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i Wrnther Kalr And colder moderating r l
Weather Fair ana colder moderating Friday a
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FINAL t FINAL 7 j 4 il
miULJjEDJTJ 0 N r Circulation Books Open to All 1 I Circulation n Books u Open to All 1 RESULTSJOITI N t i
I A 9
White House Bride Mr Longworth
and Their Attendants Go Through
J the Form that Will Be Used
at Ceremony Saturday
f Special to The EvcJUns World
p WASHINGTON P C Fob 15Allce Roosevelt nnd Nicholas Long
worth with those who will attend them on Saturday gave a rehearsal of
the wedding at the White House this afternoon There will probably bo
I another rehearsal with music tomorrow morning
I New York society people arrived here
today for the wedxllng By tonight
the hotels will be almost as full as
> those of St Louis are when a national
f convention meets there
r There Is another outoftheordlnary
guest here for the wedding Ho Is
I John W Hutchinson last survivor of
the famous Hutchlnson family of Bos
ton wtho used to sing abolition songs
and war songs In Xew England forty
rive or fifty ors ago Mr Hutchlnson
Is seventyseven years old and wears his
I white hair and beard long a la Walt
Hla last publlo appearance was at < he
j Peace Conference In Portamouth to
which he gave dlrtlnctlon by writing a
peace poem and taking his fourth wife
The peace joom was one of the strong I
r feature of the Portsmouth conference
It contained eighteen verses being the
f only poem ever written la whrJoli ought
I to was made to rhyme with motto
I Mr HutchJnsons wife eccompanled
iilm here He announced that he had
written a poem celebrating Saturdays
t I manlogo at tho White Houe and dedi
I cated It to the toldo and br1d room He
hopes for on opportunity to deliver It
In person before the Prosldinto house
hoM and cue couple or If preferred he
can otng It having put tflo words to
mualo of his own for just aucli on emcr
Sleuths on Ground
Quarters have beua engaged for half
a dozen detectives from the Central Of
fice In Now York They 1x111 arrivo to
morrow tor errvlce at tne wedding
Naturally the news of tho housvful of
TreddJnc presents scattered broadcast
hall mode Wiiahlngton this Mecca for a
lot of profosplonal crook The New
York detectives will look otter tbievos
from the metropolis
Mie Roosevelt spent a busy day
Bho was up early looking after the I
thousand and one details that are
necessary to the wedding The flow of
pacagea and letters In the direction
of tho White House began with the
opening of the express offices and the
FostOfQee and continued unceulngly
for hours Presents ore coming In EO
rapidly that It Is hard to keep track of
any but the most Important
Kalsero Gift Arrives
The personal gift of the Emperor of
l Germany to Miss Jloooovelt ihas reached
Washington and II now In the handa of
Ambassador Speck von Sternburfir who
will present It today or tomorrow It
li a novel and finely wrought bracelet
of great value Then Is nothing like
It In this < country
An unexpected but none the less ap
preciated let has reached Miss Roose
velt from an Irish irentlewoman of Dub
lin It Is a quantity of the famous
Continued on Second Pose
flctal Mesesnger today prints tho usual
weekly summary of Volent political
crimes and seizures of bombs explosives
anJ weasVma nlllng over two columns
except for descriptions of the shooting
at Sebaeti pol Fob 0 of ViceAdmiral
A Ohouknln Commander of the Blade Sea
fl fleet wliooa recovery is considered as
bK sured and tho throwing of o bomb into
rc tha assembly of patrlota on the
C Sohluaaclburg Embankment here Feb t
th record consists mainly of a long
r f enumeration of clfcea where the terror
i 191 x have teen active
These Include 8t Petereburs Mos
1 < cow Odessa KIolT Nlahnl Novigorod
Vuui tviuuau Siunaro Kuri aclma
J toiiol Kazan TillU lllga and other
i nrlwilpal cltlw mhnro oilcinli have baen
C lilllod patrols fired on bombs weapons
fJ and dyniunllu uulzod or ixxitomcwo
t IK 1 or other BUUa Injfltiitlona at
fif tacked
j A number of tha citktms were oom
m < tted tv mere boys
> i The otoady lengthening of the num
mary uach week u a iroTlablo index of
A Uiainorewtd aotVrtt l of tho pSl o
r 7 S F 4 i
rr I
one raiuntc today Representa
tive LonciTorth acted in the ca
pacity of > icaker of the Home
lie ITU called to the chair dnr
lutf rollcall and no duty de
volved upon blu durlna the
m I
When lie left the Speaker
chair lie nrrunued for a pair i
lor tiro weeD or until March 4
PROUGf wms
Woman to Whom Sports
man Left Rancocas Farm
low Mrs Livingston
Cards have been received In this city
announcing the marriage of George
Livingston Commissioner of Public
Works during the administration of
Mayor Low to Mrs Lillian Barnes
Allten who was a pro lege of the late
Pierre Lorillard and to whom he be
queathed his magnificent Rancocas
Stodk Farm at Jobstown N J The
ceremony was privately performed in
this city on Feb 8 and Mr Livingston
and his bride aro now on a tour of the
Southern winter resorta
tumors of the marriage ot Mr Liv
ingston and Mrs Alllon have been rite
for more than two years Each has de
nied several times that there was any
contemplation of marriage but the
cards set all doubt aside
Mrs Alllon that was enjoyed the
friendship of Pierre Lorillard for many
years previous to tho death of the mill
ionaire He tetUedlarge sums of money
upon her while he was olive and left
her his most cherlthed possession Ran
cocas Farm at his deth She was his
constant companion In tile closing years
of his life an1 accompanied him from
Europe to Now York when he came
home to die In addition to tho stock
form Mr Lorillard bequeathed her all
of hIs racing horses In this country and
In England
George Livingston Is a wellknown
New Yorker He was a School Com
missioner for several terms before his
apolntmepnt as Commissioner of Iubllo
He was a close friend of Mrs Alllen 1
for many years After the death ot Mr I I
Lorftlard she oillod won him to assist
her In administering tho great estate ao
suddenly placed In her hands Out of
these business relations a tender feeling
sprung culminating In the marriage
Mr Livingston and his bride will reside
at the Rancocas Farm most of the time
but will keep up a town house also
Tho California Society a llourshtncr
organization ot tha son of the Btato of
California The Land of Bunshtne and
Flowers will dine tontght nt tho Bt
Regis AlthotiRh Callforna u at thu
other extremity of the continent them
l a iroodly delegation of Cnllfornlann
In Nfw York men of prominence in
All iwalks of life Afore than cne hundred
of thorn will KUthor tonclit to oat
rtrlnl nnd mnlco nlcrrv
Edward 3 McQanney president of the
California Society of New York will
reside at the dinner William A
B rady nobert II Dayis nev Dr Rob
en Mockenxle and Louis Wiley will re
epond to toasts Clay M Oreono whO
waa aeatgned to epeak 1a111 and w 111
II ln 1 to o3X r but th r IU be
IPGfH7JIC lIiftelU
fti iiikktJht 1rry + J
Trn Ready
fof You
Any Time
Cigarlighter Beats Out De Reszke at Fair
Grounds and Little James Scores Over
Bill Carter at City Park
Fch I5A small bvt select field of
nvllers furnished the feature of the card
here today They were evenly matched
and as a result speculation was brisk
The rest of the card was only ordinary
The track was heavy and mudlarks
were consequently backed
10nFrsr RAC Twojearolifc tour fur
BUrt weight and jockey str U f
Kamrtda 105 B U is 4
ilttle Wand 100 II1i c y 13 0
Our Own 1OO it Smith 7 2
SuEannah100 S well 83 35
Mutable 100 alt Mclntyr 8fl 35
= In Si
ana Salt 10O Ajiderson 3 1
Dorothy M 100 Radtk 8 a
Morrl entry
Solnrlda went to the front soon after
the start mode all the running and won
by a length from Little We da who
was a Icnsrth In front of our Own
Mutable the favorite coupled with
8u nnah fell at the start Time 062
SECOND RACE Sir turlenp ielllnr
Starters welrhts ond Jockeyg ftIM
Fttrito HT Radtke 5 4
Lontta II ffl mnii on 4 SS
Chauncey Olcott 114 DUicltn lil
Badla POPIMT 112 ± Jcmcs sn 8
Preltr Nellie 112 J1IemnanxI 8s
CoUon 114Haye 7S 0
w olme J1TC9
TrlKB Morte 11B J Ufartln 10
Qrove Centre 114 P Walsh 12 II
nme110 33
Fargv > went to tho front mode all the
runntn r and won easily bv three lengths
from Lorettn H who beat Chauncey
Olcott n length for the place
THIRD RACE Six furlong
Starters trelchta and Jockeys str PI
Deuxtempa 07 Sewell 4
Collector JOMUP 118 Hell 1 1
Peter Paul 115 Hoffman 12 4
Elutlc 118 J Mirtln a S
IjanoMtrlan 100 Radtke 8 82
lucky Joe 111 Robbins BO 15
Time 1 18 35
Deuxtcmips went to the front made
all the running and won easily oy a
length from Collector Jensup Who was
an ffiSY eecond H front of Peter Paul
FOURTH RACD HaniJIcapi one mile
Etnrtnrs welBht nnd Jockeyg Str PI
ClllrSrJtMr 93 IRa tke 6 < fi
De Renke 11 T Mortln 71O
Dr Bpralll 117 Perkln 10 85
Cigarlighter made all the runnlnff and
won bv a len th from De Reszke who
loot Dr Sprulll three lungths for tho
Intrh tor omorrorr rnccs at
NeIT Orlonim liowllnir and other
Into Kuurtinir nevf on tmore 10
Leonard Kp Dead
ALBANY FEB 15 I3nard Kip well
known as a KcVolar and ns nn author
dilell today at his horns In this city
Mr Kip wna bom In New York City
In E23 and iwoii a tneovb r of tha old
NtAr York fnmlly of vot name Ho
had twotttl t le7ro oanforred by col
leges Wet > vnd KsUned some prcoilnence
us n lanryer but by UU literary w < aj
he was < best known
Sunday World Wants
W9r nga WQq
Ji A 1 qe Iii I
I5The rnudders were the whole works
hero today The track was heavy as
It could be There was nothing ex
traordinary about todays card a flve
andaholffurlong dash being the fea
ture It brought out quite a good lot of
FlllST RACE Selllnj four furlonjti
Starteri welihtsand Jockeya 8tr Pl
Juaze Treen 1W Koerner f B2 PIt
Uflle of the Baj 107 Nlrol 88 45
llUck Flag loo W Mclntvra SO 4
Aijtii 111 j Daij r ii T 40 is
Vendido l04 llttUerman so 20
Little George 104 W Cole 15 o
French Empr 8 10 ° D Auttln 72 88
Dacra tOO J Jonw 20 8
Azelf 101 R Wilson 100 40
Black Flag made the running to the
stretch where Judge Treen went to the
front and won by u neck from Belle of
tho Bny who beat Black Flair a length
Tirie 51 15
SECOND RACE Sev n furtansiB
B ttlnr
ftjuurtori wftl hts iixl jockays Str Fl
1onte LuctHe J07 HeUerman Ii l
RU 107 R WII ° 1 2
Auna Da ij7 Lar 5 a
lIrayor Duncan 1011 V Dely 20 S
Dwtlm lOll J JOCs 72 7
Red Ruby 100 D s
bf tiIllc ht
m Pjy Dumptr luu Wpowirl B
De CA 58Z12L J Henne ay 20 I
Lthel McCaffarty 107 W Allen 00 20
Tlmo 182 20
NJjnle Luclllo made a runaway race
c this opening up a gap of half a dozon
lengths and winning in a bill gallop
Ham was scond all the iway easily
beating Anna Day for the pine
iTHIRD RACE HuidVip five and a half
Starters w lIhlal1nd jockeII lilr 11
MOl1C 1211 II SmIth 2 I
Creol tOO Harrtmn 12 A
guchfr 105 J Ilrnneuv 12 g
DIlly Woaolward 100 a Mahoney 25 M
lIert Orsa 100 Kwrner n 2
Mint Boy 1O3 1lerott 11 05
Almhlp IIS Nlcol TX nI
Monet went to the front soon after
the start and won by a length trom
Creel who beat Dlu < her half a length
for the place Time 110 26
Starters welsrhU and Jockey str PI
Uttl Jnme 3D Nlcol e5i 2T
Bill Carter 102 B Davl 15 o
Happy Jack 110 i J Jonei 10 4
Itarten 112 D Amtln BS SS
Panuuiuy 1M W Mclntyr eo la
Ranger 08 Jenkins 100 SO
Regalo 07 Koerner in a
LytMa 07 R Wllxxi loo 80
Little James went to the front at the
start and made the running followed
by yBIll Carter and Breden Little
James won by a length from Bill Car
ter Who beat Happy Jack a half a
Around Town Indictment
Grand Jury which has bee Investi
gating Kingston anonymous publloa
tlon Arountl Town today handed
dawn two sealed IrdlotmonU to Juatlca
Batta In the Suprema Court One of
thea Indlotmenta WAll reported to con
cern Around Town Tha Jurya M
t nmetJolw wu e JoJia
i A ij t
Ship on Coral Reef Three
Attempts Were Made
to Reach Land
Through casting lots for what seemed
going almost to a sure death Capt Sew
ell and twenty men the crew of the
American steamship David won their
lives from the hungry coral reels near
Port Linwn They lost their vessel
however and today the men reached
New York on the steamship Panama
from Colon Capt Sewcll remaJned by
his ship
The David sailed from Baltimore on
Jan 22 bound for Port Limon with a
cargo of railroad Iron The voyage was
on extren ely rough one On Ft > b 6 In
the mdst of a driving rain before day
Igbt the stemner struck on a reef on
Courtwn Keys seventyfive miles from I
Port Llmon
The coral pierced her sld and as the
sea was running high the position of I
the men was extroniely dangerous unless
they could get word ashore to St An
drews Island Lots were cJst to see
who would mak the attempt to reach
the mainland Second Officer Leen was
selected and he and two of the men
started to tne shore In the small boat
He made but a short way when tvj
sei dashed the frail boat against the
reef and smashed It With his boat
almost sinking no managed to get back
to the TOssel Again a choice was made
and this time the lot fell to First oracor
He pulled away from the SeTrell only
to meet the same fate of the man be
fore him Again the boat got bock to
the vessel and this time Chief Engi
neer Cart en was selected to make the
attempt Those on the deck watched
him directing the two men at the oars
ns the tiny boat tossed jn the sea Ho
was successful and the boat after
many perils reached St Andrews Is
The next morning three sloops put
out to the rescue Tho sea had mod
erated and they took the men off with
out much trouble Init the David is
there The captain is at Port Limon
WASHINGTON Feb 16 < 3eorge W
Beonrors the former Chief of the Sal
aries and Allowances division of the
PostOffice Department who on Mon
day last pleaded tfiulty to conspiracy In
connection witn postal contracts and
o was Benjiencsd to imprisonment for
two yearn la IU at the jail here where
ha to awaitlng tmnafor to the Mounds
vlllfl W Vtu penitentiary
When he appeared In court Monday
Beavers complained to some of the of
ficials of suffering from a malady whloh
might necoasltntij a surgical operation
He slept In a cell Monday night but yes
terday on orders of the jail physician
he was transferred to < t e hospital ward
for treatment
Double Hanging
mDIIINsDuno PA FEB 15The
first doubls banging in Cambria County
took place hero today when Jacob
Haruan und fUephun Ifellawa wore exe
cuted Hauew murdered Ma irlfo and
fc r mother aafl StoUowa kiued SOa fflta
1IIoOthl ara4JG1
ifi L >
Mrs Gonzales Plunges
Head Foremost From
High Window
A domestic tragedy that began when
Pedro Allonderos died a raving maniac
In an asylum at Lisbon Portugal was
ended today at Ellis Island when his
sister Rosa Maria Gorisnlzes gtxtyflve
years old whom ho hid deprived of
her share of tho family fortune com
mltted suicide by Jumping from tho
top floor of the womens detention
word to the roof of the railroad trans
portation offices
The aged woman who had travelled
from her home In San Francisco to Por
tugal In the hope of securing the money
her father had left her came back with
only 20 she said and not till she was
dead was It known she had more
Her disappointment Incrtnjcd lo her
Imprisonment on the island by the iu
thorltles who would not permit her to
land until she Jot more money tMiisdd
her to end her life Meanwhile her son
inlaw Emonuel G Estrella Is almojt
frantic with grief as he tries to recolect
the address In San Francisco of his
fatherlnaw his pretty wife Theresa
and his lsterinlaw Antonla
Forgot the Address
If the young man oould have remem
bered the address the Immigration offi
cers would have sent a telegram to the
family for money
Only yesterday however the pair
wer told they would be allowed to land
The aged woman was suspicious of
all men since her bitter experience of
the past few weeks It was four months
ago that she was notified in San Fran
else < that her father had died In Lisbon
and that she was joint heir to the es
I tate She had come to this country
seven yean ago and had often written
to her brother Pedro
Found In Madhousa
She wrote to him to take oharsfl of
the estate and sell It so that he could
turn her share over when aha arrived
But when she and her eonlnlaw looked
fo Pedro in Lisbon old friends told her
he was In an asylum She went to see
him but he was raving Then she In
quired for the money The lawyers
Uugned Money Wliy wine and gam
bling eat up a lot of money it waa
wino and gambling that sent Pedro to
the madhouse
The old woman wl ted and then Pe
dro died The money was gone and
she and young Eotiolla look pasnaae on
the steamship Sicilian Prince arriving
In New York throe days ago
When Coroner Ilarburger examined
the body ho discovered In a money belt
worn under her clothes thirtytwo 10
gold pieces J5 in American silver and
a dozen Portuguese silver coins There
waa also a gold watch and chain and
a ring
Had the Immigration omcera known
tho old woman had so much money
she would probably hava bean freed
yesterday and allowed to set out for
Ban Fronclnoo After Borne dlsouulon
with the CONner < wbo ioozht ho
should take charge of the tnonoy tho
Federal officers decided to toep it I
untn they hear from th romaaa nt
if1 W
Jewellers Wife Bravely Protects Gem
Policeman Saves Prisoner fronrj 7
Fury of Men and Women whot f
Chased Robber for Blocks qt
While scores of men and women looked on a young thug schooled Intha tI
Monk Eastman code of crime this afternoon struck down with an Iron r
bludgeon and fatally Injured Mrs Joseph Felersteln Just within the thres
old of her husbands Jewelry store at No 317 Broome street
As the woman fell under a rain of blows she screamed shrilly and the
I young robber fled without the booty of diamonds he had come for He alsr 11
I seen dropping the redstained bar as he emerged from the store and theroXi
foClowed as exciting a chase by a mob of Infuriated men and women as that i
I region east of the Bowery has over experienced nrnlly resulting In tho >
capture of the young desperado
Chicago Professor Says
Church Members Are
Victims in Schemes
I CHICAGO Fob 15 Graft has tnken
I possession of the Christian ministry ac
cording to Dr Charles B Hewitt of
I the University of Chicago Divinity
School In an address to tho theologi
cal students > esterday Dr Hewitt de
i clared that ministers neglect their re
ligious duties and use their poJltlons for
financial gain by questionable met tola
Charges of Illegitimate connections
with Insurance companies uuAertlsinK
aqencles and other business enterprise
were nwdo affitnst th preacher by Cue
university ecclesiastic
Money schemes In which members of
the church congregations are oftentimes
used ua victims are Indulged In by
many ministers as a side line to their
pulpit nark he told the students
Dr Hewitt decried the prevalence of
rrnft annng religious leudeis ax a chief
cause for the dejlclencj in the ministry
of todiy and a menace to the spread
of religion He urged his students to
avoid temptations to graft which be
declared they would meet at eveYy
Remembered the Maine
HAVANA Fob IS The American
colony today observed the eighth anni
versary of tho destruction of the Matao
Flags and wreaths were placed on the
masts of the battleship A visiting
body of the Knights of Columbus partic
ipated In the ceremonies
Tho prisoner who sjys he Is Arthur 1
Smith twnt one jears old a painter
living at the SaUatlon Armv Hotel on <
Chatham Bouorc visited the Pelersteln
jewel v store e3terrHy afternoon but
as setrill customers iere at the coun j
ts left after uskinu for a J150 diamond
Hlj Request Wa Ablurd f
He called again at 220 oclock this
afternoon hovering about the dpor until 1
he saw Mr iVlorstcln go out Then
there vas no one In the shop with Mrs
Felerstein The young man 0hut tha
door carefully tehlnd him and stepping
up to uhe counter asked again for a
1150 diamond rlrg He was told his re
quest was absurd
Then hov mo thoaa diamonds r
eomrnnndp1 poInting to a tray Iff t <
glass case The woman was nlojme p
at his attitude
1 will snow > ou same othersehe r
said She stepped swiftly out front 1I
around thC counter and prang toward i
tliu door < i1
She could not got by her visitor hoVf c
ever who stood between her nnd thei
door and again ordered her to produce
the diamonds Sirs Feleruteln frahtlo i f t
wit i I < nr anil anger throw horselt
upon the thu and clawed his face with
both hands He Caught her by the throat
anl drew forth an Iron barthat ho had
concealed In his coat
Clokln her with oro hand he pound >
cd her hEml ana face with the bludgeon
until she fell unconscious to the floor i
streaming with blood As her assailant V
struck the first blow however she ut
tered a shrill scream 1
Her cry wns heard by Henry Silver
stein who wns standing In the doorway t
of No 316 Broom street opposite thr i
Jowelry store Tha robloer saw hhrn as LeytJ j j
diihed across the street flbanilon d JilsV t
purposjf ctf theft and rushed out of Ued
store dropplnn his weapon on the p3voi +
meit i kf
Saw Wounded Woman 4
Tuirougli the half op ned door B1iv
stein saw the battered countenance of
the woman lying on the floor and 8Ive7i <
the crv of Murder Podlce which1
fast as the words flew was t lt nupj t
bv > coien of men and women 1 t < h
The thug raced toward Christie etre tt
with tno mob at his heels and 8wept w i
i ir
Fifth Aurumaster 710 Colonist 710 place Louis Kraft p 5 t
Fifth Modred 65 Tichiminciq 710 Gauze ft <
Sixth Oak Grove 45 Miss Lingard fllLady Oharadfe 4
fr i
1 t111
I 5 <
The Body of Timothy Williams aged forty of No 303 Ed ej
Eightyfirst street was foimd in the East River at Fortieth
street this afternoon He had been missing since Dec 16
< > I
f t 7
Georgia Lescander forty years old was found dead this i
afternoon in her home at No 232 East One Hundred and Sec r < i
ond street Antonio Angelo fortyeight of the same address f
was arrested on suspicion of being concerned in thewomans
death by the police of th East One Hundred and Fourthstreet >
station The Detective Bureau was notified j
k I Nt
r ti8
> eiI 0 I 1j
111 j t I 11 I

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