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il l Y t t1
I M rri
11 Ij I IJ L i iiit fit < I V Jf J r I J > w iz
w i I A I k < f Z5JJ EVENING ED1T10 N I
I Circulation Books Open to All v J Circulation Books OpentoAU1
J d M > S d I 1 z O > Ib biO N 0G AL L sd I
i i 1 i iL7 1 MW FIRM RO B B E R S
1 Declares Attorneys Kpt Thousand fl
I tk J 1 Dollars Received l from W Gould
r L S < Brokaw in Settlement of Her
4t < 1 r Br I h of Promise Suit >
1 r 1
< WANTED P110 SUElTHEM13lJ > <
z t r < >
I > Charges that Olcott Paid25OO Out of Funds
1 to Carl FischeivHansen Her Tiemy
I 4c Had All that Was Due Her
Y fr L 4 4 < i >
i > Say Lawyers
1 < I t
t 1 Mrs Katharine Pollloa suddenly decided today to answer the ques
tl llosaas to the son she recelveUNln the settlement of Her ijreaojiof promise
milt against W Gould BrokaW The tierles have been asked in supple
I mentary proceedings by a Judgment creditor of the Httl JFrenchwonjan
aha admitted the settlement today then decjared that her lawyers had
1 robbed her ot mofct of It Suo declared that while Brokaw Dad more
4 r than 20000 she got only 3000 Her lawyers Black Okott GrUber
L7E Jt tBonynge ot the rest aho declared and they paid 2500 to Carl Fischer
7 Hanson
Mrs Polllon came to c > irt with lateyer today and her sister Char
stts accompanied her Them Were several other lawyers present Charles
I Y JtoEenthat cpunae for rt creditor QUaftl ned Mrs Pollloi
I1 1 Doesnt Kn wthe Sum I n T
V T you receive any settlement in
Thj ThOW cas f
Ttt responded Mr Pollton almost
I I Arlllr t
Q Ho much money did you patT A
4 Z do not know bow much was received
t f etttetht of thn case
Q Did you receive tGOOT VJL I think
abcut that
Ij JQJ4 you receive wow tiun that
do not
h Rojthat a
tha9 iOU andain hoc rnm
on ftI1ett
g it yoi
± Qvl did ou getlt 1iiitiT1 or In Muc
sit i do not emgxnber
QDh1 Youftfl anyof this money
ever r to your sjiterf A Xfa
Q u3 written aiignnieiit7 A I think
il3 1 Atthis point Justice Conlafl iUed
jhe lawyers boforo him anJ OrU1
7tbat the examination to be conducted
Jx In private
v Ohb srleiJMr Goldsmith prlvaU
or no privateering we will show that
Mr UroXmw paid over JWcoo in tha I
br ich rf promise suit and that these I
Iwoien were ruihetU U I
I t t 6h Wa w r robbed all right Ou I
tan my that eald Charlotte oflon
you wlllaU he r about 41 sfbon
Mrz Polllorts Story
A protest was entered by tha repsrt >
I 2 t tr to 3UEticO C00130 fltIfliC hie un
proceyentid action and he replied
r r What right ba the puWlo to know
anything about this ttU no circus
vj ajRHifhatlon only concerns the Judg
net debtor 4ini creditor but later he
L3rerGd the hpneened a
How mueh 6ai dM you rcetveT
f waeftH next titiiwtJoa a iwd of Mw
I got In tho aggrM about I3A
4l4de ot beitadgnrnent
I 4Oo you knew tow much Black Ol
eotU Otuber nd Uonyngo settled the
It torT
D yoU want me tp eU all kd
4 ie 1oI1UH
t4 Zee Jf you conns will allow you
5at4tr 1IIlon tile rIPn
1 1iae not jpojten beforo Ic that i
w oe oiemkr3 of the arm to be i
J n peenL 4r t noJw i
Oa or abodt the sarof JWay 1jst ri
went W JuflBe Olcotfs oc6 ai jt de I
te id a full s mwn nt Jo regard to
1 n3y case It wa not rvinme M thE I
L tiii Vbto 1 wu conversing with i
OlWt Wlllftin H Ooaynco came
VJ with flIp nat and ooal on and look
j J elK ot in poirKtta taSb ft > H of Wlls
4 Iver tliouwiMii ol dollars plucwl It
4 o W W eoulgg t tw Q
I frJmDrc rdd ever tcok rom ttwt ptI
btlt two iW tntg nmd a OO bill oi
I ti iorihMI Mt the room iey told e
Et woz14 ll kto th ltIJa iUI
I ttfr for m
v Z4X ier Wftilt
J d Whsn 1 rQOIV1 tilt ltatwnent
I IWbIc wI y ltr M lwtIeed
IIw teial esI v o Jir kl ty
I QtI dlrftOfl N t wont to tea
Ulcoll miiedIMeI3r M4 asktd
r tn wt9 e ji H i1 waa he
It tie llld k3i 1iy Lht Is
sri llIotUa1Jw s IooJ ful
1 W TJ Mm Si Youv p I
2r4Ph I4 Wfl iTAl IL
1 A b t
I b4I rlteht 1 w I
II ff1 Mi where r Carl
1 d P7 1b Vift oni
A Jfl m lwir qrec I g a 1
I iuence ox flr
1 I 0w21a d gQFJ41p go grter
Z petp3 jo thi toj in tti
L APM gd In th 8rn
2 bi Irteg tui
Cow Gk Sick
rATU rutMT
Royal legend Be it Out
t Metendpin Race to
o Wlr inHandieap
HJB1J flli fured the titter In every
nUp but the third hcr f today This
wasa l ijdlcdp 1Wt I the JQt that went
lo IBb pt wed well mnt hed
PWrfKltngjugo fnificls Trcvalyan
Wall forcea toV Jurntd lilp borne after
1 tIittrferln < > CtB nrst rtieti Mr Travel
yam Iwli t n suffiuitit frbm a seero
I cc < il fQrll week ortei das bnd tbla
urteifvjanIn the judges itutvl ho had
aohllU lie it xp rtxl to b ubUt ugaln
I hoheve In a coupis ot day i
JST RACB Four furlono >
I I Betting
IJI tAI1tratldllt ua Mr PI
IJ I PlAit JU W bCcJ1tIf j Mj SJJ
Jolt TIIIIIJoOUo 11 OIT 12 11
1ICj51 it 103 Jtnlln M 1
Cebfla UI l1 JO s
tenT 74 MTr IU Df Akttn 1 2
1lIpSwlt 101111 UlIer an 10
jfanal atark HO Munro III
CaJJh UJX a lav r
ta1y ilari jn mI 5 1
Wi t LIRe 1OS J D leI1ID 111I
leeUlz Vf Ita Nwm 110 20
111II11I00 16J JOBM 12
TlmeO1O L3 I v
tItth rpe meek I trio S > n a pitper
raoed In close rdeto the stretob
i vtplnelc Flap camp awiiy ont won
i nslly hr tenztii fromtaft brp wbj >
b3t 1teIrit If a hetl1tWNl1lI aee
I eICOXD flCCScIlIr liiIvn CurIon t
ySti l1 V wtjsbtii and JocltBr I JMniins lr li
1 Jf2t ffi 1pJ i D tpitlP 83
r nul c RMnI r + t
1fIIl rIIb9JtlIr tJ tttllanI
A1M1it I 1 W tlot1H 5 a
lUpiliM s 7illisttsrTmIi 30 JO
Ltte11 O bei I 13
blnr loll IJIS11 rl mt 1 W 4Q
OlIPel 1U A VaUn u D S
ulII U 1trel I < t S 3
ndUIit 111I e1r M
tmJCilllon l071It1Ii i IILtIJ
reebdQtr wt31t to tbi trt Jon
uftfr tile Vt rtTw ae all tha SuitnWB
lIjjl MOI1it Itbrt f 11 hla1 Croiw
waate MorIoehurd It
length lnio14S ILU Ai
TIIfltD HJV S3n lliiapj ° Ut b
l1t11 < t
atartrLlatth aPI kere L IF lit
lwoy 1 riieo J 4 f
1ilkMrana AOl W IJlllehltneH
Jt mI 1A T AMIh III 11I I
8IoI1 wsiv iw tvr > Yt < 4 sSt
1Milt Hi 101 n Smith J SJB I
Ii toIio 1IL Tttrian r 5 3
The 7dtlr 81 ROftIW 11
TLrnete3i i
Ivey went to the ront noon
Vita etUt maId r hc nnn It I
Ip rentjr tim a nlJ who laL 1
BeIvJ4 it n ith fS thu x
wiuir bu4 > D U
A I t
r wrIilt aI oeky
t S1nht Al 4
Wn1u III PrftIV < i 11t 1 f
7aJlll1l IiO Icder i
llpy JIk 1 111M Tkrremn i8fl
Mtry wjcti 1Q4 ebon J I
I tbI1tJi W IJJ I r
rII GoiPm 11 R t9W I
t 5r
c PjU S j
uyI tiei4t Nent JOtb 1bIt f aid
aI the rmlt11 IUd Woi I
IefltTi bnv avIliIo who it 1ijLi
a Ingt
Li A4CaILeno t 1 1
1fIti rt Tle o1 fop plac < i
tlrm v t
I 1
t v
Horse Killed Vehicle i
Smasjied arid Driver 1
o < Mortally Hurti
Cpllision Followed Murder of
v George d Tully by ManHe
Djd NotKnow
who had been
Suet as OeefrEie Ttllly
fatally phot a few Jitfnutea before died
in a II Ao ukriee at Elgttth avenue and
Ono Uuhired and ThlrtyBfth atrftet
this afternoon a B9 thbound trolley
cur running ifi the rate of flfteen mllea
an hour tftruck the ambulnnw
The florae w ae thrown asalnrt an HU i
plllnr and Svtaaay tilled Thomas
Blcrman cjfNoU66 Amsterdam are
flUe Hwdriv > Wall hurled clear totLc
curbstone allghtlngr oh his htad and
BUatalnln 4 fracture of the skull that
writ undoubtedly prove fatal AmbU
lance Surgeon Sharp Policeman Man
gon end Jhe corpse from which the
breath of lite hail Just departed were
tossed to the street ina tangled boor
directly In the patb of a northJbound
trolley CAr that tvas barely stopped In
This eroljlnj happenIng folldVed a
r l dhIO tU wrder In plain jlglt ot a
hnidred ttWtho were powerlets tiJ 1
r and tHera was a concerted
rusItor the motormph when the extent
of the Jam age done became apparent
He was placed under arrcat and taken
to tie West One Hundred and Twenty
flftll street station In the sainis patio
waGon with the body of TUllY Man
gn e pollcetnnn with one of his fIn
er broken iiisds the arrest
Tuny who lived at No S74 Seventh
avenue was a fqreman in charge of a
sans of tamntlersat work on avow
af ten flathouses on the north side of
One Ilund ed attdvThlrtyflf street
between SavtntJv and Leijox avenues
He Wtw a Ian J Ing 1ft One Hundred and
Tblrtyflftli street lit frontollh e corner
building t3 oclock talking to Joseph
Matfe of Ixo 48 Arletia i street romp
Ulnavllle si LL a worlrman
Cameto KlH > Hlm
A roughly dreased Snan huirieaiy ap
peared iround the comer Crom Lenox
avenue and vra oj up to Tfill who I
paid no attention to him The rtrangcr
eeuslit Tully by the layet of the coat
and wifli a j rthat almost pulled him
rrull t eet sbotued
lo INtY at het you r Ii1
gna tocto you rltttJt n
Ito ahIped o revolver trotitepocket
ConUnued on Hsoend Page
rail HO R
Three of Them Are From
Yoiing Pitcilers of WhoM >
Much Is Expected
Four signed contract came In wuti
tdirB mall at tH 1tIhIsniIers Iieitd
IllIetttr in the Fl ron i1uliaI Tl Ji
we frbni ilobert veef ana Janea
WIiV4zT OUlfgpltb ep of tto lac4flo
Cot hIlly lieu of lu ttIiUat
and tAfttN1te Indtan
Other owittMt are expected d4I
alKl Cordlbg to seettary N t1o
JrWHh wilt ke enoUe pIyM 4j6r
two prctlCe eimii w lee starts
tIt l 0 0 <
L1U1LJtrvL1u Itih
li Th VIe1a Werl
AofJ1ob1 ITho
M tot r rll well i wj eVex j
pcaM atetgoton toia 1 ovsi Ilte I j
4irth P ftli th 1ic sit th
ptpOeIUQn tQtntftI wiG
Tht < The
Iuaifc 1I tnitiltti fflIlQb wS j
uIMw4t It I
1IIQn i1141 JW Il
g if
t w iUd EISI the w WIIIIIa
rturfl to Allej tjj
tntll tilt
r e4mw 4 l I
t4o ihjiGa ftsIT
IAeutCiOe l3rp lIut Ft
sijbots WOMAN i DEAD t r if1
f 4 vf t I l i HEN ENDS OWN WE j
r 1
r F > r
H < j QIHA I I p I <
t l lt
Tim niosL important 1l0Ilcefhak iUplfC omml ssion ef Bing
> > < > ii Jt >
hams administration and ofthe last yearwas ordered late
Cif L J
this afternoon + when the comnissl ershlftet ro ndia c I i
borough inspector i made one actfng Ihspeptoran nmadei
I 1 i SiMf
another as well as shifting Capf Dooley out of the j6 Tenderlolii
predncU The changes are jf
Borough l Inspector Nicholas Brooks ofpanhattan Brpn
i J
and Richmond sent to command the First Inspection District
Inspector John > nooitEmt1rointhefir ttl9speoUbtivDi84
tri l to the S hbpl of Instruction taking feommand of tHe Traf
I tip Squad ancl the Third PreclnQt pity Ha1f8ttttQn
i ttQf1
s Capt Stcphen OlBrien untjr recently ojjng inspector Is
sent to the Tentleflol11 station
Cap pooley is sent tb Rapelyea street Brooklyn
Capt Patrick Warkins f the Rapelyea street station Is
ma3e acting inspector of the Elevehyi rrispeotio District
< c sf f
SxthrKickfhaw 52 Bravery t 2 place CoJofli hAT
v v v
SixtnSon Mot 71 Huzzah 11 placed Florlzel
S venth Mano uvre 41 Minnehaha 21 place Conjur ess
S f7c1l
nPTT Stont 1IAttr c
Carson lepres ntlnff Thomas FvCpVe
ofJJwhith today took po s ntitl i
mtoea and mlnlux prpertK or F Au
SiUi3 Jlelnza hnt thq ljnltM Cooper
Company Silver tfow County wWch
bnvebeift fn controversy or litigation
with the Amalgn nnUvi CopprCons
parfy Tbs means that peace has conic
to the kairlnir copper mining Intercuts
of Butfo
Mlje nnnounccmr it that a sale of tbr
Heinz Property hkd been mode come
bv R teJejrram today trpm Jfohtt ft
Kyan Managing Director for the AmaJ
SMmatcU Coppor Company who Is nOW
tn Nlw York Ii Ryan with bis at
to Jn ls left Butte for New fork eftrtj
lasfKov on the bu0e daa
which was consummated iodrijr f He
W1Il ojosoJy follow by fIn nae
S Since then many reporU 1l3bGfl t
calved that a deal was pBfldlnjr bpr no
lt aOIlD m IIDt 0 JtJ1f1 tili was
tide ptll today whnj2e J J w
OItr ea t1M ttAl1l1Q A Jnvdlv
r f
a I
property rallied at I many millions of
dollars > v 4
No Intimation waj received her to
day from olhclSl eourceA as to the terms
of the1 deal
It Is only that Ilelnzo has sold all
bls Inlersts In Silver Bow County and
that htr laS ben completely eliminated
frtror the copper mInlng operations ot the
district Ills properties hav been ao
xyilfed by Interest friendly lo the Amal
3araateJ Copper Company
i lOcluSed among tho prbpertles turned
over to Mr Carsort today were the
Minnie Hoaly narua CorN Belmont
I Nlpjwu Johnstown and the Interacts of
Ie HyDOcJrav Mnln Company the
Jurtrtllan Mlnlns Company nnd the Mon
I tana Ore Ilirtrnaslns Company
Among that Interests are u number
cof PfOPettlelltQMt Proucin ftc well
c producIngmlfllz and a IL1I11lter
1 The Iffi concluded today lIettie hilt
litigatiOn anct WpiiuS that have re
tarded the development of the district
I inthepaet It im that Helnt was paid
416090000 in eettIemt 1 III
i r 7fc i > 2 S I
tpJ4DW4Y I j
6e t Isui
uI4 pMl e
se4ussewIl Nwcr eb9th IM 6
irw rsqitcie e
t l w p ULia3i etMr ye41
j reiLtt S eit 5 ra 10 s4 L sie3at 1 es i 7 t 1I
i J ty S
A 6j 1t tMeWJws ff JH4IM ir 1 lr t
flte Is ue43 WIWAtei lii4 iet 4i 1ej a ee4
We r ppr a 54Sf ra e iits SYIfsI SM
SII S dp iU
7t i i
Many of the Leaders of
Society Omitted tom
List of Those Invited
Hearst and Big Timf Sulliyn
mortg the SBveivSlihte4
State MeiiTheitt
> i t I
Soedal to The EV niir Worlill
WASIItNaTON Ireb 13The Invltrt
ton to the NeWYork delecatlori In I
Congress to attend the marriage of I
IlL Alice Boosevet to Nicholas Long
wprth was notA blanket Invitation
Only four of the Democratic nante
Betitatlves were asked to attend The
Jurhy tour were Wllllaim Btilrer Chnrle
A Towne and Bourke Cockran of Man
1atUh and Joseph A Qoulilcn o < f the
Bronx Congressional District i
The Pernocrats whu wero 1leMed are
OeoritB Hertry trfniJsay Ilnd1J Fitz
gerald of Brooklyn Bier Tim Sulllvap
AVIIlldm ttandoiph Hearst Henry II
aoldfosle and Jacob Rni > j > ert of Mali
hattan and yaillam Hetjry Ryan of
Buffalo 1 i
Those who were left oft the Invita
tion list did not join In mating the sin
of J eVen dozen glasses which Iscredited
to th6 New York delegation Bvefy I
I nepubUcan n from New York State got
one ot the pre caidboj aquares
if he > bas a wife to the wedding core
many The official bulletin d whlcn t
simply salft the members ot the New i
York delegation would be Invited with
out mentioning their wives committed
an errir of dmlsslon In every in
stance an Invitation to L married mom
bee Includes his wtfoV
N6 blsorlmlWation There
Ko dlscrlmlnatloD was practiced
n < 4tthll Democratic tntingent from
Mr lJongwolthlI borne SLate possibjy
bfcauso there Is only one of them
Mr Gotfecr of areenvllle Of course
all the JtH > ublIean members from Ohio
will Ion band j
The Democrats from New York Who
got no Invitations are cheerfully Krln
filns and bearing It If they cherish
any sour crape entlments they haVa
succeed In hldfns them nUobesfully
but It Is laid that several wjyes of the
slighted Democratic members J feel a
bit put out
But there must be a lot P f haft
burning am6nsthe swagger set of Nw
York because a whole lot of pame that
are prpjhliWnf In the nost exclusl reo
ilrty therq do pot appear on the Hots
of persona who are to attend the wedding
The limited capacity of the East
Room naturally curtailed tho number
of liivltatlqns 0 that only the Intlmato
friends and close relatives of the
nobsevella In New York are Included
Along with the members of the State
delegation d their Wives i
It must be a bitter pill for many a
srandq damo of the Flith nvcnueNow
portXnnox crowd to know that she gets
no bid to the morrlase whUo Mrs So I
end So the < wife of A couatry Itepre
sentatlvo from upState oV whom
society never heard will be on hand f
Some of Those Invited
It Is announced that the Hit of the
cuwts will not be given bntfor publl
cation either before or after the ccrc
Contlnued on Second Pac
Dr Janevay SfJ Hurjiedly Sum
moned toLabjvoock for
a Consultation
John Av JCall formerlj president of
tha Mew efk Life U critically Ul at
l4tkl W oai It N ecid his physicians ba
liVe bl destli la how a ausstlnn of
All the nmember of the McdftJl family
arI nt hb edsWe Tfr K Q Janeway
of New York btw been called to ceilet
Dr John V n4rpeot th family phyib
QiIi Ia sftering trf3m t com
DIIttoIi of dlseta 0cu4IL primarily
Im Uu tebIe
wIm dOMIIIta
I MOiii we 1 ill 1 ° h
Architect F resin Murdered Wife of1
His Friend Who Had Refused
fo Elope and Ordered i
y Him from House < >
Fires I Three Bullets Into Helpless Victim and >
as Neighbors l un for Help Kills
v HimseK Dead When
l M f
V > Police Come
I >
Mrs MarXeEtlennef of No 35 Grove e streetwaS shot and ietant1y
Killed at hor homo this afternoon by Loulk Faresln of the same wldra J
wh turned the pistol pn himself and committed suicide
Fnrcsln was tbirtyflva n1aod111l architecttiid engleer with am
office at No IDJfTJleecker street He lasaldto have been Infatuated whit
Ira EUlmnc who was ten years his junior and Pretty
It 1
Famous Oil King Who
Has Been Strangely
Missing Is Located
CSwitat 13 Ttt Evtelss Wtdi
I MlVMr Via Prim inAJfllin p
i UucUvfrller In hire A He 1 nr1
I rle1 liiat nlRTit
V 1
01111 IT ILOclePfeiiCr
I iii nt the Ithynl Palm Hont iu
l Hlnnii ie is iravelllnar luult
I nlto
= i I
Sswell Gets Home in
Front Squthern Cross
with Favorite Third
P4j 13An ordinary card w is the I
offering of UieCrewent OlW Joclcey I
Club today The only mica that might
be considered a feature wasjiheiifoufth I
a handicap at four 0tnd on half fur
longs Tlu ring buslnesa wan brIsk as
usuaL 4
FIK3T nACE Three and a halt furlong
StUrUu neinlmle nn4 lockeis lilt 1 1
Tug eto U2 lewci 81 J 1
115 ltobbltJIJ 7 14
AI olftJI
Oold FrictIon CItl nil UlJlke 10 f
hnnth 115 un S M S1
WectIr Vane 118 L Smith 1 j
QuI n iabC HII tnIeTSXb 20 > is
7V 2
tSon11 Jolarthl
10 4
flui mil 111
iilroeJrs llthYS11 1 Llnrrlal II
TlmeO43 4 ZI
lielmuth Bis Stow and Al Powell
raced In close Orde to the stretch
where Big Store went to the front and
won by a length from Al PpweU wh
boat Friction a length for the J icsf >
SECOND RAcEllieIlIDI lx furlongs <
I IloJIlln
starters lrtiW and lockers Sir JL
VaiMbord trevtmn Ji a
IMIeusell J 13
Hannibal D8Y JOT nAUke IIS
PlMtlclcer Ill taMers M 3
Celebration ML irayrs W o
Uollnda 100 D nnlwn 2011
Pea Voyage 103 Jdorebnd 3 II
AVon by Vagabond Elastic was second
and hannibal hey third TIme l4fif
Mnn ItACMUe mKA seventy Verdi
S tlF
Starters weatlt and Jorkeys fIr I
ICing JII8Iorth 111 nadU 1 1I
lacY Jr li lrktflR f14
kittli Platt IiXiIetrlnt S L
TWrnu J lcre u 1
111 nuenhIUTJ harli 1 A4J
JG ltrnti J 102 emI1IQ 1
t Paul T Iobr he au J
TimcI8 I
I Peter Pau and macfcJr tae loe
together to time far turn wbftffi Maej Jri
drew clear nod Jd Into the 5Otth foU i
lowed i King tSltewrth In the run I
Ht nf ICing RSSTsworth clyjeO sn4in H
hiVe won py JI TMIHW 3Ie AIn > ojj a
ilngthlnJ trqntnf Kittle PIL t
1IQUnTHJtAC 1I1ndJDI BlX and on
1 alt rurbonse
Ptirtirs w1t11b15411JOCkiilS rr 1i t
ColumbaQlrl 1ItiW II I
Soulhm CO L Iraitli 92
OOtIetflhIii lU IJL mllT 1
IJtMI1t ullilltr ma i
01 J JO0 tUC 111 I
lRN lttCS 101 Pwrlee It f
Et1l it May went to the front at the
stArt tl made runnlns to the wro
followwl by Olte toi Jwsup limit < o
JurnUa QW Jn tim stretch < 3oiuroW
dirt went to tH front Uti won lea
aHv by taM a length from utqiyn
Cru ww baa lt3lith 8 length j
J fjr i4
i i k M ttJ
o C
airs FjJerino had i fiftt on Ole third
floor of fliS Qrovo street IjoiKK Farosift
Killed on her this afternoon He Mil
been In tho flat soW time when thg
other tenants heard tour shots
AH the doors of the flat wcro forked
and the Janitor Alfred HambUrgiT rl l
to the CliarlCH street station where he
repurfed he shootl i PutrolmMl
Pinzlttr Went ta tho house and cntirmj
tbo Rtlennb flit by way of iho lice BO
cape i
He found Parrslp lying on his l
at the foot of thVbed In abeUioum uU
Jojnlnp thoparlor He had jihbt 1 1uLl
la tiip mouth and Hid Instiuitly Xoir
his right Ifand on the Uar Was a 3
eallird putol with four rlminjers 61 j I
Jbfi Woman wa Ijflnnr tbuul ten ist
I away Uttli floor dfariothcr roohi Slo
I lnA t Si M t kV i Jfc L
b1J l1al e4 111 d
and unrter tuG rlglii arm
I Mrs Stienne husband is a cii at
the Hotel Brevoort lie n niiv < i
Ii Ybreoin as one of his friends ana ilia
ar4jIikcj often called at UK KUonno
I flat In the evenlns when husband rna
Wire were home But of bite he had
been Jn the habit of calling ia ths
iallCr loon also when Btlenn was away
The tenants who sawhim when her
lived this ufternoon say that he was
flomuvvhat Jntoxlczted A bottle luUt full
of whiskey and two gloistu on the table
in the dUilngroojn show that ha and
Ills EUenne Were drinking b fQro the
A Mrs Sneer who occupies the apart
ment adjoining that of the EUenrtes
told the Coroner tihat Just hsfonj too
Itcttlng she heard Koresln Imploring
the woman to leave bar husband and
run away with him Mrs EUenne re
fused to listen to him und drder 0 him
to leave the house Than Mrs Qpeer
arty Bh9 hoard sounds Inaicntlns that
Far ln was chasing Mrs EUIIInI and
throwIng things at her Following Uilo
camb the Shcts
I Mrs FUenno wiuj droSsod a thought
about to go nut on tho treat when sho
was shot It b believed lte had dressed
to go out whAn Fareiln airlved and de
tained her in the hone EUenne almost
went crazy itnhen a detoqilva informed
him nt the Brevoort that the man h
hrd looked upon a i one of his bent
friends had Billed his wife and com
mitted BUlctdo standing aver her body
But Drawing Up of the
I Cgrnplaint in Suit of
Countess Goes On
PvRIS Feb I 3Clount foal d0
telleD1M L a lengthy oonferenca fo
day Pv jfia uwyers of the Country
jug lfoSJphl3 > wiLe une of setrura1
1tI Iinge a kwiiloh the two psrtls r < m
eenb4 hare carefully gone over II
flittiii featurw of the case wit t 510
JjljiflflT e Wm fllbg to > XUct fi > rin uf
th0 future procedure ni ultimate il S5
< In the tii ntlme tho Counlesu I
of orunrUiini JabelncDresare J Q IH 4
hot ymit bllll tiled
r c
nity ttpittBBt Jfl > Pb it w t I
t1klnB Wth tesaitnty Ini
urt3Iup a F III lyn
Ioine4 both reemer bindnI1 0
lOn wmpIlyee AttorneyLi
icy today uhnoanoed that nV i a i
oif his i4i fciailnst lhe 811
ComfMay In Missouri
lie cain he exDf5t < tr > e t L
ousting boe lo ipany from <
I1ei Ip tat fiiit
Bfnr the oortrtusion i r th
Ms Hdc taU he liul I
ecs thM the UtttaOftrd Qi I
roe ll zwil 1
v144 ftrtnd i jI
jgWr7 In M Io i
5 JS tth

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