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Vs H
r k j c i s j r L
Quigley Looking for Work
1 t I
f I Saw Gem Under Garrick I
ii f 0 iil l Grating
d h
1 The man who found Mrs T Edwin
Wwdi 34000 ° dlimon1
tAWIrda MraffOuV eye mo1i
j broooh which she lost at the Garrick
t 1heMrelaat Saturdiiy night and got H
I jj flOOO bill M a toward for his honesty
t In returning It is Patrick J Qulrey
K waiter out ot a job who lias been
living for tha past few w elUJ In the
Salvation Army lodslnghauso at No21
y Quigley Is not a tramp aa he Ivu been
I fltMribed buta rospectablt man who
Li worked itMuUly at hie bIIalnu until
k ThaaJcaffIvlr last when he loot hli job
I 1 fib tocy ofhow he found too cern the
1 troiiblt and worry it oausod him while
i i Khe had jt and the fun he has had on
t 0 1 the Bowery with the reword money ho
p < told to The Evening World today GJ
f follows
Sought Work Found 1000
Now the facts are these I lout my
Job M a waiter In Addloka restaurant
i At Sixth avenue and Eighteenth street
lost Thnnksslvlne and since then I
have worked as extra man when I
could get a job Lately I have had
Imrd luck because everywhere I went
X found girls had kno ked out the man
1 In the waiting business
Well Sunday morning 1 got up at 6 I
11 MaryMannering Reappe4fsJ
Her Sincerity and Sweetness
i Glbe Only Charm to Paul N
V Palters Philandering Hero
bthe Nancy Stair
I A BcotcU highball with a dash of
Wttera doecnt nuha a rood drink and
1plid tlay with A trimming of tragedy
Unt calculated to set tin style In
ns lucccises
But if a raw MarohjWlnd rips Nancy
male In the bud Miss Mary Manner
Ian who might have fared better hid
he deferred her return to the stage
until next ifason Med not feel tln > In
In any way to blame As the phllan
derlng heroine of the piny that Paul M
c 1 toter hM mod from Elinor Macartncy
1 i IjjBMi novel Silas Monntrlna by tier
jbioerlty and sweetness gave the place
its only charm and Interest
r BongondManco followed fleetly on
jth heels of death During one whole I
cone A corpse sat stiffly In a chair
i j And made you ache to noUfy the near
J iut undertaker One may have felt that
I lBVAncls Carlyl f who played the Djike
1of Dortliwlckei was better dead han
alive but even that view hardly recov
j died one to the gruesome exhibit
J A Plethora of Lovere
KwJcy had a surplus of lovers That
k ifffhit caused the plot Isabel Enklnc
fi trtjo was mado the most obvious crea
1i ture by Miss Lucille Flavin loved one
cf them Danvcra MacOregor and she
revenged herself by killing the Duke
1 j and allowing suspicion to fall on the
boulders of the hootmon hero Nancy
rave hIm by nnlshlng a letter which
Ifhe Duke WM writing whth ho was
lhot and making It appear that ho
1 I committed suIcide She Imitates his
handwriting at the rate of ono hundred
I firordi a minute and despatches Bobby
I Burns who U Lover No3 at her
l courier MacOwBor Instead of belni
canny and profiting by his sweethearts
S Ingenuity and her offer to fly with
0 hlrh rushes out because she naturally
Imagines ho may bo guilty and gives
himself up to the law Tlmt pdlo of
c r =
t Special in
t Silks and
i < Dfess Goods
1 Silk Dept
J A lot of
lb ic j Embroidered and
1 > Printed Cuon and
jI I Mousse line de Sole
I Will be closed out tomorrow
r at 75c yd
0 regular prices 150 to 250
L Dress Goods
1 11 All Wool Black and
I Navy Blue 46inch wkle
Canvas Voile
I pvffl b 10 soldFriday and Satur
t 4 3
at 38c yd
t r value 75c
t j Lord Taylor
Broadway nnd Twentieth Street
3flftli AVOUUO NlaotoouthStroot
ill B
1 il1 II I It ql I 1 1 > I I
r3 I
f w
Tr U I rt n i f IV Ii f ti i lI 1 I n
iMAlVm1 O JJhUMVNlOi iiRvt ll 1
oclock and started uptownto see If I
couldnt find a restaurant with a sign
out that an extra hand was wanted I
walked up Third avenue to Fourteenth
street through toDfoadway and up to
Thlrv ftti strootn J was clfcan dIe
courapred and thought Id tunvthvqugli
to Fifth avenue to see If there was
anything doing over there
rtnwnatb deylMstha stage trialfol
lows and MucGreRor Ii saved frthji a
prejudiced Judgethe most tedious and
talkative bore sliuo Ournemant In
Iaralfalby Burfu racing In with tho
latter at the eleventh hour
Burn withcIlIBrpUe
This poet must have mixed Irish whli
key with his Scotch for not only did T
Daniel Friwlcy put an emerald brogue
Into his mouth but he clapped a green
coat on his back And the wuy lie
s outcd his own poetry was an outrage
on the law of copyrlehtl
Robert Loraine took MacQrcgor se
riously that it was a wonder Nancy took
him at all She might totter have token
her pen In hand ttnJ kept It there until
she had forged her way to fame and
Herbert Carr who It he keeps on ac
cumulating avoirdupois will soon be big
enough to play a mob made Will Nichol
human and humorous Stanley Hawk
Ins burst Into Scotch song at frequent
Intervals and tried to sales the root
with his top note
There was more variety than value In
the performance In the day of book
plays NaiipyStaUKmlfrht have held
its own but 4thitl time1 Isrpadt Even
lovely Miss Mnnertag cannot call It
hnck v 0 TK
I1 dont know what took meta tho
north sldo of the street but I guess It
was fate Anyway nsI walked over
thosjjratlrg In front of the Garrick
Tlirntro I sow something glitterIng
down below The hole Is about 8 feet
deep I stopped just long enough to
see the uhlny thing was a jewel Then
ir d 7 drw Iri j = T
Ie1cnt cPfl I becai 1 vfsew s f1 iihi t
t aipid I would Itave 1 L1oyri tlitsi
Iri njnlilute
1 W U rd over Id Fifth ncnie 1
tun4criiig lion I Id fllJl lit C tg
out wIthout intiractinig iifUtUT tfit 1
cldcd lo AN a tiiuplo of tjiiOKii hut
couldnt ilml any Ifliin vnoiigli I
iwalkcd dp to Irl1rtt luSh IIId viieru I
tIWUIdJlllhlllltl the Illupiidriiint1 ami I
I found tvyo tlckH ufch ubpul SJe f
Ifco a pjecoof ulrilig and lleU tlienv
loge thv Ti ii T antI keil downHfIII
uvuiiiit niul fntiml n anon cleaning it
sidewalk I rukwl Mm Corn ile Jo of
HOII > iiml he gate ma a Rood ChllllkI
borrowed n knife and sharpened the end
of my stick Then I speared tho soap
flrmlv on the end and walked back to
the Qnrrlck > I
Thlro wasnt any one In sljht ex
cept some people walking along Sixth
nvomie 01 poked my stick through
the KrnUiiB and ljrCc3 the suapOn
the jewel It atuct and I pulled it up
to hiP top Then I was In trouble I
rouldni get It out without letting go
of the stick Just thou a waiter como
I but of Rnsels and I called him over
I asked him to help ma And I got the
It vtaf a l > f > oiity Tlth n hllbiowli
tone in tine miMic and diamonds around
It nK Ill UK Inica IL Hunted too goJ
to be truralldwhell ho waller said It
wa singe tewclry and offered me n
dim for It 1 tliouirlit I had hal my
trouble for nothing I needed a dime all
rlfriit hut not 10 bad ly as to give up
Once Iwa golnsr 1o let him have III
then I looked up at the sign on the
theatre You Never Can Tell and that
aW dItI rander Uout the real
of the day and that nUht went to the
lodjinghouae where I put It under the
pillow A my tencent bed Say If tome
of the fellowfl there fttuj known about
It tag I dont think ldhave lived till mops
Well1 kept It all day Monday send
Tuesday remembered reading that
water would stick genuine diamonds
but fall off Imitations So I tested It
and tine water stuck Then 1 looked
through the papers and found that I
11000 reward lied been offered for the
return of the broooh to Clevenger or
No 16 Maiden lane I took It right
straight down passed It over and got a
I lr bill
A Wall etreet broker changed the bill
for me charging me 1 Then I went
back to the Bowery and distributed 1100
among the boys
I bought some clothe for myself
nnd then put 1700 in the Bowery Sav
ings Rank where It Is going to stay
Meanwhile Im looking for a Job
I oFc 1
CROP OF 1892
Served and Sold Everywhere
Its PureThats Sure
Sole VroyrleJor
Neil York Dranoh 383 Filth Arcane Wew York
ii i IJJd l ll J i i it it liirVU W1i G1R1EALiEsE
i ii
1iii 11 11 liWr k r
Vi t 0 t ii lt kiWii I iWi w OF ALL TONICS
< fJj The ingredients that enter intoSL Si S and the method of torn
bining and preparing them sotha they build up and strengthen
evcry part of the body make it the greatest of all tonicsSSS isnatures
remedy PURELY VEGETABLE and while it isrestoring the lost appetite
overcoming that tired rundown feeling and other ailments common to Spring which
warn us that it is necessary to take a tonic it is purifying the blood of all poisons and
waste matters so that it can supply to the system the strength and nourishment it needs
to keep i perfect condition during the depressing summer months
5 Spring die season when most every I
one needs a tonic It is natures time AN EFFORT PULL THROUGH THK DAY
for renewingand changing and as everything I have used S S B quito extensively and unhesitatingly
I rooommend It aa the best blood purifier and tonlo made
thing puts on new life the sap rises in i I am maohinlst by trado and at one time my system was
vegetation the earth thaws out from its so run down that by 10 oclock every day I would be com
winter freezes and allresroiid to Springs pletely I oould pull exhausted through and the It balance was with of the the day greatest Blnoe effort taking that
call to purge and purify themselves there S 88 however all this has disappeared I am a strong
isa J also takes I in vigorous man abundantly able to do my days work my
IS a great change a so to es place 1U our appetite has beanwhetted up so that can eat anything
bodies The blood nd avers tothrow off my sleep Is sweet and refreshing and I know further that
it 1ms purified my bl od and put it in good condition I
the and accumulations which
poisons an aCCUDtU
e W HC cannot speak too highly of your great remedy 88 8
have formed in the system and been ab 817 W Broad St Columbus O A B MONTGOMERY
sorbed by it fiom tbe inactive winter
life and cals upon everymember to as SHE FOUND i IT THE BEST SPRING TONIO
sist in the elimination The system is On two opoaslons I have used B 8 8 Inthe spring with
often unequal to the struggle the appe blood fine results purifier I can I was heartily troubled recommend with headaohe it as indigestion a tonlo and
tite grows fickle the energies give way and liver troubles which all disappeared under the use 61
the spirits are depressed and a general helpedI 8 B S can My eat appetite anything which I want was now poor without was fear greatly of in
rundown condition is the result digestion and my blood has been thoroughly oloansed 01
Then the 1 d inusthave assistance alUmpurlttes and made rioh ahd strong again As a tonic
J len t Ie body must ave tnce and blood purifier it is all you claim for it
it must be strengthened and aided by 771 E Main St Springfield 0 MRS G W1EQEL
a tonic and S S S is the ideal one
Being made entirely from roots herbs and barks it does not disagreeably affect the sys
tem in any way as do most of the socalled tonics on the market which contain Potash or
some other harmful mineral ingredient to derange the stomach and digestion unfavorably
I affect the bowels or otherwise damage the health S S S tones up the stomach and
I digestion and assists in the assimilation of food j it rids the system of that alwaystired
I wornout feeling and imparts vigor and tone to every part of the body It reestablishes
the healthy circulation of the blood stimulates the sluggish organs and calms the un 1
I strung nerves which make one feel that he is on the verge of prostration S S S gives
I an appetite and relish for food that nothing else does and by its use we can find our
I selves with ss hearty hungry an appetite in Spring as at any other season
I It acts more promptly and given better and more lasting results than any other
remedy and is absolutely safe because of its vegetable purity Dyspeptic irritable nerv
ous debilitated people will find S S S is just the medicine that is needed for the purifi
cation of the blood which from its diseased or impure condition is causing their trouble
as well as for toning up and helping the entire system When you take your tonic this
I Spring do not experiment but get the bcstthe tonic with forty years of success behind I
it and the one endorsed by the best people all over the country 5S S THE GREAT
EST OF AIL WfJISSS It is necessary at this time when the system is depleted and1
weakened at every point that the right remedy be used one that is especially adapted to
I the condition and S S S has proved itself to le this remedy for many years If it is
I taken at the first sign of Spring the system will be so built up and strengthened that the
I disagreeable affections of the season will not be felt as warmer weather comes on I
ciY 11 11 1
I r li I
A 0 k
p J3j J 1r i It P
m fu r Uf l1r
1j11ClutlttknH nl sh2ped trim
inertAylHi silk rlbiorj at the neck
< iKmffaml short sleeves or
t 9c
rillrVly sleeveless 0
Bargain I
to morrow with
its wealth of worn
I derful values all
over the store its
attractive oppor
tunities for secur
ing genuine bar
gains in every
department tis
numberless money
saving offerings at
each counter and
table From base
ment to roof it is
one grand panor
amic view of every
thing usable by
thet great human
family and priced
to please even the
most exacting
Wall Paper
I 1 r C a roll for Wall Paper made
IIOC to sell for 4c a roll
3c a roll for Wall Paper suitable
for any room worth 6ca roll
7 C a roll for Wall Paper In all
1 colorings with 9 or 18 inch
border to match Including our
wellknown papers that we gener
ally sell for 12c a roll
PIP for varnished gilt and
tapestry papers suitable
for parlors diningrooms and li
22 C and UP a roll for heavy
pressed papers two tones
silk florals and tapestries that never
sell for less than 35c a roll and up
to Sac
Estimates gladly furnished on
any decorating etc
Thlr1 Floor Front Ctntrn
Womens 2Clasp I
Lisle Gloves 15c
Last Friday we advertised
several thousand pairs of Wom
ens Lisle Gloves at I5c The
selling was far in excess of what
we expected as the lot went
very quickly We have been
I fortunate enough to secure an
other shipment of 4800 pairs
All sizes Colors tans modes
grays white and black Value
25c special at l5c
Main Floor 30th St Sfctlfn
iLLi l
Au CiRs li NJ RJ s i i r r 1r ti omtnSJUA if BItill fi
W f rv < jt 1 1
I r U41e I es
1 4 In whl 1 Witiioi If t jl
Olt wing sleem to tjj tH
ft7ETaI T jt41yi ultJ Jl1Jt > I morrow I ff LJ i
I A B1oomhida1e our SKb1Si I 111 5 1
Of lt
4001 6oO tQP and 1 000 Values at 2 8 Vi 11
J r
At Bloomingdales tomorrow morning there will be a fwo hour s Lelof kW 1
offerm such extraordinary values that had we three times the number of l skirt > ttI
ivnii w r KasisMB fo sell ih ere < 1
I ouldnt be For Two Hours Only
1jr enough to go i M i IJLWLOWS aOfluc1 in uiyn I Sri
round atnongthe f I
women who Bctwceii10 and 12 oC1ocK m
i t
I S twoHour knowwhafihese sales at Blppmingdales VaySii i
I You vilI find in this sale skirts of ti 1
I I S Broadcloth MeIonsWorsteds < Ii
t Mohair anc MdnnisCi ii V1 i
F I in ten different smart new styles for selectioi i
117 Many ot the skirts arc fashioned jn strictly R1 ln
I tailored styles while others are in the popular seven ands
I nine goredeffects theyre all beautifully trimmedtwitb
s I stoppings buttons and tailor stitchlngs J ii 0
Waist bands measure 22 to 28 inches andlie xW
t n sizes I otOS Inches < Lertjths from 38jto 44 inc fcs rJ
No skirts sent CO tt and not W L
more than two sold to a customer noi
I This sale is for two hours only tomorrow morning from 10 S 7
I until 12 oclock regular 4W 600 800 and 1QOO skirtsfor j l Po
1 Beonad Floor 110111I tilt tCtNiiII1t
A Pair ol Bloomer Trousers
and a Pair of Regular
All rJr1 Trousers to Each Suit
I Just the itfitne for boys Bletant Spring SuIts I
right In weight immediate use
J ° NorloIK JncKcts
I With two pairs 61 trousers To CO 95
morrow pC 7J
1 S
Elegant Tan Covert Inalltbe desirable shade
elegantly trimmed ud made To tfO OO
morrow only Bloomlnjdxles e
Se iona FI66ri eOth St Section
Eyeglass Spectacle Sale
Y You should not miss this chance atB to
morrow buying at Six the sort of glasses sold by ex
I dusive opticians for fl 50 N
Th yre made In the mot particular mannerevery pair
J fitted with the finest lenses Eyeglisies have
nickel silver or gold alloy nosepieces patent
cork noserest and clipsspectacles have sliver SO
plated nosepjeces Glasses suit all eyes to >
C morrow atper pair > < > > 1
Eyejjlasscs > andSpectacles itt Palr 68c t tl41
Set In goldolne sliver frames solid metal all the way throuijhiwar
ranted not to tarnish or breaki would be con lder d a bargain ittt elsewhere
Eyejjlasses and Spectacles nt PaIr 8Se f
These eyeglasses have solid gold springs are skeletonsetwlth patent cork
irames and niaybe had ln straight
noseplecesii spectacles h yftgoldlledfr mes miyft
art fitted with cryital
or riding bow shapes Both eyeglasses and spectacles ar
t lenses ExclusIve dealers charge high as 31 pair Stain for these Floor FroIIt C4atrt
for Bargain Friday Only
2 Set StarSafety RaprnlS
Tj The largest and most complete
I assortment of razors safety razors
I ci and shaving cc sorleslntl1e
I III United Statesis shownat Bloom
As 1 1 I in dales in many instances at
prices that are from
I ic I 50 to60U Lower Than
L XI I Elsewhere
Other Remarkable nDzor Values
Rogers Razors
Wade Butcher fl50 English Hollow GroundOc
125 Hollow Ground i 40c Kortcn Razors
1150 Hollow Ground 68c 175 Bell Steel 78c
OOc 0 f
175 Ifollow Ground i 200 Hollow Grouiid Magnetic < Rat
Wostenliolm Razors 08c
Sheffield Steel tl50 ors1 Schaaf Hollow i Ground 11 Razors >
M50 Hollow Ground B8e best English steel i I69c
175 Hollow Ground 08c Main tlnor rnili Hi B > ctlon
linvilnnd China Clearan i
We are closing tan open tock pattdrn of this line cllinaati
astonishingly low prices that early purcliase krfl advised to mM9
appointment We haVe only a limited quantity Norie sent AjD 1 ij
i Regular Price Sale < Price
Tea CUps and
Saucers Oi 79dot 9l98ddz
Chocolate Cup
and Saucrsffi49 dos 1098 doE
Coffee Cups
and SucersfM dOl f 108 dot
Afteri Dinner
Coffee Cups
and Saucers > 349 dot fl80dco
Bouillon Cups I
and Saucrn599 dot 808 doz
Plates flt59dot iiaodoz
Plates I J298 dot 1180 dor
Plates 369 dot I H80 doE
I Plates i J349 dox IHSOdoz
Fruit Saucers2t9 doz UIOdoE
I Meat Dishes 43c ea 24cea
Meat Dishes 79c ta SOc e
Meat DishesJl34ea 40cea
Meat DishesjM49ea 15O
Sugar Bowls 93 2 5 M1
Sauce noa32aEL C11
I Qp nY4et2bt tt
Diits i IJilO
Cho i c
C4 table Dlsh 4
Soup Tureen
Soup PlateSiVi
Individual Bufcvn
ter Patej > Jfit it
Tea Pots a 4
ftl9indjl79t it
Covered flut Mjap
ter DIsllae41p23ft1r
ThlraWooriBfttiiVSKJr s
II Assortment Sde ol D i i r
I M rJ jId
i j l <
LJ Neverbefore has dBLOOtmlijg 1e gtI
I 1 coat Store been equipped withsoeoliIe 1
I I line at such attractive prlcesWiioWiinds
itself offeringat tile e mnnlng > 9 1hiiSpi n fi
p1 d eas 011 m ombITWW spalize ll lfll i M
1 Womens i lncIC 4crcerlzcdC pcriisiri4 w
ished SaUeDPdttM v 1ilrII j
I madewlth accordion orrapace pleating anhIsflhsM
with ruffle or two ruffles and knee Ml f
O ounce special T 5 1 v lf P i
Black Lustre Satcch Pettlwats whfch ft1 k
the finish in a nusberof spdnri eslinJ
sectional pleating sptcla I
two rullles or
1 Z25 27929L
hi Black Mercerized Satcen J i
I I sizes trimmed vith one and two rulTlgOI i
c s pleating finished with flare ruffles 1 1
I 98c Jlo9 si
I 2ndP S r GOIJiN
Bargain Friday Hosiery p
J Mens fancy lisle thread and cottonisocks striped Oxford 1 t
and plain colors with silk embroidered Insteps T u M ° m
I it
steps In a variety of5tylesAllslzes
Womens paIn black with black feet or white soles and m
plain black hose with silk embroIdered insteps 122C
AII sizes f i t jf
Ii Cblldreri triple knee cotton hosiery midaivery elastic In VJu t k
wide or mrrow ribbed All sizes lip to35c if
I U Ja Floor BrfuhSt SelJl6eIllt iI
Our TenD Mercharit Tailoring
Is Already Far Ahead of Last Yeai1I
It will continue for 10 77
dajrsandyouwhoknov >
ftby the opportunIty
ae has afforded to get a SIc
Spring SvU Overcoat t j I
L coat pr Prince Al
ubd 1
r 1 lhertCoht and Vest
Ti141i I
k 1l4 I made to fit you for the j 1 I j
S f little priceofl 180will 1 I
I Ptiitli surelytake advantage t
d of it again There afe i
t 1 i
N5 Fdrlyfivc ol this t
t seasons newest 4
materials to ¼ I
seicct Irom
II Snlr Days
a Hftla
wH1 Y
I Ihuridny Mnrcli 16
Friday Mnrcli 17
t Saturday March 18
Mondny March 20
Tuccdny March 21 I
Wcdnssjloy March ZZf 1
I Thursday March i3
all gtiarantod pure wool and fast colors
None but expert cutters employed and none
but the best tailors will make up these gar
i If nqt entirely satisfied after the suit or over
toiler Prince Albert coat andwest is made up
and delivered to you you will be at perfect
liberty to return lie aiment in which case a
refund nof money will be forthcoming
II Kcfond Floor ooth Bt8tctlan
Suit Overc6atqr 1f
Prince Albert QaJ > t
an d Vest to measure T
omS Q J L I
< I
1 J
I < 1
Transfer All Cars to Bloomingdale B rotiirs 591h Lexington 10 6otbS to 3d vc Ci tiI j
° i t 1ij

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