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r Y k
Fill I
Says Her Views of Panama
Canal Lawyer Are Really
Too Hot for Printing
Doesnt Expect to Testify in San
Domingo Treaty Inquiry but
Hints of Things She Could Tell
I am pleased to hear that James
P Wallace former Chief Engineer of
the Panama Canal told the Senate
Committee his opinion of William Nel
oon Cromwell I could glvo an opinion
of Mr Cromwell but no one would
print It for It would be too hot
So aid Mrs Ella Rawles Reader
I who arrived today on the Steamship
Panama Sirs Reader who claimed
to have been appointed fiscal agent of
San Domingo before this country In
terested Itself In Domlngan affairs has
been four months In Peru where It Is
Bald she now heads a copper mining
company It was rumored that her
return was to testify before the Sen
ate committee Investigating the San
Domingo treaty but this she denied
Is Not to Testify
They wouldnt want mo to testify
the said tor I am a woman Besides
the have Mr Cromwell to tell them
about It They might put him on the
I stand and he could tell them acme In
teresting facts I have the cards that
would make him tell the truth
lire Reader blames Mr Cromwell for
upsetting hor pleas In San Domingo
She calls him the power behind the
Roosevelt thmno
Mr Reader also wanted to say things
about Mr Cromwell but his wife scan
subdued him by repeated kicks on the
shin bcstncj In tho full view of the
Vo you know ad Mrs Reader
smilingly I dont know whether the
mighty powers will let us land I think
the best way to do is to go straight to
Ludow Street Jail They may want us
there Perhaps however the Emperor
at Washington might not allow us even
t to land Who can tell
r Stopped at Panama
Mr and Mrs Reader In coming from
Peru slopped for n time In Panama She
said she had no doubt of the correctness
of Poultney Ulselova report
It will ijj in norm to ict a light In
down there and Indeed If they do so
1 believe there wll In more brought
out than 1t Illlam No son Cromwell
working IntliMtKO she lOaM
One can gl a very favorable view
of panaru and fc canal work from
the Governors carrojc They have It
newspaper man tere Investisathj In
that nay and he has expressed himself
as perfectly satlsflcd1 1 thlrk they arc
jwHlKUtl with him too
Mr Header Interrupto by saying tho
news tlper man I 10 < 11cve was with
Juilf MCiiel i TonrKPoplcR I
Mrs Keilrr would say not line regard I
Inc her plans as to the Han Domingo I
affair She cxpce to return to Peru
1 i
Points Called for on Banking
Inquiry in Hand but
4 p Alack I Sealed Up
Special to The Evening World
ALBANY N Y Feb 15It was plain
by the action of the Senate today that
the resolution foryan Investigation of
Superintendent of Danks Kllburn will
not In case It Is finally reported by the
Committee on Finance reach tho floor
of the JloJEo for two or three weeks
when opportunity for sandbagging It
will be Improved by tho pressure for In
surance and other reform legislation
LieutQov Bruce who for several
flays has heU the Kilburn charges and
papers ordered from the Governor by
the Finance Committee handed them
down today In a sealed envelope At
e sumo time he produced c telegram
i1rom Chairman Malby of the Finance
Committee stating that he was 111 at
his home In Ogdensburg with grip
In the mean time I Oiut Intend that
any action shall be delayed on my ac
count wired the Senator
In the absence of tho chairman ot the
committee LlcutOov Bruce laid he
would transmit the Governors papers
to the ranking member of the committee
Senator Alldi Ands later loculvcd tho
package but refused to break the seal
I dont want to do anything precipi
tate he said smiling The paper am
in a sealed nvaope and I will have to
i present them that way to the committee
hen will the committee meet Well
Its next regular meeting will be Tues
day of next wcelt
No one in Jew of the open attempts to
delay consideration of the KMburn reso
lution looks for action on the part of
the committee for twt or threp weeks
Thqodds that there will not be an In
WtlRatlon of Kllburn went up today
tromttolto4to1 o
Samuel Geller Held on Accusation
Made for Further Examination
in 1000 Bail
Samuel djlier a brick contractor of
No 367 Osborno street Brooklyn was
arrested early today charged by Max
Katner 4 business rival with the poltxm
tag of two valuable horses
Ratner was engaged on Monday In
carIng snow from Park Row when he
alleges tidier who had followed him
from Brooklyn ehoved two arsenic tab
I lets hi tho feed boss of the horses The
l hones died that night
In tho Contra Street Police Court toe
i toy Gelot Uunlvd the actuation and
aikedfor time to consult n lawyer Mag
istrate Baker grunted the request and
committed Ocher to the TJmba until
Baturiuy In default of 5JQOO ball
RoMtr claim thnt during thopaif
NakQfb lduring wit J1avo
lIOne < L
Albert Smith of Manzi Joyanfj
Co Said to Have
Acted Strangely
Albert Smith who lives wtti his wife
and ilnuylitcc at M > 27 aulon place
Nfiv Rochelle Toa today taken Into
Dell eu e Hospital by Policeman Mc
Cauloy of the Trafno Squad suffering
Cram whnt UV dorters diagnosed as I
paresis Smith was accompanied by L
I > K > n who taitl that he wnsmanjigor for
Mnuzi Joyant Co of No 170 Fifth
Dion said nhnt Smith had held this
position up to Feb 5 at whlh time ho
resigned by telgraphlnsr to the head
quarters of the firm In Parts It was
then dlscoverofthat for tho last four
months he had been purchasing plc
lUres and books In the firma name at
exorbitant prices
He bought seventeen pictures from
one artist and paid 43000 for thorn
which experts agree 1s far In advance
of their real value He Is a > o said to
have purchased a picture fToVn Sherrys
for toPOO the value of which Is not
mro thant JSM
Other strange actions such as order
tog 30000 Worth of books from a Lon
don firm also dencrt > l by Don who
said that Smith who Is forty years old
had been manager for the art firm for
elRlitecn years and had received an
average salary of 10000 per year
It was impossible to keep him In tho
psvohopathic ward without a Magis
trates order and he was therefore sent
to the Yorkvllle Court for commit
ment lie Rave the policeman a tussle
In the hospital grounds before he would
RO but finally departed
Enlisted Men at Fort Totten
Save Post from I
Destruction I
Considerable excitement was caused
at Fort Totten nt Willis Point L I
to < lny by a fire that started In the old
quarters of the captain It was eared
at one time that the entire post would
be destroyed as the flames were blown
straight against the rest of the building
by a gale
file Mazo was discovered by one of
the guards Ilea Smith He gave the
alarm and then tired off his rifle The
fhflt nroiispft the entire jvstnnd In a
moment the j > aa < le ground was filling
with the men The post lire department
Ivan hurriedly culled together and the
lab turned on the big building The
alnd was a gall and tho water had not
the least effect on the tlnderllke cim
btri of Lie structure Luckily the
building was vacant as was the old
headquarters structure near b
In the Licutt limits Iuliaiiii thorn acre
I several priple lceIlla but all were
taken out talilj Tni ilanus prom
with rapidity and when the wind three
I them over against tin next buildings
the men turns all their attention to
cavlnR them 7l was hip and tuk tor
awhile but the scorching walls were
shifted e n ohe d and the wind lucitly
shifted The building was a total loss
The cutiae or the Urn Is not known
hut It is tlicnmht Ir may be spite work
The loss will bo 110000 Tlis ciptiln and
hcadiiiartcra staff hail but Irately moved
out of tho hulldlnss Into new ones
Your Fat
Rengo Fruit Repldly Reduces Excess
Fat Without tho Aid of Tiresome
Exercises or Starvation Diet
RenEO Fruit is a product of South America
and It hu been recently discovered to possess
t 4 r
Tbla Illustration Shows What Bongo Fruit
1U Done In Ute Way ot Reducing Fat
coma vary remarkable properties which will
reduce excess fat and build up the strength
nrjurnr and health or any one who
I cats It regularly for a short
time It is a product of na
ture delicious to the taste
and Bate and harmless In all
Its properties It will not
Injure the digestive organs
as 10 nvmy drugs and medi
cine do
Reno Fruit will positively
reduce surplus fat rapidly
T and do so without harm to
the subject It Is very palatable and picas
ant to eat It Is prepared In a highly con
centrated form and Is convenient to oirry
In the pocket 10 one can have It with him
at all times
ercleesoor Fruit requires no exhausting ex
ercises or starvation dieting to help It out
as so many of the socalled fat remedies
do You can go right ahead and attend to
your regular dally duties It compels proper
assimilation of the food and sends the food
nutriment Into the muscles bones and nerves
and builds them up Instead of piling It up
In the form ot excess fat It Is not n med
iolno la any tonne of the word but a mild
pleasant harmless fruit put up In concen
trated form In small packages for conven
< enco
If you suffer from excess fat send your
name and address today for a trial package
of Rengo Fruit mailed free In plain wrap
per 1111 out tree coupon below
If you Buffer from excess fat all you
have to do U tin In your namft end ad
dress on dntttd hose below and mall to
AUUUHTA lMIClCOand they will mal
In plain rapper free a tral racing
i tN NI Il
hr f 1 y 1 r
e AVE2111 Z2DSTREETS f jl r
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F Distribution
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l y I
7Y r 4

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