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t The funny eo of lea I > J
1 I tI f t r t and i t4 w st > Jok JfI 1
Chicago Tribune Man 1
i Teacher of bIll class In zoology
t 1 What U Vo front that anMtt4 Is a
living anlmilT f
Yomr Man irlth the Bad Eiye A
1 nan Is a living animal Many men are I
pongcs Therefore a cponge is a living
li Instructor aL at right school Thel a 1
on apeaks of Character building
How ahould on go to worl to build e
iJ v character
J Bhdggy Haired Young Man Dont I
l tick too close to your lines l1 Ylo
In a lot of fresh gags every night i
I and play to the galleries
Ij Louisville Times Man
The tfoH was bending orer a table
looking nt the directory The noW of
I It flre boy slpped up quietly nnd poked
i a note Into his hand Tho surprised
1 l tx > 33 opened U and read Honored Sir
w Ycr pants Is ripped
Your wife tailts well Where did she
lycriutro the faculty
I Firoin constant practlpe
Philadelphia Press Man
Gee w1iJiU otclnfmfd Lusohnmn ths
icxt morning I havent a cent In my
rocket this morning
v Wfi rennrked his wife ibarply
whos to hlnmo for that but yourselfVr
I cr think somebody else his had a
hand In It
j j
What sort of breakfast food do you
His Were Under Cover
1 <
Co WaIY my little man your trous
1 I rsare a bit large for you e1iT
Boy Tea and your pants must be a
worse tit than mine or you wouldnt
wear dot long coat ir cover em up
like Mr Newoomet U ked Mr
StorVesn on hl > flrat tnornlng In her
houee Well maAtn replied Ult new
boarder I wouldnt mind some ten
derloin sfenk a cpuply poached tcJril
on toast lamb chops hot muffins oof
fee and cantcloupe il I
Boston Ppst AVan i v
Old FrteudAh MM awlngton Tve
Juii iili r t 70urrui t r e
some time ago >
Mrs JawlngtdnYesh lB was
married and has been divorced
Old Friend 6iT deart CDythe way
who wasth Aappy mant
Little droci of water
Utlo drops of Jlnk
Make a stock that puts the
Public on the blink
Indianapolis News Man
Mrs NurKch dont like tla there
Mrs Swojlman at all
Mr Nuritcij Well you aint got to
ikeTio notice ot ihcr
Mrs Nurltch But ttw trouble 1s she
donttake no notice o me
Theyjo oft 6 t ToTtemouahr1 What
a throb
Of Interest through tfho world then
Wont Witt have tlrs awful Job
Astttlng on tthc peaceterms Udl
PUtsburfl DispatchMan I
Hewitt Whyr do you give me shirt
velKht when you e Jllri cn7
JcVrltt I try to moke up for your long
lJ11 payjnsffor It
Tne Preacher You mu t tove honor
and obey your husband and follow him
whciever he goes
The WlfeNot t me ly husband is a
professional diver
S 1
Boiling It Down
A HEODOSIA do not wish to I
IT aay anything harab or un
charitable of your Uncle
Geoffrey remarked Uie gentloyolced 1
choHlable mother according to the
Chicago Tribune I will not go so Jar
as to < hareirtm with penurlousness
but he certainly carries the Idea d
economy to an extreme He hesitatesl
to make the most trifling expenditure j
assured that tt will Tfixmnd ul
timately to his own financial advan
tage While not wloblnc to ie vn t
to hlmrorre All hay biJrHenk
cesses I cannot refrain from express
Ing the opinion that he is almost too
frugal as It ret n too cautious
Mamma whats the use of alt that
fine tn1kTYou knqw cs well as 11 <
that hes a stlngjr niggardly mean
sliiiibiv miserly Warioloni oM Uiht
nadlTflan I
Tflan you dear
bwcad r q d
1 I
p > rJ Cc By Margaret Hubbard Ayer
t r woman Jtf tho world hw i hcr qwtf Articular Worlfc corner
times Iff a ccy arm chair cometkiel Jtea hassock near a
shelfof nitichloyed books again Ifi th sUEBy = kitkhen window
W i Jr hiWranftimii ereblooming < Tjp her t fayorlto corner IhT urai In
n mrllvsn IAI TII S atA 4Am A J LJl
rJ 4r li ia r1Iat
1 J1w q tho om ndfI 9Nr s II19wor i f
bejr llyCrlte corJ1 r rl hl1ter II t arfl Wl1Jfnb1FMI r
r tOAllihat cenpMni women Ntn41Ip I a lac lor I
A > lnTJF ibOO l i d T liti 9ttit < < t 1k
for buc laJor aon M t d and r rir 15otha ifii l taiW I
1ts C II 1 s j ll s 1 tPlll AI sV < 9 I T L > lraw
Pi t J Ii r
hVtUIfo If ia IM t v t fT J Qcur Mto
> na iB lt U Ii r York < i t1 I or j
j Til l lniPtf w re a ilt ttt 1
Bit r > 1 iAll h TT J r I1Ia Wl
BMPWY > tSWXf < rt > iH an I lf Iiri i ori
ff f trJI j IIL ot 1 eart JUt 1l
eODJIIttoU r4KJao I t
iftI1emWOf t n Mf iwjlUk
11110411 oUen II rh i4iof 1 J JiIq O
tf JJ 1 Y Jt n ptwrr IMn iJW 1 t tJ
M4t i1n iaufPINOPnMO jtQitthI = Jrtb COIDptfl1t
lI1rifiht Wt wMtl J t t
1f tb r b9t t i i7 1 N i iJ J lE <
i > mHaw tAIiWa 1ijhiJtk3
l t
J tie L J hIIf fwi 14 tt WI1Iv G m M
tj1iiit ww 0 < h 1
It 1 f
s r
Riide Reverses of Reggie
1 t
I OJfcDR 7t3N
T 7 l V Y 1fP l O
t7 ClU13
ll ZL 5ffT
7Lc W US
7 l7P r
< mcucrf O +
Z3flrYll qyol Y YOUTliU
J r nde vP cjm sz7 V 7peom < mc
lRJJareI bcnlth and beauty
H exercise wiiloh can be prac
tlsed in pn own1 room with no
otb r appllannn than a chair or stool
ly tho bJdy flatly across tha atoor
eama1t of 110 bock bctng in about the
centre of 199 and with ttje bonds
Cfaaplns the atooT at tho level of the
waist Una kradttaUy lift tb bod until
It U entirely oltar of autf above iii
stool tiklnr a deep labreath aa the
body rlfMjTh wtlitit of the1 entire
body mu t bOooraWtttie arm and
oaet nusotei th JieA tnutt be thrown
twok anfl tnade to nrrolre upon tie
J 0 tlt C1I ti li J
hW the wtUU afltIUttn Mtt d us
tkw Valr l rrt Ny4e w rea tp4hiprorve
p iUon4L0 4n t 1el arias snuit W I1M
ft I ilt lK 1 b 1
11I1 tltt t 11 r D
itoII O Mi
r M I t
A L V >
iii 1rfUt ri j i j
< f if1
v I I i
1 lj
t oiiij1l ra f Crsask I
l rtsjBt r ato li to JBftL
rf > r ii
J 11 f i rir
4 f 4
r Mt aII
J ur
v i
f t IUJU
F tl1a
= 1
> < 1
JP It 1 JH r
teIIfIiW talI Uioj
Mi1f III j1 rI 1 J
t I
chm wUVsvef j yjelor nn Wj
IOIItera rounder tbs < Mck tll
I1 < J
b1oa1 de
nt l ttJ I IIIJtt 00
irv ft1a
rjf W s sustwps sjsfl Wlsjs
i Ifel4Ue < ait8 al by an of tt legs t
IMt Jt ju NIfatM arm can coa
ori lr Jrwo t fcmg I 4 cp iaifdra
OOB as the stool diet Moi tbi tool
v H aWIlift U ii foot until btoi
thi stool auarely and UMI
11Ori OtJ 041 eth rrln
> htttnaJr
1 1 IJ tl W utoil
0 must be
I i t f lnf for Care of Footoar I
i li iUAO Vav tWrd n th
Mt U > V
they are bad
fur tMfeetJf worpConstantly
M th r jnakoj jrJla rubber pvrr
a ntcei > U > tUoifli Jt cy nr4 tud
themout ot slmpe
Hnd pwman iUy ofteolng the leather
be oco 1i6hed I
Leapfrog will give poise and grace
to tin body Taking a deep breath
make a short run from the farthest
corner to tho atool which should be
Placed about the centre of tho room
anji the Jastant the body reaches tile
utool Uie hands should clasp the sides
and using Iho bands as a fulcrum
swing the body over and clear ot the
stool Beauty Hints
Fgr Tall Women
n Tall women look bad with a
RR coiffure while a mlgnon
beauty nil gain dignity and
Inches by bavin nir tuir dressed on the
top of her head
A Depilatory
I RD > ERUs this for superfluous
REAX fjulphydrnto of soda 10
I grains chalk 300 grains Mako Into
a thin u paste with wator and apply to
I tha hairy part and let It remain a few
moments and then scrape U off with
blunt blade paper knife for exams
The effect of this depilatory is to destroy
the hair wWch comes pft when scraped
Ano l1f KolI depilatory mode II 101
loe liutplll e otllOdal00 Ino1lnstako
1Ime fI fl Jtriln1I1 nJe
wMfr t1u ddra s p ly u UIIr
Tlip Summer Balh
ArO1lo nt Ipr a summer bath
V being oik Un and refrevblng 1 a
JmtflJer vjnegar nfIIIIJtonq
quarter ounce of Cjtot lavender one
quarter of I a Aram of oil of bcrgamot
pniquartef of dram of fill of l nnn
on JJI1lfi1 punci of 11t1lreoE aJI1
1 ne fint ot i > lrtsofwln all4
tM n > lnt rcUtlWlrtll
55lj E
i < tf
I f f A1
i x
1 JI > V i 11 1 t
j r 1
Love Letters of art bid M Rr h
Ji 1
By Rey L McCain c J tI i L fA
To o FrJcnrf < Whtcfi BAe TelU of fti
PerU of the Shopping Dtttrtct
I3AA Mr n t 1
You Jooow I PROM
f8ED to KTlte to
you You we r too I
bakhful to a k mt
to wrtiab utkl
cxnrid s ee ther was
eoMimnNO IN
YOtnt MIND when
I oat down fee0ld
Ton on ths veranda
and said It wan such A elo > night and
called your attention TO TKBJ BOATS
AT SDA huRglnr tbelIh reThat U
tho Kt > rd sailor men u e I believe but
I was t o afraid to utter U IT LOOK
ED BO BOLD for 1ai all NE
ON THE VEHANDA with you SalSor
men are so rude They should use the
word embracing In thto case I
rassed I was that day we went sailing
when tho c 1Ptt lnotthe bo WITH 1
The Cash Account
I cannot make the thing come out
Though I have thought and thougftt
and thought
And tried to make a careful note
Of everything that I hive bought
T bemore I think and think and
Tho more In vain my brain fcrmewts
Confound the pesky cash acc uritl
Where did I spend that thirty cents
Ten cents for car fore thats all right
Three dollars or a new straw hat
For luncheon flfty shoo shine five
Oh hong Ityos rye cot all thatl
Considering the scant supply
The treasury has too many vents
Its outgo outgo all the time
Where ldI spend that thirty cents
Cigars fcurflfty grape ulceten
I think It had some foam on top
Bleachers nnd peanuts thlrtyflve
And i sn cents more Tor gln erpop
But stUI > at haunting doldt
My dccii perplexity augments
What alllt tor1Ob well here goes I
For foreign missions thirty centol1
Somervllle Journal
Misapplied Proverb
= < schoolmaster tias con
cluded that It Is not safe to trach
proverbs to very young children
Now boys alwajs remember he
sald one day that the early bird
catches the worm u
Next morning a small boy toed the
line with a tearstained face
Whats the matter Tommy nskoa
tho teacher according to the Chicago
Please sir you oad fhat it wna the
early bird that got tine worm
Yos i
Well father thrashed mol
What for my boy
Co sir I lot our canary out arlv
this morning and Jt never come back
wlUh the worm1
1JettY s Balm for L ters 1
A Disaopomted ir 1
near B Uy
A I novereten Sly glance never failed
IASI keen on appointment until last
evenlnc What shall I do t1
noald mast decidedly wait until he
culIsII1Ithcn miko hIm give a pretty
KC31 rtfiKon for his failure to keep the
A Perplexed Young Man
Drar Bettj
I AI on merelJ friendly terms tilth a
Klrl Sho jeems to show a great I
fondness for mo and she has told I
several of mv friends tha she loves mo
Now how can I explain to her fhat my
regard for her IS mcrelv friendship
Probably thotrlrl In not as much smlt
ten as you thlnlc Rut you mlxht tell
her of coma frlenil < if ours who has
lust married and how foolUh you think
hjm for dolrsr so
> oi <
A s >
r lLt
rlrred lita WId wlthUmbt or
swHs only be did not w t
I nb i v if f
How esm THS cnEAJLlirtlMl
BOt Tea I promised to Vrtte O
MB TO as you told me you bad alii
engagement and rushed away I do notsj
want to break nuns hearts sthJ4
IArAL1I maN8 01i
THEY INSIST upon WO < 9f
I iwiil nver wpver tn < rry unn
leas unle ijwril never bind A pttj
Today I went shopping and returned5
men wore standing in front of ihe FIn t t
Jron Building A gale was blpwincj
For a racment hesitated Then my
moral courage came to my rescue1 and
Never Wioll I forget how those horrid
men laughed They should TJE IMA
Another man followed me for a
block protending ho wanted TO SEliIj
ME SHOE LACES but I knowjio WO3 Jf
simply In the DISGUISE O FAs HOEifi
JJACI VENDnil that Ibo mlg t > FOzc i
HAN might have been there J < h V
PROTECTED ME from theXadyanetsl I
or sucii A YRETbHIDutno Tit
c H
< rok
men know J wlil NEVER 1fJ Jr
MARRY unllsswellnevcr mlad d
And so they rXlETEKDK tp Bhunme l
I luvve the Eiutisfaotlon of Imnvftng lt
Do not send me bouquets or candyi IN
would not accept plfts from any man
can see how dismayed jou 5 lUildpleJ
When vou read this I do not iit30
CAN send me flowers nnd candiv
THERE NOW YOU meni are DREAD if 1
< PUL THINGS you IN 111 hove Tour owrij
way In irSftyiblns Do not think me
ME IN VAIN ItdOm1I1Yft wjl f
CAIjL You were afraid to aslc fearing
1 would refuse but I will permit you r
to call Juat to show you I am not afrild
tit you yours ANN TE KE I
Pi Sit will never m never l1T
unless well never mind A
i it t annicd ev iVirIgla only thillhIP
and oui4 r nutolW blBt used i
i arrnand j leg altemaUly
I J F l lwWcliW l rendtrthe
waist lupele which wlliltMum Its iflrth I
wUU aidingto the tenctUof the bod f
U aocomsjUsbBd by grasping he stool
la th hand and balancing bodyon
oa Xoot bend forward ana downward
tram > tb4 > sJ only until the stool
touehss the floor thsjothtr tt t nd Arm
being htlfl at right aaeles to th body
inoisfcr to maintain the equilibrium R o
Txat thU passing the stool from tbe
OQM tqtheother1UI Ineach and
every tastanc i rpsoWnt 01 far as can
Man tat Economy < i
pNLJDetly YCj
HAVE 150 saved and am obput to b J
I married I wont 1o have a bgt i
weddlntr but my young man says a
should buy furniture Instead We will
leave U to J on EMMA D ff
Most decidedly jou ought to Curnlsl1iXIJI
cur home win ypur money riienjltfc
will be of some permanent coofl to yoot
A n Aged Suitor of 23 ti P
D ar Betty
AM sixteen npd kccnlnff company
I with a young man of tncntUire < fy
I tnlnk ho loves me very much laf
wlnt way could I express my love to
him I think he li rther old fpr me I
but he thinks lie Is not MRLLIE DIf l
It jou are only sixteen jcars of as j i
any man l too old J or ypu and thereii r
Is certainly no hurry about Icttlns 1I1
Know otour love If you do zoC111y
love hlmte knows It STou are muciT
tio youn > f to mariy tii
May Mat l1 s Daily Fashions
The blouse wuist
continues and iil
continue to te tha
favorite of the f Jh
lonable world and
seems to know no limit
to Us varUty Illus
trated laane of 1l1t
newest that can to
utUzed both lor wanh
materials and for rilks
and wools and which
allows of many vurla
tlons In the rtmmlnjr
1 In this Instanco hlte
linen u combined with
handsome embrotdiry
and the waist is un
llned but the trimming
can be lace or Jmndng
of any sort that may
be preferred while the
ntted lining will M
found desirable trrlJf
and wool materials
The quantity of ma
terial required for < the
me tum sUe 1 S4
yards a l m yards CT
or 2 yards 44 Inches
wide with J yard of
alloyor embroldory Jo
trim aajllustrt < j
l ltcrpr < v < SI30 ts I
cut n sizes ftlli u
sa J8 und 40 Inch mu t
measure T Blouia WItJ Pattern N < G1 fo
HOW TO Call or send by m l l I o TJIt Wv jl1jq WO fl
r1 ANTON HON JJUKEAU No 1 21 Wf t 1 t1i nt
OBTAIN eti Wtw Vofk Send ten coots Jq coin or tamtw f r I
jttese I tt er4rt oil I 1 r1 <
I UlPjJrt1 N1W four aaM 4 4dt 1
PAUEKNS r i 11 J
I II I 11 t f t IoH iiI
t > I V 1 J 1 tu J r
f Ir l

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