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i ffcr the Press Publishing Cotnpanr No CJ to 83 Park Row Hew r
Bat wed at tha PoatOfflce at New York as 8ecf pdClass Mall Matt
iII0 NO 10249
i VOHJME40 e
< tl l 1
i The trustees of the City dub
i t have decided to oppose the passage
r lof the Elsberg Rapid Transit bilL
i For what reason
JiZrS The measure has hitherto had the
j i clubs support and still deserves it I
t if the club is living up to its charter
The Elsberg bill is citybenefit
legislation of a kind which it is pe
culiarly the function of the City
Club to promote It was framed
by the Citizens Union and has bee
s favored by most publicspirited bod
a cty u ies the Reform Club the Central
federated Union and the Peoples Institute among them which see in it
the only form of practical relief from the encroachments of the traction
r monopoly
7ft 1 < j Why has the City Club suddenly god over to the other side
1 1 i For the avowed reason that the necessity under the bill of separate I
tontracts for the construction and operation of projected subways would
I A work to the injury of the travelling public
iAnd because the city financially unable to build new subways and
private capital presumably RyanBelmont capital must be appealed to
i > What are the motives behind the published reasons It was charged
i1if iome time ago that the club is undergoing a gradual change of com
< plexion nits membership to align it with the Ryan interests Can this
< charge be true
wy Can there have been a substantial basis of fact in the statement
pfnade by a World correspondent of the highest character and credibility
a < It year ago that while the club is ready to denounce all forms of minor
I graft excise evils gambling police venality it has become strangely
j silent on questions of the greater graft of quasUpublic corporations the
< most dangerous and insidious form of public plunder
r j 1 Was the Clubs underlying sentiment onJhe Remsen gas bill voiced
lJnthe indorsement given that iniquitous measure by a trustee andby a
former president
Silence was bad enough If in its place there 1s to be outspoken
antagonism of the public welfare the dub is masquerading under a fate
k pretense It is belying its name and disguising st harmful obstruction
i > under an appearance of public service
The Banking Inquiry continues to halt In the State Senate The Insurance
4jl prosecutions continue unborn In the offices of the AttorneyGeneral and the
l DistrictAttorney Its all meat anyhow said the man who found a mouse
la his soup i
f < < Health Commissioner Darlington tells the AMermanic Committee
onSalanesthat analyzed sample ofI cgminunion Wine and found it
jt to consist of hard cider wood alcofibl and coloring matter
WOOd alcohol Its apoisori Not long ago a number of personswere
° killed in this city by drinking whiskey economically constructed on a
wood alcohol basis I Communion wine made of wood alcohol prob
t ably kills few persons because so little of it is taken into any one stom
e ach but it does show tMgreedqfthe poisoners
F < rT Dr Darlington wants money and men for a more extended cam
P against impure foods That is all the city can do that much it
should do What Uncle Sam can and should do is to frame a national
f food law that shatlst the traffic in a1ooholltwlne
pure Jaw stop wood alcohol wine pow
dered talc sugar turnip raspberry jam and things that are much
c I
> Wprse
f Congressmen t are human They will take pure food bills more seri
r ously when he people who elect them become awake to their own
danger If you do not want to eat and drink much cheating rubbish and
occasionally a little poison write and ten your Congressman so
giU Eor Tlgjt
is iTHE NEW ftff s 1l I l nnnn H 00 His Seventh Case 3p Ja r 00 0 r s r n
Ifl f aE DE TECT7 UE Martin Hewitt InvestigatorHis THETORTOISECLUE oo Author of ° Tales of Mean Streets I
l Martin Hewitt a Srflltont pri
I r vate detective irtth unique meth
t f od 13 the hero of these ad l
rv Centura Brett recounted bull friend
i The Murder
W EAl HT negro named B mean
fl bad been Sound murdered in his
rooms on the top floor at a new
At apartment bouse near the National
c Gallery He bad been an eccentric
savage Jokeloving man of whom little
was known and who had annoyed other
tenants by his frequent noisy sprees
I Rameau had been murdered ata his
room and thee body had in ta P most
unaccountable fashion been secretly
f removed from the premises
The strongest possible suspicion
t tpolntedto a man who had been em
ployed in shoveling and carrying coal
J > cleaning window and chopping wood
for several of the buildings and who
i a had left that very Saturday The crime
Jl tiftfl in fact been commlbted with this
niane chopper and the man himself
had been hard again and again to
threaten nameau Wholn his brutal
I fashion had made a butt of him This
inan was a Frenchman Victor Goujon
I Jiy name who had lost his employment
JIB a watchmaker by reason of an In
I jury to his right hand which destroyed
I u Its steadiness and so he had fallen
f c Jipon evil days and odd jobs
I 4 1 There V38a tortoise living in the
I Cc fssement of whleih Goujon had made
rather a pet and the negro would ome i
I Ii times uBet1lI animal as a missile fUnG
I l qnr it at the little Frenchmans head
1Z0l1ono such occasion the tortoise struck
J > J the wall BO forcibly as tto break its shelf
l and then Goujon seized a shovel and
I 4 ii I rushed at his tormentor with such blind
ct Jury that the latter made a bolt of It
Goujon after correspondence with a
i j relative In Franco who offered him
4 + work Cave notice to leave which ex
i pired on the day of the crime At about
1 3 sick that afternoon a housemaid
proceeding toward lamas rooms met
r R Quinn as be was going away Goujon
her go3by and pointing in the
tIOn ot Bameaua room ldec
l slate isU ba BO nor of the
i t 1 P r C0i ii
black pig for me Vlt Mm Iave done
CorZutt I mock me of im B will
ever tracasMr ms no muse And he
went away
The girl wen to the outer door of
Uuneaua rooms knocked and got no
reply Concluding that the tenant was
out ahe was about to use her keys
when she found that the door was un
locked She passed through the lobby
and Into the sittingroom and there
fell in a dead faint at the sight that
met tttr eyes Raxneau lay with his
back across the ota and his bead
Cooping wJthta an inch of the ground
On the head was a fearful gash and
below it wa a pool of blood
The girl must hare lain unconscious
for about ten minutes When she came
o her senses she dragged herself terri
flog from the room and up to the
housekeepers ajmrtments where being
an excitable and nervous creature the
only screamed lluntor and Immedi
ately fell in a fit of hysterics that lasted
threequortera of an hour When at lost
she came to herself abe told her story
and the hall porter having been sum
moned Ibuneaus rooms were again ap
The blood stun lay on the floor and
the chopper with wtotch the crime bad
evidently been committed rested against
the fender but the body had vanished
A search was at once made but no
trace of It could be aeen iunrwhor It
seemed Impossible that It could have
been carried out of the buttling for the
hall porter must at once have noticed
anybody leaving with so bulky a burden
Still In tbo building It was not to be i
When Howltt was Informed of these
things on Monday the police were ol
course still In posscuaion of Raiueaus
rooms Inspector Nettings Hewitt was
told was In charge of the case and OB
the inspector WWI en actrunlntanoo of
his atd was then dn the rooms upstairs
Hewitt went up to see him
Nettings was pleased to see Hewitt
and Invited him to look around the
rooms Perhaps you can spot some
thing we have overlooked he sold
though Its not a case there can bo
much doubt about
iou think Ho Goujon dont rout
Think Well rather Look here As
soon an we g9t hero on Saturday wo
ftyima tbto piwo ot PSSKW and pin on tha
< < J itt1 JJi l c
rn r r i rTM S e
i t d tl q fh Y T r ail g ni a rtti e idl 1 MT rY
4VfJ < BV Campbell Cory <
s iI
> nw r
I a
fr R
q r NE N1E fyfL
r i r
1v c If
Letters from the People > tl Answers to Questions
Ilanband Calls Her Mr Na
To tha Edith of This Evealnr World
I would like to ask readers opinion
of my husband We have saved a little
money He puts It in the bank in ills
name Ho has promised to have my
name put on the book too but does
not do It He says it does not mace
any difference and that I would get
the money If anything happened to
I him I am making a determined effort
that ho Shall do It now and for that
ho calls me Mrs Nagg I am a care
ful economical woman I make all my
dresses trim my hats also malte his
shirts and do my own baking and cook
Ing so I consider I do my snare of sav
ing the money WIFE Jersey City
Solves the lIore Problem
To the Editor of The Evening World
In answer to your correspondent who
asks how to divide 17i horses among 3
I people giving the first 12 the second 13
I ii I k
1 4 1 f
I Terrible thing for my property I Terrible
floor Wo showed It to the housemaid
8pd then she remembered was too
much upset to think of It before Uiat
when she was in the room the paper
was lying on the dead mans dhost
pinned there evidently It must have
dropped oft when they removed the
body Its a case of halfmad revenge
on Ooujona port piUntly See Jt
you read French dont you
The paper was a plain large bait
sheet of notepaper on which asoa
tsnco ta Ill age letradl
W f
Ink In a large clumsy hand thus
Punt par un vengeur do la tortue
punt par un vengeur do la tortue
Hewitt repeated muslnsly Punished
by an avenger of the tortoise That
aeems odd
Well rather odd But you under
stand the reference of course Have
they told you about Ilameaus treat
mont of Qoujona pet tortoise
Have you seen OoujonT
Well no we havent Thorn seems
r4oWas J fOmtt7III that
and the third IJ let liim borrow a horse
from his neighbor which would give him
IS horses Then he could give No 1 9
horses No 2 6 horses and No 3 2
horses thus distributing his seventeen
horses After whloh he could return the
borrowed horse to his neighbor COme
again or 23
Staten Island
Says Sklddoo Is Greek
TO the Editor of Tb Erenlnit World
In regard to the origin of the slang
nut I expect to have him by this uua
tomorrow fier comes Sir Styles the I
landtord I
Mr Styles was ft thin querulous and
wlUiercd looking little manVho
twitched his eyifcrbws aa ha spoke In
short jerky phrases
No news t 6 Inspector ehi eht
Found out nothing else slit Terrible
thing for mr ptppertyterrlible Whos
your trend r °
Nettings tntroduotft Hewitt
Zhockiag thktlt tined Z
+ it Y M1
0 l J T 41 r Itjji r
I word SkIddoo I < would say that k Is
a corruption of the Imperative form of
the Greek verb Skedao meaning to
scatter disperse or run away quickly
A number of along il rds current In
ibis country and In England but espe
cially ta the latter axe derived from
the Sanscrit Greek and Latin tnngues
But why those dead languages should
be the parents of along is a mysterious
question which certainly requires some
elucidation niCHAKD B BROWN r
ii junjxrL rujiiunrL > uiuiuLirLr iLHJii < > iiWMM > nrt
A rrIhlet Comes of liavift anything to
do with these bloodthirsty foreigner
oht New buildings arid allcharacter
rnlnod No one oottto to lava hare now
di < fenantenoloy ntUevamueereQ
by my own eorvwUS = terrible You
corned anY culnlon eh T
I down Bay I might If I went into
tho cats
Tea yoo rams opinion aa Inspector1
chT I mean on opinion of pour owfT
The old msa eoraUnlMd > HewiUB fade
d1 Arlya n
F i r
fi e It A j
EnE Is a genuine scene of carnage
HERB miniature reproduced from the
Scientific American The picture
Is enlarged to the size the same trill ap
pear through a powerful magnifying
claw It shows a short section ot rose
atom covered with the tiny rose
aphis or ant ccnve One of those aphl
das has Just been attacked by a sUng
Irg fly The plump little aphis > says the
Scientific American look like hybrids
between a verdant goat and a green
pig and they get anout much like over
fat swine Their Inactivity permits
them to be readily attacked and their
only attempt at defense la in wagging
their bodies from side to side which
sometimes for a moment disconcerts
the parasite fly
Babies arrived recently In the homes of twin sisters living within a blooU f
of each other In Colgan street Louisville There was but fifty efx minutes dif
ference In the time of the births
v A
Gent to bed in punishment for a little naughtiness some days ago which lit
transpired later he did not commit Harry Ambler a fourteenyearold Londcs
boy hanged himself
Any city wtojoh does not appear periodically In the papers may be looms
upon as dead nowadays and therefore Algeclroa may be considered 10oJDeflh
oaken place Only twIce hIllS H made any noise in the history jot the wortS Xt
Rare first occasion was In 1S44 when It withstood a Ions siege by Alfonso Xt 4 >
Castile and the second was on July 8 1801 when a British squadron under BISj
James Saumarez entered Algeclraa Bay to cut out tho French fleet moored theirs
tinder Admiral Llnois For over a hundred years Algeclros has slept In peace t
row It Is once more being toUred of as the town in which the Morocco Conference
ence la to be held
Bares one of the The roster
oddest photographs < a Mississippi 4srl
y Oollcso bsassj
over taken It Is a ova a t
4 the name of WUUasa
snapshot of a trick u V
dog leaping over af
two chairs and has t 3k seventy ball I
caught Mm at thd R y his college e fl
very acme of the tip Woo
jump Compare the
dogs position with t James lrne
that of ordinary a rr e d eigbtyBrcij
drawn pictures of S completed In Sepal
leaping animals end tember tbs waBB
you wilt observe from Now York tg
bow false is the tries Des Uoineo Uwi
tM average person f while ta that aam3
baa of the way a i 1 month E B Bar j
jumping beast looks rett eoventynlnSsJ
The usual drawings c of Wichita Ka4
display far more i climbed Pikes XtR
strenuous action making the round
tau Is shown In t trip In twentyda
this photograph a hours
Logan Township Michigan has produced the prize bridegroom in Georg r
Slntan who at ninetyeight and with six grandchildren baa Just wedded Sf
Miss Maud Love aged thirtyfour
Traced by the Impression of his teeth in a half eaten apple left ta a house
at Baste Switzerland a burglar has confessed and been sentenced
TMs the last win and testament of me John Thomas read a recently y
filed document In Montreal I give all my things to my relations to be dlWdefij
among them the best way possCfo Nl is1e Unyboily kicks w a row TW Iso t
to have anything
In a lawsuit at Aberdeen Wash over e horse whose death the owner at
trlbuted to a man who hnd hired It the Court Cc Writ tilt animal d commltteai
nuicid i J
1 t 1
a 1
< >
A t
top There Js no drivers seat he camels being guided by
If youd like me to look Into the
matter Hewitt began
EM Oh look into Itl Well I cant
commission you you know matter for
the police Mischiefs done Police
doing very welL I think must be Gou
Jon But look about the place certainly
If you like It you see anything likely
to serve my interests ten me and
andfjerhops TU employ you efc eat
Good afternoon
Tho landlord vanished apd the In
enactor laughed Likes to sea what
hes buying does Mr Styles lie said
HeWitt first Impulse wes to walk out
of the place at once But his interest
In the case bad been roused and he de
termined at any rate to examine the
rooms and this he did very minutely
By the side of the lobby was 4 bath
room dad m this was fitted a UPuP
wash basin which Howltt inspected
with particular attention Then he
called the housekeeper and made In
quiries about Koraeaus clothes and
linen The housekeeper could give no
idea of how many overcoats or how
much linen he hart had He had All a
negros love of display end was contin
ually buytng now clothes which In
deed were tying banging littering and
choking UD the bedroom In all direc
tions The housekeeper however on
Hejwltfa inquiring after such a gar
ment particular did remember one
heavy black ulster which Hameau had
very rarely worn only In the coldest
After the body was discovered
Hewitt oeed the housekeeper was
any stronger observed about the place
whether carrying anything or not
No air the housekeeper replied
Theres been particular Inquiries about
that Of course after wa knew what
wee wrong alidthe body was gone no
body woa seen or hed have been
stopped But the hall porter says hoo
certain no stranger came or went tor
half aa hour or more before that tha
time about when + the housemaid sonr
the body and fainted
At tils moment a clerk from the
landlords offloo arrived and handed
Netting a paper Here you era imta
Nettings to Hewitt thoyvo found a
specimen of Qoujons hanamritlns at
tacit U youd UketoaoolL I dont
want ttl Im mot a arapbologlai ana
ISe essote afear caoagti tt tan ts4y
= t
a <
about as1 speedo ask
a Fifth jirenji i
stage and nearly 1l
up to date It la atF
camel omnibus In
uSe In they nilcanir
dl trlctof India
Camels con movo
at a good rata
through sand that
would swamp a
liorse Also they go
longer without wa j
ter draw a heaviet
weight and peahens
more endurance
They are used foi
ploughing as wen ta
for other dmrorttS
purposes The baa
carries all Its pay
Benders luggage 0 eI
native poaUitott
Hewitt took the paoer TWo
said is a different sort of hand9rltlB
from that on the paper Ins red 5
note about the avenger of the tcrtcfe
Is In a rude large clumsy
style of wrlttaar This la assail
and well formed except 2ss X ttSj
trifle shaky probably becaaso = of i a
band Injury > r
Thats nothing oontcnabd N
Well mid Hewitt paIha I
out well se lleanttaa = tnmtES
the landlords cl trt VoisiKy 703
be good enough to tell CBS one or tm
things Have you a Eft in the btndr
Only for coals end heavy pjwesfe
Goujon axed rto work It sometimes eplss
up and down in It himself wltiit
and so omit goes Into the W
And are the coals 1CGlllt u r tth
c Ii
buUdlngf 1 rih tl
yo The store torY IIb01 e r
Is under the next two hxrasus ilhaba
menu communicate yM1v
Do yo Icnom Ilameaus othectunsse i
Cesar Ram eau ha signed l >
ent C Jt
Did he ever mention hie ttontis
No That la to say he dldaayoomM
thing tine day irten ho TVUO veiytkutt
oourae as11 Borne W
but of course It wu alI rot F
told him tto make each d rash ±
was a beastly tenant and ho said he
was the beet man tntbe place and ml
brother iwoa TTIme tnl cr
sorts of things More drunken ennil < il
never heard of his saying awt htD Jr ej
elble about rotations Wa know Ltbtc
Ins of his connections Ji tammoyazd rt
on a banker Mfermoe < y i s f
Hewitt turned to tbo D pMto
You dont offer < u oplnlojl es c t
1 > > removed latm eaus baywit U 1
I think I know i L p T
Who W481t tbcnr J >
Come try and guess that t = u e
It wasnt OoujonS I dont zattilih b I >
you know teat But it yasAJmi a
quit within your Jls owIS de at I tit
case Youve iaeotfoBa the Iii
name more than onoe kciMfI
Nettlnea ctarisd < X lsit
understand you In the lout tat c e
nut of m 8 > yem WN i
tpWt Jtt
myotorioua parson 1 <
having moved the led MIO 1
murder < sum e rt
r tie > tilt c
c C
1riijk i 1lI rii
= yp 7r

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