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The evening world. (New York, N.Y.) 1887-1931, March 18, 1905, Evening Edition, Image 1

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tpry Spplhnetit
M r
rR CE ONE C NT j 1 r
u I y t
p t i t B l t 1 EAMS
H V V 1
t +
I J 1
Giants and > Highlan3et Oiid oil Curves
J 11 > if > > 1
of Opposing Pit hers wTp days
Contests With M tJ1tgo 1 fYap d
> Birmingham PJihes f >
t > t > > r
t tt n
G ltth M Wi1l4 Jlp rle wa
tftjr Alabama
l neTro nc n f i The r iYf and i ncn
iI < Bid Farewell tp the Town and
Jj f > Staitfor N wOrIeans
J 1
I 1
antj0220 1 J 1
i lUrnloithaxn 0 0 0 000 0
r DonllrtHJf HflffordSb
e IJrowne Jlennmycf
McGann lb Burdock If
Merles If vaughan Ib
pfthlen sa Mattherej c
Uevllnilb Moore f4 I
IOlJbrt lb BcWppI is
bresnahan Ueisawrf
McQInnlty p yylsnt p
9 f
ie I
PFUl f l4N ifJ p r
IS tC t t ThEtnJJI rld
1 rnrlthu 1or IIl11n rcllIiT i
r J Wit > jojTlng made by the totals Ilftlio
t 111I fI C n t i J ItI IJ b lonl I Itl
attracted another lorge crowd tO dar
i hut the1 McQImwJtqii took the bit Jif
fiJ thdr teethlitjd m liII PfOlt lty
v Tor enthAUlnstio local patbuwis Me
Olnnltywajln mio form and frequently
cut hUraelf looie urtntf his famous
ralssball with great effect
Flrit Irtnlnfl I
Donlln out pitcher to llrst protvnc
U out short to first JlcQann nied put to
centre NO RUNS
Slaftord walkd Hennesiy bunted to
for6lntr liaftord at second
Htclteri itrUck out Hennessout try
g to tcarsecond NO HUNS
p v Second Inning
t ircrtej hlt to centre forth baks
Pahlen hit toleft for two bases ecor
lilt Mertes na viln outt fionvnltcher to
flrst Dahlen gjxrff to third Gilbert hit
to pltolior and Dahlen was thrown out at
the plate Orejnahan tiled to rlzht
VftUShWi popped out to Ollbort
Matthews struck out Moore did the
same NO RUNS
V third Inning
McOlnnltjf was out second to first on
a beautiful play lonlln rapped safe
one toleft Browne lilt to left for tlireo
blip oorlJlgOonlln MoQann knocked
hart drlys to loft for two toisej scoring
Browne Mertea filed to centre nab
len fllcdout to lefI TWO RUNS
Ohtppl out Gilbert toStoOann Doa
i eau out on a line drive to pltclior WaR
ner hit safe over second afford s I
groaind rto Dahlen forced AVagner out
tWcond NO RmiS
I Fourth Inning
Wairner wentln to pltchVfor Blrmlng
ham Devlin hit to lefttwo tbtues Oil
il bert bunted to t > he pitcher who threw
wild to flrsUv the ball boUnillns over
rthe fence mnd both ItIUt sco red Bres
nahan filed put to third SlcOlnnlty
til lAtely DonUn went nratiomfieldora
choice MoOlnnlty being out at cond
Donlln out trylnj to steal iscond TWO
Henne 3r out on a < grounder to Unit
Murdock out third to first Vauiluin
out on grounder tlutNORUNB
Fifth Inning
Browne o t ipltcher to nrat McGann
pONIed out to Bhort Mertw out > hort
tollrtNORUNB took ahens place at hort I
Matthem ol1t Ollbert to McO nn
Moore led out to erteBohJmfl1od I
v out to Mertes too Bandow making n
f beautiful runnlnsr catch NO RUNS
8xthr Irinlhg
i vBatrlLnir yllllrhaJd rap over first for
i three bags DevSIn out third to first
Btranir scoring Ollbort safa on
L Vaughns rror Brennhan struck out
J whlld Olllert stole ooiU McQInnlty
111 was safe on Bch pplserror Gilbert out
u othome ate while ouem tlnJlndOUblft
teal with McG nnltyi NO RyNB
w Amee pttohlne for N WYork Mor
lilialj catchltig De sau out from Mar
Bhall to McQanr Wajrner fouls out to
catchr Hafford hits lato rtorlrht
Hennessy ouVAmesto iicaami NO
1 Seventh Inning
Matthewa pitching for Birmingham
Donlln walked and stole second Brown
rot ufo to right and Donlln scored
Urowne reaChIng second the throw
MoCann safe on Moores error > Browne
scort B llertea safe on Bchlpplj er
ror McQann scoring Btraflg beat out
beautiful bunt Devlin Jiltsafe to left
ind Merlesscored Gilbert popped out
to HitftorJ Devlin stolesecond Btrang
ecwed on tho throw Marshall fouled
out to thlldAmclIlrllckout FIVE
MurdoeUstruck Vnugftnn Walked
Matthewi hit oaf Iy to left Moore Hale
on fielders chjlce Matthowa out
Strong to Gilbert Shlppl filed out to
Gilbert NO RUNS
IHarl1h Innliiir
Donlln hIt > to centre for two bags
Browne out shorn to first McGann
llled out to right Donlln Hcorlng
H Mortca leoond to IIJtONIJ RUN
I LDmaU struck out Matthews out
iixHIbfcrt to 1dcoJ inunttord out to
Donlln NOiRUNB
1 Ninth Iniilntt
Strsjig beLt ut slow groundftr to
hort Dftvlln jtruok out Strang tole
second Gilbert out pitcher to first
< MAr lIi out on arounder to flnL No
r wvM M m lM ifl MM
I 1
Hlg lilO O v M tgon ry i
MoiItGI1er iO 0 OtOM o OD nJ E
J h UI fioa 21 O2801 1 J 1
HIhland r Mon t
i comery
Ice errf 3b < MoleSjVorth cf
p vtg 11 V
lIlIams b UI
1clIterIM Onrdnfr rili2b
mclnowlb Gtlbcrtrf
atJlJ IJc1I lb
MOulrl ODrl I
fI c
Newtollp WhltdYpo
i1fY4Itij S4NJjltft t 1
tR l hIOThF ll1Ji VOrldl
Rfoo urlll Anll h AI
I tllo 11 xttop N iV Qrl i 9 dr1l 1 JJI
11ICIY 9rJm t thelk < otihli
woa lr i y rre N at r oPI1
wftaaJi eh1I J r onOUlhIbreeso l
1 tt i th b Qrlptiche rrJ ellti
blp 5omi to thoibojli at tl1 i too olit
for thqlr osti guie
Grlmth seloctedPJc NOlVtonniid ounlf
Whltllrle pitch thl arterllh Iany
ortbe Hlgnlanderl Whru soOW on
th lr teet andth lr Jolnli 1011 lrened
that tbelItontgomerrIPorta were Will
Inr10take talr d ontbe home team
W 1110 leelei ulUped rI3I1tdnlo his
r old pOlltlonn llna dtncl1lt lIlel and
1llstlnK the b Uo
The boy klddSd him plenty
Ing iie was tool old and ought linivii
vriiinu tnftn yu l > r KyTl
young men a chance but tbey
only k dd nK1 WhAtever his
Whetler I the best Imhls blliines ale
Tho Boer war sllw nttracted many 1
fans today but the piune drew a few
hundred enouph to nmlt up for the
balls lost andbato ntpjcn
First Irinlno
JWOrtl1ollt un a fly to Yea i
Shannon dlcU at first on u grounder to
Conroy Yeagerjumbled BdrowUa
easy grounder but Conroy pinched
lIrouthellJshard one lUId got him at
llrat NO RUNS
Opnrovs hleh ono was token by
Molesworth PulU hit to feft for two
JKIK II and was out tryin tb stretch It
to three Keeler vol flrt on bails
WlUams hft foaa tase and Kceler
racrt to third after Andersons Tdr ve
to left had struok the ohalkUne and
been declared foul Later Andv Of
out 011 ally tn centre NO HUNS was
Second Inning
Ottrdner drove to centre for two bases
and took thlrdjon a wlld ltch Gilbert
out at nut onYeagers 3tt Gardner
nru run down between third and Borne
when hetrletlto score on Mlllerlcks
easy grounder OBrien out
grounder to Nowton NO RUNS
HrQuthera could not hold Yeagers ta
baacoartye Klelnowa bunt was thrown
high by OBrien and all were Tsofe
MoOuIre Kaorlflced advan lntf tho mil
ners a r wed ball scored Yeager New
ton went toA first on ball Onnhov a
sfngle to centro brought Klelnow home
Pulhs rounder mat out Conroy at
socondi btita tow throw to firs scored
Newton ICoolerlny was taken bv
Moleaworth THREK RUNS
Thjrd Inrilrig
Hale struck out Molesworth went1 to
nut on ball llndto third on Newton
WIM throw to first Shannon struck
out Bchwutl out Wllllaml to Klelnow
WUlUtm Ihot wos too Hat for
Brwithers Anderson placed i one to
right and Williams romnnd tn third
Yea w cent ono XISt RC I viid Williams
BCOrlngnnd Anerspn going to third
Klelnow hit In front of tho Dkteaiiii
irMOUt at first but Andcrwn cored
ilcQulro went out siviimnn to ntst
Newtjnout short to first TWO RIINS
Fourth Inning
Brouthers took first on balls but was
oroed at second by Gardners grounder
to Yeager Gilbert struck out1om
lerlcU forced Gardner out at leoond
Conroy died at first on a grounder
Hale Fultt sent n fly to Gilbert Keel
er drove a single to rleht but was
forced at second on Wllllnmss srrounder
to Houthers NO RUNS
Fifth Inning
Whltley replaced Newton In tIle box
OBrien popped n ily to Yongor Brandt
took firston balls and scored on Moles
worth sliarp drlvi to loft for three
bases HIiimnAn etruclc out and so did
BcliwnrtK ONB HUN
Urandt pltcililnR for Jlontcomcry An
derson out Schwartz trt JllllHdck Oil
bert niailoallnoatci of Ypaxcrs drive
nl11 Urmiittthraw Klolnow out nt tlrst
s Sixth Inning
Whitley took Hrouthorns bunt and
threw him out at flrjt Gardners
Rrniindor was too swift for Williams
Gilbert popped n nYlo Wllllnms luid
Mlllerlck did tie sapie for Klelnow
McGutpo smashed oim poat third for
fbns nnd WJiltley walked Conroys
rrounder forced VWJiltley at uncond
Conroy ran for stcond ami McGuire
hIWII4 on third started for home
b4IInrORUrht between btl e4ItlookCQ
lIk an out liutiOBritn hUMoGulreIn
the foc lhtIWbt1I1 Druthe runner
ecortd vrulta fJ e nrt Coniioy j botne
WtJ2ii1t U tIt
l G1 XsipPi HfltfRs N TOJJY1S GAMES
y tl ikVk < > i f
ii J > l c i
I r n T t r I I
I Fil R1 V1i n < i L
ctl l AI JnE 1
r r > ti
CardCbnt I g i q t
Is e a I fS er
Ready tOLeaveor Bciinings
i1 f iu
T lac k 1
V J > IM
I I I II i >
1 i iH
> <
FI R T RACEiKjfrrneetoB 1
Billy Haridiellt1BiqVi 121iPdr > 8f >
4l 10 > J > tj fjyW > j
r f
1 r ig nanll 6to 1 2tobv
s Yrel 3 I
THIRD RACE Ulbaton7pf10
Beith E9to 2 2i < Chlef < Xrchir
Ibllicl 3 J I i v + t °
FOII ftTIi ACEP etenl 9to
B 1J d N W 9tCl cWu
cte 1 J I < >
FTHR ASCB 8curidly < f tp lili
Hrlt 20 to 1l2BeflrHunte > r3
81 XT H ACl e i if I ltO si
1 to1 28 lv 3
1 t tj i i j
SD I Ifo The Kvmlnn Wor
l fJ v to11lo 18t n > evenlY bJ
anced cardbf IUVIII8venti was nff md
at City Park Track today OmeWr
fields were namedtogo In thSdlfferNit
racta < Bovcral sbtblcu which have been
rapine liere will leave fdr Bennlngiito
morrow Joseph Murphy lwv to 1
nlghf for St Wuls wherJhf vlll spend
couple of days Ha will1 be on hand
Henrtlngs on f Wednesday lwhereloM
rlll ncti osi assoolivite judgo bKIJdl
appor i < > j
Ke < acr iinglod W rlgJit put wUMams
popoed a ffy to 1MmerokJj5yp5RUNS
OBrien rolled one to iKlriiwr tO ian
out Conroy handed Brandts grounder
o KWnfcw In time Mosolworth hit
tafeJy dow nthc left fQuJJnCittwu
lorced at second by Shannon NO
Anderson died at first on a mrounder
10 Shannon Yeaer houndar alanced
off nranrtts feet and rolIM Into the
Irst Imnemaqs hands lCIlnowre ached
irst onbnll MIOlllr s tx > p was taen
bv Jliillcrlck NOmfN8i
Eighth nrilng
BciiwaMs tulj Y4iper to Klelnow
Ypager made > > splendid rtop of BroiilH
orj grounder hml thrciv1 the runner out
at flrt I Klelnow fumblvd Gnriliiorj
rrounder but the butter wasforccd at
CC l1rl Ih Ollberlft Ir lIl1dlJr to Yelgcr
NO mINfi j
hlle r 11IIOJ1IiIIlcn nn
COl1roo Orpc Ilil OtlnlrClr a hanh
11112 ilrovn n liner Info Rhnnnons mil
Nlrjth Inning
Mlllerlcioufi Williams tordelh
ODrlen died by tliQv same mtans
Brundt out fly toAndoreonNO RPN8
FIRST RABChalkiHfidsIck to
6lMoilra5 < 6a Jj Missiicre S
u i i nm j fcii ul J i
f t1
± tl mL mm < MV i
I < 14 W RLJ V
F 1f c C t 1
r ttftfil i oj I < I
Jt SQ j M it N
L J f
1 I 1 I j
1 1 J >
t il
It t < Of
t T
qne W9ffl W I kilt d qd Vo Ilt tSfln redI Y ooK nd
1adderTrtc 1 1 J tel Js empoo a tEtfJ6 a enue an
OneHundrediand SixteeriWi street As Jtietruckwascro88lnfli
ft tij arjtf Slxte th tfeetaDa r W g htWas ti t
i6 turn t 6rim rl iW t an eff Wt01aY ldl
i ti vy vvi iyi vyi iiw vi r9 r iiwiiMvnTjii uii vilV w uf vjw
atp o pibintfimi i iM S struck alf
Ut iJiwM 0ttTftMw W H lli < kM i i Ai > ii iIf l1 1 t1M 1
f na 1 Vii riWHubllrnftMtfrl ttiv n hn r tIW a o rd19u YJnjU red I
JllejmlmeslofiewornAoUU d 1M j OJt rnp j I i J h I
I f L I t i I i ftf ti WJ1 1
It Ift < jjm j VEllNiO 1lI illi oj IfC
rf r J t J
i J 1 I I I
r rj rJ rth = 11
a er1o DQ Y W er hqm aS 9 k1f10 7f B ea bIIst e lgii J
W td RHilp o I awa e PJQb Q f n U rur
tUNoJ6 s 1 tr t tJer y j ran JBeN r N 16
8t jF fy Wi1a ee OfN WeaJ1
I IX I I I e1 di p J
o ptaU gep rlfT eniotonn n ofW ttra1n mJ dl
blsspe l nd100u fdnptJ8t9P tlme t l I
> IlA ElW S1I TrclR SCEntiC 1 r > t J
SITrfl Q + JvJ ONfliL7 toI9h RMv H 1 12 to112t
SEVENrHr ACE to AL 4 o 11 U E1iHEtJ M R f9 t
Z2 Bn CYfWA EIK ltoi2l 3 r f
j 1 1 i 4I I
I t r I
With > thre n MoDQmott
iStyobplb w on lf ge P ol
RoominRearof a Saloon on
Thlr f venu l
1 Wf l
Cqtl4 r nd thFiee f1
J Phe nvcnrom the > Fifp > BUeot
Station < rot totbi ieirToom otto
KilrJ vnu thu Afternoon yut U the
wlnnw otthe oond raw WM tetnr
announced Thty AmUIItG prutlon
bet1een I Ule front ot tbe place I tM4 M
eaJoon arid the l llrwQIr BOCM of
men reire titrvolUlv watihing e 1
1vone > Bev n prlppnOrs end > Ktof ro
ttiffpiViphermUla We re captured
As Pettnott Will loourlqli prll
oners le tellltlll l1er nli He II okOdUp
the ttIitIWrllld inn InJtIClla v1c
qufrlM > Whdwohthtt IetOnd racet
Copt MoDermott vwutMoneertul
plynVThe ttjpIIlOhOd
I Siioclil to J rt Erenlnf World I
HOT 8PRINOS Marcb llTlie truck
was hOI v hPr today and the weather
cloudy The races multcd as follows
FIRST RACBPaul Jones < I to 11 Ji
SfordellavGitii 1 Geneva L lGto
11 S TTmeU7V
i SECOND RAOKfPr tty Nellf f7 to
2tWIIUam Maftlt 7 to 1 t Starling
n loIOTlme4J8
Sidney C lov II to 11 Jack Young
IT to 2 3 TlmelM36
FQtJtTltMCEGUstenlto7 I
lIttle Wilily 1 toI2 Falkland J to
3 Tjml 2f 6
l I1 Tl RACHyanriois 7 toiO ls
Voltngo 10 to U2 Dewey 19 to 1 3
Tlme115 4B
Forecast for thethlrtyolxh6ure
ending t 8 P W 8und y for Neyv
YorK City r vtclntYlrtl
cloudy tfrrnlghtVfoHovfed by rtw
J1h MrjJ rritfjifilnfl Sunday
rlalnlfr ih outhif IIlndiII
J j >
c 1rig rl k t
oIIL dt
i WWl l ruj
I j w
> I if
Wptorrrian Jipressby Dan
j ger Signal But jtotwnafio
f Bt o s Qn J IraKlriT
to A ortDIastqr
I V I d 1
> i 1
An automatio clutchIn the Subway
btrtwrtn Canal andfeprlnlr strtets this
fiternpori itopped y Ie aox ayenue ex
preis which hadron fulliVp fd pMtn
danier frn l 1
net wMibrpu htt6i uch a sud i
d rj tOJlt at nearly itvtry iJaswnger
In the sev n cars iris thrown downi
Many thougTit ciJlilBlwijhiuloccurred j
eervloe Inthe Btibw y jwas laid1 up
for neirl julf aJh hour While track
walkers and the train crew pritd from
the wheels the brakes which the auto
matic dutch
Nobody washurt
flhbrt Line to Cler lnn i
pnnartrmt lUllrMd < Tbroiwt l R
culetVeI N w York dllr t 4J3 P U
UTJVM d tv i ivl TlJAvJf iChluuri Lira
ltji no utr taret
The Encodes
cannot rtcill the opportunity
Jo be reorejented In tpmor
Sunday Worlds
Want Directory
alter tills great 12page Index
of the peoples wants h once
departed on Itswulily Journey
Half x Million Homos
10 youd better send your ad
toMhi neirfst WorlisA eney
early 6Uyt ti
While There la Yet Time t
t If tft L t il
fF n i jiUin N fI
Dftl nE1 t ii
F 4B Oi jI hlr Alfit s
fi <
v 1 i i jjjuiii n f Wisp11 II
n a1 riM f j M Vrf iiv
Iq st ofifho1t9 ijijit ty
f Q J OI p Ot lMXi I J 1i ea
hi PI R t9t rrn1b ir
Handbait rod II
I I th11
I Y r J
I of 1 1l I J
J II f
jr hRAA I PY t i >
1 H 1n I let 12 t < t2Aroli
Cldh m3i I f
I t
8ECOXD RAOE Fair Qnlypjo
Ofto1f1 Ju r 10t 1 IM
l1ou 3
Ttilt RACE Royal Arm 10
to1t 1 Daleirnan 7to 5 2Mono
or 1 ri 1 j tl
FOUTti ACE Ecltcheon 7
to10i if I vln loI2 10 1 2
Mar t Jphn o1 S
P FrH i p MI rOROt lt
1 Avoid 6to v l 2 Parlilehne3
Bpcclal to TtJe Erenjnr World
N6Y ORIiBANdJ I tt March IJ 1 A
lkfurlonghandlpap Ili which sonia bl
theb est spMhters onj the ferouhiUare
critered is lerv d M afealure at the
FalrQ round this afterhbpnThe ab
i enc ofRims Horn1 whlcii wsscardifd
as 19P weight In tnlsracerobbed the
event of some Itsintereiiti
Rams Horn was worked mile this
morning In nshade better than 149
and will betshipped to Memphis and
probably started In the Montgomery
Handicap The stablesof G CBdn
nctt IS B Smathersond M iGoldblatt
left this morning for Memphis Befow
leaving Hlldreth sold the twayearold
Handbag to ArchlejZlmmer or Si ooo
Sdllrxt thrwytaroidij Jive furlonia
Slartiri Jockeys Wta SIIP1 BtT
Slmnllcltv 6hnvfr W9 < U T51 J8
ji nX l Biy H9hllUn l 12 5 JH
Arch QldhamllMcMullenUO 0585
Charier Dlok on Prf > intlm nt Anal
Alon iMlller nuistll lqlltlIS anti Onward
alia ran I
Billing thrteyfarold filliesi ttycn fur
StartnJocke Wts SIPI Sh
FalrCalrPlO8havul08 III PIo
Jucarai ii lAel03 10 2
Ion AmollroDIIIOS 0B 12
April Bird Margery Gattny Blylotua te
Pr c lou Calendula 8t Uonnl Mlsi Hair
CMpptf Thorp alo ran
Fourj r61Ji anil upward one mile and
t nty yinlii
I eiill
Sidrters Jbckiys WU SL H hT
loysl Arnnarisnawr > 1A 14 2
lall hian ponilqlck UlNI 23
lonoxrauh AufUtl > on 118 8 1 12
Irbr U nn tt Urn Maclhul Sambo Ool1
dalIarklmore Vreslonlan Mil Love
Abour aUoron
Handicap thNoyearold upward IT
ipl irtiri Jockeys Wt 81 PI Bh
iCutchwn ijAubuchon 100 710
nvlnclbl I Ui106 9 13 0
td ro John onf8hav r tOO I 3
alter Hortfntla sIlO ran
II 41 8lJitINOB to 1JTmcmfTOmt kNell
lennIIIIA ll nU COlarIDIII
1r1F a i 1 r
+ h I I I wf I tr
1 Ft St < > Wii t Sf H 4 >
f I
I TARPItl f J M >
fy v t > H I v vf I > lp
< f i ASfiil I
r CO tl AP r S I I A jtl r I fl j I I I W W
f 1 1 ffi 1 I
I iYiSK l I wMSS i i
I iii T I J
I I 8 118 T I r m il I I I Ii Mi
f 1
J I fi t
I >
I A i
iJ + l Ii t Il
> It t If IJ 2
Secr t lry pfState H UTfr 4 JtJII
for tlieMeditefrarieteoil i rt iW
Cretic Sa We k Re HasHt 1IBp I h M Kt
i I fMiX
most Carried Up G pgpl 1 b
j f J t J 13 ri f I it
t I teAv wfflisafiil 7 l >
v Vi v r n ff f
t 1 sV1fi JI hl ti n
1 1 J r jXoJ
ti i tf Aj t
Efforts t Ma nt fn > Secttc s OHij il f
1v1 iM I f b f1tt i1 ri
pf ans J 51 Y wee s1 1rJp IJU I
t I l I l il Lt
ii > 1 flyVIN t
Afl J jLOn rJ St U lf erlngrom jiI
I J Jj llfi 41J
uork jn W afIti In f 11
J s I o f I I I
f K 1i rI h tIi 1 M t1t j t hi I
M f1 It
S d ECRE r RY 11 AJ 1 l IMe Ry r t 11 I 1 YA tii J IoIi j L
ftn Sli tl LtJJ Ie J3 V JN I It D 11 I f
< i
h IHchvlsS cteta HThr q Stl tr ijj I Ii
tothellnere etlcfot Th Evetdrig W rldlast t WI
l Ni
or Y1t r jt IW1 f
thl II ft rop jV IfV I y dtttt Jt j
OijT rownJprfy jlst l1br ftl j >
JI f r J U
r 9
ir i IV j J i 17tir i
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1 Had It not ocnfor thl BupportpfClarenpQ iE ayJW i1lrh1 1
Hay woud Lave fallen T ev half dragged iajj tarried Win a l1sta I
four or flve feetUoA bag of merchandise ijponrwhicii Jeyl If l
Mrs Hay and her son and daughter > er prJqi b 1 11 l
wlfa patted the handu of tho sick man nnd iBpokQib hlmJ 1c uf llrI 11 I
Mr Hay did not speolc Apparontly ho Was tmabltf io ttohj Wordi i ll
A chair was tent for and Mr liny
wiuVableby the tlmp l arrived toIfft
himself with difficulty from the bag
and seat himself There wnslvait
of five mlnutoj while John fennel1
superintendent of tho dock was acttlns
a roller chair Mr Hay toated hlrt
self In the rolling ohnfr without assist
ance but 111sl on and h friend wprq
ciosb at hand to catch Jjlm should ho
fall The roller chair conveyid Sir Hay
to the gangplank where he sot for li I
timo resting Then nlded by hu son
and Mr Adams he mado his way with
irequentipauBes tprest to flUjtoi Npi 61 I
wljldh had tiesnteseryed for Jiim ond
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abroad for thoib < nc3t of hjs a
WASHINGTON p a jiarch Ij
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jiid this i afternoon tliat hi
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fori oVerwpricvJIojdes Mi tlilnKit
tuiy serious sanlc uil4 otl
than might naturally biTbi rP I
man o Mr Hayft aijf H jjWjll

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