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t3 1 I THBWOKEI > rnuifflY EVENING FEBittt RT IS 19015 I W ii j
r l < e
t Citizen of This Country
R Who Was Imprisoned
r t
i Complains Bitterly
1 I Says t the Nicaraguan Minister
I iif 1 i oft Justice Is Head of I
i Jr t Tobacco Combine I
I 1 >
1V I iedng that ha la lUra viotlm of a
I ifcast headed by Julian Trias the
n Mnlater of Justica Wlll
I am 8 Albeivtbe citizen of tile
Vntted States who won sentenced to
11 tdo years in prison by the Nlcara
J Govommcnt and released under
> ender from the State Deportment ar
t rlved today from Colon 0111 the team
oMp Panama
i Alberoo qmaaneS t and incarceration
camo near causing compUcatlons be
tweea Nicaragua and thia country
I I The i cent enoo of Albera was followed
itrr his parjon wWch coma through an
I act passed byU1e Nlcaraguan Con
cross following an urgent demand on
I the oat of ttvd State Department This
I pardon wua followed by a sentence of
I 4 < < XUO and the prIer wan told to leave
I 2 tile oouotry in fifteen days This la hla
i main reason for coming North but ho
I liisoing to demand a full Investigation
and attempt to recover the 20600 dam
< agc TVMJi Air AJbera la prison ha
l been rrestt lthe some time was his
i brother He too wasreleaoedbnt was
i not exiled and oatno back with William
V1 Albcra and hts wife
I The Nlcaracuan Oovenunenf atory of
I I the arrest la tbat jVibera havtag got in
I srouiie over the erosion of a decree re
I I cardlns tie tobacd > crop restated ar I
rest spoke W of tha Oorcnunent and I
bcaped personal abuse on the President I
of that country
I e Tobacco ia grown down there under
r Government patent and by the payment
I of a tax of fJO each tOOO plants Albera
IL osserta that the officials entered into a
w trust and bocouae he would not give
ii up a tot of tobacco which he had put
1 la the warehouse a year previous got
I an order to take the tobacco
I On Aug 3 of last year as Albors wue
Ii entering his house at Jen no WIUI
arrested by on Inspector or Police and
I I ajbcnwn The charge on whlah he was
I taken Into cuatpdy Is purel ho alleges
the result of his successful efforts In
balking certaIn Government officials in
tho tobacco affair
I I I > DJdnt Resist He Says
t 2 did not resist arrest said Albon I
either did I abuse the Pn dent I
run up tho Amcrtcon flag on my house
I when an attempt was made to break
J j inr Some of my tobacco has been
stolen while X was incarcerated I pro
I tested to Minister Merry but so far aa
roan understand ho did not do much
I made no charge but I want to sea
the letters he wrote regarding the case
4 1 was tat n to Octal tor frlal and
waa tried about Sept 15 If It had not
been for the publicity tho press gave
i the affair I would not have been tried
tor two years AB It was the trial was
j a farce and thejlhdlng of guilty was a
foregone conclusion Indeed the Dis
trict Judge II A 11017108 told the
4 jucj r that if th ydld not flnd me
euiJty tbey would bo led from the Jury
1 ro UD > to the jail CThe result WILl that
I cot three yeans and six months and
was tn jail from Aug 3 to Jan 12 The
t otslal who made the charge waa sixty
> mlles from th6 acme of arrest at the
I < JThe all waa an awful affair I was
i confined there with some native pris
oners but was ttrtht taken to what
jtrfffht be called the jail office That
i wsa a filthy place 1 sent money for
fG cables but they were never received
r The closest watch wad kept on me and
attains were maxM os hard ea possible
iFi Icabled my partner J W Cresar to
sMi t3c6o to one of two Now York
papm to Investigate my wrest I
traal the thins made public
d i f < Told He Must Leave
I il 1 i v When I was liberated from 411111
I 1 tvus gwen fifteen days to which to leave
IfJlif tha country This wna on Jan 12 The
1 f JJ decree release was made on Nov IT
butit was held uj for nearly a month
I il went to caucaco to take the sUp but
I Iir there was none until Jan 23 one day
I of tor my time of leave expired heard
I than that an attempt would be made to
I arrest me when I arrived on the dock
I fljicaud 11703forced to make my escape by
I rowing out to the steamer City ofglof
1 l ney In a small boat
I 7 Y M > > wife I wanted to loaj the place
I qaa soon as raytrouble came She made
I I two attempts to sail but was unable to
I 1 u f do co on account of yellow fever at the
port Then she went into Honduras to
sail by another route Then came on
order for my release and she returned
I IT 1 in order to accompany me North
I s As to the cancel ng of the exequatur
I 1 of Cheater E Donaldson the American
l4 Consul at Wonnffua bcoause of his al
I 1Yr IeKd violent proteof against Alberaa
I l vrreit Mr Albers said he know nothing
1 I f
I 1L 1 rho DauC Mastor
VF Ia it not a tact that
t the social atatus l a
man wourafl bQ or
r itri Is 3JCed bY hit
qr tier atlilty tobO
oM any rate T1t1
i Wortb 011 w3tle to
learn aM The Werl4
tIucatichal 1I4ver
I tlHl rebe It osr sad I
lnsponWve for OQto
J1k yotUiC ta this
Vl Rt1 MoMMI Jof
Says So Himself and Adds
that HeSympathizes with
the Unemployed
LONDON Feb 1iK1ng Edward told
the Rev Wilson Carllile head of the
church army who was received lu au
dience at Buckingham Palace today
that ho often worked twelve hours a
day himself He knew the bleiElnga of
work and greatly sympathized with the
unemployed >
Therefore it waa a peat comfort to
ttm to know that the church army swan
furnishing work for so many
The Klnf specially praised the emi
gratUm plans of the army and said to
the Rev My Carlisle
Encourage yuur good emigrants
Wish them from me every happiness
that work can produce They will still
be in my uCJiiIiiioio lUnl thoU emigration
will not only benefit themselves and
their families but tho whole empire
Set the Bones in the Hand of a Fel
1 low Voyager Injured by a
With her masts ventilators rails and
all other exposed portions coated with
Ice the White Star liner Majestic
reaohc port toduy seven daya out
from Liverpool She encountered the
same rain and sleet storms that swept
New York last night and ran Into the
cold wave In time to freeze tho moisture
There were 49 first cabin 2O second
cabin and 300 steerage passengers The
first three days out were very rough
More than half tho passengers were
seasick The rest of the voyage was
A passenger registered aa Mr E C
McDermott aroused considerable inter
est because of the skilful way In which
he manipulated pcuao misplaced bones
in the hand of a passenger who felt
on deck during tine storm at the be
ginning ot the trip Mr McDermott
is an aeslttant to Dr Lbrenz tho sur
geon who performed the operation for
hip lbeueuPonLolta Armour
d oUC11t rot toe packinghouse million
aire of Chicago
Harry Atkinson a noted English
musichall performer came over un
the Majestic to till a short engage
ment aewUI open next week In Bal
timore Mr Atkinson is performer
upon musical instruments and is caid
to present a novel entertainment
Petrosinp says They Threw1 the
Bomb That Wrecked Brooklyn
4 Saloon Yesterday rning
DoteollveBerart Petroslui arraigned In
Centre Street Court to latweo
mien iwihb he shld are responsible for
the dMtxuctlon of John dAlattfloo sa
loon at Twentieth street and Fourth
avcmue Bryoklyh with a bomb early
yeiterday nornlna At tfoslnls re
quest they worn remanded to Hoad
Quartars fortyeiffht hours
Oueaaldo Trio of No 13 Roosevelt
street one at the prluoncro was ar
rested three years ago in Brooklynfur
BlusulnfT a zuerohant who refused to
submit to blaclUKall but the complain
ant refused to prosecute The etntlr
prisoners are Antonio Tifigvrny ot No
ISO lIpyorA street ana Antonio Bacca
of No 163 Hoiffir etreet
We All 11ttibe gang explained
FctrosiKJ eocrt at tho Ht = tsr street
cuddreM That la the < adquarter8 of
the Buck Hand In AlatthaUaiu THeso
are the men who wrote to DAtauio
a y er ego demanding KOOO They
turned in a nre altirm early yestorday
morning from Third avenue and Twen
tyst street to draw tho uollco to
that epat and while the Are exoltfrmcnt
waa on hurled a tomb at DAlassloa
saloon and blew the front of It to
100000 FIRE flJ ST JOHN
Plasiei Tfaceatea Baslaesa District
of NUw BraaaTrlek City
OT JOHN N B Keb IlFJra that
prteteitted to the business district at 2
oclook this morning had before It was
rd r esstrftl sa hssr Sat dosis dssj
Rfe estimated roughly at 100060
The flames started in tha Jewelry start
a il K MoDuffy and aprsaii to the
Morw iJl Wi r ClOth ibm
iI5 J r
i11 j J 1i zJti1fJrKtt jrhi
flifayI <
lIi Ai r J4 t
The Undriven Slush
By Walter A Sinclair
The slash the flush the beautiful slush
Filling the streets with a nice soft
Making the people cry Oh such
euahl for the rich Undriven slush
Thsmah the luih the beautiful slush 1
Won t be removed In an awful rush
What If the Dbc baa got the cush
It cuts no Ice at drtvlag alush
The Blush the slush the beautiful
Verses in praise of It dont gush
By Maurice Ketten
WOD61J 0 Rtt
vi ih i a
e J
Iiectter chinese Fouwfl Tf itb Coi
oeaud Weapono Mint Go to Jall
Dr i Toe th Ch1te e Commie
stecter to this oocV who settled the
diterie betwebit the i4 toaaui hr
ra Me eIss f
Dont bother Woodbury now hushl
Hush on the dark undrlven slush
The slush the slush the beautiful slush
When will they clean it orn Tush
tush s
Wait till the Doc finds his spade and
brush x
Maybe hell drive out the driven slusn
The slush the slush the beautiful slush
Reeks while the oertaxed sewer pipes
But aa for action whats the rush
Clearing the dark undriven slush
Special Beestons to 3ay und urged the
Imprisonment of all Chinese arrested
ticieuxtor fpr carrying concealed
weapons without a permit
Dr Toot told 4i e JutlCwl th6 tin
CJiJaseo Ctovemmeat was desirous that
all Ks suWccta in this country should
iP tawairidtesr end not craito any trou
ItA 1
t t I
i h Jc
I t1f V f
Doctors Didnt Know Coney
Island Man Was Dying
from Fractures
The Coney Island police are Investi
gating the death of Robert Warren a
waiter who died in tho Kings Oounty
Hospital yesterday Warren was em
ployed in the Albcrmarlo Hotel at SuTf
W enue and West Eighth street Coney
Island He was A West Indian
On Fob 2 word was sent to the police
that the man was sick and needed
treatment at a hospital He was ac
cordingly removed tn the patrol wagon
At the hospital he received an exami
nation and as the authorities wore not
able to get at the cause of his trouble
they simply put down the man as
fcicj He hLm elf was conscious but
made no statement as to the nature of
I JB Illness Yesterday he died of core
bra hemorrhage
A death certificate wan fasued to the
effect Which added that the hemor
rhage was aggravated by a fracture of
of the skull Coroners > > isiciaii liar
tung made an autrapsy It was then
I that the Ixue nattire ot the Injuries
> were discovered
The sick man bad been suffering from
a fractured eteull thigh and clavicle
and five fractured ribs Tho true oauao
ur his death WAS craumatic pnuumoiitn
or pneumonia brought on by violence
TJio police went at once notified and
are now trying to find out how tha
man came < by his injuries
be sent to orison for the maximum
term Dr Tong told Justice Zeller Hue
deterrent effect would be established and
the peace treaty between the factions
lpaA lasting1
The Justices promised Dr TOng they
would heed hta retreat
WorW Wtpls Work Won f
l ii1j t1 j f irAAft l1 wv x t
Francesca Angeloni Gave
Qyt Bad Dollars Made
by Her Father
Pretty FraiiCMva Aiygelonl is In the
Tombs today and tomorrow will be
arraigned before United States Commis
sioner Shields to answer a new charge
of passing counterfeit silver dollars
manufactured by her father Giovanni
This afternoon the father will be
arraigned before United States Com
missioner Benedict in Brooklyn The
apprehension of tho Angolanls Imaiks
up the moat perfect counterfeit
ing plant with which the Secret Serv
ice agents have had to deal In years
The dollars that Angeloni turned out
and his pretty daughter passed were al
most flawless Thousands of them hare
been tasted on the counters of stores In
this city tuna they have always rung
rue Bonk cashiers have accepted them
without question But come times An
jolonl got careless and used the earn
mould twlco or oftener It happened that
a silver dollar made tinder these condi
tions got Into the Imnds of a Secret Ser
I vice fluent last winter and lrjuclpal
Agent Flynn throw out the net that
I landed father and daughter ycsterdayT
I Gfcmmnl Angeloni a skilled Corker
I in precious motels came to New York
from Italy with his family ton years
I ago His eldest child Francesca was
t eight years old then a veritable flower
I of beauty Angeloni went to live In the
Kalian colony on the lower borders
of Greenwich village
Made Gold Coins
He man secured employment and in
a ahort time was engaged by itflie Tif
fany firm But Giovanni had plans to
make money rapidly He studied the
money of tho country and five years
ago determined to manufacture ten dol
lar gold pieces
The coins he produood were works of
art of 10carat jgetai in the body with
a band of gold 13 carats fine around
the edge He lent little Francesca
with her big Innocent eyes and round
dimpled faco out to negotiate the
bogus money
Although Giovanni had been in the
country five years ho mode a grievous
mistake i n trying to pass 10 gold
pieces in a poor neighborhood Many
of the storekeepers had not seen 10
gold pieces before others were suspic
ious that Francesca had not come by
them honestly A policeman happened
to be in a shop whore Francesca was
trying to get a gold piece changed
one day and her explanations of how
sne got the money were so conflicting
that he took her to the station house
Secret Service agents were notified
They discovered that the comthe girl
jhndfitried ts pMS WM counterfeit but
they were unable to get any evidence
agnlnst Giovanni Francesca protected
him No expedient was sufficiently
strong to Induce her to talk
Saved by Her Youth
When arralgnod before Judge Thomas
in the United States District Court she
pleaded guilty The Court sentenced
her to serve five years In prison but
sentence was suspended on account of
her youth
Francesca went bock to live with her
tlathor Fr two years Secret ServIce
agents shadowed her They could find
nothing 5Uplc1ua and dllcontlnUed
their espolnage believing Glonnnl and
Flunce9n had reformed
The Antrelonls were living at that
time In Carmine street In some way
they discovered they were no IOllger
wtchod and Qlovannl with the wisdom
of experience determined It would be
more praoatable In the long run tu man
ufacture silver dollars than t
gqld PJeoes He established his little
pll1nt In the kitchen of his flat ana again
ran cerea twa utilized to circulate the
BIIur1ous coins
She made purchases with them aU
over the lower west side They were ac
cepted without a question for thF work
manship was perfect Quite accident
ally the Secret Service agents learned
that counterfeit silver dollars rfthl
Israca of 1S81 1S59 and 1301 were to cir
They found that the spurious money
had boon passed by a pretty 3OUnr
Italian girl and they suspected FnJn
coos had fallen from grace It wee a
comparatively easy matter to trace the
Angelonis frpm tenement to tenement
until they were finally located at No
173 Hopkins street Brooklyn
Passed tho Bad Coins
Franceses was employed 01 a sales
woman In the big jewelry etore of Ala
ten stein Worcnock at No 22 Eldrtdae
street She had been there ten montniL
and Sn tmaJting change had pnacet ort
numerous silver dollars turned out by
her father A Secret Service agent chad
owed her On Tuesday evening Iha
rwent Into a store in Bleecker street and
tnadc a email purchase tendering a sil
Vet dollar and reooWng change As
soon as she left the store the Secret
Service man got the coin for evid nos
The girl was arrested at the store yes
terday Principal Agent Flynn with
Agents KJInke Henry and Chalms want
to the Hopkins street address and
walked Into the Angetonl flat without
knocking Angetonl was carefully bait
ing mouSds for silver doOars In a char
coal fire Mrs Angeloni was feeding
her little brood of five children at a
tablo in the next room
Angelonls complete outfit waa cap
tured He was arraigned before tht
United atos Onnmlssionar and held Jn
6000 ban In the Raymond street Jail
Francesca was locked up in the Tombs
Uncle Sam is relentless in pursuit of
those who counterfeit his money with
a suspended sentence of five yearn hang
lag over her the outlook is gloomy for
Franccsca Angeloni
Francesca cried In her cell In the
Tombs all night Judge Palmerl who
has been retained by her father will
look after her interests She has re
fused make any statement thus far
AngaUno was taken from Raymond
fltroet Jell to the office of the United
States Marshal In the F < 1OralBwldlng
ta Brooklyntodayand anal questioned there
by Principal Agent Flynn The coun
terfeiter pretended ho was unable to
speak English and no Information was
Gleaned from him
With what I seized In his house and
WIntI have gathered un since wefound
he was making tOgU3 dollars J have
about 2000 of the coins he turned ont
sold Sir Flynn The man Is on artist
in the count rfeiUne line it was the
perfection his work that first directed
i attention o him
A factor in his success was the per
t ctlon of his moulds He mode them
of a preparation of asbestos and Blaster
As ho was a jeweller and did wonk at
borne ho had no difficulty purchasing
the necessarr acids metola and other
materials withoutfiiisptalon
i =
To the rolnt
I From the Philadelphia Ledger
Its so long elnco you last callod up
I on mo t was beginning to think you
I were forgetting mo saIl Miss Pochls
aa she xsafflo doxrn to the young man I n
tic rlen
I I Tan for pttl nSNul replied the
artleat youth and Its tor getting you
that Ive 1k4 toenight
f f d ir i f S y i
Passengers in Panic as
Trolleys Collide the f
Told by the conductors i of the two
ears on which they worefridlngtthatta
collision would occur and that they i
must brace themselves or jump for
their lives twentytwo I passengers i in
a local car and a Sumner avenue I car
on the Williamsburff Bridge today
wept prayed and cried for help but
clung with all their strength to the
straps and seats until thcrash i cams t
And although both cars were badly r
smashed the passengers escaped with
only a severe shaking up
Local oar No 6 mannedaby Motor
man Mltchael Conorty and Conductor
Michael Hoffman wasibound9fromNew
York to Wllllamsbure and had gone
more than half the distance on the
bridge when alia the custom the
power was turned off and the car al
lowed to toboggan along toward the
Plaza Behind came Sumner avenue
car No 3101 handled bylMotorman Isaac
Schwt and Conductor t Bugeno Baclko
lols Scheet found thatlhlsbrakes would
not work and that he was making
faster time than tho ilocal car ahead
He yelled to Conductor Hoffman on the
local mid then turning back into his
own car cried to the etehttpassengers
Whores a smash coming Hold tight
tbr your lives
Women screamedand some of Diem
tried to run to the door to jump out
Con held them bacflc On the local can
ahead there were fourteen passengers
They were warnedbyHoffman It was
only a minute or so 1 before the crash
came but it seemed an hour to tho
frightened passengers Just before it
happened Motormon Schoet dodged back
Into his our and Hoffman intohls Both
platforms were crumpled and broken
and the forward car was lifted off the
tracks Traffic was held up for aln st <
an hour while the wrecklnglcrew wan
at work
Police Commissioner Angry Over
Soft Snap Details Will Send
Men on Post
I tell you boys this Is a rapid town
to llvo In Police Cbuntmisaloner BinS
ham woe signing checks today aa he
In wtiot respect Commissioner he
was oskad
In every respect he replied p
an awfully expensive city He didnt
tell why he made the comment
The CommIssIoner was asked If he had
in mind further reduction of the num
ber of policemen on details He pound
ed the dealt with his flat and cald
Seventeen hundred and tweratytwo
men on detail That makes me mad
Do you main that there are that
number of men still on detail after tho
reductions have been model
Yes Ive cut the number down
about 000 but there are still 1722 left
not doing regular police duty They
are working for some one Iso and not
for me
This shows that there were 2200 po
licemen on detail when former ColD
mUsloner McAdoo loft office The re
maining detailed men whom th Com
missioner oonslOers as not doing regu
lar polloe duty are likely from his
words to be put down still further
Some of them ore In the vonlaus squids
established by Gen plajrhams prede
cessors some Jn the courts and seine
doing clerical auty
PassengersEscape Injury but Tracks
Are Tom Up and Traffic
LANCASrJm Bx Fteb 15A mst
bound express train on the Pennsylvania
RaOroed made up of mail and express
cars struck a freight train early today
near Comeatosu a short distance east ot
his city Ten express and five freight
ears were wrecked and their contents
scattered over the trades
All four tracks were torn up end trains
east and jw t bound were run over the
Lebanon Valley branch Of the Philadel
phia and Reading Railroad
No one mia killed
A FBTT Tears Hence
Tram the FfcflJuJel hU DallJtta
They were passing through the mo
seum What ia that father =
That oay son 1s a wellpreserved
specimen or the rallroadus posslbus
genus poltttdanis Its quite extinct
Americas Best Milk
f < < EfJ
c >
fli til
s njEflSD 1t
r it11
lurcli Millie itlcUeat ia t
tlfesi ana Best for CJ U lte U
BenntUtil IrezntimS I see
hve Tnhtlu
00 I
i H
na iiwUK U I J l L9
i li
FoundDead by a Fri nU J4
Who Went to Attend 5l > F
Her in Illness 7 1
I j
ocaltQl1h nv1ntngWorl5 tr
Sirs Robert irt Clare alxtytwd years
old wife of a wealthy retired leathiB
merchant committed suicide early to
day by hanslnjrheraelffromfaticain In I
thoattlo of herhomeiat No1U Living
vton avenue i
Her body W1I I dtoo ered by a frienfl
I who had como to nurse her and who
rwas alarmed af her failure to anjivw
repeated calls j >
Mrs Clare hnI1t been Hlhoilth for
some time The death of a sister and >
worry over her husbands failing > eye
sight aU combined unbalance tier
mind I
A few 3ays ago she told her phyal I
clan she Intended to burn down the C
house and asked that some valuabetih
church property bo ramoved s i
Sho waapnoDilnent in various societies tf
In the FlrsMMetliodlst lltChurcb and gave
generously to charity < i
HA Ration of Spendthrifts Say a
Dr Ira Itemeh r < J i
BAIJ1nfORE Feb 15 q I
15Wo are a
nation of spendthrifts Wo are an ex L
travagant people We ore a wasteful j i
people Lifo insurance teaches one ctl
the most Important lessons mankind L
can learn the lesson of thrift
Socald Dr Iiu Remaen President rt
Johns BODkIns University at the ban >
quet ot the Baltimore Life Under
writers Association last eight f J j
Why ManylPeopIe Suffer >
From Constipation 1J
A S fe and Sure Relief r <
ConstIition is moat often cauied by n J
torpid Irrer or failure of the ttomach and
bowels to perform their proper function
The condition is commonly due at first <
to Irregular habits of living and Improper J
food and If properly treated can bo readily
relined It li however too often aegra
Tated and made < chronic by the use as
medicine of powerful and expensive drug
which puree and perhaps give temporary
relief but are BO drastlo In effect eto
damage the tender lining of the stomach
and bowels leaving a condition worse than
at Bret This can however be avoided 4
and the bowels gently and thoroughly
opened 3 > y the use of Natures own remedy fi
the famOus Natural MlnTf Tsvtivs
WaUr HUNTADI JANOSwhich has been
reU TIng suffering mankind all t over thi
world for nearly half a century One dpaai 44
U a tumblerful drunk on arising uvltba
morning slightly warmod for best rcrtltb I
will within an hour bring a delightful and
refreshing roll of A whole bottle coats but
a trifle and it la best to keep one alfraya J
on hand Every Drucclst keoD It
In the Sealed Box
Sold with a moneyback guarantee
The Only Such
the always satlsfaetor kin
Made of Prime Fresh Bf Only
The sausage in each box Is
wrapped in waterproofed paper
stamped by the packer guar
anteeing absolute purity and
freshness cleanliness and nutri
tive value 4
The best made < but notdearer
in price I
r4 At Grocer or Dtlleatctsemen or
w Cor 40th St and 3d Aye
ieuil for Deofbtts Cook
loolc a revelation In cal f
Decfetts nnry art To all users at fi re
Friday Saturday l1dIMontayt I
Regular price 22c
2 Oc
Sale Price jj 1
rrE J A Black Green or
TEA mixed enor42
Broken Java very tine 20c 4 fi I
Broken Mocha and Jaya cn6
a 1be delIvered MSniiatan an1 nroo1d
10 Ibo 23tn ll a M lbS 100 miles
Orders by Postal Promptly Filled
UI1LLIIS Company tr
233 235 23T and 239 Washington St
No Employers
References Required
Li Tol posltltrelv saYs
the middlemans
profit bv t
WMvii nranrh ktft Foltett St 2

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