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Passengers Describe Their Sensations as
r d They Were Hurled Through Space in
v > Car and Buried in Wreckage
I Policeman Had Close Call
To live to tell the story of being hurled through space In a whirling
V car golns down In a crash to the street and then being caught In a
mac of wrccltcgp flPem1 miraculous After they had been rescued nnd their
Injuries attended by the hosnltal doctors a number of the survivors re
counted their thrilling experience to reporters of The Evening World
Probably the most stlri hit and circumstantial Is that of Chivies E Garri
P son one of the first of the victims taken from the wreck His statement
The train a southbound Ninth avenue one left Fiftyninth street
about 730 oclock At Fiftyfifth street the motorman slowed down I
was In the second car
Then after he slowed down he went ahead suddenly and the first
car turned down Flftythlid street I thought I had made a mistake and
got on u Sixth avenuo train The next Instant Just what happened Is
not clear Why It occurred I Jont know unless the man In the signal
I tower Raw he had nude a mistake anti threw back the switch
I The car I was In left the track broke away from the first one and wo
went ver Into the stivnL In leaving the structure we were running at a
good rate of speed and we turned completely over
i 1 We were first shot forward nnd then piled In tho front of the car In
a mass Every seat was filled and there were about twentyfive persons
maybe more standing up
I The car was crowded but not packed As we went forward wo were
dropped into the forward car I will never forget the sensation nor the
horror of the situation It was only an Instant but I presume It was
something like a man going through a death trap
People in the rear seats were thrown out and dropper the length of
I + the car and as we dropped the car turned over so that we were whirled
f Vl about
Men and boys and women grabbed at everything In sight and at the
same time the car seemed to be rent In a hundred pieces It was as though
3 it was hit with a ton of weight or blown up by something
I know now It was the striking of the ground that splntered It
While we were coming to our senses thase that were not knocked
senseless made efforts to get out of the windows The car was upside down
r and the heavy trucks were on the ceiling jj I
The next Instant It was all In an Instant for that matter the forward
truck of the second car that had followed ours half way over the structure
dropped off and the heavy trucks came through the car we were In like It
was pap r I think this Is what killed most of those who were killed
I was forced upward and half way through a window A man from
the car barns a half block away had reached us He gave me his hand
and I climl ed out and found that while I was shaken up I was able to
t I move about
j t 1 The screams of those Inside were something terrible I got my breath
> l and had to lie back before I was able to give any hand at the work of
The firemen came and the work of rescue began They first took out
I four dead bodies and then pulled from the car a dozen or more persons
t who had been injured by the falling truck
These Bell Through 1
Roof of the CIr1
V C Johnson of No LC2 West One i
Ilundred and Seventeenth street owes
his lit < > to the fact that the 1Jot of the
car that turned over was as nonrc
p ristant lis piper William lleattli of
Ono Hundred and Seventeenth street
and Klghth avenue nan the same oon
J iltlon to thank for lie escape from In
jury and perhaps death
1 was slttltiB In u seat with a
in the second car ald Mr Johifton
Both of us were roadlim 1 was Imui
csted In mv paper and had no Idea
about Just where tho train was
All at once the car turned bottom
side un Where I had been comfort
ably Heated a moment before I found
myself dropping through space Ileattlo
won droinlni alonesldc of me
J I happened to hit the roof Just right
+ und went through It as though It hart
f been paper the hole I made spread
IIH Deattic struck tho root and he fell
through too
We landed In the street while thc
car caught against the corner of tho
0 drug store caught nnd held hilt for u
moment before It began to slide down
a i In that moment I got out of the way
ii JJeattle was stunned but J crabbed
him and milled him with me We were
d struck bv falling wreckage but the
i main mate missed UK
1 I Ime a faint recollection that Just
before the accident persons In the car
I la Megan to run townrd the doors and I
heard that some Jumped from tho
forms before te car fell off but It oil
happened so iiulcklv that my first Vlvl
Improslnn after wo struck the curvo
was tlnrtnof fulling toward the roof of
lIf mr
Poiiceman Morans
Narrow Escape
henry Atklna the po 1comali who was
ftalylhctel may 10 stij li liie III
rally stepped to his death IMvnrJ
Moran nnotlior > 3llen > in felts how At
elji3 caniu to meet his Injuries
If ho had stepped twenty paces In
any other direction paid Moran today
he would never haio been caught In the
vrfckiiRf Iha4 pecn talking tu him
under the V structure for n moment
and as 1io turned away I said Goodby
rhea I hoard the crash of the accl
dntl ratty tho car topple over and
saw jiiopJo dropping throusrh the wln
dews and Iho roots It fell ngn nnt the
corner of tho drug store 1 y < led to
Itxnry hut ho seemed to bo pjziloj As
+ be tond undecided which way to Jump
I the rckaijo tumbled down oral burled
111 m
mIrslda of two seconds I had a call
In and summoned the ambulance Then
with the ambiance of some ncopla wino
had hurried up 7 dragged out two
r vp Tuneful Tom my J
l Ii oasts +
Tommy was a tuneful lad
J He whistled HhcdtYI
Oft he would sit and whistle
While bit friends were out at play
though Tommy whistled many tunes
HU favorite was this
Read Sunday World Help Wants to
t day
Or 9190 chances to work youll
mils t1
r hat bMA VAe pNMhar lJ fI al +
i tIdN J fftwrf lttd4thPewlb
r I
I It A
women and a min before the ambu
lance arrived In the confusion I did
not get tho names of these people
They were taken awty In airuck The
wpnen didnt seem to be badly hurt
but this mat was In bad ship
Young Woman Fell
i Through Open Window
Ilarbara Grell of No SIS East One
Hundred and Sixtyfourth street had
a thrllllnB experience In the wreck She
owes her escape to nn yen wlnjlow
beside which she was sitting on the
rlcht hand side of the car
When the car turned over said
Miss Orcll nt Roosevelt Hospital I
dropped through the window so quickly
that I didnt seem to touch the sides
I fell nil tho way to the street and
although I was conscious I was amble
to got un
Poised above me was n pile of tlm
born and wreckage that Jooltcd as though
It mild fall any minute Some of It
did full but two men ran up and pulled
me out of the way In time
I should say that there were forty
or fortynp passengers In the car Sit
tine around inc were seven or eight girls
from Harlem who rUe down on that
train every mnrnlnsr I do not know
their nunOK They were 1M Mrlnir wltlr
ono another when the car turned over
and I didnt see what became of any
of them I think I was the first one to
drop from thin car
Interborough Officials Promise
to Produce Kelly This
The authorities acted promptly In the
matter of the acclJent Coroner Scholar
and the police working In absolute bar
many The Coroner told Inspector
Hcod the two mot ho most wanted
were BAltohmnri Jackson
und Motor
man Kelly Hu lusted warrants for
these and Inspector Flood
men starl
at out with them
they ud no trouuU
In flnllns Jackson who had coro
alright romo and to bed after the ao
cldtnt Dut Kelly was nol found
the Jnterouroujh ofllclals announced
they wouU produce Kelly durln tho
afternoon From this the Coroner got
the Idea that the railroad people had
Kelly and meant to hold him until they
were through with him Friends of
Kely say he did not run away In order
to avoid responsibility but because of
the hostile attitude of the crowd
Coroner Bonder with the aid of the
polled has secured the namoi of a large
number of wltnoisos and they will bo
aubpoonaed for the Inquojt no date
tor whlol has yet boan eat
The Coroner Promises that the In
1 vsaEleatl4n wll b I complete and tlat
ilar IIlywUL i PIC04 whero
11IM JtN e p t r
r I c t <
11 > If P t
Photographed Especially for The Evening World by Staff Artist Curtis Mif e J
rr J
C The motor car went safely around the curve but Ule second car wrenched Itself free and shot In a
i 4s
t southeasterly direction with tie four cars behind it The second car fell to the street the third car got
i1 i off far enough to drop Its forward trucks on top of the second car while the fourth and fifth cars did not
1 II
I leave the structure at all
I nh R >
S 3 uer
t t w
r r
r DaWN 7ENN 1 II
c o
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T Js GnR We I
s CR4SNnG nleauen Rooe u
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Continued from First Page IFf
BLOCK J No2858 Eighth avenue Injuries slight
BROWN J T No 132 West Ninetyninth street broken nose and
other Injuries to face Roosevelt Hospital
BUTLER WILLIAM of No 44 West Ninetyninth street fractured
skull Roosevelt Hospital will die
BKATTIE WILLIAM Eighth avenue and One Hundred and Seven
teenth street badly crushed Roosevelt Hospital
UODSON CHARLES No 2372 Second avenue scalp wounds to Belle
vue Jl1ralIal v
DONMELLON THOMAS bricklayer No 503 West One Hundred and
Twentymill street
DONOIIUIJ JOHN J No 120 West One Hundred and Thirtythird I
street contusions of back Roosevelt Hospital
FITZGERALD MARTIN nlnetcep of No 216 West One Hundred and 1
Thirtyfourth street Internal Injuries and scalp wounds Taken to Roose
volt Hospital
GILL MARTIN of Ono Hundred and Sixtyfirst near Lenox avenue
Internal Injuries Taken to Roosevelt Hosnltal
GILLIGAN PATRICK J No 356 Wesf wittysixth street left side
crushed In Roosevelt hospital
GREER JENNIE fifteen years old of No 524 West One Hundred and
Thirtieth Direct injured about left side Sent to her home
HARRiSON LINDSLEV twentvfour of No 281 Vest Nineteenth
street hurt about right side Removed to homo
HKOKSTEIN LINCOIN No 641 West Fiftyninth street less
crushed Roosevelt Hospital
JOHNSON we of No 362 West Ono Hundred nnd Seventeenth
street badly bruised Attended at West Fortyseventh street police sta
tion end removed to his homo
RKUAANIJER 0Nei 224 West Ono Hundred and Fortyflrst street
slightly injured
LYNN ESTHER address unknown tones broken Internal injuries
likely to die Taken to RooEovolt Hospital
1 MHAHON BIUDODT No lfi3 West One Hundred and Second street
Internal injuries and Injuries to the head Roosevelt Hospital
MKENNA JOHN T No 1 < J6 Moralngslde nvenue left shoulder dis
located and right leg bruised New York Hospital
MINOR HENRY Manhattan avenue attended by Dr Byrne No 315
West Fiftyfirst street and Bent borne
MOONEY MAY iltxtt not No litSl Fifth avenue contusions of back
Roosevelt Hosnltal
MORRIS MICHAEL No 1485 Amsterdam avenue contusions of back
and body Rooroy t hospital
MULLIGAN MJCKAELNo 363 Welt FUtythlrd street laborer con
A1W1ij tAatltNAt I a °
orn > r
t b
ffp i jr
f 1 r f I7 + i <
1 wt PJ lull r ti
> l
tuslons and shock sent home
OSBORNE JENNIE twenty four years
OSTERLING HENRIETTA No BI8 West Olio Hundred nnd Sixty
fourth street right arm broken Roosevelt Hospital
PERNIA FRITZ No 64 West NInetyelchth street scalp wounds
cent to home
ROURKE No 846 Jerome avenue Injuries silent
ROWE SEYMOUR bookkeeper No 136 West Sixtysecond street
fractured Ekull to Roosevelt Hospital
SIETAtAN WILLIAM member of the wrecking crew Internal Injuries
STOCKOFF WILLiAM twentyfive No 311 West Fiftyseventh street
internally Injured sent to his homo
SPECK GERTRUDE stenographer American Tobacco Company No
1315 Fifth ovonuo attended at Robblnse drug stoic taken to Roosevelt
SWANN THOMAS colored twentyone porter No 252 West Ono Hun
dred and Twentyfourth street
WEBER GEORGE connrctrd with tho D L k W real estate depart
ment No 240 West Ono Hundred and Twentysecond street contusions of
back Roosevelt Jlosnltnl
WEIR EMILY sixteen of No 17 Manhattan street right side Injured
to Roosevelt Hospital thence to home
QUINN ARTHUR twentytwo years nervous shock Roosevelt Hos
GELLEST HATTIE twenty years old No 209 Amsterdam avcnuo
Injuries slight Roaefvelt Hospital
WISTER FRED thirtyfive years No 312 West One Hundred nnd
Twentyfifth street fracture of bcth arms Roosevelt Hospital
Girl Was Laughing
When Crash Came
Miss Jennie CJroor a pretty young
min of fifteen years WM one of those
fortunate enough to escape with sllht
ltijurl ftllliough suffering from hock
Sho lives at No Ul West One l
and Thirtieth street and II employed
In Chrtopher street
I waed for my friend dIN neutur
At the One Hundred and Twentyfifth
street itattop t uld she When the
tr Jnc me 1nlL pulled out so quickly
that tl pl up ltlrl 41ween op fit aesrly
kUloC L tWakIw ya IJUI blurs
i twt 14M ttr Mai Nkt iaA
i1 t rr
we were laughing and talking when ihe
crush came
Our car did not Dave the track I
was knocked unconscious and was taken
out by two young men who carried me
to the Fiftieth street eltvattd station
and thtro I rams to
Mix Keuter was able to climb out
through the window I feel all shaken
no and mv Mn Is pixlnlns me some And
the dortrr hu advised me to remain
quiet I think I had n lucky eJlou
ALHANY Sept 11EY Slate Aitem
bly < n n James Hrennan of this city
died early today at the Albany Holt
ital ftsr sMverml months of illness
Re was s Democrat and mrv 4 U > ai
N r ll > t Ii
I Hell Could Prese No More Horrifying
Sight Sps Mrs Crowe Into Whose
Home Car CrashedNegro Saves
Girl = = = Doctor Busy Under Wreck J
Mrs James G Crowe of No 7f3 f
Ninth avenue through whose window
tho piseneeri oC the car left hanging I
ron the L structure after the wreck I
torts a thrllllnK story of tho accident i
Sin Onwo lives one tUjbt up In ho
building at the corner of Ninth avenue I
and rlrtythlnd street One or the par
lor windows faces on Fiftythin1 trejt
and ono on Ninth avenue I
With her three children Edna aed
ten Joseph nine and William seven j
she was asleeip In her room when the
crash came Her first Idea was that I
the building was In lames She leaped
from her bed cried Kre Kra and
rushed to savo her three children Then
she hoard a second crush us the car of
Win car struck the window of her par
lor on the Httyihlrd t side Then
the frightened passengers began to
swarm tiroush the window hum the I
car thence tfone to the street
Like Crazed Beings
Most at those who come throujii
were men said Mrs Crowe Hut
there were a few women and they were
treated brutally by the men WOO acted
like maniacs
They thrust the women n ldr
rushed through the rooii trod
flown the IIIJr to the aired ullli
nppareutly no lliouvclit fur the al
e > > nt any line lull llicni ilin
TUeio must have boon llfly or sixty
of them who escaped In this mnnnoi
Just inside the two windows I had a
I large cabinet which contained a number
of my wedding preens sortie old relics
lot my parents s families and other
things which I prized very hUily Tlili
I wan hurled to tliu llooor by ie i > < Mtnl
I nnd everything In It Ac
teem fujr
1 stroycd My children were cared ftur
by Mrs Gojite Html ton who lIes In
another part of the bulUlns I
I After the children wore safe I went
back and looked out of thcwlndnw CM
the niilewnlk was a great crowd of
people and hoe them Just topjvliiK
from the structure hung one of the
cars People warn falllrs from the car
t the sidewalk and I Haw H start to
Most Horrible Sight
al stint my rjoM niul nerinitHit
VlitMi 1 opened tliciti itKiln lltll
Ioiild not present n more liorrlfj
i tug xlKlit lucre rii < nl linul 11
core iilnloiifil ucncnll the nUn
cast I
I Raw a negro with ors arm until
one leg pinioned HlJ face was dis
torted In agony but It win fully an
Hour before ho wa released
I saw a physician dressed In whit
crawl under the wr + clt anti minis nr to
the Injured until he himself was caught
by a falling beam lie was soon re
l > asod and oontlnued his wink
Then the rescuers began to remove
the bidles It scanted Impofslble to roc >
otrnlio In tin in human beings They
were nlmjily mosses of mangle flesh
On man when released ran Hreamln
I down tam street toward the hoiultal
ilfhtly clutehlrrr what remained of line
i of his arms which hind been completely
sew rcd near the olbjw
I Ono plrl had managed to escape be
fore the rar fel and she rushed nloiiK
the elevated structure iicem inly crazoj
She wn Just preparing to leap to tre
agree that coffoa
eakeua the
kidneys Use
To baildluwk bcalttt
Jl C i
w Y Jf f If
I s reel warn a bg negro grasped her In
Ids arms and rllaibd down an VI pl
tar with her When they leached the
street he girl tInted and was taken
In charge by the ambulance surgeons 7
Some of those who passed through
my pallor left sumo of taelr blJuglngs
there Among them was a Knights ot
Columbus pin and a womans noikit
biolt On the street and sdcwalk were
other articles dropped by the victims 1
and during the cxcoment I saw ens of
the employees of thin company Pick up
fovnl nurses and thrust them Into his
Mrs CrTAO was overcome by the ex j
perience and Is now at her homo In the
hnnds of a nhvslcan 1 1
Purest product in concentrated
form of cows milk Sterilized It
and absolutely pure It is guar
anteed to keep sweet in any tem
perature or climate The trade
marks are valuable save them
and write for a list of free pre 1
Rochester N t
At all croccre
I Hnm 4
Were Ready for Fall
Carpet Buyers
If we hadnt had our Fall stock so
well displayed the past two weeks we
would have lost scores of customers
Never before have we had such A
large army of early Fall purchasers
Evidently the snap and dlstlnctlvc i
ness of our freshfromthemllls crcl
dons are the magnets that draw I
J 11
I Best Body Brussels 1 I
l Now 110 Yard 1
V temptingly beautiful line of rich
leUlS with n notluealila Individu
ality to them Ordinarily sold at 1
jl33 to > LM tho yard
Topestry Brussels I
Naw 52 c a Yard J
Hfluun choice pattern effects that
ordinarily sell ot 70o the yard
specially marked an leaders for the
Introductory oiienlng sale I I
25 Rugs now 1975 1 a y
A lot of superior grads Axmlnn i
tees else Oxi marked down t2i for
his sellliiK Wore IJ6 now 1lQa
John and James Dob t
c 4tR hl l l L4
JY t

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