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7 V f ehirl r i < j liRJ r j b > Y e A
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ib 4
Citizens of His District
Present Gift to Alder
tj man Sullivan
Biff Tim win lay second fiddle to
1UWe Tim to night for the young
s uer oi the Bisth Assembly IXJstrtet
a 91 of many an ambitious or over
lots reformer and the rendezvous
t i I US campaign and ejection times ot
awtiplotouJ election officials is to be
f Iii1d and wined no that wont do
1 XIttie Ttaf never wines tor eome of
i r th moot distinguished Italian r eoidenta
r tUi8 city
Lone rettauront the Delmonlcos of
S PM Bowwy wlH be converted Into a
bwquet ball tonight and the tables
jrtll be crowded with the friends ot
> O 3fitttle Tfcn who la to bo bonored by
tiM Itallenbom American citizens of
t D district The lotto have Invited
ar lll prominent Italian residents out
M4e the district wJio have expressed a
edam regard for AMeranan Sullivan for
xthoughtful acts shown toward
tfckr humbler fellow cKlxens of the
1 wt elds
Diplomats at the Feast
J Italian merchants bankeo officials
la e irep an msmfceni the Italian Gen
ii Mtt all known to little Tim will
f amonfr the guts The Bowery se
t to bo well represented apart from the
Aiaormon by the MulUgans Blc Tim
who will occupy a men guest0 neat
ute Paddwifl with the Colonel In the
load Senator JMttfferald the Bowery
3ebislator Johnny White Charley
t IVtdte Billy Long aad luminaries of
toe Henna dub
CcssressTsaa WlUtom Sulzer and Ben
ptorTGcmaa T Grady will respond
the toaits United States and Our
City Michael A Bofiuno tllbe the
F1 toastmnster while Rocco il Marasco
> nn Italian leader will make a speech
glitch he will conclude by presenting to
Little Tia set of solid gold dinner
ware of five pieces wrought by Tit
fogy sad the cost of which mounts to
agree figures
litstft conies from the ItalianAmar
cans of the dlitrlct
Other toasts rtsf tided to will be
Italy by the EtoS Antoclo C As
tajjta Conuncrce1 by the BOil
2eher C Atrltelli Italians In Amer
ca by Judffo G orga Sf noeacb and
Jtaltan Donocrocy by Dr M B
SreerteyIt will remain for Theodore
paiiamba to conclude by responding to
j the toast Our Quest
Little Tim ut UOUTM m ttcly anJ
flit speech Is ready It is said to be a
j corker
fV <
i V f
Three Drivers and a Motor
man I Hurt in Collisions
on Track Crossings
tji Three men were Injured to Brooklyn
T inil one in Manhattan early today by
i trolley cars colliding with two milk
Vaeons In each case the wagons were
j ttempUne to cross the tracks when
i ulcer were run down and demolished
JS9 drivers were Injured one being
h seat to the Presbyterian Hospital in
5iJhfsi borough the others Including aVer
driver hit assistant and a mQtorman
being treated by an ambulance surgeon
i at the WUllamsbuTs Hospital
i In the case of the Manhattan ant
1 l dent the colliding For was one of the
heady box express cars which Is de
f plAi d to lin t been prooeedtne at a
t Jilgh rate of speed without a naatlllglit
> J jrf neither ergo nraa an arrest made
1 f r x i John puryea of No SKE Gates ave
pu Bwoklyn with his helper Peter
i L iAstler of No 5JS Ralph avenue were
en a milk truck crossing the junction
of Broadway and Keap street when
J fth were run down by a Sumner avenue
ttplley car Th6 wagon was demolished
de Vfjut the front part of the car and
> troth men were hurt
j fleorke Wydhertev the motorman also
hililltAlnd several bruises Tho men were
I to their lionjcs an extra hand
rerg required to proceed with the cat to
S proprietor at Hollywood at Free
par XfAs Btv0ni
r Anrebwicoment wa made today that
> t K < aeW1 S Garcon proprietor o the
r H0tywood Inn at Freeport L L Who
< 0 I tins demented for several week
1 7 haj been missing since lout Sunday
Ir gpealdns of his disappearance Mrs
Qarson said
i Ever Knee the failure two years ago
of W U Stow d Co in Wall street
c with Which my husband was connected
rt lie baa Buffered from frequent attacks
pimelancholia Added to this worry
eeusod by recent litigation unbalanced
ly s Blind With his consent we had Just
f feted arrangements to have him
it sent ito a sanitarium when he dlsap
Vi peared
° e SlIIKBlODoy
The time to strike
the iron
1 A1Jthe y
Is when It delay
r so dont delay
Until It cold
f grows
If you seek em
Head World
Help Wants
R For like heated
Gore them
+ n I G II T
T aorrowwonl DD
Brave Watchman Dived After
Drowning Deckhand and
Took Rescue Lightly
Bis chunks of Ice > were grinding up
against the North Hirer docks early
today and the north wind was cutting
lllie a knife wen Chris Jansen deck
hand on the lighter Abble L moored
to the Clyde line docks at the foot of
Christopher street tacked down slip
pery West street pavements and start
ed up the fangplank considerably the
worse after a night ashore
Jansen lurched off the canffnianlc
and fell with a splaah Into the Icettlled
water He yelled and his cries were
heard by H P Uallanan night watch
man employed on the pier and William
H Reynolds nirht aupazintenaent
The watchman and superintendent ran
along shore but BO dark wee the night
and so high the wind that they could
not locate the voice Jansen had been
caught by the ebb tide and carried many
feet out Into the river There he clung
to piles and yelled A lantern showed
the ibalfdrowned man at the end of B
pier and a rope was lowered to dim
Catoh holdr8ald JJwi
Jansea caught ho lld1 but ibto banda
mini stiff from cold < VM be slid into
the water Again the Udo caught him
and ian disappeared
Hallanea fA a brave moo they soy
along the water front Be is a good
Bwinrmer too He peeled off his coot In
a Jiffy and dived Into the river Again
and again hit dived and then his anger
closed on Jans na hair Hal1aDan
struck out for shore and it was no easy
task towing the unconscious Jansen
against the atrong tide He gained the
end of the water and yelled Reynolds
lowered a rope and It wag tied about
JanaenBe1IU hauled up sad then
fI Ti hued up the rope
A phyiriclan from St Vincents Hos
pital restored Jansen consolouanea
and then turned to JSauonan
How about your he asked of the
AU to the good repiifd HolUnan
Ita me bark to the pfefve got to
g a closo watch a windy nlfht like
Somebody canr OEIaUanaa a change of
clothing and be went oft swinging his
lantern and whistling Jaaaen was
carted to the nosultal
Moritz Rlflrin ran from the ware
ture establishment of Samuel Lavine I
No Ill Ohrystls street today his
hand iuid faoa covered by burning ben
sine and his clothes naming
Across the street Is the livery table
of ZaliS PcjhWn and lUfWn was malt
ing for a tub of water In the roar of the
stable when Peshldn and one of his
drivers Joseph M Lowery thnlkinc
that he would set the stable on Ore
crappleJ with him While one of them
held him the other unotftcred the names
with an overcoat Then someone finished
the Job by hurling a pall of water on
the roans charred flesh and burned
nUJcin was taken to a drugstore and
later to Oouveneur Hospital where It
was said that his lnurC s were very
lUflUn had been sleeping in his em
ployers omoe hoping to save as much
may as possible to bring ha wife
and child here from Europe One of
his morning duties cwno to Kent the
fires in the office He was lighting the
are today when Si e lOaped over a can
pt benzine The benc tollofell on the
stove and ean eiploskm followed
The firemen made short work of the
flames In the store
Dr Greenes
Health Lectures
Thousands of human physical and
nervous wrecks restored
The fundamental principles of longev
ity Proper diet and hygienic measures
as promulgated and publicly proclaimed
for twentyfive years
Dr Greene not only recognized as
the most successful Specialist in Ner
vous and Chronic Diseases Is the origi
nator and proprietor of the renowned
Nerve and Blood Remedy
a preparation which actually recharges
and strengthens the nervous system
Enriches and purifies the blood giv
ing strengtH and vitality to the entire
A medians In a class by Itself
Advice personally or by mall without
charge 101 Fifth Avenue New York
Rd it Gmmrt ti
I Broadway at Thirteenth Street
A Sale Womens Misses
High Grade Tailored Garments at
Broadcloth Suits reduced from 25
Ch biot and Serge Suits reduced from J 3950
cMannish Mixture Suits reduced from 4950
Velvet Suits reduced from 40
Fur Trimmed Evening Coats reduced from 35
Misses Fur Lined Coats reduced from 25 and 3950
Tailored Coats reduced from 25 and 35
You mAy choqse from any uf the garments offered above
and pay only 15 now Youll agree that the reductions are
generous to an extreme
The garments affected are all from our regular stocks so
you may depend upon their character
I cS1 0 xl
Tomorrow 17 t9 50
FOR the first time the drop head ball
bearing sevendrawer sewing machine
like illustration whit h agencies in New York and
all over America are selling at 05 and more on the
installment plan All attachments FREE
v lea
The difference between our special tomorrow price
and the agents is so great that we make this offer
Well tell you the real name of this machine so that
if you want to you may go to the nearest agency and
sec the same machine at about four times our price
Pay what yon will there is no machine that runs faster makes
neater stitch nor lasts longer than this celebrated perfect scam
stress which we will demonstrate all day tomorrow In fact
we have been so successful with it that independent of the manu
facturers guarantee we guarantee it not for five or ten years but
for a lifetime as long as operated by foot power
well keep it in perfect order FREE
Ball bearing in all its partspiano polished cabinet with seven large
roomy drawers largo powerful arras rims very lightly almost noiseless
and sews rapidly Self threading at every point except eye of the needle
ii self setting machineautomatic spooler Ieatures no other machine has
i < Jit 11 ifwliA w
A WELLKNOWN 2 brand in KTEW designs in stamped linens
fine coutil Others of jean closely fJ and lawn inch ai parasols walits halt
e C chemisette corset covers top collars belts and
flat abdo
bonedhigh bust long dip hipflat numerous other articles for wear besides pillow
men A fine model for medium and full top etc
figures Sizes 20 to 32 2 quality 98c surD AY JWT2111I5TRE8r All brands of mercerised embroidery cotton at
Also few IL G 2 batiste corsets for
slender a forms Sizes 21 to 32 at98c Sale of 8 000 d oz real pearl buttons at doz lOc per fkeiu Second Floor lc
Mens cravens es I t 1L Hosiery AU Winter suits 2250 tAKERS
included 200 of these nP HE clearingup season is
MAKERS option to us more SPLENDID lot of wom T
coats that told nearly over now Soon
splendid cravenette we you ens hosiery at 12Kc per
about the other day We need themevery one pair to morrow Grades we shall have nothing to offer c
Theyre Slfi fUJd18 ove oatsall bearing that youd expect to pay but the new Spring styles 1
the famous Priestley label Fine worsteds 19c for
in effects MaIn floor Many of these suits
ti and cheviots fancy e
also plain blacks 52 inch Fine black in combed mace yam were ago 11 55 and 40
with double soles and elastic tops Aid
garments sires 38 to 46 rnl But there la no reser I
withsue tobroad Can specially recommend this hosiery
Made with the swell broad
a ration Every suit in the
alert for its durab I
19 shoulders distinctive of the durabil1
i L ity Friday per pair JL tef 2 C department goes at the
most fashionable garments of the season
Your choice at 11 Womens 35c hose 25c came low price2250 t o
Hermsdorf black cotton and lisle Velvet suits
9 for the bal 14 for choico ot hose in regular and extra sizes Broadcloth suits
ancc afoUl any Man a Mens 25c socks 19c 50 Suits in mixtures i
15 and S18 Win Winter suit or over Plain blackfancy stripes also o Suits in cheviots x Y
ter suits and over colt that sold for black with white solesfull regular Unfinished 1
coats e20 to SOc made guaranteed fast black and worsteds
I stainless
Varied assortment of styleslong Via
n K Childrens 25c hosiery tailored coat and box effectsblouse i
V Q for Mens 5 SQ 50 for Boys 18c and eton styles 1s
I fLl1 Trousers ei new A grade of cotton hose that stands
suits Manufacturers All Winter coats one price now oj 1475
Worsteds Scotch Spring hard wear fast dye high spliced
Splendid variety of st heavyweight broadcloth lightweight
Cheviots sizes SO ufacturers samples heels and double soles fine rib effects Y g
kersey tweeds and covert cloth models tight fitting loose or
l ersey
All sizes
waists for boys
iIt to 52 fects ys and girls
It u semifitted or circular styles Choice
Imported black mohair 59c Extraordinary silk sale
THOUSANDS of women in New York and elsewhere will be glad ONE of the best silk values ever offered in New Yorkgenuine
to note this remarkably low price for imported mohair It Lyons silks at less than loom cost Secured these silks from
is absolutely impossible to quote this price often MlUn moetf a New York importer who takes an enormous loss laiD Floor
Assortment includes the famous Lyons silk duck one of the
These mohairs come from one of the best foreign makers new silk fabrics which the world of fashion hails as a leader
y F8Pr ELff
5 filM e are 50 Inches wide double rphright lustrous finish 59 C fl fcxC this season plln colored and glace effects wide range of 59c I
B navy royal medium Ijrown plenty ot blacks Friday yd dainty colorings No two silks more appropriate for street
and evening wear retails regularly at Si and over
New Spring check suiting Crepe albatross f
t Rough pure silk shantung 39c
49c broken checks in cream grounds f 49c Made from pure Australian wool beautiful
3600 yards in all silk rough shantung in natural only Every thread is I
with all this seasons new color i tiful crepe soft clinging newest 39c
9ccolorings 49c positively guaranteed all pure silk One of the seasons most wanted
combinations yd ffi 7C colorings cream and black yd fabrics and colors Heal value 75c Per yard 39c V
Imported Cream mohair in fancy Jacquard effectssoft and silky yd 48c 110 black dress taffetas 27inch extra heavy yd at 75c
= = = = = = SliirSOK CRAWfORD 00 = = = = = = = = SIJIISOX CHAWFOHD CO
Odd waists slightly soiled waists Mens balbriggan underwear
Remarkable values for Friday ENTIRE surplus stock of a Faker whose French balbriggan and
T7EVE gone carefully through our entire waist stock and gath Sea Island cotton undergarments are renowned for fineness and
ered every odd waistall small lots broken lines and all slightly soiled waists durability to at half the
came us customary figures
MBin Plea
tables at prices that will create enthusiastic
placed them on three large bargain buying
for weve never offered such remarkable waist bargains before Second Floor Assortment contains all sizeslong or short sleeves regular or stout drawcrst
Weve purposely put prices low enough to insure a com
plete clearing in one day Of course theres not every Lot 1125 underwear 69c Lot 2Mens 150 to 2 un
size in every style but there are all sizes in the lot Mens Frencli balbriggan shirts and drawers derwear 95c Meals French lialbrijj A
Only a limited number of each stylesome lines only one sometimes three four all sizes and styles and a quality that we ganand extra fine Sea IslandcoUon shirts avid V
or a dozen as the case may beand at the most theyre only soiled and washing will could honestly recommend at 135 but drawersall ssome long and slim
afford perfect remedy for this sale all you are asked to pay is 69c I sleeves Hcguhr and stout drawers
Unprecedented waist values in I
Friday specials womens knit underwear
Handsome sheer lacetrimmed effectamade of Persian lawnembroidered waists few
strictly plain tailored pique waists Plenty tailored linen waists Some fifteen different Spring weight lisle vests in pink sky and white exceptional alues Low neck A
styles We sold these waists when in regular stock from 1 to Si9 and a few at 595 sleeveless various styles of trimming 3 for 1 each 35c
896 and 1000 Going to make just eight prices on them so theyll go quickly Womens ribbed umbrella Womens Vega silk vests Womens ribbed vests All
GOini drawerslace trimmed SOc I In pink sky and white all sues Regularly soU nt Sic
38C 55C 95C n25 150 175 t 295 and 5 95 quality special at 33c sizes in the lots at SOc Special for Friday 10
28in silk mull 12 c Umbrella makers entire stock Sale of Val 1 3
ONE of the most popular of the new at less than half price THREE new cases of t > t r i
wash fabrics has beautiful chiffon finish
comes in white cream f light blue pink ONE of the best known umbrella makers in the country German Val Incesrc d
rect from the foreignmakers ° rs
lavender nile gray cardinal navy tan yellow wishing to retire from business has availed himself of elgn
black Regularly 19c at 12c our immense outlet to close out all stock on hand Ualll floor placed six months ago Mm x w Land 1
Fine sheer organdies at 18c Prices in most instances wouldnt cover the cost of the handles 5000 doz yds half priceLdoz25c
White grounds with handsome colored floral designs Lot 1 Mens and womens 4 umbrellas 195 1
also in dark ground with pink and lavender 1 Gf Spltahficld allsilk taffeta Umbrellas 36inch for women and 28inch for men 3000 doz yds SOc and 65c laces
roses Regularly 29c at jLOfL steel rods paragon frames coses J match Friday at doz yds 39c
7 per
and tos cb handles Gee
25c German linenfinish suiting 15c are imported
39 inches wide looks like the imported dress linen natural silver horn wood etc plain and trimmed sterling 5000 doz yds 1 laces doz55c
i that sells at hOc In white light medium and dark 2000 doz
blue brown and reseda a yds 125 aces doz75c
35c sheer organdie voiles 18c
Lighter than a voilefirmer than an organdie Best
Upholstery goods
French floral designs with check effects all colors r e
Imported cotton check taffeta 19c vt HE new upholstery store will cele
27 inches wideblack and white light blue and THE
white navy and white green and whit 19c q r crate its first Bargain Friday
I I pink and white red and whftc SSc grade JL 7 C n I t 1 with the greatest values yet named
Heres the story tersely told Fourth floor
j Laundry supplies I Lot 2 Men 3 to 350 26 Draught screensJust 231 were SOBO to close
I each 295
ASH day if youhave the 1 and 28inch umbrellas 145
I ay easy you e Oriental couch covers About Woo were 395
I WASH appliances 4 basement From odd slllrs Including fine yamdyed taffeta Union silk serge Spltalsfield each 195
proper Salesroom all Uk taffeta and silk case and tassels steel rod
a pure JA serge paragon frame or t1
I 69c tor 98c set of Mrs Potts sad irons hardwood ehankii handle are irory CApe born and imported English natural woods Verona 350 quality velour yard 50 Inches wide 685 yards regular OBI
165 for 2 Kreamer oval copper bottom wash aterllngtrined or plain
boilers Lot No 3 mens and Lot No 4mens and Tapestry mill samples yards long 01 grade
I 39c for G6a galvanized wash tubs women 250 to 3 womens x 2 to 250 Japanese yard drapery clothsd inches wider 25c sac
95c for 126 willow clothes hampers umbrellas 145 umbrellas 95c quality yard 12ic
r 45C 6fio oval clothes baskets High grade durable coverings such as OoTcrings ore of a fine tape edge piece
for araJ lace
o Dd k uWJ tallare fc Irish point curtains Only 12QP4irsSi
yamdyed taffeta onion tllk terge Splb dyed taffeta r with cases and tassels steel
6c doz for handled iron wax alsfield all illk taffeta all llk twill and rod paragon frames Handles ore deice value pair QJfc
1 for adjustable ironing boardscovered Levantine p Ilk The lost two la green ling tore sterling with pearl posts full Tapestry table covers All aires odd styles
91 for 125 folding wash benches navy blue and garnet as well of black and half lengths Sterling silver applied worth double each 08C
5c for clothes sticks 5c for V Ib wash blue Cues to match and tassels Steel rod on implrtecfgunmetallb hook ball and Ruffled muslin curtains Si qualities per
and paragon frames Handles ago Im onion shapes Plain gunmetal sterling pal 4 49c
9 interesting demonstrations ported natural wood in princess opera silver trimmed princess opera and root Pillow loops 3 yards long i regularly 35c each ISc
and root effects 96inch for 28 naturals 29Inch
women for women SBInch baxesonl
I Shirt waist Only S3 values to iMO
Eclipse best bread maker in the market Inch for men for men J up 9 o
tireless cooker20th Century Invention to CloaeW QSc
Mystic Childrens 89e umbrellas 2022 and 24 inches 59c
s a window shades loo In odd sires
Waterproof kitchen cutlery Also Peerless Odd each bOg
sharpener IIIHPJiOlf ORA wIIonn o
Estncon furniture polishdries instants e
Aluminum A new curtain kfno stretcher utensils Fridays grocery and wine specials
The 4 S straining and scedlntf press kinACT nArkKT smuts nncct nuutiLiM r c TITTTST i ARTS swmi tuiytr < or n ne
MLV 1 IbBACONSBS ails 1 it toll lb J i E 0 ID P
SOth Century cuu IOC I ia ii
20t kennedaiienutatee B 10
The plereat for Friday Ib 7 7 If E pet < ii w m lb
The uses of the foregoing explained by experts NCT rLAID E G O 5Eml17 flosen on guaranteed I not air 22c S U GA Reoton CURED nW n A 1h + + R P trnwrordV 14 rht
WALNUTS FIn are sack eon Sheila 5 reOO qw1 15c MILD rueur amoltaa IIUO 111 1 e
r1tJ Ib U CbS Ib nd H1
9x12 rugs 1885 Clevelands famous baking powder Mb can 37c HD Kirk l famous Old Crow rye whlsltcy bottte 86cj
AR GAIN Friday has its attractions LUJA EANB letple FLOUn noyal etuart LEMON C II N Q Oil xi T o n tri A IltPOItTBD BAIL INNURBISAI Ii I B i
1 ay IllS Lank Bl rana or Louse premium tent equal POACHES Buccuo PnUNEJs Banu Clara DINES Toe Innit Clin p QrMum Cntok
B Orebb I 1U branfl t the meat milled 1 rand Deny Calif Voll y lUw a w e 5 t catffiTeMOKliD dell rn Vanilla Wit ra
tions in the rug section Many Btrinr Beam aoa 6c ba r a 1 In 1fDD a nta I r u 111 da fruit 25lt razia7ti catery eatoicEU dos Cocoanut t al dlu or
7oc can j hal W barrel 69c 1185 2U16 Oc tt tbs Boc 12 C M4lli remilor 12C HuilMSO a d 09 a c
N k5 i IV cani 11101 < 0
PGA BffiXNS Bootch sack V n >
can >
lines must be closed out rourtU Floor 10 Vtta 1ta or rmrl aoos Carlny 22c OLD HERMITAGE WHISKEYS C or Bour 1 n13 < yeaIJ old 5 00 VARAOUS GAIIFOFINIA IICJQ lq
Ii lea 0nllon 0 OIdJot n kaM
9x12 velvet rugs 9x12 Royal Wil Cr1YLON TEAS Eng > a tf f is a l elr tanner
lish Hrojkfa t Ooloue Regular f 130 quart bottle H f IIS stalks IZ < < J 1183 1
new spring patterns ton rugs lines to be or biizeIba iQ Jtoi 0 Ln IlonoattA3 maulr 200 1 16c
62 sIb a10a a HOLLAND txnmd Ith can
reduced from 2450 and discontinued Reduced Ito tlnuhf u j lIeder Swan Mnrat W1US1O3X 10 Mars Lua Oa 1 In M ItYE enllon rtlfy r VANlLtiA KXT11ACT
I 3DC Imported jcaJl old Red on iiuui 5a bpt 5Qc Dillon H IMnI
fb C 12 JU1t lloynl Stuart trtcti
2250 1 Q O6I from AJIOC1l 1W 1a alb cute 13 q 111 r 11 tlo auaru aWolutIr
W 188from C129 50 ii lloo blfe 181l S 110 U 1ItteV I Ttoii T v H iiNo > quart 75C ttionirii obfojuttfr
C O P P KB Blm won bottle tfiUGt
I AV e to 1 tatt3a pur 1 8ox bottle tl fie
3750 ltt lm ZiOOH b viiisiun
it J
to i y lain u
Craver ° SPEC A4 regular 1100 afa bc fr 100 a rtOlliDA OUANOI5H 404 Iwttln 49o
s a I Ion s q 23c
t a n ey 0
2450 e Body Brussels 0x12 Sanford Axmln ildo i per aa 2Sc toe bot IckHNEMSTS 68c jMiPsiHxp 1t11 A ru t 69d ripe IVuqy luwlaui Indian Hi or a000It1Y4 bnttle S tl
rugs 0x12 1935 ster rul1s2285 Aih In 4 i mr Ulan ISi1iNe 1OIITWD > ati a COONAC Vlnto til cede Yaan geld a n a tmeatl I Ni7St wliI5h W im 0I IIn Y 11 Jl mi I C i p gores Buttonn 25c lwt NonpareJt Gxa p A
tnp or
JJRoNDY In full Japan alb cat Solos dIScI
n tawla V1InOOQ 1s 2711 Quart 65c 19c 11g
f ad 150 5 1Q0 100
iavonnerie Axminster carpets with badt h 35c b ° 1L r bottle botHr to4rackt 6baa a t
nnd without borders Reduced tow It1 P1JR GAL1 < QRNA WIN 6l ilm tJj1 t 4 Pty al IPI ItnClttl < < lug f r 76
I n tls i i7 < <
1 r w t 1 r < IJ > fAJm I l
< < J 7 rN > I f < i1it Wi I 1 I rt 1Et t f tiI I
I j i iilif lm

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