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f r
1 tii tU t I > 11 tr II fl i J I r j I I II c I i
1 IJ1
i f t i fA
I r ft dEI broIderYMedallfonS 1
II Values from Glo 30cv I
I I 1 at lc2c 4c and 7c Each
1 f We secured 10000 beautf roide ymed flions frotq a New York importer
4 1 of rich St Gall embroideries this Immenslot Includlnghls entire sample line of
A I newest designs openwork effects English effects and French effects in round
i square oval and other conventional shapes very appropriate trimming summer
dresses Value Sc to 30c each and prices as quoted above Main Floor
ii t
V V n
Il > tt tiK lOV l i < d >
i to
6111 e Stor
Two B M Blue Trading Stamps till 121 then one till eloslno
u Last Bargain Friday of Our Second Great Comparison Sale f r
Corsets oi the 100 Kind Here Conditions that retarded transportation to the downtown district during the past ten days are respons Automatic Theatre Sixth Floor
i ToMorrow at 49c ible for a greater number of Comparison Sale Bargains tomorrow than would otherwise be possible Theres Admission Free < I
I I A well known make in finned materiil They are j r
t all tralght through front with medium steel butt They and com hip la long pink over blue abdomen and while und perfect boned All a double valuegiving bill in every section of L The i 14th Street Store and savings average higher than they payers The hiuf Hmilan the tropic Tfoubadcmn island oC the Southern ngofnd eas ulnglrlincl Performances il i I
I 1141 from 18 to 28 Inches < f will for many months to come This page of good things IS suggestive of hundreds of others every half hour cr 1 t i l
P I I Your Choice of 500 Raincoats
I A Values as High 8s2000
I at the Low Price 01 798
0 Opportunity furnished by our purchase of the surplus stock of Greemrald
Friedman Wetobergwho make a specialty of the manufacture of rainproof L
Cravenettes These raincoats are made of materials such as are found in rain
coats selling as high as 20 Many of them bear the Priestley Cravenette
stamp In the two stylish modelspresented below there is a complete range of
I colors and black Second Floor
1 I
Style No 1 Womens Raincoats made from an excellent quality rain I
I iii proof raateiiil blouse coat effect with belt They havefour inch stitched strap over aioulder new
I shaped ileeve turnorer cuff bred top and bottom Colors are black tan brown Oxford and olivet
Sizes 3 + to 40 t I >
SlyLe No 2 Womens Raincoats made from an excejlent quality
I of nptooE material with a plaited bodice redingote l collorless effect New shaped sleeve with
h I fancy turaoTer cuff fanCy button trimmed Colon are black tan ollrej brown and Oxford Sites
I 34 to 40 S
Your Attention Must Be Given to This Offer oi 176 Pieces
This New Crepe Albatross
I Beautiful Spring Dress Goods <
I Full 38 inches wide and woven from pur wool We have it in gray
4 brown red navy pink light blue tan cream and black and we know
25c by comparison that other stores are selling It for 50 cents a yard 25c
We secured 175 pieces at a price concession so great that in Fridays
1 Salewe shall disposeof it at 2Sc
Comparison we IhaI14isposeof a yard Mnln 00r I
39C per yard lor 69c Enijifsb llohal fuU 4Q A peryard for 7c New Spring Sultlnns
t vu 42 inches wide In shzdes of brown roya1r v Consisting of KrgUsh check mohairs 38 Inches wide
1 I navy oyar in all colors tailor suiljng mannish effects all pure wool
n gray and back with n silky lustre and fut color and 38 inches wide f1 all colors
Thousands of Silk Remnants
L I i Values from 5Gc up to 100
At lc 2Sc 35c and 45c Per Yard
These extra special offers of silk remnants at the remarkably prices quoted above are
easily the greatest i advertised since beginning of the Comparison Sale and comprises peau de
cygnc plain and fancy taffeta peau de sole messalines plain and fancy louisine fancy colored
pongees foulards faconnes white and colored habutai silks crdpe de chine chiffon faille etc
Dontmiss these chances if you want splendid silk bargains i I Mnln Floor
i More oi Those Splendid AH Wool Majestic
Rugs at Half and Le Than Half
The Sotithcrn Rug and Carpet Company determined to discontinue making their finer grade
A E of rugs and as a result sold us a great quantity of madeup rugs intended for the spring and summer I
To get them out of the way quickly they accepted our cash offer at half and even less than
p half what they had been asking This enables us to offer you a preeminently splendid Compari
I son Sale rug bargain Figure it up and see how pice it willvbe to save half on a rug for this spring
are prices i
115 iu3 275 rufs 325 rugs 445 rugs 725 rugs 1500 rugs
18x36 in 26x5 In 20x60 In 36i72 In 4x7 fet tx9 feet
j SSe 129 169 289 398 797
I 1198 for 2200 Rugs size 76x106 I 1569 lor 2800 Hugs size 0x12 feet
We Continue to Make Lay and Line Carpets Free
SOc per yard for 75c Tapestry Brussels Carpets handsome patterns 1 for halls stairs and rooms
79c and 89c per yard for 110 Velvet Carpets extra quality and beautiful colors
4 95c and 109 per yard fot Wilton Velvet Carpets They usually sell at 135
08c per yard forl50 Axminster Carpets extra heavy Made of unifmally fine material
39c per yard for Ingrain Carpets All the nw and attractive patterns durable quality
j China Malting
I I g97 per roll of 40 yards value 600
I 597 per roll of 40 yards value 800
r ZeUs per roll of 40 yards value 1000
Japanese Matting
698 per roll of 40 yards value 875
898 per roll of 40 yards value 1075
998 per roll of 49 yards value 1275
S 2ld6m You Can Buy Linoleum and Oilcloth at Our Prices
1 1 SIC per iquire yard for 6Sc Extra Cork Linoleum 2 yds wide I 20c per square Yfd for No1 grade Oilcloth value 4Sc
l I 47c periquaie yard for 75c Extra Cork Lnoleum4yd wide 1 J7c per square yard lot 30c Oilcloth qocd quality
Stylish Spring Millinery
Its all hero Every good idea ID the moat attractive Millinery the most be
witching shapes and color combination shown tomorrow >
BLACK Hand made turbans made over wire frameii of
mohair braid and tucked ohWon A I cod aonilpia
bat for the matron and worth double their 79C
Ptlw Comparison Sale PrIceo i BW
BLACK band made hats made of tucked chiffon and
pyroxallno braid In Jaunty tYlllh turban yam
arUT they would be 200 Comparison Sale If 10
rIce i
1 HAND made Charlotte Corday fcati made of novelty
1 braid ohltton and lace In varloua good colors
Hand mada bat In tbo shape to much In vogue 198
t I Cimparlson Sale Price I
7 iI HAND made drew shapes I crowns MO made of high
11 grade novelty braid and brims of tucked chlfjou of
f corresponding shadet The COlor Include atapl 145
I 41 well as fancy tInt EaChiI i
f HAND made haUi all torts of new materials In all kinds
ut n i Y bhap 6a In all the beet and roost deMrabl
f colon A great assortment ot hand made hats and we
bellere to be the best In America w the price lflR
C Said
Corapnrlnop PrIce i i i
A SPECIAL let of trade bats at a erica marvellously low Lugs sal small had
mad of etuw auJl soft raaterluls and trimmed with fiowers and silk O QQ
mull All tho bent colors Comparison Bale Prlc a oo
ARTIFICIAL flower tile two very tpeclal lots of flower Including aamples of atlk
and muslin nouem In this reason i style and colors Lot ll Value uP19c
to Ue at per bunch 12c lot 2 Vuluei up to 49cper bunch
Theres a Prominent Place Taken By
These Wash and White Goods
Only a few ttemt tOday but enough to act ai 1 sort of price thermometer to Indicate
that prices hare dropped so as to give late Comparison Sale shoppers a full chance I
I per yard for 18o Washable Dress Voiles in the newest shades ot I
9c I brown blue green tan gray etc with combinations of color I i die
ing It is a very stylish faprlc early Spring wear
6 c per yard for IZAc Chambray Glngbams plain colored
It bee a IOU velvet finish Not the kind which stilt and cannot be made ipAU
colors such u light fiecn light tan dark gray old rose etc
White Dress Linens In Large Varieties
29c per yard and upward for Linens In a large variety of qualities and weights i
consisting of very sheer linen French soft finish linens etamlne weares very fine twist I
linen cAIIare from 36 t a 54 inches wide
lZytc per yard for 25c Persian Lawn 32 Inches wide desirable for shirt
wilsts and dresses also striped madras
lOc per yard for 35a Novelty White Goods highly mercerized In fifteen
pietty designs
Daintiest 01 Styles Are Represented InI
New Washable Waists
Will you examine them and compare
them with wolHtfl sold at similar prices
in other slores7
r seobnd Floor
49c lor 8c Waists of white lawn fine sheer quality
l The yoke Is made of half inch side plaits Centre
plait downfront tailor stitched Tucked collar and cuffs
4 I
d 98C f ° f l < 3 ° Block Lawn Waists bandionely
dS tailored with clusters of tucks and two rows of lice
down front to waist line Fancy collar I and full sleeve Tucks
down the back 1
IOI 400 WalGl
of J
248 Japalleso iHk In a nC7
Spring model It has square yoke effect formed of
k hicks add lace inserting Full blousetan
sleercs a1d fancy collar and new
l S Study and I Compare Fridays Grocery Prices
T Creamery Butter
1 I The Finest Creamery Butter mad
Willow Kntin liriml1lb pinf
flntllncd carton not dcllv 28C
ued sppclal
I I COFFEE > In fancy I
decornlfd canister
IIiumonyHlendl JO
i Ilb size 001
TUA IncUdlnir all ol
our We KTadwi Olrl
green and block are
ties aIM i5e
U100 Ib 1
I IllUNJM Callfomli
fruit nil prune to
the pound 3 25c
UD cocoAr II
IUI 110 14e
oLd Iu itlocted
Queen crIsp and
incatn quart hfqfl
I Ir dorcii I
i iao jnr C
OAMUl II no llil
no lieH nude quart
Untie ittc i IliH
totlle dozen l5c
170 hnllle IOL
h I nl 1Ielll CO
met UliPd Oatinal
or Qrahain On
1 It Hall DRGAD
I C loafi lane family Bite ftp i
u I J L f
CAlft all klnJ In
cluollol VanllU Icel
IldLlly Cale 3tb
cut 15C1 lOc
lib I
ciii nan ii rki
mcr County l6c
Ib mY Ib
TAIIOCA thou Ilcll
i roi < Id rtuu re nf I
komng IID IiucKaKO
1 pdckUffM Dc
I Slc picknKo
perlor form of JIata
nml conmliu M mr
crnl gluten lll
IKirkilRi duz Sl7h
Iliolinit tikI jlh
liachee do ell
SllSi pack lOc
BAIMON ikh III oil
Mb lall run
can dozen tlrsui 4tn
8 I IJ 0 1 A L MACK
iilii MiDue
Hell No I fancy
Vnrwa I Isi 110
bends or tolls 10lb
poll SlBll or The
llth Bt Btoro pack
elected N Dr YHy
call fl Rn 10lb J Oft1
Sugar Corn
ROOO cnscs 1rldo of York brond
Sweet Sunr Corn sold by many lit
12t cam medal caso of 2 ft In
< lo7 143 doz 6cj Mb can 2V
HDItlllNO ncwjm
lurtutbn Holltnl
In I xal kelf I
7nc MIur e 8fic
tjIINE8 In mii3
lard i BZP U fin
can noci can
bulk freth Ulnundi 1
IH Ihs 30c
1100 Ib
llluo Doll lurtrclly
eeiisuiipd filb ttnI
41c 214ltu 23c
tOL3 cook dry t
hit 0 nnil I
LICk mealy < bushel 7ffe
I A lID Armour
KliUIJ or Bwltla Sll1
vcr I < K fi Blb
pall ilc 8Ib 2Dc
l > ali 29c1
1LUUU Dlua lieU
rkli In nutrl
It Ion 10lb 3ge
Icoth uck
1 Ito 11 lB OATS
Hrcakfavt rood flue
Dell Ileanl cooked
WhIte rikcg Mb
carton IU dOl0c
Hue lieu CXsllfornU
Imlti tlb carton
dOzen Hlti tc
but anilll well era >
noneil Mb 24e
burs 5 bare
Month trn grown
hle ait brand in
suiciir eyrup 3va t
nan dozen On
tl oAl can
IMUUHIW llluo Cull
cairo iitnon cllnx
or Ullmv lravord
In rich heavy ayiup
I cun oMA
i Slll doten 23c
i Iti con
dI n wUIIII1Im I
led preaerved I
luncliooii ftlZd can
lOztn I I to Dc
HAMS Amioura o
UttKtu tine cheat
cured naim worth
lila n lb wMth 10
to 12 lba 1134c
ntr Ib c
ntN ew York Hlato
l cored and ouartereil
eicfllent for stow
1m nurpoaes IlIon
Q11 doyen 22c
111411 CLU
Fresh Eggs I
1000 cases of btrlctly Fresh EKKS lust I
tcelvcil and every exit guaranteed I
fresh j ldAt this price we 1Of
cannot deliver them Per doe v
grown Hires pack
I Hi can i ne
I2f1dmn fOe
hJili can u <
HlrTED IEAS flue
Hell snmll nnl1 ten
der 2IIo cam
dozen Si Ji 12e
can AAV
fr A K if D HEANd
Kniest Cuhs crmm
prepared packed to
sell at 8cJ special
per dozen nrlc fi
can u e
rllINAUH frco tout
grit llb cnn
doren slit fOn
111db KIlNnY
HUANB Van Camps
1acklnn ready to
Corral 2lb mn
I ilozan fio Ifkn
can UT hflINO
HIANS Northern
Wisconsin 2lb ooni
I tree con Ilr Iron
cm doren 11011 On
Meats Fish
Iloes ur An
pound <
WfAEFIRII noiton
haddock or for OC
xltn pounrt uv
reek caurht On
bound ot
lIAUDUT Salmon
or Cod bleaks tOe
pmml w
U bound I U Enail In
i o n K lOc
pound wl
ruusu sitotju
UltS OF POltK Be
IKitind OV
urrm iia nuisit
II A M H l1 1
bOund 12 c
bound bTIOAKB He
HHOHT lllll mIw
It 0 A H T lOc
iKiund Au
H A O B R if
F 11 A N KrunTniis
pound O
Cf E F On
pound OW
pound pIlie
nound M U T lON 12c
I Smoked Beef Tongues
GOO Fresh Smoked Beef Tongues
Just received Gullets removed
no Ib w CL s t olpecl1I pcr 12c
UEE8E pound per tin
Day PICleF1J
T U n KEYH 120cl
Duty 1ICKflh I
ipound OHIO DUCKH t6e
s I
I Liquors
I > ers old and mel
low whlsk potIon
it no Virnl nfln
17n bottle
n pure soft well
I ajw whljkt I gaji n
rCIII I1f11 83c
lull botU IIU
IION the Pride II
Krntueky gnlbn
2IM HRal ton
tif UgC
125 bottle
li E Pl0P1Ufl
VltI8Knr gallon
8Ubot 48c
IOltT St HliniUlY
rich fruity Tonlo
I Wines Old loiiv
jbotllo UntkEo qt K n
VINT van L gallon
I > rks li r0 1 TR
1 no 1111 0 jjffp
MIle ql boot ° °
TRACT a P u ro
ulrcngthglvliiR tonic
for the coma 115
letwnt doi
Fruits and Veg
APPLE for biking
or table per barrel
JMi li ut 25e
OI1AN8OO fancy
Lnllormas per IiaX
JJtlO per 23e
Jers > kiln drl1 u
lib immpir ilu
0auart 18e
banket °
ONIONS red or > el
low Ohio per bush
basket el llfii Uit 18e
CAiinora on TUR
NIPS Irte from Civil
per bucket 07cI
ijcuart 120
bkOk5t o
If Left to You You Will Declare
I Never Saw Greater Curtain Values
Positively tcbless upholstery values during this sale Not
an item here but establishes a new low record in selling price
quality considered Scores of other items equally cheap a
MusUnCurtalnsl Nomngham Curtain
S9c per pair for Raffled Mnslln Cur 98c per pair for NoltinRhain Lace
Dins of dainty striped muslin Curtains 60 Inches wide 34 yardi
SWiss CUrlalns long Value 200
G9e per pair for Ruffled Swiss Cur Scotch Lace Curtains I
tains with five tucki and hemstitched 169 per pair for Scotch Laca Cbrt
ruffle tains fine double thread weaves
Irish Point Curtains j Value 275
269 per pair for Insh Point Lace
purtalns rich designs Vlllue 450 Bonne Femme s
Tapestries 398 per pair for Renaissance Boone
39c per yard for 100 French Jute Femme Curtains Positive 750 to
Tapeatrlti 50 inches wide 1250 luesL
5 Slip Covers To Order at 489
1 Only the finest quality of Belgian damask is used and a large
variety of stripes to choose from Bound with shrunk binding
perfect fit guaranteed This price allows for 20 yards of 29
inch material Larger suits charged in proportion Telephone
tot send us a postal and representative will call with samples
The following notion at Ic
Paper of English Wire
Hair Pins
Paper of English Safety
Pins I
Paper of English Point 1
Pins I
2 cards of Darning Cotton I
Paper of Sharps Needles
Pair of Shoe Laces
10c for Pinon
Side Support
em made of extia
wide Idle elaitlc
Worth 15s
18c ° r Mo MU
° 1 Itary Tad
1rom Hose Bup
Porters rtU four
lOc nrciot
no 1100
1 wiirl Button null
alilo for s > i rlY l 1lt
Value lOc
1C for AabtStJ
J Iron Holders
3c pr bottle ot
raoIn Oil
10e for Glrdl
In all FOIth now
shap Valu SOa
7c per down Mo
half Shoe
Lace J all stuns
Value 12c
Op for 4ynrd bolt
n of Feat h or
t Mtch l 11 raid
Kn for Light
wxlirit and
abate robber Dress
Sbtotls Value 13o
Aft ta Silk Chit
fon Collar
liundtloru Valu
in I
Dyeing and Cleaning
For 100 we will clean or dye any style
of shIrt waist and guarantee the same lort
of work u you would pay 250 for
elsewhere We guarantee the j work
Youll find lib department at the notion
counter Main Floor
Jnfants Attractive
I Wear 0
Long Coats 398 Maie of wool
Bedford cord and caitimero pcttlly
trimmed with lace and ribbon VaHie to
Long Slips lOct These are of nain
look neclcand sleevej are trimmed with
bemftltcbed lawn ruffle Value 3Sc
Complete Outfits SI They con
list ot 40 pieces and bought regularly
would cojt 700 I 5
Bands 25ct Your choice of either
Silk or wool In ft quality worth SOc
Chambray Dr sses4DclThey
are made for children in pretty assorted
color tins 2 to 6 yean and worth 85c
Womens 309 a Gold Medal I I 11
Shoes at 195 a Pair FrIdayuIn1 il
The 300 retail price of Wdhteos
Gold Medal Shoes is tyfll estib
lished that when we sell them for
195 a pair the actlonii equivalent
to presenting you with liOS The
counterparts these shoes won
the gold medal at tbllPn tn ri
o Exposition because they were
the best in an exhibit footwear
that has never beeniqualed h
the history of the worlds Tbise
shoes are all perfect tend Uu > p
todatc styles riiini FJoor
Womens Gold Mcai Shoes
of patent kid leather light fole of solid
leather very flexible ana tttjida for dress J
wear high leather Cubinbeelj opera toe
Womens Gold Medal SBfeica
tof patent colt skin in lice style extended
Hitched sole medium tne With bait style
military walking heel mannlih cuttopj 1
modish street shoe 1 Vj
omens Gold Metal Spec
of kid skin extension spit llht Itltched
edge patent leather tip wulnm rallltarjr
heel round toe A correct ibeet tool
Womens Gold BSsaai SfeossJ
low city heel medium Wide tea patent Up
extension black stitched wlei Mt hoe fh eaijr
wear and fit for School gtrts and women
ElQHt Other DlsUiet Slyle I
Doufllas SJ Sti SIitVifl 1V6RVl ij
W L SS 3i50 d at t gt I
Besldei W L DougUi 350 and 400 Singe Criwfora s 4k
350 and 4 < X > Shoes Royat SSO hoei and Snow 350 h U f i
other makes of 300 to 400 ihws Ih this ule il 5 they f i i f M t i
Spring lute Iethe are bciiclfj rid kid patent colftkla rrtT m
dinm ind broad toes plain and tippttd medium and hetry aolej wltH olo
tended edges Sizes 5 tolli Widths BJ E i I 11 k Altr 1 I j f t
rf >
Sew ing Machines at fiejsi9 f 4
Than Cost I to Make Thiul ti
I t Think of an Absolutely guaranteed Sewing Machine all the parts as Carefullvl u c1 s
Assembled B8lf < it cbst ten timesa muck built for MMtutWtaWbOiM
r or tailoring esfablishment capatile of n endless amount of perfect work f Od tWV i I
I any kind of material and yet within the each of thOsJa d f 4 > i
I stances This a roiirt > war
a I JI 4000 Machine f A t at139 I 8 tri117f J t
j p
Is a revolution in machine uriccraakini I would durafoand onn forefathers iI Wtb
4 ftmtt of economical produ ictlon IfI11II ainKlng I In fact this machine by power of wbchaii I
I 1 or hnman Ingenuity could not bit made tot 1398 ilili S machlno medtaellMi leiditlOOO
I by one of the bst known makenarmaTt ftwhoteiimo ranks with that of ihefsm U
the latest Improved sewIng machine that Is made today It U noWeti baa Wfjtttetdlng shuttle kdJMtablo lkUpSft4
cabinet Is made of polished oak Inthe drophead style which giv i ii It the spprinceof I table when closed hl i b IM
latest attachments Is guaranteed by the maker for five yen ThI1ur3flt Iibickettby oar qpn Id I
be bad at any time Instructor cheerfully given Make Illotethat thaprtce II1ILIL j if1
6000 Sewing Machine nt 15118 and or 6000 ijeIUtat81H I q1I J I J t
e j 11 1
I I Hurry for These COm u1 on Sale i > 1 if wm m
Bargains Jn Furniture Before Its Too Late j
Hemembtr thatthe Cbmrarlson Sale ends on Saturday night to that torn OtfO and Saturday are your flriii chu H 1 Wi P
furniture at these unlimited discounts i d V Slfik < t 4
Hall Itoclts
2 98 for handsome
S hllll mirror and
hot rack combined li
exactly like IllustratIOn
The framott of beavY
oak weathered fInIsh
Hit round mirror is ot
tho best French bevel
plate Four double prcTw
oxIdized hook Bold un
d r ordinary retail con
dlllOM > LJ would P OY
500 Ai exttaortilnary
purchase anti Cs Om
parlsol1 SaJh combIne to
brIng the price down
for 950 massive round
l1sleolon Tablo made
ut SOUl G k golden 110
lab hIghlY polIshed
with heavy turned legs
iM can be tended to
clx feel
TIlT q i l II 1 I tl I C 1 L I I t t j
I p I L
w WtUWWiO 0U ¼
S 30000 yards of Fine Laces I
Valu e from 10 to 40c 1 m
Bargain Friday at 2c 5c and lOc a yard t i
In this great collection there are 30 00 yards of fine Laces in yhite cream If
and black such as Lace GalloonsFrench Cluny Lace Bands Wool Lace Bands
French Novelty Lace Bands Chantilly Laces Bands ctcThe prices are as J f
quoted above 2c for laces worth to lOc 5c for laces worth t I flii 1
Oc and lOc for laces worth to 40c IRtn Floor s 5
Japanned Urtftd Ilox
t t
Plata Hack oak fInIsh 69C
5Re fur Curtain BlretLhii
0 iCtlil2 fl with contra
brace and yard measure
tOn for GenuIne ITnlmrlae
C Mrs Pottsf HadIron4
It hMS g1f stand and
8c for WIre fish Casket
° for HennU Fruit or Po
18e tato Mathers
i t i
I 198
for Pedstal of hand
turn desIgn In quarter
uwtd BJlden loak or
mahogany rubbed and
polIshed Ill InchfJ In
hrtRht fluted column i
12 Inch round too
Actualvalue 350
for handsome Ward
iota gallon oak flnlajij
7 ffot Inchci high 17
mclies tleepanI tt
Incites wide It hai pan
tlliU doom drawers In
bun trctlly carved top
for golden oak buffet
excellent llnUh The top
lit 88 InchM wide by ID
Inches deep ha two
hatxxl top draweti
inAtslve lOlls tupportel
by large ibelfl valuo
for Chiffonier of solid
oak It Is o 0 W Chif
fonier lolld oak golden
fInIsh with 4 lame and
2 null top drawer
titled with lock and
key tt hoe hR nwl len
wnftlled end call bins
trlmmlnw and caned
tnndard with French
btyel plate mirror
for Dining Chairs made
from Mild oak widen
finish hIgh bocMojle
tully carved I
3 il91
for Mattress with good
CIttD flilln hair toP
covered in a Kood Pdt
ot CokIng
for Mattresa with ex >
ctllent Quality fllllnir
hair ton and bottom
covered In a mod grad
of tlcklnK
L al Ei
IfJNi lc1 p
1 IIfk
Womens300 H
Gold Medal Shoes J l
in all Sizes vA
I andWidllis c r I i
IromBtoEE f
1 m I r
I I fl 1 lr 4k
I 1 Q5 11 kf 1 O
B f I
1 I Bl HFi n
i tM fi 3m >
I jp tyPfi fi kj
h r rJiA fiiJ 1f t1 t
w Iitlt jl l f < I 8
h 11 l t M 1 f k
1 I k
< f t ril1 t ikft WJ 1 r
for Combination Mat
trUa Tti i too bottom
> lde and end are cola
ertdlwlth cotton Hat >
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for 525 Nelal Spring
to 250 Metal Springs
for 375 lleta Spring
for 350 Whlta Iron
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It Is a 225 Rocker
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surer Is built solidly co
to stand t the iudem J
wr Ths arms are w
1 braced ay Rn Iron X04l
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for 550 Vhlta Enam
elled Iron Deditttid l
heavy postj brut rail c y
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out Hiakot of fancy col
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m bill hamlte
25c tar lotlet raper B
large rolls
OSn for Turkey feather
l IKieKr extra quality
II Inches loner
Ktn fir Spice Cabinets
IDc stained In oak with
S drawers
nn tor Ou T rc41and
tOe package of BO tapers
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Oystert Fryer I o 24C
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quo for Putty Leaf Knife
ol Banket Will two
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40 tar WaiJilonrJ rondo
1 yCef strong Inbltl wood
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