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Johnny Doeherty Only
KShortest Burglar That
Was Ever Measured
The Pewee Crook Proud of His
I Record as a House
i Breaker
Tills the Court that He Is Sorry
Only Because He Was
Tho smallest boy burglar ever meas
I ured Troa today arraigned III tho
Morrianla Court and sent to the
Juvenila Court for trial Ha tt John
Doeherty tho fourteenyearold eon of
Patrick Doherty general foreman of
the Edison Electric Light Companys
4 pant on Duane street living at No
anT Third avenue
JoDm is three feet six Inches tall and
trould whirl away like a chip In a big
wind He was arraigned with his con
federate John SteloJwr a lad of
eighteen who rises to a lanky altitude
of fix foot Stelchera home Is at No I
CSS East One Hundred and Sixtyninth
street The two boys were arrested
early today while committing their
fourth burglary on Brook avenue Held
I up At the point of a revolver by the
tauter they were robbing they were
bound together with ropes and detain
ed for the police
The lilliputian burglar has an eaton
tJhjDS record in which he gtrle Wh a
eleven years old he was sent to the
Oithotlc Protectory for burglary and
remained there until six months ago
Panning last December the little chap
and bis tall partner have committed
cooreB of burglaries
Well ulpped with Jimmies
Ttoough the young burglars were
equipped with Jimmies and other bur
glars tools they rarely used them
They got Into the homes and stores of
their victims by the etepladder method
Etetcher was little Johnnys stepladder
Gtan Inc before the door of a store the
I tall youth would mount upon his com
panions shoulders and climb through a
fanlight Once inside he would open
up the placo and the pair would gather I
their plunder
This Is what they did at the barber I
shop of James Bracco No 153 Brook
avenue early today But they were
Bo eager to scrape up the last penny in
Bracoos till that their hands tremblST
and they drbpped It The barber sleep
in the back room hopped out of bed
oaugnt up his 43callbre Navy revolver
and sprang for the burglars
Looking Into the muzzle of the hnntl
cannon the boys flung up their hands
Then Bracco tied them together with a
clothesline and telephoned to the police
Before getting Into tno barber shop the
young criminals had looted the cigar
and candy store of Henry Ooldfelder at
No 1603 Brook avenue adjoining Brac
oos place the grocery store of Herman
Levy at No 1471 Brook avenue and the
confectionery store of Joseph Goldberg
I In the same building
TViicn searched In the Troraont avenue
elation a varied assortment of plunder
tone found In the boys clothing TJiure
WS 123 In money cigars candy gro
ceries razor and lather brushes
Calls It a Dub Haul
This was e dub haul em = ked th < s
Doeherty boy to the police and we
were bum actors to set caught
When the strangely matched oah were
arraigned In court the little fellows ohln
did not reach the ratline befora She
Magistrate while his companion towered
abovo the court attendants Duohcrtj
was very nattily dressed in a blue stilt
of bloomer knickerbockers and Norfolk
jacket a hUrh turned down collar a
postage stamp hat that set lie a plaster
on his shock of red hair and laced pat
ent leather ehoes He took his arrest
very nonchalantly and told of earlier
burglaries with svelllne pride
Its tough for a little fellow like you
to be sent away said Magistrate
k Crane Dont you feel sorry
Yes I guess Im sorry Judge re
ponded ilr Pewee Jrsorry fer
being INch a mat aa ter get caught
But Ive turned oft lots of tricks ilk
that even before they sent me to the
Catholic Protectory They got the drop
on one then and cent me off and I guess
theyve got the drop on me again
The Court notified the little dhaps
parents about his predicament and had
Mm cent to the Children Society
rooms to be held for the Childrens
Court The older boy was held for the
Grand Jury In 1000 ball He seemed
not In the least affected and dhewed
tobacco as If It were his only concern
In life
PARIS Fob 15 Countess Bonl de
Cuatellone Is reported to be now In Bier
rlts In far Southwestern France with
her children So there will be no furI
thor communication between her anl
her husband for the present at leas
as she Is said to Intfend to remain theN
uitil her suit for separation Is nnlshsO
It Is further asserted that she will
SOIl her costly mansion near the Bois
> < Boulopnt and other real estate In
and near Paris being ready to sacrll i
tip property If need be to get It off he
hnrds I
Practice makes perfect In the play
ing of any game To surprise your
friends is an expert with the cue
get cne of the billiard or pool tables
offered at your own price and
term of payment through the
For Sale columns of The Vorld
Today Every Dayl Any Day
Greater New York Will Be
Well Represented in Big
Louisville Contests
Talk of the national tournament to
be held by the American Bowling Con
gress at Louisville March 1727 Is Just
now one of the most Important themes
among bowlers nnd It seems probable
that Greater New York will be repre
sented by several toms
For a time It eeemeJ uncertain
whether entries from this section would
be received as no steps had been taken
which would permit New York bowlers
to compete The New York Boniling
I Association by the unanimous vote of
delegates decided eocno weeks ago to
affiliate with the National organization
but there the matter dropped until
President Cllngen and Charles II
Ehbots president of the Eastern Alley
Owners Association recently got to
gether and took decisive action
They with others drew up a list of
thirty clubs and elected delegates and
alternates to the Congress as required
by the rules of the A B C It Is now
possible for bowlera Intending to enter
the Individual and two and livemen
team events at loulsvllla to forward
their entries to Secretary H F Smith
era of the Louisville Bowling Tourna
ment Aasoditfcm Such entries houl3
I be sent In at once
Among the trongen team to replit
Brooklyn at the national tournament will be
that now being organized at the Suporba
Charle II Ebbets Henry Medlcui and Bert
and W W Millar will be of tha team to be
further strengthened by a fifth bowler ot
prominence not yet selected The four
named will compete In the three tournament
From Newark Lee R Jcrhn will take the
Tuxedo flvema team that has made such
n good record In the Eastern and Interstate
leagues KM well as In minor tournaments
It will be a great surprise If several prlie
do not fill to these good bowler
T J Riddel ot the BrunswickBalke
r Oollender Company M a itronx team In
view and from several prominent alleys
g fI
team will be mule up Otto Haiti and
George Hailer mil form the neuclu of a
tem being organized by W Conies of the
Grand Central Brooklyn
Betides the team coin to LcuiJYllle for
the tournament event there will be a xood
number of bowler Wbo will remain there foe
the big match fames to follow It baa been
decided by the DBC Company who lay
the alleys to permit them to ramaln In the
bill Armory for a week after Cia toumsraent
On these new and neutral alley some of the
mot Important match game erer rolled In
America will be decided and thouoaad of
dollar will be won and lost In bets
Jimmy Smith with a partner yet to be
selected mt there bowl two l the bet
bowler In Chicago Smith alto rolling
ar > lnt the bet man Chicago can produce In
n Individual content Other sections of the
country Trill probably be also represented
there In similar ctntest
Winners Set Fast Pace
Bowler In the Greater New York Indl
Tidual championship struck a hot pace In
the came rolled on three alk31 law mxnt
Johnny Nelson v i5iln 235 if the Unl
cereal Brooklyn John KoMcr i23 at the
Albion VMt Twentythird street and Fred
Bnlnott 341 at the Brooklyn Palace the
three proving easy winner
There weee111z31 crowds at all the alley
aa tM tournament having several features
of match contest bowline Is one that brine
together twelve rood bowlers on as many
different alVeya and ex far lIu the em < u
bowline aklll foe tias ome championship
At the Universal Nelson met hi old rival
Jimmy Smith and the little Dans who has
Always made mod score on thee ally
fairly outdid hlmxelf in winning mjc out of
233 and
seven games win an average of
hlrh score of 279 The oore
elaon2aT m 21V 3 > C 3S 223 278
rotala pin 1849 Average 2MT7ni
Smith 182 rca 228 102 174 210 SOS
rttal pins 1401 Average boo 11
At the Brooklyn False Fred B Bhott won
After Announcement of Sched
ule ToNight National League I
Magnates Will Go Home
This Is getanray tay for the baseball
men of the big and little leagues and
tonight all the business of the spring
meeting will have been cleaned up Dome
of the leaguers started for i Iane today
The Americans who have been holding
forth at the Fifth Avenue Hotel prac
tically finished their work yesterday
but a short session was held this after
The National Leaguers gathered at the
Victoria at noon Gerry Herrmann of
Cincinnati being the only one missing
He went home this morning and Ned 1
JUnlon the new manager of the Cin
cinnati Club sj long with the Brooklyn
team followed him early In the after
Te representatives of the Joint
Rules Committee who held a meeting
In the WaldorfAstoria lust night were
ready to report some minor changes
In the rules that have bean agreed
upon No cbangea of consequences
have been or will be made In the rules
The Nationals have held to their de
termination to stand pat on the rules
as they were bat season There re
no deals reported during the morning
and It Is not expected there will be
any startlers In that respect The Na
tional Board of the minor leagues con
tinued their session at the Imperial
Hotel this afternoon and will finish
up today The Board has had forty
different cases of disputes and claims
between clube and players to adjust
In a number of cases the players ap
peared In nersom The giving out of
the National League schedule tonlgfht
will wind up the baseball pow wow
along Broadway until the end of next
Special to The Evening World
City Park entries for tomorrow are as
FIRST RACE Seven furlong selling
The ixm 7 112
Ohorlie Dlckson 109
Daenport IOU
Mary Worth 107
Taplolft 107
Southampton 107
Captain Johnson 100
Jlenry of Frantamar104
nrntilos 1et 104
Ureal 101
harvest rim 101
Plllcr 101
SECOND RACE Sieeplecha e short course
Ohio Python King 150 160
Malcolm M 142
Custus 132
Ilnlmai 132
lloit Man 132
THIHD CEOno mil selling
The Trifler 109
Dunfcannon 10U
Pnrnaata 100
Trepan 104
Jack Adams 108
t 11 = 1
Fox Hunting 100
Algonquin 104
Economist 101
DtlcoriM GO
LJeber Oon
Canobride tt
OCutaJa Biiili
t i <
six out of taven genies The scores wen us
elhoff2l17 sis aj sin 278 213 234
Total Dins 1097 average 241
George HaJler lln m 193 201 24 181
Total tins 1385 average 189 27
John Kortr 4 1k5 Albion alleys far bet
nK = j tJi
tee than owner Jimmy Watt and won alx I
straight gaines The Korea
Kosttr 111 212 201 1O > 224 102 Total
dn 134O average 223 13
WAttlTO 181 170 180 S22 173 TOUl
vms 1 102 nvence 188 13
HelBcenbuttel Shoots High
There Is to be a wtnU lot of trouble soon
la the way of match contests at the Broad
way Myrtle avmue Ittvartwnv Urook
IITI llAnajcr John Hcfcvtnbuttel of thesa
alloys evident hu eucnethcnic up he sleeve
ellen he epealcs err contKuntlv c the re
= nb W rt8
501 In otalirnrlnc John Voortxis for the In
dlrtaual chtunpdorahlp of the crater city
ana also threatens to produce a flv vnxnen
team that nut tmt tile Llbrrtls who re
centlr took the championship from the Mon
arch In the beat two oat of three series of
r am only waiting for the Voorheta and
Smith contest to be Mttled sail Mr lId
oentMUtel this morning to challenge the
wJcuer tin behalf of a bowler who I am
willing to Leek uralmt either Voorneli or
Hmih for n cool bit of moneT Who Oil
bowler Is I am not prejruwd eru Mate but
the fact that he baa ethown me enough to
bank him for KOn or more If desIred inside a
side MIlks must be rorardtJ a a good In
Sojtlon of mv intentions
As to the match contest of the fivewomen
teams I txllcve I con find enough food
material among the clubs bowling at the
Projulnay to defeat the Liberty team that
baa demonatrated Its ability to defwt the
Uonarrtu and the wieners have commanded
mv r < cct as a len1 < < nan and one Inter I
tfHfi In bowling This Main taw been
nearly > el cted and the challeox wilt soon
be issued I
High Scores In This Tourney
Etelit bowler In the Eastern flvejnen
championship have avenuree ahoy SOU a
recunl prubnUy unequal In any tccrcs
ment In America Their namea with the
number of came rolled and eoores follow
< tarr Metropolitan 24 215 Smith Sylvan
Shlman 11 ilj Algonquin Voorhels Mfrninrslde P7 liar SOS
lem Circle 27 203 Welnjrarth Tuxedo 34
301 Johns Tuxedo 24 100 Roedel Her
lem Circle 27 OX
Hlzii team scores are held by the fol
Ibvrtn Harlten circle 11SH Oriental
1 ISO Sylvan 1111 Boat team average
one series llarlem Circle 100313 Best
nldlvldual average one aeries llartrloon
roo The contest for first place between team
In this league is very close the leaders
with nines won and lost being as follows
Sylvan 184 Corinhtlan ISIl Harlem
circle 247 Metropolitan 177 Tuxeao
The Sylvan and Algonquin teams meet
tonieSt and tomorrow nlfht the sched
ule brine together the Metropolitan and
Mornlncslde In whicn Starr and Voorhelj
nlll ujraJn strive for championship honor
Said Among Bowlers
Kid Cadleu of the Monarch Palace seems
to have struck his rail In the Colonial
National tournament Tn chthte baa a
high average of SOU 12 1 Sinclair ot the i
Polo team Is aecond with an average of
a a e
Billy LInden has postponed the opening
of his new ten alleys at Broadway and
NlartyHtlxUi street to Thursday Feb SU
when he will have several special features
ot unusual Interest A threeccrnomd ewes
between the crack Tuxedos of Newark and
picked fivemen teams of Manhattan and
Brooklyn Is telne considered among other
C e S
Kid Sarmwla th boy phnxm at the
Harlem Circle baa a match contest In a i
borne and home series with Kid Drown at
Kruse alleys Atlantis and Jerome avenues
East New York each contest to be of rive
jrame total pins to count The flirt eerie
will be rolled at Harlem Clrce Sunday night
ADd the second at Kruscs alleys the week
Slacker of the Albion went up to the
Riverside to ascertain if there were any
ducfcDla bowler around the One Hundred
and TirentyflfCi street section Steve
Cheicsts won 123 In a side bet of one series
beet four out of seven game and S10 more
In winning wo series of best two out of
tires S
The Corinthians have butt tram SCOT of
063 In the Colons National Tournament at
LohTtoock Smokers One Hundred and
Besond street and Columbus avenue ° W
Oerdea Hawthorne has hlch iullvidual
SOOTB at 231
Two vtrr interesting owrti sos Seem
ian In the Greater f w tort Individual
ChiunpionxSlp Tourney J nltftt Bert
Allea meeting John Kccter at the Grand
Central Broojelyn at B oclock axil Johnny
Ntlson rolling arainat Otto Hdltaa at the
UcUenal at U oolooi
nalmeda M
Tan W
tnmTH RACE One mile eelllof
Merry Acrobat log
Tnron 100
Iole 104
Amberlta 104
suzanne itccamora 104
WeberField 101
Plo Lee TO
TOckford DO
Firm Ooldle IIACS Selling eiven furlongs 89
Locheoll 112
I Incubator iin
Turran 100
Willie Newcomb im
Alcantara JSj
Falkland I 109
Twenty Shot
Bronro Wine 104
Thistle heather loa
Adaro 101
Eiterjoy 101
John Garner 101
Clover Hampton W
LJmertck GIrl 00
SIXTH RACE Purse six furlongs
Grenade 129
Monocorder 107
Kargui 103
lucy Young 102
nrlcaBmc 05
SEVENTH RACE Belling seven furlongs
DoUlndlan 110
Double Ill
Freebooter 10O
St TAmmany 100
Daring W
Granada B4
Glrxrd 01
Begonia BO
Apprentice allowance
Special to The Evening World
Fair Grounds entries for tomorrow are
as follows
FJJtdT RACE Six furtonn Sure Jf00
I ottars Maid 110
Mordella no
The Kalns 118
rentan lia
OAHarct 112
Frank Rice 115
Trlnle Silver 110
Ponoa 112
Lady phil as
Kings Oem m
Teddy Drookwood 112
Katherine L XI 02
Water Pansv 112
Ma < lle Leeber IV112
SECOo1 nACE3lx furlongs purse 1400
no oro Win 100
Alicia VVVV 110
Dusky 110
Trossachs 110
nnciilrlan 07 I
v c cicm S
Maverick 112
COj1nmor J10
Hyacinth 100
Elastic 115
Pancreatic Jig
THIIW RACEFour furlong Selling
tWoymrOld 400
Weather Vane 112
King Leopold
Oulen Saiie I H2
Retlaw I ° 5
Helmuth I 92
Helen Lucas 110
Dorothy M ill
Salviao 100
Waek Knom1 m
ILrI1 selling WJO seventy
Port Worth 110 I
Canyon 00
Ralnland 100
Kickshaw 111
Joe LMo er 25
Marvin Veal 100 I
Hickory Comers 811
n1l1 RACEFive turJonn 107
John Kirby Ur 8000
Usurj 108
HlBh Shiner lg
Perfect 108
Frank Kenney II
RIoter Hill 111
Vanneu In
SIXTh nACEOn and 111
mtl2i maiden Balling zoo onealxttenth
c1tOpuee 102
Jim Collins
I 102
Maggie Dorlon I
Saul Dorothy Dodd lOT
pthtr Pride
Mr tVhttaa 1
> 10
OlKroan I
= fs8os l0e
l C
Sixth Avenue Jeweller
Is Unable to Appear
Against Assailant
Women Screamed as Max
Jacobs Was Beaten on
Crowded Street
Max Jacobs who was attacked bru
tally beaten and robbed by throe thugs
as ha wn leaving his Jewelry store at
No 4S7 Sixth avenue was too severe
ly Injured to njnjfear In court today
against the only one of his assailants
who was captured
Hr Jacobs mas leaving his store at
9 oclock last nlgtit when ho tras ot
mcked With him were Mrs MsKamee
enter niece Miss Mary Quinn of No
Kl West Flftypfth street Qfr Jacobs
had turned to lock the door and the
two women had preceded him tg the
street Just as he turned the key In
th lock three men approached Without
a word of warning one of them struck
the Jeweller a heavy blow Just under
the ear He staggered from the force
of It and tho other two men Jumped
to his side Ho thought they were going
to help him when one of them took hb
arm and asked If he were hurt
T > ien the first man struck Mr Jacobs
again this time squarely In the mouth
As the ether two were holding him he
was powerless to protect htasett Again
and again the man struck the helpless
and fastweakening victim All this
time the other two were robbing the
Jewellers pockets The two woanai
ttrltneoaed the assault and one of theist
fainted at oace The other screamed at
the top of her voice for tile police
The attack and robbery aid not take
more than ten seconds The street was I
crowded with people who stopped and
gazed woodenly thinking there was a
light on In an Instant the thieves
leaped away in dltferent directions The
crowd WOK up then and gave chase
but the Heeling tlgures were at once
lost In the gioom One of them was
caught by the merest accident
Pialncbothts man William Brosnan
of the West Thirtieth street statIon
was going up Sizth avenue wjien he
heard the screams and taw a man run
ning toward him at full speed Ho
caught him and led him back Th
man was Identified as one of his as
sailants by Air Jacobs He was ar
raigned In the Jefferson Market Court
today but the oise was cOE
until Mr Jacobs might be able to ap
pear In court He Is confined to his
bed today with the Injuries he re
ceived from the three crooks Hl face
was badly bruised and cut It Is thought
that one ot the thieves used a pair of
brass knuckles In the assault The
prisoner gave his name as Henry Simp
son of No 416 Vest Twentysecond
siLJObll was robbed of a diamond
watch charm valued at JGO and 4 In
money Cam only thing found on the
man Simpson was VX In bills Mr I
Jacobs could not Identify them o Ws I
Floarlalilns Organisation Now Pre
paring for Annual Reception
Exceptional Interest W centred In
the annuai meeting of toe H Batter
man Employee Mutual Benefit Asso
ciation of Brooklyn held last night as
reports of the officers reviewing the
work and financial condition of the society
ciety were presented These showed
that largely through the active co
operation o the firm and the hearty
efforts of h officers the osaDClaUon has
accumulated several thousand dollars
wjilch Is teld In reserve for the elck
and needy members Supt Bobbe of
the H Batterman store addressed the
meeting announcing that Mr H Bat
ten had contributed 20 to the fund
He also congratulated the members on
the success of the organization I was
announced during the evening that the
annual entertainment and reception of
the organisation t > be JieW on Fob 2u
success at Anon Hall promised t be 0 full
The following officers were elected for
the ensuing year President L Bobbe
VlccPrealdent It A Koeglcr Treas
iliac S Splngarn Financial Secretary
C Glaus Recording Secretary R
Merkle Trustees Leo LJppmran Charles
H Batterman EWrectors J D Specht
Otto Vogt 1 D iTlstoffers 9t
Titus O T Connor L Isaacs F F
Berman F H Kraus and O A Krumb
Sacrifice Sale
Used Pianos
Today we hive placed on sale the fol
lowing list of slightly used pianos
Taken in Exchange
I for Our
Benedict Pianos
These Instruments are the same as
new we need the space for our new
Stock and we are compelled to let
them go at a sacrifice
Judge for Yourself
Steinway Square was
90Q now 1 00
Weser Bros Upright
was 325 now 150
EUckineton Upright was e fl 9
425 now pl 75
Mason fit Hamlln Organ
was 1275 now Ao
George Hews Square was
S350 now 21
Terms 1 Week
r i W f
Declares Theres Collusion Be
tween Police and Keepers
of Disorderly Resorts
Collusion between tpoUoa said owners
of disorderly places was cbarged today
by Justice lc11 In Special 8esstons
Detectives Boodrcau and HUstker ot
the Tenderloin ala could no swear
that ejnnle Smlfh n the uomon they
had arrested and arraigned to the Jot
erson Morttet Cur for conduction a
resort In West Twentyaevenfe street
Tho woman w arrested Dec 2 on a
warant Jssued by magistrate Mayo and
o tier age before him the de
ccthes testified she was Ito person
I ogalnet whom the Charge was directed
and tba they know she lived la the
place Today their memories failed
Justice aibAvoy was angry and
pounding the desk with his Set said
A asoon as I can do s I trill try t
break UP the system of eWlusIon be
tween the police and dLsgyorlyhiouae1
kepers There Is no use of this court
sitting dawn her I policemen come
downtown and fall to Identty the pris
oners Ions It 1 making this court ridicu
Tsee clearly a understanding be
f 1 some poJIccoien and certain
keepers o disorderly places It cn
rageous that you should come here and
throw down a case This cose b gone
on long enough
The woman was discharged I
Mrs Iirdlo Goldberg widow of Israel
Goldberg the jeweller who was pushed
off the Canal street station of the
Third avenue L by 1 crowd and
killed by a train w awarded J12000
daga a Jury before Justice How
ard this afternoon In the Supreme
Sale of Cut Glass I I
Basement Salesroom
Heavy American Cut Glass I
Handsome brilliant de
pint Jug
3 M M 350
5 inch handled Nappie 160
6 Nappie without
handle 275
value 375
Oil and Vinegar Cruets
Soc 75c and ioo each
Value 100 to 200
Tumblers Very handsome
550 and 950 doz
New oval shape Orange
I I 550
Value 900
Twentythird Street
Ladies Coats
New Spring Models of tan
Covert Cloth Coats
1250 and 1950
Black Broadcloth Coats
trimmed with braid
Medium length and semi
fitting satin Lined with grey
1650 and 2100
Twentythird Street
Ladies Glovqs
Jouvin 3 clasp or 4 button
Ladies Buede Glovea All
the fashionable street col
ors and black with white
ioo per pair
Twentythird Street
TX > UNCINO 1 1 J great s fo flat I
BROIDERIES e n AND cn Friday Dr
fin cambric and heT IOIhCIlbCrS A KID valuta the lAtut t obo tYle All of r
a rnaton om I width ell up to STCO black fet aulnr and nhldnc In pr
O Inches cla f f flp IIUARANTED OR MONEY PROMPTLY REOJQ whit ad 59c
p yard V C EST J 4 S 1 rnorrow npeotal to at
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a day of the most intense vsit Rothnbs of the rarest kind
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Fridays Greatest Garment Bargains
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Its simply wonderful how we keep on offering these new Doublebreasted style ages 7 to 15 Nor
handmade Hats at 88c when others are asking Si50 folk style 7 to 15 and Russian blouse
and more Tremendous orders placed months ahead tell style 3 to S All are made from woollen
the story Another immense lot for tomorrow includ cheviots Al ae woolen
stor i luuiiruuw luwuu that will give exceptional wear
ing all the newest colors on all the The doublebreasted exceptonal pants
latest shapes Choice of hundreds 98 and arc shown in shadings straight pant
of Hats at this bargain feast tomorrow c gray the Norfolk are in the same shad e
morrow ings and have Knickerbocker pants The
C i Russians for the little fellows are equal
Sample Flowers IQc ly a good and come with bloomer
w l
pants Regu
1 X Bunches and bunches of flowers lar 350 val 1 7 9
giving our Main Floor Section ues for Bar
the appearance of a veritable gain Friday at
garden the assortment is sec YOUNG MENS SUITS ages H to 20
I ond to none and includes all doublebreasted style made from 2
blossoms colors and styles ot allwool cheviots with Venetian linings
branching values up to 39c I also about 2 1 wool Suits lighter
special weights effects
per bunch I Oc Worth S3 gray special 5 00
at I for BarfcMi Triliv at °
Specials in Muslin Wear and GorsetstI
WALKING SKIRTS full flounce trimmed GOWNS of heavy muslin full size high n
with insertings of torchon and wide lace 49 C neck cluster of tucks cambric ruffles 2 9c
4oc values at
edges 75c value at at
CORSETS in white drab pink and blue
DRAWERS edge also deep full umbrella hemstitched ruffles hems torchon 29c value lace 19c habit hip and heavily strapped bue jL g j C
alo hemstched to 27 inches Soc value t
KIMONOS dainty pattern of lawns with silk INFANTS SILK CAPS embroidered with full ruche also
crochet dlnty patern and ribbon tie Ik O Q T French 15 9Sc silk value lined at with silk ties sizes 11 to 49c
value at
Dress Goods Special White Goods t Half i I
Sample Lengths Worth Up to 29c at lIjJ c
CTEVIOTS 44INCH ALLWOOL PANAMA 40INCH Sample lengths of 40inch Lingerie Mercerized Lawns Jac
SHEPHERD CHECK SUITING 38 INCH ALL WOOL quard Walstlngs and Mercerized Eoliennes As we have
IRE N ii CHIFFON VEILING each line only a limited lot of these goods and as the value is so
in a range of the new Spring shadings 49 C extraordinary we do not guarantee to 3 l
and black 69c and 79c values special have enough for an entire days selling I I 4C
54IN ALLWOOL PANAMA VOILE in tin reseda green Special while they last per yard at
royal blue hunters green navy blue PANAMA VOILE SUITINGS WOVEN PLAID G R O U N D
brown and black SlOO grade special 5 9 C In all the leading colors 27 FRENCH ORGANDIES all 1
at white grounds beautiful i
while they last tomorrow at inches wide Cvlhielrlounds beautul
3 flower print
New Spring Silks 39c a worth yard I2c 6 4C value ings at p 2 5 C i
Including Alice blue old rose champagne turquoise QUARD W1HTE beautiful new and GINGHAMS
blue cardinal reseda light and medium FIGURED GINGIAM5
cadinal garnet rseda green lght tv 11 floral designs at plain colors fan
gray shell pink Nile green lilac pale blue royal and WAISTINGS 27 foral cy pUlds and
navy blue also white cream and black in wide worth 1Zc and checks at
leguiariy59cspecialwhiietheyiast 3n 29c a I2 c J
c 16c I Oc
at < yd at andT I Oc
Hosiery and Underwear Greatly Reduced
black black with silkembroidered insteps and various rqyj Lgenulne Maco yarn ave double knee sole 7
kinds of fancy Hose all perfect qualities heel and toe exceptionally strong and
Sold regularlyjc and 19e Bargain 1 0 C elastic Regular 19c and 25c goods for 1
Friday price Bargain Friday 12c
yarn Vests are silk trimmed Pants have dlum weight Vests are silk trimmed reg
F renc h bds ankle Regulaly 20c ular ad extra lage sizes umbrla Pant
5Forat ± enfRgV J C to mach French band deep lce 29c 19 V
Friday Sale of Reliable footwear
Sale of Boys Shoes at 100 Childrens Jersey Leggins
BOYS SCHOOL SHOES made of heav calfskin leather
heavy I
have double soles making them all the more desirable CILDRENS BLACK JERSEY LEGGINS In
the sizes are from 8 to 13J these Shoes sizes 6 to 10 years 29c
are sold regularly at 5150 but for Bar I 0 0 SPECIAL LINE OF MENS LEATHER HOUSE SLIPPERS
gain Friday at per pair Are made of brown leather In opera and I I
SPECIAL LOT OF BOYS SLIPPERS made g Everett cut with patent feather backs
of good quality leather with patentleath 49c shown In sizes 6 to 1 for tomorrow 8 9
er backs Special at per pair at per pair C 1
T T 1
Ten o Charles Dana Qlbsona Splendid DrawJnfia
By Special Arrangement with COLLIERS WEEKLY
FIRST PICTURE lupplemenbnB pedal wtido on Pen anti Ink Drawing In next Sundays WorU
Printed cmicpsrato sheet of heavy ext paper Size I0x < 3 inchca Sd Wo i
Will Decorate Your CosyCorner or Your Don WORLI
II b
r jrr

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