OOc I 0
r C I 43e
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UuteVa Triple Htrencth
t 2ounca It but 25G
Portneular price
11100 ration sle
clal 9150 bot
tle i I I i
FlowersSf 1 remariCable siJle I
NOTHER day of those wonderful values in flowers and foliage Were selling
ANOTHER a 150600 stockon sale at positively the lowest price ever quoted We
cannot begin to tell you ol all the unusual values this extraordinary event affords jou
can at least catch the bargain Import 6f this sale when you realize that we are going to give
up the entire centre aisleten times the usuil selling space defied to flowers 3rd foliage
besides the regular deisttnientalid to serve you well add 100 extra salespscple
Crush r So ordinarily cost Imported rose montUresdI
of 160 three per doz o at wholesale paquet 12 tr rose narily and cost fine 300 foliage doz at wholesale one 25c
Imported roso follage ordi La France rosccdinarily cost
narlly cost 140 doe tH whole11 15aO 375 doz at wholesale rose bud and vliJj oo >
SlIS m a 11 c r U s h rosesordinarily I foliage Imported rosebud wreaths ordii
cost 160 dozen at wholesale six In i cr narlly cost 650 do7 jt wholesale 12 or
O 51
paLe r ii i r 5 e s ordinarily roses 8 buds and folligs I <
Large full rosesOrdiUarIlY Beautiful roso monturesord
cost 225 doz at wholesale three In 19 r
narily cost 750 doz at
v rRr
paauet I u
pa1uet full buds and foliage
Imported rosebud 1j1L ordlmy roses
narlly cost 175 doz at wholesale I Jr Beautiful quality Imported rose
pjquet C cluster with foliage ordinarily costs AI
Rose ysordlnarlly cost 275 900 dna at wholesaletwo ullbloui
doz at wholesale five roses one bud roses two large buds and foliage nor
25c I Ow
complete I
and foliage i minimi
Straw sailors toques and turbans A1 mode on wire frames with
pipings of velvet all colors Saxe blue bronze green navy black and hltea regular 8195
uueat Silk hair braid and chiffon combined Round turbnstricorfls 135 sailor t r
effects coblack white and all good colorsfor this sale S 195
al Stuart rich chocolate
Nivori jIb can i
ITcl clx runt I UU
tcie W u I a k YIIlIlIqn
1JISr ciiie 12 full quart
bnttloi ftNf0 full l8G
quart hottie Ow
Ilennpuy Coe ln >
Inn 1800 regular f fn
a Itt Kite bottle J 0
K O M ANn 01 NMcl r
Swnn flout Imnnrtsas
gallon HflOi ii pi
Mn white flan liottlo
nl ori rcnuinr Si fiof
118 bottle G
flerpet dozen On
bOttle 9UG
k00 8IfERnVIC
riltT f4e ifulljiuapt
ott I CJJe DDC lKJt
eF I
in I iiffi
35 sewing machines 1325
SOLD fiftyseven Wednesdaythat leaves forty
threefor tomorrow Youd pay 35 to the agency
for the same machine Youre free to go and see ro you
know this Is a bonaflde bargain 1325 for a 35 sew
ing machine Knnrtli rini r
ThIs machine beats the N it
ThIs mochlno bonti the fa
mous Ringer having u 21
Kitater dUerslty of itllchcs 13
und many Improtemtntt
Each machine Inclull II r
full sal latest attachments
which fnabl ol jou to ere
lfn olnl ItOrl r
t ate all the new fffccli
woo perfectly
So Its up to yrfur consideration whether you will
pay the agency 35 or come here tomorrow rlgnt at the
time you are most In needf a machine to do your
Spring sewing and save t cmby purchasing
thIS machine for TO fltf
Sale of refrigerators 4095
ONE HUNDRED Star refrigerators purchased at
v a lowered price go on sale tomorrow at j95worth I
fully the price many stores ask 750also all sizes up to
105 Ibsl follows UiiMiiHoni SnlcHToom
35 lbs 45 Ibs Jrt
4 1i
If 4 95 flc95 i ti JirM1lJ1 m J
55 lbs o IPS A 94Sf f I i 114flJ
fl 8 9 5 MtOa 51 ML I rjI ii i4H g q
8SIbs tOS IDs JIl111EtV t
11I113 75G 1598 t rr1 v4f
Made of kiln dried hard lfr ti gm i
wood golden oak finish h v fhlk
thoroughly Insulated with char t4H fI PiM i i
coal sheathingsolid metal f
shelvesremovable waste pipes W Il2ftA i ii
35lb size at 495 is Just t JrI jM f l
right for the small apartment ti 1t Iit i i t t IJ
1 t 1 1
100 roll nf U cl Y J f1 j
Hi dp white IIl1el m I rule 1Ij ll t I i
ilrnlKn tnlile oilcloth rt t I I L are
rrliIili ne ulll lust IIn j 1 1 tl W lh4 I
nlc toninrroH IIN IonIC k i i td
itIt Inittii ope i + rlFi l ro tiJ 1
clal yd 1 0 C l i I
nt h rf ji Ii
i11 tt
Mo mnll or 0 0 U or k btt1ii f L
der fllleil ft = JI l It tJ
I 8Hr for 12D step ladler
240 for S CO guaranteed
novelty clothen wrInger 12
In hare rubber rolls with
a threeyear guarantee on
the life of the roll
lTR for SRO eilra veil
made willow clothes him
pets exlrlLllrre has
lOo for ado Jnoanned bread
box t very hand >
I >
7f5r for 1 10 ran clove 2
burmi Hjle Dii u tall f
110 fur lnu linn bio loolt
In vlttIg nur hntcmont
cnlerronm < 1n not fell to ace
thc den utsirnilon of the
tInlieri Irml lixer4
loaf style 2 II
Nfln for IHI rilmnit food
chonper cilia nil Klmla oft
meet nod V cctublcii In
rltanctit bltr fine or coerce
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