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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, March 16, 1905, Evening Edition, Image 6

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1 > it I uM tJ h h IiA b t7t W i f l Wt iMI 1 I 1 1r n mt nrntt m A DJ < L t TllNIJ1G j lMiI rl D i
0 rN <
ii il f tIPI vV c
1 if IA1iIIf Ii t f d I R8o IN nrsGUsr ilL
r Il t
t ii iIit ier at FJatlroi Block Some Sit Around AH Night and
t Knock Some Are on the Water Cart With Ail
tll of Them Wed Gladly Part
i j
Ij ou yr k Httl fojrttrr
LobltfT to Snail
9 m V a LolnUrTVmt promcttr
1t holly oh my trail
i l Ibfl > stcir on OW nroadwj
tlie em Oem with ureit JlsKi t
It howsi from l1 JneAhu us a paJn
1ttf f thitr 3t1I 1
I ooLobterLrrlo
L4 LL u
W t
I f i
1 n wtn I ddoh i
i i1 r tltu
d Alla1 n1r 1 JmJt Wh4te
i ijlJnir S4i edH W
titbeI 4I49t lIe h lve
illtP tiibrnl nn
elrnIt J 1 t lh f
I JW l ia j J
VIiI i
< 1cC
t Southern earn
set jia creamy packed
KWn sty i 3
1 1
tin tiioutfita wMoh uvot omctly
Wall fII Around
Prom long the irtwl White Hlsh
way lher gow up an awAU wall tor
Lobster la Too Prcah
folks M In this Il y my to raen ca
the dinner poll TMiInk of tha fs rBo
otimanib thrpuglh tMday baa
toiled t fining IA 1s4Inner can ho
brlirht red Wbator broiled Think bcnv
thi dovrntrod chonua girl and other 1
fooUlght ohjumers larpe Vialaot rlfflit
eoua wratih will burl upon trieheads of
Kirht fanor aoon vfll be tbt diarcty
1114 paT thl prlo you munDutlltlU
110m lot t nm at larr uubacldea
Malt Extract
Beit tonic In the world for
women that art run
down or chdren not
dVerstr onjj
dozen 11IIOc I
a bottleI I
IVas Hllltlde CIUblltted
imrly Juno peas 3 cam for
2101 East Vliw tirnnd
fancy quality 8 clin 2SC
tor f Ii
frfnch Teas Imported La
Corblella brand pttltt pol
Moyensi cans jKr
tor OC
lied OrilinsFrom Connect
cut most healthful at On
this seasonl quart °
lemon Freih bright Juicy
UlnlUld9Ien ISo laC
Triumph OaU But Northern
grown oat flakci itcnmfd
and kiln drIedI larc < I Or
patkaxe < Vr
Buckwheat Hour Prepared
Triumph brand lelfralitni
Blb packaft IDcl J c r
ImlelfrnlelIr 3 12e
b rackRre
Com Meal Yellow or white
from No 1 IndlanIOe
Ialler 3lb IInonbar > V
Vanilla und Lemon Extract t
Ptorleita brand a battle
JKol Our Own 1001 Knuln
brand abol Cn
tU O u
Sblt1li frrluIlol doll 101l1
preierves like the 1c
liomemade can
Cocoa reerltn 1 nourlihci nnd
I eootlieij ilb can Vt
17c 010 cnn
fCliocolatfl hutleri rremlum
No I WOb caltc 11c1 I
Triumph brnncl eweet vn
nllla chocolato ell 6e
calte i i
liny Kuin Butlers
llticu quality Hell I
Croix pint I
41r1 plnt25c
ltl < N Triumph brand
hlhll1 quality 1
wlioio head C rn
Una Kinlni S 21e
lb linen bag
Vickies Uberty
brnnd all Kind
twact ur nnur
pltlllrH botler 1
II novtr at IOc
tero < 1 a bot
Jlclcl lrl Kklil
1ln Money 1lcldei
awnrded nnt prlio
wherever ihown
melt In tht 19c
mouth a bot
brlbttrUlrtfou thoulrt think this
ii n bluff ju st f troll Uon Broadway
Wher yoJ Will ieo Idbitori enougii on
any kind of day No matter If lt
darkor bright youll nnd this town
can boast of more lobster any day or
night than stern Now England coast
Theres the lobster of a lubber
whom lV0 dcarty love to knock who
on windy days will rubber near the
wild Datlron lllock Then the curloui
sort of creaturca who would lust u
soon M not ask atreuiga damsels with
I Culnn Mi Dulilln Rlntit White Inbol
Thou MiiMulIln ft Ooa botUlnc
Dozen njiUU 1Or ilnblo ge
ipllt w
Crtmt dn Mcnlho 7he nftcrill I 75c
n r cordial i larsu ilecanmr
Clnli C IfklUliaoIfoublel tnl1Il
Martini Yarn iV I > K > U 9ge
o a botle thv vif
UH > re
> 4I
l w 1
ti i
irom Illib Ji iinto y irWcotiqDlow
ThO lobstcr who hol < ts > down hla Bent
oml lets we w0mene < aa < lKnrid t1en
wlion ihet14 < r Ills jtrcot givesI >
with gestures grand Til lobster whq
cnnnot bo bpatof whomwo don think
much who haw us Up upon tho street
to try to make n louth
New York will still luvo qulfo a batch
It keep S t Because It inusti titlll wed bo
gin to He a cifch caged by tho Lob
ister Trust
No MOUPJT < o P5 for Snpplle DUll
nvnlcrM Demand Cnnli
CHfCAap March 15For the Hr t
time In Ih9 hjofbryof Zlph City metit
wnions and peddlers wth su p pllwi from
outside towns were admitted to the
Dowlt contrb Thlll PflWtol1ot the
rules was cnuWd by the famine now
prevailing Heat > ias boon Mnbtaln blo
for a week Flour fruitand vesctabies I
are lacking Thj > shclVes and bfns In the
storehouse ire empty and many of tho
Zlonltes ar forcel to go toWaukeegan
nearby to get food In violation of the
rules laid downby the Flrat Apostle
Shortages Will occur lh om de
partments opoartoiially Mid Judge
Lander IstmpojslbUto prevent It
I Jiave hod til I want toe t In tne last
few days not very much meat i will
admit but It Is eoooV for one to abstain
The fjictls thatath Won treasury Is
low rocts iaad sappllts ars tnt nn
Mllofilndlng collecton Two cars ol
flour Are on ft eldo trook but have not
been paid ifor and Mnuot D ue d by the
starvmirpeopl tne populaUon has
fnllen rrpm 7000 to000
juLts mis
Two New Stores Opened
The merit and advantages of our methods the popularity of our prices and
the gixxj name which we have earned for the quality and freshnessjof our groV
cerleiHud pure foods are amply evidenced by > the remarkable expansion our
Dew are growing almost tjhe rate of a new rtore a e k1t Is ten weeks
since the beglnnlnr of the year and nine new stores irenow added to the list
These are the litest addition
This morning the flourishing Brooklyn suburb of Jamaica anew store
was opined at
357 Ftflton St cor flmimaii Ave
with a complete line of the finest Wines and Liquors as well as a fresh stock
of the best Groceries
On Monday morning March 20th the 146th Grocery Store will swing Hi
doors open at
537 Lenox Ave Do w cor 137th St
Theta lespf both neighborhoods areicordlally rnvltedjtoviyit these SIJTM
and test all the advantages which have mJde the name1 of JAMES BUTLER so
familiar One trial will convince them whsit a saying it will be for them to tiade
regularly jvlth us No effort on our part will be spared to give them thorough
at Aunt Nannasf SufiaUe Flour t
Bottle VBrmont Maple Syrup the two for y c
DoubleomlN Trading Stamps
Freely ptvcn with All Purclmses Except C 0 P
tu See Them Bvei ywhere
146 Grocery Stores
Trade at ffcorcit and Save money on Every Purchase
I Pnr Cnllfnrnlii 1ort nnJ Shfrrv hv
the gnllon jusi free Tlc I fin
Hvntch Whlk 7 ICInKUilU old 85e
anil mellow a battle
Freudi IImlulrClot1et Frerc Thru
filar purs champanco Cofnnc lie
Imported In clan a bottle O
1 1o
1 it 1
11 tVoilSn lss
1 it
Kead niy offer a full dollars worth q
my Remedy tree tryvjlhout de
posit or risk or proiiilse to pay
NwotiABMS fr tfuln v ruttuintu
ilceptMni i Irritability all are thOU
Wam M U ot Inward nerve disturbance Tn
fault II not with the nervw whlcn 8iv yuu
warning nut with thu nerves whlcn cnabju
yon to iwi to walk tutnlklo think to let
But the INBIUEnervei tb automatic powjr
ncrv s thf eare thrnervM that work we r
out lid worry brflke down
i nikv4 not room II IM 10 explain how thcia
leader lluy nervti control and operate the
liuinacn tne hiMI tft klJnay IhO liver
HoW vXctJwti anj UralM auduvcrlmlulgenc
destroy their delicate lIuiM How thiouiih
a > bond of ymjuthy weakness lit one eniiu
U conveyed to each or tin other control
How thin lalllil tond of sympathy produce
the outward ilxni of rvouiiu < 8 i vhltjh
should i warn u ct tht troublo within I luvi
nit worn to explain how thlls nervea may
b reached strengthened and vitalised
and made well by a remedy I spent thirty
yean > In perfecting now known by druggist j
overywhero ai Br Hhiwn HMtor tlve < I
have not room to eiplaln holY thli remedy
by romovlnn the cauie iputi a certain end Co
all forms of ncrvoutnew Inward and out
ward Including fretfulnesi reitlesiness
sleeplMineM irritability All of thee e thlnr
nr fully explained In the book I will lend
you when you write
la more than u million homea wy remedy
ii known ind rtlitd upon Yet you mny nw
bivt heard of It 80 1 make thU offer to
you aL Kran er that every poulble excuj
for doubt tuayb e removed Bead no money
make no prrnoUo take no rlik simply
write and ask If you have never tried my
remedy IjWllJ send you an order on your
druujriit for 6 full dollar tottle not a
ample but the regular standard bottle hi
kNJI eonilanjly on his iheivcj The drufr
tlet will require no condition He will ac
cept my order u cheerfully aa though your
dolurluy before him He will tend the bill
t win you accept thl opportunity to lean
rid forever of all Xornii of nervouineu to
be rld > not only of the trouble but of the
very causa which produced UT Write today
For a free order Book 1 on Dyspepsia
for a full dollar bottle Hook 2 on the Heart
you muit add rn Dr Book 3 on the Kidney
Snoop Box D 031 nook 4 for Women
Bacilli Wli State nook J for Men
which book you want nook 09n nhtUmatll11
MIldoaiM an often cured by a slnglt
bottle Tor nIt at forty thousand drut stores
Dr Shoops
fl I 4t I 1 t > 4 il > < I f Strlctly Fresh Eggs for 25c
ii f This Is the latest bulletin from the fresh egg army and announces another victory even more bril
> lI liant and decisive than that of last week which knocked theJfe out of the high prjces
Last weeks vanguard did welKto hold the price down to 13 eggs for 2Sc It took a million and a
half or more to keep up the fight for the first fortyeight hours after opening our batteries last Thursday
The happiness of tliehousekeeper was pronounced and we are content for we had enough for all
This wuk e are preparect or jarger demand but it will be well to come early and make sure
Our newvlald reinforcements are pouringinto town and are being distribufad every store but when the
thrifty housewiyes are gobbling them up by the million there is a chance for us to run short
We hope tobe able tosatisfjr every ciistomer Most of the hens in the earlylayiiig secttonsiare on
our payroll and we are bringingirfby the carload all their fresh newlaid eggs as fast as they can be gath
ered and boxed
t d from the best of ihe LonR Island cropi rk
v he kind that cook UT
Picnic Hams I
Dellclont little picnic hamji lean and tender o j
al suiiucured from young cofiiifed porlcersj fC
J Irt soweet navels Just
16 slice up for
15 25c
Larger fruit by the
doien3 c
iIIOc and 2 5c
lep D1aekor white Sinn
pore iplce KJb lift tn
Ing tin 1 1UC
Uultard Duller EnI 1
full itrejifth 14lb JOe
slltlnr tin
Taprlkv Hungarian ponpur
I choIce flavor a bot
ftI i
Com 1owJernuterii Jj1t
Indian condiment n 10e
bottle i
Ippermlnt Peerlen ts rl
put ur ipeclally for II
infanti a bottl Il C
Jnmnltn Ginger Dutlorti
cohcentrAted eseenoej if
I Oe
curei colic a bottle < Ub
Btnlng 1I1Mhine Oil rur
iperm will not gum ilr
a bottle
Cnrrnntu Jllue rilbboni fn
rnoui Voitltioi from 1 fr >
Greece 1lb cnrton w
Bardlnf Armarno brand Im
ported packed In plUe
French olive 0111 5e
larye I 4lb can
Cero Fruto I
Thi famous breakfast food
h la1 thf nutritious
most palatable for this
week price cutting
onehalf a cutn7c
Blue Ribbon
BreaKfast Food
The heart olliewheat7
package reduced toC
gar Ine Ia Lune brnnil
French Imported In Or I
olive 0111 rib can V
Salmon Eiilo brand I chnlcut
Columbia Itlver nih9i
Itlb lint can
Salmon Cliff brand fancy
quality Columbia lUvrlOe
nhl Hlb can
Salmon Choice quality nM
Alatka 1lb tall t4e
JUpprol Herring JmpMed
from A > jtraeon Scot f ttn
land a can
Cronmrty DloateuThe Cri
best Imported 2 for o
1ortland Ifprrlng Fancy Bp
qimlltv Main cure 3 forow
Irlih Macherol Fnt plump
tender fl h bent grade I In
Imported by the lb low I
Codflnh Jlonei lBl In tablet
form lb pacI < aK tIcol
In white tender thread
reerleen grado He a park
ng6 l XIcn a pack Sn
Ilre i
i W Jptijs i CtftsofllSH > Grten Stamps In Place ol Double Jlartp with Dointy Biscuits Speclil Gills of J ft II Grin Shmpi In Place of Double Stamps with
N i 1 er s Celebrated Coffees OystCfi At Low tes a Lenten pckge Prices 4c > JUt l er s Famous Teas
Alb Water thlnst
f ttiorrt II Stl lr T Best Mocha and Java Coffee Our worth prlce o 25p Butter ThIns pckge 9c Our Own Importation From the lea Shrub to the Tea Table Alb
I It urren stnm st Marae al bo Coffee l uUr wnrth JOe 20 Pig Nc tons 12c 40 Rlt Hv Grltn Stnmr Golden Tins tjufl t IflUlt SOc
Our rorulu prlce VlthWrylb
JlII trf I J Broadway Crisps a lb y lthtry lb ot tOlMul tt ot
l t f1ftII Urt 1I Slam11 e t s n tOS 0 rr ee Oftn ot 2re loll Our for rlcc JaIn 17c An E It Omn Stampe 1IMYI H TniAo Fonno a Ooloni Indian 50
JoIyTvlth huy IbOI ItV with tvry lb of UllALU t t MUcjJ En Dkrast 4t C
tilllurc nFltn I1M t h Ic C nto Coffee Oftln ool IMWhcre Ic 25 SIt H Oreen Blampi Bes t No I Teas Mutlcrs direct impns oe
r ill J t eVIrYbIJC ror O Uurlrlcr i nsiio brand I choicest Cnltfor with fvry ID of i I Ca s raxoilto varieties at OJC
r f JOI Or IfStumN hilS Hlady Fcnrlie J nla fruit preicrved In hP 8 AH Green Stan1ps Oolons Mlcd nnd
t C blntlon CarrC 20c mpa i Kn I Tf Engic
HMJ J ltll erITlb or D 0 m U to u 1cari i 1 rich tyrupj a lb 28c 15 with tVuy lb ot < CeNO 2 ICtS Hall UrvaUfnal at Z5C
I I can
1 lIm i jfI brt1 d N V
rJ f I ln tl h 1 1c
lb c n i
1 I11toh1a t YIOW I flnC
tUI 111 rlgh IYrUD lac
X itJ bJ
j a 1QrQlIIlol + oExtrl chol
j JroIo hlt Ior hntr > j fl
0 AfWcHonii feiaiucdiwcljli i np
riU wore acli u
I JS llb Of
Lobiter a la Rubber
rood tealurco to join In Mrd and
Dot1 Another rIpe varietytrnblbOll the
nowing bowl until ton Inebriety It htu
to fliuli a IOU
Lcbatera Wa All Know
Another kind that ira 131 know and
gonia giv up an riiiht ia lbo may
bearded txJdh ded 6eau who ouu up
lata at nteht With lobsters on the
water oirt and lobstert who should b
land lob from whom wed gladly part
oil rotund about m e e Wo wouldnt
mind if they were caught and htmdled
by a trust It l a cinch theyd not be
bowht And 110 tlho trust mould bust
Weve lobitcra on the Bubvray ran
xrho carry thl < claws Tho L train
lobsters siv tu pains when ptopplnff
with ft ore o jaN r < Tho lob len loom the
trust should find It In LcTt they
hunt ore those who pushtae from be
hind eay Lot of room In frontl
The lobster on the rurfioa cnr stands
11IU4 upon your toei and remmsocnces
C Lrr te t Retailer In
tiV IDeS l L 1Uftuors AI1It1P a 61 Licensed
LItt r Stores
Besides all the domestic Wines and a full line o AJs Beer and Porter
we have a complete stock of Imported Wines and Ljqilors which we buy
direct fran the winegrowers and can therefore sell at vtjy low prices con
slderlijj the quality Our Castillo Port and Glralda Sherries are exception
ally choice Specials flit the week as follows
Sir John Powers TUnER SWALLOW 95
IRISH WHISKEY finest imported a bottle
r M
It II rd H KEN STAMPS with every tot tie
tOU offi rL1 S MONOflRAAt VVHN < EY Iyears 75 C
old finest Aiixricun rye it tin price a bottle
lnnn l lllJ1iuo Illbboni the Marniandp Mlllars Imnnrtcd
most delicious orange pr u r a Ii g II mnrmaladiti jo
serve hornsmade a IlJC from Il lonl 0 Jar IOC
jar JrM Llberty nil tho thnl
Jelly Powder Blu Illbboni frutti and Ilnvorsi 10e
dalntlttt of desirrtri all the jnr
cholc rrult anil win 1 Oc Jam IIluo IIlhbon n t
flavin a liaclms 1 fruit Junu I
PrMttvco Llb rtys nil lh h jar 15c
choicest pure frultsi h tlatlnn1HI 11
inniUj 3lb itoae 25c turd Icn n 1 6c
trn11 I n o
Iniiui niue Itlhbon
famous fruit lurge Santa Clarn wc t r nk
Hlun JUNton brand
jest Nnrthtrn
rruwni i ih
Uluc Jlllibon
cut Cnllfurnla rnijt
1lb cur
prlcot EvapornKdi
Illuo Itllibnni fancy
fruit rum Unll
fornld Mb fbr
Seeded Itnlilnn
leu brand fret
from Mtdi xtrs
I forton chole Mb t 2e
1I11i111 G i L
w HVO I +
tJ t 1tffj i < 9 11 jSj IjjI jPl J t i
2SEET i1 YotJ lPh lrp1ii Ij f
yot < < ONH pOZBIN 1
Pull CiTln t < on upon
vrhlti mount ill l
8111 Inchul v u Tllta DUUN tb I I
13 dozen alto your holder to One Po
choice of either oral en Partl Oablnet
or iqutro dwlnn MOUDt OXOI alaG
With tnH oJln on bandoOOloret
picture we wl I a d PhaloIeJue 1cbr
one hindcolored OJ
Photoiraoh value tta to
M mounted on
convex 1 > hind If lreOOlltd flor to
tottiMr framed Th May lit SllItb
outfit wrwth pror
3SBY GOODS CO Only 325
Dress Goods
These Mon Specials for Friday
NoGOT Order <
for 37lnch Albatross all pure woo
nice crepy finish in black white cream light
29e blue pink lavender Nile reseda lollve cardl
nal garnet cadet royal navy gray tan castor
etc etc
orJllllnch Chiffon Nuns Veil
Infl made from finest Australian woolsoft
39c anctsilky Shades of tan castor gray brown
reseda olive myrtle cardinal garnet cadet
royal navy etcete
foi 52htch Imported English
Mohair Sicilian made from superior lus
4 9 C Ire yarns Unusually bright and silky Black
gray gun metal olive myrtle tan purple
royal and navy blue
for 50lnch Cheviot guaranteed
wool sponged and shrunk very firm and
C strong Shades of brown green tan gray red
royal blue navy also black
torySinch French Voile all wool
dose even mesh with the new chiffon finish
59c Shades of gray champagne tan castor helio
mode reseda olive myrtle brown cadet royal
blue navy and many other shades also black
for 52tnch Broadcloth the kind
with a twilled back and nice satin face guaran
9 C teed all pure wool Black browns reseda
olive myrtle cardinal garnet cadet French
I blu navy gray purple etc etc
Black Silks Underprice
4ttn 1200 yards of 27 inch Black Ponee
I lIt 5 fc Yard I guaranteed all pure silk with a bright lus
trous finish the quality is an exceptional
one for lining waist and entire dress needs being soft and drapy and
in conformity with this seasons dress weaves A few slight Imper
fections in weave only nothing to hurt appearance or weartnable
Us to offer this exceptional value bought regular this quality sell
at79c yard
Black Guaranteed Taffeta An extra heavy
bright and rustling quality a superior make for entire i
dress and underskirt purposes two widths for Fridays I 5IJC d
selling onlY24and 27Inch75c values Special
Yard Wide Slack Tafleta full 36 In a heavy r
brilliant quility for lining underskirt and waist needs I 7 9C Yd
exceptional valueWBAR GUARANTEED Special
Qolored Lining Taffetas at 0
I yrf
A special Friday offering In colon of white Ivory cream OC r
light blue pink champagne silver navy cadet reseda
tan brown and black this quality taffeta lull pure silk and for lining pur
poses we absolutely guarantee the wear and service of same regular price S8c
yard Womens 19 Vests lOl12Jc
We twentyfivehundred Knit Undergarments for women
I from one of Americas best mills and because of some very slight im
perfections wei can sell them at a saving of over one thtrd You can
understand how a dropped thread would banish a garment from the
perfect pile even though it would not affect the wear
I 500 fine white Richelieu ribbed Cotton Vests low neck and
sleeveless sires 4 to 6 Regular I9c kinds at v 121 C
2000 extra fine Swiss ribbed white lisle thread Vests low neck handsomely
trimmedIke tops and arms also fine shaped and rlbbed Cotton Vests In
white all long sleeves with umbrella lace trimmed drawers to
match sizes A to 6i Regular SQc kinds at l
I Three for SOc
Exceptional Bargains In
Human Hair Goods
verything in the line of Human Hair Goods that could be possibly
needed will be found here and at prices away below what is usually
t charged As excellent Instances of unquestionable money
s we suggest the following specials In Switches and
Pompadours and we have other goods such as Dangs
Waves Hair Rolls Neck Curls Pin Curls Back Nets Cap
Nets Puffs Transformations 6tc at equally low prices
Rour Specials In Human Hair Switches
J300 18ln fine grade Switch 140
too 20ln fins grade Switch 108
1600 24ln Switch all long hair 308
too 18Inch Gray Switch 9108
Four Specials la Pompadours
Our Pompadours are especially becoming and natural looking and much Im
rove the set and style of this seasons hats
Regular 150 Pompadour I OSc
Regular J300 Jeanette Pompadour 149
Regular J300 Wavy Gray Pompadour 140
Regular 5ioo dray Pompadour if840
Our goods are of the finest quality obtainable and we Invite comparison with
those of the most exclusive stores
Graf site Carpets Reduced
The brightest cleanest floor covering at the price in the market perfect
design both sides
IT Size 9x 9 feet reguarl36S1 REDUCED TO 3840
Sit 9x12 feet regular 5475 REDUCED TO 340
Smyrna Rus
A special sale of fine Reversible Smyrna Rugs made of pure all wool
in latest medallion and Oriental effects
Size 6x 9 feet regular 51075 SPECIAL AT 708
Size 30xdO Inch regular J225 SPECIAL AT 1BO
Qreat Linoleum Offerings 35c
We offer the entire line of one of the leading manufacturers of 84
Cork Linoleum the regular 60c quality at the greatly re
duccd price per square yard 35c
M MBte dMMMM MMM9 Mrf4tld B B
Ftfslay and Satttrday ale
lJefB S ntJ Y 08t s 8 iIO
J Sprlnt Suts at 5
Suits in Double and Single Breasted Black Thibets
sixes from 34 to 44 also Single Breasted Cheviots and fancy mixed
Cassimeres with Serge and Italian linings
Overcoats in Blue Black and Oxford Twill Cheviots
44 inches long every size
2 15 Spring Suits Y 5 0
f Top Boats 4
Black e =
Suits in Double and Single Breasted
Ililbets Single Breasted Clay Worsted Suits Hand Made and Vene
tlan Llned34 to 44 Regulars and Stouts
Also Fancy Worsteds Cassimeres and Cheviots all Serge lined
Spring Top Coats in Tan Coverts sizes H to 42 i regu
tar Iue iooo I
T < i
jji b
Womens GloveS
100 Pair j
New importations of < Perf c
tlonour special 100 Gloves
for women Glace Kid 2clasp
one row of Paris Point em
broidery Round sewnj in new t
est colorings black and white if
Suede 2clasp Paris Point or
one row embroidery pique or
round sewn in pongee garnet
brown black and white with I
contrasting sewing ind em IIJ
broidery 100
Capeskin idasp fine qual
ity selected skins P X M I
sewn Imperial points in oak
Havana black and white ioo
Fancy Tuxedo and hairline ail
silk Veiling in black Brown and
navy a large assortment of de
signs worth 20c at >
yard MifC
3yard long Autot Chiffon Veils A
hemstitched made of fine
chiffon worth
quality t
B125 at 79C
Hemstitched Crepe Chiffon Veil
ing all desirable colors 18
Inches wide worth
15c yard at lJ9 c
Neckwear J
100 dozen Embroidered and Lace
Trimmed Chemisettes made 1f
fine quality lawn J J
worth Spc at each 25 C
1000 dozen fine Embroidered
Swiss TunOver Collars hem
stitched scalloped and fancy
pointed effects worth
2Sc to40c at 12 2 e
Fancy Lace Trimmed Stock Col
lars with 4in hand jabot effect
In white or light blue
worth 100 at
I 1
Importers Samples at Less
Than Boat
25c 50c95c IV5 195
Made of Walrus Seal Levant
Calf Morocco French Grain Alii
gator Russia and Vienna fancy
embossed leather with riveted
Rrt Emb Dept
Display of new sofa pUibw tops J
and backs stamped to embroider i
A finished pillow to show how to
work them In
and other good floral de ne
slgnsl tops with backs 2 3 c 1
Pillow loops 3 yards long large size
cord long heavy tassel
combination and
plain colors each 25 Cd
Extensive line of beads jewels and f
spangles also the new pearl drops to
ornament the necklace upward fn
from i JW
Beautiful lithographed sofa pillows
large tassel on each corner and filled
with best quality silk floss
Special ai 125 150 each
Sale of Belts t
Ulade ot the New Plume Stilt
21t 25c
With three rows of cording lined Ij
with sateen buckles in gilt nickel
gun metail and black enamel finish i
of various assorted designs
We are also showing a fine line of Of
puffed and tucked effects in this If
Plume silk at 2Sc
Brookss 100yard Spool
Cotton black or
white per dozen ISe
sOc large spool black silk thread full
itrength and measure all letters 32c
pool i
9c large roll of black or white cotton
ape Oc
tSc plntop hose supporters all slits
wide elastic 10c pair
ISC No 2 J and 4 dress shields lOc
pair 100 dozen
2C black 50yard button thread 10e
lozon spools
Liquid glass for mending china eta
SOc bottle
454 64 black mohair tubular sho
laces 2c pair
k 500yard white basting thread
JOc dozen spools
4C ntqkd safety pins all sizes Be
dozen pins
2Sc oishlon heels to make walking
ea y We pair 1
Magic hall < urJITS Be each SOe box
M 11jo 1

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