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THE fo 1009
Off the Stage Is
A rtIltis Jeffreys f toes
WljJ I More Charming Than Ever
tee = Her Portrayal of the Society
w i Woman Is Ellis Jeffreys
Ii J Y at Home
f q
i J
f Talented Actress Talks of Her
tif work and jells How she Came
1 tH1 c t 1 to Enter the Profession
I i By Alice Robe
ji > It night have been Lady Ciarioa
i t Bowland In the Fascinating Mr Van
J flcrveldf at Dalys Theatre or It might
tY have bean Queen Boain ol The Prince
Obnaort but It was Miss Bills Jeffreys
J fho ontred the drawingroom and the
piaca was not the stage but Ulas Jet
f frsyno apartments at the Hotel Ma
t I r j jestic
wfS0m6t1mee we feel a little disappoint
meat to have a character throw off its
ulagulao and stand before us just Its
i cal aeU I
1 Sometimes too we feel a pong ot ro >
end gentlemen we sea wearing lovely
dothes on the stage and hobnobbing
with real society In canvass ducal draw
ingrooms become lust everyday sort
persona when they take the makeup
eft and pass out of the stage door
0 Just because all this was not so In
the present caao Is why Interviewing
t lil 3 Bills Jeffreys was as delightful as
meeting the real Lady Clarice Rowland
L z34 too real Queen Sonia sort of peo
rr ple we often dream about but never
And then I understood at ones why
Ran Mesa Jeffieyaa portrayal of the stage
lady of high social position had the
I iiubtlec1 armtlhthaa mode her acting
a of these roles standout like a genuine
diamond against a background tit Imi
I 1 A Woman Must Understand
Ire one tiring for an ootreas to ploy
the lady Its another thing for the
lady to play the actress The latter
i I calling follows the path of the press
i agent ewe believe but It Is the real tiling
< to bavaah actress lady be a lady ac
r teas and nrell all this may be a bit
confusing but It means that when you
11 Interview Miss Ellis Jeffreys you meet
its actress who plays the lady at birth
and culture the grande dame to Lto
manner born on tho stage and Is that
some person off the stage
j If realism or naturalism the atoge
ts to be desired said Mlsa Jeffreys
1 In reply to a query concerning We
playing of o query on the stage
i > 1 wo ought to look for it to detailed In
x terpretations the various characters
l A woman who does not understand
I i te what a lady would do Under certain
1l eoclal laws of etlauetto would natur
> ally be at a disadvantage In trying to
aI play a cultured And refined role
CO Great actresses and great ortlsta
i lDay f tremendous climaxes but
c in the details of society life I do not
11 tillrUc a woman lacking ra refinement
can ever convince an audience of the
realness of the part ahe Is playing I
f1 Is Mothers Child
< The stage today In Its society
ecenes reverts the manners and
etiquette of the best soclcuy circles You
1 could not expect a woman who had
Y never been brought In contact with
culture and the Inborn sttaletadof good
breeding to enter a stage drawlag
room nod move correctly tits you
1 could expect her to properly conduct
herself In a high life social gathering
< for the that time I
Now it there Is any one who has a
right to talk about high society and Its
tenets I reflected enjoying tics JetI
treys charming personality tar fine
carriage her correct costume her beau
1 Ufully colffured brown hair her gray
eyes sparkling with animation and I
above all her graciousness that person
IX before me
IT Just then a golden hatred little girl I
Of coven come Into the room with tier
I SPverneas There was no need of an
Introduction to know that this was little
Bills Evelyn Curzon Another link will
JOett society
OC course you know that no less a
< personage than Karl Howe Is Miss Jet
iroys e brotherinlaw and some day her
+ email son George William Penn Curzon
may succeed to his uncles peerage and
e tales
LHtlo Miss Curzon had just been talc
Ins a nruslo lesson
WIJL1Woya have my daughter with
F ° tae sold Miss Jeffreys and whore
tit ever I fo the and her maid and gov
errmesj go also
fi ri Son Is In School
Xi My son la In school In England No
X1 have never allowed their photo
C graph to be published They have no
1 connection with my public life and it
f would be distasteful to allot their
J i You know my first husband whom I
II 1 divorced was the Hon Fred Curzon a
° nephew of Earl Howe and whUe I
f have the custody of my two children
i alwaya remember that their fathers
fealty whose name they bear has a
rightful Interest In them
rThera will never be bar necessity for
fay daughter to go upon the stag aa
Iliad to do oo there la really no ra
eon why she should ever bo before the
public In any way
L4ttle George William Penn Cunoaa
it photograph on the manta looked bade
1 i at C fi fond mother with childish
il7 fsee exactly tike h fr own Tent hO
rfdtoalously Hko map laughed Miss Jet
freyi On you should read hla letters
tf + I Ho writes perfectly as a boy of four
i S 1t4an and He Is only rtx years old
A Ml of the Cureons have the William
Penn In their name for you know the
f 1 Cfcrzoni and Penns are of the came
< ttatnI1Y
d3t was at Penn Housa and at lop
< as8 hail that cites jeffreya the guest
0 OB her fdherlnlaw the late Lord
J fr Mbyt was enwrtataed extensively It
a kti tostf bore ft the house parties which so
f frequently tlJ cludellmem elli of the roy
Ii ifli tawny tlint prior to her divorce
n 41 j < Mesa Jeffreys first met King Eaywapd
t Sang In Gilberts Pieces
Willie I have been associated with
r c soalet roles or late said you let
1 f yg plraao do not think my wdrk on
t i rlll stage 1s limited to wearing emar
r y vna and portraying the correct man
1Jtni a of the society woman One of my
t favtirltff roles wna Uowiln Koto which
ffYqu know was written for me and I
t played Ulla part In a plain shin waist
q and gray skirt
Dear me nol I didnt make my
v flrot nppoarririCQ on tU6 stage as a high
° e 1 ppwoman either yodebut bwae
society woman either My debut was
VltJ1mUlIO1 comedy and It wad Sir Ar
t thur Sullivan Who gave me my first
2 flit tea Ours necessity wy going on
1 ths airsg and loL woe because Sir Ar
i L thur Butitvan uld once heard JUG clog
nRfl offered to place mo that I went to
S bjwt ani i nskeafor a part t hen flnun
i i i IW > M itrB nvda it necessary for me
I r < < tJtii Uil
Yon w
m i ot VIl a i not of Entlsh birth
i1i < < < father as Cbauoera Oorcot
t ClJf 3astl Ianleht non County
if and my fMiia Capt Jeffreys
k the 811I
to 1 tabu
= hou
a MIe ot burner
ai6eAA e i
ro I I tiI
s f
I 4
g4u 7
4 R M n
to t
7Thtt 1LLIS dE F1e YS
iliu Jeffreys and her husband Her
bert GlMth have been sought after by
New York society On feerx writing
desk were invitation galore and the
telephone was ringing every five min
utesI have met so many delightful pea
pIe I nNew York trlends of my English
connections that my American tours
are always tile greatest pleasure
And spjakinar of English connections
I rem < < berod that the present Lord
Howe Is Lord Chamberlain to Queen
Alexandra and his wife a sister of Lord
Randolph Churchill tuul of Eho Dowager
Dtiehwu of Roxbur lie
Little George William Penn Curzon
looking down from the mantel at his
beautiful mother and eUter didnt
eeem a bit interested In his prospects
of becoming an Earl The present Lord
Howe has but one child Vlaoount Cur
mn who baa jilst attained his majority
Next In succession Is the Hon Fred
Curron the divorced husband of Miss
Jeffreys and then oomea little George
William Penn Curzon
Aside from her former husbands con
nections which have sdven htu entree
Into the beat society of all the foreign
actressy who have come to this coun
try there havo been none whose social
pfjoltlon abroad was so excellent or
Who has been more gently bred or bet
ter educated
Wears American Clothes
To lice Miss Jeffreys without mention
Ing the toplo of clothes would bo be
yond Awnans power For in addtusn
to being the high society lady of rash
Ion Miss Jeflreysa reputation tor dress
Ing the part has made her costumes
models for woro n Lf fashion off the
There Is one thing I must tel you
about my Banns sold Miss Jeffreys
They are mad by an American dress
maker When people arc kind enough
to praise my London gowns 1 have to
smile fbr all the costumes have worn
Tor the past tour years have been made
by Mme Haywaru an American dress
maker established in London
Why American women are the best
dressed the smartest the most stun
abiK front every standpoint In the
world And they are such beautiful
wellformed women too
There were other mbro Interesting
things to talk about with Miss Jeffreys
and she was entertainingiy conversant
upon them oil from the drama oil to
day tho works of Shaw the plays of
Sutro to the passing of the piublem ploy
But for the sake of the American
woman we will give her the last word
Two Report Being Beset by High
waymen In Early Ermine
Miss Grace McCoy of No 40 East
Flftyflrst street reported to the police
of the West Fortyseventh street sta
tion last night that while she and a girl
friend wore walking up Broadway early
In the evening they were attacked by a
gone of youths and a bag containing
10 and some Jewelry was token from
her They screamed she said and the boys
fled Her friend fainted Alter reviv
ing her MIa McCoy went to the police
What is the quickest
way BpookSyn 9
I Telephone
Not tidy tjulolosa bat
easiest for you save
tha discomforts of
thO u > Cf0O OPOShm
Hawo YOUr
Telephone s
tIS Day cbeo
and pneumonia nlwaya ushered la
by n sudden lU Tha csst step W
l marked by a gradually rising fevert
Tho next t y core throat hoarsen
running nose headache
niiutttiul ir r cough pain
ltwiI iji ful breatblngond expectoration 27ten
you are at tho critical turn It calls
for action also caro in selecting tho
remedy to take because delay and
ozijorlfncntlnn mean death by pnou
moaiaor weakened lungs
Tho right remedy tho best remedy
the eatest remedy tie aureat euro 1s
without doubt tha famous world
TtSco Dr DoBs P3a fer Cca Jtljattej j JJ
dead t e leslie ci tCaarsptw
8 h Its many cures etc truly ramprt
bee but they aro oil duo to thg
euper xcellent formula by which it is
made JrBu118CousbS peootbeu
heals and ourca lllio no otter zemed
110 1 or does
Read how this celebrated remedy eta
70 raieod by all vf ho use it Every tea
pE UmonlD1la abSOlutelY genuino
l 4auVei gl iii
I fea Jae would get
ue A
ft Jllllft III = a
u 0 u L boagfet IkoMto el Dr Hs
Syrupand utter givtegias
II bWuBrtatJy reH veaeaa ef tor Eali
r l H Il ca ottJeCftIHUYl1lptJl CGqkIled
ftOO ttAttK Wi3pletday lappet I kav star l le
11 YJOUJt cured ofJ5 svero ctwOia sail ccJSs I y
FCICall tbwo 1ota a t ewoncerfidDr u1laCovpr7 s P
sex 1 tic A mr F alterl
q = 1i1iM 201B Mro Hapirt Et Pt1tJpWs
hi Sample Sent rr
tai the lid cS
r i to ell readers Vo ant 1Cm hIA a1l
ftr yeaeli la erG lute cotiiltlcnco In B il1Ou m
= of h t rrup sad to that IU wt II artuy I
splid soar tttletam 1e Sa fl Ssq mcoOT
t t3t8RdDBYlS4S s1mPlywriteatxaatnttaitlcrlener 5 1
lITe 1I1el WIWJ crc o aamrDmr Ba1 ttmotrd I
e et e f J WI
ak for HOn Cough rap
iaislrlx 1t1 ha 1 ttrt Otter am
r iiea6C tt a art w
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1 a
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at fe
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Its shaped f
fabrics a and colorings f JaIa < f regularly arms 325 r > modetrWlde b dcato bottom VaPlannea Sccoad 693 door i y f l td1ijitr Kfe r 3l J r
i M
d1 Ffttp t ti a V e L d i i roor < tif 4 ai ti k iiWtii ilfi

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