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r a 4 rUE Y9RIJDi MONDAY EVEN1iG NtWEMBEIt 13 iuu 5 I
Order Goes Out to Make
Scapegoat of the
Brooklyn Leader
iosVerftiI Influences to B e
Brought to Bear for New
jJ Deal Across Bridge
11n a desperate effort to regain his
rrstli u a leader Charles Murphy
1tgc4ng to try to tndle the poor show
9 ing rmde by Mayor McClelan In the
ft if 111 election upon Patrick Henry Me
JjgApmen the leader of the Democratic
i KnlMton in Brooklyn Tha word
hii gon around among Murphy
friend In Tammany that McQarren to
I tot mod the goat I
i Jlfot only heN Murphy decided to place
fy th blame upon McCarren but he hu
t ftn active ateps to have McCarren
Pond IS leader at the next meeting
11 the Democratic Executive Commit
f He ot King County Powerful Influ
iAahave been bro rht to bear across
tit river AJ dlf Murphy hllll II way
k fF C rren will become politically ex
< Brooklyn Went Wrong
McCarren waS given ntft hand In
tl < Brooklyn situation Murphy did not
jtventurs a suggestion as to the men who
I Wild be chosen on the King County
j lkket McCarrm asked that Herman
If rXets be gtwn the nomination for Conp
j Jlroller and Murphy assented without a
juniper of protest Then McCarren
L 4 the ticket with IlUgway and White
ilJnder his t eaderp Brooklyn sava
t fif only an brerwhetalng plurality to
Itearst but elected the entire Hevlrtt I
ctwnty ticket Murphy friends assert
t jtVvat Inasmuch a Tammany Hall and
JUchnwnd gam McClellan enough vote
t apparently elect turn and Inasmuch
1 Tammany Hall elected New York
bounty ticket and tho President of the
DoarJ of Aldermen Murphy comes out
of 1110 contest with credit
But If Charles V Murphy Is at all
tupcrttltlou lie mutt Jiavi jot a line
en the danger to his own power bj
J hireception wlttn ne reached the Wig
YI wam ttHlaj attor a short visit to Allan
ii wiy wut ot vne thlrtynve district
leader nno have always heretofore
jveiLpjncd tile Us when tjs r twrn < d
rotn his iKistFicotlon rest only ttut
I ippoared today Dock CoromlMoncr
imunci Ke iherton was represented
ty Jahn T Mctall the Tatnnmiy
5Ja4er of the Board tof Aldermen who
i rtI ed the creates out at his clothes
iO 1L1 lng back to the Hoard by a plu
fraIIty U thirtyeight votes
rIkZ lbs sentiment of the leader was rep
tsnted bv Senator James J Kriw
by of the Thirtysecond AAtembly
ltl1ct one of tno lonesome three
lualleartd The others were J nir
lillalltu find Kitrlck Ryder Senator
lYiiHlfy talked freely while awaiting
lh 11 anlval ot the boss
i I r Mr Murphy was good natured and
r kpiy renlly undisturbed
i Murphy Not Tflklng
f What d you think of the general
rtsut of the election he wax asked
Jf > YJ do nol cue tJ tIOI1 that phalQ
tf the situation at freent he replied
i i To what do you attribute the clot
4 Excuse mo from answering that
< Question
Vio blfled McClelUn or
T Beforei replying to this Question Mr
1 urr > hy leaned back in his chair culled
Ills glasses from < nls nose and holdlne
jtbem In his hand said with Bmuhtsla
I McCIl1an
What U the lAw Commute doing
Mr Murphy In regard to the contest
Instituted by Mr Iliantr
° The Law Committee will represent
the organisation In everything end
c everywhere where the Interest of the
organization require it
< rWiat do you think Mr Murphy of
J the HearttOdell combination on the
Aldermen by which they gttn a work
lag majority ot the Board
I dont car to discuss that qutlon
w U the leader1 reply
Bit Murphy closed the Interview by
stating that there was no Executive
Committee meeting called for todty
1The formal proclamation of martial
Law throughout Rutslan Poland and
the promyUMIon ot the Governments
p Intention to suppress the Polish more
iiient to ecure autonomy almost ore
Ned a panIc on the Bow so today
imperial Pours again ifalllng to M in
diistr U seem to have DP bottom
ilM city Is full of rumors to the effect
tptt the Imperial ukase was issued over
Coun Wltte Mad at the Instigation
t tte tevcUpnfcrlM which I a equiv
silent to the Count retirement but It
can be elated with poalUveneu that
t tile sUn wa taken upon 1M Im
r tlndlcc
Count Wilt favored and Impreited
on the Czar Iflq advltablllty of restor
t ing Finlands Constitution and revfrs
lot ihe iiolloy of the nwslflcatlon of
the sunJdachy but to surrender au
i < mdin to Poland Alter alltbe old
gTI vancrs nf thn Poles had been re
dressed and they had been placed upoi
uli equality with liuraions the Count
considered would only be a prelude to
op attempt to set up the ancIent king
dom as K separate entity <
tie also held that ttio grant would In
Volve uUlmatdy either the dismember
K went of he Kmplrt or the tieceultv for
1J likiutly uuDmslon IIII ai marked the
C VuLulg ul tilo revolution of 1M1 and
riii wji regarded ts wise therefore to
t tiUja ti bull by the horns and let the
B Oojfi iMUewand thai the Separatltl
b mavemtrit trouM not be tolerated end
< JIll until ttiey came to their asi
r Mhr effort to place In operation
ve r rllll iruwlfesto would Ue cue
pin nt
i Tlvale ahd r IWilk rbpcrts from
pral 10 YIAYJl1atal IIKlPIru
Ce MO i5lnlr kltl1C N leriaJ t
Yment fclloirii Ihetfflca of tin
i r a complete IIIrIli J40IOIII as
I ctiiUia kg peeive t r vu ibn
II92e sIf1lH w t cn4ur
dultre is ititfh tei iJ pro
aj tie wapu
I C i ro > rq l
Attended a Reception this Af
ternoon at the Chamber
of Commerce
Prince Ioirfi begun his official day
a day which wns io be a long and
iusy onewlth a rccepUon INld red
by the Chamber of Commerce this after
There hf met the solid business men
cf the city and Informally dlscued
finance and commercial affairs Inci
dentally ive cot A clpie peep at the
rany hctt buildings which had caused
ill wonderment h came up the bay
on his fltcshln
After the 100 member of the Cham
ber had been IntftXluced In ft speech br
President Mnrr K Jesup the Prince
replied lIe iaJ
Only yMterday I received from King
Edward n letter In which he tdJ1
this time vou will have reached AmtT
lea nd I shell watch your proceedings
with the greatest Interest and I am
confident you will be met with the
greatest success
My sovereign ahd his people feel
the lam as you do Your Ambassador
who succeeded Mr Choate summed up
the whole matter In a t1 word < nir
tWQ countries are so close thai they
cnn never be severed
WhIR Prints Louis was seen In his
cabin en board the Drake shortly after
reakVtat today he said
I hire a busy day before me but I
m feeling fine That1 what a tillor
man II for I am not tired and could
land them festivities for yean
We cannot sail before Saturday It
will take a day to tear down the decora
tion otter the red festivities are over
sod then we muit take on 2000 tons
of coal before we heid for Gibraltar
Although It WM Sunday I had a fine
time yesterday My dinner with the
Mayor was excellent There wire just
enough people present to make It an I
enjoyable affair I
Praise ths Mayor
The Mayor Is a fine man ne I a my
I idea of a man lIe II sensible and I
know that he carries the great respon
sibilities of Mayor of this great city on
capable shoulder As to his politics I
know nothing I dt know anything
about polities In this country or In my
own country I didnt know there was
such a thing as Tammany Hall until
I reached here
I was Impressed greatly at the New
York Yacht Club last night That Is the
greatest yacht club In ths world I
wish I could spend a few week there
The Krlll room fashioned after the
deck of a ship and the model room
with its hundred o rare and valuable
yacht models are truly wonder I
must tell my brother naval officer
about themthe greatest In the world
I talked direct by wire at I oclock
this morning with the editor of the Lon
don Time I was up In the top tower
of the Times Building and from there
held n conversation by cable with the
London editor From there could see
the city as It sleptut I discovered
that New York doe not sleep Seem
ingly I could see at that hour more
lights In New York Urnn are burning all
over the world at 10 oclock In the
evening Wonderful
When we reached the top floor of the
building I tail to the liftconductor
I guess the next station must be the
moon I enjoy your rnt building
They are wonderful
FestIvities at Coney
Both fleets are hIghly excited over the
festivities it Coney The Iron Steam
boat Company will supply three boat
to take the Jackie Io the Island They
will start In the afternoon Only a few
sentries will be left on board the Amer
ican chips whlU on the British vewels
squad will be told off In turn
The souvenir pronromm Is an elab
orate affair representIng two sailors
shaking hands across lbs colors ot the
two nations In the backjjround Ire
battleships In action The motto
Blood Ii thicker than water clad to
see you ashore adorns the Inside be
neath which Is the fine programme of
vaudeville turns
Tile sparring match Is still unsettled
although the British tar are very
anxious to bring It off The dlflteultle
In arranging some of the minor rule II
likely to put an end to the project Ad
miral Kvans Ii also interested and net
otfere4 the Mtlnoi deck u a battle
Among other bosses who were forced
Into political eclipse by the Ute election
Is Lou t IlAffen Tammany Loader of
the Bronx Mr hutton although lie
wa reelvcted Rorouxh President will
not npresent the Tammany organiza
tion there after next January Another
cwanlratlon man will ba the executive
member In Aammwiy Hall and will
control whatever patronage the county
Officer arc able to alve out I
llatteti was reelected but tie was the
only Tammany candltat to Jet
through Hearst swept the lioroiwh
It Is openly charged In Fourteenth
street that lUfton tradul the Mayor
for his own benefit
Should Mayor McClelltn be stated ji
U ccruln that Haffun will not get a dol
lar worth of city pitronige nor will
he obtain any particular recognition ort
the Board oC Eittmal unlen he should
form u coalition with the Hmrst num
ber Under theo clrcumaUuices his
friend will avrvto film to realm
Tammany tILl discoVered that early In
BepUteber Haffen picked the delgata to
tale c4nrentloQ that nominated Urn from
oien who were under obligations to him
for favors und uwt he had negotiated
to get Ileputlloan support but that tin
deal fell tough Altogether the chances
for any Tammany Hall atmosphere fll
tiring through the whisker of Mr
IiAffen Cter tae first of the year 4n
extremely reoiote
Troops for French strike
PARIS NOV l vThe union of the
government ew loye s9t the arsenal
ndi < Mc vd4 atToulon Rr st Ind
othr Mvd J H lIIH1en hM ordered
a fNMlI 4p 4tlnlnr tgmorrow
MIJftaryr rBI Dentta
il PfMtlv r
CJ J l J j
1 i a I J i
sisuoP MERAL
Paralysis of the Heart Carries
Off Aged Methodist
Bishop Stephen sUM Merrill of the
Methodist Episcopal Church died sud
denly at UW oclqck Hist nlpht of pa
ralSsrv otthe heart at tH home of
Josephine A Drown In Keyport N J
A teletrrnm received today at the 1tlh
odlrt IJook Concern No 1M Fifth ave
nue brought the first new of tb
d ath to this city A representative 01
the concern at tnce left for Keyport to
arrange for removing be body to Chi
cago where Bishop Merrill lived liii
Chloigo address was No H Waahtngt04i
street i
Although he had been on the retired
lift for lome time Bishop Merrill was
lately In attendnnce nt the stulon of
tho Oltr Miwlonary Committee if
his church In Brooklyn HOWII
promlrent In Methodism as a writer on
religious topics
He WM born Sept It 1C In Jar
ion County Ohio
Park Avenue Hotel Guest
Shot Through Gas Pipe
to Dull Sound I
Crated presumably by overstudy
Godfrey F < Oerken twentyJive year
old bW out h8 brain today with an
Improvised rifle made of a revolver and
piece of gas pipe In a room on the top
floor of then Park Aveque Hotel nt
Thirtythird street and Park avenue I
Elgtit months ago he had wandered
away from iris mother honme In the
Bronx From that day she had heard
nothing of Mm until this afternoon
when a reporter of The Evening World
told nor mat her lIOn had just killed
Oorkeii a goodlooking young blond
quietly dressed went to the Park Ave
nue on Oct 20 He kept to himself
strictly and made Ueie friends This
morning lie did cot home down for I
breakfast at the usual hour A cham
bermaid who rattled hts doorknob got
no answer although cbs beatd him
moving about Inside
Early this afternoon the girl went
back to tin room The door was still
locked but this time no iwun6 came
from the Interior Alarmed she coiled
the house detective lie got In through
it window
aerken lay In the bed fully clothed
with a ghastly wound In iii skull HI
finger clutched l heavy n w revolve
Only one bullet tad been fired and It
hd spattered the pillow with the sal
cldos bralna
T Incur steady aim and to muffle
the sound Oerken had poked tho muzzle
of his pistol Into a yardlong piece of I
gas pipe Then h put the other end
of to tine azalnit his temple after I
wrappln glue whole thing In paper and I
puM the trlrger The explunton had nt
lire to the paper but the blaze did not
apreod to the bud clothing
On the dresser were three rote one
adilreiRed to the pnorltor tit the hotel
iitW to a brother Iviarle H 0erKtn
of the Coooeratlve PrlntVj Uompany
at No U Nassau street and the third
to his mother and brother The letter
to the proprietor red 8 follows
My jnotlicr and my three brother
live at No M Jackson avenue tho
Bronx Kindly communicate with
thM They will settle the balanoo duo
you I thousand DIf lot the
trouble I will cnano you I fear my
irothcr Is alone and ut lie thouk intiy
be ton muNi for her kindly cMrnipnf
alf wltli my brothers iii at tlrnln
Later Coroner 8chol found a third
letter In the bureau t read follow
Dear Mother and Brother Please
for this 14 be happier Dear Mother
Id nt itrleve too much I will bs1 happier
It 11
I when It Is all over
I There wunot a cent In the dead
I mans pockets In Ms valUe was I box
of quurti specimens
The dead man mother r 1 B
Gerken was found at her home In Jake
son avenue Hlie had not heard ot he
death Mr Otrkcn U a widow with
four lon of whom wldowlh
i second
t lodfrey she said was a stenographer
I Constant study brought on Insoainla
and nervous collapse and two yean into
the joung man disappeared remaining
away nix month He wa f tnltrr
when he turned up Main Eight montii
ago he disappeared again and his
mother could get no trace of him Hire
hud no Idea where be had teen in the
Interval between Iris lat dlsaopearance
and Ms coming to ttii Park Avenue
Motel last month
Edward Cooper a mailer en ANeW
York paper who resided
rl Iler lholld nt No 1
Central place WlUiuoifburr comml
ted Riilcld today b Y IholR Hf1
In In a r
thei r J II
i I t
e ltI Kj
I C c i 1 1
n ft 1 II
More than 400 Young
Women Struggle Fiercely
in Effort to hscape
Eight of the Employees in Big
Building Were Slightly
With flames cutting off all hope ot
exit by plow worn elevators hundreds
of frafnic girls early today swarmed
creaming and struggling 1 the Iron
fireescapes or fought for places it the
upper windows of a lyestory factory
bulldnlg In Wllllameburg
That no lIves wore lost s due to the
courage of the firemen and sheer good
Iu l The life nest proved of great
value for fully thirty young women
jumped rum high up In the towering
structure to be safely caught and cra
dled In the tightly drawn netting below
8corc3 of others climbed through a
scuttle In the rot and reaching the
lop of a house next door came lately
down to tho street The rest were res
cued with ladders or descended the fire
escapes tearing the clothes off one an
ithecs backs In heir fright
Eight Girl Slightly Hurt
Jn all between 400 and t girls were
mperllltd and of these more than half
hysterical and fainting had to b cared
for In nearby buildings Eight w r In
Jured but none seriously
The factory 1s a nveswry double
structure landing at Leonard and MM
erole streets On the first floor J Web
rlotky has a glass cutting plant The
send and third floor are occupied by
J W Karpp maauaoturer of white
good and the fourth and fifth floors
by Sands c Apple manufacturers of
embroidered white goods
As the smoke pungent and thick
xllled out of the netted opening Into
heir faces the girls at work over the
heaps of white stuffs In the tour upper
door leaped to their feet summing
Fire I and ran for the stairways
Already thtaa wore cut off by a bar
rier of lire and smoke and they
Ir nr smok a were
driven back choking
There was 1 concerted rush for the
window and 4 the llreesc pat on the
Leonard street side Only tboae who
lad Jin ted at the first shock remained
behind On the second floor Miss Evans
a forewoman wxnked bar to calm the
glrft assuring them that they were In
no danger Her r quieted mighty
few or the frantlo operttcrs
Away up on U fifth floor another
forewoman E1U Ald I and I torn
known as Mac likewise kept their
leads To these twD a number no doubt
t > tf nets were stretched taut on the
Leonard street sidewalk by Aliens of
volunteers Into these one at ft time
plumped about thirty girls most ot
whom fainted ea spon as they fait the
rmt ot till rescuer about them
Uxtinalon lades ran up donS < he
wells and alr were picked off the as
capes and out of the Iowa ty the
In an astonishingly short time 8 It
eemed to the entering crowd Ihe
building had tn tmptltd
Lilt of Injured
The more seriously Injured were as
LYNCH NbLLIB forty years old of
No 5 Putnam avenue sprains and
HOWELU OEimiUDE twenty
two ot No 121 New Lots road sprained
nek gashes In fore
3CIIUIS8 LULU twenty No 374
I arby street bnris and hysteria
BCIffilBfl BOPHIB twentytwo her
sister sprained back
tockaokn street bruise
overcome by smoke
ALDER BLLA forewoman overcomt
jy smoke and bruised
MAnica MINNIE hysteria and
MARCa hyslra
pralneit wrist
The firemen worked an hour etnre
hey got the blaze tinder control Tlir
stocks on all five floors were damaged
His Arm Broken But He
Saved School Children
in Peril
At the cost of I fractured nnn and
a tattered uniform IoU ellnlrad ot
to llorrlslarn ntntton stopped a run
away team this afternoon an the horn
were brurlng down upon a group Q
frightened echocl children
At the corer of One Hundred nnd
Fortyninth street and Morris avenue
heavy wagon and two horses belong
lag to its contracting1 firm of Cun
ningham and Kcarns W1 standing
unattended the driver John Villlam
o df west Chester having gone away
for dinner
Tire tlat of a factory whistle near
by frightened them and they surted
east at a gallop The street slopvH
down sharply to Tliln avenue and
they were soon flying along In the
path were dozen o ptiplU of 1ubllo
Bchool NO 26 whUe at Third avenue
was on uptown station of the Subway
protected only by R lotl ray railing
The animal were headed for the deep
opealog ot the aUon wt yn Grady
len Into the road and grabbed the
buds o the nqer horse and by hi
weight threw the teem RanlnM time
curbing With I crash the pole brtArj
rsks4iri lie miser Ironic whlc Mn
Ifty tee aid th A halted with tlmr
plucky policeman still fmnguig from
111 M ngl
II lMn thf Mcltfrtent ni over Qridy
ilieeeee hat Ms Qc1 In rib
I thatS p 1
Ii t
Ar j d
f iL1i <
Continued from Flrat Page
of the City Hall saw how the Hegeman
consIende followed th mCcesOf ills
nloulatlon by which 180 w ich lIege
man had made 041 of the M tropolltan
by elUnx It syndIcated securities w 4
paid Into the treasury of tie company
Even Interest at 6 per cent was Included
In the amount r
The liegeman conscience began to
work Just abut the imo that the
revelations of what James Hnten
Hyde Jacob U ahlff 1 I lUrrl
man James Alexander Gen Louis
Fitzgerald nnd other hud been squeal
ing out of the Equltnble thwugh yn
dlcate The ocsacience examined It
icK closely but It couldni see any
thing wrong In Hegeman taking ali
t matter of a few thoasanne li ProN
Its out of a dtol with the comr ity
sovertheless It did not top there A
council of friends was called With thl
exception of one man nobody could see
where John R Hegeman b3d done any
thing Tong In taking a profit when
there was a olnnce to take II Tit
doubt why
man said I there Is a
not give that doubt to the company
Hegeman Agreed
I Agreed to that deleted Hegeman
on the wItness stand today I gave
way to the doubt In my friends mind
In favor of the company i
Tilt doubt was worth Just J1600U I
10 the policyholders and stockholders
it th Metropolitan Life losurance
Company I
How anxious the Legislative Insur
ance Committee Is to set Den Lout
Fltcxerald before It as a witness Lull
hon tOrtnv when It became known
that a subpoena server wa sent on
Friday last to the funeral of young
Louis rttiKeralil who wa killed by a
Long Island train at Great Neck on
Election night Gen Fitzgerald did not
attend his ions obsequies
An Important Witness
Among at the witnesses who ore
fugitives from the probe of Charles E
Hughes and the committee none l4
looked upon aa more Important
Gen Fitzgerald Since It became tvl <
dent to the life Insurance fraternity
tint conditions of Us business woud
be sounded to thejr depths Gen Fits
gerald has remained beyond the JurU
die lon of the Investigators
Fitzgerald 8 one of the Intimates
of Henry JJ Hyde founder of the
Jcnry lyde
Iqultable Life Assurance Society The
eider Hyde made him prcvfdent of the
Mercantile Tnitt Company and It o
hUe he va 1 that position that the
now famous I S000 fellow Dog ac
count was opened of which James U
Alexander and Thomas II Jordan were
Hegeman produced a transcript of the
IntflrtS rebates which he has enjoyed
Patrick Reidy Attempted to
Kill Julia Morton but
Wounded Another
Patrick Jleldy known ro lie police I
Paddy the Uurplar walked Into a
IOHIO at No 23 West Fortyelxtti street
today and fired a shoot pint blank at
a woman called Julia Morten
The Morton woman was warned that
K ldy had threatened to kill her
There were five or clx women In the
parlor among them Julia Morton Iteitly
Jumped Into the room and len the
Morton woman who find been warnel
ot threat turned to escape by anole
door Hi took a quick shot at her bolt
Iris aim WBI bad the bullet striking the
wall All of the women headed by
Julia Morton ran to the basvnent and
locked themselves In the dltilnKrooai
Ioke Linden the proprietor of the
place was In the rear of 110 hous when
the shooting occurred IJy sheer lon
ofnerve she made Ileldy leave locking
and bolting lie front door after him
The lund of tire rtiot tad not been
heard on the street and lUIJv stool
for a minute on the Atooo
The Linden woman after locking him
I out hurried downstaIrs and locked
herself In the dlnlngruwn with the
then while a maul telephoned to the
pubS Rotdy In rawing the ixuwment
wind w R all tin women looking at
iteVdy who hai put trta revolver In his
pocket drew I again and fired Into Lbs
rowJ The bullet struck Alice Linden
and she tank to the floor Immediately
the rest of the won fainted and < hn
the police arrived they thought IteWy
tad Killed everybody In the house
No truce has been fourul of the would >
be murder Jealousy was the cause
of Iris reckless shooting
For hIf an hour Arthur Ilergt
thirtyone year old of NO 320 East
jiffbftcm itr4l 1 watchman on the I
recreation pier at the toot of Edit
Third street hung to 0 pile until M
was rescued He was taken to Delle
11 hospital f f
While making his rounds of the pier
M slipped oft the end Into the river
Patrolman WJIccx of the Union Mar
ket statiOn heard Ills crter ran to
the and of the pier and threw n rope
to Herrt AVlloox with tire nld of
other hoisted Mm up
My Man of Sores Could not Shop
Spent Hundreds of Dollar t
Detr but Grew Worse
U Cuticura saved the lira of
CUclra jay
I othr Mr WwF Davis of Stony 1
Creek Con Her was the worst
I eczema I ever saw She nt Jiardy
Wcd c4 PT Iecp illcr head aud
I badrwAi 1 A jnM of sorea n she
I d prf l o recovery FlnQtYj ft
peMiaa liitmlrtJ r dollar on i4ec 1J
ton growing Mdrw all the t
llvjuf i JQwlKry years wtiJilr
vrblUfled from antI I
JJJN inttferwg t body
terribly UUligHi pte was eoipliw
ly cured by two cmkeeof1Crttlctmra
I osp r hii o Cutkurs1 as4
th 3Mtli ocJr
C tyI i6W sk It
I I l i 4 it l
the hands of Vormllye coI
on Ills peraniial account In Which are
tire fundsof widows orphans and pert
ont living uliruaJ relrtd Iron busi
Irnhe longhalrrd financier couldnt tell
with whht membernf the Vermllye firm
Jin had made the nrmncemcnt for these
rem tee
The Hyhdlcalo Irniunotlnn of
Ileuriimu u wre liar inkcu up unit
I Uorloiiril ihnt In Sluy ut June
uf IhlN yvnr iitler cliu rovlntlou
of itcniiilHliiiii ronillllunM IC lit
I Kqulluhlr Society he imlit Into tho
ol HIP Metruiiolllnu Life
trrmury rl lt Li
I ferret IUUOO including a per cent In
I Out of twentythreB nyndlcntes In
some of whleh the Metropolitan Lift
was 1 piircruuer liegeman made IliC
I OuO less I loss of W The sum that
remained In his Viands was JG IOIIZ
Front tills came the J1WOO and Inter
Q Mr Hccenian wiiv did you cover
back the money to the company iu
you sayj A On account of the dli
nlasureji concerning time iiultuuie 1
liAd never coiumlco that I had doiii
any wrong but nevertheless raIled
Into council sovcral friends AVltli the
exception of one nobody had any doubt
as to tho propriety ot what I liad donu
This doubtful tend jtid the other Mid
that I there wa any doubt why not
five It to tlio eonipanj 1 gave tim
doubt to the < x > mpnny
Q That Omlnn II60CO wil six
per rent lterest Hqwdld you figure
that out A Tie proportlnn of my
profit to the whole profit of thean
iJXate Or tire amount of vecurltlrs sold
to the Metropolitan lAte <
In July last the Commissioner ct In
sumnc of Tennessee ub3iltted a nerlo
of questions to life Insurance officer
I 01 the subject of ayndlcnte transaction
This M what came from President
I Hegeman of the Metropolitan Life
I ellhrr from lay past nor prm
i ent pUrchase or mlrM of rcnrllln
I lir lie cnmimnr hiin sins olTlrer
any lienrfll nrrnniinlly The cum
lang linn rcrelrril every inch lieu
cut nud nil of H
OC course this was after you paid In
IhathJIsO 10 the Company asked Mr
lIut n
It wire I sakl H g man
Q iou didnt Intend that It should ap
year from that anSWer that no otncer
V the tropolltan had never profltedT
That answer Is a work of art rom
1enled hughes It reflects groat curl
It on the able minds of your company
nuurlng the afternoon session Incur >
anCe Commissioners Poultl and ODriei
of Kentucky nnd Minnesota respectively
Mt with the committee They aid
they had Just dropped In to see how
thp Investigation was moving along
Willard E Edmlniter head of the
firm of fire Insurance broker whMi
hinsla monopoly of Metropolitan Life
business was wom and testified that
he was In partnership with 8lia P
Dutcher Vicepresident of Vic Metro
polltan Life He and Dutcher year
BO were associated In the Department
of Public Works ot Albany Edmlnstrr
added that neither he nor Dutoher bad
ever divided profit with any other
crucial of the Metropolitan Life
Where the Metropolitan Win
Actuary James n Craig of the Metro
politan Life testified that of TOJ15 In
fantile Industrial pollcCes Issued In 1W
only 4W3 were In force last year Of
the adult policies issued 10U7 there
are In force only sm
Ut ItO In force 1DU
Infanta 22IIIM sect
Alultl 4 WTOOll3UII
I n 1001
infants 56721 OTon
Atoll 311990 ni003
To All Persons In New York Who
With to Accept
Are you tblnt IW you require more nt
to be really well and strung
To every uch ptrjon In few Tork we
make thi following offer Commence at oars
n courts of trtount with Vlnol oar cod liver
oil preparation without oil and If alter you
you iisVs lake what wtoontlder enough to
rat n your normal wtltht and it bat cot
iuco dtJ wi will pta tat all thi Vlnol you
hive tsktn
A prominent Kiw fork physician recently I
Ud I am conv ct that the tat way to
tin god solid firm flart It to lAke nol
for la It rou gal alllhi curative tuibmak
Hi and llIolbcUn prpnitu con
Illned In trill rand old rtnielr rod liver
oil without the lUMitlnt oil 1I1lt It Ii
drXdoui and tilt liken stomich can r < >
un It Thin Ptcpl are vsuuiy weak and
flns sOd Vlnol I i what they neal
Vlnol IOU fIrst upon the rtonitch cmtii
an sppetIts tx rood whol oin fuod
strengthens and tones up the digestive fr
cam nich red blood Ii sent courklDC
tnroudi every Vein firm fri U created
wherever It U Model and imttliltd figure
hallow chicks and sunktn 1111 tr < soon a
thin of the put
Fonr1 bIn ptnatf In Nw York should try
Ylnol un our fUnnlet
you can gil Vlnol from any ef tfat Sot
lowing Nw York druijrlati
nikfri Prow Store With ans tnt 23J it
corner Brotdway ant OIlS it
Htrimin 411 Co 200 and 213 Broilwar
rco W lOath U lOll Amsterdam ave Mi
Third tv
Klrumins Drug stole 001 Eighth am
ISMh St end Elthth au
J Junrmnn Vtn Third tit 411 Coliim
I tus i vi I East 42t it
In nmftVlvx e 1 tviltmi Uriur mores
fttftf ftffftffff ftet
1 M
41 The Superior Credit Store I
41 4 i 1
= a C 1I
43 5
0 1i
ji i
Li 1
0 I
II 11 1 I l Ito
Real Tntlott >
J lute lea in UghtXttf
t ty lea > 1Illt and ltk
QitrnyB bluea brcHvI
blwka RIIII
kIrts IJtCdI8
t PI 111PIM ff flJ
i Mens Suits
florsteCIfl0fCh Mix
fltrirca fltid Chevi A I
9 lhlcrllJldldI6 I C 1 S
A Cltetrfttl Credit = j H9e ft 1 J
gild tiuIIi cit the orrfiry ettdtt
41 1111 WP kI7orsMh1 0 C
f h j
Ib I1 t IIfJJt iiJt Iv
M I wtIJ t
i J d
t 4 v j
< r I i I
Special Sale
Vp will sell this week 100 good Upright Pianos
and other instruments including many of the best
known standard makers some only mfle used at
extreme low prices very much less thin
their actual value and on payments of i
Only 5 Per Month U
STANLEY leSON 11 100
p v
VAaNER4 f 125
HART MAN t 130
Iand over 70 other pianos all desiratle styles and at
equally attractive prices A stool and cover Included
with each piano and no charge for delivery or box llg
and shipping also no charge for interest on payments
Now Is tlC Tima to Gel a Bargain
134 Firth Avonuo noar lath St
THREE 127 West 42d Street near Broadway
254 Wost I25lh Stroot near 8th Ayo
The AboveNamed Pianos at the Fifth Ave Store
0 AND 1
Loft It a good miiiloiufy Hit works art In
flunc for hipprtf and health aid are con
lldmlely wld at a PENNY POUND PROFIT
Jo n 15
JUH1f rilQoIATs
COCOASIIT IClIIIIS rO1 n 1 JNTATJO l < li > 0lin 15C
Inrk llavf litO Open 1teutige tutu II uTInrb
9 TV will deliver I to ID
< ILL at hI following 5A BARCLAYSi
VMMI MtnbMtao h1anJ
lOc llrwklln n CorWest Dv
cur ithok or
fh J
pent 0 O b
q candies for canfult t 23 orChurchSt
tuwn cuitoinin canfultv
pick and iJf stO PAil ROW t NASSAU
> Ordtr
our pecill wall
rppecill At City Hall Park
< pO I
Special notice
Some people advise
against the purchase of a
used piano That is a direct
reflection on every new piano
manufactured If It Is not
going to be worth having I
I after it has been used it I
certainly nbtwortli buylite
at two to five times our used
piano pried when new
choice p75 J
i Klrkmin upikM
I t Chtl11bm uprlglfl I 75
j OUjinci upright j
jihp ten other exceptional
f yallies tomorrow Including
Flitrrfr uprijiit 4
Jn w liwt condition O
1 a 0 down
we agree to tale h4k1Y
ul pJio r b 1
Itl ousysar 514 iftwi fL
55404M INII t issi e IvSeflI
r hI tiF IC tlf5 fke4st I es aft
NIl rer this ssiyaseeeJ o
IrwIIeti Wi Ici
1rI Ise 4
I t J ems to I
H1t J iit lt i f
I waga
f a >
l ii epaepe 1ntd at ttr iiil I
I 11141 lWvPk 1J
f >
t H i JiI I
tit r 1
iFtl ff t r
liftt oI1Vf
I UIlUdllT Prire I I
WBBER Sljtf h
1 tFt
stItrh jI
tIOtDE 10
soHMti1 nUSIJ tittfleWS2
UHoAss 1
STBRLlNd II stops o SA
ORCHESTRAL lOstopi 23 f
I SI03
FIN rURr rf
tVh v bough the furnishings and It sel
ICe bullring formerly occupied by
FBooss BlfO Ino
are durwilor of over 1
500000 WORTH
OP j
It Is thegre teat lear tat v > known
Ins hit been attracting tbouModi of thr
ant nutottown patrunt It hit been
CkDOWl Utd that IhUt II Jig otUiif
Mitbllihmint ihowlnj such a fine Hle C
lion otlurt at prIce nhlch art ovur M
I per cent ItM then thou of other me
houi t When buyIng Fur U It ri < nU1
lo nlwaji know that ydu ire itltlu the
bt and at lilt lotrMt IrlerftUT r
Every Piece of Fur Sold Ii Cu r nUed
I Bin1 narii AND stirr STS
Thll6 munrirtik seiilng I
F furs retail til Hholewle Vibes
kit It viotth Your while IG
Mtvi S to W wf cent T e I
UIe UI fMllltlti for ryeki
cleaning realrIng remodel
ins old fur gtrminti to th MW H
R Jnw sine S
S 1tJl rOldaJj llt iy JH 1
m tjt i
u 11
bIEr V r
lIEffv 131 I BloJ flIi l I
I loved husband ot tb lateTfMAIftC5 f <
t I
Dssa t
I Fsreral from late i si
GrAnd ct I tjresy Hoy 1 4 2 11 X 7
luitarrrnt CaM1 II
lJlJROta 14ev 12 WUS b
lAM P MATMJW beiseaS bIad W
JmsksM1tb4Mpsa1lS5Ie 1 Mem t
ar JI sokira 5 U D > I r
= e
HIELf M rL Pfi
l 4rt oj 7
utatiiate pey
1A1 Br Oh J
C Mtit H HM f < rn nJtMt Jr j
I 11
j f r ri J
I ItMciiV cisnssi i trt i
diwuitSIFcC OVIt M4VN5 t
I I r I
M Ilj ll 11
li1tQttkliKlsPl3rr ISIIII Ieslg f
tIJ II Mge lN at I qIstee
uIi 1 lr4JUL
IQN twmThi tJ
I I >
t I

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