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ti t 1 G x i fjy v rk 1
j 1
Brooklynite Also Eager tu
tt heMeet Shepard on the
Same Platform i
1 > J
Jlt I
c fii js He Can Show Where to Get
1 r the Money to Build Proposed
f J
i 5JHeipl Helpl
Borough pr Ment Co1ec of Broklyo
bas ohaJIeaced Comptroller Herman
Mete and Edirard M Shepard alto of
t SrookljT to a joint debate In earnest
Halt How be didnt happen to think
of IJIadJson Square Garden II urprti
isavt Ttt make bfc proportion more
deadly Mr Coler offers to pay for the
> rj > rAs llghti Anting music and other
sttVliues HB mJcht even persuaded
J p ire an audeace I
Mf Holers burning desire to debate
JpaSjBrouSed by atatosient Comptroller
MeCf mjuie yesterday to tho effect that
r 3w York hasnt got coney enough to
buti tier own subways Mr Coler who J
OVjws somettitac about coraptrollerliij
n tM from 4ils experience as Comp
trailer maintains mat a way can be
oihd wherefby the city can get plenty
Of moray for subways
J sco says 14r Coler In his chal
lenge that Comptroller Metz In dls
qussingthe illsterff bill Is quoted as
using UetfpUowlng language
Vtt have not the slightest Idea where
thetlty would get Its money to build
subpraya with but I suppose our mu
nicipal annershlp friend would waive
ft lEjall matter tike that
< Now continues Mr Coler when I
Comptroller and then ho roes on I
to tell haw he suffered Ho says that
be raised money for water Improve
ments and for the present Subway
alter the Corporation Counsel and
others dectded
others bad decided that tine city tats
beyond the debt limit I
w challenge Comptroller Meta and hs I
bnfederateUr Shepard 10 njolnt de1
bate dec13rOJ Mrcolor Carnegy
hail ptcfelted I agree to pay all the 1 i
expenses and will attempt to prove that
the city Is thane aly able to go ahead i
with every necessary public Improve
ment rapid transit or otherwise r i
would like to have every banker busl I
nis nan lawyer and editor In the city II
jrejjenL I
aloha might prospect be o regarded tearing with Mr Coler equanim talk
ity eventha prospect of hearing Mr
Colcr and Mr Met from the same j
sage on tho same evening Is not Hut
dent to cause alarm But Mr Coler
Mr Mm and Mr Shepard all In the I
rime evening I
One more I
tflelp u I
fr t f 11 COLLISION
trainmen nero killed Dour others were
liljiuvu one pcrnapd Jaorimy and tux
pHBienierg were sligtitly hurt last nlgnt j
In a neadoh ooiiUion of a special I
freight and a passenger train on the
Chicago and Northwestern Railroad
The dead ore Thomas Lefferty engl
ieer Joseph Maher fireman and Fire
an Bermish of Barabo
onductor K A Peck of the freight
try U said to be dying The wreck
ylis eta Ii Is said to a snowstorm I
q v
I l l I
Car on Long Island Train
Jumps Track and Strikes
Iron Pillar
The rear car of a livecar Long Island
Railroad electric train Jumped the track
today 03 It was entering the station
hat Piatbush and Atlantic avenues
Brooklyn and crairtibd Into an Iron
plllar st iort1nff the roof of the ahed
The paasnigers who had arisen from
their seats preparatory to leaving the
car were thrown fro roUieir feet and
three were slightly Injured They wen
George Stendenkson of iLynbrrook
George A Vlnssnt at Rockville Centre
and Curtis Smlihi of Froreport L L
The train was an express from Ja
maica and was running slowly A
switch that apCeared to be Improperly
set threw the forward truck of the
rear car from the track and the oar
climbed onto the platform It struck
the post a glancing blow or the damage
would lhave been more serious
Dr Graham of 6eney Hospital at
tended to the Injuries of the three in
Jared men They were sent home latin
iured ppeclal ar Th r ± cvrseck delayed
raffle ao the road tot several hours
Mrs7 Antrnstrt Smith Dead
BOSTON Feb 15 < Mrn J Augusta
Smith wife at the bev Judson Smith
corresponding secretary of the Ameri
can Board CbmmiS3tonrn for Foreign
Missions sled suddenly at her
hero yesterday from heart dlsoic Mrs
Snltii KUa esiaont of the Uo
Hoard of Missions Before manlast
she wan Miss Bushnell of Hartford O
She was born In 1813
McGowan and Keenan Nar
rowly Escape Death at II
Dead Mans Curve
City Chambedaln Patrick Keenan as
well as President JlcOowan of the I
Board of Aldermen narrowly escaped I
death last night In a trolley car and I
cab collision at Broadway and Four I
teenth street
The City Chamtcrlaln who although
seventy years and over Is still robust I
had been with President McGowan to
the Third Panel Sheriffs Jury dinner
which was hold at the Waldorf
Just da they reached Dead Mans
Curve a Lexington avenue car of the
Metropolitan road heading uptown
dashed Into the cab The driver Harry
Blucher was thrown from his seat
landing on his held several feet away
The cab was wrecked
The City Chamberlain as well as the
President of the Board of Aldermen
were thrown out amid the wreckage
and tooth for a few minutes were ren
dered unconscious They remained In
9III1IUoo until several poUccnun
l drf1 eaid ttie crashranto their
uNance and picked them up bring
ing them to a noeborlng drug store
where they received prompt attention
Brown aged fourteen and Florence I
Fargo aged seventeen were drowned in
Tonawohda Creek at Alexander Gene I
see County last evening They were
going eating and In the darkness I
walked Into a hole where men had been
cutting Ice i
Few Schoolboys Can Do that Stunt and
Officials Plan to Give Them Physical I
Instruction All the Year Round
I More than tvtntv rr Cent of the I
boys on the east Ode living In tho
crowded tenemetithouso district are be
low normal suys Gen George W
Wlngate President of the Public School
athletic etCKue
Out of COO boys only two could chin
tho tor a test any husky country chap
could do twelve times without stopping
To give the New York schoolboy a
chance the Committee on AthUtlo
Fields of which Gen WlnsMe la Chair
man has asked Dock Commissioner
Benid to ctve to the school children
03 New York the use of the recre
ation piers u athletic centres The
recreation piers are used four months
In the year and remain Idle In the win
I It Is nn Idea I am only too glad to
help alone said the Dock Commission
er today The pier At East Twenty
fourth street and West Fiftieth street
are in the nelghborhod where the chil
dren absolutely need places to run and
exercise What I have asked the com
mittee to do 11 to have an official request
of Esti
quest prepared for the
mate and it is then only a question of
time when we will be giving more New
York school children places for physical
development I
Need Heat and Windows
The piers ca nbe lilted up enclosed
in gtas and steam heal ed 1 think for i
about J30000 each and when athletic
appartus is put in the six hundred foot i
length ad sixtyfoot breadth will be as I
lie as place as coed be desired Im i
heart and soul with the nwvoTient and
will do all I can to holp It along I
The need of the growlnug school boy I
of New York for phsical exercise Is Im
I perltlve said Gen Wlngate To be
I sure wo have our league now which Is
doing wonders for the buys but we l
I want to give them a place to go oui
of school hours The cost of a city
block would be over Jl000000 and the I
lecrue has no sum t > fthat size to pay I
for an athletic Held I
Borough President John F Ahearn
dcccrxes the credit of thinking of the
recreation pier Idea
We want to push this plan through
I Father Johns I
I r rti
I t II
< <
11tR IlGj I
IJ 4I tiJal rorilaM Noikaheta efflionia Jro93 I
F 1I
Saving tHe Public j I
I Cigar Money
We have had repeated occasion during r
9f the past few months to call public attention
L to the combined reduction in cigar cost
and improvement in cigar quality which
American Cigar Company methods have THE TRIANGLE Accomplished
The latest in MERIT MARS
c example was the
cigar which at 5c gave everything that
had ever been given by any 3for25c cigar
in the days before A Triangle A meth
haddays Stands for Honest Cigar Values
I ads had been perfected
We now present a new demonstration
t of the power of these new scientific cost
saving processes in the
4 for 25 CeKitS Formerly 3 for 25c
LBs 5
I so the piers will bo open next year
Of course It Is too lute to do mytnlng
this year for the recreation piers open I
In May It Is not surprising that tho
New York boy Is In danger of becoming I
a weakling When you see them dart
ing In and out of crowds dodging auto
mobiles and wagons ycu practically
witness all thfe athletics many of them
get They have absolutely no muscular
development In their arms Why the
average east slda boy doesnt even know
how to play Wo found that out when
the Public School Athletic League was
Wo want to use these piers as regu
lar athletic flelds and iwftih a 000 yard
length a boy can cat a pretty good
stretch to run In Well have parallel
and horizontal ban and Bipmratus of
all Idnds and we will lvo the boys a
chance to develop their bodies
No Mischief on PIst
The piers will answer a double pur
pose too When t1 bs boy Is out of
schoot there are not many places In
which he can go Ho Is tempted to
loaf around the atreata smoking and
talking about things tie has no right to
dlicusa Q < ve him the recreation piers
as an athletic field and you will see the
difference The advantage of tho piers
at Twontyifourth and Fiftieth street as
wall as the one at Market street la that
they are right In the congested dis j
Annie Sexton Attempted to Start n
Fire with Kerosene
As the result of burns received on I
Tuesday Annie Sexton twenty el ht
years od of No 1SJ jslecckcr street i
d to1 today St
at Vincents Hospital t
The young woman was unmarried ana I
led wit her mother on the third floo
n fivestory teremcnt On Tuesday
morning she was starting a fire in the
kitchen store It did not burn quickly
enough and she poured kerosene on the
wood Some of the lighted oil dropped
on IKT skirts anj In n moment alto wash
nil ablaze Dr McDonald who came
from tho Hospital found her fatally in
Jured i
11k enlm I
+ i1
I ii
C CtTx
Its double strength requires only one half the quantity of j
other cocoas
Great Values for Small Prices
Housekeepers will enjoy this week a great feast of values which extend
clear through our list of
pure foods
provisions groceriesalso in wines and
liquors Our annual Flour Sale the most successful held
ever ehded last week
but III Justice to our patrons who stocked UP before the sale we continue the A
same low prices t on the PRIDE OF ST LOUIS which is the Wl If not the li
superior of any flour ever milled
Every day it becomes clearer to hosts of housekeepers that nowhere else
an they find the same high at such low prices the
same fresh whni quality same purity or the
CERY wholesomeness > as they do at any of the 160 JAMES BUTLER GRO
when they STORES f Every day hundreds of new customers begin to realize that o
buy from
y us they
uslness save motley and safeguard their health So our
a value to our gros customers and enabling us every week to give a little better
Some details of the weeks prices follow o
Peerless Malt Extract Special shipment from Maine of the very finest
Perfect tonic selected potatoes sound and white the kind Peerless Cocoa
liquid strengthens and Sthe
I builds up bodily waste that cook mealy far superior to anything I 0 11 Th perfect food soothing refresh
Three O T I One that has been in this market for the week C ing nourishing 1
Bottles 25c Bottle 9c 0 II while they last a basket can 11 17c 1 74 can lb lOc
t asssst
Pride of St Louis Flour Best Creamery Butter
The very best superfine flour that is milled Unsurpassed baking qualities Shipments of the finest Butter continue coming most every
and equally popular with particular housekeepers for bread biscuit cake or day from the great Western Creameries with whom we hive
pastry This week almost at carload prices contracted for their entire output The quality continues 2 5 C
superb aqd our customers more than sitistied We keep
By the Barrel 495 I 7lb Bag 19C the price down toa lb I
2434lbBagG2c33lbBag lOc 17 FRESH EGGS for 25c
Swifts delicious Hams little sugarcured HotiseReepers High Class Special T Fancy Print Butter Quality
picnics lean tender nourishing I
and toootkome weight 5 t 7 2 cans Sugar Corn creamy and sweet leans For housekeepers who prefer the
Ibs retail for below this week we continue to 2 cans String Beans green and tender 4 fns 25c print extra butter fancy a quality limited Is supply delivered of
mw ditty to each of our 160 Gro
advancing prices which at a are lb still 81L C < ceries The price each iay will
rl be the lowest that can possibly be
Swifts Famous Bacon Eagle Brand Double S Green at H tamps charted
Boneless Bacon sugarcured With all purchases of to cents or more except C O groceries Extra 1
the most savory and appetizing sump specials offered below are given in place of Double Stamps Blue Ribbon Soups
packed with fat and lean streaks
in every slice in spite ot the great Rich deliciously flavored the best
adyancemaklng this bacon Stamp Specials vith Teas SL Coffees tasting and most nourishing that J
worth 20c we will sell 15e SO Stamps Free with Very Best Teas a lb 50c can be nuclei choice assortment
this week at a lb 25 Stamps Free with Best No 1 Teas a lb 35c Quart an very special this
a 15 Siamps Free with Choice No 2 leas a Ib ZSc week at 8 C
IS stamps Free with Old Govcrmont
Java Coffee In
Aunt Kanna Pancake Flour Eialanced unsurpassed
elf raleing mixture of the finest flours purity flavor aroma and cup quality lb 30e Salmon Eisle fanciest erode
makes muRlru thnt melt and IVC 10 Stamps Free with Best Mocha and Java Coffee a lb ZSc River Salmon 1lb tall Columbia
almost ub
cakes that ny ib
pke 1ge
lrepared Floor Blue lllbbaxi 1 veq 10 Stamps Free with Best Maracalbo Coffee alb 20c can
highest grade seltralslnc 2lb 1O SrlmonJlatehef71 very choicest 13C
1JSI red Alaska 1lb tall can
retries package Barkwhrat Prepared and self Attractive List of Free Stamp Specials Salmon diu Emerald brand finsst me 1 UC I
diem ra Alaska 1lb tall
economical Klb
ralsloc most
rtickase IQjt ZO Stamps Free with jar East View Extract of Beef for 25c Sordine La Cobrigu choice Imported
Triumph Oat Illchcst quality white 20 Stamps Free with 4oz bottle Peerless Vanilla Extract for 2Sc In baltan finest French olive oil lam 15c
rolled Northern Brown breakfast 20 Stamps Free wlth4oz bottle Peerless Lemon Extracts for
food for health and strength a 2Sc Bardlaea Imported La Lone Frenen
2tb packata Bc 10 Stamps Free with 20z bottle Peerless Extracts for ISc dainties In Onest ollv OUI IOe
Golden Drip rljntp Doubly refined es 5 Stamps Free with 201 bottle Our Own Extracts for lOc quarter ran 1UC
eons of sugar cane law bot 12c 15 Stamps Free with 1lb American Sardine Continental inbrana
tl an Blue Ribbon Baking Powder for S3c fat plump little Main Ash In At
Vermont Byrvp < iuart can into 10e 10 Stamps Free with Jlb can Blue Ribbon Linking Powder for I8c oil can V
larcf bottle lie small botUJ 5 Stamps Free with ilb an Blue Ribbon Baking Powder for lOc Lemons Urltht juicy Messina an
IUDlne Eralni nnest lUbbon and most largest nourish Louisiana Q 10 stamps Free with qt bottle Domestic Salad Oil for ISc other dozen shipment just itcelrodj 13e
ant nnut1alnbd carton 9c 10 Sumps Free with vplnt bottle Lucca Olive Oil finest Imported 2ac Orange California Navels sweet and
Itlce Triumph finest Carolina head 15 Stamps Free with pt bottle Peerless Worcestershire Sauce 15c Juicy by the down lies HOC OflP
train Slb linen whole hat clean and hard 25C 10 Stamps Free with > < plnt bottle Peerless Worcestershire Sauce lOc Jams mo and Itloe Itlbbon homemad whole
PurinaBlue lllbbuiit mad from high 5 Stamps Free with 3 Ib tin Black or White Pepper for too fruits all the choice kind In Kp
est grads Northern wheat 1lb ij e 5 Stamps Free with J Ib tin Butlers English Mustard for lOc 1lb lass Jars each
carton JamsLIUf brand all the popa 1 UC
Iearl Taplcoa Dine Ribbon Seen tar fruit flavors 1lb class Jan C
Imporiil make delie Iou Dud iC California Fruits Ford Dates lllue Illbbon ac k ace of
ding 1lb carton C a 11 Ornla a ZwAt uS wash meaty small petted Qoc
Darn Starch Peerless highest grade fresh cured fruit each OC
package Mo XLCIt popular 5c Essie Brand East View Brand Smyrna rigs Large lhree crown layer
faorlte package 3 The fanciest of figs deliciously cured 3 lbs for fin
quality ripe selec Choice quality or California fruit dlIf 13c I
Curruul Fanciest Aroallas clean fresh ted fruit preserved In pure rich preserved In rich heavy syrup auol Ur c a lb C
and flee navored Just arrived IOe sugar syrup Nothing finer Is packed to the beat crude or meat retailer Basket Vlg 1Yedbe Orientals finest
from Uroece 1lb carton 1UC K > la Cliprrles large can 23o Kast View Cherries largo canue Imported packed In beehive baa 11111911
French Cap rSinall green crisp non Ienrlieii large can y lc East View reaches large canitio kets fich 19C
pareils from the proves of Houth n K slelear Ilnrtletts large can tae jet View Tears large can IHo Kail Ulne Itlbbon Table Bait In Kit I
era France In bottles lOa and 1UC 1sileAprlrots large can INo Vest View Apricots large canISc Ib molstureproot cartons eaco OC
French raLa CtI lilt brand groan Ks le Orrrn laces lane can iTVj East Vlow ireen Unites larva anle Celery SaltPure and fresh itrat
small and dellcloutly tender In three Kisle Kay rinins large can iTo East View lr alum larva can IBo od cures nervousness bottle luC
grades extra Uns a tan lUc ill Elite Sllrril Peacbes 1lb can 1to Kost View Hired Ieacne Ib can lOc Cider and White Wine Vlneear Fresh f
IIna can inc moyer i iop and full strength largo
C if
cars for arte a can it French Hplanch La Corhollle extra Asparagus Itlo fancy California bottle av
111111 shot full fancy and choice Imported 17 large long green spears a i
French MnihroomsFlr1 17e 25C VIolet Ammonia For the bath or
stzaIMzachslftin inc iaru 1 gc B can Af1 can dainty lingerie bottle 1LC j
ITBQt Cull size till 1EaAle brand extra sided early Juno Asparagus Tips UnUsoni outer flay
little peas deliciously sweet ICo large can green tips or eaelch fKf i
tendpar C
11 and tender a can IOC monte squaro can whit tips aach Broman IE > > elon
Dainty Biscuits Iras Majestla or Hillside sifted early Salmon 8t ok > iEs le selected Columbia The famous Jelly powder i 1
Fresh from the glowing ovens of the Junes a cans small 3Bc a green can and tender 1Q C nat Itlver can nsh SSe the very iris alb I2C this week large package II C I
Sattlnes Social Red Qrahams Teas 3 25c Akan Wiee and Liquor Specials All ors the package favorite fruit fUr lUc I I
Johnnie Cake a lb At 71 JAMES BUTLER LICENSED STORES Jell0
> I Pure and wholesome delicate 1 A
Vienna Crimps
1 flp and picfcaje i 0
Golden Crisps 1r delicious Uf 1
Monogram Rye WhisKey
Americas finest tenyearold Rye Under our exclusive
control Unsurpassed for Family or Medicinal use r I
50 Stamps EVERY for Free BOTTLE with 75c I r
Green SUmpsFKB LIghtfor
50 cue Lager Beer Dark for 100
with every case of u Dark for t t
p Port and Sherry California Claret 0
p J B Cholcp CaUfornlaJ B Choice Extra linotj
Table Wine a Bottle 25c dinner wnobohieAser oC

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