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1 h
Pnf the corner followed by a ohower
xrJaeIeL The uproar In the streets
uld be heard for blocks and halt a
r2en policemen closed In about the
ela hood running at random In do
direction of the cries
f I The fleeing man turned down ChrIs
tUe street and raced toward Delancey
4 r hero bo again turned and fled toward
fine Powery At this corner he almost
ran Into Mrllcemen Flandra and FIt
patrlcCt but ih e dodged them and ftuh
nod by In a last desperate sprint
nV tie had a lead of about fifty feet upon
p Sfi the pack at hla heels when be got to the
+ Bowery and turned downtown By a
jstiddan inspiration he had taken up he
r cry of Murder police of those who
followed him and In this nay got by
t 1 hundreds of nedeetrlans lie was dasfli
UiC past Policeman McOloughlln whIm
he noticed hla scratched and bloody
1 f 5 s McOloughlln stuck out his foot
14 and tripped him
f When he got to Ws feet the crowd
f rA was upon bun fighting and struggling
to get at Mm dashing pieces of ice
and other missiles In hla face nnd
1 shoutlns In a mighty chorus LynchI
r1JYnobl Lynch the murderer
It Beemod that all that saved him
fj from being torn to ploceo was the large
farce of policemen that had followed
In the pursuit They formed a soUd
wall about him and he was carried
safely to the Eldrldge street station
Woman Was Unconscious
t f 1 Ueanwhlle other policemen had found
m 5 the dying woman on the floor of tlio
Jewelry shop She was borne to the
statltinhoitfto to Identity her imallant
t ISilc remained unconscious until Rurgojn
Ilomll cnmo with an ambulance from
> XJoUvemeur Hcwpital He revived iicr
s and she rasped out her Identification
of tho youns ruman
f 5 There were five deep wounds upon her
J I head and faco where the Iron bar had I
it laid the flesh open The doctor said
lthat she might llvo an hour or nor
I I haps two Her Injuries however were
jnortU and that nil medical iklll could
r w > Would be to prolong her life he said
Ir78h was token to Gouverneur Hospl
1 tal and the Coroner sent for to take
her antemortem statement Hundreds
at men and women followed the am
bulance Another mob collected about
the police station until the reserves
a came out and drove tile excited men
j and wonwn away
Joseph Feleratcln the huiband of the I
I injured woman was attend nff an auc
m1 tion at the time of the assault lie
a > d < l not learn of It unUl ho returned to
K his chap and found a policeman patrol
TJfV Ing ocrliss the bloodstained floor When
he heard wbat had happened ho became
Jas a roan demented Rushing to the
l EldrMse street station he fought mad
ly iwlth detectives and policemen to get
tto the cell of the thug When he found
his feeble struggles useless he at
1 tempted to do harm to himself by grlp
pxg his throat and cutting off his wind
tearing his hair and scratching his
Continued front First Page
ft Carrtckmacross Irish lace Another
r Sift In which Miss Roosevelt Is deeply
Interested Is that of exDelegate Radey
t of New Mexico This is the finest tur
quo > > e ever mined In the United States
Henry C Fritk of Plttburg has
sent a priceless tut evanescent gift
In the shape of 8 consignment of
Princess Alice vcaM They irrow on
the Princess Alice pear tree and
ithoct is only one Princew Alice pear
im tfle In Mxs world at this time Mr
0jflrJok owns It The pearls are iielosed
rtl fourfoot etctlon of the trunk of
a pear tree hollowed out and flttl
with a hlitprert door of bark
Miss Roosevelt has decided to defy
kuperstltlon and have her photograph
taken In her bridal gown before the
wedding A woman photographer has
i if been told that she may take the pic
k ture If she will appear at the White
House tomorrow
The greenhouses of Washington and
In fact of all this section of the coun
try have been practically stripped for
t e wedding Never has there been
a similar ceremony In this country for
kWhich so many flowers have been or
At the suggestion of Miss Roosevelt
these flowers will bo sent to the hOI
v pltals of Washington Immediately offer
the wedding They will be distributed
j while they are fresh and no great will
be tile quantltv that the hospitals bid
4 fair to be smothered with them
Last Drive Before Wedding
The bridetobe made what was prob
i ably her last public appearance as Miss
< Ttoasevelt today when she drove air
t Lonirworth to the Capitol In her trap
It Is underttood that final fittings ot
I some of her wedding fin ° ry will keen
1her In doors and tomorrow she will
S doubtless follow ttie custom among1
A < bride of remaining at home on the
r day before her marriage denving her
m > self to all callerS except her most Intl
1 v mate friends Mr Loneworth Is golns
to Rive his farewell bachelor dinner to
morrow too He will probably not
come to the house
The stiff north wind brought a pretty
flush to Miss Roosevelts cheeks 10 she
drove her light little bay mare up Penn
sylvania avetue Once In his seat Mr
Loneworth was kept busy signing gal
levy cards for women who wanted his I
About that tlm ten big Panel In
4 dians from Oklahoma Territory filed
Into tho card gallery They had come
i to Washington on reservation sjiusliitss
but decided to stay over for the wed
L ding At the head of the delegation
i was Horse Chief Eagle wiio R 111 wears I
feathers buckskin le glns and a blank I
et To an Evening Wl rid reporter
1 Horse Ohlef Eagle speaking excellent I
English said
I We desire to show our respects to
the daughter of President Roosevelt I
and to her husband We came rp bore
S today to meet Mr Longworth and 10
present him with this wedding pres I
ant I Present from the Indians I
From under his blue army blanket
S I librae Chief Eagle hauled out a f
doublebreasted waistcoat made of the I
S5 soft skin of a buffalo calf with Hit
hair still nttachocl It was ornamented I
with beadwork fastened with two rows
I of large horn buttons At a conserva
tive estlma e It nelgted five pounds
Atadlstance It slightly resembled nn
i automobile ctat iut off to bolero length
Mr Longworth can count upon mak I
Inta hit It hf war the Ioxas clft i
at Palm Beach But he has not re
< ceived It yet lie had stepped out of i
r the House for an hour or two and the
1 Indians had to walt They waited
Their names so Horse Chief Eagle I
told the reporters are as follows Sam I
Hlnman Little Soldier Yellow Horse
S S Big Goose White Tall Lamb Sorrle
John Bull George Prlmaux and Mike
Roy The last two are fullblood In I
a terpreter
This will be a fine thing for us to I
tell our people on the reservation
about said Horse Chief Eagle Ha
r never once called Mr Roosevelt his
Great White Father thus violating all
the traditions of Indian ehttcs
ti S I
ii nltorluiu Itulnlnir Fniul to 1n
able It Co Accept Cutidltlonnl
An appeal for funds to enable them I
i to accept a conditional gift of J13KO
ha been made by the director of tho I
Stony Wold Sanltorlum at Lake Kusli
qua N Y
Tho amount needed according to too
1 circular eant out bv tE directors Is
C J1WS60 to complete a lot il of JH rJ i
which the donor of the conditional gift I
rtaulret Mil btl raised bofom tin urn1
e Irtoutlon of tlJBCO will be nvallatole The i
r director request that clieoks he I
payable to the Stony Wold Banitorlum I
Mnd tliat contribution or any amount bo I
ent to cia office of the eorpcmit at I
Jfo 118 West Sixtyninth street The
Wmltorium is for treatment of Incipient j
tubrculosis In working women young
girLs and little onfldren
o i
l dX
Alexander Legler Jr Un
der Arrest in Jersey City
on Murder Charge
Dhig Alleged to Have Been
Administered After the Blaze
Was Extinguished
Insurance Company Withholds the
Payment of S3ooo Pending a
Complete Investigation
Murder based on the allegations that
he poured over his
poure sleeping brother
Carl about a quart of benzine and set
him afire In the middle of the night
and falling to thus cause the death
of his victim administered a powder
which caused death In a few hours
was the charge against Alexander lag
er j r tw ntvor years old brought
ly Chief of Police Murphy of Jersey
City today In the First Criminal
Court before Police Justice Higgins
Pale and trembling after a sleepless
light In the City Prison the accused
had stood at the bar while Chief Mur
phy asked for an adjournment until
next Monday In order that he might
make further Investigations The ap
plication was granted and the prisoner
was returned to his cell Jiittlrn Trie
gins refusing to fix ball g
Money Madness at Bottom
Money madness I leg at the bottom
of the crime Chief Murphy declares
and the motive he assigns Is the hope
of collecting insurance money amount
Ing to 0 provided for In three poli
cies the dead man had taken out In all
taen ni
of which the accused I named as the
beneficiary J
Though the prisoner has made tx
peated attempts to collect this money
the Insurance companies held I up on
the advice of Chief Murphy as well a
on their own suspicion
Four months ag the brothers agreed
r each become Insured for 3000 nam
ing the other as beneficiary Carl car
ried out his part of the compact but
Alexander failed He made an applica
tion for one policy but never paid a pre
mium This he confesses he kept from
his brothers knowledge
Found Nearly Asphyxiated
On the night of Deo 10 lost Mrs Ruth
erford when In her bedroom adjoining
the room occupied by the Legler broth
ers smelted g and falling to get any
response from the Leglers after repeated
rapping on the door she called her hus
band who forced tho door They found
Carl somewhat under the Influence of
tho gas and aroused him with difficulty
Alexanders head was swathed in a
sheetI you want to kill yourself Alex
said Mrs Rutherford dont kill Carl
and the rest of us
On Dec 13 Alexander asked Mrs Ruth
erford what would take a stain out ot
his coat and she recommended benzine
At his request Mrs Rutherford hand
ed him a fruit jar of the fluid with a
cpact of more than a quart The fol
lowing night Alexander says he reached
his room before Carl and went to bed
Ho says ho did not hear his brother get
Into bed though Carl had to climb over
himI was 103 oclock when Alexander
ILK Ruth
got home ho says At 114 Mrs
erford was awakened by the agonized
screams of Carl His cry of Fire
Help were heard through the house
Mrs Rutherford says and she and her
husband forced the door between their
room and the Leglers
Found Brother Ablaze
They saw Carl L > gler ablaze from
head to foot rusting about the room
screaming and attempting to rid him i
self of b clothing that clung strange
Iv to him The flames burned fiercely
and Mr and Mrs Rutherford were pain I
fully burned about the hands extin
guishing them Mrs Rutherford says
that when she and her husband entered
the rom they saw Alexander crouching
on the floor near a wall and that he
lent a hand In the rescue rather tardily
which she remarked at the time
The burned man was taken uncon
scious to Mrs Rutherfords bed and
Dr H V A Smith of Xo 531 Summit
avenue was called Though Dr Smith I
recognized the case as serious he was
under he Impression that the young
mans burns would not prove mortal
and he was surprised when on Dec 19 i
the patient died j
At that time Mrs Rutherford atI
the no Imp rtance to a fat she since I
recalls that Alexander had ought I
homo and given to Carl a powiler s v rtly I
I efore he become worse The bjdv was i
shipped that afternoon to Datle Ga I
He Explains the Powder
Chief Murphy questioned Legler to j
day regarding a ponder wihieh he was 1 1
alleged to have given his brother while I
he was suffering from burns Legler
tKl the Chief that lie iblolntu the I > OA 1
del on a prescription of the doctor who f
was utteudng his brother and that It
was gixuit tj Carl hot oy him bui j > I
Mrs Hutherfird The prisoner admit i
ted to the Chief that hi uuupnt 1 p < pi I
benzine but explained that he got It to
take the stains out of clothing i
In his atatomcnt to Chief Murphy the i
sonar tuld I
pr flld I
I na wakened by being pushed or
falling to tie floor I Saw there was a
fire and I broke len the door loading I
Into the Rutherford room I eaw my
tiiothiT tnvclopwj In llamM He was
flBl t ne the dames v41h 1 pillow hat
was on tire Mrs Rirthcri ixl camo In
wiSh blankets nnd shifts and helped to I
smother the fire Everything I picked
Ui seemed to bo on fire My brother
was screaming with pain HP told me I
afterward that he did not know < how the
flro started Both of us were wearlng
uiJtrslilrtfi and drawers that night I
o s wore pajamas but that Hght I
P < > lershlrt and drawers I have
n i < < tlon to give a to how the
flt wawviX Vk vvjvk It may have been
C ie4ds s
t I
Bogus Baron on Trial Spoke
Slightingly of Ilka
Kinsky Palmay
Frederick Von Gordon Seefeld the
bogus Enron who borrowed 2000 from
Counteaa Ilka Kinsky Palmay the Ger
man actress and didnt pay It back be
trayed Ws noble breeding on the witness
stand In his own behalf In Recorder
GofTs Court today In the course of his
trial for stealing the money He bor
rowed It upon the representation that
It was to be used In making the final
piyment on an automobile whlh he
said 0 had purchased Later tte
Countess learned that the automobile
did not belong to him
In his crossexamination of the
Countess yesterday Alexander Young
asked her some leading questions about
her relations with Seefeld and forced
her Into semihysteria on the stand
Seefeld followed up this line today
He spoke slightingly of the chastity
of the woman endeavoring to blacken
her character by Inuendo Countess
Palmay w sitting In the rear of the
courtroom with her maid Leaping
shouted to her feet she waved her tu boa and
Oh what a brute
sobbing Then she Seefeld ran from grinned the sheepishly courtroom
The Countess waited In a private room
until the close of the trial
Mrs Hutchins Had I Hot for
Husband When He
Was Killed
Mrs Joseph Hutchins had a hot
luncheon on the tnblc In the ocx >
diningroom of her flat at 1230 this I
afternoon Her husband a New Yrk
Central conductor in charge of the I
transportation of empty trains between I
the Grand Central Station and the j
Mott Haven yards usually arrived for I
his noondav meal at that hour j
The doirbell ring and sevnear o < l 1
Ircderlrk Huthln wncrd cut through
the door and down the stairway to greet
his father But the father was not In
th hal Instead there was a man
with a set serious face Who asked for
Mm Hutchins I
Her womans Instinct told her that 1
wmethlns had happened as soon as she
saw the stranger The man nervously
twirled his hat In his llnsers and shut I
fled from one foot to another I
Jo gasped Mrs Hutchins Has
anything happened to Joe I
Lady said the messenger kindly
Your husband was run over down to
the station nnd Im afraid hell never
get well
Wife Swooned Away
Then hes dead My Joe It dead
sobbed the widow sinking to the flour
The tragedy always hanging like a
shadow over the life of
shd1 le the wife of a
railroad nun had visited her
Hutchins who
was known a Happy
Joe lost his life In a
lfe most peculiar
pecullr s
cldeut Coroner
Harburlr says that
he believes faulty equipment on a pas
sengcrr car can be hold responsible
Poncrfil locomotives pull the long
otrlnss of empty cars from the Mott
Haven yards down through the tunnel
to the Graij Central Sutlon Leaving
tho tunnel at riftyfifth street the en
glrees put on ruga speed and at about
Fortyfifth Street the locomotive is un
coupled from the cars which are al
lowed to run by their own momentum
Into the train lied by means of what la
known as u flying switch
Hutchins as conductor of the crew
was on the front platform of the car
next to the locomotive and attended to
the uncoupling Then he swung him j
self back on the platform and caught I
hold of the hand brake to regulate the i
speed of the car as It rolled Into the
station I
saton quick powerful strokes he I
twirled the brake wheel around and the
train nlowlv slackened speed A few I
yard from where It should have come
to a stop Hutrhlns gave annal
wrench The wheel broke from the up
right under the pressure
Fell In Front of Train I I
He had pulIeJ himself around and
wl HtandiiiK with his side turned
toward the platform opening When
tho wtioel came oft and the powerful
pull he had been exerting was suddenly
rcleabwl he fell out onto the track In
front of the train with the brake wheel
stIII In his hand
hTc wheels caught him and cut him to
I pieces The tram rolled on crashed
Into the bumping post lust outside the
station fence and slipped
I lsks LAXATIVE UflOltO Qulnln T l > llU
IruI refund money If I taU to Tabll
W GROVES slxmtur o each b 2 f
tc J
Bingham Despite Reforms
Finds OneFourth of His
Force on Special Duty
Pole Commissioner Bingham o
prossed his amazement and Indignation
today When told of the result of an In
vet1gaUon he ha made to discover how
many policemen paid big salaries for
active duty are assigned to snap de
I have abolished a lot of details U he
sold and have thus Increased the pa
trolling efficiency of the toe but I find
that ther are still 1722 men on detals
Think of that Practically onefourth of
the entire force en details It makes
me mad
e cant remedy this condition all at
once but we are going to do the best we
can Even with the Increased efficiency
I may be able to secure by cutting down I
time details I will still need more men
te I need 2150 more men and some I
mdre horses The summer season when
the seashore resorts drain tho city of
many policemen Is approaching and the
need of more men Is urgent
The Board of Aldermen has allowed
me S17Ti000 with which to jiav back sal
ttHs for promotions made by Commis
sioner McAdoo
Commissioner Blnphnm said that he
had no Idea of establishing the threopla
toon stets but ho plans to get the
best work Of the force at the least ex
penditure of mwncj
Pretty Girl Pining for Sweet
heart Determined to
Kill Herself
Crazed with love for a man from
whom her parents In Hungary were
sending her away pretty Anna Csucl
an authoress twenty years old I hel
a prisoner In the detention ward of the
steamship Qraf XValdernee after three
attempts to commit suicide before the
liner docked In Hoboken today The
young woman who woe famous in the
town of Felso Niidasz Hungary as 1
poet and a writer Is now believed to
be hopeleWIy luranc and will In aU lice
llhood be dcrorUd
She sailed thrld class from Hamburg
and with her was a yoinjc man who
111 been detailed by her parents to
see that he emma to retltlvcs In Amer
ICI lie confessed today that on the
train to Hamburg she tried to kill her
self bocoLie she wanted to 50 bad to
her sweetheart But the ships ofllceis
i did not know of her Intenton until on
I the first night out she was found hang
Ilg hy n silk ort that she had tied to
I the support of her berth When cut
down she was almost dead and was re
I suscitated with difficulty
Twice aferaard on the voyage she
tried to Jump overboard Three days
ago I was necessary to lock her in
the detention room and keep a close
guard over her The medical Inspectors
at Quarantine diagnosed her case as
extreme melancholia She can speak
no English and the young man who
was to have watched over her says he
runnot undirstand her ravInGs as sh
tears her hair and throws herself about
the cabin
1 Among the other thirdclass
oher thlrclas passen
gers was n fourteenveiuold ijlotitflrot
I ten Eric Flsdher of Zurich Switzerland I
j who has been on every continent and
1 most of the larger Islands The boy ilt
eared he was coming here to settle
I down as clerk In his uncles bank in
I Canada Ho sad he had seera all there
Is worth while In the world nnd that
now lie will commence to work HI has
I a letter of Introduction from United
Sta es Consul Pitcairn of Hamburg and
remained on board ship o await the
arrival of friends
I 0
lli tlce lllnnclmril Sadtolni City
I Court lit lest Cine
A J Olshel the Greek lawyer ob
S Joctcd t paying 1 dell r fee in each
I of fourteen cases and In order to make
a test case County Clerk fowling re
futed It fill the orders upon tho tender
of ft each the calendar fee
The extra f Is for whit has been
known for a century as the Sheriffs
fee The law of 1896 creating tho cilice
of Commissioner or Juror relieved the
Hhcrllf of tho duty of summonIng Jurors
No provision for a fe t the Commis
sioner fO this service was mode
Mr Olihel applied for a writ of mandamus
damus directing the County Clerk to
place hil eases on the calendar wlthfiut
that extra dollar and Justice Blanchard
EO ordered quoting the decIsIon of Jus
tice Delehanty of the City Court de
clrlng trm the law does not authorize
th > collection of the Sheriffs fee of
oria dollar
Now It 1 tba Up I
L k t
Aa ahJ > ft
Devonianwith 86 Aboard
Pulled Free as Wild
Sea Threatens Her
SCITUATE Mass Feb 111The Le
land line steamship Devonian from
I Liverpool to Boston with eightysix
persons aboard which rnn o u rocky I
ledgf off shore here early today and I
which for a time was considered In
RTnt perIl was lloved nt 330 oclo t
g nerl Joatl 0c0
this nftonioon with the assistance of
the revenue cutter Gresham and a tug
The steamer was apparently not se
riously damaged by the accident
For several hours today the plight
of the Devonla seemed bad the storm
which struck her having grown In In
tensity whipping up such a bad sea
that Ute Gresham and three tugs sent
to her relief were unable to get neat
herThe lifesavers also who had lain to
n ir the vessel were forced back to
shore and later failed In efforts to
sl jot a line to the steamer
Just a matters seemed worst the
Onsham and one of the tugs managed
ta get lines tothe Devonian and pulled
her free from the rocks
The Devonian carried a miscellaneous
cargo about 2000 tons in weight and
cweletlnff for the most part of machin
ery Egyptian cptton and yarn She Is
one of the largest and newest transatlantic
atlantic liners being built at Belfast In
19 and her value has been fixed at
o She U t62 feet long c feet
In wt and 3 feet In depth She reg
istered 6SC3 tora net Her homo port Is
Ivherpool I was estimated that her
cargo W valued at OO
Boy Three Years Old Wedged
In Between Wall and
Blazing Couch
Thn cveoroM Tomas Sntton W
burned to death la the home or his
parents Mr and Mrs Thom c Suttort
at Xo 162 East One Hundred and Twen
tieth street today In a singular man
The childs other was preparing
her husbands dinner In the kitchen
while the boy lay asleep on a sofa In
the diningroom adjoining The sofa
Butlmly blazed Up enveloping the
child In fire In struggling to get off
the couch the boy fell down and be
came wedded against tho wall and was
Toasted to death before his parent
could rescue him
The eung woman who lost a new
born baby two weeks ago fled with her
clothing afire and the charred body of
the child In her arms from the flat but
before she was seriously burned neigh
bors wruppJ her In blankets Firemen
put out the blaze before It had spread
from the diningroom of the Hat The
mothers mind Is unbalanced by her
grief and It is feed that she may
n ver recover her reason
Dr Vanderpool His Physician An
nounces that He Is Resting
Quite Comfortably
Special to The Evening World
LAKEWOOD N J Fob 15ohh
A McCall former president of the
New York Life Insurance Compan
was reported today t b slightly bet
ter than yesterday
There was a rumor that he had a
linking spell early In the day but ral
lied later on Dr Vnnderpool said his
patient was reslng quite comfortably
SpecIal to The Evwilnit World
ALBANY Feb Assemblyman A
F Smith Introduced today I bill wlifeh
seeks to put Rapid Translt Commis
sioner John Claflln out of office Tho
bill provides that when a member of
tho commission ceases to b a resident
of this State his office becomes vacant
Mr Clallln said Mr Smith Is a
resident of New Jersey and there Is
no reason why he should be a member
of a New York City commission
Rpeclal to The Evening WcrH i
ALBANY Feb 15A bill for cheap
telephone service between boroughs of
the City of New York was Introduced
today by Assemblyman A K Smttfi
The measure provide that the tele
phone trust cannot charge more than 10
cents for telephone service between any
cent points In Greater New York The
ratee between boroughs ore now 2
The Fire Marshals office will be asked
to begin a searching Investigation Into
a beRn started today In the cellar
of No 220 Went Ont Hundred and SIx
teentn street a fivestory brownstone
flat house The blaze broke forth from
a barrel of papers In the cellar A sim
ilar blaze was discovered In the same
place last night
Tne firemen who put out the blaze
were surprised to find that coal bins in
the cellar were Illled with rubbish instead
stead of coal This I against the law
and the Building Department will b
notified The fire did little damage
The Baraca IWo defeated the Irving
League five by a score of 8 to 4 last
evening at the old armory at Htaxg
street and Bushwlck avenue Brook
lyn As both teams are attached to
l Alnillo Stdeot Presbyterian Church
Ante mUM rivalry betcon them
jiLij ih
a H
Brute Forced His Way
Into Glover Home
in Mount Vernon
Miss Irene Olover eighteen year bid
tho daughter of Frank ft Glover Cor
nier Corporation Counsel of Mount Vernon
corp lourt vernOn
non nnd who Is now ono f the city
olllclals proved herself 0 goo r
ate last night when Robert White a
young negro forced an entrance Into
her home and endeavored to choice her
She landed several stinging blows on
hi face and then by twisting his wrist
held her grip on him Until th police
Mr Clover was at tho Clty Clerks
office at the tm his daughter was
attacked and only her fourteenyearolQ
sister Mildred and her Invalid mother
were In their home No 4 South
Eleventh avenue
I was shortly before midnight when
Irene heard a knock at the front door
and when she went to see who was call
ing at that late hour she was I youus
the plateglass
negro glaring through plateglal
which forms part of the door panel
When she failed to open the door White
smMhethe glass with his fist and
chased Miss Glover Into the dining
ced Theme he caught her and a strug
gle followed With an oat he seized
choke her
her by the throat and tried to
Into unconsciousness
He knocked her to the floor but she
quickly arose and fought around te
quicky aoe
diningroom and parlor with her assailant
deathlike gTIp
ant and finally abe got a deth Uk
on his left wrist and by giving a quick i
him fast and despite his
twist she had ad deslto
effort to strangle her she held 9 until
the police arle
1Ice screams for help had
Miss Glovers soreas
Mls GOors In
who WM
been heard by her
ben Mrs Glover telephoned to Sergrt
Police Headquarters ad
DovoauffD at Hequates
he sent Policemen BUdin and tallver
stein to the house with the patrol
Mildred Glover when the negro broke
Oover oall
into the house ran down tne street
mg for help She found Policeman
Stafford The police arrived Just In
Miss Irene said she felt she
time aa 8 sd se
was slowly fainting and could not hold
on to her prisoner much longer
Tho police had to use their clubs o
White to got hIm in the patrol wagon
and by the time he reacted the station
his sMrt suspender and coat
touso s r suspndes ad co
were torn to tatters
He gave his age as twentyone and
said he was married
Dont let them hang me said White
I didnt kill the woman I dont know
why I attacked her
White was arraigned before Judge
Simpson and remanded until tomorrow
for examination
court Mlsi Glover a too ill to appear In
But Still a Price Cut Is Pref
erable to Municipal Owner
ship Its Lawyers Say
Stxdal to T Evenlasr Word
ALBANY Feb IlThe Senate com
mittee on miscellaneous corpses gave
a hearing today on the Page eighty
cent gas bill nnd the Gas Trusts
galaxy of attorneys did heIr little stunt
would be
of showing how the trust Wuld
robbed and Its property confiscated If
the price was put down to eighty cents
Senator Stextns who was chairman of
the comlttee that investigated the trust
lout year marked that as a result of
the reduction of the prtco of electricity
to the consumer tie receipts of the elec
creased tric lighting company had greatly In
This increase In receipts said the
Senator was due to an Increase in
consumption Now I maintain that if
the Km had len passed reducing the
prlcu of U to eighty cents the re
ceipts at the ffos company would have
correspondingly increased
I To questions put bv a member of the
commlttcv Attorney Mathewson for the I
Trust replied that the latter would
rather have the Legislature fix the price
than havu it pass a bill for municipal
ownership But he qualified that state
ment by paying that the Legislatures
Interference should be at the minimum
Election Row in Electricians Organ
ization Is Followed by Cutting
of Henry Olsen
James A EnrIght of No 173 West
Ono Hundred and Second street was
arraigned In the Yorkville Court today
charged with felonious assault Ills
examination was adjourned until to
morrow as Henry Olsen is confined to
his home > o 121 East Sixtyfourth
street In a serious condition brought
about bv ten slashes from a knife
Olsen Is an electrician Bo is Enrlght
The pair ntundej an organization
ins lost night in Teutonta Hall at
which thete was an election Olsens
candiduo WW successful and there
wore words at the meeting
Ittrolnian Perkins told Magistrate
Barlow that while atlll in the meeting
room Knrlght drew a large Jackknife
and HlaV ed Olsen across the face nock
and KhudeM Olsen fell to the floor
bleeding severely while Enright lied
pursued by members present who wore
calling him a murderer Perkins
calng was nearby captured Enright
after n chaso of a meek
For Infant nnd Children
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Boars the t
I Signature of I
Two Men Head Committees of Workers and
Operators Which Will Try to Agree on
the New Agreement
I John Mitchell and the representative
qf the coal miners union met the preel
dtnts of the coal carrying railroads and
the anthracite coal operators this after
boon In abe Jersey Central Building a
No Hi Liberty street to confer over a
new scale of wages and a rearrange
ment of working hours The present
agreement made otter the e strike
of 1902 expires on April 1 The meeting
today W amicable and both side
appeared t b In a conciliatory mood
There er present representatives o
all the rotuTs that control the mines In
the Anthracite Trust and also a tho
Independent operators while tho min
ers delegation numbered about forty
men After more than an hour of de
liberation the following atatoment w
given out
The meeting was culled to order with
Mr Connell In the chair M Mitchell
addressed tine meeUng stating In gen
era terms the wishes of the miners
though theeh not been entirely for
mulated In detail
After a brief discussion It was de I
cided that t minors and mine oper
ators should each appoint a committee
His Motives Good Says Dis
trictAttorney of Man Who
Threatens His Removal
DistrictAttorney Jerome this after
noon asked about the charges made
against him by William N Amor at
Aba yesterday sold
Aa I have only read the head line
I do not know whether I correttly un
d iMbat Mr Amory 1s reported
to hare said I have known him
hav sad iwn h ta
many years and while there were
some facts that to many have thrown
doubt upon the Integrity of his mo
ires I always believed that the pri
mary motive which has controlled p
one conduct has been other than a selfish
tHe has ta a number of years had
his mind
exclusively concentrated upon
street traction matters in the city up
whatever the charges o allegations he I
b made In regard to me I believe
that ho Is sincerely convinced of their
conlce thel
truth and that they are not made I
from any motive of personal hostility
or for any political pro hOtty
The proposition with which be I I
dealing seems to him s plain that he I
cannot understand how anybody can i
differ with him except from sinister
Spscdsl to Te Bvenln WorM
ALBANY Fob 15 Every chair o a
steamboat or bro will have to carry
a lifepreserver I the bill offered today
day by Assemblyman Stanley becomes
a law The Introducer assumes the re
sponsibility for the measure I pro
vides that the chairs with llfepre
servers strait be movable and equal in
number and crew to the number of passengers
A Successful
Throat and
0 Lung Diseases
The success whIch
ha attended Dr
Andersons treat
ment ot Consump
I ton Asthma
5 Bronchitis and
I Catarrh place him
i foremost m 0 n g
Amer an L u u g
Dlt ltiiSON Specialists and U
I1 the direct result of I
his ability to recognize consumption sad
throat consumpn white
any other tbr0t o lung dlnaB
they are In their earliest stages and when
they are curable
His wonderful Anderson XLUjht which
looks directly Into the body assures an
absolutely correct diagnosis of disease of
any organ Inside the body and by exam
ination with his XLJght Or Anderson
see < immediately whether the lung a
affected or not and what stage the disease
ilu ITt
Re loses no time AT THE STAT and
from the very Crat diagnosis each patient
receives the proper treatment suited to his
Individual case and for the exact dlsoua
he U suffering tram while his original
gennlcldal vawr Inhalation troitment car
serledal vaPr c
ries the healing remtd directly to the
seat of the disease and kills the tubercular
Gerl time Is lost in being treated for tll
wrong gisnase and the thouunds of cure
JSuent are living proofs of Dr cUrt
ttent succcuful treatment
These facts are not the result of a few
experiments with a dozen patients but
are the result of I uccs of nineteen
years experience a a lung specialist ami
yer years n the only expert XLlght
Lung Specialist in New York Examlna
lion and consultation M given without
tua and cost of treatment
any charge trefment U no
Dither than that of the family physician
Consult Dr Anderson CO West 2J < J t
between Mb ana 6th aves New York
Hours Dally 10 t B Sundays 1 to zj
Monday Wednesday and Friday erontngi
till 8 r unable to call write for advice
rat ui I Four Ieec Wrescrlptions
better fled tdeasanter
Are stronmr Rhlesanter
to take t asia JJlhop le Brp
Prescription o U with 1AN
PreorlpUon PIWS N ta coast
CRIIiATI ad ctsnp the meat pol
crtd by
phylcln forms of INCr
mlvi cure
jYyflPltPStA BUl
lresvrtPti0fl5 STOMACH L and No IjSOC
1letrlptOna and No 1De
In scaled
boxes cnt
O Un 117g
1 N 1
o seven t represent them In the fu a
ture with reference to the matter I
Mos John Mitchell John Fahy j
George Hartleln W H Dettrey John
P Gallagher T D Nloholls and John
Dempsey wore appointed to represent
the miners Messrs Baer Truesdale
Kerr Wlllcox Williams Thomas and
Cake were appointed to represent the
The understanding was that after I
the committees had completed their i
tirork they should report the Conltnlttea 1
of the Whole
It will devolve upon the two com j
mittees to reach an agreement If pos J
sible Both aides will undoubtedly
make concessions
While President Mitchell and his col
leagues have declined t make known I
their demands these are said knowt
the chief ones
What They Demand
1 A trada Mrrtoment between the ap 4
t and the union which will b > a a
ad opt recognition of ha union
2 A reconstruction of the gruent Concilia
Uan Board e that each 0 the three ontfara
c dlitrlota shall hart a Mttuut and d
tact board tbt cpU o u t
Conciliation Boards to b determined by the
operators ted dlitrlot ocr 0 the union
a An ttlerht our vrotlcdiftT tar a dura a
labor skilled um mkaucd eeztemj I ami
about the mine
4 A 10 I cent loeraej tn trace without f
xotptioa to all ctuxfl of wmlms t In
clad tin entDlorves of t IndeptDdcat eel
Inles mil the railroad
u I as t coaloarrjlne rr
I A setUemmt 0 many minor eDmno
adsttnc I u varicmi dtttftm o labor In
the anthracite distrIct which the Cbnolll
te atte bo le
lIon Board b been tmajble t adluat under
the amrd of the aochnult coaunlMtcn
to aw a le 1 4
Leading Druggists Sell Hy 0 mol
Under Guarantee that It Costs
Nothing Unless It Cures
Not until Hyomel was discovered
had It been possible to any tnithfulljrt
that a remedy for catarrh was
Hyomel cures the worst cases o
catarrh simply by breathing the rem 1
edy through the pocket Inhaler that
comes with every outfit Using the I
treatment in this way for a few mln j
utes four times a day every particle j
of air taken In the air passages and J
lungs Is laden with gcrmkllllng and
healthgiving Hyomel
Stomach drugging often cue din I
ordered digestion and never makes j
a permanent cure of catarrh Hyoj
mel not only kills the germs In that
throat and nose but penetrates to
the minutest air cells in the lung
and enters the blood with the oxygen j
killing tho catarrhal germs in the
The complete Hyomel outfit con i
siding of a vestpocket inhaler and I
o ane
medicine dropper and a bottle oC 1
Hyorncl costs only 1 I this does I
not effect a complete cure extra bot
tles can bo obtained for 60 cents
Hegeman Co No 200 Broadway
and all branches and Hikers Drug < J
Stores New York and Brooklyn
know of many people who hare been
cured of catarrh by Hyomel They 1
believe in I so thoroughly them
selves that they otter t refund the
money In case it does not cure
liptulme tocd for urI
nod cleanliness in poiilics I
IAmft foi th same ptin
ci ice In tnm making
OCOLTE COnmyn m 15c
lTl0 IOc
NUT rnocorviKK rorx 11
aiV 54MRezqyf
Vu s COR W t
I ffUI55 coa OWneR r
or con 8U
yon tat WLDong
la 350 shoes ore
thebestin the world
Stores In GnaUr Niw Totlt f
433 tlroadwar cor Howard
IK jlroadmr car Sib St
668 Broadway nor llta II
sis llroiulwar oor sstb Hi
KU1II9 Broadway COT tilt
86 Nassau Sliver l
ro WNI istih Street
t6 Third Arena
aCI rAerlsb
ins ta rd Avenne b
f iluTS b DIOOKI
El htIT cot d s moerio lircamiwsy
M3 EIghth venne mail iIroadwCy
JveCkyls Newark 4 U1 Jtt O St cc es
Iwrk7s5 Dr Sisal 454 YtfUm Avenue f
is the time to buy
Suits and Overcoats
Get the Habit GoP i
fIJAT MAN night Hotel Marltoay
CWSthast Qt
25o 8YMil
t t t

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